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Thursday, March 21, 2013

I Am Tim - Channel Trailer.

We've just released a new trailer to promote our webseries I AM TIM. If you like what you see, please share!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

1st Annual Washington D.C. Web Series Festival

The Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse and 20/20 Productions present the 1st Annual Washington D.C. Web Series Festival on April 6! Come experience new local talent and celebrate an emerging artform in the wild west of film: the Web Series. A newly emerging medium, web series consist of a series of videos that are released on the Internet as web television. The MISSION of this festival is to Entertain, Educate and Promote this new artform. Co-hosted by accomplished comedian, Dan Levy, and acclaimed D.C. filmmaker, Otessa Ghadar, the night will be full of laughter and industry insight.

As the first D.C.-based web series production and the first theater venue in the area to screen web series, 20/20 Productions and Arlington Drafthouse want to put Washington, D.C. on the web-entertainment map. For the 1st Annual Festival, we have curated a number of web series to feature across many genres: comedy, drama, horror, soap opera, etc. We will use this first festival as a launching pad in anticipation of full-blown web series festivals to highlight the best of the web over the years to come. We encourage any and all web series creators to get involved. Please contact us at [email protected].

Otessa Ghadar, founder and president of 20/20 Productions, created the hit drama web series, "Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden" in 2007. It was recently screened at the OUTlander Project at SXSW, Dinah Shore, LA Web Fest, and has won numerous web series awards, and will be one of the web series featured during the festival. Also being featured is the comedic series, "Long Distance Relationship," created by comedian and acclaimed web series producer, Dan Levy, who has had appearances on Comedy Central, HBO, Chelsea Lately. Other web series and trailers for upcoming talents will also be screened.

Otessa and Dan will take part in a Q&A session about their experience in the web series industry. In particular, Otessa will touch upon how "Orange Juice in Bishops Garden" has gone global and gained viewership in over 140 countries around the world and how she actively caters to her viewers by adding sub-titles in French, German, etc. Accompanied by live music, drinks, and good company, the 1st Annual D.C. Web Series Festival promises to set a precedent for quality entertainment and an evening of fun!

See more at: http://arlingtondrafthouse.com/drafthouse/event.aspx?eid=1715#sthash.F2box4VL.dpuf

OJBG's Secret Project - DC Rollergirls Bout

In our second video with the DC Rollergirls, Otessa visits a recent bout where she speaks with some skaters about the game, recent changes, and where they’d like to see the future of roller derby go. But that’s not all, as DC Mayor Vincent Gray stops by, and bells ring for a special roller derby wedding!
The creators of teen web series Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden have created the Secret Project. Get the low-down on upcoming events, cool people & secret places in Washington, DC.

3some - the British web series

3some is a comedy-drama webseries, set in London, following the lives of three 30-somethings, Rob, Jenny and Paul. It's based on the play by the same name.

Episode 1 -- The End
Rob and Jenny are about to split up. Spectacularly. Meanwhile, Jenny's ex fiancé and Rob's ex best friend, Paul, is back from a year of travelling and ready to face the mess he left behind.

Created, written and directed by Lisa Gifford
Starring Euan King, Lisa Gifford, Peter Halpin
Episode 1 Guest Stars: Edmund Dehn, Sylvia Riley

"Say Goodbye" performed by Kerry Norton
Lyrics by Kerry Norton & Jamie Bamber
Music by Brian Harris
Courtesy of http://www.kerrynorton.net

Producer: Elisar Cabrera (Those Video Guys, Talking Who, #UKWebSeries)
Cinematographer: Jack Ayers (Pan Cam, Chronicles of Syntax)
Production Design: Lucy Attwood (Chronicles of Syntax)
Editors: Ester Viana (Licensed) & Jack Ayers
Sound Design: Carolyn Ong

Twitter http://www.twitter.com/watch3some
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/watch3some
Website ://www.watch3some.co.uk
YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch3some

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sexy Nerd Girl Versus Valerie - VERSUS VALERIE Ep 1.01

http://VersusValerie.com - Val is late for her regular Comic Book Wednesday brunch with Guy. To make it up to him, she offers to pay for his weekly pull list. But the dude from the night before might complicate matters.

VERSUS VALERIE follows Valerie Lapomme, YouTube's Sexy Nerd Girl, as she navigates her chaotic life, sliding between reality and her video-game and genre-bending imagination.

starring Hannah Spear and Adam Christie
created by Simon Fraser, Steph Kaliner and Mike Fly

Meet the Mayfarers: Ep. 2.2 - "Family Revelations"

Isobel reveals a secret she's kept hidden from the family. Involving some pretty disturbing sexual shenanigans.

“Meet the Mayfarers” is a comedy about an estranged, dysfunctional family who is forced to live together for one year in order to get their grandfather’s massive inheritance.

Cute Girl Movie Review

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Behind the Scenes of Shotgun Mythos


 While I would love to say that we have had a productive weekend of filming, but the Fates have conspired against us. (And maybe that serves us right for writing about them...the Fates are not to be trifled with, after all!) At any rate, a string of problems ranging from family crisis, to car troubles to the flu knocked our cast out one by one. So I am sitting in an empty studio, catching up on various projects and juggling the schedule yet again. We did have a great shoot at a bar earlier this week. The Bourbon Room in Fredericksburg, VA allowed us to come in and shoot before they opened, called in some of their regulars to act as extras and were generally fantastic!

 A lot is going on at the moment. We are just weeks away from our trip to Raven-Con in Richmond, VA. We are designing collector cards for our cast to take to the event and ordering other promotional items to hand out as well. Fun stuff that we think fans will enjoy and will keep us out there and get the conversations started! I will post photos as we get the items in! We also got the beta of the old school pen and paper role playing game that we will be releasing to go with the show. One day this week we will be getting together all of our geek friends to test the system!

 We also had a great interview on Decoding Mythos this week. Daniel F. Purcell is a great actor who just has a small role in this season but plays a much larger part in things to come. Decoding Mythos-Daniel F. Purcell

Goat Remix (Youtuber Edition)

Inside - Starring Jeremy Sisto

Hi, I'ma Draw Ya! ep 3: Bread + Outtakes

Zoochosis: "Case 8: War"

Aperture R&D - Episode 1

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