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Friday, May 16, 2014

#IngressReport Raw Feed May.15.2014

Emerald Express 2.0

Hank Johnson's NOMAD: XM Anomalies (Part 2)

Divided: Lynton-Wolfe and Mazz (Surveillance Audio)

Life After Fat Episode 2 - "Date"

The long-awaited first season of the promising web series Life After Fat: A Web Series kicked off last night with their second episode, their first episode since releasing the pilot episode last September.

The episode, titled "Date", features the main character Maddie going on an online date with Dan, an older man with some past issues of his own. This is the first of five new episodes for Life After Fat, as they will be releasing a new episode every Thursday in May and June.

You can watch the episode below.  For more information on Life After Fat, you can visit the official website at www.lifeafterfatseries.com, or follow the show on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

YouTubers React to Sesame Street: Old School

Net Neutrality Now! #OccupyTheFCC

FCC approves plan to allow for paid priority on Internet

Read the full post:

The real battle for net neutrality just began

Revised proposal opens rules for public debate, but the specter of a tiered internet remains

Read the full post:


FCC Unveils Controversial Net Neutrality Proposal 


Comcast plans data limits for all customers 


Community discussion page: 


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Side Effects - Season 2 - OFFICIAL TRAILER (Premieres 5/15!)

Ingress: Hank Johnson's NOMAD: XM Anomalies (Part 1)


Mashable: Take a Minute with Elliott Morgan

Is Netflix Better Than Sex? | Mashable Minute | With Elliott Morgan

THE DRUNK NEWS: Monica Lewinsky and the Sluts

Check out the fourth episode of THE DRUNK NEWS -- where we cover the world's most famous white house intern's tell-all essay in Vanity Fair with our resident bigot, Martini Marlon.

Guest Directing, New Season and Upcoming Events

This year has been a flurry of activity in Shotgun Mythos land, and the typical roller coaster ride. From the crazy weather that plagued us at the start of the year, to decisions by cast members to drop out of the show due to schedule conflicts, and the death of a cast member, we have had to think on our feet, and roll with the punches in order to get the show done. But it has had its share of great moments too...a fantastic cast who has become like family, the addition of a stunt coordinator, and the opportunity to work with members of the DC Stunt Coalition, as well as new camera equipment, editing software and green screen are combining to take Season 2 light years beyond Season 1.  And we received notice from the programming director at a group of television stations in Louisiana that they would be running a Shotgun Mythos marathon!  So all of the hard work is starting to come together!

Clint also had the opportunity to work as a guest director on an upcoming episode of the new series called Bad Dogs. In the spirit of Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez, the show is a dark, edgy crime series that Clint thoroughly enjoyed directing. And again, he and Zoe had the opportunity to works with a great group of people who are bringing a new series to life.

Now we are in the process of finishing the editing of Season 2, and are gearing up for a fun weekend at the sci-fi convention Balticon on Memorial Day weekend.

And today, the fruits of this year's labors on Shotgun Mythos come to fruition, with the release of Season 2, Episode 1!

Monday, May 12, 2014

BOARD (THE WEB SERIES): A Milestone Slipstream Production


BOARD (THE WEB SERIES):        A Milestone Slipstream Production

Mel, Campbell and Samantha are three housemates who idle away their lives watching dreary daytime programmes. Mel works zero contract at a shoe store and never seems to get the hours, Campbell is an economics student on a 'permanent' gap year from university and Samantha is a fashion designer who never designs anything. However, all three share the same love/hate  - TV.   

In future episodes expect some surprise guest appearances and crazy cameos. The show producers aim to keep you guessing show to show. So prepare for Episode 1 in this quirky comedy about 3 lodgers who waste their lives away in front of the TV.

Starring Lauren Wigmore, Melody Schroeder and Samuel Dat-actor. Written and directed by Eddie Saint-Jean.  Milestone SlipStream bringing you quality web-based drama.


Junior Citizens (@JrCitizens) is a coming of age comedy about three college friends trying to make their way out of school and into their relative creative industries. This series will take you through the year of post graduate transition from college to adulthood. Please share this post with your networks so that we can increase out viewership! Our Kickstarter campaign also launches on May 15 please stay tuned and enjoy! 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Noirhouse - Episode 1

Kids React to Avril Lavigne - Hello Kitty

#IngressReport Raw Feed May.08.2014

Message from Klue to Agents in Ishinomaki

Lia Marie Johnson: Innuendo Bingo with Harrison Webb


TED Talks: Randall Munroe: Comics that ask "what if?"

"My Lupine Life" By Louis Pine - The Season One Trailer


GAMING NEWZ: Romances and Net Neutrality

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