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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Film, TV Writers Set Negotiations Date

"Hollywood film and TV writers who've been on a nearly two-week strike against studios will return to contract negotiations on Nov. 26, their union and producers said Friday. "

Meanwhile the studios decided to poke SAG with a stick: http://www.deadlinehollywooddaily.com/gulp-force-majeure-letters-in-the-mail/

Taylor (and Verdus scientist?) in whatweird.com


When Sarah & Jonas went missing, Daniel not only posted a video but hit the lg15 forums looking for Taylor. I went on whatweird.com searching for her there (since she said she checks the site often) and posted on their forums. After a few days, here's what we got.

Post subject: Re: Taylor if you're reading this...
Posted: Sun Nov 18, 2007 2:31 am

Hey, all, Taylor here. Suzie, sorry my friends hijacked your site - I guess I've been a little hard to reach. Just wanted to let you all know Sarah left me a message, she is ok and heading back to California on the bus. She's pretty mad Jonas left her and didn't want to talk to him, but she told me to let you all know. The bus will take at least a couple of days, maybe more. Sarah didn't know how many stops it was going to make, or how long it would take to cross the border. Now leave poor Suzie's site alone!



Recently this picture was posted on whatweird.com

Does the cowboy bear a resemblance to one of the Verdus scientists???

New introductiontofilm Videos


First Video? - Jade Bishop

So turns out the youtube uploader is not the best thing to rely on when pushing the deadline.

I guess it's only a few percent anyway...

Jade Bishop

iRiley - Riley Curtis

Well, I promise the rest of my videos will be a little less self absorbed. I learned from Sam that some people are a bit uncomfortable around cameras.

Really don't understand why, but it made for sweet teen drama. Way to be Sam.

Riley Curtis

PS: Hey Lisa, do film students count under the Writer's Strike? I know we are in Canada, but c'mon... I hear some bloggers are doing it!

Reflections - Ethan Miller

I thought I'd be the last one to put up a video this week, I guess not...
I've just been feeling a bit unmotivated and homesick this week.
I've been seeking something or someone to remind me of home... but I think I've just been grasping at strings.

-Ethan Miller

Fake Plastic Trees, Radiohead

Are Some Viral Videos Ruining it for the Rest of Us?

With the emergence of viral video campaigns like LonelyGirl15, internet users quickly realized that not every viral video on the internet is legitimate (something they should have already known) and placed the seeds of distrust into their heads.


NBC Picks Up Quarterlife: New Media Taking Advantage of Hollywood Strike

"To put this in context, there is no question that the production values are *higher* and there is an unmistakable pedigree, but this is almost like NBC picking up the team behind Lonelygirl15 to produce a series on Lonelygirl15 — to be broadcast across the United States in as little as two months."


Groping (Alone) in the Dark - NikkiBowerReport

It's a little more crowded in here than I'd expected... but I'm on a mission to save Jonas and Sarah.

Mom: Web Hoax Led Girl to Kill Herself

"Now Megan's parents hope the people who made the fraudulent profile on the social networking Web site will be prosecuted, and they are seeking legal changes to safeguard children on the Internet."


Note: This is a heartbreaking story. Please note the internet safety links in the top right of the blog. We may never be able to entirely stop things like this from happening, but we as a community can do our best to be self-monitoring in chat and other discussions.~mm

Before departure - ImpulseLG (WorldFiles/WF)

November 17, 2007

Check out the Worldfiles Forum

Character Crossword - LG15Trivia

Can you solve the crossword puzzle? Clues coming soon....

Points will be distributed as follows:
- One point for each correct answer (e.g. "Miles goes in 24 across"). If a clue video for that answer is released, the answer may be given here on that video's comments, but points will not be given for both.
- One point for finding the message revealed by unscrambling the letters in the dark boxes.
Crossword puzzle image

Friday, November 16, 2007

DJ QtheC on BreeFM Friday 8pm PST

Come listen in tonight as DJ QtheC plays music 'Direct From The Internet'...
this week, it's all about 'Intentions', 'Friends' and 'Fritos' !!!

Oh, and Acidfingers, the Q-Train is calling you out.

If time allows, I'll play a recording or two of David Morrison from his performance on Bree.FM last night and take a few requests as well.

Listen and Chat: Bree.FM

(The GONG is not in effect this week, but don't worry, it will return!)

EDIT: I added a few notes about what songs were played on the comments on the Bree.FM article.

Are Social Networks the New Networks?

"Whether it's MySpace, Facebook, Bebo, LinkedIn, Plaxo, or any of hundreds of others, these sites have become major forces in the battle for consumer attention spans and are changing the ways we communicate and connect."


Paul & Andrea- y.f.c.

"As some of you know, I've suspected for quite some time that Paulmark18 is canon and I've compiled some information that can be located in the forum."


Thank You Creators!

We want to thank the Creators for their character/fan interaction as of late. It was cool to see Danielbeast give some much due props to Paul and Andrea (PaulMark18) we are delighted to see you are pursuing a higher level of fan involvement. For those of you who enjoyed the Gutter Grillz video, an anonymous source deep within the Order have given us a 'tiny' clue on how to enjoy the awesome Nelly Vs Jane Does Vs Glenn Rubenstein - Grillz Junkie Redearth remix music track. Enjoy the weekend with some "yuzmlt".

Bebo opens virtual doors to media groups

"Open Media, which was introduced with events here and in London, will allow content companies to have their own channels on Bebo, the top social network in the U.K.,"




I shouldn't have left her there all alone. - Jonas

DANGEROUS DESERT - Jonas (LG15) on LGPedia

Lgpedia Needs Your Help!

A 24 Hour Maddison Atkins Tribute was Held

A 24 hour online Tribute for Maddison Atkins and Show of Support for Clara's documentary work ended Friday November 16th 2pm CST, but feel free to continue to enjoy the links provided on the M.A. Tribute website.

Many of you lit virtual candles for Maddison, watched a video compiled by Clara for her project, and listened to a special evening of programming on the online radio station BreeFM while joining us in the BreeFM IRC chatroom. And many also followed the link to Clara's video page on MySpace to log in there and leave a supportive comment.

The programming Thursday evening on Bree.FM was terrific. DJ MicFranXon did a real nice job kicking things off (including an amazing Godfather impression), and was followed by DJ Marla (with a little help selecting songs from her friends in Nacogdoches), DJ Jeromy (with David Morrison treating us to several live songs... David wrote and performed 'Light up my way' - the song from the myspace contest video), and ending on a humorous note with DJ Pill (with guest video comedian Ractalfeces).

If you missed this Thursday's programming, keep checking Bree.FM as I believe station manager MicFranXon is planning to replay a recording of it on the air sometime soon.

Thank you!

Missing Friends - Daniel (LG15)

Sometimes I miss the old days... - Daniel

This video confirms that Paulmark18 is the original Paul.

Missing Friends - Daniel (LG15) on LGPedia

LGpedia needs your HELP!

Return of The Days - Charlie (KateModern)

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/ChazOnToast

I filmed this when I met up with The Days the other night, but got kind of distracted and didn't get round to posting it. Thought maybe I might try and lighten the mood around here?

The music is 'Evil Girls' by The Days.

*GF note - shameless promo on KM? Never! LOL*

Pass the port - Gavin (KateModern)

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/DeepGoat

I was enjoying broadcasting myself to the world till this happened...



New Intro video on the website. Click the link above to check it out. EVERYTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE.

    From the comments, an anonymous commenter has found this site: http://www.immersedconference.com/

    Looks like this is all connected to a conference.

    Lest We Forget

    video by elixir

    For the sake of lonelygirl15, please considering signing this important petition to save him.

    Jessica says.....

    From: http://www.myspace.com/officialjessicarose


    Hi everyone,
    I just want to let you all know that this myspace page and myspace.com/jeessss426 are the ONLY pages I have. I DO NOT and I stress DO NOT have a BEBO or FACEBOOK account or any other accounts on any other social networking site. There are some people out there claiming to be me even having people send them pre-addressed postage paid envelopes saying they will send autographs out to them.That is NOT me. I have never sent anyone an autograph and sorry but I don't intend to because A. if I did that for one I'd have to do it for all and I don't have time to burn or money for that matter.. and B. I don't have a PObox for people to send these envelopes to and it's unsafe for me to give out my physical address. Anyway sorry to anyone that was tricked by other people claiming to be me and I apologize for the confusion.
    Hope you are all doing well and I have some News for you all shortly!!! :)


    Bebo Launches Open Media Platform For Social Viewing; 22 TV Partners

    "Today it’s launching Open Media, a system letting content owners publish videos from their shows using their own players and advertising, from which they keep all ad revenue."


    KateModern treasure hunt

    Beginning on Monday, viewers can become part of the KateModern story and Sun Online is teaming up with the show to help them solve a daily riddle as part of the plot.


    Research: Merry Happy

    Are you planning on attending any of the events. Leave us a comment below and let us know! If you get the scoop on any of the events you can send it to [email protected]

    Let the Games Begin! - Lee (KateModern)

    Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/MrSphinx

    Lee said...

    Let’s see how badly this lot want their software back! It’s time to have some fun... If you need some help, try http://www.thesun.co.uk/tv

    The tune is eHaw by Glen Bedsoe...

    Update: Merry Happy found this link: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/showbiz/tv/article472423.ece

    A message from KateModer Productions:

    Let the Games Begin!
    Today marks the start of a very exciting week in the KateModern World. Lee has set a challenge for Gavin and Tariq that they must complete if they want to get their software back.

    They need YOUR help to solve the puzzles that Lee is going to be setting, and every day next week there’ll be a Live Event somewhere in Central London. We really want you to be there to play a part in Lee’s games!

    Thanks to our friends at Microsoft we have some great prizes to give away, and everyone who attends a Live Event will be entered into a prize draw. The more days you attend, the more chance you have of winning a prize.

    Things are going to be pretty busy over here on Bebo so don’t worry if you can’t make it to London – Gavin and Tariq are going to need your help online too! Extra clues are going to be hidden on The Sun Online ( http://www.thesun.co.uk/tv ) – so keep a look out there.

    Good luck!

    *GF personal note: The Sun newspaper has probably the biggest readership in the UK. (Unfortunately it isn't known for quality journalism)*

    A Message to Bebo!

    We have tried to talk to everyone we can in Bebo to have the problem with the "embed code" under the videos fixed but to no avail. We have contacted Joanna Shields. We have asked KateModern productions. We have talked to two different Bebo technicians. Gizzzzzzz, we have even talked to the characters about getting the problem fixed. What is it about a world class company such as Bebo that makes it incapable of fixing what is a relatively minor error from a technical perspective? Its been months now. Its time for action, so please get on the ball and fix this so that its easier for bloggers to post videos.

    Forget the Rules - Behind the Scenes with Tara

    Watch More Videos       Uploaded by bebo.com/KateModernProduction

    The Roman:. Let the Game Begin (ACO)

    quarterlife Part 3

    Filmmakers Danny and Jed begin work on their first commercial and meet Carly, a pretty girl at the car dealership. Meanwhile, Dylan's blog strikes again.
    quarterlife Part 3

    Add to My Profile | More Videos

    Who was "Deep Throat"???

    Beth (also known as Deep Throat) was one of the guests from the party that Jonas, Daniel, and Alex went to at Rebecca's house. She is a friend of Toby's and works as a reporter.
    Nothing was heard from Beth for a long time after the party. Presumably, during this gap, she was working for the Order. However, when she and Alex realized what the Order was planning to do with Bree, they started to betray them. They sent information to TAAG using code names, Alex was TCC and Beth was Deep Throat. As Deep Throat, Beth contacted Daniel via text message with information regarding the Ceremony. On the day of the Ceremony, her clues helped TAAG track down Bree at the medical facility in which she was held.

    Beth (also known as Deep Throat) on LGPedia.

    LGpedia needs your HELP!

    Thursday, November 15, 2007



    Amanda on Lonelyjew15????

    Amanda just offered to make a guest appearance on lonelyjew15 in BreeFM during Jeromy's show.

    Lonelyjew15 is a webisodic parody series of Lonelygirl15. The basic story can be summed up by asking the question, "What if Anne Frank had a webcam?" The series follows Anne Frank as she blogs to her new internet friends about what it's like living in her attic hide-away.
    In the meantime, a sinister organization called OpAdolf is trying to find her, especially her teddy bear and best friend, Bethany.

    Lonelyjew15 on LGPedia.

    LGpedia needs your HELP!

    Cast of Characters

    Anne Frank: (Played by Jenni Powell) A sixteen year-old girl hiding from the Nazis in Amsterdam during World War II.
    Bethany: Anne's best friend. She is a teddy bear... with a secret.
    Peter Van Daan: (Played by Daniel Weiss) A seventeen year-old boy. His family is also in hiding with Anne. They have a tumultuous friendship.
    Margot Frank: (Played by Emily Maya Mills) Anne's old sister. They used to share a room but no longer do. This, and the fact that Anne began spending a lot of time with Peter, puts a great strain on the two girls' relationship.
    Miep Gies: (Played by Marla Singer) Anne's "Helper". She brings supplies to Anne and her fellows in hiding. She decides to take Anne out of the attic for a period of time...with almost disasterous restults
    OpAdolf: (Written, produced, and played by PJ Scott-Blankenship) An evil organization run by Adolf Hitler that does various experiments. For some mysterious reason, they have taken particular interest in Bethany.
    Jerry: (Played by Jerry Wright) A vlogger from modern-day who has taken a particular interest in Anne's story.
    Mouschi: (Played by Tia (Daniel Weiss's cat)) Peter Van Daan's cat. Anne is jealous of Mouschi because she had to leave her cat behind.
    Scary Nazi: (Played by Adam Daroff) Upon leaving the attic, Miep and Anne run into a Nazi, which Miep quickly "takes care of".

    Woods - j0v13r

    So, i'm pretty much avoiding all roads and such as much as possible. That would explain why i'm in the woods.

    intense/ in tents - Sarah (Lonelygirl15)

    You're not going to believe this... - Sarah

    Maddison Thursday on BreeFM

    Listen, Join in the IRC Chat, and Enjoy a Special Evening of Programming Tonight on BreeFM as we remember Maddison Atkins, and show our Support for Clara.

    Thursday, November 15th (all times are PST)

    DJ MicFranXon - 4pm - 6pm

    DJ Marla - 6pm

    DJ Jeromy - 7pm
    featuring: "Live performance with David Morrison who wrote and
    performed 'Light up my way' - the song from the myspace contest video."

    DJ Pill - 8pm
    with guest video comedian ractalfece

    Terrence (KateModern)

    Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/Tariq287
    It looks like Gavin is getting Tariq into more trouble. – Julia. x

    Be Part of Something!

    We have been researching what Glenn said on his BreeFM radio show last night about developing some proprietary technology for a web site.

    Word on the street is that if you want to be in on that beta for the super secret website tech Glenn mentioned then you should e-mail him now!

    Apparently, according to the rumor, if you send an e-mail to [email protected] and include your IP and you will be hooked up with instructions on how to access the secret site.

    ....stay tuned.....more on this story as it develops.

    Bebo Mobile now live in Ireland on O2!

    Bebo Mobile now live in Ireland on O2!

    I'm very excited to announce that ebo Mobile is now available in one more country. One more down, lots more to go.

    How to get it
    Visit the O2 Ireland profile http://www.bebo.com/o2ireland for the full details.

    Or if you're in Ireland just go to http://www.bebo.com/MobileHome.jsp to activate your mobile number.

    How much does it cost?
    SMS Alerts, SMS uploads, and data charges on m.bebo.com are totally free until Nov 30. After that you get all of that, unlimited, for Eur 1.50/week .

    We know that texting and data charges are expensive if you use them a lot so we worked really hard to get you unlimited access for cheap, so you can get totally addicted to Bebo Mobile without going broke.

    Grr, I'm not on O2 Ireland!
    If you're not on O2 in Ireland, hang tight, Ivan and Jordy are working hard to get Bebo Mobile working for ALL Beboers as soon as we can. Please be patient with us, there's only two of us working on it and there's a lot of Beboers

    I'm in Ireland and I just gotta have it NOW!
    If you're in Ireland and you just gotta have Bebo on your mobile, then you can get a FREE sim card from O2 on the profile -- http://www.bebo.com/o2ireland


    Your friendly neighborhood ebo Mobile team
    http://www.bebo.com/jordy and
    Hummmm, let me think about this. What famous internet series has a base in Ireland? Does this mean that they have finally taken over Bebo?~mm

    Wednesday, November 14, 2007

    Impact Of WGA Strike On TV Production

    " the number of TV shows that have shut down because of the writers walkout was 50 at the beginning of this week. And, by the end of this week, that number will be over 100."




    Big thanks to Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfriend

    On his radio show Glenn gave a big thanks to Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfriend for looking into the YouTube comments problem on behalf of not only LG15 but also RedEarth88 and other community accounts.

    WHAT TIME IS IT? - Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

    Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST.

    Glenn kicked the show into high gear by playing the music track from the Greg Gallows video response to Danielbeast.

    Glenn says he is a "sound effects faker". He then gave shoutouts to Minty, Zoey, Acidfingers, B-man, DIZZYZAP478, Virginian9000, WatchingOpAphid, Luv2LuvEm and JazmynGrey.

    The Grillz Remix: Glenn said the video was awesome. We have seen limited interaction, but with the exception of Voyboy we have not seen anything close to this level. He was impressed when Daniel responded to MMYB. It was cool the way Greg Gallows included the entire community.

    Glenn joked about his ability to estimate time frames for projects. He was glad to provide the remix. Glenn mentioned the original idea. The original idea was not to use the footage but rather to track them down and have them lipsync part of the song. LGS, Todd TWJ.......think about the potential....but it was not realistic in the time scale. So it switched to video clips.

    Boryalic mentioned the DIGG for Greg Gallows video.

    The music track: Jane Doe song "Junkie" - Glenn listened to it a lot last fall. He had to figure out what he could use for the remix. People might have assumed he would use the Tachyon theme but he felt it would detract from the spirit of the video. The Jane Doe song was more "old school"

    They saw the video as a way to mend some of the perceived rifts in the community. Glenn Threw in the Redearth theme for the 2nd part of the track. He included the Grizz acapella. He made tempo correction for Jane Doe. Drop in a vocal part. It only took 6 hrs.

    Because of copyright reasons he cannot put it out there.

    Life lessons:
    1. make your own popcorn bags.
    2. never go in on gifts with family members
    3 Glenn thinks he would make a great life coach

    Glenns favorite video and why: "Gemma Part 4", "Human Randsom", "Worth The Wait", "Cassie Is Lying, Cassie Tells Lies", "Remember Me"

    He looked at the rough cut of Gemma Part 4 and he was not sure it was the right direction. Miles thought it was "sweet". Glenn knew he was on the right track if Miles reacted with "sick". Greg did not use words that were as interesting. Glenn and Miles have a lot of the same interests: comics, buffy etc

    When it came time to "Human Ransom" Glenn pitched it like "Gemma Part 4" but with an "explosion". An explosion of awesomeness????

    With "Worth The Wait" they had to improvise quite a bit. He spend 5 days getting OpAphid effects. He was trying to do a video in real time. It scared Glenn when he was editing it and began to see it coming together. When he impresses himself he knows he is on the right direction. He was happy when he read that Milowent spilled something when the "jump scare" happened. This video was about the "concept". He thinks it was better than the "Blair Witch" ending.

    In "Cassie Is Lying, Cassie Tells Lies'- that was scary. It went up on 10/12. The blood part came together over night. Blood smeared across the screen.

    "Remember Me" Video (director)
    "Online Cameos": open sourrse game. If you are good at Guitar Hero, you will rock at this. You can play it with your computer key board. If you have the USB controller for the xbox you can put that into your PC and play it that way. You can rock out to the Tachyon theme or the RedEarth theme........stay tuned.
    Glenn again encouraged everyone to go and talk about things on the LG15 discussions. It will help mend any perceived rift between RedEarth88 and Lonelygirl15. If you think LG15 can be improved then take advantage of the Comments and Concerns section and let them know what you want to see different. We need LG15 to succeed because it has paved the way......they are the pioneers and Glenn thanked them again for the space they have given to RedEarth88 on LG15
    Glenn commented on the rumors that he has a web site ready to beta test. He mentioned that he has been working on some proprietary technology he has been developing for his website. We will be looking into these rumors in the upcoming days, so stay tuned.

    Send questions to [email protected]


    We all know the Greg Gallows called out Daniel best in this response video. If you DIGG the idea then you never know. He might just respond.

    DIGG THE VIDEO: http://digg.com/videos/comedy/Make_Me_Your_Bitch

    Rescued?! - Lonelygirl15 (LG15)

    This is not what we were expecting. - Jonas

    Here We Go Again! - lonelyjewfifteen

    We're on our way to the place where Margot says they have Bethany.


    Spot, Sis is tops!
    Sis, a basis is a basis is a basis

    Tags: lonelygirl15 lg15 Kris Worldfiles RedTerritory theCoalition little sister

    Side Note: At the end of the video "2u2ftb" runs across the screen. if you go to tinyurl.com/2u2ftb it leads to a song download with a mashup.

    View the forum thread

    Wild Wednesday on BreeFM!

    DJ JenniPowell at 4pm: DJ Jenni Powell Comedy Night 3: The Jewpire Strikes Back Wed. Nov. 14th 4 - 6 PM PST

    Yup, you read that right. It's time for another Wednesday of funny. Same time...different Jew. My buddy Josh Weiner (who you may remember as Michael Myers from the Halloween show) will be joining me as we attempt to make you laugh....and we WILL succeed. Will Acid's infamous Frito Rick-Roll make an appearance? Tune in to find out! - Jenni

    FOBLife Simulcast at 6pm: First of the last 4 shows of the series, so tune in because unfortuneately it will not last forever. :(

    RoyTheBoy Simulcast @ 7pm: You know how he does it, and if not tune in to Bree.FM and find out!

    Glenn @ 8pm: Red Territory updates and information on getting involved, update on the YouTube situation, and more details on the upcoming contest that fans of Guitar Hero will be pretty stoked about! Plus he'll be playing that dope Grillz remix, and at least 3 or 4 of the same songs that he seems to play every week. :)

    All the fun starts at 4pm Pacific on Bree.FM!

    Station Manager

    Instructions - OperationOssifrage (WF)

    November 14, 2007

    The one that got away - Tariq (KateModern)

    Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/Tariq287

    We went to meet Lee to get the software back but Gavin messed the whole thing up… What the hell are we going to do now?

    A Call to Arms - JayNineteen (Facility J)

    I met with a member of the Coalition, who taped everything then forwarded me a copy. I'm posting it to my video account for security and archival purposes.

    Tuesday, November 13, 2007

    Danielpalooza in character lounge

    by danielbeast

    Re: Careful
    If anyone knows how to get hold of Taylor - PM me right away!!! her cell is off, her mom says she's out for the evening - I think she has a date, which maybe explains why she was so distracted when I...

    Forum: Beast Chat
    Topic: Careful
    Re: My advice
    I drove over to that warehouse, it is locked up tight. No windows, barbed wire. No way in. I'm going crazy here. Maybe I'll give the pretending to be a trucker suggestion a try, but I have to wait ti...

    Forum: Beast Chat
    Topic: My advice
    Re: Something you can tell Jonas and Sarah
    If I could tell them something I'd tell them to use the next wifi signal they find to CALL ME ON SKYPE!!! That wouldn't help me find them either but at least I could ask them some questions. That woul...

    Forum: Beast Chat
    Topic: Something you can tell Jonas and Sarah
    Re: Triangulation?
    I'm going crazy trying to get through to Taylor. her mom says she won't be home till late. Cell is off.

    Forum: Beast Chat
    Topic: Triangulation?
    Re: MMYB for Greggers
    But if they're in South America would they be able to go that fast? I didn't think the roads were so good there.

    Forum: Beast Chat
    Topic: MMYB for Greggers
    Re: Some things I saw online, and that I thought you guys need
    Get that little hacker Taylor on this I'm trying to reach her. I'm trying! Her mom says she's "out for the evening." I get the feeling maybe she has a boyfriend now, I don't know. I need ...

    Forum: Beast Chat
    Topic: Some things I saw online, and that I thought you guys need
    Re: Some things I saw online, and that I thought you guys need
    I tried that, but Jonas has some wacked security questions on there. I couldn't answer them.

    Forum: Beast Chat
    Topic: Some things I saw online, and that I thought you guys need
    Re: I don't think Professor DelMundo is gay.
    Ha, that's funny. I think Del Mundo wishes that movie was as good as the La Rezisto stuff was. But, seriously, he's a great teacher. And he's got some other films that don't suck as bad as that one...

    Forum: Beast Chat
    Topic: I don't think Professor DelMundo is gay.
    Re: MMYB for Greggers
    Heart of Sorrow or Eagle or whatever, it was around maybe noon L.A. time when they disappeared. At first when I was calling him it just went right to voicemail like he had the phone turned off or was...

    Forum: Beast Chat
    Topic: MMYB for Greggers
    Re: Hail to the Beast!
    The message just says the phone isn't enabled for international calls. No error number or anything.

    Forum: Beast Chat
    Topic: Hail to the Beast!
    Re: Careful
    Although the way he said it is totally bizarre, I agree with lonelygod. The "divide and conquer" part. I know when things are rough you want to look wherever for answers, but accusing Taylo...

    Forum: Beast Chat
    Topic: Careful
    Re: I don't think Professor DelMundo is gay.
    You think I'd use Mallory to get in good with Del Mundo? That's so off base. I'd never do that. Mal is amazing. And Del Mundo has a picture of a guy framed on his desk. I think it's his boyfriend or...

    Forum: Beast Chat
    Topic: I don't think Professor DelMundo is gay.
    Re: Some things I saw online, and that I thought you guys need
    I tried calling the phone company, they won't give me any info. They said I needed to have the account holder call them. I said if I could reach the account holder I wouldn't need them.

    Forum: Beast Chat
    Topic: Some things I saw online, and that I thought you guys need
    Re: Truck Driver
    Yeah, the truck is pretty non-descript. There are a million lilke that one out there. I checked and found out it actually belongs to the Lullaby Project - donated by some wealthy businessman looking ...

    Groping in the Dark - Jonas (LG15)

    Hope this upload works. Find us, Daniel! - Jonas

    Groping in the Dark - Jonas (LG15) on LGPedia

    Vitamin B12 on LGPedia

    LGpedia needs your HELP!

    Y.F.C. said...
    Vanish Point syringes (as seen in the packages)


    Cyanocobalamin on Wikipedia:
    "Cyanocobalamin is a compound that is metabolized to a vitamin in the B complex commonly known as vitamin B12 (or B12 for short).
    Vitamin B12 is important for the normal functioning of the brain and nervous system and for the formation of blood. It is involved in the metabolism of every cell of the body, especially affecting the DNA synthesis and regulation but also fatty acid synthesis and energy production. Its effects are still not completely known."
    Liquid Glucose: http://www.goodrichworld.com/liquid-glucose.htmlhttp://www.goodrichworld.com/liquid-glucose.html
    "Liquid Glucose is an aqueous solution of various saccharides to provide maximum flexibility and broad range of applications. It is a viscous syrup manufactured under stringent quality control parameters followed by various refining and thermo vacuum evaporation process."

    RedEarth TAG????


    The original video in that channel has a redearth88 tag for almost no reason:

    Hey guys,
    So if you are watching this, good job! You found the youtube account where you will be uploading your video projects for the next couple of weeks.

    I have forwarded everyone the user information to their WebCT email accounts (this will also be where your grades will be posted).

    Happy filming,
    Lisa Dobie
    The second video has the title "keep the camera on" which is 15/15's line

    keep the camera on - introductiontofilm

    So this is my first video entry, and I hope it is going to get a bit better than this. It's pretty raw... but hey, I guess that's why I'm a student.

    Or, whatever...

    Sam Maguire
    Note: giddeanx found the channel and posted it earlier this week
    Y.F.C. said...
    Course Information 2007-2008 Fall/Winter Session

    FILM 1000 Introduction to Film Studies

    Instructor José Sanchez

    FILM1000 “Introduction to Film Studies” is the only Film Studies course offered in first year at Carleton University. It is offered by the Film Studies Program, one of the three Programs within the School for Studies in Art and Culture. (The School’s other two Programs are Music and Art History). Students may pursue a B.A General or a B.A. Honours in Film Studies. Many students take Film Studies courses as options within other degree Programs.

    This course is organized as an introduction to the different ways in which films may be studied. We pay particular attention to questions of form, style and critical method. The objectives of the course are to familiarize students with the vocabulary and concerns of cinema studies and to survey three overlapping areas of inquiry: film as art, the aesthetics of film form and film as a social practice. While there is obviously a historical dimension to the course, we do not follow a strictly historical chronology in the presentation of films or issues.

    The course is divided into four units. Unit 1, “Style and Technique,” introduces students to the basic elements of cinema as an artistic and communicative form. During Unit 2, “The Filmmaker,” we will look at the problems and advantages of analyzing films in terms of the creative personality of the director as Auteur. This year we will examine three different filmmakers. Unit 3, “Film Genres,” looks at generic categories as a way of classifying films and examines particular genres. This year the genres examined are the Romantic Comedy and the Horror Film. Finally, Unit 4, “A Period in Film History,” focuses on specific movements within film history. This year we will look at Contemporary Québec Cinema

    Each section of the course will be examined separately by In-Class Test and/or Out-of-Class Essay and/or Formal Exam. During the discussion groups there will be surprise pop-quizzes on the readings and the films or written exercises aimed to improve essay writing. Attendance and participation are compulsory and will be evaluated as part of the final grade.

    CAVEAT: Films screened in this course may contain disturbing images and sounds. In order to conduct valid film analyses, students must be able to adopt a critical distance vis-à-vis audiovisual material that might be unsettling or shocking. Individuals who are unable or unwilling to adopt such critical distance should not take this Film Studies course.

    HOPEFULSEMBLANCE'S THOUGHTS (OOG?)- Note that this the the ONLY class being offered for freshman. 1000 C as a course number (as noted in the YouTube profile) normally indicates that there's AT LEAST three seperate times that this class takes place (A schedule, B schedule, C schedule, etc).
    The course information listed makes it sound more like it's a film critique class, not a film making class.
    There's no records of any Lisa Dobie at the school. Most universities have record of their TA's.
    I'll keep looking into this...
    Carleton University- School of Journalism and Communication.
    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
    Discussion on LG15.com

    Project Outline and Introduction to Film: New Channel?

    Web show no threat to TV

    "Forgive me, but all of this sounds more desperate than confident, more reactionary than revolutionary. Another problem: quarterlife's fictional story is not nearly as intriguing as its real-life backstory."


    Embedding disabled by request

    "According to the Subscriber History for lonelygirl15, we see that the channel has been losing subscribers since it peaked at 101,357 on 9/23/2007."





    YouTube Top 100

    Dream A: My Dear Friend... (Charlie)

    Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/jerrypwjr

    Charlie dreams of her dear friend. Who ever she is. "She was somebody's little girl. Where does she come from? Will she come back? Is she dead?"

    My Crazy Theory

    In the last couple of days new videos have been posted by AsarHapi, ButterflyTsunami, and WhoisKris. WhoisKris is a character from the Worldfiles series, I believe ButterflyTsunami is a character from the Will O Wisp series, and I am still unsure if AsarHapi is a character from an existing series or a new one in and of itself. All of these videos seem to share a similar theme, a little girl named Jiana and her blood.

    In the description of the new AsarHapi video, The Butterfly Has Landed, AsarHapi states "11 long years since she left the Facility. Sought after like gold for suspected ability." Note the Capital F on Facility, indicating to me that it's not just any facility, but the Facility (i.e. Facility J). There is also a series of Morse Code that runs across the video which could hold more connections/secrets/anything/everything(Side Note: Silverblue has solved the Morse Code from this video, Click here to view the forum thread with solve.) Jiana has also helped in the WorldFiles series with trying to figure out the character Celines password and in one of Jiana's own videos,"hi! it's me, jiana, she mentions "A hippy chick named Belle" Which, to me, indicates Belle from the Will O Wisp series.

    What does this all mean? Well, everything is connected. I am sure to follow these individual series you may not have to watch the others, but it would help to see the full picture. It's kind of like watching a movie from the point of view of just one of the actors/actresses. Sure, you get to see what happens to them and in a way understand their story, but it's much more enriching to see things from the viewpoints of multiple actors/actresses. Do they share any history? How and why do their multiple stories connect? What is the end result of all of their work? These are all questions that are much easier to answer by looking at the story through everyones eyes.

    This rant is in no way endorsed by LG15Today, the letter R, Chai tea, or Hippopotamus's. All views and insane theories are the opinions of myself alone. No Hippopotamus's were harmed in the making of this post.

    -Greg Gallows

    (Side Note: Immortal1 posted an awesome link in the comments for this post to a very well written thread regarding The Red Territory and interaction between the different series. Red Territory: Crossing Borders Check it out!)

    Need to catch up?

    View the Will O Wisp Summary Thread and visit the Will O Wisp Forum

    View the Worldfiles Playlists and visit the Worldfiles Forum

    View the Facility J LGPedia Page and visit the Facility J Forum

    back to the roots - WhoIsKris (Worldfiles)

    November 13, 2007

    The Butterfly Has Landed - AsarHapi

    11 long years since she left the Facility. Sought after like gold for suspected ability.

    Butterflies, Innocence, a wonderful find. What makes her tick? What's inside that mind?

    A link to the ancients her blood can reveal. A tiny reward for my long ordeal.

    (side note: This appears to be the same girl from the ButterflyTsunami video Drab As A Bard and as Jazminrose pointed out on the youtube comments for the video Drab As A Bard it also appears to be Jiana, a character who has been involved with Worldfiles and Will O Wisp.)

    ractalfece live on bree.fm! - SurrealisticPill

    Thursday, November 15th 11pm EST/8PDT

    DJ_Pill interviews ractalfece live on:

    join the IRC chat #breefm on freenode

    send me your questions for ractalfece before the show and be sure to watch his videos

    P. Monkey's Origins - LG15Trivia

    Where is Purple Monkey from?

    Hint: It's not Target (wrong train of thought).

    Erica Pike:.Season Two (ACO)

    Hung Over - Tariq (KateModern)

    Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/Tariq287

    Not feeling too good this morning. We’ve finally come to our senses and decided to apologise… Honest. Lee, call me please mate. Cheers

    Monday, November 12, 2007

    Pissed - Gavin (KateModern)

    Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/DeepGoat

    Not sure what, im doinggg – bit pisst. Ha ha

    Bloggers Going 'On Strike' to Support Writers...

    "Seventeen entertainment blogs—among them Televisionary, Give Me My Remote and The TVAddict—will go dark Tuesday, replacing their sites with WGA solidarity statements."



    Fan site AintItCoolNews.com and others have linked to a petition supporting the writers that claims more than 44,000 signatures."

    IM BACK!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! -LOSTchild17


    LGpedia needs your HELP!

    Myspace Contest Update

    From Jeromy's 12thStreetHouse Blog:

    Well. It's not looking good, but here are the stats this morning.

    101 Votes 63 Percent.

    I saw this morning that the efforts of QtheC and the Red Army brought about some negative whiplash among the myspace crowd. I had a few emails from folks telling me to step in and handle it over the weekend, but I didn't. I'm taking a hands off approach to this situation. On one hand, a really good arguement could be made for why I should have.... However, Clara's video is In Game (even though I've been promoting it OOG. Good point), and I wanted to let it ride.

    My personal viewpoint on this is that the efforts of "operationstoryteller" could have used some revising. However, in my experience, the community always has its back, and this time was no different. It didn't take long before constructive criticism was offered, and the weaker parts of the plan were edited. It's tough that it is having some negative spin amongst the myspace community, but that's the way it goes sometimes.

    I'm not worried about it. Not at all. I think it's great that the community wants to promote Redearth88, and even missteps are still steps! Don't lose heart. Maddison Atkins (the story) isn't broken forever. It will be fine. Besides, we still have a few days for voting.

    QtheC. Thanks for your effort here! Acid.... Thanks for your skills... I don't know who else helped out, but thanks to you too. Sorry to LG15 Today and model motion. I hated to see your name get pulled into this.


    They're Gone - LonelyGirl15 (LG15)

    We followed the truck from the Lullaby Project, and now - Has anybody heard from Jonas and Sarah? - Daniel

    Bodies and Minds by Great Lake Swimmers

    The Creators say....

    The Creators
    November 12th, 2007 at 2:35 pm

    Hey Everyone,

    We’re having a technical problem with Youtube. The video will be up shortly. Sorry for the delay.

    We're Safe - horrorlass

    Sorry for not getting in touch sooner, things have been hectic.
    PS - Cyn, I left you something behind.

    Alessandra on YouTube: http://uk.youtube.com/profile?user=horrorlass
    To catch up on the Flock story see our dedicated page:

    You are MY BITCH!

    Last night Danielbeast left the following comment on the Greg Gallows video
    Danielbeast said...
    "Yo, man, you rock! Love the freestyle! You are MY BITCH!"

    If you have not seen the video then go watch it now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6X-aQkiUxw and while you are there, leave a message for DannyB or Greg Gallows and let them know what you think!!!!!!!!!

    OK DannyB. Greg did his part! HE CALLED YOU OUT SON. What are you gonna bring?

    aditional note :
    Broken Kid said...
    Note that Daniel was talking in the in-character sections of the forum, and when pointed out that Greg called HIM out, he responded:
    "Hey - Yeah, I will pick up the freestyle challenge eventually but right now I can't think about anything except school and finding Jonas and Sarah!"
    I think that's a tentative yes!

    #44 - Top Rated (Today) - Comedy
    #91 - Most Discussed (Today)
    #15 - Most Discussed (Today) - Comedy
    #33 - Top Favorites (Today) - Comedy

    Quarterlife more favorable toward UGC than lg15

    by immortal1

    on Mon Nov 12, 2007 3:46 pm

    First glance at the Quarterlife TOS and it appears to be no different than the lg15 TOS.


    However, after delving into the comments of that blog, a couple of things really stand out 1) it looks like they did a cut and paste job on their TOS as well and 2) Marshall Herskovitz responded: "The point is, what I said was true -- we WILL be influenced by what our users submit, and WILL acknowledge and pay those users whose material we are influenced by."

    Not a vague "we hope to monetize you in the future" but we will pay you. Not "no fan videos will ever be incorporated into the series*" but we will acknowledge. He put his reputation on the line to support this claim.

    I'd give my rights away for a credit alone never mind a credit AND pay.

    I was going to challenge the C's to respond but I think they know they must respond. From signing Bitsie to social networking and featuring UGC, QL seems to going right after lg15's community.

    *quote from elixir's interview on BreeFM.
    NOTE: The LG15 discussion page is a great place to respond to this post.

    Drab As A Bard - ButterflyTsunami (Will O Wisp)

    "Keep your friends close and your enemies close."

    Music by Joe Venuto and Beverly Colgan

    New directions - ImpulseLG (WorldFiles)

    November 11, 2007

    lonelygirl15 Week 14 Recap - Lonelygirl15 (LG15)

    In case you missed anything, here are the events of the past week

    I Was Here! - ModelMotion

    This is a tribute mashup video based the KateModern series, the Lonelygirl15 series, the Cassieiswatching ARG, the OpAphid ARG, and the NIN ARG. It also contains scenes from the original "Punishment" video which was itself a mashup: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dktbAO... and contained scenes from the Luis Buñuel short film "Un chien andalou":

    What the hell... who's that? This is good. - LG15Trivia

    Who is that woman? She has a name you know.

    And don't complain about the video quality. I know it sucks.

    Sunday, November 11, 2007

    Danielbeast's "MMYB Request" (Gutter Grillz) - GregGallows

    Danielbeast comment:
    "Yo, man, you rock! Love the freestyle! You are MY BITCH!"

    Honors for This Video:
    #65 - Top Rated (Today) - Comedy
    #26 - Most Discussed (Today) - Comedy
    #57 - Top Favorites (Today) - Comedy

    There are a lot of people who should be making this, instead of myself. However I did the best I could and did my best to show my love to some of them.

    Thank you to my friend Julia who helped me to lipsynch.

    Audio: Grillz - Junkie RedEarth Remix by Glenn Rubenstein

    Clips borrowed from:

    Paul and Andrea (Paulmark18):

    This video is a response to the Lonelygirl15 video " The Beast's Turn - "MMYB" " from Danielbeast in which Daniel says: All right, Greg Gallows. I'm here to make you my bitch. What I wanna see you do is color your hair different colors, braid it, and then do the Grillz video, son! (indicates his eyes, then the camera) I'll be watchin'.

    LGpedia needs your HELP!


    "Google is secretly cutting a deal with UK impresario Simon Fuller"


    Note from myspace

    From the 12th Street House blog: http://12thstreethouse.blogspot.com/

    60 Votes so far.

    Just got this bulletin from myspace. Votes that were cast on Thursday, when the video went live, do not count. Only one vote per person. Thanks for your support.

    "Thanks for participating in The Storyteller Challenge. Check out the new profile and get badges to post on your own MySpace page. Voting is based on the thumbs up/thumbs down feature on the video viewing page, so if you entered, send your video URL to everyone you know! Ranking from before 11/09 will not count.

    For voters, only your most recent vote per video will count, so don't waste your time voting over and over again. Voting is open until 11/16. Shortly after that, we'll start contacting only the top ranked Producers to make sure their entries are eligible, so hang tight. The Top 12 will be posted at myspace.com/storytellerchallenge on 11/30.

    Thank you and good luck!"

    ApotheosisDJ 5pm on Bree.FM!

    From the blog of Bree.FM Apo writes:

    Tonight, my guest will be Elixir from http://www.anchorcove.net! She will be discussing her meeting with Miles Beckett and Tara Rushton in Sydney, Australia. She will also speak about her YouTube videos at http://www.youtube.com/sweetelixir.

    Music will be provided by the usual suspects, plus we will be featuring some songs from Deagol The Stoor! A couple of Elixir's favorite Australian musicians will also be in the lineup!

    Tune in at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern!

    Be sure you are also in the chat. It is on freenode, #BreeFM. If you are not in the chat during the show, the chances are good that we are in there talking about you.

    I will also be making my singing debut tonight.



    In the next few hours the first video in the Quarterlife series should be released.

    Quarterlife on MySpace

    Quarterlife on YouTube

    From what we can gather all we are going to get today is "Part 2" below.

    Behind The Scenes - Bitsie Tulloch - quarterlife
    Bitsie Tulloch on what it's like to play Dylan Krieger.

    Part 1 (previous)
    Check out this video: quarterlife Part 1

    Add to My Profile | More Videos
    Dylan begins blogging about her life, unbeknownst to her friends or co-workers.

    Part 2 (previous)
    quarterlife Part 2

    Add to My Profile | More Videos
    Dylan's friends get angry when they find out that she has been blogging about them. Danny and Debra struggle with the question of where their relationship should go.

    Elizabeth Tulloch (known professionally as Bitsie Tulloch) is the actress that plays Alex, Jonas's aunt.

    Though American, she grew up in Spain, Uruguay, and Argentina. She graduated from Harvard University. She recently filmed the lead role in Ed Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz's pilot, Quarterlife.

    Bitsie's television credits include Cold Case and The West Wing. She had roles in the movies Sent, Life is Short, and Two Doors. Bitsie was also featured in the George Lucas-produced mockumentary R2-D2: Beneath the Dome as R2-D2's "girlfriend".

    She is currently filming Lakeview Terrace, directed by Neil LaBute and starring Samuel L. Jackson, Kerry Washington, and Patrick Wilson. She is also filming Vacuuming the Cat, a film with Barbara Hershey. She currently has a movie called Tyranny in production.

    Bitsie Tulloch on LGPedia

    LGpedia needs your HELP!

    If you want to become an "author" on Web Series Today please read: http://tinyurl.com/becomeaWSTauthor

    For more detailed information about Web Series Today please read: Web Series Today:

    For other info contact: [email protected]

    Join the discussion: http://www.tinyurl.com/webseriescommunity