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Saturday, May 14, 2011

ImprovEverywhere: SURPRISE MUSICAL - Gotta Share!

More info: http://improveverywhere.com/2011/05/09/gotta-share-the-musical/
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T mobile royal wedding spoof

Web Series Ready to Break Out, Predicts The Guild’s Felicia Day

Felicia Day thinks that 2011 will be a tipping point for web-distributed video productions.

Read the full post:

Aidan 5 (Sci Fi Drama) - Episode 7: The Life of Riley

TotallySketch: Keira Knightley Just Doesn't Get It

Keira Knightley isn't in "Pirates of the Caribbean 4" and doesn't know why.

FunnyOrDie: Herman Dune "Tell Me Something I Don't Know"

A young runaway yeti embarks on an adventure into the human world and along the way, makes an unexpected friend in Jon Hamm. Herman Dune's new music video for "Tell Me Something I Don't Know," directed by Toben Seymour.

Become a fan on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/funnyordie

Riese: From Bytes to Broadcast

Join Riese series creators Kaleena Kiff and Ryan Copple as they share their combined learned experiences in navigating the constantly shifting landscape of new media in taking their Vancouver based web series production mainstream.

Read the full post:

Source: Chris

Olga Kay: PLAY WITH ME: PORTAL 2- The Courtesy Call

3 Minute Talk Show

The "Buy a Spellfury DVD Song"

ClevverTV: Leighton Meester Performs Secret Show In L.A.

Curtain Call: Part 9-12

Curtain Call: Part 9 - Character Study from CurtainCall on Vimeo.

Curtain Call: Part 10 - Intermission from CurtainCall on Vimeo.

Curtain Call: Part 11 - Dramatic Intent from CurtainCall on Vimeo.

Curtain Call: Part 12 - Callbacks from CurtainCall on Vimeo.

Is the internet going to be the death of television?

So is technology killing what we think of as traditional television - and taking pay TV operators with it?

Read the full post:

Friday, May 13, 2011

stalkTALK "Episode 7: Run Freedom, Run."

Jungle Fever 2: Primal Fury- Episode 3

DK is stunned to discover that President Torquemada is not only alive, but has an job offer for him. However, it doesn't come without a catch....

FreddieW: One Shot ft. Eliza Dushku

My protege tries his hand and being an action hero.

We wanted to do a long one take action sequence, so we did!

Check out the behind the scenes vid!

Starring Jayson Floyd and Eliza Dushku, and featuring the stunts of Action Factory.

Thanks to Jayson and Eliza for coming out and shooting with us!

ClevverTV: Ariana Grande Talks Working with Nick Jonas

The Dead Must Die: Episode 2 - Bring the rain

The Dead Must Die: Episode 2 - Bring the rain by thedeadmustdie

Being Bin Laden

Read more: 'Being Bin Laden' Web Series Stars Steven Weber, Fred Savage


The Philip DeFranco Show: Hayden Panettiere no longer getting it from Andre the Giant!

A Guerra8 Day - Sexy Nerd Girl 51

Rocketboom: Choose Your Own World

Tights and Fights: Ashes "For whom the Pants Tent"

Episode 94 of Tights and Fights: Ashes - Featuring Le Gros Chapeau!

Evil Trojan Borscht's mind controlled alternate, eviler ego Le Gros Chapeau has a problem... it involves tongues in mouths.

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Blogger Outage (update)

As some of you may have noticed Blogger suffered an outage on May 12, 2011 which put Web Series Today and other Blogger sites into read only mode (including comments). The problem now appears to have been resolved. We hope to be able to catch you up to date on the latest news for your favorite web series and shows and news as soon as possible.

BlackBoxTVExtras: BlackBoxTV Loves Mike Relm

What's Trending: What you need to know to be in the NOW!

What's Trending with Shira Lazar is a revolution in news from CBS News launching in May 2011. What's Trending is a new news show based on the hottest trends online that are shifting the offline conversation. Join the conversation now, check out cbsnews.com/whatstrending for more, or follow us on twitter.com/whatstrending.

Read more

Annoying Orange: Fruit For All

The Fine Bros: 50 Sega Genesis Spoilers in 3 Minutes

The Math of a Hit TV Show

"Some shows end up coming out of the development process like a camel, a horse designed by committee,".....

Read more

Alphabird Acquires PlaceVine, Launches High CPM Matchmaking

The hook for video creators is the lure of significantly higher CPMs (cost per thousand impressions) on their videos by a magnitude of about ten times what they earn from YouTube’s partner program.

Read the full post:

stalkTALK 5-6

Curtain Call - Part 5-8

Curtain Call: Part 5 - Sense Memory from CurtainCall on Vimeo.

Curtain Call: Part 6 - Backstage Drama from CurtainCall on Vimeo.

Curtain Call: Part 7 - Playing The Part from CurtainCall on Vimeo.

Curtain Call: Part 8 - The Show Must Go On from CurtainCall on Vimeo.

Tights and Fights: Ashes "Plumber on the Run"

Episode 93 of Tights and Fights: Ashes - Featuring The Plumber!

The Plumber deals with the fall out from his ninja fueled drunken debauchery. On a bike.

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Elevator - Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Follow me on twitter! http://www.twitter.com/woodytondorf

Chris lands himself in a scene from "Mr. and Mrs. Smith." His pants will likely not survive. Guest starring the voice of Annemarie Pazmino!

Also, check me out starring in Comedy Central's "Video Game Reunion!" http://vgr.atom.com
And Elevator's successor, Game Room! http://www.youtube.com/watchgameroom

Celebrity Dream Date - Game Room

facebook us - http://facebook.com/WatchGameRoom

Lucy, Carly, and Mercer get paired up with their perfect celebrity. Andre, however...


Christiann Castellanos - http://twitter.com/ChristiannMarie
Carly Jones - http://carlyjones.com
Beau Ryan - http://youtube.com/RadNerdTv
Andre Meadows - http://youtube.com/BlackNerdComedy

Written by:
Andre Meadows - http://youtube.com/BlackNerdComedy

Directed by:
Derek Housman - http://Youtube.com/DerekHousman
Music by: Sally Chou

Created by:
Bernie Su - http://youtube.com/BernieSu
Woody Tondorf - http://twitter.com/WoodyTondorf
Derek Housman - http://Youtube.com/DerekHousman

Thursday, May 12, 2011

FEELS LIKE FOREVER: T10: "It Feels Like Forever" (Season One Finale)

Love is not a game.

Curtain Call - Part 1-4

Curtain Call - Part 1: The Curtain Rises... from CurtainCall on Vimeo.

Curtain Call - Part 2: The Performance Begins from CurtainCall on Vimeo.

Curtain Call - Part 3: Cast of Characters from CurtainCall on Vimeo.

Curtain Call: Part 4 - The Stage Is Set from CurtainCall on Vimeo.

Curse of the Black Spot DOCTOR WHO (spoilers)

The Apocalypse Diaries

Hey Girl - Ep. 8: Some People Never Die

The Scoop-Voting Open for the finals of YOBIAct with Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino!

The Situation is back on YOBI.tv! He teams up with Danielle Ryan to announce that voting is now open for the finals of YOBIAct with Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino! Which actor and actress from our final 24 should star in Random Talent? Tell us with your votes!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Matrimonious: Coffee

Matrimonious: Coffee from Dan Aho on Vimeo.

Off the Cuff: Nina Dobrev: 'Vampire Diaries' actress opens up

Read the full post:

FunnyOrDie: Bestie's Night

What happens when the newest Ark Music Factory video, "Bestie's Night," gets a little out of hand? I don't know, maybe you should ask Tommy Lee

Rocketboom: NYC-Bike Polo

The Philip DeFranco Show: Lindsay Lohan is now a Vampire!

Space Hospital: Series 2/Log 7: "The Egg and I"

Downsized: Season 2 Episode 2 Clientele

Astrid (Shannon Conley) manages to squeeze a few extra bucks out of Nate (Kaipo Schwab) by convincing him to compete in a Daddy and Me competition with Poppy, but finds his wife Brenda (Anna Stone) isn't so easy to swindle.

Mind's Eye - Ep. 11: Devil's Night

The Navy Seal Who Killed Osama Bin Laden

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sexy Shopping #2 - Sexy Nerd Girl 50

Sony Launches 3D Social Media Contest

The contest winner will have their event filmed and aired on 3net, in Sony stores nationwide and on Sony's Times Square billboard (in 2D).

Read the full post:


Jungle Fever 2: Primal Fury- Episode 2

Episode 2 live on Blip TV, and featured on the front page!

Distraught after his betrayal of Bodil, DK spends his days drinking the pain away in a seedy bar, while a cruel new dictator enslaves the puppet population. However, a visit from a beautiful stranger promises to set his life path on a new and dangerous direction...

DeVanity Episode Three

Tights and Fights: Ashes "Plumbed Out"

Episode 92 of Tights and Fights: Ashes - Featuring The Plumber!

The Plumber's feeling a little rough the morning after the night before. But those ninjas can be pretty persuasive.

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Taylor Momsen & Jessica Szohr Leaving 'Gossip Girl'

Introducing Music Beta by Google

Google Music Is Live In Beta Now! Here's What You Need To Know

Read more:

Rocketboom: Casual Friday - The AQ Team

On today's episode, Molly discusses the unsettling but inevitable meme-ification of Osama bin Laden's death.

Click here for show credits: http://bit.ly/mO3rtY

Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/rocketboom
Like us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/rocketboom

Biz Break: Microsoft lands Skype; plus: Your music, Google's cloud

-- for $8.5 billion.

Read the full post:

Vampire Mob Season Two - Behind The Scenes

VMob hits the streets! Consulting producer Kathy Zaloga and Joe Wilson handing out cards on Hollywood Blvd.!

Tumor & Gooch with Joey Lawrence & Tony Cox

Tumor and Gooch is the newest buddy cop show to come out on Funny Or Die TV, it features Joey Lawrence and Tony Cox as siamese twin brothers, vowing to fight for justice until all of the bad guys are behind bars.

Become a fan on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/funnyordie

The Impossible Astronaut & The Day of the Moon Discussion DOCTOR WHO (spoilers)

This was supposed to be up a couple of days ago.. But you know how it is.. *cough*
Join in and leave your comments and responses down below!

El Porvenir - Trailer [HD]

Starring: Pedro Rodman, Gustavo Pastrana, Cristobal Dearie, Adolfo Madera, Amador Granados, Paco Mufote, Citlali Anton, Hector Hernandez, Claudia Moncada, Enrique St. Martin, Jesus Padilla, Bety Llamas, Carlos Casas, Alondra Benitez y Daniel Cosio

Directed By: Manuel Alejandro Anell y Miguel Garcia Yee

Written By: Miguel Garcia Yee y Manuel Alejandro Anell

Plot Outline: En poblado de EL PORVENIR la gente menciona que en los ultimos dias cosas extrañas estan sucediendo, que sonidos raros se escuchan por las noches, que al despertar descubren sus propiedades vandalisadas y sus animales alterados o incluso desaparecidos.

Hoy dos hermanos son atacados por lo que acecha las noches.

La primera serie web original de terror de Mexico

Score: Guillermo Moran-Arreola


El Corrido del Coyote - Calacas Blues, Alejandro Cardona

La Hora de la Muerte en EL PORVENIR


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Digitas NewFront 2011 #NF11


...we're proud to present The NewFront, an industry-leading event that brings together content creators, distributors, talent, and brands to harness content opportunities in a post-advertising marketplace.


Thursday, June 9 · 12:00pm - 7:00pm


Lila, Long Distance - Lila Long Distance Sneak Peek

MacAwesome: Second Semester - Episode 6

Anyone But Me: Season 3: Ep. 2 "Far Away"

Aster finds more than she was looking for in LA. And Sophie faces Vivian for the first time since "the kiss."


Hollishillis: PPP: The Mysterious Ticking Noise

So this week on tube trials we recreated our favorite viral video. This one is MINE!

I hope you guys subscribe to EClickNick to watch MORE Tube Trails (I'm in the top 4!)

Anonymous civil war as AnonOps sites are hacked

In a message to users posted on AnonOps.in, part of Anonymous's AnonOps network, admins accused a former comrade of organising a "coup d'etat".

Read more:

Jungle Fever 2: Primal Fury Episode 1 on Blip TV

DK Bond returns!

Jungle Fever 2: Primal Fury is a puppet based webseries featuring the adventures of DK Bond, lover, fighter, Monkey. He is, to our knowledge, the only puppet monkey action hero in existence. It follows on from the Original ‘Jungle Fever’ which was a 48 hours film competition entry handwritten at 4am in a desperate, sleep deprived haze. The original short was well received, catching the eye of Peter Jackson and going on to make the national finals of the New Zealand based competition before spawning a sequel, Jungle Fever 2.

JF2: Primal Fury is a 12 part series where DK Bond must fight to save a population of oppressed puppets from an evil dictator and win back the hand of his lost love. It features exciting action sequences, clever puppetry and a witty script. It is written and directed by Peter Haynes, an Auckland based filmmaker who is also the author/artist of Angels2200, New Zealand’s most successful webcomic.

More episodes will be uploaded to this blog on a regular basis.

No Clean Break - Ep. 19

Monday, May 9, 2011

Video Game Reunion 12

Big Chew: Episode 1

Film Noir Puppet Show starring: Felicia Day, Sandeep Parikh, Jeff B. Davis, Greg Tuculescu, Scott Chernoff

SOLO: "The Discovery The Challenger" Episode 8

The Yakuza finally have what they need to take control of the ship. Scott fights back!

Created by Jonathan Nail. Produced by Allison Vanore. Directed by Frederick Snyder. Photographed by Raphe Wolfgang. Edited by Frank Mohler. Music by Rob Gokee.

Starring: Jonathan Nail, Jason Burns, Michele Boyd, Amol Shah and Melissa Dalton.

Special Guest Star: Ayumi Iizuka, Tohoru Masamune, Hidekun Ha, Masashi Odate and Emmanuel Todorov.

Google will launch music service tomorrow at Google I/O

As with Amazon Cloud Drive, Google’s music service will work by uploading your music library to servers, then...

Read the full post:

Workshop Season 2 Episode 5 and 6 (Geoblocked)


Digital ad firm Digitas is hosting its "NewFront" in June to show off Web series that advertisers may want to sponsor.

Read the full post:

DoctorHolocaust: The War Front ep #14

In this episode Doc sufferers a crippling defeat at the hands of Professor Skull after which Doc decides that a tactical retreat may be in order.

Comic and Donations at:

Opening by: Dan "DJ" Charrington A.K.A The Video Ninja

Ragged Isle Episode Nine T-Shirt Giveaway

The Philip DeFranco Show: Talk Derby to me!

[chase] --- Short Film

Rocketboom: Casual Friday - The AQ Team

Gray Matters 101-105

Gray Matters is a new web series that explores the life and mind of Leonarda Whilaminski, a young New York City architect with severe Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, who deals with her fear of germs and color by turning her whole world gray.

Leo returns to work after the death of her boss, Daniel Hawkes. ; But she may be in for more than she bargained for with her new boss, Daniel's son Bradley...

After returning to Henderson & Hawkes, Leo ponders an important life decision: To Therapy or Not to Therapy...

Leo finds a surprise waiting for her in more ways than one as she begins work on the Tavius Cavos project.

Leo starts therapy with Elaine and begins to reveal something more about herself...

Transmedia Debunked

Trouble is, transmedia storytelling is about as emperor’s new clothes as it gets.

Read the full post:

Sweet Tarts Takeaway, Episode 1-4

Downsized: Writer's Commentary Season 2 Episode 1


HeyItsMilly: RHINO CYRUS BABIES?! (Ask Milly #4)

Bros - Ep. 2

Game Room - Fringe: Alternate Universe

facebook us - http://facebook.com/WatchGameRoom

Peter Johnson and Erin Smith challenge each other to a game of Fringe with surprising results!

Fringe isn't available for the Xbox 360 Kinect, Playstation Move, or Nintendo Wii, but you'll wish it was.


Brendan Bradley - http://youtube.com/BrendanABradley
Marisha Ray - http://twitter.com/MarishaRay

Written by:
Shawna Benson - http://twitter.com/#!/teelajbrown

Directed by:
Derek Housman - http://Youtube.com/DerekHousman

Created by:
Bernie Su - http://youtube.com/BernieSu
Woody Tondorf - http://twitter.com/WoodyTondorf
Derek Housman - http://Youtube.com/DerekHousman

Funemployed: Season 2, Episode 5

The guys move into a brand new place only to discover that their exact doubles live next door.

Six Figures - Episode 3 ("The Dating Game")

Gabrielle gets a strange modeling assignment and Tucker is convinced his new roommate might be a serial killer.

Starring: Catherine Annett, Lira Kellerman, Jason Lockhart, Marco Naggar, Marcus A. Stewart and Katie Wilson

Guest Starring: Anna Drumm, Brian Mather, Scott McKinley, Mark Ozog

Special Guest Star: Jamie Kaler (Mike Callahan on TBS' "My Boys")

Jamie's Website: http://jamiekaler.com/

Six Figures Website: http://www.sixfigurestv.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SixFiguresTV
Twitter: http://twitter.com/SixFiguresTV

Tube Trials Ep.8: Viral Videos

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pieces: Episode Six: The Choice

Only one more episode to go in the season! Check it out and leave us your feedback and thumbs up! =D

Tube Trials Ep.7: Half Way

Hollishillis: Bloomsday 2011

Selena Gomez & Britney Spears Not Planning Collaboration

RadekPlus2: Kedar

Kedar - beginnings.

The Endless Cycle - Sexy Nerd Girl 49

How Do You Define Web Series Success?

Below is a list representing some of the best examples out there for independent creators.

Read the full post:

The Fine Bros: KIDS REACT to Osama bin Laden's Death

Read more: Kids react to Osama bin Laden's Death

If you're tempted to believe these kids are only spouting the words they've heard from adults, note how 10-year-old twins Megan and Shannon argue over very differing points of view.


ABG | The Misadventures of AWKWARD Black Girl - Episode 1-4

The Youtube Partners Bible (with Freddiew and HollywoodBubbleInc)

This 12 min segment covers several aspects of how to produce successful partner collaborations, going in depth on how we collaborated with Freddie on a skydiving video last year, the do's and dont's, great never before explored insights, how to measure Youtube success, and so much more!

Watch our newest partner collaboration with Freddie:

The Real World of Freddie Wong

One of the most difficult accomplishments here on Youtube is to enter the Top 100 most subscribed channels. When you reach the Top 50, you're considered royalty as everyone tries to share the wealth of the 2nd largest search engine in the world. When you reach the Top 20, you're now a celebrity in your own right, not to mention, in the eyes of millions. You're most likely also cashing in quite a big paycheck as a Youtube Partner.

In less than a year, Freddie Wong (freddiew) has accomplished all of this and is on his way to breaking the Top 10 in just a few months. He's been able to do this by combining his talents behind and infront of the camera as well as finding a perfect niche and outlet to display his force and creativity along with his partner, Brandon Laatsch. The Comedy/VFX/Action duo have collaborated with everyone from Ray William Johnson to Kevin Pollack. There is no one like them as Freddie and Brandon carry the personality and talent that will propel them and many other Youtube Stars into unknown territory as social media and original content on the web evolves.

Read Freddie's article on how to achieve Youtube success:

Femme Fatality Ch 1-2

DeVanity Episode One & Two

If you want to become an "author" on Web Series Today please read: http://tinyurl.com/becomeaWSTauthor

For more detailed information about Web Series Today please read: Web Series Today:

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