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Friday, January 10, 2014

Elders React to Brenda Schmitz's Christmas Wish

Broken At Love Season 2 Finale set for Saturday, January 18th 8pm PST

The Season 2 Finale of Broken At Love airs Saturday, January 18th 8pm PST www.youtube.com/BrokenAtLove or www.brokenatlovetheseries.com

Episode is directed by Ivan Silvestrini (Stuck Web Series/LA Web Fest 2013 Best Director).

Guest Stars include Sharon Farrell (Y&R), Dmitry Chaplin (DWTS/So You Think You Can Dance), Shane Keough (Real Housewives of OC), Ray Chase (FML Web Series), and more! 

Broken At Love is a romantic drama centered around an idealistic college senior who gets the rare chance to meet her celebrity crush, professional tennis player Holden Gregory, and her life is turned upside down as a result. Series is created by & stars USC School of Dramatic Arts graduate Karolina Sivas.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Forgive Me Father - Episode 15

The dark serial drama about a stalker continues, and the plot is rapidly thickening. Having seen the error of his ways David planned to end it all, until he discovered his victim faces an even greater threat and only he can save her. But he's got to find her first...

The series now has its own website containing all the episodes to date.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Englishman In LA Web Series - THE PRELUDE (Episode 1) [HD]

Welcome to Hollyweird!

Check out the Premiere of Englishman In LA - An Original Web Series starring Ashley Fink, Cameron Moir and Eddie Jemison.

Best Selling British author Tom Dingle life gets turned upside down when his book gets made into a Hollywood Cliche movie.

If you like please Subscribe!

Monday, January 6, 2014


Hello and welcome to my brand new (old) youtube channel. IT'S GOING TO BE FUN. Unless it isn't. Do you get motion sickness? Okay, well then, you're out. Unless you've listened to that Sarah Bareillis song "Brave" like a bunch and are all like "I CAN DO F*CKING ANYTHING." In that case, STRAP IN. Non sexually speaking.

The Philip DeFranco Show: Why Philip DeFranco “got in bed” with Discovey

Baby DeFranco's Name and Other Questions!!

Emma Blackery,: How To Get Kicked Out of a Hotel

Popular Web Series "TeleviSean" Season 1 Finale Debuts on Wednesday January 8th!

Nearly a year after first coming on the scene, TeleviSean, a popular, genre-bending web series from Parker-Kent Entertainment is about to release it’s first season finale January 8th.

One-part touching drama, one-part raunchy comedy, one-part wild soap opera, and one-part comic-book “superhero-origin story” -- all done in a “show-within-a-show” docudrama format -- TeleviSean is the story of Brady, a young man who finds out he only has a few short months left to live.  At the encouragement of his best friends, Elstro and Em, he becomes determined to live out his remaining days with adventure, joy, fearlessness, and without worry of consequences.  The three create a “F**k-it List”  of things to do before Brady dies and decide to turn their adventures into a show- shot and edited by a fourth friend, Brett -that they will release to the world without ever watching themselves.  But things take an unexpected turn when it becomes apparent that the illness that is killing Brady is also giving him some incredible abilities.
TeleviSean is a story of friendship, sometimes hilarious and sometimes heartbreaking, and a story about taking an extraordinarily difficult situation and making the best of it, no matter how difficult the journey becomes.  

Episodes of the show tend to run longer than most traditional web series, with each episode telling a complete part of the story, whether it be experimenting with drugs with Brady’s troubled sister or going on a whitewater-rafting adventure.  Filled with smart writing, and an ensemble of talented actors delivering performances  full of emotion, heart, and humor, the show also features an outstanding soundtrack of original music, all written and performed by Jonathan Blackshire.  The show also delivers a variety of unique locations, that provide for a dose of “reality” amidst the “pseudo-reality” format -  whether it’s the aforementioned white-water rafting trip, a martial arts dojo, a tattoo shop, a Buddhist temple, a luxurious party house, or a dark drug den.  The upcoming season finale features Brady and Em in San Diego at a gorgeous resort and culminates in them actually swimming with dolphins.  

The show is experimental and lengthy, to be sure, but definitely worth the time-investment, as you really get a chance to get to know and care about these characters, as you take the journey with them.  Viewers that pay close attention can begin to pick up the clues about Brady’s growing powers from the very first episode, and by the 4th episode, things really kick into high gear, and momentum just keeps rolling til the end.  Be sure to check out the Season Finale - Departure on Jan.8th, and you can catch up on all the episodes leading up to it at www.televisean.com and www.blip.tv/televisean   

Season 2 will arrive later this year, with the show taking a new name at that point.  Here’s a preview music video with highlights of the show’s first season.

GAMING NEWZ: 5 Shapely Bits of Zynga Fall Marvelously at PAX

Kids React To The Epic Split!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

The "Content" Debate

Recently, on the Toronto Web Series Community on FaceBook, there has a been a vigorous discussion about the term "content". https://www.facebook.com/groups/172490439449876/permalink/502237046475212/

The discussion stems from a couple of posts:


 "Content" has the stink of failure (and it's a lie, besides)

But first, a little perspective....

The original term used on YouTube and other platforms was "user generated content". That had its origins in the DMCA which made it possible for YouTube to exist as a "content holder". YouTube had no direct control over the content it hosted other than its legal obligations as a "safe harbor".

From the view point of YouTube everything uploaded by their "users" was "content". Over time "creators" became concerned that the term "user generated content" did not adequately describe what was being produced because the name looks at the content from the perspective of the hosting service, and not from the perspective of the creator. Over time "creators" came up with new terms that better encapsulated the nature of the content from their own perspective.

Now when it comes to the medium itself the World Wide Web has become the matrix on which most new entertainment grows today. This is a reality independent of whether you access entertainment via computer, mobile, tablet or TV screen. It would be fair to say that even traditional TV is slowly adapting to this new reality and they too have to deal with the Web as a medium of significant importance.

Most new TV shows have an active presence on social media, including both cast and crew of their shows. This year saw the development of interesting cross fertilization between social media streams for different shows, with actors in each interacting to create an entirely new dynamic. Stars of TV reach out to blogs and podcasts for interviews and as a way to form a deeper relationship with those that enjoy their shows.

Of course this direct involvement of cast and crew is nothing new to those involved in Web series. It has been viewed as an integral part of any show since the early days of lonelygirl5. It is, if you will part of the medium of the Web.

But the medium of the Web goes far beyond this. It potentiates much of what is now described as transmedia. It embraces interactivity in all its forms: ranging from comment interactions to sophisticated ARGS. The Web has provided us with the matrix on which we can build. The question is what can we build. I would content that the answer to that has yet to be fully revealed and that is where the real potential of the Web as a medium lies.

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