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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to me ! And LG15 Stuff ! - iAlexOnline

It's my birthday !!! I'm finally 17, but more importantly I entered a contest called LG15 The Show is Yours. If I win this could be my breakout into acting and directing so please route me on ! Here's my submission called LG15 Origins:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J 9QOT8tAECs&feature=channel_page These are my top 4 choices in no particular order (they're in order in the video)
Bonjour Canada ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEkzVS... LG15 The Misfits: http://www.youtube.com /watch?v=aeQzrC2ioB0 LG15: The Last http://www.youtube.com
/watch?v=ei3Mi6tSi5I&eurl=http://inside. lg15.com/
LG15 Final Request: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0t1RgB... So PLEASE EVERYONE go check out my video and everyone elses and pray for me to win, this could be my big break !

Epiphany - 3rdTriad (Series Finale Final Episode)

Kendra carried out her faith.

agora n1ckola eqal


Facing The Demon - 3rdTriad (Series Finale Ep. 2)

Sooo, here I am... - lem0npeng1 (theCoalition)

New account.

New year.

New glasses.


Visit theCoalition

Sweet Dreams and Sleep Tight - 3rdTriad (Series Finale Ep. 1)

Sweet dreams..

500,000 Visits for LG15 Today!!!!!

It is just a little under two years since LG15 Today launched and a few minutes ago the blogspot passed the 500,000 visit landmark with over 797,000 page views.

A long long time ago the 436 had taken away the official chat on the lonelygirl15 web site so a few fans got together to create the LG15 Addicts Userplane chat site. While chilling there the concept of the collaborative valentines card was hatched. It was a huge hit and it became quite apparent that given the opportunity this community had a huge capacity to collaborate creatively using the tools provided by the Internet. It was out of that spirit and the open free philosophy of lonelygirl15 comments that LG15 Today was born as a collaborative blog with the goal of keeping the community up to day with what was going on in the Breeniverse. Whether it be
lonelygirl15 news, community videos, a snow ball fight on comments, lonelypirates15, the latest ARG puzzle or any of the other antics that were taking place in the community we wanted to find a way of keeping the community up to date on what was going on.

We want to thank the many people who have contributed to the success of LG15 Today. Some helped out with the design, some have made many many posts, or helped market and promote the blogspot. Others have done research for the blogspot, passed along tips, created cartoons or just written very funny, insightful or historical stories. In particular, we want to thank the fans over at LGPedia who provide the community with the most amazing resource. Of course we are indebted to all the video series creators who work so hard to entertain us. Some in the community have gone on to tell their own stories based on their own mythology while others stick with the traditional LG15 mythology but whatever your flavor you are part of this vibrant community and we thank you all. Of course a blog would be nothing if it was not for its readers so we thank each and everyone of you for your loyal support and many insightful comments. Finally we want to thank Google for providing us with a very robust and dynamic platform on which to build the blogspot.

It has been great to watch the development of this community which has always had so much creative energy. Sites like Anchor Cove continue to stamp their identity on the web series universe. The community now has BreeFM, its own community radio station which we have been able to work closely with. We have a plethora of IRC chat rooms and other blogs that put their own spin on things of interest to the community. We have even seen the development of community portals such as the Coalition web site and other more specialized web sites for individual community web series. It is never easy keeping up with all the news but some how by working together we are able to do it. That is the magic of LG15 Today!

If you enjoy the blogspot and decide that you would like to become an author just drop us an e-mail at [email protected] and we will add you to the blogspot author list. ~ mm

Friday, January 23, 2009

Who is the Girl???! - LG15Iris2009

Man, is she hot or what?

Check her out!

Why can't everyone win? - veelavaloom

I really hope the community will get behind all of the new wonderful shows people have created!

Subscribe to all these people & congratulate them on a job well done:

I'm About to Die. - ChadEvans18

May Flower - missymayflower

Stepping In - EvangelineAraho

Bonjour Canada! - addictiveerica

The Thousand Year Fight - LG15Origins

LG15: Clones (pilot) - Jabsie

Yay? - stephknowseverything

Rubin to the Rescue? - RubintotheRescue

LG15: The Misfits - Pilot - lg15themisfits

A Change of Place - mswilsonswar

LG15 Pilot - Brian Mythic - ResistanceWarrior

You Wanted Answers - TheFacil1ty

JUST JEN 1st Blog - justjustjen

LG15 TSIY pilot Chaos Echoes ep 1 - mitchcontrol

LG15: Final Request - Trailer - LG15FinalRequest

LG15: The Cure Pilot - LG15TheCure

LG15: Last Days Pilot-ish Dealie - lg15lastdays

LG15: The Last - Pilot - 0TheLast0

LG15: The Order Files (Series Preview + Pilot Episode) - stretchandmayonaise

I think these are all the official entries. I know there were some unofficial ones for fun but I didn't include them. No offense meant at all though!

Thanks to Modelmotion who inspired me to make this video.

Hope - Iluvschoollunch (tC: A/A)

Thank you all.
Send emails to [email protected].

Love, Elizabeth

LIVE Announcement on Monday 01/26

Join us LIVE on Monday, January 26, at 2:00 PM PST as we announce the chosen pilot for LG15: The Show Is Yours. We will be streaming live on www.Stickam.com/lgfifteen so set your clocks and bookmark the page!

We’re so excited about what this means for the LG15 Universe and look forward to working with the community on this upcoming show.

Don’t forget to subscribe to the LG15 YouTube account and watch all of the pilot submissions.

The 436 takes out N1ckola

Witaj na n1ckola.pl

Zapraszamy w poniedziałek 26 stycznia o godzinie 20.00 na pierwszy odcinek serialu n1ckola.

Do zobaczenia!


Anonymous said...
Stands for:

Welcome to n1ckola.pl

Opening Monday, 26 January at 20.00 in the first episode series n1ckola.

See you!

Note: This link still works: http://n1ckola.blox.pl/html

n1ckola is the name of an upcoming Polish webshow produced by EQAL, Agora, and A2 Multimedia. The show is set to debut on January 26th, 2009, and is EQAL's first business venture in a language other than English. It is meant to be a Polish retelling of the lonelygirl15 story. According to Greg Goodfried and Miles Beckett, the main creators of n1ckola, the show will "blend reality, documentary, and fiction."
Over 100 n1ckola videos will be made in the length of one to five minutes, and new installments will appear four to five times a week. Greg Goodfried said, "It was always our hope to expand the ‘LG15’ universe into new countries through full-format licensing deals like this one with Agora. n1ckola is the perfect example of a business model we'd like to replicate in the future in even more countries."

N1ckola on LGPedia

N1ckola Portal page on LGPedia

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

On This Day in LG15 History: January 23, 2008

One year ago today, on January 23, 2008, the San Francisco Live Event was held.

The following day, footage from the event was included in the video Too Dangerous!

The event had a good fan turnout (for a weekday afternoon!). It is worth noting that a key part of this live event involved someone having to visit a bathroom, a trope that would reappear in the Boston live event in LG15: The Resistance.

San Francisco Live Event on LGPedia.

Too Dangerous! on LGPedia

Fans Really Get Into Lonelygirl (Newteevee.com, Jan. 23, 2008) (with more footage)

What Pops Said - Nemarous (3rdTriad)

Pops and I had a talk.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

With the Angels Season One Credit Roll and Bloopers

VOTE! Nominations close tomorrow - streamys.org!

The fans have had their shout-outs - now it's the crew's turn.

Sneak Peak of n1ckola

See more on Inside LG15

When I put this into google translate it came up "We know from you" Which might not be accurate because I couldn't put the special cap on the z.

Transylvania Television

Transylvania Television: Ep01 "Interview with Some Vampire" from Michael Heagle on Vimeo.

PILOT EPISODE: "INTERVIEW WITH SOME VAMPIRE!" Recent college graduate Furry Ackermonster is a yeti with a mission: get a freakin' job, fast! Salvation comes when the Vampire LeShoc offers a position at his Carpathians-based television station. But there's more on the line for ol' Furry than just his student loans in the pilot for the series Transylvania Television! This is the 12 Minute promo version, for the full 22 Min multi-part episodes, visit the Video Episodes page.

Miles Beckett Post, Talks about his project’s!

“Is creating a viral hit really what you want?” It’s a question on the mind of every Web producer. In the first part of our Celebrity Guest Writer series, Miles Beckett, founder of YouTube hit lonelygirl15, divulges his secrets on building an audience.

This is the first article in a series of Celebrity Guest Writers offering their insight into issues close to their experiences.

by Miles Beckett

“Johnson, make me a viral hit!” Right now irrational demands like that are echoing throughout boardrooms and advertising agencies around the world. The question is: What is a viral hit? I don’t think most people know. Most importantly, is creating a viral hit really what you want? Not necessarily. Counterintuitive, I know, but hear me out.

A viral hit is a video, picture, or piece of media that spreads around the Internet like wildfire. Numa Numa. Bonsai kittens. That email from the Nigerian dude. A viral hit explodes into the global consciousness overnight and disappears just as quickly. That’s the problem. In order to create a sustainable business or translate awareness into increased sales, companies must do more than simply create a viral hit that disappears just as quickly as it appears. They need to build and sustain an audience and foster a relationship with the community that forms around the content they produce.

lonelygirl15, the online serial that I created with Mesh Flinders and Greg Goodfried, certainly has penetrated the global consciousness. We made the cover of Wired and we even won VH1’s “Big in ’06 Biggest Web Hit” award. But, was lonelygirl15 actually a viral hit? Not really. There’s no doubt that awareness of lonelygirl15 spread around the world like a virus, but none of the lonelygirl15 videos were actually “viral hits.” In fact, while some lonelygirl15 videos have over a million views, most average 300,000 views.

lonelygirl15 was a popular YouTube series produced by EQAL

The LG15 franchise, comprised of lonelygirl15 (which ended in August 200 8) and its UK spin-off, KateModern, is successful because it has attracted an audience that regularly visits the websites to view the episodes and interact with the community. To date, the two shows had over 190 million views combined. Rather than simply create a viral hit, we’ve built a sustainable audience around two online serials and fostered a relationship between the content and the community.

So, the question isn’t “How do you create a viral hit,” it’s “How do you build and sustain an audience around your content?” Some of the strategies are new, and others are as old as marketing itself. It boils down to three things: producing compelling content, integrating community tools into the show, and marketing to the right audience.

In terms of video production, the content needs to fit the medium. It should feel like user-generated content so that the audience can interact with it, but it also must be professionally produced so that it tells a compelling story. We have created a hybrid approach to online storytelling that merges the best principles of traditional television (weekly story arcs, A plots and B plots, and dramatic cliffhangers) with lightweight production teams and novel techniques including the use of jump-cuts, rapid editing, and concise and witty dialogue.

The communities that form around our shows are eager to interact with the characters and storyline. It’s important to construct content in a manner such that it demands interaction. Characters should reach out to the audience and ask for their input. We break the fourth-wall constantly. Characters talk to the camera, shout out to fans, and communicate via the comment boards, forums, and chat rooms. On KateModern, characters use the social networking tools available on Bebo, including status updates, blogs, and whiteboards.

Finally, it’s important to bring your content to the audience. All of our shows are tied to community websites (YouTube and MySpace in the case of lonelygirl15, and Bebo for KateModern) that are composed of a demographic interested in the content we produce. The members of those websites are young, tech savvy, and interested in short-form, interactive content that fits into their multi-tasking lifestyle.

So, who wants a viral hit? I don’t. I’d choose a sustainable audience over a flash in the pan viral hit any day. “Going viral” can certainly increase awareness of a brand, but the only way to build an audience and create a sustainable business is to do it the old fashioned way: hard work, thorough planning, and persistence.

original source:http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/265143

Courtesy Miles Beckett
Beckett, the founder of lonelygirl15 and KateModern

n1ckola airing on January 26 on the www.n1ckola.pl platform.

Leave a comment!


The girl appears to me n1ckola.~mm

Christmas Gone Good - Zarbod


George Michael - Jesus To A Child.

Hvem har skapt alle blomstene

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

WHAT TIME IS IT?...Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST, Wednesday.

Glenn had to buy a new mic after last weeks show.

After playing "Sylvester Stallone & Dolly Parton - Stay Out of My Bedroom", Glenn said that in an 80s way he can't believe they made this movie. There was a lot of stuff like that in the 80s. They must have figured that people like Dolly and Sylvester would be popular, so they had to figure out how can they put them together. He then went through the logic of how they might have come up with the plot.

Confessions of a Teen Idol is pretty descent. Glenn has been watching Arrested Development again. There are so many layers and rich with comedy. He has been reading about the movie. There is only one hold out (Michael Cera ) that will not sign on. He has a lot going on. Sometimes when you read quotes someone can sound more arrogant than they really are. Glenn then played a clip from Sundance. He does not have a solid reason not to do it.

Glenn talked about Gimme Me a Break! He watched a fair amount of it but never really found it funny.

Family Ties could have done without the last season or last two seasons. The show started to get predictable and less interesting. It is one of the few shows that introduced a new child character and did not tank.

When you introduce a new character into a sitcom it can destroy an ensemble cast.

Just Shoot Me has some fantastic episodes. They tried to add a new cast member in the last season and it just did not work. Kirsty Alley on Cheers was a good one. The Office has also added characters and done it well. It tends to be in the later seasons when it does not work well. When you get to season 7 it tends not to work well.

Happy Days: Glenn remembers it being good at times. Some things hold up but Happy Days has not held up. 50s nostalgia is over.

Andy Griffith Show: Glenn never liked it.

Patty Duke Show was no leave it to Beaver.

Glenn talked about The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis

The girl from Grease 2 plays a voice on King Of The Hill: Pamela Adlon

Kenny vs Spenny is in its 5th Season.

Glenn is going to a big thing tomorrow. He will talk about it next week.

Here is the archive of of stories from LG15 TODAY concerning Glenn's radio show on BreeFM.

Send questions to [email protected]


With ‘n1ckola’ and CBS’ ‘Harper’s Globe,’ EQAL Is On Fire

I think we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface, and on the technology side of things we are years behind things Greg and I have discussed and pictured,” said Beckett. “We now have the building block and that infrastructure in EQAL to begin accomplishing those dreams.


"With the Angels" interview on Koldcast

h/t Sean Vincent Biggins

See Dick Ride - Hymn0f0ne

Ride Dick, ride.

Find the title of the movie from which these lines came.

The first word in the title is your first clue.

The Streamy Awards - Update

Nominations for The Streamy Awards will close this Friday, January 23, at 11:59 PM (PST).


New from Coalition Comix: Worldfiles!

The long anticipated Worldfiles Comic in now online. :)
See it HERE at theCoalition.

Visit theCoalition



Researh credit: Milowent

veela-valoom said...

If you think your all clever and going to translate the words (I did this) it just says "Learn more soon!"



EQAL’s New International Venture to Launch This Month

January 21, 2009 – POLAND – EQAL, the social entertainment company founded by the creators of the Internet’s two most successful social dramas lonelygirl15 and KateModern, announced a license agreement with Polish producers Agora and A2 Multimedia for the new story in the lonelygirl15 universe, n1ckola. The new show produced by Agora and A2 Multimedia is based on the wildly popular lonelygirl15 social show series. n1ckola combines several genres, including reality, documentary and feature fiction with sensational themes.

More than 100 episodes of n1ckola will be produced, with each episode running from one to five minutes. The show will air four to five times each week, with the premiere episode of n1ckola airing on January 26 on the http://www.n1ckola.pl platform.

Through the licensing agreement, Agora will have rights to the lonelygirl15 brand name, logo, plot, characters and mythology. EQAL will consult with Agora on the new story, character creation and development, scripts and storyline.

Series sponsors include Microsoft, Hasbro, Polkomtel and Samsung.

“We’re thrilled to take the lonelygirl15 franchise to Europe,” said Greg Goodfried, COO, EQAL. “The show’s expansion into multiple international territories, including the UK, Italy and Poland represents the global excitement of online entertainment. Collaborating with Agora for this new project will allow our teams to offer the best in social show entertainment.”

EQAL’s success in creating online communities has come from maximizing the Internet’s capabilities in providing engaging, interactive experiences for viewers, while evolving and updating storylines based on audience feedback.

“This is an immense challenge,” said Maciej Wicha, director for multimedia and partnerships, Agora; A2 Multimedia Board Member. “We will be producing a completely new form of drama, which we are only beginning to learn about through the team at EQAL. It is also a unique model of offering marketing tools to our clients. Conventional advertising is gradually leaving the scene, and it could be shows like these that set the standards for new solutions.”

Agora, the series' producer and one of the largest and most renowned media companies in Central and Eastern Europe, will be responsible for marketing and customer relations. A2 Multimedia, the executive producer, which is co-owned by Agora and ATM Grupa, will handle casting, production and episode distribution. Outdoor and online advertisements were developed by Opcom agencies.

About EQAL

EQAL (pronounced "Equal") is a social entertainment company dedicated to changing the way content is consumed. Merging technology with creative development and production expertise, EQAL is the world's leading producer of online interactive shows. Formerly known as LG15 Studios/Telegraph Ave. Productions, the company paved the way for truly interactive social shows with lonelygirl15 and KateModern. Collectively the two series have attracted more than 150 million views and hundreds of thousands of fans around the world. EQAL weaves together the best elements of traditional storytelling and video production with interactive experiences that are native to the Web in order to build passionate online communities. Through partnerships with independent producers, traditional media companies and multi-national brands, EQAL is dedicated to building online communities that engage users like never before. EQAL is headquartered in Los Angeles with offices in London. For more information: http://www.eqal.com.

"n1ckola" - nowy serial internetowy Agory

The first section of the new series "N1ckola" from Agora and A2 Multimedia will appear on the internet on Monday, 26 January, 2009.


See discussion on Anchor Cove

EQAL, Polish Producers Partner on 'Lonelygirl' Spinoff

By Daisy Whitney on TV Week

The producers behind “Lonelygirl15” and “KateModern” inked a deal to license a new show in the “Lonelygirl15” saga to Polish producers Agora and A2 Multimedia, the companies announced today. The new show, “N1ckola,” blends reality, documentary and fiction, said EQAL, the creators of the show.


milowent said...

SUBSCRIBE to the officially non confirmed YouTube account for N1ckola. Repeat, this account has NOT been confirmed.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Emergency! - The Guild

Season 2 - Episode 8: Emergency!
Season 2 - Episode 8: Emergency!

Vork calls a Guild meeting to deal with the server downtime.

The Samantha Chronicles - SamanthaChronicles

"The Samantha Chronicles" is a web series created by snl06 and starring RP07's Olivia B. It premieres on Samantha's account, http://www.youtube.com/user/supersam73 in February 2009. This account(http://www.youtube.com/user/SamanthaChronicles ) will be used for official show announcements and behind the scenes information. All videos from the series will also be uploaded to LG15 Today. We hope you enjoy the show!


LG15: The Show is Yours

The chosen pilot will be announced on Monday, January 26, 2009. Stay tuned for details on the time and place - we’ll be announcing this live!


The VOTE is YOURS: LG15: TSIY People's Choice <==VOTE NOW!

Guild Launch Jan 20

Guild Launch Jan 20
Originally uploaded by watchtheguild

Little known facts. - LG15Iris2009

[phone upload]
Just a video i found laying around.

The VOTE is YOURS: LG15: TSIY People's Choice

You have 6 days left to vote in "The VOTE is YOURS: LG15: TSIY People's Choice" (or until Eqal announces the outcome of their choice.... which ever is less).

You can change your vote at any point so make sure you watch and subscribe to ALL the videos and make an informed decision based on merit. This is a great moment for us to expand the community so ask your friends to watch the videos and most of all have fun.



Inaugural Strain?.....or 436?.... you decide!

Is the Web Breaking Under the Inaugural Strain?

Om just emailed that the web may be breaking under the strain of President Barack Obama’s inauguration, noting that several sites, such as ABC.com and C-SPAN, appear to be down.


Obama Takes Oath of Office

Obama Takes Oath of Office

PINK 22: The Laws of Attraction

Nate catches the eyes of her professor and a suave and charming artist.

RTE Storyland Show - Erase and Rewind

RTE Storyland Contender - Caped Crusader

So let it be known that if you seek to cause injustice on my streets, I will be there to stop you – other commitments permitting.


See also:

RTE STORYLAND - Erase and Rewind Writer Blog

RTE STORYLAND Contender - iCabalot

Other stories of interest on StoryGas:

Online Comedy... Something To Be Desired (STBD)

Online Comedy... Break A Leg

Augmented Reality On A Mobile Phone and Immersive Video

Access Hulu.com from anywhere... - Hotspotshield.com

New Web comedy coming soon... Quest For The Golden Hot Dog

Online Comedy... Red vs. Blue

Online Comedy - C4's Pet Project - Penelope Princess Of Pets

Online Comedy... The Progressive Adventures of Mr. Vista

Presidential Inauguration

Republican, Democrat, Liberal or Conservative - everyone loves a party, right?
Can't be near a television? Watch the presidential inauguration LIVE on theCoalition mainpage.

Keep an eye out for the black suits and sunglasses, they'll be everywhere...

Visit theCoalition

Monday, January 19, 2009

Thanks so Much and Top 4 TSIY Pilots! - ThatFreakinRandy

Like I said. I had "to edit it this really fa--"
So things are cut off.


Thank you all so much!
My show, LG15: Final Request:
Channel: http://www.youtube.com/lg15finalrequest
Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0t1RgB35ezc
Top Four:

4 - Bonjour Canada! - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEkzVSUljvc
3 - The Last - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOHomFurQkE
2 - The Order Files - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9QOT8tAECs
1 - Origins - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9QOT8...

Full list of entries:

Subscribe to their shows!

Mercurial Girl - michiev

Five star fall - Mercurial Girl


Live Chat Wednesday- j0v13r

wow, this is the shortest video ever.
but yeah, live chat this wednesday at 8 pm.

Episode 20: Nirvana - The Hayley Project

So it sounds like Nirvana is the name of the escort service. Not sure if there is other significance to the name, but I do know Keira wasn't the only one working there. Time to investigate others who were involved. Can you guess who that may be?

Riki's Top 3 TSIY Picks! - OrangeKeekat

Here's my list of favorites! I'd love to hear your input. Leave a comment below. kthx.

#3: LG15 Origins

#2: LG15 Final Request

#1: MissyMayFlower


Driving for the first time can be a little nerve-wracking...but I guess you guys knew that.

Thanks for praying that I didn't die! Appreciate it. ^_^

Poll updated (3rd)

You will need to vote again in the updated poll with one additional video.


LG15: The Order Files (Series Preview + Pilot Episode) - stretchandmayonaise

What makes the life of one girl any more important than the life of another? The line between good and evil isn't always as clear as you may think. What is to happen to the good people that make bad choices?

Show Outline:

The life of Jordyn Johnson was, to say the least, the most typical of any teenage girl. Until, that is, she was brought an ultimatum. She would gain the trust of a group of "special girls", and hand then over to an organization called "The Order", or her, her friends, and her family would feel the consequences. Fans will soon find out, that they can't play both sides. Either they support Jordyn on her quest to find these girls, or support the people who will try and stop her from doing it, at any costs. You've seen Shadows, Elders, Watchers, and Claire, but you've seen nothing like this. On LG15: The Order Files, expect everything you know about good and bad to change. What would a seemly good-doing organization, like The Resistance, do if one girl threatened the life of another "special" girl? Take her out. This season, YOU will control the show. The show is YOURS. Engage in a variety of interactive aspects to the show, such as a weekly "live chat", decode clues and mysteries for the characters, communicate with characters that will CHANGE the course of the show completely, and come meet with these characters LIVE in a New York City Live Event! This season, expect interactivity, familiar faces, and much more.


Written, directed, produced, filmed, and edited - Chris "Stretchandmayonaise"

Jordyn- Jana K.

Mike- Joe G.

WhatTheBuck?!- Michael "Buck" Buckley

xgobobeanx- Jill Hanner

SupaDupaFlyGirl- Lizzy Ashley

Logo by Greg F.


Song 1- Translations by Light the City

Song 2- Red Dragon vs. Phoenix by Solace

Song 3- Say You Know It by Light The City

Song 4- Speak Up by Show Me The Skyline


Poll updated (2nd)

0TheLast0 and lg15lastdays have been added to the poll so you will need to vote again in the updated poll.


LG15: Last Days Pilot-ish Dealie - lg15lastdays

Ahh, man, I made so many mistakes when editing this video, because I was rushed... there's a part of the voiceover that's missing and I missed a whole part of the guy's monologue... and I didn't add music... oh well...

This is my pilot for the LG15: The Show Is Yours competition. It's about a trait positive girl, Eleanor, who has found out what lies at the end of the ceremony, and has decided to go through with it anyway, because fighting the Order is futile. And then her friend Adam finds out she's trait positive and stuff and is trying to save her.


Numerous, numerous, numerous thanks to everyone who helped film, especially Andrew and Emma, who really came through for me at a moment's notice. Also, the same amount of thanks to Seth for letting us take over his house. And to Willy, who filmed BTS footage. And to Quinn who helped put things away. And to Davis, who is never inconsistent in telling me that I'm doing everything wrong and should do it his way. And to Zoe, for taking control of that swing so very, very well.

And to the Creators of LG15 for putting on TSIY (oh, and, y'know, building the entire universe... thanks for that too. :P).


LG15: The Last - Pilot - 0TheLast0

[One of my favorites]

We are everywhere.

We are everyone.

We know that you're out there.

Where will you run?

immortal1's lg15:TSIY top 5 pilot review

From Anchor Cove: http://forum.anchorcove.net/viewtopic.php?f=52&t=1850&p=12241#p12241

by immortal1 on Mon Jan 19, 2009 9:13 pm

So as someone who was among the first, as well as one of the most prolific creators of lg15 "UCG" I've been watching TSIY pilots with particular interest. I'd thought I'd share my opinion and some feedback.

First my rules:
-I won't comment negatively on any of the pilots. What I'm going to try and offer is constructive criticism.
-Everyone should be commended for trying. As the great Rocky Balboa once said, "The difference between winners and losers is that winners Go For It!"
-Not commenting on acting or production values. To me a good story can overcome that stuff.
-My personal criteria are: 1) something that expands the mythology, 2) something that grabs me right away, 3) something that avoids the copycat tricks and cliches.
-I won't comment at all on the Misfits. I know people involved and that would just be biased.

In no particular order:

LG15:Origins, The Thousand Year Fight- "The last trait positive male. Who was he? Where was he from? Why don't you ask him?" Hook. Line. Sinker. I really identified with this guy. The creator, not the character. I just really got this strong sense that his concept was bigger than his means to execute it and I can identify with that. Yeah he should have another character and he probably shouldn't be in his house. My guess is this cat already knows that. Anyway IMO the trait positive dude should have just escaped and been introduced to us by an attractive female who found and is harboring him. That would add a couple of extra layers 1) a character whose eyes we see through as she discovers this world for the first time and 2) a great fish out of water character to play with as this guy who has no knowledge of the modern world tries to live in it. That's more input than feedback isn't it? LOL

Bonjour Canada!- This is the kind of character intro I normally have trouble sitting through but there was something about this girl, she had Bree-ness. Is this really her? A character based on her? Or a completely scripted character? I'm intrigued. But it's just a set up-will we get anything new that we haven't seen before? It does come from the perspective of a girl who knows nothing of the Order so the potential is there. Plus Canada, that's different. But it's the character that is the draw in this one.

Stepping In- It grabbed me right away. Yeah you have to have a character intro but nowadays you have to motivate people to want to meet new characters. The escape was a great lead in. It makes perfect sense that the Order would have tried previously to breed trait positive males and females. She seems to suggest though that something more resulted from her creation, something that might make the Order fearful. That's a great hook.

LG15:The Final Request- I thought this was executed pretty well. I was left not knowing if the story would expand the mythology or fall back on what we've already seen. I found myself wanting that hook. If they only could have discovered something in the notes, something new with great impact, even if it was vague it would have hooked me. The set up is there.

May Flower- Again another great set up but at 1:37 comes in light. There was plenty of time for the hook. She makes a great analogy by telling the Mayan story and I felt like if the hook was the same quality as the set up it would be worth it. It just never came.

LG15: Clones- This was something I could see looking awesome on paper. Stylistically though I think it might not look enough like a lg15 show. I liked the scale of it. Go big or go home. It's certainly ambitious.

Just my $.02.

TSIY Poll updated to include LG15: The Cure

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Entries for LG15: The Show Is Yours

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Quest For The Elixir : Pilot - imdjdan

LG15: Lucy's Baby Daddy - Hymn0f0ne

william's lonelygirl15 pilot - WilliamOfTheFuture

The 436

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LG15: The Cure Pilot

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We need your help now more than ever.

LG15: Final Request - Trailer - LG15FinalRequest

Be Seeing You.

Produced By:
Randy Rankin
Ariel Lyon
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Marvel Team-up: Spider-Man & Barack Obama

It's a Brand New Day for the United States of America and Spider-Man's along for the ride!


Quest For The Elixir : Pilot - imdjdan

]Dr. James Blundell, infamous phlebotomist, comes out of retirement as he begins a quest to perfect his rejuvenating vegetable beverage with the help of his youthful assistant, the mute Italian peasant girl Olena, who possesses some unusual talents.

QForTheE - A QtheC Production

JUST JEN 1st Blog

Hello world!
Here is my first video for my alternate blog, Just Jen.
Nothing has exactly been going to plan for me recently, so be nice with your comments please!
Love Jen xo

Jack and Tom try to make a YouTube video.

Jack Plotnick and Tom Lenk try to make a YouTube video, which just goes to show that even professionals have a hard time doing so.

lunasapphire LIVE EVENT

Catch iluvschoollunch on Stickam Monday, Jan 19th, 5pm PST.

Betcha can't do it like JenniPowell. :) - abandonskies23

I haven't seen too many videos in widescreen with the new "YouTube" video format, and LG15TheMisFits was pretty much the only video I've ever seen with "watch in HD" ..so I decided to go out and buy an HD camera.. but I ran it in its lowest setting. Go figure.

The Hymn of None contacted me. Things are finally changing for the better, -Skylar

On the Set (LG15: Last Days) - SaintTames

This is what always ends up happening while we're filming.

(Ben only knows how to play power chords)

Music Box - michiev

clips - lg15, katemodern, lg15 - the resistance

Sunday, January 18, 2009

NEWSFLASH: "The 436" enters LG15: The Show Is Yours

A non-existent informant has told us that "The 436" has made a surprise non-existent entry into LG15: The Show Is Yours! We are quite confident that this will have absolutely no effect on the outcome but none the less it has sent non-existent shock waves reverberating around the Breeniverse. We we unable to reach Joe for a non-existent comment but what ever it would have been we can assure you that it would be funny. Stay tuned for more exciting episodes from "The 436".........

I'm About to Die. - ChadEvans18

I'm Chad Evans, and tomorrow's my eighteenth birthday. Too bad I'll never experience it...

LG15: Lucy's Baby Daddy - Hymn0f0ne

Here is our eight week treatment: for eight weeks, we will write puzzles that people will solve. The solution of these various puzzles will indicate which of the men in this video is the father of Lucy's unborn child. (No, it is NEITHER Greg Watcher NOR Virgil, that would suck.) Is it LordGreystoke422? Robtomorrow? ApotheosisAZ? Iris2009? Only you can solve the mystery! Please note that Jenni Powell will not be appearing in the show: we just needed a Hollywood guest star for our pilot.

Lord Greystroke, father of Lucy's child? Scary thought.

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3rd Triad: Trinity

On Saturday January 24th, the story of Nemarous and Kendra reaches it's final conclusion. I can guarantee you a twist, surprises, every emotion, and episodes that really should be called "Epic-sodes". I had wanted to bring you this sooner, but with holidays, sickness, actors not knowing if they were SAG or not, food poisoning, and one guy who really sucked. Things got delayed.

It has been a pleasure to entertain the viewers of this community with a series that I have directed, written, edited, lived and breathed since it's inception. However as I said when it began, this is a story with a beginning, middle and end. The end has come.

If you need to catch up, watch the most recent episode here.
Our official playlist is located here.

Be sure to check out the credits after the finale on Saturday, because we at 3rd Triad don't forget anyone. I certainly won't forget this experience.

Thank you all.

Meep on!

3rd Triad

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