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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 fans saw the Scoobies on the run - Vegas style!
The vlog started with the three friends in a hotel room trying to work out what there is for a dork (Bree) to do in the gambling central of the world.

Jonas: ...I wanna have a good time. What are we gonna, what are we gonna do seriously? Like I kinda... we're in Vegas, I don't wanna get too crazy but I want to do something.
Bree: Well I want to have fun but its the "City of sin" or whatever..and I dont want to sin.

Bree pointed something out about the Danielbeast.

Bree: I am going to figure out what there is to do when you are a dork in Vegas.
(to Daniel)I don't think you're a dork anymore - I'm kind of disappointed.
Daniel:I'm still dorky.
Jonas: What? Look at you man! That's pathetic! "I like dorks! You know what? I'm kind of dorky!"
(They all laugh)

Once outside Bree took us to a water show outside the Bellagio hotel.

Bree: This is pretty much my favourite hotel in Vegas so far..I wish that we could stay here (batting her eyelids)... Jonas?..I'm kidding. I like where we're staying, it's nice too.

As the water show started the boys showed up - clearly the worse for wear.

Bree: You smell like beer Daniel
Daniel: I dont smell like beer
Bree: I thought you weren't drinking anymore
Daniel: I dont

Poor Daniel, Vegas's 24 hour bars aren't exactly the best place for someone trying to give up the drink to hang out.

Jonas:I need some food
Daniel: I'm thirsty
Jonas: Will you carry me?
Bree: I will try

Jonas eagerly jumped on Bree's back... the fun however was short lived as suddenly the Scoobies were running for their lives. Not the best thing to do when you've had a few beers...

(Daniel holding the camera, running with Bree and Jonas running in front of him)
Daniel: My God they found us
(Daniel coughs and gags as he tries to keep up)

The three friends came to a stop behind a wall to catch their breath.

Daniel: (out of breath) I ..I think we ...think we...lost them I dont know.

Bree then said something rather worrying...

Bree: We cant post videos anymore guys this is how they found us.

How is a vlog show meant to continue without any videos? Stay tuned...

Friday, March 23, 2007

LG15 on CBS Sunday Morning

LG15 will be featured on the CBS Sunday Morning news at 9am 3/25/07. Interviews with the production team and the actors. Enjoy, and thanks as always for your support!


Monte Carlo Resort & Casino

Does the bedroom look familiar?


Who Sees What?

The Creators want our opinion:


Vegas, Baby!

We've been on the road, and the boys decided to stop in Vegas. Don't have much time to type. Uploading this really quick, watch and you'll understand. - Bree

Happy Birthday Perky!!

From IMDB and MovieWeb

Jessica Rose

"Greek" (2007) TV Series .... (2007)

ABC Family Goes Greek

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Unprecedented Gift Gives Legs to Online Gaming Community - Generous Player Donation Provides Resources for Collaborative Forum Dedicated to Alternate

"Aiding the promotion and development of the genre through collaborations with other sites dedicated to ARGs"


Thanks guys!

Thanks guys! As you know, it is vitally important for the future of the show that we continue to do product integration and advertising, so it's important that you are okay with it. We are soooo happy that it went over well. As we do more in the future it will become even more subtle and creative. Thanks!



l am Lonelygirl15 - Hear my Story

I guess not everyone is a fan:(




"it was an attempt to transform the buzz around the series into a sustainable business venture."


Grillz feat. Danielbeast, LG15, P. Monkey, and O'n.


Proving Science Wrong by hollishillis

YouTube wants to recognize best user-made videos

Vote for LG on the link on the right hand menu:)


Today on LG15

Today on LG15 fans saw some foosball action! Jonas and Daniel decided that it was time Bree was taught the noble art of getting little plastic men to flick a little plastic ball around.

Daniel: So this is a big moment. After, uh, after long and careful consideration, Jonas and I have decided to teach Bree how to play foosball. It's a whole new year. 2007. Girls have rights.

(Shots of Bree playing foosball with Jonas)

Bree: I'm going to win.

Daniel: She kicking your butt or what? She beating you up?

Jonas: No. I think we have a spinner.

Daniel: No!

Jonas: To spin is a sin.

Oh dear seems like Bree was not playing by the very strict rules of foosball.

Jonas: She likes to see how cute they are. They spin around (in a high Bree voice) Look at them, look how fast they are. (back to Jonas voice) She keeps grabbing the ball too, man.

Daniel: Dude, what are you doing? You need to...

Jonas: She keeps grabbing the ball. I get it in position and she's like (Bree voice) No, I want a time out.

Daniel: Dude, you need to teach her right man, teach her right.

Jonas: There's no time out in foosball! Teach her right?

Daniel: You know what, if she doesn't do this right, she's not gonna play. That's it. The DB law will be spoken.

Jonas: Daniel, Daniel, listen to me right now. Okay, I know foosball, I know how to train foosball. You know how many people I've trained in foosball? (exasperated) She's untrainable!

But Bree was having none of it. She is clearly an olympic foosball player in the making.

Bree: Just because I've discovered a far more effective way of playing foosball, the boys went and got all bitter on me. (whispering) I was winning. (normally) You know, I think that if you were to compare my foosball techniques with theirs, you'd see that mine deliver faster and more desirable results. It's true, that's why I won almost every time. If P. Monkey was here, I'd do a proving science wrong about it right now. (nods enthusiastically) I would.

Anyway after much foosball action the story was taken to the motel bedroom ... no fans, LG15 is not about to get an adult rating, Bree just wanted to have a heart to heart with Jonas.

Bree: Just do it. It makes me uncomfortable when you're looking at me. Just look at the TV.

Jonas: Okay, whatever, I'm looking at the TV.

Bree: Okay, thank you. I just, I've been really selfish, and...I...you've helped me a lot, so I just wanted to talk to you and let you know that I appreciate it and, you know, I haven't really talked to you since you found out that your parents are still alive, and I want you to know that I'm going to do everything I can to help you find them, so... There, I said it.

Jonas: Can I look back now?

Bree: Yes, you can look back now.

Jonas: Thanks, that means a lot to me, thank you.

Bree: No problem, I just wanted to, well, you know, whatever.

I swear both Jonas and Bree blushed during this conversation....I think that they both might secretly want a private foosball match! ;)

Lonelygirl15 Breaks the Ice With Hershey's

“It’s empowering for us to have major international brand like Hershey’s treat us like they would any other major entertainment property,"


Co-Ed Foosball

Yup, we offered to teach Bree foosball as a peace offering... only one problem... she's a spinner!!! - Jonas

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Lonelygirl15 gets Product Placement Sponsor

" as much at $10,000 per show per sponsor"???


Crappy Product Placement

Not everyont was thrilled with the product placement:


Bree! Daniel! Come back to the Order! + The leader exposed

A little treat for the LG15 Pirates!

(Pirates At World's End video can be found on the Lonelypirates15 post)

....now we just need to figure out what role Johnny Depp can play on Lonelygirl15!!!

Lonelygirl15 Sells Out To Push Bubble Gum

"Bree, chews Hershey's Icebreakers Sours Gum, while visibly playing with the package in her hand. "


Web Video Gets a Dose of Shill

"they first polled their fans8 about whether product placement would be obtrusive."


Lonely Girl wasn’t viral marketing, it *aspired* to be viral marketing

"The deal was initiated by the Dallas, Texas-based agency TracyLocke."


☺ The Order's First Educational Product

In an effort to turn their creative efforts into a profit to fund future work, the Order has begun to test the market for a new educational toy designed specifically for homeschoolers. Deacon Bob replied to LG15 Today questions (submitted via an envelope inside a plastic sandwich baggy dropped outside a bowling alley), by saying (encoded in hexidecimal):

We here at the Order are proud to offer our internally developed and tested educational tools to a wider audience. This is just the beginning of what we call 'Product Placement' and what we hope will be a successful source of revenue going forward. We hope you will support our efforts by purchasing our products as we attempt to 'monetize' while avoiding calling too much attention to all the other services we freely provide to the community.

We ask your patience as we figure out how to accept and fulfill orders, without actually revealing who we are or where we are located. Ebay seems promising.

ED: LG15 Today can not endorse this product, for while we found it entertaining to wear blindfolds and stick push-pins into Greek letters, we think this activity might be a bit dangerous for young children. And it really doesn't make much sense to us anyway. But it's something to do while drinking beer. There's that.

~ QtheC

The lawyer, the trainee plastic surgeon and the imaginary girl


Today on LG15

Today on LG15 fans saw a reunion and a shameless product placement.
After Alex's revelation the boys were back on the road and on their way to pick up Bree:

(Jonas and Daniel are in a car driving.)
Daniel: Well, we're on our way to pick up Bree, and, uh, I can't wait, kind of miss her. But she said for us to meet her at some sort of truckstop, I don't know. Dude, I, uh, I still can't believe your aunt Alex is in the Order, man. I'm sorry, man, I should have listened to you.
Jonas: Nah, it's cool.
Daniel: Do you think she was telling the truth?
Jonas: About what?
Daniel: Uh, about your parents?
Jonas: I don't know, man. I mean, she, she could have been bluffing, but I don't know.
Daniel: But, then what?
Jonas: When my parents first...disappeared, I-I didn't believe that they were dead. I-I don't know, I just wanted to believe that they were alive and the, and the grief counselors and the psychiatrists said that I-I just was holding on to that because I never actually saw their bodies.

Meanwhile, at a truckstop:

Bree: Here I am, at a truckstop. I've just decided that...this life of running from the Order just isn't for me. And, I'm gonna get my trucker's license. Yep! I came to the decision about five minutes ago. I don't know, they just seem so, relaxed, like they don't have a care in the world. Is someone really gonna get that mad if they don't deliver it at...six o'clock on Tuesday? Actually, they probably would. The boys were supposed to be here, like...twenty minutes ago? Not that worried though, because knowing Jonas, they're probably lost. It happens, oh, I don't know, every time we go somewhere.

Again Jonas was showing his prowess for following directions, once again he had got lost:

Jonas: This is the spot.
Daniel: You're lost!
Jonas: Look, if I was going to build a truckstop, this is where I'd do it.
Daniel: (laughs) I would too, but, uh, we passed where the actual truckstop is.
Jonas: That was not a truckstop. That is what we call a "house of the ladies".
Daniel: That was... (laughs) Whatever.
Jonas: Trust me, that was not a truckstop.

(It is worth mentioning that during this scene a helicopter was seen overhead, maybe Tachyon had dropped Bree off...or maybe the Order have their own helicopters....)

Eventually though the Scoobies found each other and after much hugging they set off on the road again.

(Cut to them driving later)
Daniel: Come on, Bree, it's important. Come on, just say it again.
Bree: Daniel, this is silly.
Daniel: No! Say it!
Bree: I, uh...said to Jonas that I was sorry, and I'm sorry for...doubting you.
Daniel: Jonas, come on, man.
Jonas: Daniel...
Daniel: Come on, dude.
Jonas: I said the same thing 'cause I'm sorry too. I really am, too. I mean, after, after what happened with my aunt, I can...really understand how...confusing things can get when someone that you trust betrays you, you know like...you and Gemma.
(Bree nods.) It's hard to know who to trust.

Then came the product placement...

Daniel: Hey, what is that?
Bree: What? Ice Breakers Sours Gum.
Daniel: Can I have a piece?
Jonas: I would-I would love a piece.
Bree: Um... I only have four left.
Daniel: What do you mean, you...There's only three of us in the car!
Jonas: Come on...
Bree: I know, but I...
Daniel: Come on. We came all the way out here to pick you up. That's exactly right, so, uh...
Jonas: So what? That's it?
Bree: Okay.
Daniel: Besides, my mouth right now feels like...
Bree: Okay, okay, okay.
(Bree pours out the four pieces of gum in her hand and holds it out.)
Daniel: Alright, thank you!
(Jonas and Daniel reach out their hands to get some, but Bree puts them all in her mouth instead.)
Jonas: Oh, that's so messed up.
Daniel: Oh...my...God.
Bree: Whoa, it's sour.

It appears that after much anticipation of an ad placement, LG15's producers apparently decided that a casual name-brand reference was satisfactory. But what's next? Jonas tameing his locks with a brand name hair gel? Daniel reading well known women's magazines? Stay tuned...

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

☺ Product Placement at Auntie Alex's

*Aunt Alex, reclining on sofa in white Egyptian robes, two deeply tanned male slaves fanning her with large palms, a third awaits her instructions*

Alex (whimsically, adjusting her many gold bracelets): Caleb, bring me some nibbly's won't you? I feel like nibbling.

Caleb (quietly): Yes, madam, right away.

*very soon, Caleb returns with a large silver tray bearing an array of small boxed treats*

Caleb: Shall I open the Nice Shaker Flower Yums™, or would you prefer some Ball Breaker Power Plums™ ?

Alex (suddenly furious): What? Have we no Ice Breaker Sour Gums™ ?

Caleb (eyes downcast): I'm sorry, Kemosabe, but thy Nephew has absconded with thy Sour Gums. Perhaps these Sliced Quaker Yogurt Mums™ would serve until more Gums may be obtained?

Alex (ferocious, then poetic): No! I want my Sour Gums™ ! Aunt I am.
Not Yums or Plums, or even Mums!
Not waffles, pumpkins, or Gummy Dums!
I want my Ice Breaker Sour Gums™ !
I want them, want them, Aunt I am,
I want to eat them, with some lamb!
I want to chew those little Gums,
and I'll be blue until they comes...

Oh give me what I want, right now!
For woe the evil Order Aunt,
deprived of her favored Sucanat!
And woe the greater part tenfold,
for those who fail her in this mood.
Come Caleb, now, and give us food.

Caleb (soothingly): Well spoken madam, free verse for Sugar Free Gums. *holding box toward camera* In a handy pocket sized package, I might add. Very apt, very creative. And so many exclamations, just wonderful. I can see that Harvard poetry minor is really paying off! So then, just a few Ball Breakers™ and a martini?

Alex (sighing): Yes, Caleb, that will have to do. Make that two martinis, with umbrellas. Lucy should be arriving at noon, and I want her to feel at home. That meeping b***h isn't going to be happy when she finds out Jonas and Daniel left before Bree came back.

Caleb (nodding, worried): Of course, madam, extra vodka it is. *starts to hold up vodka bottle toward camera, but then thinks better of it, muttering* Perhaps next video.

~ QtheC

Mixed Media with Miles and Greg 3/20/07

Posted: Tue Mar 20, 2007 8:20 pm Post subject: Mixed Media with Miles and Greg 3/20/07

Hey Everyone,

We will be doing our show tonight at 6-8 PM Pacific Time at (nowlive.com) Our guest will be Yousef Abu-Taleb. If anyone would like to call in, or if there are any topics you would like to discuss, send a private message to the creators account.



Listen to Mixed Media

The Tables at 4pm

Anger stirs up dissension, but love covers over all wrongs. ~Proverbs 10:12

Like passion stirs up heat, sun showers cool things down.

In Time - Nemarous (3rd Triad)

Music: In Time, by me.

Truckstop Reunion

Jonas and I picked Bree up at a truckstop. Turns out she was filming too, and I thought it would be kinda funny to edit the two videos together. Hope you like it! - Daniel


"By triangulation and using maps on those store's web sites, the fan determined that the show must be shot in Tempe, AZ. They were wrong, but still…"


Giving up my day job!!

"they expect to eventually be able to cash in bigtime, with their 1.5 million views per week"


Monday, March 19, 2007

Comparing Costs: Lonelygirl15 vs. LOST

Lonelygirl15 has a monthly budget of about $40,000 with a staff of 10 (including actors). With this, the LG15 team produces about 20 2+ minute videos, or roughly the amount of time in a single 42 minute episode of the television show LOST. According to one article (a bit dated), each episode of LOST Season 1 cost about $2.5 to $2.8 million.

In other words,
the cost ratio of LOST minutes to Lonelygirl15 minutes is as high as 70 to 1 ! At these production prices, Lonelygirl15 could produce 1,400 videos for the cost of a single episode of LOST.

A little sanity checking would indicate that the ratio is probably not quite this high, perhaps more on the order of 40 or 50 to 1... but that still makes Lonelygirl15 production costs a heck of a bargain.

In the opinion of this blogger, this statistic makes "24 videos in 24 hours" sound like a piece of cake ;).

March 19, 2007 blogs.business2.com
Lonelygirl15 Gets Its First Product Placement

January 26, 2005 starbulletin.com
High filming costs force ABC network executives to consider relocating

~ QtheC

Lonelygirl15 Gets Its First Product Placement

Ice Breakers Sours Gum


Audience Building Lessons form SXSW

"But perhaps the most interesting from a publisher's perspective was the lonelygirl15 case-study"


☺ Lonelypirates15!

Today the LG15 comments board was invaded by pirates! Led by Cap'n Hippo and spurred on by Watching One, the outbreak of pirating, plundering, and accessorizing spread, and was soon color-coordinated in matching kiddie pirate sweaters and hats. Arrrggggg indeed.

(Click image for a larger view of Lonelypirates15!)

And check out this picture of Sarahboo's ship!

If that's not enough to strike fear into the hearts of the Order, I don't know what is.

Wecome aboard new Lonelymateys!

It was a jolly day on the lonely seas today as *yohomeep* and *yarrrmeep* were heard, as we welcomed some really evil looking additions to the Lonelypirate15 crew! To celebrate the occasion, Bosun Poison Pete (Maddingo) wrote this sea chanty, and Kelly One-Hand (KalleKelly) led the rowdies in a the singing:
Upon the briney sea
With Danielbeast and Bree
We set sail, a mob of scalliwags
Aboard a hollowed tree

And when the winds blew strong
We boldly sang this song
A yo ho ho and a bottle o’ rum
To carry us along

A yo ho ho and a bottle o’ rum
To carry us along
So welcome, wecome me Lonelyhearties, and drink up! For there's fighting and pillaging to be done 'fore the next video is posted...

A Pirate Fleet!

Due to the success of this year's recruiting campaign (rum and wooden batons work everytime), it is my pleasure to announce that we have expanded Lonelypirate15 operations, to include three ships (and a hearty yohomeep! to Poison Pete for all the shipnames and nicknames):

New Hope, Lonelypirate Flagship
(This ship is the largest and fastest in the fleet, but never sails in a staight line for some *hic* reason, so it balances out.)

dumbhippo: Cap'n Hippo the Lionhearted (serves as Admiral for the fleet)

Maddingo: Poison Pete the Poet (acting Bosun and giver of nicknames)
Perky: Mad Dog Mary (helm)
Dream: Black Liza Tunny
WatchingOne: Lord Bart the Red
modelmotion: Genius Abernathy
S.A.R.A.H.: Pieces o’ Eight Sam
gemmas flatmate: Saz the Tongue
rosieiswatching: Dubloon Rose
vanjula: Sealegs Eliza

Barnacle the monkey (likes to steal rum)

Queen of Araby, Cursed Pirate Ghostship
(Due to mariner's curse, boarding the Araby is instant death by petrification to all males, so wenches may crew only, less they be parrots.)

Dutchess of Sassland: Shark Tooth Chrissy (1st wench of the pirates who say Meep)

Shayna327: Shayna the Jeweled
Kallekelly: Kelly One Hand
physphile: Bloody Jewels Jenkins
Aidan: Vancouver Abbey
insane_dancer: Lizzie Two-Step
st3phanie: Mad Esmerelda
OpNanny: Mamma Cutlass
AlliBean: Red Susie the Rake

Joe: Gypsy Joe the Parrot (1st mate, serves at cap'n when Crissy must leave ship)

Red Bonnet, Stolen Merchant Brig (see picture provided by Sarahboo)
(This ship may look cute, but might actually be the deadliest of the fleet, due to helplessness induced by Cap'n Brett's feather cutlasses ... those things tickle!)

Sarahboo: Brett the Tickler

purplepassion: Skull Rot Lynn
QtheC: Red Johnny Smythe (ships surgeon)
dreamcatcher: Mad Ivy Goodfellow
lonelymom13: Jolly Mary Truelove
Toad: Slippery Jake
Whosez: Cutthroat Sophie McPhearson
tiamina: Crow's Nest Nelly (lookout)
rikigirl: Gunwalls Jenny Banyan
Opladybug: Tattoo Sue

Blackitty the black kitty

(Crews are subject to change ships at random, pirates being sneaky like that, subject to any mariner's curses currently in effect.)

If anyone wants a job, just sing out on the comments below!

A Little Treat for the Pirates of LG15!

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End video provided by Genius Abernathy (modelmotion)

MORE PIRATES = MORE FUN! There are never enough pirates, pirates being natural slackers and sneaking away all the time, so if you want to be known as a Lonelypirate15, just add a comment! (click Other if you are not logged into Blogger and want to enter your name...)

~ QtheC

The Creators will soon make a statement about Glenn

In the concerns and complaints the Creators have posted:

We ask that you please do not discuss these issues or make claims about Glenn based on conjecture. Please respect us while we gather information and come to a decision. We will be posting a formal statement as soon as possible. I'm going to lock this thread. Thanks!"

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Lonelygirl15's creators on Rocketboom

Lonelygirl15's creators, Greg Goodfried and Miles Beckett, are interviewed on Rocketboom.


Open Music Comes of Age

"...one thing that the lonelygirl15 phenomenon does prove......"


Today on LG15

Today on LG15 fans breathed a sigh of relief. Despite the fact that she zip-tied him to a chair, Jonas took Bree's advice on board.

The vlog started off calmly enough, with old beasty using his charms on Alex.

Daniel: (Hands Alex a photo album, pointing at something inside.) No, really, that one on the left's my favorite, right there.
Alex: Mmm.
Daniel: That one, that one.
Alex: That's your right.
Daniel: Oh.
Alex: No, it's, uh...
Daniel: Well, your left though...
Alex: ...too, too sentimental. (Slams album shut.) Yeah.

Alex then said something quite harsh...

Daniel: Did you ever think about being, like, a professional photographer?
Alex: Only like every other day of my life until I hit my mid-twenties.
Daniel: What happened?
Alex: Guess I just realized that I didn't want to live off Kraft singles and Wonder Bread for the rest of my life.
Daniel: (chuckles) You wanted to be rich.
Alex: No, nobody was recognizing my work, anyway. I couldn't get into the right magazines, and God knows I wasn't any good at playing the game.
Daniel: Did you stop completely, or...?
Alex: Yeah. I haven't clicked a single frame since my 26th birthday party.
Daniel: No way.
Alex: Mmhm.
Daniel: How could you do that? How could you just give up something you love?
Alex: Oh, it's easier than you'd think.

That sounded quite hard didn't it? Well the hard side of Alex was about to be unleashed...

(Door opens. Jonas storms in.)
Jonas: (angrily, at Daniel) Get up.
Daniel: What?
Jonas: Get up. Get up.
Daniel: What are you talking about?
Jonas: Give me the camera.
Daniel: Dude.
Jonas: I want to record this.
Alex: Jonas, what the hell is your problem?
Jonas: (To Alex) My problem is you're a liar. (To Daniel) She's in the order.

Despite Alex's denials that she knew what he was talking about and Daniel trying to calm him down, Jonas continued..

Jonas: I know you've been...(To Alex) Shut up! Shut up! (To Daniel) I know you've been busy working it so you missed Bree's last video, but she's friends with Lucy. (To Alex) That scrapbook's not for evidence, it's for people you've screwed over and betrayed! Don't sit there and try to deny it because you're making me sick!

Once outside Daniel's hormones...I mean conscience...made him want to give Alex a chance to explain.

Daniel: Dude, you're being paranoid just like Bree was... well, you know what I mean.
Jonas: (shaking his head) I'm not being paranoid, Daniel, you didn't see the video.
Daniel: No, I didn't see the video, but that doesn't mean anything.
Jonas: You didn't see the video, you don't underst--
Daniel: You know what, dude, I'm going to give her a chance to explain herself, I'm going back.
Jonas: No, Daniel, stop!
Daniel: I'm going back!
Jonas: Come back here!
Daniel: I'm going back, that's it.
Jonas: Danny, do not go back there.

But Danny did go back there... and it wasn't pretty...

Alex: Daniel, come in.
Daniel: Hey. I, uh, know you're not part of the order, I just want to give you a chance...
Alex: Sit down, there.
Daniel: All right, so I'm just going to ask you a couple questions, and then...
Alex: Give me that. (She takes the camera.) Be quiet.
Daniel: All right.
Alex: Just sit, and listen, don't say a word. (addressing camera) This is a message for your little friend. Jonas, you're very perceptive, not unlike your parents. Smart boy. Because you're smart, I'm not going to beat around the bush. I couldn't have killed your parents, because they're still alive. I think that you should be less concerned about me, and more concerned about what will almost certainly come after me. There are elements within the Order that will stop at nothing to reclaim your cute little friend. As for your parents, they're happy. Who's to say they even remember you? They've been busy, and so much time has passed.

Daniel must have got out because the video was posted... maybe Alex had no ice cream in the house...

☺ Red Tape at Order HQ

Order Headquarters, Utah

Deloras (harried) : General, here's your coffee, and morning briefing.

General Gansschritt (loud) : Deloras! Where's my.... Oh, thank you.

*the General sips his coffee from a large Belgian mug, and reads the report*

General : Mein Gott! Those children have escaped! Again!

Deloras (helpful) : Oh you mean the Scoobies?

General : Scoobies? What is this, "Scoobies?"

Deloras : That's what they are calling Jonas, Daniel and Bree on their fan website.

General : They have a website now!? I can't even get my email working.

Deloras : Just double-click the icon General, right there...

General : NOT NOW!!! This is serious.

Deloras : Yes, General, perhaps later.

General : So, how did we miss getting them at the Bear Lake Cabin? I authorized an entire strike team of agents and a helicopter this time!

Deloras : Well sir, the strike team approval paperwork went right through, but there was a delay for the helicopter.

General : Delay? What kind of delay?

Deloras : Well, its the usual sort of thing. The H-95 form required your Deacon's approval, only he was on vacation, and the approval signature roster in such a case was out of date, the back-up Deacon being deceased, and...

General (nodding, falling asleep) : Yes, yes, so?

Deloras : Well sir, then it got complicated. The back-up approval signature roster requires three Deacon's signatures to update, but it turned out it has not been updated since the Carter administration, and several of the required Deacons were all attending the SXSW film festival together...

General (impatient) : So the helicopter was delayed... Well, what about the strike team?

Deloras : Oh, they were ready sir, very prompt, but they were told to wait for the helicopter, so they all went skiing. But Sir, they did finally break into the cabin. Only, the Scoobies were gone already.

General : Well of course they were gone! We've been watching them at the Aunt's house for a week now!

Deloras : Yes sir.

General : Why can't the local strike team leader make any decisions on his own?

Deloras : Well, we paid that high-priced consultant to help us streamline last year, and he showed us how to centralize command operations.

General : Call him back, tell him we need help decentralizing!

Deloras : Brilliant idea sir. That's why you're the General!

General : So, what's wrong? Send the strike team after them at the Aunt's house!

Deloras : Is that an order, sir?

General : Of course it is!

Deloras : Well Sir, it's just that most of the strike team is hungover from the fashion party, and with the helicopter and all, we've gone over budget for that sector, and will need you to get a budget exception approved...

General (exhausted suddenly) : That could take weeks. Isn't there any faster way?

Deloras : Hmmmmm. How about an emergency strike team remissioning authorization from the federal funds? I still have an E-37 form here somewhere...

General : Sure, let's do that.

Deloras : Okay, just sign here... and here, and initial here, and a drop of your blood here...

General (relaxing now) : Deloras, what would I do without you?

Deloras (dryly) : I've asked myself the same question, sir, many times.

~ QtheC

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