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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Finale Vid 7: I Got Him...

On behalf of the cast and crew of Camp Bloody Beach I would like to thank everyone who made this series the cult success that it has been the last 7 months. These are just a few of you that made this such an awesome run:

VeelaValoom - All I can say is thank you!
Virginian9000 - The first LG15er to vouch for us!
ModelMotion - Thanks for telling us we were part of the Breeniverse, that meant everything at that moment!
JenLight - From fanvids to comments you did it all!
LimePeng1 - for being such a great smartass! @_@
MARY FEUER - Your words helped more than you know.
MILOWENT from Anchorcove
dannye60 - SUPERFAN!
NicoliolioandAudrey - You were with us from the very beginning!
Faithsalem4 - Our last superfan and one of the best of all!
LegendaryBadass - For being so... BADASS!
Heathenz - Our musicians!!!
DougSakmann - Guys like you inspire us everyday!
AriBezzina - Sorry we killed Mandy!
Emzieroy - You were with us from beginning to end!
kenpo9599 - Best of luck with the new baby!!!
ant3 - another one from the early days who never left us!
OneProduktionFilm - great music dudes!
hopefulsemblance - Email us ASAP dude!
rhondaanthonytanner - A "name" Youtube star who didn't treat us like crap and always gave us her support!

There's so many more but we don't just consider you viewers, we consider you our friends. Thanks for everything!

- The entire cast and crew of Camp Bloody Beach


Finale Vid 5: WTF???



P.S. Buy a CBB t-shirt at http://www.cafepress.com/campbreezybeach

Finale Vid 4: TRAPPED!!!




Finale Vid 3: Back in the woods!

I had to double back to the woods. I checked a couple of emails and thank god most of the kids are alive!!!


Finale Vid 2: Cabin Fever!




The Camp Bloody Beach Season Finale Slumber Party

We'll be posting new videos all night long until it's over! Post your fanvids giving us your comments and give Melissa some ideas on how to take Chad down!


It's on...

The Black Dawn: Episode 4 (web series)

Lee and Mack make a shocking discovery, but they hide the truth from the others.

Wondercon 2009: Exclusive -- We Talk 'Harper's Globe' with Creator Miles Beckett

"The story of Harper's Globe," he said, "is about a girl named Robin, with a very mysterious past, who's gone to Harper's Island to work for the newspaper, Harper's Globe, and to digitize articles from the newspaper and to create a community online for the Harper's Globe newspaper and the citizens of Harper's Island.


LG15: RP

28 February 2009 @ 07:52 pm

Oh, darn it.
They were prepared this time.

Went to the next girl's house, got in all safely and everything, made my way upstairs and...

What do I find? I'm surrounded by Orderites!

No kill this time, sadly. At least I was ready for that to happen.

Looks like I'm going to need more well-guarded information. Oh, I do Love Lucy.



Original Dollhouse Pilot Script: 1x01 Echo


Introducing...Samantha the Dork!

This is what happens when a nerd decides to pick up a camera and start vlogging.

Huh? Oh, yeah...Not dead! - lem0npeng1

So even though I've been gone, I'd like to remind you guys that real life has the bad tendency to...happen.

I'll be in the #theCoalition as much as I can this week. Meet me there, peeps!

PS: First person to find me Shawn gets to decide what exactly I get to do to the Hippy.

"The Samantha Chronicles" Premieres Today!

Today, THE SAMANTHA CHRONICLES, a new show directed by snl06 and starring RP07's Liv B. premieres on www.youtube.com/user/supersam73!

The new show is about a girl named Samantha, leaving her small town Ohio for the big city when tragedy hits. Samantha gets sucked into a mystery bigger than she had ever imagined and is forced to solve it before time runs out. The mystery involves the disturbing murder of her ex-boyfriend Scott and exactly why he was killed under such mysterious circumstances.

You can join Samantha in all of her adventures at her YouTube account: www.youtube.com/user/supersam73 and see all the behind the scenes information at www.youtube.com/user/samanthachronicles. And of course, you can catch all the episodes here at LG15 Today.

We hope you enjoy the series premiere of THE SAMANTHA CHRONICLES, right here at 4:00 EST/1:oo PST! See you there!

Dollhouse HD Trailer for S01E04

Make sure to watch it in HD!

Harper's Island on Bowen

Film crews are using Bowen Island as the set for the new CBS television series "Harper's Island" due out in 2009. The production is a huge boost to the local economy and locals are being hired to be extras and also getting work in various crew positions. They will be shooting here all winter.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Should I Stay or Should I Go? - DrActionSoluna

I take one step, and the villain is two steps ahead of me. I planned on going to New York with my step-dad and next thing I know, someone messages me over Honesty Box saying I better not do anything. Great, now what?

A Special Message From Chad Baker

Music provided by The Heathenz



Sarah, you've been a very bad girl...


WATCH THE SEASON FINALE TOMORROW NIGHT, (Saturday, February 28th,) starting at 7pm CST!

LG15: The Last - Teaser Trailer

The Last... are you ready?

From insideLG15

Here’s your first look at LG15: The Last, the exciting new LG15: The Show Is Yours series from Down Under. The full series will launch on Monday, March 9, 2009. In the meantime, begin discussing the show at www.LG15.com/TheLast and check out the website’s new look designed by the creators of the show.


The Last on lonelygirl15 LGPedia.

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

LG15: The Last

LG15: The Last is the winner of the LG15: The Show Is Yours contest. Set in Sydney, Australia, the series revolves around a trait positive girl named Chasina Wilson, who receives an email from Jonas Wharton, leader of the Resistance movement in the United States, prior to his capture by the Order at the end of LG15: The Resistance's first season. The email informs Chasina that she is trait positive, and provides her information on other girls, some who have died and others who haven't. She must save herself from being captured by an associate of Lucy's, who has become aware of her status.
The Pilot was released on January 19, 2009, and the show is set to launch in February.

LG15: The Last on lonelygirl15 LGPedia.

Lgpedia Needs Your Help: Ways To Help

From LG15

Greg, Miles, & Melanie Merkosky are @ Wonder Con today for Harper's Globe panel @ 3:30. Check 'em out if you can!



3:30-4:30 Technology and Traditional Content Establish the Next Level of Entertainment Experience — Greg Goodfried (EQAL) of the web's two most successful social drama series, lonelygirl15 and KateModern, and Melanie Merkosky, star of online social show multiplatform event Harper's Globe, discuss why social shows are the future of the entertainment industry and why partnering with television networks for multiplatform content is important for the future of both mediums. Room 220


see also: Sunday, March 1
2:45-4:00 Harper's Island— A 13-episode murder mystery event about a group of family and friends who travel to a secluded island for a destination wedding


This panel features an exclusive premiere showing of the pilot episode and Q&A with executive producer Jeffrey Bell (Angel, The X-Files), co-executive producers Dan Shotz and Karim Zreik (Jericho), and actors Katie Cassidy (Supernatural), Christopher Gorham (Jake 2.0, Ugly Betty), and Elaine Cassidy (The Others).

LG15: The Last - launches on LG15.com


See the DISCUSSION on LG15.com.

milowent said...
lgpedia already has some backstory on the show plot and characters, which i summarized here:


Time to step up - HodderACH

Hayley clearly wasn't the only one being watched. Now its our turn to do something.

I'm not here to play games anymore.


LG15 LIVES!!!!!

From LG15 on Twitter....

We've got something exciting to show you today. Stick around and find out!

@OrangeKeekat We'll let you know when the time is right. :)


The LG15 youtube account logged on 30 minutes ago: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=lg15


This January we asked you to submit your LG15 social show pilot for the chance to be featured on LG15.com. The chosen pilot is "LG15: The Last" made by a talented cast and crew from Sydney, Australia. Their show will premiere in late February 2009.

See the developing story.

How are you? - N1ckola

Chciałbym, żeby było normalnie

Discussion of N1ckola on Anchor Cove (including translations when available).

The Face Behind Facebook

LG15: RP

Bree (lonelygirlbree) wrote,
@ 2009-02-26 12:13:00

Current mood: curious

My mother

So...I've been pretty mopey the last couple of weeks. I haven't really been doing anything, because it doesn't really seem like I can do anything. So I decided when I woke up this morning that I need a new focus.

Gina and I talked about it, and we decided to try to find our birth mother. It's something that's been on my mind ever since my father died, but I didn't really do anything about it for a long time, you know, with "dying" and being held captive by the Order and everything. But since I met Gina, I just...it feels like I have to know. There's this little part of my life out there that I don't know anything about, you know?

I wish I'd thought to look for information about this when I was at my parents' house. But, if you guys have any advice, let us know. And if I think of anything to help you guys, I'll get in touch.



Zarbod News Network

Zarbod News Network

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Happy birthday, doll. XD

The Lost New Orleans Meep-Up Video - JenniPowell

Lookie what I found...

(And I apologize in advance for the bass...we were just rockin' too damn hard!)

Epic Cake Made of Awesome! - JenniPowell

Yup, I made a wish and everything.

Anyone still care? - SmythesFallenAngel

James and I moved and feel a little safer now.

Governing the Facebook Service in an Open and Transparent Way

by Mark Zuckerberg Today at 2:20pm

"We decided we needed to do things differently and so we're going to develop new policies that will govern our system from the ground up in an open and transparent way."

Read the full post: http://blog.facebook.com/blog.php?post=56566967130

Episode 31: Offline - The Hayley Project


KOLDCAST TV Inks Six New Web Series Deals

“When we started KoldCast just over two and half years ago, we believed that there were large numbers of incredibly creative and talented people hungry for an organized distribution channel, a Network, open to new concepts, ideas and forms of entertainment, where their independent productions would have a genuine and fair opportunity to be introduced to entertainment consumers around the world.


The Black Dawn: Episode 1 (web series)

Day 1 - 9:27 am. A mysterious plague falls over Los Angeles, leaving death in its wake.

The Black Dawn: Episode 2 (web series)

Adam finds other survivors, but as they gather together it is clear that no one knows what has happened.

The Black Dawn: Episode 3 (web series)

Unable to contact anyone else, Adam and some of the others venture into the darkness to find out if his family is still alive.

The Black Dawn’ Infects Web With WebSerials’ Latest

What would you do if you woke up one morning to find a mysterious black cloud descending on top of the city of Los Angeles, killing everyone around you?


Ups... - N1ckola

Myślałem, że to ktoś inny

Discussion of N1ckola on Anchor Cove (including translations when available).

Episode 6 - The Cafe - OzGirlTV

Sadie visits George's cafe to apply for a job.

All Things... - Colwyn31

....don't last forever. Right now, I am at peace with the decisions I've made. My videos will stay up for those who want to continue seeing them. For the friends I've made through LG15, BreeFM, and HOOBS, I love you all! Stay in touch online, be true to yourselves and be excellent to each other. For those who are fans of my channel, thank you very much for watching. God Bless!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Confessions of a broken heart. - abandonskies23

Where do you have left to go when you have no go left?. -Skylar

WHAT TIME IS IT?...Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST, Wednesday.

11:09 DJ_GlennFM Special guest tonight
11:09 DJ_GlennFM stopping by in the first segment
11:09 DJ_GlennFM hint: she's been on before :P
11:38 DJ_GlennFM Mari's in the studio

Mari Devincenzi on LGPedia.

Mari has not watched Dollhouse yet. Glenn said it was an improvement last week. He outlined the show. In the second episode Echo was hired by a rich dude but then there is a twist. It was so random and over the top that Glenn became curious.

Brian Austin Green makes Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles so good.

Mari and vand LL Cool J have the same birthday as Mari. Glenn shares a birthday with Bonjovi.

Glenn watched Friday 13th. He really wanted to watch Jason X again. With the exception of Jason goes to Hell a few other it ishard to name a best one. Final Chapter is probably the best one. Glenn and Mari talked about the entire Friday the 13th (franchise)

The talked about the Sega Genesis game system. Sega peaked with Sonic II. History has not been kind to Eternal Champions. You cannot go wrong with Toe Jamming Earl. Mari as a big fan of Sonic. Glenn went to an event in Alcatraz.

They talked about Waynes World with Mike Myers. Austin Powers got played out. So I Married an Axe Murderer was not a favorite of Glenns.

Glenn talked about Jelly Belly. There is a tour of the factory. The tour goes on for way too long. On the way home they found a Sonic in American Canyon.

They talked about Like Father Like Son . It was terrible. Best Body Switch movie : Vica Versa. Worst: 18 Again.

Heavenly Kid sucked. Glenn has only seen Porky 3. People on Twitter were excited recently because Just One of the Guys was on VH-1.

They discussed Mr. Belvedere and Webster (TV series) with Ben Vereen . Webster has a very dark ending. They talked about Quantum Leap (TV series). Mari would like to watch MacGyver again.

Law & Order: UK was OK.

Some girls have lives that are full of drama. They talked about Confessions of a Teen Idol.

Luke Perry was on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit last year.

Glenn showed Mari the fake criss_angel Twitter account. The comments are fantastic.

Wondercon is in the San Francisco Bay Area this weekend.

Here is the archive of of stories from LG15 TODAY concerning Glenn's radio show on BreeFM.

Send questions to [email protected]


Would You Pay Comcast $10 a Month for Online TV?

Comcast can see the writing on the wall, so last week it mobilized its own online video initiative to provide its customers with a way to watch premium TV programming online as part of a cable subscription.


Milly Sanders and Her Eerie Love Story ‘Meet Me in the Graveyard’

Actress-producer Milly Sanders is our protagonist Viola vlogging and chatting from a mental institution when she stumbles upon Ace who is vlogging from a half way house.

Meet Me In The Graveyard - Video 1 -

Time for an apology... PART 1 - LG15Origins

Sorry Bex, Skylar, everyone else

Part 2 will be up tonight or tomorrow. Sorry this video took up to much memory for some reason...

Apology Part 2

Because I needed a long pause for dramatic effect :) lol no it's cause youtubes acting sketchy lately and it wouldnt let me upload this unless it was in 2 parts...

Happy Birthday Jenni Powell! - ApotheosisAZ

Happy Bday and many more!

Something's Funny Part 5 - mrcheezypop

Just me being me.....

Rezydent - N1ckola

mam Cię!

Discussion of N1ckola on Anchor Cove (including translations when available).

Cable companies want a way to win with online TV

They would create a platform to release cable TV shows online, but exclusively for paying subscribers.


RockYou Gears Up to Distribute Content

RockYou, one of the largest developers of applications for social networks, has tremendous reach — 130 million global users and 18 billion page views per month.



The first Tuesday in 12 weeks there isn’t a new Guild episode, gah!


LIVE BLOG: How Would You Improve The TSIY-2 "Contest"

During the live chat Greg invited us to share our ideas on how LG15 The Show Is Yours contest could be improved so that it becomes more collaborative in spirit. Leave yours suggestions in a comment below.

Thanks to everyone who contributed and read the live blog. We hope it has been a productive experience. There is now a live blog tag so if you ever need to find it in the future just look in the categories down the right hand menu for "live blog" ~mm

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What happened in the chat? Skylar Edit.

So most of you are probably wondering what this buzz is about something that happened in a chat room. Who cares right? Well if you like drama, you'll love this. Take some time to read it and fully unstand what's happened and how this all started. Understand why I, personally am not ready to fogive him yet.

Read the full article here: http://abandonskies23.blogspot.com/

We supported his show fully, for most of us this was definitely a pilot to be considered, but as fate would have it, the thousand year old trait-positive male from LG15: Origins turned out to be anything but nice.


See the other wallpaper: http://community.livejournal.com/fight_theorder/21112.html

Bill Oberst Jr. in Wesley (2009) (VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED)

Here is Bill Oberst Jr's channel, where he has about 20 clips of his acting on it. Bill played Dr. Alderman in LG15: The Resistance. The clip below is pretty harmless, but some of the clips on the channel are of a graphic nature, and may not be suitable for all audiences.

I am always thankful to the actors and actresses who have entertained me in web video. Let's try to support them whenever we can.


Another New Friend For Dr. Bethany - JenniPowell

Dr. Bethany meets another new friend in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

LG15: RP

23 February 2009 @ 05:33 pm

Cynthia Maddon
Cause of Death: Suffocation
Time of Death: 4.36 AM
Trait Positive?: Y

Don't leave your backdoors unlocked, people! You could get all sorts of people intruding your home. Especially if your Watcher has gone AWOL.

Another Trait Positive down, another nail in the Order's coffin.


What Happened In Chat

There was a bit of drama in chat but all seems to be well now.

As was pointed out in a comment we have the respect online campaign and we are glad to see everyone is in support of that effort.



SUBSCRIBE to "respect online".

If you have any questions about "Respect Online" please e-mail [email protected]

"Perfect Sport" Trailer - indiefest

"Perfect Sport" Trailer soon to be available on IndieFlix and iTunes. Description here: Writer/director Anthony O'Brien takes high school drama to the mat. He stars as high school wrestler Lee Bishop who must compete against his sister Tina's natural talent when she decides to join the boy's team, before personal demons and bigger issues threaten to destroy him. Also starring Jessica Rose (Lonelygirl15) and Harvey Keitel's daughter Stella.

PINK 27 In HD: In The Paint

Nate learns about the family business and what it means when an artist says he wants to "paint you."

Natural Explanation Found for UFOs

"Lightning from the thunderstorm excites the electric field above, producing a flash of light called a sprite," said Colin Price, a geophysicist at Tel Aviv University in Israel.


How a weave can help you fight the Order!

Bullet Proof Weave Womans's Weave Stops Bullet Saves Her Life In Kansas! Attempted Murder Miracle

Research: OrangeKeekat on Twitter

Oz Sadie says....

Going out with Megan tonight!! Another night on the town.


I'm sorry - N1ckola

Musisz mi pomóc

Discussion of N1ckola on Anchor Cove (including translations when available).

Cassie? - ApotheosisAZ

The quest never ends.

10+ Twitter Apps You (probably) Never Heard About!


Monday, February 23, 2009

Episode 30: Haunting Past - The Hayley Project

I feel like I'm going crazy. What did the psychic mean about the answer lying in my guilty past? Is there a clue?

“Knights of the Guild” Microcast #1

KOTG Microcast #1 Quest for the Finale

We have been getting lots of requests to released our podcast more often then once a month. As much as we would like to do that these podcasts take alot of time to produce, manage and put together so instead we will be releasing microcasts

Read the rest and listen to the podcast at the link above.

Taylor Momsen escapes paparazzi

allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="480" height="295">

Taylor Momsen pulls some crazy moves to escape from photogs.

Yep, u guessed it. This viral video with Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen was in fact a product campaign from Nike.

Yesterday - N1ckola

To czego nie widać

Discussion of N1ckola on Anchor Cove (including translations when available).

Ron Howard On ‘Arrested Development’ Film: ‘It’s Going Ahead’

The status of the “Arrested Development” movie has vexed and teased fans of the Emmy-winning Fox show almost since the day it was unjustly canceled.


Online Video Viewing Up, Impact on TV “Negligible”

Television is still king, despite gains being made online.


Rollout - adrieXskittars

Jen spots a mysterious figure that she's fond of. What's the worst that could happen?

I forgot to credit a song:
Rollout - Ludacris

Another Last Days BTS Thing - SaintTames

Mr. Willard Renken was kind enough to use his camera to videotize behind the scenesness when we were filming our LG15 TSIY Pilot... I didn't really get around to editing any of it together until now.

And I just thought that the multiple camera thing at the end was cool.. how it's all in sync and stuff...

Marigold - Nirvana
If You Found This It's Probably Too Late - the Arctic Monkeys

Episode 5 - The New Sadie - OzGirlTV

Megan takes Sadie into the city for a make over.

The Jonas Brothers Experience

Well, that PLACE was the famed Rainbow Room (I can tell you now, and you can go there, but alas, no Jonases! Wah!), and that SOMETHING was The Jonas Brothers Experience, which airs Monday, February 23 at 6pm ET on MTV (uh, duh).


Bebo Wants to Be Your Social Aggregator

Another way the company hopes to do that is by getting celebrities into lifestreaming – they tout the fact that a number of prominent artists like Miley Cyrus and All-American Rejects are already using the features


There’s also AIM integration coming, wherein AIM profiles become Bebo profiles, which could lure millions of new people into the site.

Hohmann Transfers and sub-Optimal Symo-Locationing - TheZarbodShow

Zarbod explains what went bump in the night.

Visit Patricia's web Space News page

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dr. Bethany's New Friend! - JenniPowell

Dr. Bethany meets a new friend in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Oscars Twitter Feed

::::: Oscars: Variety Twitter Feed

Research: Jenni Powell on Twitter

::::: Oscars: 2009 Oscar winners list

Lowering the defenses - HodderACH

Since I'm fairly certain Tony won't be creeping on me any time soon, I thougt it would be best to speak my mind a little more.




Sunday, February-22-09

The counsellors at Camp Breezy Beach are all dead as are many of the campers. There is a Rec. Hall full of kids waiting to be rescued. Poor Melissa is in the woods trying to get free and there is a deranged killer on the loose.

Sounds like a great time to throw a slumber party!

At least that’s what series creator Chris Greenaway thought when he announced that the cult web series’ season finale will be aired on Saturday, February 28th, beginning at around 7pm.

“Since CBB is a slasher/horror series we thought it would be cool to make the remaining 8 episodes an all night affair,” says Greenaway, “and we’re going to drop all of them periodically all night long so everyone get your sleeping bags, some popcorn and a flashlight!!!”

Viewers will be encouraged to post fan videos of their slumber parties while watching the season finale as well as their thoughts and predictions. ”All season long viewers have been communicating with the characters through the comments section of the videos on Youtube and now they’ll have a chance to cheer and jeer their favourite remaining characters and even try to guess how they may die!” Chris added that, “all fanvids will be posted on our Youtube channel during the course of the Slumber Party!”

That’s not the only thing fans of the cursed summer camp have to look forward to on February 28th. They will also be announcing the winner of the Camp Bloody Beach Death Pool contest that was held back in October. Winners will receive t-shirts and other prizes.

The Season Finale will go live on Saturday, February 28th on the official Camp Bloody Beach Youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/campbreezybeach.

Camp Bloody Beach is a horror/comedy web series set in a summer camp with a violent and bloody past. Will Melissa survive or will Chad Baker’s murderous reign continue? Find out on Saturday night!!!

Oscar Music Nominees

Oscar nominees

LG15: RP

Bree (lonelygirlbree) wrote,
@ 2009-02-20 23:16:00

Current mood: drained
Current music: "Night Drive" The All-American Rejects

"every mile further there's a part of me that slips away..."
I keep thinking about Lauren. It makes me so angry. She trusted him. I trusted him. She considered him a friend.

I shouldn't have left without her. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

I don't think you're going to get Ananda back while she's with her "father." He's her security. Whatever you say, he's going to refute, and she'll believe him. You need to get rid of him, if you haven't already. Don't kill him, if you don't have to. Just get her as far away from him as you can.

Two girls I thought I saved, and they're gone again. A lot of good I am, huh? You probably shouldn't even listen to me. I'm just trying to help.

I'm gonna try to get some sleep again.



22 February 2009 @ 06:05 pm
Uh oh!
The Order's right outside.

Drat, I've been foiled. D:

So when can I expect my rescue party to arrive and bust me out, eh? I mean, Lauren got one. So did Ananda.

Aha. No, I'm not really expecting one. You're all a load of ungrateful bastards. Here I am, bringing down the Order, on my own, and there you are, wanting me dead! Pfft. Kids these days.

Hm. Maybe they'll let me borrow their laptop. I'm sure there's a lot of interesting information on there.



Hey there! oz_sadie is using Twitter.


Dollhouse 1 03 Stage Fright Promo

Dollhouse 1.03 Stage Fright © FOX

How Dare They ! - LG15: Origins


In response to those who think this is complaining...
Just watch it

If you want to become an "author" on Web Series Today please read: http://tinyurl.com/becomeaWSTauthor

For more detailed information about Web Series Today please read: Web Series Today:

For other info contact: [email protected]

Join the discussion: http://www.tinyurl.com/webseriescommunity