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Saturday, August 7, 2010


Episode 1: http://www.aidan5.com/episode1.html

Vlogging about the Ironsink Network

Sandy plays actress Erica Rhodes who plays Sandy on the Upstairs Girls to tell you about some of the new things happening on Ironsink.com - Immature Humor for Grownups

Comic-Con Recap: ComiTRON

About three weeks before Comic-Con, players started receiving post cards from the Flynn Lives organization with pictures of Encom games made during Kevin Flynn’s tenure as Encom CEO, and a mysterious black bar.

Read the full post:

I shoot haters and talk Wii - hollishillis


Awkward Embraces #1: The IT Guy - projectaproductionla

To view more episodes: http://www.youtube.com/user/projectaproductionla

5 Questions With…Clicker CEO Jim Lanzone


"Below, he submits the phrase “nanocasting” for approval, sings the praises of the Double Rainbow and explains why using Clicker.com is better than having a brain hemorrhage."

Read the full post:

The Koldcast.TV debate...

A simple question on Web Series Network has led to a fairly extensive discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of making distribution deals with sites like Vimeo, FunnyOrDie, EbaumsWorld, Babelgum, Facebook, Blip.tv, DailyMotion, theWB, Crackle, IGN and YouTube. There are some passionate arguments made which you can read for yourself:

While that particular discussion thread has been closed you can join the ongoing discussion at:

The Button - TheZarbodShow

The Button

The House of Leaves by Kevin MacLeod


Aug 7
Event location – Bloomsbury square gardens (Holborn tube station)
Registration: 15:00 / Action start: 16:00 GMT

We are crashing the annual Blackwell Briggs Recruitment Expo, at Bloomsbury square gardens (near Holborn tube station).

Read more about Conspiracy For Good by http://www.conspiracyforgood.com/events/final

Action from the live event in London:

See also: http://qik.com/jfourgeaud/

Conspiracy for Good Final event!

We also got sent to the dungeon, but were lucky not to be going through the interrogation with the beast…

Read the full post:

Who is spades?




Friday, August 6, 2010

Behind the Scenes on the set of Venus Spa Season Two!

So like we're on the set of Venus Spa Season 2 as we speak dudes! Thanks so much for your patience and stay tuned for lots more tubular content VERY soon!

We're also seeking donations to help make the season our best yet. Click on the following link below and get in on all of our Donor Rewards!


Let It Die - MrPoeIt

sometimes you have to let it die

Sean Parker: Chatroulette Could Surface More Interesting Users, Girls

One thing that Parker suggested Chatroulette could do is move from a one-to-one video chat application to a one-to-many platform.

Read the full post:

YouTube’s ‘Fred’ Star Gets Nick TV Deal, ‘Marvin, Marvin’

"But for YouTube, it’s a sign that its top talent may be up for grabs by hungry cable networks looking to siphon off some of those millions of young viewers."

Read the full post:

Stop Blackwell Briggs: The End Is Nigh…#CFG

Tomorrow we launch our final attempt at bringing down Blackwell Briggs once and for all.



Girl/Girl Scene

Girl/Girl Scene - Episode 101 (Pilot) "Lovers' Spit" from Girl/Girl Scene on Vimeo.

The Pilot Episode for the New Series "Girl/Girl Scene."

Based on the lives and loves of a group of young lesbians, this series goes between the sheets and into the minds and hearts of unapologetically queer women living in Middle America. Refreshingly non-judgmental and atypical in its embrace of stereotype, with its funny, provocative and controversial storylines, Girl/Girl Scene is a vibrant, vital and honest reflection of today's young lesbian culture.

Created by Tucky Williams, Executive Produced by Nic Brown and Directed by Eric Butts. Starring Kate Moody, Katie Stewart, Joe Elswick, Cyndy Allen and Jackson E. Cofer. With Music by Jane Jensen and Spooky Qs.

Check out GirlGirlScene.com for more info!

EP 102 "A Case of You"

Girl/Girl Scene Episode 102 "A Case of You" from Girl/Girl Scene on Vimeo.

Season 1, Episode 2 of Girl/Girl Scene.

"In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order." – Carl Jung

Jessie stirs up trouble when she runs into Evan at a coffee shop. Zoë has problems of her own: her ex-girlfriend comes back into her life just as she’s beginning to build a relationship with Maxine. Jessie comes out to Susan, who doesn’t take it well. Elliott throws a party, and all hell breaks loose.

New Lesbian Web Series Girl / Girl Scene, Ep.102, 'A Case of You' Video

Based on the lives and loves of four young friends, this series boldly goes where no other has gone before ....


Source @Slebisodes on Twitter.

Moving Beyond Copyright

by Steve Pavlina

"The short version is that I’m going to give people permission to republish my articles far and wide, including translating them into other languages. In practical terms this means that I won’t be “protecting” them via copyright anymore."


Hollywood Wasteland Ep 1 & 2

A robot is sent back in time to protect Jeff Collins, the Savior of Humanity.

Why Hulu’s New Dance Show is a Game-Changer

Chu started experimenting with social media through a much-hyped 2008 YouTube dance battle between an early crew of LXD dancers and, of all people, Miley Cyrus.


Conspiracy for Good presents: Doctors of The World

Conspiracy for Good presents: Doctors of The World

On July 31st Doctors of the World joined forces with Conspiracy for Good to help raise the profile of Project: London. In this video we see them in action around London.

For more information please visit: http://www.doctorsoftheworld.org.uk/


Dan 3.0: A walk to Walton

In which Dan goes on a six mile walk to a "nearby, middle-of-nowhere, podunk small town" while explaining his current living situation.

To submit an idea as to what Dan should do with his life, head on over to http://revision3.com/dan30 and click the big orange button!

Dan 3.0 Blog: http://dan3point0.squarespace.com/
Dan on Twitter: http://twitter.com/DBUniverse
Dan on YouTube: http://youtube.com/pogobat
Music courtesy of "Mars Argo": http://youtube.com/grocerybagdottv

Hollywood Unlocked: Step-Up 3D

You may recognize Alyson Stoner the little girl with the crazy moves in many Missy Elliot music vids. Now she's grown up and breakin it down on the silver screen.

Conspiracy for Good: London Action 3 recap


Soul Fire Rising - Ep. 7 The Trio

Lilith seeks guidance from the blood-thirsty Trio and must barter for their help in finding Eve.

A Good Knight’s Quest: Episode 24: Season 1 Finale!

The final battle is here! Will the human race be enslaved?

Miss Behave - Ep. 8 Point Of No Return: Part 2

When Tori misses the first rehearsal for Romeo and Juliet, her best friends check on her, only to find a serene Tori relaxing and taking the day off ala "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", while secretly scared to death realizing she may have made a life changing mistake the previous night.

eScape - Michael Feurstein

SciFinal Creator's Corner interview with eScape creator Michael Feurstein.

In the end, the series is about facing your fears, working together and finding your hidden power. And computer hacking. And monsters.

Read the full post:

eScape Episode 1 "JOOKER" Screener

'eScape' Episode 1 "Jooker" from Runic Films on Vimeo.

The camp counselors have disappeared from summer camp leaving Jack, Myrna, Steven and their classmates to survive on their own. Will they get eaten by the monster stalking them or can Jack lead them to safety?

eScape Episode 2 "AGGRO" Screener

eScape Episode 2 "AGGRO" Screener from Runic Films on Vimeo.

eScape Episode 3 "ZLING" Screener

eScape Episode 3 "ZLING" Screener from Runic Films on Vimeo.

Real monsters and real trouble as Jack and Steven can't find Myrna, but do find... a computer that works without power? Joshy makes a discovery that will change their world!

We Lost Our Gold - The Crew

http://www.welostourgold.com $10,000 is buried somewhere in New York City. This video is a behind-the-scenes look at the pirates responsible. The clues begin August 1st.

TheBannenWay will air on @UniversalPics


RAD - @TheBannenWay will air on @UniversalPics HD TV channel. 1st showing Sunday http://bit.ly/BannenUniHD (via @Mark_Gantt @crackledotcom)


Thursday, August 5, 2010

One to Watch: Life-ers Webseries with Kristen Ruhlin

"The story follows recent college graduate, Tina, who is 30k in debt and takes on multiple jobs to help pay the bills. "

Read the full post:

Whitney Port to Act in Web Series

Port has been cast in Hollywood Is Like High School With Money, a new scripted, web-only series from Gossip Girl

Read the full post:

Conspiracy for Good: Into the Belly of the Beast to Confront Blackwell Briggs #cfg

By Michael Andersen

"Conspiracy for Good can best be described as an amalgamation of an alternate reality game, a street theater show, and a social movement."



The Treasure Hunt: An Interactive Adventure (TRAILER) - chadmattandrob

A new adventure from Chad, Matt & Rob. Coming soon.

Directed by: Tyler Gillett & Matt Bettinelli-Olpin
Visual Effects by: Justin Martinez
Starring: Alfonso Arau, Chad Villella, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Rob Polonsky, James Adomian, Tyler Tuione, Chester Tam, Veerta Motiani, Nicole Boccumini

ChadMattAndRob Team With Fremantle For ‘Treasure Hunt’

“We’re really excited about the format. It’s really going to bridge the gap between the web and TV, where we’ll see the two mediums work together.”


Animus Cross Season II Part IV

While Sarcous and Henry clash, Ethan is discovered.


WARNING: contains censored adult images.

Allen tries to give Dave advice about how to properly use a 'neg'.

Step up 3D premiere behind the scenes -

With Adam Sevani, twitch, Josh Allen , Adam Shankman, Rick Malambri Sharni Vinson and more!

The Internet, Kanye, & Mind Control - ROCKETBOOM

Molly reports on the world's fastest internet, insects, mind controlled artificial limbs and more!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

y - iamamiwhoami


Stop Blackwell Briggs: Important News… #CFG

Important News…

"We are now in possession of some material which will cripple Blackwell Briggs once and for all."

Read the full post:

The Truth Pt. IV

"They are what they demanded in exchange for Ann Marie’s life."

Read the full post:

Conspiracy For Good: London action 3 #CFG

Conspiracy For Good hit the streets of London once again on Saturday 31 July, 2010, with participants taking on an urban scavenger hunt for clues culminating in a dramatic hostage situation.

We saved Ann Marie Calhoun but sadly found out that David Nsofu had been killed by Sir Ian Briggs of Blackwell Briggs.

And this is ...why we need your help at the final event - we're crashing the Blackwell Briggs expo to bring them down, for once and for all... sign up at http://bit.ly/CFGaction4

Retaking London One Action at a Time!

"...we’re planning A MASSIVE ACTION for Saturday right in Blackwell Briggs’ front yard."

Read more about Retaking London One Action at a Time! - Conspiracy For Good by http://conspiracyforgood.com/public/view/604


"LENOX AVENUE" Official Trailer (HD) Al Thompson

"Lenox Avenue" follows the fast-paced metropolitan lives of Harlemite friends Owen (Thompson, The Royal Tenenbaums/Love Don't Cost A Thing), Sellars (Dorian Missick, The Bounty/Lucky Number Slevin), and Vaughn (Ryan Vigilant, Gossip Girl) as they learn that in relationships even with experience, theres no playbook.

Lenox Avenue features a star-studded supporting cast, including Victor Williams (King of Queens), Vanessa Bell Calloway (What's Love Got To Do With It, TNT's HawthoRNe), Jamie Hector (Heroes, Marlo Stanfield of HBOs The Wire), Chenoa Maxwell (Hav Plenty), Lord Jamar (Rap Group Brand Nubian), and Michael K. Williams (Omar Little of HBOs The Wire).

http://www.LenoxAveSeries.com Official Site, sign up!!!

The first 3 episodes of Lenox Avenue will premiere at the first-ever Los Angeles Web Series Festival the weekend of March 28th in Los Angeles, CA. www.LAWebFest.com

Join the shows FaceBook Page for updates http://www.LenoxAveFan.com

Follow the shows creator http://www.facebook.com/AlThompsonInc and http://www.twitter.com/AlThompsonInc

The Temp Life Official 2010 ITVF Screener

The official Festival cut of The Temp Life as screened at the 2010 Independent Television Awards. Three minute Temp Life season 4 recap followed by the final four episodes of the season edited together without breaks, including the finale with special guest star Illeana Douglas!

The Web.Files #43 -- Johnny B. Homeless

Web Files' host, Kristyn Burtt, catches up with bi-coastal, always on-the-go, actor/director/executive producer Al Thompson to discuss two of his recent web series: Johnny B. Homeless, a comedy about a professional couch surfer, and Lenox Avenue, a sexy, slick drama set in new Harlem. There's a lot of talent in the budding empire that is Al Thompson -- check it out so that you can say you knew him when...

Warren Buffett's Secret Millionaires 13: Learn, Baby, Learn

The Secret Millionaires Club learns the importance of learning something new every day.

Dan 3.0: My routine, Danielle, and a world record!

In which Dan explains his Dan 3.0 production routine and announces the first medium and large goals of the project!

Danielle's Birthday SPOTM Thread: http://bit.ly/96a3pK
World Record SPOTM Thread: http://bit.ly/dgFm25

To submit an idea as to what Dan should do with his life, head on over to http://revision3.com/dan30 and click the big orange button!

Dan 3.0 Blog: http://dan3point0.squarespace.com/
Dan on Twitter: http://twitter.com/DBUniverse
Dan on YouTube: http://youtube.com/pogobat
Music courtesy of "Mars Argo": http://youtube.com/grocerybagdottv

How to Make It on Youtube: Web Series Trailer - SAXjewell

The Web Series is called How to Make it on Youtube. Its sort of a Parody on the HBO show How to Make it in America. Its a live action Drama/Comedy Web-Series about a few of High school graduates wanting and trying to get Big on Youtube in 2010. Now that the Youtube is as big as it is now, things are more competitive, and its now harder to get noticed on Youtube. The Story follows the characters on their Journey to Internet stardom and success. The Series will be very realistic and will show the disappointed, and struggle that comes with trying to become a Youtube star today. Some of those struggles include Accounts getting closed or hacked, balancing life and Youtube, and more importantly, trying to get people watching your videos that you worked so hard on. In 2010 trying to become a Youtube success is a full time job, that requires hard work, dedication, networking, and a thick skin. This series is for anyone who has uploaded a Youtube Video, anyone who wants to become a partner, anyone who has put their all into a video and gotten no views, for anyone who would do anything to make it on Youtube. Its a true Underdog Story.

Support this Series

Facebook fan page


The Guild’s ‘Game On’ Tops Katy Perry’s ‘California Gurls’ on iTunes Charts

Late last night, Katy Perry succumbed to online video starlet, Felicia Day’s social media prowess and uber-popularity.

Read the full post:

"Bumps in the Night" Live Tip #21: Wolfmen

"She had already defeated a vampire with a piece of garlic pizza."

IAWTV Board of Directors


I'm extremely honored to join @zadi @mbeckett @moth & @jlouderb on the @IAWTV Board of Directors

lonelygirl15 Creator, Epic Fu‘s Diaz Elected to IAWTV Board

Miles Beckett (CEO, EQAL)
Zadi Diaz (Producer and Host, Epic Fu and Smashface Productions)
Jim Louderback (CEO, Revision3)
Chris McCaleb (Co-founder, Big Fantastic)
Timothy Shey (Co-Founder and EVP, Creative and Audience Development, Next New Networks)


anonymous said...

ROOMIES! Ep 5:5: Doug's Junk

Sally will do "anything" to get her foxy best friend back! Enjoy the extras at the end of the episode!!!

Google Wave flatlines: no plans to further develop standalone product, future is in other Google services

Blame it on a lower-than-desired user adoption rate...

Read the full post:

Update on Google Wave

Wave has taught us a lot, and we are proud of the team for the ways in which they have pushed the boundaries of computer science.


The Date Experiment: Party Girl Plus One, Episode 3: EXtreme Measure

The Date Experiment: Party Girl Plus One, Episode 3: EXtreme Measure

"Solar Tsunami" Creates Brilliant Northern Lights

Read the full post:

The Guild: Season 4 - Episode 3 - Oversupportive'd #theGuild4

<a href="http://video.msn.com/?mkt=en-us&from=sp&fg=shareEmbed&vid=8b02bc4f-0dc6-4a75-9317-80fe7809e59c" target="_new" title="Season 4 - Episode 3 - Oversupportive'd">Video: Season 4 - Episode 3 - Oversupportive'd</a>
Vork's competitive spirit kicks in and Codex is awestruck by Zaboo's supportive nature

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Panama City, Panama (inTransit: Episode 26)

Being on the road for 50 days the trip is coming to an end. We pull into Panama City and slightly celebrate/not really at all.

OTHER CHANNEL @ http://www.youtube.com/pdrop
TWITTER @ http://www.twitter.com/peterbragiel

Filmmaker Nelson George on Taking It to the Web

"Chyna Layne, who portrayed Rhonda in the Oscar-sensation Precious, is hilarious as she heatedly argues in the episode Alive in Cuba that Tupac is alive and well on the communist island.... "


Source: Web Series Network

Dan 3.0: High five...?

The first REAL episode of Dan 3.0, in which Dan is interviewed by the local news, his local NPR station and attempts to get high fives from strangers.

To submit an idea as to what Dan should do with his life, head on over to http://revision3.com/dan30 and click the big orange button!

Dan 3.0 Blog: http://dan3point0.squarespace.com/
Dan on Twitter: http://twitter.com/DBUniverse
Dan on YouTube: http://youtube.com/pogobat
Music courtesy of "Mars Argo": http://youtube.com/grocerybagdottv

YouTube's Hunter Walk wants you to Quit your Job

Hunter Walk talks with Shira Lazar at YouTube. "All of the success we've had is because of the people here."

Hunter is the director of product development at YouTube and gave the keynote speech at VidCon. He discusses YouTube's VidCon announcements: the partner grants program, 4k resolution, and the YouTube editor.

With Shira Lazar

Filmed by Mark Ostrick

Kole's Law Ep. 103 -- Love and War

Traumatized by his botched lawsuit, Terrence sinks into a rut. He determines that the only way to win Colleen's respect is to beat her in court.

Daisy Whitney's New Media Minute - August 3, 2010

When it comes to emerging media one of the hottest new areas for marketer is augmented reality. Its a digital venue that marketers such as Audi and Ben & Jerrys are all dabbling in and offers some promising retention plays for consumers and brands. For more details on how this marriage of virtual and real world elements words, check out Daisy Whitney's report in this week's episode of the New Media Minute.

Vampire Mob Episode Two

Episode Two - "You can't choose your family"Starring: ;John Colella, Reamy Hall, Kirsten Vangsness, Jim Roof

Conspiracy for Good presents: Kids Company - Peace of Mind #CFG

Kids Company (also called KidsCo), an organisation that provides practical, emotional and educational support to vulnerable inner-city children, has joined forces with Conpsiracy for Good.

On July 24, Conspiracy for Good held a live event to benefit Kids Company. Together, we asked members of the public to contribute Christmas presents to kids to a unique replica of a brain built by the London based design studio Post Office. The event also promoted Kids Company's Peace of Mind campaign www.kidspeaceofmind.org which uses a virtual online brain to raise £5m to change the way vulnerable children in the UK are supported.

Please visit www.kidspeaceofmind.org for more information about the Peace of Mind project and visit: http://www.kidsco.org.uk/ for more information about Kids Company.

Keep the goodness flowing.


'The LXD': Harry Shum Jr. Dishes on 'Elliot's Shoes' and a 'Glee' Love Triangle

This week, Shum's first appearance in "The LXD" hits the Internet, so we asked the actor-dancer-choreographer to tell us more about the series....

Read the full post:

Stop Blackwell Briggs: The Truth Pt. III #CFG

Blackwell Briggs will stop at nothing to service their culture of green and manipulation, we have to put a stop to this.


STOP BLACKWELL BRIGGS site gaining momentum

"Special thanks to STOP BLACKWELL BRIGGS for facilitating this movement and continuing to be a strong voice in the Conspiracy for Good movement. You guys are an invaluable lot, now ain’t ya?"

Read more about STOP BLACKWELL BRIGGS site gaining momentum - Conspiracy For Good by http://conspiracyforgood.com/public/view/600


Days of the Living Dead: Episode 1- Army of Zombies

Days of the Living Dead: Episode 1- Army of Zombies from Joone Studios on Vimeo.

What is Zombie Army? Zombie Army is a rag tag group of renegade actors, artists, technical directors and filmmakers working together to produce one of the largest and most heralded haunted houses in the country, Statesville Haunted Prison. This year, like every year, will be the Army's biggest year yet and there is a lot at stake. Follow this reality show web series as we follow them every step of the way to chronicle the challenges they face.
In this pilot episode: Meet the zombies through the proud eyes of their leader John LaFlamboy as he pushes them head first into the season.
See more: http://vimeo.com/joonestudios

Days of the Living Dead Kickstarter Pitch Video

Days of the Living Dead Kickstarter Pitch Video from Joone Studios on Vimeo.

Hi Everyone!
We are trying to raise some funding for our haunted house docu-reality web show about Zombie Army and could use your help!

Please pass around our kickstarter link: bit.ly/blJ8sk

and help us get this awesome show on the road! Every little bit counts and we will be sure to link to your projects and give shout outs everywhere we possibly can!


jayme and jessica

Bud Light • Uncle Bob - Here We Go 2010

Sure sign of a good time, throwing a beer party at the hospital while a relative lies semi-conscious. Pass the Vicodin and a one more Bud Light.

Research credit: Joe : "does anyone look familiar?"

Anti-Matter Trailer - antimattershow

Trailer for the upcoming web series, Anti-Matter, a workplace comedy about a NY comic store, its staff, and the regulars that drive them crazy!

ARGFest 2010: Hotlanta Recap

While the player community in attendance was less this year and creative minds and industry folk were in relative abundance, all aspects of the ARG/Transmedia genre and community seemed well represented.


ITVFest Highlights

ITVFest is intimate enough that you can grab face time with some of the studio executives, agents, and production companies that are changing the face of independent television.


On This Day in LG15 History: Bree Now Dead for Three Years

Three years ago today, August 3, 2007, Bree Avery was killed in the Season 1 finale of Lonelygirl15.

The fact that it was three years ago (an Era in Internet Time) is highlighted by the fact that the finale was featured (as an exclusive for the 1st day) on "myspace", a formerly popular social networking site you may remember.

Among other highlights, the first "12 in 12" featured a rollicking car chase and crash in the 3rd video of the day.

August 3, 2007 was a very emotional day for Lonelygirl15 fans, and if you look at the old comment threads, you'll see how deeply watchers connected with the show and with Bree.

A few of the early comments to the final 12 in 12 installment from the lg15.com forum.
  • Maccadole: "I can't believe it's over. As I listened I got a flashback of her from her first few videos... God, I can't believe she's gone."
  • -R-: "I think I'm gonna throw up. Why? Why, Bree? You could have won!"
  • kellylen: "omg I havent cried this hard in months. maybe even in a year. her voicemail just made me cry so much."
  • mommydiva: "I literally feel sick to my stomach. Although I have not participated in the forums much.. I have been a loyal LG15 fan since the beginning. I hate that I became so attached to it. God I think I am going to need a flipping therapist. I am crying like a family member died. I just can't believe this...."
  • tricky-ticky-tavi: "I think today was great....a ton of fun in chat and it was great to see everyone there. That being said, Bree being gone is awful. I felt like she was leaving, but to see it - it was just sad. Things won't be the same here. No matter what comes next, this is lonelygirl15 without the lonelygirl."

Monday, August 2, 2010

Dominion - Minisode #1 - Stranger Danger

Promotional "minisode" from the upcoming webseries DOMINION. #1 of a series of 10. Find out more about the series at www.dominionseries.com Distributed by Tubemogul.

‘GOLD’ Takes A Darker Turn with ‘Night of the Zombie King’

Night of the Zombie King stars James Ellis Lane (Days of Our Lives) as Jaz, Jonathan Nail (Mad Men, Solo) as Martin, Brian Majestic as Brian, Stephanie Thorpe (After Judgement, The Temp Life, HTSAAR) as Danny and Maxwell Glick (Life, lonelygirl15) as Hicks

http://news.tubefilter.tv/2010/08/02/gold-takes-a-darker-turn-with-night-of-the-zombie-king .

Hey World!

An introduction to Dan Brown and his new show/project/social experiment, "Dan 3.0" where YOU, the viewers are in charge of his life for one year.

To submit an idea as to what Dan should do with his life, head on over to http://revision3.com/dan30 and click the big orange button!

Dan 3.0 Blog: http://dan3point0.squarespace.com/
Dan on Twitter: http://twitter.com/DBUniverse
Dan on YouTube: http://youtube.com/pogobat
Music courtesy of "Mars Argo": http://youtube.com/grocerybagdottv

‘Dan 3.0′ Begins His Year-Long Fan-Controlled Life

For one year straight, with no breaks or time off, Dan will post videos doing whatever his fans want him to do (that isn’t illegal).


Step up 3D premiere - jonmchu

"Celeste Bright" Episode 4: "True Colors"

"Celeste Bright" Episode 4: "True Colors" from Sonya Steele on Vimeo.

Celeste gets a glimpse of whom she's really doing business with.

We Need You!!!!!!!!! Be In Our Next Video!

We need geeky photos! It can be you looking geeky or you with a geeky item! Send a geeky photo of yourself to [email protected] to be in our next Screen team video.

Be sure to nclude your Name / Youtube link (if you want) so we can give you credit in the video

A Very Potter Sequel

A Very Potter Sequel Act 1 Part 1

The Dark Lord has been defeated! Harry Potter wins! End of story! Right? Not according to Lucius Malfoy and the Death Eaters. They've got a plan to rewrite history and destroy the Boy Who Lived once and for all. So grab your wand and get back to Hogwarts because... It's Not Over Yet!

"A Very Potter Sequel" is an unofficial, fan-made, parody show.

It's Not Over Yet - music and lyrics by Darren Criss

Watch the entire "A Very Potter Sequel"

Sir Ian Briggs blackmails the Conspiracy For Good #cfg

Ian Briggs, CEO of Blackwell Briggs, blackmails the Conspiracy For Good into handing over documents in exchange for Ann-Marie's life. He also thinks he is above the law completely.

See the full post: http://stopbb.info/?p=17

Hard Drive 13 Teaser 2

Hard Drive 13 is a conspiracy theory action adventure cliffhanger serial web series that follows the adventures of Nomad, a hacker and corporate spy as he uncovers the mother of all conspiracies. Joined by Dee, shadowy and gorgeous government agent, and pursued by the rogue black-budget Interplanetary Security Department, Nomad attempts to unravel what's really going on and, while he's at it, save the world from the gravest danger it's ever seen.

Source: Web Series Network:

Episode 1 - Git Rich or Die Tryn

Episode 1 - Git Rich or Die Tryn from White Rasta on Vimeo.

Noahʼs life sucks!!! After yet another bad day, Noah has a chance encounter with his best-friendʼs therapist/psychic, and realizes itʼs time to make some big decisions.

Stop Blackwell Briggs: The Truth Pt. II #CFG

Cold, hard evidence that Blackwell Briggs (and their CEO, Sir Ian Briggs), are nothing but criminals.

Read the full post: http://stopbb.info/?p=17

Blackwell Briggs hostage exchange

Blackwell Briggs and their CEO, Ian Briggs, show their true colours. They have been holding Ann Marie hostage and threatened to kill her if we didn't hand over documents showing they do not have legal rights to build a pipeline through a village in Zambia.

See the post: http://stopbb.info/?p=27


Conspiracy For Good - Action 3 report

The day started with a Skype session between the boss of evil multinational corporation Blackwell Briggs, Sir Ian Briggs and the conspiracy for good movement Spira.

Read the full post:

A Good Knight's Quest Special Announcement

A Good Knight's Quest Special Announcement from Clicker on Vimeo.

A Good Knight's Quest announces their second season at Comic Con.

Red Band Trailer Episode 103 - "Master Bateman"

Jason Bateman pays a visit to the trailer to discuss Sandy Duncan and "Teen Wolf Too".

Warren Buffett Secret Millionaires Club 12: Special Delivery

The Secret Millionaires Club learns that great customer service is important for a business to be successful.

Inception Reception - ROCKETBOOM

Molly reports on lucid dreams, the human brain, and more.

Level 26: Riddle Contest

Posted by Anthony E. Zuiker

And would love to hear what you guys have. We’re looking for the most puzzling, the most mind-bending riddles out there and you can submit as many as you want.


ITVFest Kicks Off Web TV Day Today, After Party Tonight

Both seminars will be streamed lived thanks to Stickam.



The Curfew’s Curfew Is Lifted

The narrative-led investigative puzzle game is designed to teach political awareness ....



Source: Kindredphantom

"Heroes" Creator Tim Kring on His New TV Series, Transmedia, Future of Television

In a world where a single TV or laptop screen can no longer contain a worthwhile story, one man dares to spill his epic across multiple platforms.


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Heroes Of The North: Canadian Shield - Ep. 1

Set during World War II, this is the last mission of the Canadian Shield before his disappearance after attacking a remote Nazi compound in the heart of Germany...

Sunday, August 1, 2010


http://www.welostourgold.com The first of eight videos that give clues to buried treasure in New York City. Want more piratey goodness? Come visit us @ http://www.facebook.com/pages/We-Lost-Our-Gold/129123233775707

Dastardly We Lost Our Gold Pirates Start Revealing Location of Misplaced Boo

Episode One introduces some vital information about the possible location of the chest, as the crew tries to retrace their steps through New York

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Conspiracy For Good: The Truth Pt. I - Stop Blackwell Briggs

Stop Blackwell Briggs

... Blackwell Briggs are not to be trusted. Behind their fancy exterior lies a vast network of deception, murder and complete disregard for human life.

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Sandberg conspires with Kring

Christopher Sandberg, CEO of The Company P, talks to C21TV about how his work with Tim Kring on The Conspiracy For Good ....


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Do we really need to trade in social media currency?

We think that the idea behind social currency is that by sharing, producing and resharing content online you build up a kind of fund of social credits.



We had a scheduled Skype meeting with Sir Ian Briggs – telling him once and for all that we had him where we wanted him… But he had other ideas

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"Ian Briggs came in an SUV, with his goons, with Ann Marie. I threw gummy bears at the car. While others worked on the exchange I hopped into the SUV to check to see if it really was Ann Marie and not a ploy, it was...

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The contract:

Conspiracy for good

"I saw Tim Kring there pretending to be a normal participant and looking quite smug and pleased with himself."

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