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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Known Faces Are Displacing the Amateurs in Online Videos

"To help counter that, marketers say they seek qualities in the stars they select beyond just being famous for being famous."


Under proposed legislation, White House could be given an Internet “kill switch”

Known as the “Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act”, the legislation would cause all US-based Internet service providers to “immediately comply with any emergency measure or action developed”.


Award Winning Web TV Series "Safety Geeks" Releases & Demo's 1st 3D Action Comedy Series

At a live press conference held in Santa Monica Wednesday June 16th attended by Mingle Media TV, Lumen Actus LLC, demonstrated the first 3D live action comedy web series, "Safety Geeks: 3D" enhancing the viewer experience on 3D polarized computers, televisions, and Blu-ray Disc products. DDD of Santa Monica will be distributing the series via on-demand downloads from their website, http://www.Yabazam.com.

The award winning "Safety Geeks" web series has received accolades and nominations for their creative content and special effects from the Streamy's, LA Web Series Festival, Stay Tuned TV and more. Beeler and Konkle use technology in the service of comedy instead of action or science fiction, which is why they decided to take "Safety Geeks" season one and make it into 3D. It's important to point out that the 3D process employed in "Safety Geeks: 3D" is not the traditional red and blue glasses technique dating back to the 1950's, but instead is the cutting edge, polarized stereoscopic processing treatment similar to that used in a certain "wildly successful sci-fi feature film (AKA Avatar)."

For more information please visit http://www.safetygeekssvi.com
For more information about MMTVN please visit http://www.minglemediatv.com

Must Love . . . The Latest from Awkward Hug

Opening soon, Must Love Socks is the latest project from independent transmedia production company Awkward Hug, the Brooklyn-based duo that created last year’s critically acclaimed ARG hit, Must Love Robots.



::::: WARNING :::::
Caution should be used when sharing any private information. Some "games" by design do require such information and any "player" should excercise due dillogence before deciding to participate and share such information.

Looks Like Amazon Just Patented Facebook

Facebook and many other online social networks are an inescapable part of life and everything about this patent screams “Prior Art!”


Behind the Scenes of Choreographers in Media

"Finally, the YouTube revolution has also changed the face of dance."


Bumps in the Night: An Exorcise in Futility?

Greg and Emmett are called to the home of a man at the end of his rope: he's not crazy (he says), but his girlfriend is possessed! They race to the scene with a bible and holy water and...booze for John to drink, since he wants nothing to do with this, but things quickly escalate beyond the boys' control. Can they get out of this? Or is their last hope, truly, at the bottom of a bottle? Tune in for our most dangerous episode yet!

Friday, June 18, 2010


Coco and Myra brainstorm how to raise funds for their 3-page film project.

A Good Knight’s Quest: Episode 17

Sandrine and Raine report to Galen with their good news.

Promoting a Web Series

by Bernie Su

When you’re doing an independent series for the web, one of the big daunting tasks is in the promoting of your web series.

Read the full post:

I Really Don't Understand... - TheExperimentWIP

Really mom? What's going on? -Addison

The Experiment: A Work in Progress…


IAWTV Updates: Board Members Step Down, Streamys Future Up In the Air


"Brim-Deforest, with whom I spoke via phone, said that he decided to resign because, “My personal intention was never to control something. I wanted to build it to pass it along to the community as a whole.”"


"One of these, the awards committee, will be specifically in charge of coming up with a recommendation to the board as to what the IAWTV’s relationship with the Streamy Awards — or any awards show — should be in the future."

A surprise (CFG)

Join in and get to the bottom of who this guy is!

Read more about A surprise - Conspiracy For Good by http://conspiracyforgood.com/public/view/333



Click on the link above for more info on today's episode!

Molly launches a rocket inspired by some of the first women in space, Valentina Vladimirovna Nikolayeva Tereshkova (Russian, 1963) and Sally Kristen Ride (American, 1983).

Today's Casual Friday was produced, directed and edited by Jesse Patch.

Level 26: Dark Prophecy is in Post-Production!

Posted by Anthony E. Zuiker

"We’re going to be releasing a ton of new content over the next couple weeks for all you Level26ers, as well as updating the website to reflect the new book."


Travel Day (inTransit: Episode 18)

A day inTransit from Guatemala to Honduras. follow @http://www.twitter.com/peterbragiel http://www.intransit.tv

cctv_angle1&2 - cfg77472 (CFG)




Thursday, June 17, 2010

Crispys Room East Wall - bigandawesomeproduct

::::: UPDATE: The video below seems to have been taken by the 436. Not only that but the following 6 videos which were also uploaded seem to be gone. No explanation is available at this time. The videos were named "Crispys Room Spits 1-6 and were part of the second "Doghouse Challenge":

"Challenge #2: Re-enact a scene or create a movie trailer based on Escape Crispy From the Room:
http://www.wonderweasels.org/chats/crispy.html "

Make sure you check out the entire "batch" of uploads:


A song - singaboutmagpie (CFG)


Plasticgod: Celebrity Artist & Pop Culturist - ROCKETBOOM

Click on the link above for more info on today's episode!

Molly interviews Plasticgod (Doug Murphy), celebrity artist & pop culturist, about the inspiration behind his work and how he uses social media to share his art.


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Annmarie and Nadirah - projectchataika (CFG)

A weird woman visited Nadirah at her school.

Reaching out to Tom

pb_phn_brdg.mov - cfg77472


The Actor Diaries - EPISODE 1 - "The Auditioner"

The Actor Diaries - EPISODE 1 - "The Auditioner" from Kate on Vimeo.

Sometimes even a diarrhea commercial is a victory.
See previous story:

Internet advertising: how to stand out in the upcoming flood.

In the world of the Internet, changing the channel gives me a lot more options that it does on television.


‘Alpha Planet’ Blasts Off on KoldCast

"Executive produced by Mike Darling, head of Rena’sance Robot, an independent production company that produces low-budget short films, sketches and web series, Alpha Planet looks like a cross between Brett Register’s The Crew and After Judgment, with a dash of Battlestar Galactica."

Read the full post:

‘Chadam’, ‘Exposed’ Buzz Up ‘Web.Files’

by Mathieas McNaughton

"On this week’s episode of The Web.Files host Kristyn Burtt interviews Jace Hall, executive producer of the recently released animated web series, Chadam, as-well-as Blake Calhoun, creator of Exposed."


TheWB’s Exposed Uneven But Intriguing


Exposed‘s pitch is a pretty simple one — Henry (Chase Jeffery), a good-looking medical student with a hot fiancee and a secret past, tries to keep the latter from destroying his relationship with the former.


Video Diary #1 - He Doesn't Even Know I Exist - GailFoxx

I'm lamenting the fact that the boy of my dreams doesn't even know I exist! Such is life I guess, huh?

See more of the thriller EXPOSED at http://www.TheWB.com/shows/exposed

Stay Tuned TV Awards

Frank Zanca and Timothy Ryder, the founders of Stay Tuned TV, put on a fantastic show to honor the shows on their site.



"The format of this event will be slightly modified from our first event: instead of individual speakers, we will be hosting a series of two panels that celebrate Genre (scifi/horror/fantasy/gaming) web series at a beautiful offsite (but within very easy walking distance) location from the Con. "

Read the full post:


The event will take place on Saturday, July 24th, 2010

FCC set to reconsider broadband regulations

The Federal Communications Commission is scheduled to vote Thursday to begin taking public comments on three different paths for regulating broadband.


Upton Calls FCC's Title II Plan a "Blind Power Grab"

"...the Commission now inexplicably appears poised on Thursday to take another misguided leap towards its investment-suffocating attempt to regulate broadband providers as common carriers."


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

ARG Netcast, Episode 124: Secret Lewis, Xi And More!

On this week’s show, special guest Patrick O’Luanaigh, the CEO of nDreams....


Edit video online with the YouTube Video Editor

Today, we’re introducing YouTube’s new online video editor, which makes editing your video a cinch.



Margaret Gould Stewart: How YouTube thinks about copyright

Margaret Gould Stewart, YouTube's head of user experience, talks about how the ubiquitous video site works with copyright holders and creators to foster (at the best of times) a creative ecosystem where everybody wins.

And the first Twitter paid trending topic? Disney/Pixar.

"According to the story at TechCrunch, and verified on Twitter.com itself, Disney/Pixar has spent some dough to promote Toy Story 3."


8.13 Teaser Trailer

8.13 Teaser Trailer 2 from Eight Thirteen on Vimeo.


Chadam : Cut from CardboardSeason 1 : Episode 1

After an inexplicable attack upon the island residents of Vulture, the remaining survivors have been forced into hiding within the island's most remote region, Cardboard City. The frightened refugees ...

Unicorns! - ROCKETBOOM

Click on the link above for more info on today's episode!

Molly reports on the history and popularity of unicorns.

Show Credits:

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Brian Barely Got Away.3gp - brianxcleary (CFG)

A special thank you for the cracker jack surprise... B-Mot, what did you know about this?


::::: UPDATE: A new batch of cell phone videos have been uploaded on:



Ask the New Media Attorney: Who Owns What?

In the first installment of his new bi-monthly ‘Ask the New Media Attorney’ column on Tubefilter News, James C. Roberts III of Global Capital Law Group will be answering your questions about the ins and outs of entertainment, startup and intellectual law.


On This Day in Web Series History: June 16, 2006

Four years ago today: First Blog / Dorkiness Prevails

Current views: 2,859,326
Jan 4, 2010: 2,306,820
July 31, 2007: 1,211,110
August 29, 2006: 203,584

*First Blog/Dorkiness Prevails on LGPedia
*Old Anchor Cove thread (2006) on this video (lg15.com does not have one because this video predates all current archives on lg15.com)

AOL Cuts Its Losses; Sells Bebo to Criterion Capital for $10 mm

Update: All Things Digital is saying that they have a “non-denial” about the sale, wherein AOL states “we haven’t announced anything”.


The Web.Files Buzz #6 – June 2010

The Buzz about the Web Series Biz with Kristyn Burtt. Things are busy over on the Warner Brothers studio lot with their summer web series line-up premiering this week on TheWB.com. Executive Producer Jace Hall teams up with artist Alex Pardee on the uber-imaginative, animated show Chadam. Meanwhile, Texan Blake Calhoun, creator of famed, award-winning web series, “Pink,” delivers “Exposed,” a twisting and turning thriller featuring Chase Ryan Jeffery and Kimberly Matula.

Conspiracy For Good Presents: Soup Trolly

Conspiracy For Good Presents: Soup Trolleys

Through the Conspiracy For Good "List," some students at Royal College of Art hooked up with St. Vincent De Paul to find it's most useful single volunteer: Meet Product Designer Fredrik Paulsson who designed and constructed three new state of the art trolleys that will revolutionise the way SVP conduct their weekly soup runs!

The St Vincent de Paul Society is an international voluntary organization dedicated to tackling poverty and the disadvantaged by providing direct practical assistance to anyone in need. Active in England & Wales since 1844, today the organisation continues to address social and material need in all its many forms.

In London, St Vincent De Paul organise weekly soup and clothing runs for the homeless. Trollies are used to deliver food, essentials and weekly medical check-ups to people living on the streets. The organisation is well known amongst the homeless community who congregate in Mayfair on the same time every week to meet the regular volunteers.

Stay tuned to watch more episodes highlighting the production of the trollies. To get involved with this effort or join a cause, please visit "the list" section above.

Also watch "In Lusaka" http://conspiracyforgood.com/public/view/293

pb_phn_ffc.mov - cfg77472

Web Series so 1996

When you mention the word web series to people and they look at you cross-eyed, you might want to ask them where they have been the last 10+ years (at the very least).

Web series, short form content delivered to the viewer via the web, Party Girl Plus One [www.partygirlplusone.com] is one of many example, has been around since 1996 according to my pal Brett Love’s Webisode Clack: Grape Jam and the LA Webfest. In Brett’s article, he states “According to a December ‘96 issue of Websight magazine…the article inside is titled “Honey, what’s on the web tonight?” Reading through it, it’s amazing how familiar it all sounds. It’s talking about the merger of the web and television, and what that means for how we will watch things in the future. Really, if you omit a couple of the obviously dated references (IRC!, Real Audio), much of the article is still very relevant today.”

And to take it one step further, the girl featured in the 1996 article is Brittney Powell, starring in Safety Geeks: SVI, a current web series created by another pal of mine Tom Konkle and his partner David Beeler. Safety Geeks: SVI also received a Visual Effects Nomination at this years Streamy Awards. Congrats Tom and David!

So web series have been around for almost 15 years and they are only growing by the number. Where do we go from here? Word around town is mobile devices. Short form content delivered to your cell phone. Well that’s nothing new, we get the news, movies and TV shows on our cell phones already. I’m talking “Mobi-Sodes”. Short form episodic shows created specifically for the cell phone with soft cell, uh I mean ’sell’, product placement embedded in the content tied to your GPS, so advertisers can target your all mighty dollar at any time.

Pretty cool, pretty creepy, pretty 2010.

About the author: Jennifer Dawson, creator, writer and star of the award winning dating web series Party Girl Plus One, recounts actual dates from her personal dating diary. Jen's entries of over 100 "types" of guys and dates provide relatable and humorous topics singles face in search of love. Her short, funny dating videos that chronicle these actual stories in self contained 4 minute episodes can be seen at www.partygirlplusone.com. Contact Jennifer at [email protected].

Google News creator Krishna Bharat at I-J7

Krishna Bharat, founder and engineering head of Google News, speaks at the I-J7 innovation journalism conference at Stanford University on June 7, 2010.

The creator of Google News on how journalism will change in the next 5 years

Bharat is convinced professional journalism is here to stay and while understandably unsure as to how things will develop, he briefly lists a number of points he believes will take shape over the course of the next few years.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

pb_phn_ndrh.mov - cfg77472


A series of videos were uploaded today:
::::: UPDATE: A Touch and Go Evening...

I’m getting out of London — No ........

Read the full post:

See also http://cfg.wikibruce.com/Home

Secret Teaser - bigandawesomeproduct


This is just to prove we are trying to get this challenge done. Our problem now is that youtube has blocked us from accessing our accounts we made for Challenge #2. Apparently you can't register over 150 YT accounts without getting disabled by YouTube. I've sent them a few emails, but no luck. Any ideas would be much appreciated.

Any help would be much appreciated.


::::: WARNING: Contains explicit language

Dave gets a visit from his ex-girlfriend Nikki Payne.

Do You Suffer From SFPS? Take a PIO OTC. - hollishillis

Hope you enjoy this!

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Xbox Keynote! Natal, Kinect, E3. - mememolly

A little vlog about my trip to LA, attending E3 and the Microsoft Xbox announcements involving Project Natal (Kinect) and their other games including Call of Duty, Gears of War & Metal Gear Solid.

I also got to ride a Segway for the first time ever, go to Disneyland and see Toy Story 3 (WHICH WAS EMOTIONAL AND AMAZING!)

Dating In The Middle Ages, Official Trailer with John Schneider

John Schneider joins the cast of "Dating In The Middle Ages" an original musical comedy webseries, following Samantha Collins, a historical romance writer, as she searches for her Mr. Right through a series of very Wrong dates. Staring Devin Mills as Samantha Collins. For more info go to http://www.datinginthemiddleages.com

Kevin Rose announces new show: fforward.

TechCrunch relays Rose’s thoughts on the show, stating that it will be a weekly live streaming tech and geek culture show.




Fanfarlo Gets Intimate ‘Under The Reservoir’

"Yesterday, London based Brit-folk group, Fanfarlo, launched the first episode of their four part mini-series documenting the band’s journey to the SXSW Festival earlier this spring ..."


‘The Office’ Tries Its Own Fan-Created Episode

Fans are encouraged to create and submit their own re-imagined version of these segments that will be stitched together to form a full ‘fanisode.’


The Steps - video blog #8

Doris' tongue lashing has Charlie pissed. And apparently, if he's to be believed (and really, is he?), he doesn't give a damn about her, or anyone else.

A Note to the Members of the IAWTV

by Brady Brim-DeForest
"I am writing to inform you of my intention to resign my position as a member of the Board of Directors of the International Academy of Web Television, in concert with three of my fellow founders, Joshua Cohen, Marc Hustvedt, and Jamison Tilsner. Jamison and I will also be resigning our respective offices as Treasurer and Executive Director of the IAWTV."

Read the full post:

Blackwell Briggs Revealed - cfg77472

Blackwell Briggs lobbyist movie, leaked May 18 2010. You thought the Digital Economy Bill was bad? You've seen nothing yet. They're allready trying to shut it down, so spread it.

We are the Unmovement. We cannot be silenced.

For more information read:

Monday, June 14, 2010

The @IAWTV Meetings: Should heads roll?

by mm

The next round of IAWTV meetings will take place on June 15 in NYC and June 17 in Los Angeles. We do not know much of what has been discussed on the "private" IAWTV discussion board but these meetings should give us some insight. Was the alleged "blacklist" discussed? What about the alleged "mob rule." Were the questions about those who claim they were unfairly rejected for membership by the IAWTV addressed? There has been talk of forming a Board of Governors for the IAWTV, but the by-laws make it perfectly clear that the Board of Governors is just an advisory body and the real teeth of the IAWTV lie with its Board of Directors and the Executive Director (effectively the CEO) appointed by them: Brady Brim-DeForest. There are many questions, but perhaps the biggest is:

"Should heads roll on the Board of Directors of the IAWTV?"

Now it is not very nice to talk about heads rolling (that is unless you are Felicia Day playing the role of a Highlander). Clearly the IAWTV involves a web of close personal friendships that make such talk difficult. However many members of the IAWTV would be first in line to ask for heads to roll when it comes to the cozy relationship between Wall Street banks and their oversight body. Or, how about the cozy relationship between BP and the Minerals Management Service? Why should we view the cozy relationship between Tubefilter and the IAWTV any different? Now Tim Street would say the Tubefilter guys are just like kids growing up and they should be given a second chance. Perhaps, but, is that not a bit like saying the crew of the Deepwater Horizon were just playing with Tinker Toys and next time they will get it right. For several of them there will be no next time and for the rest of us we will live with the consequences of the cozy relationship between BP and MMS for years to come. While clearly not on the same scale as the Gulf oil spill, the perpetuation of a cozy relationship between Tubefilter and the Board of Directors of the IAWTV is only going to prolong the clean up operation for the web series community.

So, the question becomes, will there be significant changes at the top? Will the membership show a commitment to creating an IAWTV that is global, fair and offers even access to all? Or, will the membership back the status quo and give their endorsement to a system of "insiders" and conflict of interest? The choice is clearly theirs to make but the impact of that choice will be felt by everyone involved with web series for years to come. Failure to change such a glaring problem with the Board of Directors of the IAWTV could well put the legitimacy of the entire entity in question and seriously taint the reputation of anyone associated with it.

What is your opinion? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Icon image from Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deep_Water_Horizon

Exposed : The Rule of ThirdsSeason 1 : Episode 1

An aspiring medical student with a beautiful fiancé, Henry Dye's future is bright - until a sinister and mysterious entity threatens to reveal the darkness of his past, destroying everything Henry has ...

Tim Kring and The Company P Team Up to Form a Conspiracy for Good

By Michael Andersen

As a result of that conversation, the two agreed to collaborate on Conspiracy for Good, a large-scale movement with alternate reality gaming elements that will, according to Kring, play out “across both traditional media and new media platforms including smart mobile devices, game consoles, tablets, and PCs.”


Twitter Places: One Massive Leap For Location on Twitter.

Foursquare and Gowalla integration means that you’ll be able to publish your check-ins from those services to Twitter.


Can Twitter handle being the hub of social media?

"Between buying out the best API-driven applications, implementing a host of new features and breaking news about plans for new ones, the once-ignored blue bird of happiness is truly coming into its own."


Anyone But Me Plans “Web-a-Thon” to Fund Third Season


But the Streamy-winning lesbian teen drama’s third season may now depend on its fan base.


news with CitizenTube – will it take on iReport?

YouTube will be working with the University of California Berkeley’s journalism school to curate a breaking news feed of videos



inTransit Episode 17: Rio Dulce, Guatemala

The village of Rio Dulce at the mouth of the sweet river. Hot Waterfalls and jungle.
follow @ http://www.twitter.com/peterbragiel
questions? http://www.formspring.me/jumbodude
music @ http://www.myspace.com/portabledarwin

Squatters: In Search of a Douche (103)

"Steamboat" Series - Episode 1

"Steamboat" Episode 1. Get to know the characters of Steamboat. This episode begins a series that should not be missed. "The Office" meets "All My Children" in this behind-the-scenes look at the desperate dying days of a daytime soap opera.

From the press release:


(New York) - STEAMBOAT, the new YouTube comedy sensation, has been named one of three BRANDED ENTERTAINMENT finalists in the Next TV Competition of the LATV Fest, sponsored by NATPE, the National Association of Television Program Executives. Winners will be named during a live stream at the Los Angeles, CA event on July 14.
STEAMBOAT debuted on YouTube Comedy in March, where the pilot can still be viewed. The show has been compared to “The Office” and “30 Rock” for its “behind the scenes” look at the desperate, dying days of a once successful daytime soap. In true Christopher Guest style, the behind the scenes aspect offers a glimpse in to the real or “unreal” lives of the characters who all believe they are Emmy worthy actors.
The real edge to the show, however, is in its groundbreaking approach to product integration. Leaving product placement in its dust, STEAMBOAT, integrates a personality for product sponsors, with high quality entertainment AND dynamic, consumer and audience interaction.
“This is a tremendous opportunity for STEAMBOAT and our sponsors to be seen and to pitch our show to major decision makers in the entertainment industry. We will be exposed to the best development executives, agents, advertising and brand executives,” said Executive Producer and Director Scott Bryce.
“To be recognized as one of the best in new branded entertainment by industry leaders at this level is exceptionally gratifying. Our novel approach to product integrated, branded entertainment, offers advertisers measurable, quantifiable consumer touch points, something traditional media fails to deliver,” stated the show’s Creator /Writer/Co-Executive Producer, Michael O’Leary.
O’Leary and Bryce are no stranger to television and film, both having starred in the longest running shows in daytime and broadcast history. O’Leary is known to millions of loyal fans as Dr. Rick Bauer, on Guiding Light. Bryce, likewise, is prized by fans for his portrayal of Craig Montgomery on As The World Turns. In addition, both actors’ credits include multiple behind the scenes successes. O’Leary stars in the show alongside other familiar and popular daytime stars from Guiding Light and As The World Turns, including Beth Chamberlin, Jacquelina DeMarco, Michael Park, Kurt McKinney, Kim Zimmer, Justin Deas, Tuck Milligan and Orlaugh Cassidy.
The mission of the NATPE LATV Fest NextTV Competition is to showcase and reward excellence for a professionally generated video web series. Through the Next TV Competition, NATPE is searching for the best pilot for a new web series or the best new episode from existing web series.

Cars with Rocket Launchers: A-Team : How to : BFX

Does your car need an upgrade? How about a flip up, roof mounted, rocket launcher. In this episode of BFX Zack teaches you how to make an awesome pop open rocket launcher prop you can safely mount to your car. Also make sure and check out the A-Team parody test film, "The B-Team" coming out tomorow!

Indy Mogul's Backyard FX features cheap, DIY filmmaking tips and tutorials including special effects, props, and camera equipment. 'Build' episodes on Mondays and 'Original Short' test films on Tuesdays featuring the build.

The Guild season 4 behind the scenes with Higlet, part 3

This week: At Home With The Bruisers!
Exclusive footage from the set of The Guild Season 4 as seen through the eyes of Higlet.

THE GUILD SEASON 4 is out on JULY 13th 2010


J Teddy Garces (Bruiser) on YouTube:

Please comment, rate and subscribe.

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Thanks for watching!

"Fake It Til You Make It" Episode 3

Reggie Culkin introduces protege to method acting. And a starving actress fights for her residuals.

Jonas Brothers Launch Cambio, Online MTV Killer

But, what isn’t clear, is how Cambio fits into Eun’s new ‘Super Net’ strategy which has AOL focusing all of its content production and distribution on 17 sites, rather than across its current network of 80 or so unique URLs.



Oprah Should Choose Zach Anner to Be Next Oprah

"Last week, Oprah asked America to help her find the next Oprah. Your OWN Show: Oprah’s Search for the Next TV Star solicits video submissions from individuals that have “it” (aka “infectious energy, unique sense of humor, and personality galore”)."


TechStars Returns With More ‘Founders’

Now the newer breed of tech incubators like San Francisco-based Y Combinator and Boulder’s TechStars prefer “mentorship-driven seed accelerator.”


The Webventures of Jus...: Behind the Webventures Deleted Scene Gag Reel

Justin and Alden take you behind the 'Webventure!" Exclusive outtakes, deleted/extended scenes and bloopers of Alex Albrecht, Wilson Cleveland, Felicia Day, Shannen Doherty, Illeana Douglas, Mark Gantt, Tony Janning, Matt Knudsen, Jessica Rose, Douglas Sarine, Taryn Southern, Robin Thorsen and Milo Ventimiglia from "The Webventures of Justin & Alden."

How to Build Buzz For a Web Series

by Mathieas McNaughton

One of the biggest challenges a new series faces, is the ever increasingly daunting task of cutting through the clutter of online video.


EXPOSED Premieres 6/15/10 on TheWB.com


From the press release:

Exposed: This cerebral thriller takes viewers into the world of Henry Dye, a college student with a dark past. Menacing text messages and paranoia threaten to destroy Henry as he searches for the extortive source, all while attempting to maintain a normal existence to his fiancée and family. Episodes 1–8 launch Tuesday, June 15, with the remaining episodes 9–16 debuting Tuesday, June 22.
‘Chadam’, ‘Exposed’ Headline TheWB.com’s Return to Web Series
by Jenni Powell

"Says Blake Calhoun, creator of the upcoming Exposed: “I think they’re trying a unique approach in releasing all their new Originals at the same time and in large episode quantities."


Kinect At E3, 'Eclipse' Cast Pictures And Coheed And Cambria In Today's Twitter-Wood

Both James Gunn and Felicia Day were on the front lines getting a look at Microsoft's presentation there and tweeted their reactions.


Read more about Kinect:


iJustine’s Sneak Peak of Level 26

Posted by Anthony E. Zuiker

Check out iJustine’s behind-the-scenes video from her scene of the Dark Prophecy shoot.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

$1 Billion Fine for LimeWire, $75 Million for BP's Oil Spill — Huh?

That's a best case estimate. The RIAA actually thinks LimeWire owes them $1.5 trillion..


5 Questions With…Kyte CEO Daniel Graf


"... content can be monetized in multiple ways including advertising, pay-per-view and subscription services, and there is now critical mass that chooses to consume online and mobile content."


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