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Monday, December 31, 2007


We asked you what you wanted to see in 2008. Here is what you had to say.....

virginian9000 said...
I want to see action. I want to see TAAG win a few wars. I want to see damage done to the Order. I want to see TAAG gain momentum and actually keep it for a while without something bad happening the next video. I want to see a smart bunch in TAAG click together at just the right time as if to tell the Order "Its On" and finally start aggressively targeting the Order and actually being able to laugh in their faces as the Order makes their threats.

No more running.

anonymous said...
I agree with the show missing heart:

The story NEEDS structure- it's so loose now and ( I can't believe I'm saying this) there are too many characters running around adding nothing but chaos and unneeded distractions to the plot-

At least back in the day the characters all had points and I know it's not as if every character has some connection to the order- they don't have to but there needs to be more for us to care about these characters-

Mallory's character for example has never been widely accepted by the fans. Why? Well, it's simple. She had very little development and was almost nothing but a romantic bobble.

I also think a part of the jumble is that there isn't a central character anymore- when Bree died she took her title with her and I understand that it's a hard thing to adjust to- however look at your own stories! Kate Modern had an amazingly long time where Charlie was the center character and Kate was missing and I have never disliked an arc of Kate Modern.

My advice? Take Glenn up on his offer and have him help with like a guest week arc or something and build from there. You did it with the other girl arc, right? Well it's the exact same thing.

modelmotion said...
I would like to see the Cs make a serious attempt at making interactivity work. There have been some interesting experiments but for the most part they have failed to provide a valuable interactive experience as promised. The idea of having the text based interactivity component buried in an obscure place on LG15.com is just absurd. The interactivity needs to be authentic and not leave me feeling like I am being used when needed.

Also LG15.com fails to provide a platform that is good for either series interactivity or allowing UGC to grow and be promoted in a healthy way. No more excuses! Let's get this party started.

kindredp said...
I think some of the points Glenn makes on his radio show and what he is doing with redearth are thing that the c's should look at and take note of.

I would like it if they did interact with the community more, like they use to with the puzzles. Use the viewers as a resource, take the login for example put clues on the website for the login and then in the video give the viewers subtle references that the clues are on the veradas site.

They need to tie up some of the loose story ends.

They need to show the split in the order more, that rogue elder, the lone shadow that kidnapped TAAG we need to know more about those in the order who don't agree with the direction it is taking. Perhaps they could help TAAG.

anonymous said...
The Creators better not take cues from Glenn and Redearth... a couple of videos every 3 months would suck.

Whatever happened to tracking down other ceremony girls and saving them. Sure, Emma was one of the girls, but what about the rest? It looks like they've given this storyline to Kate Modern with the "list", which is too bad.

Instead of running, the gang should be proactively searching for and saving these girls while fighting The Order. Action, suspense, and anything that creates an emotional reaction have been missing from Season 2.

The ensemble cast is fine, however, we really need a central character to care about. Except for Daniel (who we rarely see, and when we do it's of little consequence), there is no one in the cast that one can really care about. Maybe Jennie can be that character, but she seems too worldly.

The kids have grown from the experiences of Season 1, but when Bree died, so did any sense of innocence and real purpose in the series.

immo1 said...
Put me down for a guest writer arc. I already have one written. I remember I once sent a submission to the Strange New Worlds anthology and they had very specific rules about what you could and couldn't do with the characters. That's how I wrote my arc-comepletely stand alone. Why not make a contest out of it?

immo1 said...
BTW here are the Star Trek Strange New Worlds STORY DISQUALIFICATIONS:
Certain types of stories will be disqualified from consideration:

a) Any story focusing on explicit sexual activity or graphic depictions of violence or sadism.

b) Any story that focuses on characters that are not past or present Star Trek regulars or familiar Star Trek guest characters.

c) Stories that deal with the previously unestablished death of a Star Trek character, or that establish major facts about or make major changes in the life of a major character, for instance a story that establishes a long-lost sibling or reveals the hidden passion two characters feel for each other.

d) Stories that are based around common clichés, such as "hurt/comfort" where a character is injured and lovingly cared for, or "Mary Sue" stories where a new character comes on the ship and outdoes the crew.

joe said...
Well if you can't have any sadism what's the point?

Actually, I like the idea of a script contest. And the rules above make sense. Since we don't know what the meep is going on, best not to make and changes to a plot with more holes then swiss cheese and NY city streets combined.

As for what I'd like to see in 2008. Stop dragging shit out. Why haven't people learned the longer you drag out a story the worse it gets. The writing and story suffers because of it and people lose interest. Twin Peaks, Alias, Lost, X-Files. Just to name a few.

tom said...
Joe - well, in Twin Peaks' defense, the show was planned to be only a one-season thing. Mystery solved, that's it, everyone goes on their separate ways.

But... well, it turned out to be a huge hit. And after the mystery gets solved... well, where do you go from there? They didn't have an answer. So the second season suffered because it really wasn't supposed to exist in the first place.

But, I think having a guest story arc would be an excellent idea. The only question is how would one win without giving away all its secrets?

loretta said...
I feel like the fight against the Order is hopeless at this point. This whole season has just reinforced repeatedly how impossible it is to win this fight. Just after we lost our beloved Bree, a whole season to kick us while we're down, you know? C'mon creators, let Jonas be right for once. Let Daniel be single and content with his independence. Let the Order shit themselves! I want to see TAAG win for once! I want to know that this isn't a meaningless fight.

tom said...
It's not even the idea that it's a hopeless fight.

I mean, let's take 3:10 to Yuma for example - if you haven't watched it, shame on you - Christian Bale and Russell Crowe have a conversation in the middle of a firefight, and they both realize that even if Bale does what he's supposed to, take Crowe in, Crowe's going to escape later. It's a hopeless proposition, the "bad guy" is going to win.

However, it's not about that - it's about Bale's relationship with his son, about giving his son something to believe in, showing him that his father is a good man, a brave man. That's meaningful.

A hopeless battle I have no problem with. But the meaningless battle is something that you've just got to fix.

anonymous said...
So many comments I agree with: the show losing its heart, the show losing any character worth caring about, the show losing its plot/point, the show losing its interactivity. It all makes me sad. I used to sit refreshing like crazy waiting for a new episode. Now 4 or 5 episodes are posted and I can't be bothered to watch them. Can the show be saved? Sure! There are a ton of great ideas here. I just hope the Creators are willing to listen.

milowent said...
my latest observation is that i now believe all miles' old posts about how damned hard it is to do what they are doing.

the audience collectively doesn't really know what we want. we claim to know and make suggestions, but you can't get a cohesive vision and storyline from fan input.

oh, and lastly, i would like more bikinis in 2008.

So, yea, that is what is you thought.

What will 2008 bring? Stay tuned.......

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What exactly DID happen in this video (unthinkable as it might have been), was initially the subject of much speculation. Even today, some speculate that its possible that "Bree's Dad" (as he was called until later identified as Drew Avery), is alive.

The Unthinkable Happened was the first Lonelygirl15 video to make use of the "thumbnail trick", i.e., inserting a center image into a video to appear as the thumbnail on youtube. Here it was a picture of a sad Bree in her bedroom from an earlier video, and Daniel admits he did it on purpose to get people to watch this "important" video.

The video also features the music To Thee We Sing (Rachmaninov), by Kyiv Chamber Choir, and began a tradition of having chanting-type music accompany any death scenes. At this time period in the series, the idea of a death being filmed in a lonelygirl15 video was pretty shocking, and really was "unthinkable" to many.

The YouTube version of the video (released one day after the revver version) currently has 1,083,830 views, making it the 8th most viewed lonelygirl15 video of all time on YouTube.

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Original video discussion thread from lg15.com (An unthinkable 48 pages!)

Original video discussion thread from Anchor Cove
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ColinG Report on Lonelygirl15 "The Unthinkable Happened" - bgdsub72
I went to the parking structure where Bree and her dad were abducted. Lets just say I found something INTERESTING!


A few days ago we asked you " How Is Lonelygirl15 doing? " We received some really insightful comments which are re-published below.

qthec said...
I like Jennie so far. I like Emma too, but they haven't given that character much to do.

I think the production quality of the videos has been improving (lighting, sound, etc.) and the story feels a little more organized, but somehow, there's still no real sense of any urgency or mystery, and we haven't had a glimpse of a villain with any depth. KM has Clore at least, but the rogue elder in Lonelygirl was killed right away.

This story needs a Benjamin Linus.

anonymous said...
I think its going downhill "hides" ...unless they do something that is completely different and amazing, to get back all of those lost viewers.

qthec said...
Carl is a candidate for an interesting villain, but there needs to be someone more powerful pulling the puppet's strings.

anonymous said...
More than anything, I think what the series is missing is heart.

modelmotion said...
I like Jennie too, Q.......and you make some great points.

anonymous said...
I take it the peaks are when a video was posted. So which which videos got the bigger spikes? There's one that hit 150K.

modelmotion said...
I believe a very large peak is created when a video is featured by youtube. It has a massive impact.

anonymous said...
I think the show is suffering from what a couple of big TV shows are. Like Lost, they planned up to a certain point, but when they reached that point they just flew by the seat of their pants for a while.

I thought starting "Season Two" two days after the 12/12 was the biggest mistake they ever made. Viewers won't disappear if you give yourself a couple of weeks to solidify a story, solidify cast, etc.

And, like 24, they took a great concept and then after about a quarter of a season in (I'm just generally guessing how long this season's going to be), faded it out. LaRezisto could have been something huge. Instead they just returned to the same-old-Order. Big, scary and faceless.

LaRezisto had style. It needed some tightening up - voice overs didn't feel right - but it was the strongest thing the series had going for it. Remember, they were posting those videos while the show was across all these different accounts, before they consolidated. The death of the rogue elder should've been the end of Season Two. Take a couple weeks off, your average television hiatus (still on an overall faster production schedule than TV), then come back with a new main story arc.

Also, some storylines are taking forever to develop. Only just now are we seeing Jennie making the effort to do something.

Really, the average TV show has plot arcs resolved - not all, but some - within one week of programming. So let's be generous here and have the expectation that after two weeks of programming, an arc, that short story within the big frame story of the show's premise, should be resolved. Not strung out like the monster in Lost.

anonymous said...
I agree with the comments about heart and about the "seasons". This show has lost some of it's heart as well as direction ever since the end of season one. Season one may have had filler videos but I always cared about the characters and I always was wondering where it was going(in a good way).

Season two, however, got off on the wrong foot. Season two has always felt less cohesive to me, and more like they're struggling. However, I don't plan on abandoning the show as alot of it's hardcore fans have because I know shows have their ups and downs.

anonymous said...
I think the ARG aspect of the show during the "tachyon/cassie" days is what attracted more viewers. That, honestly, seems to be the big letdown for me this season. I'm still a hard-core fan, but I miss the excitement and fun of solving puzzles and discovering clues and connections. I know it takes a lot more planning and a certain skill to create that aspect... but I truly feel it adds so much to the value of the series. There just seems to be more drama and less for us, as the viewer, to be involved in. Just my two cents. I miss Glenn's contributions to the story.

keri said...
I am so glad there are other Lost fans here!

I am really just tired of this *give us advice (even though we wont follow it)*.

Even in the days where Bree was running we got some sense of what was going on... we felt like we could help. Now everyone is all off on their own and stuff. As Jack Shepherd would say "Live together die alone".

We need more interactivity... and none of this irrelevant poll stuff either!

What do you think? What would you like to see in 2008? Let us know in a comment below.

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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Be Part of Something

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quarterlife - part 16

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Let's see what the little dragon is made of.

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And now for something completely different

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And now for something completely different, cast member Melanie Merkosky (Jennie).

Melanie Merkosky is the actress who plays the role of Jennie in the lonelygirl15 web series. Her full name is Melanie Joanna Merkosky. She was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She is the oldest of three children. Currently, she splits her residency between the East and West coasts of Canada.
Her first foray into the performing arts came at the age of 3, when her mom and dad noticed that she liked to watch T.V. in a perfect Russian split position on the floor. Her mom registered her in her first dance class, Baby Ballerinas. Dancing became her passion for the next 20 years as she went on to train, compete, and perform in many productions in jazz, ballet, tap, hip-hop, lyrical and swing among others.
At the age of eight, Melanie was accepted into the Young Canadians School of the Performing Arts, with whom she would continue to train and perform for nearly a decade. While a member of the Young Canadians, Melanie received the Amoco Canada Award for Outstanding Achievement. She also received numerous, nationwide, awards for her dancing including, Most Promising Dancer and the Triple Threat Award. Throughout her formative years, Melanie took formal training in voice, cultivating her skills as a singer. She was also a competitive gymnast, training and competing in all forms of the sport.
Performing with The Young Canadians on the Grandstand Stage, in front of ten thousand people, fuelled Melanie's desire to pursue performance as a career. At the age of twelve, Melanie made her professional stage debut in a production of Evita for Theatre Calgary. Continuing on to be a part of several great productions there, led to her work in many theatres across Canada, including the acclaimed production of "Anne of Green Gables" at The Charlottetown Festival. In 2002, Melanie left Canada to go on the road with the First National Touring Company of "Mamma Mia!", where she had the good fortune to perform many different roles.
Acting and performing for film and television has always been something of great interest to Melanie. While still living in Calgary she landed small roles in Honey, I Shrunk the Kids the T.V. series, and the T.V. movies Noah and The Sheldon Kennedy Story. She has continued to pursue performance in this medium, in both Vancouver and Toronto, and it has enabled her to meet and work with some of her biggest idols. Working on the series Slings and Arrows, she had the opportunity to perform original songs written by the Tony Award winning duo Greg Morrison and Lisa Lambert. Melanie hopes to perform and be creative artistically for as long as she possibly can.

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Saturday, December 29, 2007

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Happy 20th birthday!! You're two whole decades old now. Remember being one decade? That's how old I am now. Hopefully you don't read this until you're 20. I know you want to cheat but please don't okay? It's much cooler if you wait, trust me. I read all about time capsules at school and they're really cool!!!

Mom said that pretty soon you're gonna go through puberty and stuff. That sounds really lame. Is it as bad as it sounds? I bet by 2000 they figure out time travel, so could you write me back from the future and tell me how it goes so I know?

In school I'm learning so much stuff! We learned about the rainforest and I even made a mural that my teacher hung on the wall for everybody to see because I did such a good job!! I also learned about Madagascar which is a country in Africa. I can do long division too.

N told me that J told her that I was really pretty. She says he's going to ask me to skate with him at my birthday party. You know what? If he does, I think I'd be okay with that. Maybe we even start dating and he asks me to prom some day. Prom sounds pretty cool. Did you go to prom? Was it with J? Wait, don't tell me when you write me back from the future. I wanna find out for myself!

I hope you have a good birthday. Can't wait to read your reply, time travel is awesome!!!

Love, Zoey"

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Jennie Joins the Fun

Jennie (aka JennieTheBear on the lonelygirl15.com site) has joined and is looking for help!


See the previous blogspot article for details.

  • "Talk to...." TAAG in the "chill spot"(Talk to..... in menu)----->

  • Jennie is a young woman Sarah befriends at the Lullaby Project encampment. She and Sarah helped the Lullaby Project by helping set up a portable medical facility and handing out Lullaby care packages to the local women. Sarah explained that Jennie thinks the "Hymn of One crap is ridiculous" like she does and had told Sarah "We eat their food and sleep in their tents. So when in Rome, be a gladiator!"

    In Jennie Bares All, we learn that she was an anthropology major at UC Berkeley. She had finished her field study in Oaxaca, Mexico, but was not yet ready to go back to school, so she volunteered with the Lullaby Project. We also learn that she is a fan of making obscure references. As Jennie began to get the hang of blogging, she made a new video in which she appears alone and unaided by Sarah, where she talked casually to the audience about random facts and also expressed her concern for Sarah and her new found faith. Jennie began questioning the Lullaby Project when she made a trip to a local village to do prep work with some of the women, when a woman she was trying to help told her the Lullaby Project was a "curse" and that it had caused many miscarriages in her family.

    Jennie on LGPedia

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    Good Grief Charlie - Gavin (KM)

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    Did I go too far? I can never tell!

    "What Should I Do?" - Jennie

    Jennie says

    Hola! It's Jennie. I'm not sure if you all know me yet. I work at the Lullaby Project where I met Sarah. I believe you know her, right? Well, when Sarah first arrived here she told me about these friends she had online and that they've been really helpful in the past. So here I am. :)

    Sarah and I have become quick friends and normally I'd seek her advice, but she's still off on her "retreat." There isn't anyone else here I can turn to. I thought about talking to Claudia, but she's so close to Chris and Carl that I don't know if I can trust her either. I'm not used to be so suspicious and distrustful. Once Sarah arrived and questioned everything she opened my eyes to things I hadn’t seen, or maybe refused to see. I don't know, maybe I'm just naive, but I thought we were really helping people here. Now I'm not so sure. After last night, I know I can't trust Carl.

    I could really use some advice. What should I do? I can only stay online for a few more minutes. I'll try and come back later.


    Click the link above and give Jennie some advice!

    TAAG Christmas

    A Christmas Miracle?
    An original creation by Kelly aka xPhoenix.


    The First Circle - Ziola

    Pardon my ramblings...I tried to edit out as much of them as I could. This is a bit of a recap, to let everyone know what has been going on.


    Ziola is starting her journey. Follow the discussion here

    Kate Positive - Kate (KM)

    Watch More Videos Uploaded by www.bebo.com/AbstractHeart

    This is a message for everyone who’s concerned about me. I’m okay. Better than ever in fact.

    Hot Properties

    "Information dissemination is cheap thanks to the Internet, and now so is fame, which has become the virtual-reality birthright of every Tom, Dick and Lonelygirl15 itching to go viral."


    What is celebrity?

    Like Charlie Brookers view on "a career in media" that I posted a few weeks ago, this isnt exactly Breeniverse related but it is very funny and thought provoking and I wanted to share it with you guys. It is taken from the BBC program "Extras" starring Ricky Gervais (which I hope if it isnt already will soon be shown in the States as it is brilliant).
    Andy, now a C-list celebrity agrees to appear in Celebrity Big Brother to boost his profile. While in there he has a realisation about just what celebrity means in this day and age. Enjoy and happy new year! Love GF xx


    A super secret source deep within the Order has confirmed to us that the woman who appeared with Michelle Clore in the KateModern video "Kate Come Home" was in fact none other than Lucy.

    Lucy on LGPedia.

    Michelle Clore on LGPedia.

    Kate Come Home on LGPedia.

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    Friday, December 28, 2007

    Top YouTube Partners

    Lonelygirl15 is number 11 in all time YouTube Partners

    RedEarth88 is number 7 YouTube Partner for today.

    Sister = Psycho?? - MessyNessy89

    I don't know what's going through her mind. This is what she does while I'm at school? I don't even recognize where she is! :(

    x0x Nessy
    Reversed audio ending:

    "Help me, I"m dying"

    Help Me Save Them! - Jennie (LG15)

    I found out I'm being lied to and I don't like it. - Jennie

    Help Me Save Them! - Jennie (LG15) on LGPedia.

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    How Is Lonelygirl15 doing?

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    Alternate Reality Games: What Makes or Breaks Them?

    "Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) have become an incredibly powerful viral marketing and audience engagement tool over the last couple of years."

    Research: Renegade15

    Charlie says....

    Charlie says,

    "OK, I put the video up again and it works. Don't know what went wrong the first time!!!"


    Watch the video.

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    Homeless - Charlie (KM)

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    We found Kate. In the last place we ever expected.

    *video now working - enjoy!*

    Thursday, December 27, 2007

    2 Girls 1 Dwelling - Rachel(RedEarth88)

    So things have been perplexingly normal since Aly moved in...and that's totally a good thing.

    Of course, this means I can now devote all of my attention toward "stressing out" about other stuff.
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    2 Girls 1 Dwelling - RedEarth (RedEarth88) on LGPedia.

    Rachel's roommate Zoey is a shoutout to LGPedia head admin, Zoey. The comment about Aly compiling a Wiki is a shoutout to the Redearth88 section of this very wiki.

    Rachel's neighbor, Larry is most likely a homage to Larry Dallas, the lecherous and annoying neighbor on "Three's Company."

    Rachel's situation of having nothing nice enough to wear is similar to the situation Maddison Atkins found herself in while filming a news segment for her school.

    LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

    Help out with this page: http://www.lg15.com/lgpedia/index.php?title=Everything_You_Need_To_Know_About_Redearth88 as nothing from the current "part" of RE88 has been added.
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    My Shoutout Vid (Revamped) - maddemp

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    Pressure by Paramore

    Bored IRC'ers

    Hey everybody, I know a lot of you aren't regulars in our lg15 chat room, so I thought that I would just give you all a glimpse into what EXACTLY we spend our time doing. LOL. So the other day, myself and 2 other members decided to mess around with the lg15 holiday pictures that were released, and this is what happened ........MERRY CHRISTMAS!! (yes i know its semi late ;)
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    Bhutto assassinated in gun, bomb attack.

    NEWSFLASH: WORLD ROCKED... Pakistan's Bhutto assassinated in gun, bomb attack.

    Santa Visits the Set!

    And now for what everybody is waiting to hear. Jackson’s Christmas wish list....


    Kate Come Home - Charlie (KM)

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    Charlie said...

    We’re not the only ones looking for Kate. Please just come home.

    quarterlife - part 15

    quarterlife - part 15

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    "Anxiety" - Debra tries to quit her job; she and Danny try to figure out their relationship.

    Can We Talk? - MicFranXon

    So...hear me out and tell me what you think of my decision? Thanks :)

    Wednesday, December 26, 2007

    Share My Sleeping Bag - Sarah (LG15)

    I'm off by myself, on retreat. - Sarah

    Share My Sleeping Bag - Sarah on LGPedia.

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    WHAT TIME IS IT?...Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

    Glenn, live on BreeFM @10pm EST, Wednesday.

    Glenn said, "I'll make the first hour an all request hour to read from original drafts and outlines of any episode I worked on!"

    Tonight Glenn will be taking requests. He is drinking diet Dr. Pepper. He swears that the next video is very very very close. He is at the "thumb nail stage". He had some audio mixing issues to deal with today.
    Glenn thanked the Red Army. He "fell in love" with Sarah when he saw her audition video. She is better than what he saw in his head. She evokes so much emotion. She appeals to Glenn even more than Bree.

    As he has talked about before Mesh grew up in Petaluma close to Glenn and when Glenn saw Bree he identified with the character's voice.

    As Glenn developed Rachel's role he remembered the discussion of "how do we bring back classic Bree" after the "On The Run" video.
    Worth the wait was basically an outline at best. In the filming Glenn was talking to Logan a lot of the time explaining what he wanted. Sarah ducked behind Logan. Logan did the camera work There was a lot of special effect work. They improvised the audio. Glenn listened and then watched the playback. They ran it nine or ten times. Sarah's dialogue is 95 percent what was recorded as they shot it. Glenn spent a week working on the visuals and 4-6 days working on the audio. Glenn had Logan re-record many of his lines in post based on a modified script.

    Glenn felt that scripting it out might not be good. Sarah found the tunnel. Glenn wanted a "spooky" feeling. You are working at an insane pace and often you do not know what locations you are going to get.

    With LG15 Glenn found it frustrating that if something did not come out OK (did not work) there was no opportunity to re-work it. For example with the Cowboy video Jessica was going off to do a movie so there were severe time constraints. Miles approved the changes to the draft. Miles oversees everything. Mesh participates in the story meetings. There were some missed communications. Glenn wanted to add some Jackson audio but the video had to go up that night.

    Quality vs deadlines? Moonlighting had a lot of production problems and it took its toll.
    Glenn has an interesting way to expand our "presence". It should not affect the viewer but it should communicate better with new "fans" by additional distribution. Stay tuned.....
    "Cut To The Chase " was similar in that Glenn only had an outline and the idea for the warspy device.
    There are a million reasons why things get changed so bear that in mind as Glenn reads the scripts. Remember that things evolved when you are creating a video.
    "Watch This" - the watcher was outside Jonas' place.

    Glenn narrated the original script of the video that he turned in. Here is the final video:

    Watch This!

    This was shot the say after Human Ransom. Glenn was working on "Miss Me" while it was being shot.
    " The Human Ransom" - original title: "Bree and Tachyon in bff" (Best Friends Forever). It could probably had a more catchy title to draw in more views. The "Daniel is Missing" video had more views!

    Glenn narrated the original script. Here is the final video:

    The Human Ransom

    Hats off to Amanda who is a fantastic producer. She had the idea about asking Miles father for access to an office building and did a great job of the blocking for the shoot. She even had options for the flash bang can.

    With RedEarth88 Glenn misses working with Amanda.
    Glenn said Greg Gallows is "sexy".
    Glenn talked about Jenni, Mic and Pill who started as viewers and now work on RedEarth88. He would like to expand on that in 08.
    Glenn is shocked that there is not an LG15 DVD. He wishes it was out. He would love to provide whatever commentary is needed.
    "The 10 Week Outline"

    With LG15 they have an internal numbering system. When Glenn was there "Season 1" internally was everything up to "On The Run". Up until the week they took Jonas hostage in the cabin was "Season 2". "Season 3" started with the week before aunt Alex showed up.

    Glenn read the 10 week outline of "Season 3" where aunt Alex and Sarah were introduced (along with Sarah's sister). It turned out so much different from how it was originally envisioned. The outline has no reference of Jonas going to the vet.

    Glenn said it is a trip to see how this arc worked out since he created Sarah and aunt Alex, and co-created Taylor.

    Glenn went from a writer to being a story editor. The story editor oversees the the continuity. A lot of things would change. Glenn said he needed some official capacity since he was fixing problems. The source of a lot of conflict was that things would still change in the script and he was not given the "final pass". Miles and Glenn would talk a lot. They talked about the "new girl" for a long time. It was needed to put Bree in a new context. Bree could become pro-active. The new girl arc was put off a lot. There was an investor involved but there was no revenue so there was not enough of a budget to do casting.

    A lot of stuff from " The Unthinkable Happened" up until the "new girl arc" was stories they came up with because they could not do the new girl arc. Glenn was disappointed with how it was executed.

    When Glenn came into the show Bree was going to get something from her father and it would affect other girls. Then there was a lag because they would have had to do the "new girl arc". This is why it took so long to end up at Jonas'. There were external reasons. Glenn helped end the arc and begin the new girl arc.

    Glenn had nothing to do with the Katheryn MacPhee episode. There were "Glenn weeks" and then "Mesh weeks". Glenn contributed in some of the re-writes.

    The idea of Daniel getting captured was one Glenn had. He felt the show would work best if you separated the characters. Coming back from "Jonas being tied" up Glenn was tasked with writing an outline.

    Either Glenn or Miles would type up the notes from the story meeting for the next weeks production. Glenn was trusted with the task of writing 10 weeks. Glenn knew how a TV show was run. He gave out homework to Miles, Mesh, Greg, and himself for how they envisioned the 10 week arc. They had a brainstorming session. (spitball session). Glenn had a pitch for Cassie. They took the basic ideas and Glenn did a ton of research: Structure of the Order. Ways they could flesh out the story and concepts. Originally the idea was that Tachyon could be introduced as a strong female protagonist if Jessica left the show. Glenn does not know the business details of what went down with Jessica.

    Glenn was worried they might have the idea to "rip off Tachyon" for another character but that was not what they were thinking. They said Glenn could make up the character that was the sister of the new girl. They also wanted girls for Daniel to make out with. Tachyon had a crush on Daniel. They wanted Daniel to get some play because that's when Bree would realize she was into Daniel.

    They needed to hook Daniel up. The needed a "slutty girl". They had been talking about casting. What if they had the sister be the slutty girl. The arc would start out with the girl seeming to be inconsequential. Compare to Buffy the movie where the girl starts out as inconsequential. The slutty bad girl made sense. If her sister was chosen for the ceremony her parents would not pay attention to her and that's why she would become slutty. Then she would go from depressed to avenging her sister.

    Glenn read from his own e-mail:
    Feb 15, 2007 Story arc


    "Season 3"
    - control of their own destiny
    -they need to fail in a situation
    - introduction of new character
    - bible research for the Order
    - he named Sarah because of Loveline.

    Realize that a lot of things turned out different. Miles posted something in late April. He was bummed about how the series was going. An actress had backed out.

    (Sarah's sister was not supposed to be Sam)

    Glenn wrote short summaries of the 4 story arcs for a 10 week period.

    Arc 1 - Aunt Alex - resistance demise
    Arc 2 - Bounty hunter - sent to capture Bree on behalf of a rogue leader
    Arc 3 - The ceremony new girl -Bree needs to convince Molly that she needs to back out of the ceremony
    Arc ? - Molly has disappeared. Molly's sister is Sarah. Bree saves Molly. They escape but its too late for some.
    Arc ? - Sarah and Daniel. Tachyon - new resistance

    Week.1 - infighting - icebreakers gum, aunt Alex (late 20, kind of a bitch) - evidence of bomb shelters

    Week.2 - Daniel has a crush on aunt Alex. Bree does not like Alex. Bree goes to meet Tachyon. We learn Alex is part of the Order. Alex overseas Jonas' trust fund. *new video stream appears - recovery mission

    Week.3 - Bree gets an urgent message from Tachyon. We see them filmed from a distance. They have a run in. The point of view is that of a bounty hunter who is working on behalf of a rogue elder. Zodiac of Denderah . They avoid another run in and TINAG post a video to fake out the Order.

    Glenn had been to universal studios and had seen the European set. Glenn pitched the idea of making a video that make it look like they were in New York. Glenn build a rig to attach the camera to the sun roof of his Expedition. They would post the first video on a Thursday (New York, New York) and then they would post the bounty hunter perspective on Friday.

    The "bounty hunter arc" was nothing like how it was envisioned.

    Wk 4 - we learn that the ruse did not work. The bounty hunters have a very short life span (PCP?). They need to keep up until the bounty hunter expires. * a new blog stream appears from a new girl - other videos appear from other girls.

    The bounty hunter was the shadow. (Glenn wanted to call them "sheut-ka" - (sheut = shadow, ka = life force).

    Glenn was happy that the watcher appeared out of nowhere and saved the day. He had wanted to do something like that for a long time.

    Week.5 - group has fled to bomb shelter. Tachyon lets them know about the other girl posting. The fans help find the chosen girl. We learn the girl is known as Molly. She lives in Wikenburg, Az (see the Lucy Google map). Molly was to be the ceremony girl. Taylor was supposed to be the decoy.

    " Call Me Jules" - idea like the Flock. ARG like. Almost like screen tests with different characters.

    The bounty hunter and aunt Alex - introduction of different bad guys" An evil scientist. Trait positive girls who were not potent enough. Experiments to make their blood more potent. What if there were more elders than ceremony girls.

    The Order might say forget about Free Will. They could get desperate. Compare to Blade 3. A facility where girls are being harvested for their blood. Crazy over the top stuff.

    Pay offs:
    Zodiac of Denderah
    Wickenburg, Arizona - Aleister Crowley

    Week.6 - Bree makes contact with Molly. Molly thinks about backing out of the ceremony. Molly has a sister called Sarah. Molly is the "good daughter" where as Sarah is the "bad daughter". Sarah is their biological daughter. She is a slutty bad girl named after the girls who call into Loveline with problems. She is looking for approval and acceptance much like Daniel. They had similar experiences.

    Molly is sceptical after watching Bree's videos. Why would any girl do the ceremony after watching Bree's videos.

    Bree feels bad

    Week 7 - Molly is open to doing the ceremony. Molly disappears. Wickenburg ...... Bree sees Sarah for the first time. Bree knocks on the door. We see Molly's bedroom. Someone is there.

    cf: 10/12/06 what if we saw Bree's web cam go on and the bedroom was empty?

    Week. 8 - Bree regrets not busting down the door. Sarah arrives at the bunker. The video from the bedroom was hers. They all head to the ceremony and take video cams to expose the Order. Molly turns the tables on Bree. Bree essentially had encouraged Molly to do the ceremony.

    Lucy could have reedited the videos from confiscated cameras.

    The week ends with a Tachyon video.

    12 Zodiac signs. - Glenn had a fascination with the number 12 and also wanted to work in the idea of alchemy.

    Glenn was not really into the zodiac stuff but he made an effort to research it and take it down the path of alchemy.

    New ceremony girl - Glenn liked the idea of having a hard cored true believer who would betray the group. It would make her a very tragic figure.

    This would have place the ceremony around April 20.

    Week. 9 - Sarah is pissed. Molly is dead. It looks like Sarah will leave the group. Daniel goes with Sarah to her home There are boxes packed up. Bree is floored by the fact that a girl died in the ceremony. Jonas cautions Daniel about taking advantage of Sarah.

    Week. 10 - Bree returns. Tachyon has a "new resistance". There are other girls preparing for the ceremony. They need the girls to question authority. Bree's dad was working on a cure. Similar ceremony though time. Napoleon -Crowley connection?

    Sarah opens up. Daniel shows her how to operate the camera. Confessional. Sarah mocks Bree.

    End of "10 week arc".
    With Sarah and Tachyon, Glenn wanted each character to have a clear agenda. They needed a clear loss so their later success would be meaningful. They needed to feel responsible. We would not see it coming that Sarah would become a long term member of the cast. Molly turning out to be "bad" would have been a surprise. Molly flipping out on Bree would have been a really cool scene.
    Jessica's contract was still going during that arc. Why did her appearances decline?
    Random notes:

    Serotonin / antidepressants: Helpers could be like an antidepressants. Helps keep the blood potent.

    Fake ceremony - would Lucy really have been promoted in the real world since she keep "phailing"?

    There was always a split over whether to introduce Cassie. She was never to be a ceremony girl.
    Idea was to outline the "A" plot story.

    Glenn officially left LG15 on March 15th. There were other tensions at the time. The videos suffered from Glenn's absence. Glenn feels for those who he left behind who had to work on the videos without him. Glenn got a very nice e-mail recently from Greg.

    An actress was cast for Molly and that is probably who backed out. She was a red head. Glenn's idea would have been blond hair and blue eyes.
    Glenn thanked the Anchor Cove crew for their comments which have helped make him a better writer. With RedEarth88 he had a chance to start fresh with an awareness of all the concerns.
    "LGPedia is pretty F------ awesome" - Glenn 2007
    The YouTube partner program: what does it all mean? YouTube is just part of the strategy. You also need investors. There will be a big push in the new year.
    RedEarth88: Glenn thought it would be easier if he did not need to go down to LA to direct the videos. Instead, Sarah has been shooting the videos and giving Glenn lots of great options.

    When Glenn directs he can crank out a video fast because he can "see" the finished product as he is shooting it.

    With the current system Glenn or Mike go through the footage and figure out how to make it work. This was Glenn's idea on how to save time and he did not realize the impact until recently. Mike "cuts to the script" from the footage he has and does an excellent job. Its just not what Glenn would have done if he had been there directing. Mike chooses great "takes", but its not working in the way Glenn envisioned. Glenn spends time with the video and tries to make the best video he can with the footage that is available. He has to find an altered vision within the video based on the footage.

    This is why it has taken longer. With the next batch Glenn will go to LA and direct the videos because it is taking 5 times longer to edit them the way he has been doing it.

    Mike edits to the script and does a really wonderful job. When Glenn edits he has more latitude because he has the freedom to make revisions.

    Glenn accepts responsibility for his mistakes. It sounded like a great short cut but did not end up that way.

    By 3pm PST Thursday there will be a new RedEarth88 video. Enjoy the music and the shout out for Zoey!

    "For The Ladies" - Written by Glenn. Miles and Yousef improvised a lot.

    Jonas is in the den and talks in a mock documentary voice. Daniel is going out in search of a lady.

    Glenn read the original script.

    For The Ladies

    The jokes that made it into the video were funnier than the original script. Credit to Miles.

    Glenn liked the idea of Daniel and Jonas not doing typical guy things. For example they could both talk about their feelings. In part that is based on one of Glenn's own friendships. Stereotypical characters do not interest Glenn. Those are the people you outgrow in life.

    Glenn likes the drama and conflict he was trying to set up between Bree and Daniel They were both "emotionally retarded'.

    When Glenn creates a character he knows what their "issues" are. He knows how they would react to any situation.
    He hopes that makes for compelling characters.

    To see the "log" for previous episodes of GlennFM check out the story index.

    Send requests to [email protected]

    Played @ Song Title
    02:18:53 The All-American Rejects - Dirty Little Secret
    02:14:41 Michelle Branch - Goodbye To You
    00:17:43 Creeper Lagoon - Chance Of A Lifetime
    00:12:45 Counting Crows - A Long December
    00:09:48 Mitch Hedberg - Six People Isn't Convincing
    00:06:35 Mitch Hedberg - Fire Exit
    00:01:24 Marky Mark - The Touch
    23:08:27 JFJ Band - Sold Me Out
    23:05:09 Kelly Clarkson vs The Pixies - Where U Been Gone (Glenn Rubenstein Remix) - tiny clue: ysmhqv
    23:02:33 Ridel High - Monsters Under Your Bed
    22:39:57 MC Lars - The Roommate From Hell
    22:08:28 John Parr - St. Elmo's Fire (Man In Motion)
    22:08:24 BreeFM Drop
    22:03:59 Night Ranger - The Secret of My Success
    22:03:48 Alana Stone - I Will
    22:01:19 David Barton Harris - Blame It On the Sun

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