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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Between the Sidewalk and the Street: a Shtick Figures Production

Between the Sidewalk and the Street: a Shtick Figures Production
Allegra Rosenbaum

Everyone in New York City is trying to sell you something- whether it’s their newest performance art installation, a new car, or how to brand your content- and there is a selfish conspiracy behind all of it. If you think you're special, Shtick Figures is here to tell you that you're not. And they'll put you down with an eerie smile akin to the absurd realism their web series strive for.

I'd like to talk about a web series currently being produced by Shtick figures: Between the Sidewalk and the Street directed by Daniel Goulden and Jasper Johnson. While some may think the struggling female writer in New York City is a tired plot line, the directors totally agree and they approach this issue by attacking it with characters who tear down the protagonist Sonia (Piyali Syam) from all angles. 

Sonia lives with her college boyfriend Rob (Clay von Carolowitz) who is a bit full of himself and what he thinks he learned in college to say the least. She has been accepted to a prestigious writing program, but is afraid to attend. Her parents (Meeni Naqvi and Siraj Huda) disapprove of her "drifting" lifestyle. Sonia's quest for authenticity is both touching and hilarious as she is harangued by various characters in New York City, almost none of whom respect her. The series brilliantly points out to the viewer, that if you want to make it in New York, "you" as you know you will change, and probably not for the better.

While some might view the show as pessimistic, I see it as a hyperbolic lens on the bubble that is New York City writers try to inhabit and the insanity that ensues as we struggle to stay afloat financially (debt, rent, grad school) and mentally (job, friends, meaning). Between the Sidewalk and the Street takes us to the roads not taken in New York City: the ones of failed and half-hearted aspiring artists, sell-out marketers, and pseudo-intellectual potheads. None of us have anything to show for ourselves, and there is a solace in knowing that we're all doing terribly on the inside. So what's your Shtick?

What is WebVee Guide?

What is WebVee Guide? www.webveeguide.com

According to the WebVee Guide on their About Us page,  it is:

"WebVee Guide started as a labor of love. Four friends, united by a shared passion for online entertainment, came together to create a home for news, interviews and reviews of their favorite series. As the years passed, our site grew, our staff expanded, and our focus broadened. Today, as the world’s most-followed webseries magazine, we provide coverage of web festivals and award shows from across the globe and podcasts with brilliant creative-types along with all the in-depth features and reviews you’ve come to expect."

To me, it's a bit more! It is a MAJOR part of the web series community!!! I found this out when I did a hangout with Kyle Livingston & Eli David on March 1st 2015.

WebVee Guide is like Entertainment Tonight when it comes to the web series community. The stories that are written show how much each web series has a zeal & a passion for their craft and entertaining people!
The hangouts that they do on their YouTube channel also show this as well!!!! You can also see it in every interview that their corespondent Daniela Dilorio does in the many web festivals that they cover!!!!

You can see all of the interviews that Daniela Dilorio has done, along with their hangouts on their YouTube channel here: www.youtube.com/webveeguide

You can see the hangout that I had with Eli David & Kyle Livingston here:

If you are looking for more information about the web series community, I would recommend  you checking out my friends at WebVee Guide!!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Double Agents episode 006: Pillow Fight Another Day

The battle is here!

Brock and Cori made it just in time and now Cori needs to take on Cat in a pillow fight to the finish for all the marbles!

Will Cori be able to take down Agent Kinski? Can Brock help without making things worse? When did the Russian military develop a magnet that powerful? Find out the answers to these questions and who built Stonehenge in this explosive episode of Double Agents!

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Why Humans Run the World | Yuval Noah Harari | TED Talks

Please join Web Series Friends!

Hello Again! This is Anthony Davis posting another post for Web Series Today.

In my last post, which you can see here: http://www.webseriestoday.com/2015/07/vanessa-verduga-hangout-introducion.html I introduced myself a little and told my story of how I got involved with the web series community.

I have been a vlogger for over 8 years now & I have vlogged about many things in my life. Of all the things that I have ever vlogged about, I have never had a zeal for anything like I have for web series & the Web Series community.  If you would like to see my vlogs then you can see them here:

Listersmate2 Vlogs

I LOVE web series & I LOVE the web series community!!!! I have found some of the most friendly, kind, passionate, & welcoming people in my life!!!! Everyone of them have a love for their craft & love entertaining people with their series. The one thing that I have never understood though is why they don't have the exposure that they truly need.

\I originally found out about web series and the community around it because of Jeff Burns & his weekly hangout on Wednesday nights, Super Geeeked Up! www.youtube.com/skuwebseries

Through them, I found out about the people at SnobbyRobot
\http://snobbyrobot.com/ & also the people at WebVeeGuide http://webveeguide.com/
Both of these groups have done an EXCELLENT job rating and telling people about the many web series that are available & also reviewing them as well.Then of coarse, there is Web Series Today....which you are on now! www.webseriestoday.com

A few months ago, I did a search on Facebook & did find that there were a few groups out there for web series & I joined many of them. I visit them often on a daily basis. Each web series has done a great job out getting the word out about their series through them.

Many people in the community encouraged me to do my part in getting the word out about web series and so I created my own called Web Series Friends:


Are you a web series creator? Are you an actor looking to get into a web series to add onto your resume? Are you just interested in web series in general and are looking to get to know some really cool people in the web series community? Then join my group then....Web Series Friends!

I encourage people to join for the reasons listed above. It's my little way to give back to the web series community. I am not able to financially  help like I would love to do, so doing things like this Facebook page....along with the hangouts that I have on my channel to promote the series & their creators is just my way to help.



Sunday, July 26, 2015

Vanessa Verduga Hangout & Introduction


Since this is my 1st post here on Web Series Today I thought I'd tell a little about myself & how I've gotten involved with the web series community.

My name is Anthony Davis. I have been a vlogger on YouTube since October of 2007. I have vlogged about many things in my life, anything from family's events to rants and raves I have had about different topics in my life.

Last May, May 2014, I was very bored on a Wednesday night and I came across a hangout called Super Geeked Up!

I am sure that many people in here know of Jeff Burns & his hangout Super Geeked Up! If you don't know of it, then you should check it out here:

Super Geeked Up/SuperKnocked Up

Each week I watched & participated in the hangouts & I have gotten to know many people, both creators & actors of the Web Series Community. It has opened a huge & wonderful world to me & has allowed me to become a part of a close knit family that I love!!

It also has allowed me to start a segment on my channel that I like to call Semi-Impromptu Interviews. In these "interviews" I have been able to have people on & promote their stuff. Here is one that I had on Sunday July 26th 2015 with Vanessa Verduga of Justice Woman:

 I hope everyone enjoys my "interview" and I hope to post more in the future.

Anthony Davis

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