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Saturday, June 30, 2012



VIDCON DAY 1 (continued)




Friday, June 29, 2012

OJBG's Secret Project - Make Out Spots for Modern Lovers: The Spanish Steps

Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden presents the Secret Project.  Discover cool, secret places in Washington, DC and get the low-down on upcoming events.  A spin-off series of Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden.

In this episode:  The Spanish Steps is a hidden gem in the Kalorama neighborhood of DC.  A great place to take a date or a peaceful place to hang out.

Website: http://OJinBG.com/secretproject/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/OJBishopsGarden
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/OJBishopsGarden


Enjoy our new teaser for our upcoming magical journey !
Featuring the lovely side of HAMBURG HEARTBREAK
And please visit us on our website or facebook !

General Hosptial Turns 50....

CONGRATULATIONS to the cast and crew of the iconic daytime serial, General Hosptial, for their sweep of the Emmy's this year!  The evening began with God of the Soaps Anthony Geary winning his 7th Emmy, becoming the most awaraded actor in the genre.  Jonathan Jackson picked up his 5th Emmy for Best Supporting Actor and Nancy Lee Grahn won for Best Supporting Actress.  All of us on RHeart were thrilled when they won for Best Drama, especially in light of soaps approaching 50th Anniversary.

RHeart Radio is going to pay homage to this American iconic soap that is part of our history in a special series of shows beginning September 12th.  Each month we will highlight the fan's choices for favorite couples, storylines, villans, heros you've loved over the past 50 years and we will continue these special editions leading up to the 50th Anniversary, April 1st, 2013.

Please tell us your favorite moments from the past 50 years- we'll have special guests, tribute audios, videos and fans who will tell their stories about how they began to watch General Hospital.  Post your comments here and tell your friends- this will truly be 'The Fan's Voice', what we love about GH!

1. Favorite Storylines
2. Favorite Couples
3. Favorite Villians
4. Favorite Guests
5. Favorite Theme Song
6. Favorite Hero/Heroine
7. Moments that most affected you
8. How did you begin watching GH?
9. How has GH impacted your life?
10. What has GH meant to you?

'Pretty' Goes Goth?? THE INN SERIES....

When I told Steve Silverman I was going through 'Pretty' withdrawals, he mentioned a new web series he was working on which got me massively excited. Anything Steve does I know will be great and he's teamed up with his good friend, fellow award winning series creator, the incomparable Emma Caulfield. You might recognize her from the hit web series 'Bandwagon' and though she co-created this series, she's also going to star in it.  

The Inn Series is a thriller, XFile-esq, supernatural type show with a twist of Alfred Hitchcock, whom Steve wanted to pay homage to. Will we see Steve cameo in each episode? We won't know unless we get it made so please support this web series and let's make it happen! They've started an Indiegogo Campaign, with some really cool prizes for donating, like your name in the credits at the end of each episode and signed script. Please get behind this project today!

If you want to hear more background on the project, Steve will be on RHeart Radio July 25th:

We spoke with Steve and Stacy McQueen (Annette 'Daktoa' Champagne) on RHeart Radio a few months ago and learned some really cool behind the scenes stuff from Season 3, like how he got soap icons Genie Francis, Denise Alexander, Martha Byrne and Mary Beth Evans on 'Pretty'...very cool stories! If you missed it, we had a blast chatting with them: RHeart Goes 'Pretty'


Next Stop - Ep. 9: Baja Sur

CandyGirls - Ep. 2 All Tied Up

Orange Juice In Bishop's Garden: One Minute in the Life of Remi

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Boomerang Babies - Pilot

Super Knocked Up: Dr. Destruction - Ep. 4

Dad Drives - Ep. 5 The Date - Pt. 2

STUCK: The Chronicles of David Rea

STUCK - Prologue

The Inland Sea: An Australian Odyssey: Pinakarri Housing Co-Op - Ep. 12

YouTube Launches 'Marketplace' to Connect YouTube Stars and Brands


Pairing YouTube Partners With Advertisers and Agencies That Want to Create Viral Buzz

Read the full post:

Blip Launches Production Banner Blip Studios, Signs Exclusive Web Video Talent to Network, Promotes Steve Woolf to President of Blip Studios

With the introduction of Blip Studios, the Company will enhance their offerings to advertisers, producers and talent to create original series in key genres including comedy, sci-fi, sports and drama.

 Discussion: http://webseriesnetwork.com/profiles/blogs/blip-launches-blip-studios-to-develop-original-web-series-what-ar


 Research credit: Chris

Video Game High School: VGHS – EPISODE 8

Vampires - Vampires - Episode 8: Lady Jezabel

Pranic Vampire Jezabel DeLuna spends Mardi Gras reading tarot in Jackson Square and discussing how she feeds, her belief system, and how it affects her life.

Sonia's Travels - Sonia's Miami Vice House Tour

Sonia Gil takes us on a Miami Vice-style tour of Magic City's extravagant homes. From the mansions of pop stars and athletes, to the original Prohibition-era party houses, Miami's real estate market never fails to attract the rich, the famous, and the downright weird.


Watch the full series on Hulu: http://bit.ly/huluGS1.

Sandy and Trevor follow a lead to an abandoned building, where they find their next clue to solving the murder of Harold Glenndenning.

If you're located outside the U.S., you can watch the series at http://guidestones.org

Guidestones is the award-winning international conspiracy thriller from director Jay Ferguson, starring Supinder Wraich and Dan Fox.

Stay up to date on the latest Guidestones news: Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dungeon Bastard - Super Dungeon Justice Arena - Theatre of the Mind VS. ...

Bill passes judgement on the latest victims to venture into the arena.

Fat Guy - "The Show" - Ep. 1.3

Caskey and Eva go see Kelly's newest show. After the performance, Kelly decides to play cupid and introduces Caskey to Greg.

Caskey, a 20-something, chubby, pasty, gay actor from the midwest trying to make it in the big apple.

Google I/O 2012 LIVE

Google Nexus 7 official: $199 tablet from Asus ships mid-July with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean 

Read the full post: http://www.theverge.com/2012/6/27/3120421/google-nexus-7-asus-tablet

Google's $299 Nexus Q streaming media player announced, pre-orders start today 

 Read the full post:

Napoleon Bon Appétit - "Quiche Lorraine" - Ep. 1.3

Napoleon and the Kitchen Wench make a quiche. But Napoleon is more interested in their special guest, food critic Terri Reichl.

Meet the cooking show with a complex. Napoleon and his Kitchen Wench conquer a new recipe every episode.

For the recipe seen in this video, check it out here!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Secret Diary of an American Cheerleader - Episode 5: Emma's Secret

Pretending life's problems will go away proves to be an unfortunate, temporary solution for Emma. Things are heating up and her "new perfect life' is about to change dramatically.

nayders07: Set Sail - [Whitsundays, Australia]

Christina Grimmie: NEW Album, "Find Me" Single (Stripped)

Michelle Phan: Cotton Candy Carnival

Why do YouTube views freeze at 301?

My Music Show

Tanya Burr & Taryn Southern on MyMusic LIVE!
SINGLE LADIES! (MyMusic Episode #10)

MALICE Music Video -- "My Dad"

King of the Web: Dexterous Dexterity - Undiscovered Awesome

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries: One Sister Behind - Ep: 23

It's the day after the crazy party at Bing Lee's and Jane didn't come home with us. Watch Charlotte and I discuss the party and the future of Jane and Bing before Lydia comes in and does something shocking.

WIGS: Blue -- Ep. 8 of 12 (feat. Julia Stiles)

Blue BTS: Feeling Blue? -- 7 of 11 (feat. Julia Stiles and Jeanne Tripplehorn)

Job Hunters: Behind the Scenes: All About Episode 5!

Beauty Vlogger Boot Camp: Ep. 13: Giselle's Tour with Shane Dawson "Shananay"

Boot Camp Bonus: Rachel's Extra Tour Footage

The Verge: Paul checks in from Chicago

Shut Up Cartoons

STARTING A CULT (Do's & Don'ts #9)
EPISODE ONE (Snowjacked #1)


On The Verge 007: LeVar Burton, Alexis Ohanian, Tim Wu

In the biggest episode of On The Verge yet, Joshua Topolsky sits down with actor LeVar Burton (of 'Star Trek' and 'Reading Rainbow' fame), Reddit co-foudner Alexis Ohanian, and Tim Wu, author or 'The Master Switch' and creator of the term "net neutrality."

Leap Year : Season 2: Episode 2 - One of Those Nights



TED Talks: E.O. Wilson: Advice to young scientists

Hollishillis: Youtubers IRL (Vidcon12) #Vidcon

Tim Pool: Activist

The founder of TimcastTV, Pool is a live-stream and social-media journalist who has garnered attention for his coverage of Occupy Wall Street
Source: http://www.thedailybeast.com/videos/2012/06/22/activists-panelist-tim-pool.html

italktosnakes: THINGS I'M INTO: JUNE!

The Haunting Of Sunshine Girl: Random Video Monday #2

The Flog: Felicia Plays ToeJam and Earl With Brother Ryon

Vaginal Fantasy Hangout #6: Kushiel's Dart

Canadian Environmentalist David Suzuki on Democracy Now! From Rio+20 U.N Summit

YouTube's Top 5 Channel Partners Saw 1.5 Billion Views in May

YouTube's top five corporate channels - which include music video distributor Vevo, video game network Machinima, and a new media company named Maker Studios

Read the full post:

Daily Grace




BlackBoxTVExtras: VidCon, Silverwood & Yellow

The Five Minute FX -- Premiering July 31st on Bammo

VKO #5: ft. EpicLloyd, Live Prude Girls, and Dave Days: Whiskey Shivers Vs. Spork Song Video

IAWTV and iThentic.com Form Member Partnership #IAWTV

Don’t hesitate to send iThentic your web content or send an email to discuss working with them!


Episode Length: The Never Ending Story

I think that as long as you engage your audience and keep them interested, length shouldn't be an issue. What say you?

Join the discussion:

Livi - It Was Real [Live Acoustic] - featuring Out With Dad

Livi - It Was Real [Live Acoustic] - featuring... by OutWithDad

Another Shade Of Blue: Puerto Rico - Ep. 11

Mister French Taste: Cuisine de Terror - Ep. 9

You're Thinking of Someone Else: Cinema Muerte - Ep. 5

Pillars - Ep. 5


Watch the full series on Hulu: http://bit.ly/huluGS1.

On May 22nd, director Jay Ferguson took the stage at the StoryCode Forum, hosted by the Film Society of Lincoln Center in New York City. StoryCode is “a community hub, lab and creative consultancy for emerging and established cross-platform and immersive storytellers”.

In his presentation, Jay spoke about how Guidestones came to be, and why he and the producers decided that the best way to tell their story was as an interactive, transmedia web thriller.

Start watching Guidestones today: here's episode 1 on Hulu. If you're outside the U.S., visit us at http://guidestones.org.

Stay up to date on the latest Guidestones news: Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Main Cast Interview for NIGHTS IN ULTRAVIOLET

We're gearing up to watch the Season 1 Finale of the dark comedy soap opera, Nights In UltraViolet, which airs this Thursday.


To celebrate, we caught up with two of Night's lead actors and Brooklyn's favorite bosom buddies, Carlo Johnson (Doug Slate) and Rob Michael Hugel (Virgil Arckany). Together they talk filming, friendship, and food.

The world of Nights feels like you're walking through a strange, peculiar dream. How was filming it?
ROB: Working on Nights was very different than other projects I'd worked on. The crew was consistent and it became a little side family. We'd spent a whole weekend together filming, take a few weeks apart, and then get back together and start joking around again. Everyone was great and it was pretty much a nonstop giggle fest. 
CARLO: Nights was actually the first live-action production I've ever worked on (with the exception of a bit part in a rather embarrassing community college play, Dark of the Moon), so it was such a fun experience and something I've wanted to do for a long time. So many of the actors and crew were strangers when we filmed, but have now become great friends. I think that camaraderie really comes across on screen. 
The origin story of Doug and Virgil's friendship is hilarious but definitely creepy. Are there any similarities between you and your characters?
CARLO: Definitely. Because Matt and Katie wrote the character with me in mind, a lot of my personality made its way into Doug. The moodiness, the frustration, the meticulous, nit-picky obsessive compulsions. I sound great, don't I?
ROB: I feel very similar to Virgil in some ways and different in others. He's very childlike which I feel connected to--in that he's kind of random and always has some food to snack.  
What was the weirdest moment you experienced on the set?
CARLO: Kissing a stranger with a crew watching intently.
ROB:  My weirdest moment on set was probably when I was doing "the wake up from nightmare" scene. In the same shot, I had to shoot up out of bed and scream, then immediately stuff potato chips in my mouth. On the third take or so, my body was tired and made a huge involuntary gasp just as I was stuffing potato chips in my mouth, and I inhaled a handful of them. So I coughed a bunch and most of it came out. But I felt like something was stuck until a day later when I finally coughed and an intact piece of potato chip flew out of my mouth into my hand. It was like something out of a web series called Nights In Ultraviolet. But in real life.

There are a number of important "food moments" in Nights, particularly pizza. What's your favorite?
CARLO: Chicken & Broccoli.
ROB: The broccolini and italian sausage slice from Carmine's on Graham Ave in Brooklyn, or just Papa Johns.
You two sound like a perfect match. Are you guys friends in real life?
CARLO:  Rob and I? Yes, very good friends. Of course, we barely knew each other when filming began. Somewhere amongst all the pizza, coffee and sleep deprivation we definitely bonded, though.
ROB: Yes except I probably wouldn't just walk into Carlo's house without asking, but I would eat his food without asking.

Final Episode of Season One Nights In UltraViolet airs this Thursday, June 28th. Keep Watch at www.nightsinuv.com and follow their Facebook and Twitter pages for updates.

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Philip DeFranco Show: SUPER SECRET SEXY SUNDAY SHOW #3! (also ask me questions)

Creative Has Nothing for You: Mano Y Mano

Marty actually had some good ideas this time...

Laps - "All I'm Asking" - Ep. 1.3

Nathan makes Stephanie an offer she can most likely refuse.

An original series made with an iPhone about a cigar smoking over-eater desperate for a change in his life.

*Please take note: All previous uploads of "Laps" are "private" as 20/20 Productions is currently distributing the videos via our YouTube channel. We are re-posting them with the correct locations that way they can continue to be watched.

Sonia's Travels - New York People Watching

Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden - "Boys Night Out" - Ep. 1.3 & OJBG.com

Season 1 (Summer of '94), Episode 3.  It's a boys night out at Bishop's Garden. Jake wants to talk about the ladies, ahem, Sarah... but Trip is too faded to be of any help. Meanwhile, Travis takes the stage and tonight's showing - "The Kauffman Family Dsyfunction's Greatest Hits". Should be a riot.

Telly, LA Web Festival, and Webby honoree award winning teen web series following the lives of 18 kids as they grow up and get down in grunge-era Washington DC.
"The bad things we do.  The things we get caught for--and how they are never the same."

Learn about the free episode downloads, free music, ezines, ringtones, photo galleries, cast/crew bios, merchandise and blog of the official web site for web series Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden (http://OJinBG.com).

Job Hunters - S1 Ep 6: Friendly Fire

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weird Adventures of Danni Danger: Who is Danni Danger?

Danni Danger gears up to start her new comic book series, "Weird Adventures of Danni Danger." But before we get into recommendations, reviews and other excitement, we wanted you to get to know just who Danni Danger is.

Special thanks as always to Austin Books and Comics for hosting us and being awesome. http://www.AustinBooks.com Make sure you follow @ComicBookBrando on Twitter for uber knowledge about comic books. 

So links from this episode... The Walking Dead on AMC - http://www.amctv.com/shows/the-walking-dead Wonder Woman - http://www.dccomics.com/characters/wonder-woman Whedonesque - http://whedonesque.com/ Y: The Last Man - http://comicbookdb.com/title.php?ID=511

 Check out our website for cool videos, blogs, and news for the weird part of us all - http://www.weird-girls.com

Pieces: Season 2 - Episode Six - "A Dream Come True"

The penultimate episode of the entire series of Pieces is now live with Episode 6 - "A Dream Come True"!

Check it out! The series finale airs in 2 weeks!!!

Miss Behave - Finale Trailer

Away We Happened - Ep 5

WIGS: Blue -- Ep. 7 of 12 (feat. Julia Stiles)

Blue BTS: The Second Assistant Director -- 6 of 11

What's Trending: S2E18: Jared Leto, Chelsea Kane, The Dirty Heads & Jay Sean

VlogBrothers: Hank is Maybe Crazy

Amazon Studios adds four television projects to its development slate

...it's clear Amazon is serious about producing original content — and doing it quickly.

Read the full post:

SourceFed: Hank Green: One on One DFTBA Edition

SourceFed's Happy Dance host Joe Bereta hugged it out with internet boy wonder, Hank Green on this episode of One on One & A plesiosaur stopped by to show how he Didn't Forget To Be Awesome.

Shut Up Cartoons: ANGER MIS-MANAGEMENT (Zombies vs. Ninjas #8)

Ep. 8 I Know, Right?: Squaresville


Annoying Orange : OMG

Nayders07: Nadine's New Zealand Adventure!

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries: The Unavoidable Invitation - EP: 22

So Bing Lee's throwing a party and invited everyone, which sounds like a great time for anyone not named Lizzie Bennet. I do my best to try to avoid it but it's hard to resist someone like Jane. Lizzie Answers Questions PART 2


Road Trip Tag (Dare Wednesday)
Fart Attack

italktosnakes: Internet Shopping Brainwashery and VIDCON!

The Haunting Of Sunshine Girl

Creepy secrets of the guestbook
Creepy Ghost Footage captured continued.
First Morning in the Creepy Cabin

BlackBoxTV: Red Ink - Part 2 - Starring Laura Wiggins, Preston Davis, Sharon Lawrence & Michael McGrady

LIVE from Tahrir Square

Turnout was 26.4m, or 51%. 843,252 votes were invalid. Shafiq had 12,347,380, Morsi had 13,230,131 (51%). 

Source https://twitter.com/glcarlstrom/status/216902331093106688





Muslim Brotherhood's Mohammed Morsi wins Egypt's presidential race - live updates http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/middle-east-live/2012/jun/24/egypt-election-results-live

As it happened: Egypt election result

Beet.TV: Adobe's Big Digital Video Play: Serving Content and Ads Across Multiple Devices

Humber City: The Creator Speaks... - Episode 2 [HD]

King of the Web: For Only 10 Votes a Day - Campaign Update - Ep.50

Jenna Marbles: How Guys Watch TV


Democracy Now: Torture in U.S. Prisons? Historic Senate Hearing Takes Up Human Toll of Solitary Confinement

Mystery Guitar Man: Colors

My Music Show

CARLY RAE JEPSEN IS #1!!! (Music News Week 10)
Where do babies come from? (The Mosh #10)

Update from Miss America 2012 Laura Kaeppeler

Uses of Enchantment Promo

Introducing: "DORIS AND BELINDA"

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