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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Ava Gordy Smashes the Crap out of a TV | EP 7 | SmashUp

Latch - Disclosure feat. Sam Smith (Lia Marie Johnson feat. Boyce Avenue)




Democracy Now,: Did Gitmo "Suicides" Cover Up Murder? US Sgt. Speaks Out on Deaths & Prison's Secret CIA Site

In a month marking its 13th anniversary, we look at one of the great mysteries of the U.S. military prison at Guantánamo Bay: what happened the night of June 9, 2006, when three prisoners died. The Pentagon said the three — Yasser Talal al-Zahrani, Salah Ahmed al-Salami and Mani Shaman al-Utaybi — all committed suicide. But were they actually actually tortured to death at a secret CIA black site? In a broadcast exclusive, we are joined by Joseph Hickman, a Guantánamo staff sergeant and author of the new book, "Murder at Camp Delta: A Staff Sergeant's Pursuit of the Truth About Guantánamo Bay." We are also joined by professor Mark Denbeaux, director of Seton Hall University School of Law's Center for Policy and Research, which has just published the new report, "Guantánamo: America's Battle Lab."

Live To Surf I SURFERS Ep. 3

Cheerhab Season 2 Premieres on 1/24!

If you thought last season they were tough, you ain't seen nothin'! Eddie and Orby, coaches of the 3 time world champions California All Stars SMOED are headed to Salem, Oregon to try and Cheerhab another struggling all-star team. Invasion Athletix has reached out for help, but are they really up for the challenge? Watch and see what’s in store for the squad in the trailer for Season 2 of AwesomenessTV's Cheerhab!

Taryn Southern: Talking bears, Bromance, & Expert Hackers - MOVIE THERAPY (Blackhat, Paddington, Wedding Ringer)

Lauren Elizabeth: CATCHING UP ON CELEBRITY NEWS pt. 2!

L.A. Nites: Episode 3

L.A. Nites: Episode 03

Your Work Comes to Life

Once you've done three it becomes real. One cigarette doesn't necessarily make you a smoker but three, well...

But this photo is hella funny.
...you may as well.

Since this was the third episode, we knew we had a series on our hands. Previous to writing and filming this episode we only had a set which is a small difference but different none the less.

Don't ask me why
In order to accomplish things you've got to trick the brain into believing that it's done more than it has

This episode was as far as Lawrence and imagined in his original concept. When we started, L.A. Nites was this: a guy meets this mysterious girl and she's killed because of a new drug on the streets of Los Angeles. The opening shot, seen below, is the fulfillment of Le's original vision.

By Lawrence Le, Caleb Manci and Erik Peterson
Howie under the pier

This shot was nabbed under the Santa Monica pier with our good friend Krysten Jorgensen, who played Howie. Web series fun fact: you're going to be lucky to be getting people to fill roles for you so a stand-in is probably out of the question. When we wrote that we found Howie's body on the beach, we had to tell the actress that we killed her character and then get her to agree to film her body on the beach.

Still from L.A. Nites
She's going to wake up, right Mommy?

This was the second time where I was officially creeped out by what we had written. Since Howie's death was the only part of the show that Lawrence had created, we opened the episode with it and then asked, "What now?" Again it's funny how these things come about. Our friend Tim was going to have a Hallowe'en party that week....

Monkey mask on roof
Tim Leavon, Actor/Comedian

At the time he lived up in Burbank and had access to this fantastic roof view. He was throwing the party because he was moving out. If we didn't shoot that weekend, we would never be able to use it as a location. So we wrote the roof jumping scene, a monologue which I knew Tim could knock out of the park.

L.A. Nites is supposed to be funny
The monkey mask was his idea

There were a number of optional cut aways that were written into the script but in the end it turned out that we didn't need them. The skyline of the Valley and Tim's delivery was more than enough to carry the shots. Every angle from that roof is gorgeous. 

Episode Three still, Burbank
Emmett (actor/writer Caleb D. Manci)

It was at this party that we met Carolyn Vasko who ended up playing Jewel in episodes 5, 8 and 9. Actually it was on this very same roof. She and Nate had driven out a couple of days previously to see if L.A. was something they wanted to do. Nate is the character standing to the right of Emmett in the roof scene.

this is not a photo of Nate because we already saw that side of the roof
Fascinating, yes, tell me about all the minor characters....

The most interesting part of the shoot for me was getting to hear Tim deliver the monologue that we had written earlier that week. He's an incredibly good actor so was able to breathe a ton of life into it. I'm grateful to him personally because Tim took so much care with his performance.

background image, intro from the Reanimator
Going up to the roof

We wrapped this shoot fairly quickly. Tim was the one that suggested the monkey mask and subsequently it was the reason that costume-y costumes became part of the show and why we ultimately ended up at the costume shop in episode 7. At the end of this episode we used the device I created to zoom out into the larger world which brought us to the detective and his follow-up investigation in episode 4.

Rebels Seem Like Nice Guys - Space Janitors: Episode Seven

This IS the episode you're looking for. Darby gets some unexpected news from a rebel spy that could change his life.

MILEY’S RACY PHOTO'S GO TOO FAR!!! - Cyrus Saturdays Ep. 74

STUCK ON A: Episode 5

Stuck on A Episode 5 from David Johnson on Vimeo.
Will infiltrating a silent film benefit dressed as mimes, be the key to finally getting Elliot's script to John Stamos

Naked Truth on MARIJUANA

Taryn Southern: 5 People Never To Sit Next To On A Plane // Taryn Southern, Nikki Limo, Jess Lizama

PRETTY - Season 4 - Episode 2

Gendered Mail - The March Family Letters - Ep: 6

piddleass: Where would you live? -Q&A


Take Me To Church - Hozier - Sam Tsui & Kurt Schneider Cover

INGRESS REPORT - Shōnin and Recruiter - Raw Feed Jan 15 2015

Friday, January 16, 2015

LARPs: The Series | Episode 00 - LARPs

In a LARP, or live action-roleplaying game, players assume the identity of their chosen character and physically perform their actions (as opposed to simply describing them). LARPs: The Series follows a group of friends and their journey through both their imaginary and real lives.

Breaking Trail: Giant Snake of the Everglades - The Invasive Burmese Python

BeyondBeautyStar: Morning Routine: BLINDFOLDED?!

Did you just make Piddleass kill an Xbox? | EP 6 | SmashUp

Next To You - Emma Blackery | Transmitter TV


SierraMarieMakeup and JoshTryhane Yoga Challenge! He Said, She Said Ep. 1

Shawn Mendes Surprises Ally at Waffle House - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 50



Awesomeness TV: Cameron Dallas & Expelled Cast Talk About Working Together On Set!



LASER TAG w/ Josh Leyva - Arden Rose Wants a Date

A spellbinding performance from Lord Bullingdon

A Shout Out to the Best - {The Kloons}

The Way of Web Series

As I scroll around this web of ours, I have seen many a series. I know that you have too. If not you would probably not be on a site called Web Series Today. I was then surprised to see that the Kloons have not really been mentioned on this blog. If there ever was a channel that deserves loads of respect from the community, this is it. If you haven't seen this channel then you really haven't seen the best the internet has to offer. Here is a gem from December 2011 which has garnered 5.1 million views.

Whoa, did he just blow your mind and make you feel okay about checking out women? Alright, I'm in! The thing I love about these guys is that they hold themselves to a very high standard of film making. They treat their medium, the web series, with respect and it looks really good on them. A couple of key things that stand out:

1) Episodes are only as long as necessary



2) Every premise is simple
Badasses take off their sunglasses

What if the laundromat was fun?

Men and women deal with the world differently

3) Paying off the joke
"I told you to get a glass of water!"

"And breathe in..."

[I'm not going to tell you what happens but I will tell you it's epic]

Before you think that it's all dick and fart jokes, I would also like to highlight my favorites. 

High Art
Interpretive dance

Who is the "I"?

"A modern day rhyming triplet of visual poetry"


They say they don't do drugs but this video begs to differ

Also, if this isn't a drug reference then I guess I don't get it

Where film meets the local color


Yes, I'm okay with this.

This looks like a pretty funny show.

Trifecta of all things Kloon: Good filmwork, interesting premise & collaboration

So now you've watched or scrolled your way through enough of a sampling of their work to see why I am so impressed with them as filmmakers. Impressed, yes, and shocked when I finally watched the following video.

Attention YOU, maker of web series(es)!

As it turns out, being smart, funny, talented, long-running and recognizable isn't enough to pay the bills. Sit back and think about that for a second. These guys have everything in place. So why hasn't it paid off for them? Why don't they have a creative studio with their friends? And one bigger question to highlight the absurdity of it all, why does this exist instead?

In the case of the Grumpy Cat, she has handlers to take her to events, think up merchandise and broker movie deals. I'm sure Tardar Sauce's owners know how quickly internet sensations come and go so there's a limited time to cash in. Obviously it's not the case with the Kloons since they've proven that they're more than just a pouty face but I can't help but to compare. Why aren't studios beating down their doors? Why aren't they being handed the hundred thousand it would take for them to make a decent feature, sitcom or sketch show?

Their Solution



You get to the end and you don't even mind that it's an ad

The Kloons have learned a valuable lesson for all of us that are making web content. It doesn't matter how pretty or smart or talented your are; in order to be making money, you need to be making product.

It's not good enough to just be making content - each of the Kloons videos has several thousand views and are generally well liked - it's about making something to sell. This is America, we live in a system that is based on exchanging currency. The Kloons know this but they also know that you can't have one without the other. So they started using their quality content to make a product. I don't see this as selling out, I see it as survival. Since the State of the Kloonian the boys have turned out this series which is darling.

I wish them much success in their endeavors this year and hope that their budget continues to propel them into the mainstream.

First Date DO's and DON'Ts with MANNNtv

Accidentally the Dark Lord - Space Janitors: Episode Six

Don't mess around in Dark Lord's holochamber. A pending visit from the Emperor leads to an accidental promotion.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

L.A. Nites - Episode 02

L.A. Nites

Continuing a Series

Having a great idea is only the first step. Writing that idea down, getting people together, having equipment, finding locations, double-checking props and costumes, making sure there is someone watching for safety and taking notes for the camera... all of these things become obvious and necessary needs when you go into production. On any production there are always a lot of things for a few people to do at once and can often make your head feel like it's going to explode.

movie clip
What it feels like mid-production
Don't worry, this feeling is normal. At this time in history working on a web series generally means low overhead in order to complete a project for less than a microbudget, as according to industry standards. L.A. Nites, for instance, was made for around $4000, mostly paid out of pocket by the creator/director Lawrence Le.

Jeff Pollard assists Lawrence Le on the set of L.A. Nites
Le onset with PA, Jeff Pollard
I wouldn't try to convince anyone that this is the best way to film a project. We all had a lot to do all the time. Casting, printing, set building, costumes designs, finding props, getting food and water for everyone on set, not to mention the writing and editing we had to do to keep up with our weekly filming goal.

goin' cray
You know the feels
Additionally our actors were gracious enough to volunteer for all of the shoots. It doesn't seem like a whole lot since we only added D. Wolf for one sequence in this episode but as the series went on, we added more and more people to flesh out the story. By the time we got to episode 10 (to be released Thursday, 1.22.15) we had 15 people on set.

This really has nothing to do with L.A. Nites
This is what 15 people feel like when crammed into a one-bedroom apartment
Which brings up another point that I'm sure you're familiar with ff you've shot a web series for any amount of time: you have filmed every corner of your apartment, every corner of your friends' apartments, stolen a bunch of shots and are thinking about moving so that you'll have new location options. A small budget means limited shooting options. But as we found out from filming episode 5 and 7 part 1 and part 2 framing changes everything. Believe it or not, Jewel's house and the costume shop are in the same apartment.

Los Angeles you so weird man.
That we made it to the second episode is pretty amazing. I know, I know in the grand scheme of things it's nothing to really be proud of but you know how mommies are about their babies learning to walk. They're stupid about it. People walk all the time. From this point forward, the baby will be forever walking and in the future they will be infinitely relieved on a daily basis that they no longer have to be up on their feet. Mommies are just excited that they're not the only ones that have to suffer that fate any more, I guess.

cute but so sad, amiright?
I don't want to start walking!!!

Episode 2

Getting to the second episode meant that it was becoming more than it was. It was becoming a "thing" whatever that was and it started gaining more momentum. Lawrence wanted to make sure that this episode got some very pretty shots in it as a way to show off his skills. I don't think anyone was disappointed with the results:
footage from the web series
Doing drops
Although it looks like stock footage, the dropper shot that opens the drug tripping sequence was filmed in studio in front of an open window. LA is great for its weather and its lighting. If you look closely at the above shot you can see the reflected camera. Fun fact: the room where this was shot is also in the same room where we filmed the hospital scene from in episode 10 (to be released on Thursday, 1.22.15).

I want what they're having
Even after filming the first series, this is still one of my favorite scenes. I mean how could it not be? We're standing on the corner of Sunset and Vine, laughing our asses off and having a good time for two hours and I didn't have to wear a shirt! It's hard to improve on this experience although, filming episode 9 (to be released Thursday 1.15.15) came close.

Fun fact: At this point in the series we didn't really have a name for the drug, its users or what it did. It was only during this scene and through our own communication about them during the writing process that we started calling the drug, "Drops" and its users "Droppies". The whole giddy, giggling effect was suggested by Lawrence and then interpreted by the actors in different ways which can be seen in episode 4 and episode 5.

Howie Emmett and Skater
One big difference between stealing shots and having a location is the difference between a closed set and an open one. An open set for a lot of directors is enough to drive them crazy. There's not a lot of control over the environment, volume or lighting. But we had a lot of luck with it in ways that gave us a higher production value without costing us anything. Like the skater in the above shot and the car headlights that flash across Howie in the final sequence (seen below).

L.A. Nites
Krysten's look of concern is totally legit in this shot. We were shooting in an alley off of Vine around midnight, it was supposed to be quiet but turned out to be anything but: just prior to this the landlord had come out of the building, thinking that Howie was actually in trouble. When filming on open sets both the actors and the crew must be able to improvise in case it doesn't turn out exactly as planned.

Making a web series
An early morning puke
Making the puke scene happen was a fun challenge in that regards. We knew that we wanted to film it right after sunrise in order to get that bright, clean look in terms of lighting and where Aaren was in the story. The location we scouted looked good, there was a mailbox and Aaren could send his letter but the one thing that we didn't take into account was that this particular sidewalk is a direct route for most kids in the neighborhood to get to school. So...

School kids watch our hero puke
"Hold for kids," was the most common call during this shoot. Although you have to admit that they do add a nice bit of ambiance. For this and other ethical reasons, we couldn't leave the "puke" (which was made from coconut water, mushroom soup and green jello). We got all of these shots in one take and then cleaned up before getting the next shots. By the time Aaren staggers to the mailbox, the puke was completely cleaned up.
Getting ready for work
The next sequence was shot just after the early morning puke setup. It was this shot (shown above) where all of us came to realize that Aaren probably has more going on than meets the eye. There's something about his resolution of will. I'm not sure how much it was initially part of Lawrence's plan for the main character of his show to turn out the way that he did but all through this shoot Erik kept to saying to us, "This dude's a badass, I don't know how but I just know he's a badass." How much of a badass he becomes can be seen in episode 7 part 1 and 2.

You were supposed to be here 20 MINUTES AGO!!!
Let's take a moment to talk about my favorite cameo in this series to date. Everything about this guy is great. His accent is rough German, he's totally built and fierce. And then turns out he's a really smart guy, too. He is a composer who has done the scores for a couple of horror films. Also, he shared this piece of information with us on the ride back from the set, "I don't like the nude beaches [in Europe]. I don't want to go to a public place where I can see a lady's breasts. I want to take that lady home, I want to undress those breasts and see them for the first time there. Wow! When I see them in public I forget about wanting to go to the beach or whatever I was doing and want to go find a private place to enjoy myself."

Keepin it classy - L.A. Nites
Yeah, I kinda see your point there.
The following driving sequence is one that Lawrence was really gung-ho about as a part of the whole, "going for a series of cool shots" look this episode. It was difficult to find the right shots to edit together but we eventually pieced together what became this montage. I'm a pretty big fan. We were also tying in a subtle joke that is sprinkled throughout the show about how much you have to constantly be driving in LA.

LA Nites driving sequence
Driving in LA = constant
Shout out to John Coluccio who is the guy yelling at the end of this montage. He's another guy that Lawrence knew that is hella ferocious but turns about to be really nice and incredibly intelligent. Just previous to his take Lawrence shared an experience with him in which he saw a man get hit by a drunk driver. John was irate and incensed by the driver's actions. It made an excellent cut. I love the following shot too of Aaren comes around the corner counting his money. My biggest reason, of course, is this beautiful graffiti on the wall behind him. I'm kind of a sucker for urban artwork like this.

Pretty graffiti
My feeling is that it was an ugly building before. Solid blue or an advertisement or whatever. God, gag me. Why is it okay for corporations to evade our space with ads but its not okay for a tagger to put up his name? It's the same thing in my book. Just the business paid for the space from whoever owned it. Question mark, though... who paid you to take up your brain space? Think about all the logos, jingles and slogans you can remember. Who's paying you for retaining that knowledge?

This is how I feel about marketing
There are too many great shots in the final sequence of Aaren and Howie grappling. This scene was interesting to me because this was the first time during the filming of the series where I was legitimately creeped out by what we had written. When you have an idea of something, it's like a vague concept, flashing images, the impression of a thing. You can write the words, understand their meaning and envision it but it's not until it happens in front of you were you realize that you've written something unsettling and a little fucked up.

this baby has no affiliation with the making of L.A. Nites the web series
It may be an ugly baby but it yo' baby
Nevertheless, we edited it and started working on episode 3.

FIRE GIANT LASER - Space Janitors Episode Five

When rebel plans to blow up the station are discovered, one thing leads to another. Oh, and a planet blows up big time!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

4 High Profile Creators Fired by Channel Awesome

Channel Awesome, aka The Guy With The Glasses fired 4 high profile and long standing members of their network this week. Lindsay Ellis (The Nostalgia Chick,) Phelous, Allison Pregler (Obscurus Lupa,) and Andrew Dickman (longtime thumbnail artist for Ellis, Phelous and Pregler,) were all removed from Channel Awesome's website entirely in one fell swoop over the weekend.

The parting of ways was a very volatile one and a massive blow to what was considered one of the most successful Multi Channel Networks in the web space.

Phelous's Statement

Obscurus Lupa's Statement

Lindsay Ellis aka the Nostalgia Chick's Statement

Channel Awesome's Official Statement on the matter

This is a complete shock to the system on so many levels but hopefully everyone involved will continue to make great videos and continue to make a living doing it.

*UPDATE* Kyle Kallgren, aka the Oancitizen has also parted ways with Channel Awesome bringing this week's body count up to 5. CA confirmed this but Kyle has yet to release a statement.

This pertains to my interests - Off the Edge

This series is pretty rad if you're into seeing people in different parts of the world running and jumping off things. Parkour's pretty tight and is a growing movement.

Honestly there's too much talking on this show. More jumping people! That's really the only thing that's interesting.

The Dark Lord: 53% Machine, Total Badass - Space Janitors: Episode Four

An officer is dealt a cruel hand by the Dark Lord. Darby spots his chance to climb the evil corporate ladder, but not everyone is cut out for deck crew.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

L.A. Nites - Episode 1

L.A. Nites

The making of a webseries

 The internet is currently saturated with webseries. Everyone with a camera and editing skills can put something together. The making of a webseries isn't unique. So why are so many people doing it? Why are people all over the world, attempting to make their own versions of television. Further, why are people watching it?

The main reason is this: you like to see your friends doing something funny. End of story. If it came down to watching a talented performer do something amazing or watching your friend do something they do well, you're going to spend the time watching your friend. You're already invested in them. TV and movies have been doing that for a long time by using actors that you recognize. You go see a Denzel Washington or Tom Hanks movie because you like these guys and somewhere in your subconscious you believe you're friends.

Even without an audience, per se, webseries are still getting made for the same reasons. It's more about the fact that we as a group made something than what it will eventually become or mean. This is more or less how L.A. Nites came into being. The joy of making something was enough to band people together and work long hours for the satisfaction of having a finished product.

The first season of this show is being released via youTube on a weekly basis until the middle of February. It is 13 episodes all together, episode 7 being split into two parts. Click here to watch everything that has been released so far.


While being less difficult than putting together an entire feature length film or a weekly HBO-type show, the webseries itself does have an unique set of challenges. As we go through each episode, I'm going to talk about some of the hang-ups we had along the way. I encourage people to share their own experiences and thoughts in the comments below.

Society is getting to the place that practically every member of it is a filmmaker is some way or other since most of us are always carrying a camera in our phones. The webseries is a fixture of American life, competing with television. That's right, hand shot, low budget, internet streamed videos have the big studios worried and with good reason: if a webseries can do they same or better than them with no budget than they're going to need to step their game up or get out.

Your friends are funnier than anything a sitcom could come up with and execs know it because they know that you will sit and watch the above gif longer than you will watch say, "Hannibal".

Episode 1

It's funny how things happen. I met my roommate, Erik Peterson, through a job where we provide entertainment to parties. Kind of like strippers but we use jokes instead of g-strings. Erik, who plays Aaren in this show, is a great guy with a good sense of humor. He also went to film school and knows a number of people who have moved to Los Angeles after getting their degrees.

I lived in Chicago from 2004-2011 and moved to California in 2012 because I had this dream. It was the dream of a device that could be used to structure stories so that the authors and creators don't get lost in their creation. If you've done any sort of longer forms of writing then you know what I mean; it gets to be a jungle in there and cohesive stories are tough to do without a framework. I had been tinkering and measuring this device, finally completing it in the spring of 2014.

Erik and I started hanging out, kicking ideas around and I used the device to show him how it would be possible to create any idea he may have. Erik introduce me to his friend, cameraman and L.A. Nites creator, Lawrence Le. When I showed the device to Lawrence, he began describing to me the plot for L.A. Nites and we wrote the first episode that afternoon. A week later we filmed it with Krysten Jorgensen playing Howie.

In this first episode you get the feeling of how much we just showed up and filmed in the "run and gun" style. We were kicked off the stoop of the blue building where Emmett is sitting and playing the guitar because we had neither permission from the landlord nor proper permits for filming. Also, I'm not wearing a shirt so I'm sure that bothered some people. Fortunately, we had gotten all the shots we needed.

Emmett's dialogue in the transition shots between leaving the stoop and arriving at the gate is also entirely improvised. The directions as written in the script were, "Emmett talks incessantly." It was inspired by a conversation that Erik and I had had about an H.P. Lovecraft story. This While this came out alright, it made it extremely tough to edit because I simply made up new dialogue for every shot, not knowing where it would ultimately end up. This was an important lesson: Repeating specific actions and lines exactly makes the editor's job easier.

The same is true with Emmett's guitar. I played it in literally every shot, instead of miming it and letting the music be put in as an additional track. It forced us to both cut dialogue and shots because the music didn't match and music because the shots didn't match. A real headache. You'll notice I never play the guitar again in the series.

There was a lot of debate back and forth about what the last line of the episode should be. Lawrence wanted it to be intelligent and mysterious. Here it is for those you that missed it, "Because we cannot accept the truth of transience we suffer." - Shunryu Suzuki Roshi. This one line was the basis for the big reveal that happens in Episode 7.

We decided two things after we finished shooting this episode: 1) since we had the device for telling stories, we would continue writing and producing an episode every week until all fourteen episodes were shot and 2) we would only write for actors that were available that week. This was a unique challenge for us because we didn't know quite where the story was going to end up and we couldn't waste our time in getting it together because we had an upcoming shoot date.

And so it began... we editted episode one, wrote and prepared ourselves to shoot Episode 2.

Light-Based Arm Cutter Instrument - Space Janitors: Episode Three

Sweet Home Ketteringa - Episode 4 - Kettering Buccleuch Academy

Episode 4 - Kettering Buccleuch Academy

Comedian James Acaster, star of 8 out of 10 Cats, Mock the Week, Never Mind The Buzzcocks and triple Edinburgh comedy award nominations returns with a new episode of his comedy-documentary series. Originally from Kettering, he has returned to explore some of his old haunts and find out how much the town has missed him in the intervening years. The answer is: not much, they don't even know who he is.

The newly released fourth episode sees James return to his old school, eager to find out how much his old teachers remember about him and excited to walk the old halls - however, there's a shock in store for him.

A Turtle Canyon Comedy Production

Monday, January 12, 2015

The Launderette | Episode One | Web Series Sitcom

Hello Everyone,

I am writing on behalf of Miakoda Productions to share with you our first ever web series creation, in the form of The Launderette.

So far we have finished creation of the first episode and are in the process of writing more (we aim to do a full three episodes in total).

The series revolves around Alex (the owner) and Sam (his assistant) two twenty somethings, who must battle their way through their weird and wonderful customers.


I really hope you enjoy the first episode and feel free to leave any feedback, as it is in it's early stages, it'll be much appreciated.

Best wishes,

Liam Walsh


Follow us on Twitter @Miakoda_ 

Democracy Now: Jeremy Scahill on the Paris Attacks, al-Qaeda Ties & Whether U.S. Drone War in Yemen Will Escalate

US CENTCOM Twitter and YouTube hacked.

If you want to become an "author" on Web Series Today please read: http://tinyurl.com/becomeaWSTauthor

For more detailed information about Web Series Today please read: Web Series Today:

For other info contact: [email protected]

Join the discussion: http://www.tinyurl.com/webseriescommunity