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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Clara's Storyteller Video is under Attack

The top 12 rated videos in the MySpace Storyteller Challenge as of Nov 16th NOON PST will be Semifinalists in a contest that could allow Maddison Atkins' creator Jeromy Barber via his character Clara to pitch his story to industry experts, and possibly win a significant cash prize as well as a development contract with Fox Broadcasting Corp.

In the last few hours, the rating on Clara's video has dropped from the high 80's down to 79%. Clearly, the competition is negatively rating the better videos.

We didn't set these conditions. MySpace did. Let's do what we can to help this worthy independent producer get his chance to move forward in this contest. Let's mobilize the "Red Army" now.

Please click the red link "Operation Storyteller" at the top of this blog to go to a separate blog with full details about what you can do to help.

If you can, help.

EDIT: Please review the modified "Operation Storyteller" blog page before adding additional comments. I hope we can all get behind this plan enthusiastically, and if there are any more issues that need to be addressed to acheive that, let me know on that blog or in chat! Thanks,
~ QtheC

Quarterlife.com is NOW LIVE!!!

received by e-mail:

"Dear quarterlife almost-user:

Thanks for your interest in quarterlife.com. We’re proud to announce the site has launched and is ready for exploration!

Please come visit the site. Set up a profile. Upload your creative work to your portfolio, an elegant, exportable flash-based widget, where you can upload your videos, pictures, sketches, poetry and scripts – and more – and take them with you…to Myspace and beyond!

As you know, the series is launching on Sunday on MySpace and Monday on quarterlife.com. We hope you will come to quarterlife.com to watch the show – and join our site of creative people.

Our vision for quarterlife.com is to create a robust artistic community, where portfolios are filled with rich media, and users are inspired to share their work with the community. We want the site to be a creative place where artists are recognized for their work, and those aspiring to improve their craft can connect to like-minded people. We have many dreams for quarterlife.com – this is only the beginning. Please help us make this vision real.

Thank you for supporting quarterlife!


Your quarterlifers:

Marshall Herskovitz, Ed Zwick, Melanie Hall and Josh Gummersall"
'Quarterlife' May Make Leap to TV
"NBC interested in online series if strike drags on"

The Future of TV Hits MySpace Sunday
"it was produced by Emmy Award-winners Ed Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz, better known as the dudes behind "thirtysomething" and "My So-Called Life."

"A week later, that "Quarterlife" webisode will be available on YouTube, Facebook, Bebo, and iMeem."

A Blast from the Past: Could this be our Comment Deletion problem?

Uploaded June 20, 2006:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WU-lLzA6mxY (please click this and read the whole description, a portion of it is below)

In order to delete a comment on YouTube, you click on a delete link next to the comment, and an alert box pops up informing you that it has been deleted. This works for single comments, but when you have tons of them that you need to remove, it takes forever.

I created this tool on June 20th, 2006. It was intended as a temporary solution for the mass-deletion of comments. I used it for my own video, and released it to the public to share with the community.

Prior to the creation of this tool, I read YouTube terms of service, and made sure it was totally legit.

On June 24th I awoke to tons of messages. It turns out that YouTube forgot to check whether or not the user ID that is used to delete comments is the same as the owner of the video where the comments are. This means that you can delete other peoples comments.


Also, check this link June, 2006 entries for the youtube blog

Youtube fixed this bug at the time, however, I wonder if the problem is back now. Youtube did upgrade their comments recently, and it is possible that youtube upgraded the old code that had the bugs in it. This video looks very familiar to our problem, especially since the comments vanished in a flash, instead of one at a time.

I have e-mailed youtube with this info.

I tried to search for his tool, but it appears it has been wiped from the internet. Not really, I am sure it is somewhere. If someone were to find it, please let me know. I would like to test it (on my own videos) and see if it works with today's software. I would appreciate anyone's help with finding this tool from June, 2006.

I have also PM'd "fatherham" to do the same, but it does not appear he logs in to youtube that much.

No Breecap Tonight!

Hi guys!I'm really feeling the effects of my flu tonight, so I'm sorry to say, there will be no Breecap this week.If I'm better next week I'll do an extended episode to get it all in of course!Sorry guys :)

DJ Acid and Perky LIVE at 2pm (Special Day and Time)

That's right, his acidness and her perkyness will be on BreeFM Live today at 2pm Pacific/5pm Eastern! So tune n in and who knows he just might have a puzzle or something special for ya's!

2pm on Bree.FM!

Are ARGs Going Mainstream?

The Answer Promo from RAW 11-5-07

Is LG15 Still An Industry Leader?

Are the corporate suits ruining TV?
"Zwick and I have joined that migration to the Internet. We've created a project called "quarterlife" -- a series and a social network -- that we own and control, and we had to give up our TV deal in order to do it."


"Because if it does, it will prove that there's a way to independently produce, finance and distribute ambitious content on the Internet. And if we can do it, others can do it."

A career in media

OK this is not exactly Breeniverse related but I wanted to share it with all the budding media folk out there (I hope it raises a smile)

Danielbeast said.....

November 10th, 2007 at 1:02 am
Sorry, guys, should have told you the truck was from the Lullaby Project. Jonas found out they were sending a shipment off to one of their “missions,” but nobody would say where it was going or what the shipment was. So… I don’t know. Still no word from them. I’m pretty freaked out.

Sincerely Xeniph - xeniph

Thanks, and help.

Xeniph is a YouTube/Revver user who posts as the daughter of one of the Elders. She began posting around November of 2006 in the forums at LG15.com, claiming to know Bree from religious camp. Later, she claims to have convinced her Dad to give her a camera, and starts posting videos.

xeniph on LGPedia.

Lgpedia Needs Your Help!

The Writers Cartel of America

"A negotiator observed publicly last Friday that working industry writers, on average, earn over $200,000 a year, receive high-quality health benefits, and are among the few employees in the world who get an additional annuity in the form of residual payments."


The Leak - Gavin (KateModern)

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/DeepGoat

Lee is a work experience boy who sent an e-mail to Gavin requesting a position at their company. Gavin, appreciative of the opportunity for free labor, hired him immediately. He first appeared in the video Birthday Surprise, where he came across as a suck up, but a bit spacy.
Lee on LGPedia

Sam Donovan is the actor who plays Lee, Tariq and Gavin's new "work experience boy", in the web series KateModern. He has a BA Hons in English and Psychology from the University of Liverpool and studied acting at the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts for three years. He has worked in a variety of mediums, including TV and film. His previous television roles include Steve Morgan on "The Bill" and Kenny on "Waking the Dead." His previous theater credits include play True Wit in "The Silent Woman," Cornwall in "Old Fortunatus," and Sam in "Billy The Kid."

Sam Donovan on LGPedia

LGpedia needs your HELP!

MySpace Overcome By Severe Phishing 'Epidemic'

"Cyber Superbug Invades Members' Friends Lists, Then Spams Relentlessly"


Confused About OpAphid?

Read up on the history of OpAphid from back in the day when it was the official ARG of Lonelygirl15: http://www.lg15.com/lgpedia/index.php?title=Everything_You_Need_To_Play_OpAphid

"OpAphid is an organization about which little is known, save that its task appears to be to protect the secrets of the Order, another shadowy religious organization. OpAphid first came into our lives to support Bree's decision to abandon her online blog in order to concentrate on the ceremony. After a brief period of time, however, OpAphid realized that the real money lay in Cassie, a shadowy former friend of Bree's who had been monopolizing the attention of many of Bree's fans with pleas to prevent the ceremony. In five YouTube video blogs, OpAphid alerted Cassie's supporters that Cassie was not as harmless or honest as she seemed. Within those vlogs, OpAphid (OpA) concealed a phone number which their true supporters could use to contact them, provided those supporters were clever enough and dedicated enough to find the number. The phone number led the worthy to a voicemail with a message that prepared them for a momentous future event.
What OpA planned, we will never know, because their organization was disrupted by a break-in at one of their information-gathering facilities, and an unknown amount of information was stolen. Making quick use of their new network of contacts, OpA notified us via their YouTube profile, asking us to check the thief's last known location and recover any stolen items the thief had left. Drop operative Noava22 headed out to La Cienega Park (where the thief had last been seen), where he was met by archetype1. They quickly discovered a package containing an SD card and a postcard with a weeping bunny on it. While at the park, Noa was also contacted (via pay phone) by a man who declined to give his name, but who, after ascertaining that Noa knew a certain password, demanded information about his "sister." When pressed, it became apparent that the "sister" in question was also the person responsible for the break-in at OpA's facility. Immediately after hanging up from that call, Noa received a call from OpA, Letting him know whether he passed or failed.
Noa, wary of the consequences of all this communication, kept the contents of his conversations to himself, but revealed to OpA's other followers at LG15.com the fact that he had received phone calls. After receiving permission from OpA, he also shared the contents of the package found at the park, which were quickly dissected and analyzed. Shortly thereafter, OpA pointed its followers toward the YouTube profile of someone calling herself Tachyon and identified her as the thief, although OpA admitted that it did not know Tachyon's true identity. Throughout, concern and frustration over the contents of the phone calls continued to grow, climaxing when the male caller, identified as Brother, began calling those who had previously left their numbers on OpA's voicemail. These calls proved to be a test of loyalty for everyone, because those who gave Brother too much information were declared untrustworthy by OpA, while those who kept their secrets to themselves were asked by OpA to conceal the contents of the phone calls as well.
All the secrecy and tension surrounding the phone calls caused some people to abandon OpA's side and defect to Tachyon's. Others, who had been growing increasingly concerned about OpA's motives and methods, did the same. Still others grew even more committed to OpA as a result of the break-in and aftermath. Slowly but surely, sides began to form, although many undecided people remained. It was revealed that the voicemail line was Brother's, but was tapped by OpA.
Meanwhile, analysis of Tachyon's YouTube videos revealed that she had been working undercover within OpA, although it was not discovered what she was looking for or what her position there was. Although she was on the run, Tachyon attempted to contact Brother with information about where she was going to be, but the communication was intercepted by OpA's followers. The communication turned out to be a false lead, but fortunately Brother fell for it as well, and OpA's followers were able to get to Tachyon's next drop ahead of him. A late-night dash by Ladron121 and archetype1 out to Pea Soup Anderson's in Santa Nella revealed another postcard, another SD card, and an annotated copy of Aleister Crowley's Book of the Law.
True to her name, Tachyon was on the move again, and we didn't hear from her until she made contact from Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. This time, Ladron121 and Luv2LuvEm found a copy of Nancy Drew's Guide to Life in addition to the postcard and SD card. Tachyon had attached a note to the book letting us know that she thought it had a lot of wisdom to offer the inquiring mind. Shortly thereafter, Brother proved that although past interactions with him had indicated that he wasn't technologically advanced enough to use a screwdriver, much less create vlogs, he could indeed find the "any key" and much more. He created a music mashup on the voicemail line telling Tachyon that he had a new, secure line and giving her clues to what it was. Extremely dexterous followers of both OpA and Tachyon worked to discover the message, which proved to be a direct communication between Brother and Tachyon, in which Brother dropped his "I don't know which end of the phone to hold" personality and revealed that he suspected he was being watched.
The situation between Tachyon and OpA grew increasingly complex, especially once it was revealed that Bree and Gemma knew an acronym for APHID that differed wildly from what we had learned about OpA's methods. No questions were answered when Tachyon left yet another package, this time in Petaluma, which contained (in addition to the SD card and postcard) a copy of Morihei Ueshiba's The Art of Peace, a birthday card, and a note which was clearly not directed at Brother. This opened the possibility that Tachyon had other contacts we were unaware of and had been communicating with them for some time. Meanwhile, OpA, which had been watching Tachyon, Brother, and Bree and Daniel, entered Bree and Daniel's hotel room and ransacked it looking for the note Bree's parents left her when they were taken away.
After her room was ransacked, Bree and Daniel continued on the run, and began living in an abandoned building, feeding off of trash. Sometime between their room getting ransacked, and them moving into an abandoned building, Jonas was introduced to the story. After a few video blogs of his were released, the followers of LG15 were asked to choose whether they trusted him or not. Well, consensus ruled that he could be trusted. Bree decided to go with what the forum thought, and she went with Jonas. Daniel, on the other hand, did not trust Jonas. And upon meeting Jonas, Daniel left Bree and went back home.
Shortly before Christmas, Tachyon began releasing videos showing that Gemma was indeed part of the Order. They showed her deceiving Bree, and even had a piece of a phone conversation in one video. Eventually, Tachyon sent Brother two emails, heavily encrypted, detailing the depths of Gemma's perfidy. The first email was an exchange between Gemma and someone named "Sebastian," who was revealed to be Brother in disguise. Apparently, Brother had gone to London on some mission, and Gemma had been tasked by the Order to get close to him and do some...intimate spying. The second email was one from Tachyon to Brother explaining that there had been a plot against Brother's life. The Order had planned to blow up the building Brother was in, and Tachyon's organization had had to plant a false body in the rubble, and then send Brother into deep hiding.
After releasing these videos, Tachyon left a mission for her brother that gave him a chance at revenge on Gemma. The mission was "a simple task, one that even a monkey could do". Basically, he was directed to "take care of Gemma". Brother released a video where Gemma is seen walking down an alley. She is being watched through the scope of a gun, after which the shot fades out into white. Later on, a voicemail was discovered on Brother's phone, with what sounded like a "mission accomplished". The voicemail is still being analyzed, and it is still unknown whether or not Gemma was actually disposed of.
In early January, OpAphid called upon its followers to help recover a fake ID left by Daniel at a bowling alley and bar. The ID helped OpAphid locate Daniel, and resulted in his kidnapping."

LGpedia needs your HELP!

Missed the Friday Night LG15 Madlibs session on BreeFM?

Not the same as the live dramatic reading, but you can still read the transcripts on the comments here:


Thanks again to Brooklynxman, HAMmy, hopefulsemblance, Kallenie, Deagol, SonofaStitch_PJ, surealisticpill, and a few others in the main chat for contributing words during the show for these LG15 Madlibs...

The first madlib is from the transcript of "A Family Affair" video (where Jonas meets Emma and they play charades).

The second madlib is a modified version of the recent "LG15 Website Updates" announcement by Miles.

~ DJ_QtheC

Friday, November 9, 2007

creation blames creator - PJ

So, there is much to be said for Lonelygirl15-

The webseries that dared to ignore the line between entertainment and reality and inspire millions, my self included.

My thoughts on the creators recent behavior regarding the site and interaction.

Article by PJ (SonofAStitch)

Oh No's!

Hey Everyone! Your resident Smiley killer here!

Due to unforeseen circumstances, and a need to push some fund to my medical situation, I am once again going to be faced with a brief period of time without regular life blood...I mean internet.

Meaning in short that my show next week is postponed until I can con a friend to let me use their broadband and download shout cast to their computer. And then, it will be an hour long until I can get everything sorted out at home.

My video challenge is still a go though! So check it out!!!

Love you all soo much!!

PS: I am SOOO HAPPY to see the IRC chat up and running for the new official chat! I feel heard! Love you Greg, Miles and the rest of the LG Team Talk to you guys soon ;)

Should Gemma come back to Lonelygirl15?

Poll from ACO on Bebo:


What is LG15 Studios?

LG15 Studios is a digital studio run by Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried. It produces shows such as lonelygirl15 in the US and KateModern in the UK. They also develop technology to distribute that content on the internet.

LG15 Studios on LGPedia

LGpedia needs your HELP!


From the 12th Street House blog: http://12thstreethouse.blogspot.com/2007/11/myspace-contest.html

MySpace Contest

Thanks so much to everyone who submitted a video for the myspace contest video. It was a *very* moving video to edit.

I wanted to point out a couple of things about the myspace contest that you may not be aware of.

After reading the rules of the contest, it looks like the top 12 videos will be compiled by how the videos are rated.

Each video submission can only be rated 1 time during the rating period... which lasts from right now until the 12th (Monday).

You can promote the video however you wish, but I'm going to try and get my 300-some-odd (literally) friends on my myspace friends list to watch it and give it a thumbs up Booyah for me. Who knows, maybe Clara will be making a trip to pitch the Maddison Atkins story to the Fox Execs. What a story that would be!

It's a short window, so do what you can.

The Video Link



Abducted?! - lonelygirl15 (LG15)

I don't know what happened...Where are they?! - Daniel

LG15 SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!


ad:tech Keynote: State of the Industry

"What have been known as portals are now calling themselves platforms including Google, Yahoo, MSN and of course Facebook."


"Suzie Reider believes we’ll continue to go in this direction with the shift towards user generated content."

How many Creators does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

from Anchor Cove:

This started in IRC last night. I'm posting our inspired contributions below. You're all welcome to keep adding as you see fit!


A Modest Proposal: Hello, Google!

"Does the AMPTP know that for the first time since the advent of television, college students are no longer bringing TV sets to campus? They are getting all their entertainment directly from THE INTERNET."


Need music for your next video? Moby will hook you up!

The multi-platinum artist Moby is offering up a slew of his B-sides and unreleased tracks for "independent and non-profit filmmakers, film students, and anyone in need of free music for their independent, non-profit film, video, or short."


There's one catch though: If your video that features Moby's music does go on to generate revenue, the license specifies that all proceeds must be donated to the Humane Society.

Subservient Lee - Gavin (KateModern)

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/DeepGoat

Cheers for posting commands for Subservient Lee on my blog. I made him do some of them yesterday! I could make some money out of this...subservientlee.com?

Quarterlife to Jump to TV?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

While writers are out striking for payment for work distributed via the Internet, NBC is looking for new programming ... on the Internet.

The network has discussed bringing the online show "Quarterlife" to over-the-air television. The show premieres on MySpace Sunday (and on its own dedicated site the next day), and NBC is considering repurposing it as backup if the writers' strike goes on for a while, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Full story at zap2it.com

Greg Goodfried and Miles chill in the shiny new chat

Both Miles and Greg have stopped by in lg15.com's brand new chat room. So why dont you stop by and maybe you'll see them.

LG15 chat

Transcript of the chat with Greg Goodfried

At this time a transcript of the chat with Miles is unavailable. If you have one please email us at

The Beast's Turn - "MMYB" - Danielbeast (LG15)

My response to greggallows. Check out his videos at LG15 http://www.lg15.com/lonelygirl15/?page_id=113&member=20398- Daniel

The Beast's Turn - "MMYB" - Danielbeast (LG15) on LGPedia

This video is a response to lonelygirl15 fan video Make Me Your Bitch posted by Greg Gallows on October 10, 2007. Greg's video said he would "do anything within reason" he was challenged to do. A number of his challenge responses concerned lonelygirl15 related themes.

Although fans have previously been mentioned in many lonelygirl15 videos in the content of helping TAAG solve puzzles, this video is the first lonelygirl15 video to consist solely of a shoutout to a fan.

LGpedia needs your HELP!

View all the videos in the "Make Me Your Bitch: series here: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=2B1346061BB75BBE

Discussion on LG15.com

Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Community Under Attack Needs Your Help

As most of you know we as a community have been under attack recently. An unknown person or persons has deleted thousands of comments on youtube from the Redearth88 series, Fan made videos, almost all of my videos, and now they are going after Lonelygirl15. The newest LG15 video has had most of its comments deleted, and it appears all the new ones being deleted as well.

In times of crisis, communities have to band together, show that they are here for each other. In that spirit I am asking for the help of Miles and Greg, the lonelygirl15 creators, to help convince youtube to find the person responsible for this, stop them, protect us from it happening again, and recover our lost comments. This person or persons isnt just going after us individually, they are attacking us as a community. The entire Lg15, Redearth, and the fan community are being singled out and assaulted.

In recent times there has been discussion of a rift between Lonelygirl15 fans and redearth88 fans. I'm asking for us to come together in a time of need, to band together and show that we are one community and we are strong. I am asking for Greg and Miles to stand up for us the fans and help us, to play the hero and to make youtube deal with this.

Please, for the sake of our community, the fans and the creators all as one united, help us to stop this from happening and to recover what we lost.

Also, I am asking the fans and members of this community to show their support by leaving a comment below, to speak their peace about what is going on and to show their support for the creators of the lonelygirl15 and redearth88 videos, and for the fans who have been attacked.

Unity, come as one stand together.

LG15 website upgrades


Miles says:

Hey Everyone,

I'm really excited to announce that we've added a couple new features to the website. lonelygirl15 and KateModern are "community shows" which means that the community is just as important as the show that we produce. Unfortunately we've had very limited resources this past year, especially as it pertains to technology development and we have focused all of our efforts on producing the show. Happily we've recently hired a full time designer so we've been able to make a couple improvements and there will be more to come. Here's what we just launched:

1) LG15 Chat is back! At some point we'll install an integrated chat solution on the website, but for now you can click the "Chat" link and it will take you to an IRC chat applet where you can create a username and talk about the show. Here's a link for some information about IRC so you can learn how to use it: http://www.irchelp.org/irchelp/faq.html

2) We've upgraded the user profile pages. I had a chat with the top producers of fan videos on LG15 a couple weeks ago and told them that we would be working on the website to make it easier for them to produce fan shows in the LG15 Universe. The new user profile now looks a lot like the homepage of lonelygirl15! When you create a user account on LG15 you can enter your YouTube username (you can also click "Edit Profile" to do this). This will automatically pull in videos from your YouTube account and feature the most recent video on your user profile alongside a widget to scroll to past videos. So... if you want to create a "show," just create an account on YouTube that you will upload all the videos to and then create a new account on LG15 (e.g. "Battlestar"). You can then email this link around to your friends or share it on the site. We are very interested in seeing more fan shows and will promote them on our website in a variety of ways.

3) Finally I just want to plug the LGPedia http://www.lg15.com/lgpedia. The LGPedia is a 100% fan-updated encyclopedia about the LG15 Universe. It needs your help to grow! If you want to write articles or contribute, please contact Zoey http://www.lg15.com/lgpedia/index.php?title=User:Zoey.

I can't overemphasize how important the interactivity and the community is to this show. You're going to see a lot more character and show interactivity in the next couple months and we will be working to improve the website. Thanks everyone!


The Big Day - Charlie (KateModern)

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/ChazOnToast

You won’t believe the crazy day I’ve had… Until you watch it!

The music is 'You're Hot' by Sneaky Sound System.


Gay or Not? - Lonelygirl15 (LG15)

It's great to be back in film class. - Daniel

Parkton Special by Burning Babylon

Maddison Thursdays on BreeFM!

Yeah baby it's Maddison Thursdays on BreeFM! Starting with
someone who finally decided to do a scheduled show.... Mr station
manager....MicFranXon and he's got a puzzle for you guys!

DJ MicFranXon 4pm - 6pm (with a puzzle!)
DJ Pill 6pm (with another puzzle and sexy voiceness!)
DJ Jeromy 7pm (with special guest: Bullet For Betty)
DJ Maya 8pm (yay!)

Storyteller - Clara (Redearth88)

Here's the new video from Clara on MySpace about Maddison.


Add to My Profile | More Videos

Description: I've been documenting the effect that the brutal murders of Maddison Atkins and Adam Wilmott had on their community.

It seems to me that the story isn't quite over because every time I look closer at the details, mysterious events keep happening.


(from Maddison Atkins forum):

Here's our submission.


Now we are in phase 2 til November 16th. Your votes help.

From the contest rules:
"Phase 2 – Voting Period (11/8 – 11/16/07): Registered MySpace users will vote on videos by awarding either a “Thumbs-Up” or a “Thumbs-Down” according to the description in Section 4 of the Official Rules. "

4. MYSPACE USER VOTING (PHASE 2): Contest voting will begin on Thursday, November 8, 2007 and end at 11:59 AM PT on Friday, November 16, 2007 (“Voting Period”). All Pilots will be ranked according to registered-users' judgment and interpretation of the creative content. Submissions will be judged solely on the subjective opinions of the registered MySpace users who choose to participate in the ranking process. Registered MySpace users are eligible to rank each Pilot by logging in to their Contest account and following the onscreen prompts. Submissions will be ranked on a scale of one (1) to ten (10): one (1) representing the least favored contest Submission and ten (10) representing the most preferred contest Submission. A ranking of five (5) or higher will generate a “thumbs-up” icon; rankings below five (5) will generate a “thumbs-down” icon. Registered users will be allowed to rank each Submission one (1) time during each voting period. The twelve (12) entries which receive the highest average rank score during the Voting Period will be declared the potential Semi-Finalists (subject to final paperwork and verification). In the event of a tie, the Sponsors will host a 24-hour ranking-round between tied entries in accordance with the aforementioned criteria. In the event of such a tie, additional details regarding the tie-breaker will be made available on the Contest site. All decisions of the Sponsors are final on all aspects of the Contest.

There were four submissions that I got a little late, and I'm sorry I didn't include them, but when the contest is done, I might cut them in to post it on YouTube. Sorry.


Sisters Are Forever - lonelyjewfifteen

I took Jerry's advice and decided to hear Margot out.

Long live Maddison

The true story of virtual girl who made a real impact in an alternate reality

"The 19-year-old SFA student never really existed, but that doesn't matter. News of her demise sent shockwaves through the online community that followed her every move. Friends mourned, created video eulogies and demanded answers. How had it come to this?"
For the complete story read:

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Masturbation, Spinart, and Beeping - LG15Trivia

What is the name of the fourth video sharing the same theme with the three shown?

Note that the theme may not be evident in the clips shown, but may require viewing the entire video.

DJ Acid and Perky Schedule Change - BreeFM

This is just a reminder that the DJ Acid and Perky radio show, regularly scheduled Sundays at 3PM Pacific/ 6PM Eastern, will be held at a special day and time this week. Tune in to BreeFM Saturday, November 10 at 2PM Pacific/ 5PM Eastern to find out what DJ Acid will sing this week!

RedEarth88 fans are also Lonelygirl15 fans

"THE MISSION" as suggested by Glenn on his BreeFM radio show.

Objective: to help mend any perceived divisions between the Lonelygirl15 and RedEarth88 fans.

1. The "Red Army" should take a little time and post some of the YouTube comments and speculation on RedEarth88 to the LG15 Discussions so that people can see them there. Throw some love to the LG15 site and make its a hub for discussions of the RedEarth88 series. They have been very generous if providing this space so take full advantage of it.

2. In "Comments and Concerns" section post something to the fact that you are a fan of both. It could help heal what is seen as a rift. If you have switched from LG15 to RedEarth88 then explain why and suggest what LG15 experience could be better. What could be fixed if you think something is broken.

If you would like to see things different let LG15 know so that LG15.com can become the "mothership".

Many people do not know what RedEarth88 and if we invite people in, perhaps there won't be any division any more.

Also take the discussions about LG15 Today and BreeFM site there and take full advantage of the LG15 site to let your voice be heard.

This will help the community that is built around both series.

Comments and Concerns thread - http://lg15.com/lonelygirl15/forum/viewtopic.php?f=52&t=14854
Remembering Youtube Comments thread - http://lg15.com/lonelygirl15/forum/viewtopic.php?f=154&t=14851

WHAT TIME IS IT? - Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Corrected version:

Glenn did a homage to Pump Up The Volume by playing Leonard Cohen-Everybody knows. We dont need "the man" shuting us down. When he played it he realised that it was a downer.
The Red Army blew up the last RedEarth video RedEarth video. It has now crossed 100,000 views which is a firrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt!!!!!!!!!! RedEarth88 attracted some haters on comments. Someone has gone after the comments. It appears to be a "user created" glitch. YouTube is going to get things back. Who is doing this? If you have a problem with Glenn, then so be it. If you are pissing people off you must be doing something right, he says. However if someone messes with this community Glenn has a problem with that. The primary goal is to get the comments back and then figure out who did this. Forward any leads to [email protected]
Glenn says he needs to do a show on the "CW" so he can use the music he likes. What if RedEarth88 got picked up by CW????!!!!!!!!! Just think of the music. Glenn misses the old WB promos. He also liked the old OC promos on FOX. The
Band Stars....fantastic band.
Canon battle of the viral superstars.
That is what he was in NYC for. He was staying at the Soho Grand with Rickie Dork who was 2 doors down so " Lazydork" decided to become a guest on his radio show that week. The video from Glenn's team was pretty ambitious. There were ideas that did not make it into the final videos eg a riff on the voice mail blog. They were all mic-ed almost the entire 3 days so they all had to "watch" what they were saying. They got hooked up with Canon cameras. They all had a fun time together. Glenn might produce "beats" for Lazydork. What is wild is that Lazydork did his infamous LG15 video when everyone still "thought" it was "real".

The actress in their video was pretty cool. She was fantastic.

Glenn thinks the "team wolf' video is also pretty good so be sure to watch them both .

Glenn worked on shooting the video but had very little to do with the editing. He is obsessive compulsive about editing but he was basically busy with other stuff.

Trivia: Apparently Glenn likes Vegan food. Who knew?
Glenn talked about dealing with things you don't want to deal with. There are consequences either way. He likes to push himself into things that make him feel uncomfortable. Glenn says he currently works for all of us. If we are not paying attention thats what matters to Glenn and Jeromy.
Vote for the actress who will play the female role in the Cowboy video. This is a story Glenn has wanted to tell for a long long time. Its going to be pretty sweet!
"The Community Issue": Jeromy and Glenn are lucky that they can be in constant contact with the community and that is something they never want to loose sight of. Talk on LG15, Anchor Cove, YouTube etc all make a huge difference.
The scoop on how Glenn got involved with Lonelygirl15
What is interesting is how it came together. Greg talked about it at ARGFEST but left out some specifics. If you recall, around Halloween last year the biggest thing (beside OpAphid) was a drop. Cassieiswatching had gone away.

When Glenn started OpAphid he had two goals. He knew there were 2 things that could happen that would make it worth while:

1. It would be really cool if LG15 had almost no choice but to incorporate it.

2. If there was a statement that OpAphid had no official connection to Lonelygirl15

He never expected to accomplish both of these goals.

When OpAphid got its own discussion sectionon LG15.com it was cool. He had not heard from anyone at Lonelygirl15. When Gemma was introduced (still before Glenn joinied the show). He was involve with the twist of Gemma being evil. Gemma was very popular and was stealing some of the thunder from OpAphid. Once Gemma was in the story he was a little afraid that the window would not be there any more. When Gemma said the Order was not a religion Glenn was worried. Glenn's screen play had a secret organisation within a religion. He actually wanted Gemma to be evil from the beginning. One could argue that there was not a clea path in terms of what they wanted to do with Gemma. We are not sure when she turned bad.

Glenn wanted to dabble with Lonelygirl15 being influenced by fan fiction. Could OpAphid have some influence. Originally the GPS puzzle hinted at OpAphid keeping tabs on Daniel. He also had this idea of Gemma being evil which is why he included Gemma screen name on the papers that Tachyon stole from OpAphid. Neither worked in achieving goal 1. or 2.

On Halloween or the day after the OpAphid story was supposed to end around thanksgiving. It was time to do something more over the top. It felt stupid to Glenn at the time. He went on the OpAphid YouTube account and sent an in character message to the Gemma account. He did not know if they were doing in character interactions but he felt he had a better chance on this account.

We do not have the complete quote yet but we will work on it later:

To: Gemma

"Subject: Be careful dear

The I in APHID does not stand for intimidation. That being said be we greatly respect your efforts to protect Bree's involvement in the ceremony and hinder her attempts to back out. Perhaps Bree might be more easily persuade by her sense of loyalty to the Order. Does she really need to hear such rumor and innuendoes that suggest more for her to fear? Bree is already quite cautious given how spooked her friend Daniel is. Bree does not understand that we were meerly trying to protect ourselves from his invasive actions. Regardless, we do appreciate your involvement in both the operation and the Order. We shall see to it that university continues to be a pleasant and rewarding experience for you. Of course if your persuasion does prove effective to the dredger that Bree actually does change her mind well lets just say we will ensure continued success for you and your family. In addition you also have complete freedom from the Order if you so desire.

Be well Gemma for the sake of us all,

Some things are secret for a reason. There are people whose lives are dedicated to keeping it that way."

Unlike most in character interaction this was weird because he was treating Gemma like she worked for OpAphid.

He got a response:

This was apparently from Miles:


We are really impressed with your videos and the care and effort you are taking in telling your story. We would very much like to discuss how we could possibly join forces to tell a more compelling and complete story.

If this interests you please send me an e-mail.

Also Gemma thanks you for her good wishes. She wants you to know that she only has Bree's best wishes in mind."

Glenn wrote Miles and they exchanged numbers. Miles mentioned they were improving the web site. They did not get on the phone till that weekend. Glenn had a drop up coming. He was afraid of what he did next because he did not want to paint himself out of the continuity. By thanksgiving things became much better integrated. He was then able to test the "evil Gemma".

By december he was able to become involved in the LG15 arc where Bree's dad died.

Glenn would write up "white papers". For example he wrote one on "Free Will" which explains a lot. He came up with the explanation for how it would work.

He went from a fan to where he could take the story he already had and made it work within Lonelygirl15

In February he became story editor of the Lonelygirl15 series and had a fair amount of influence over the story.

The reason this worked is because the buzz on OpAphid was enough to make LG15 pay attention. Things are different now. Maddison Atkins was not picked up. Its a very different enviroment now. The drama of what happened with Glenn and all the speculation seems to have had an impact. What the fans build up the fans can tear down and people are now scared of interaction with the community.

There was a lot of hype about Glenn on the discussions. Some people felt Glenn has switched loyalties. Had he betrayed OpAphid by working on Lonelygirl15. Speculation ran rampant and it was a wake up call to LG15 that everything you do within the community is scrutinized.

The community is now much different from what it was 6 months ago. There was a lack of directions for the moderators. It was mismanaged on every level and Glenn includes himself in that. He was acting to protect the interests of others and it bit him in the ass. In life you dont anticipate such a perfect storm of occurrences. If it had been handled right the situation could have been salvaged.

They never expressed an interest in the characters of OpAphid or Tachyon. Glenn was shocked. The fans would expect some conclusion. With RedEarth88 Glenn and Jeromy have been able to work on the story they want to tell.

Trivia: The "voice of OpAphid" is now a substitute teacher.

Note: According to Glenn he is not under any NDA when it comes to anything LG15.
Anchor Cove: If you dont go there to discuss Lonelygirl15 you are missing out on an entire experience. Its an awesome sight. Glenn resists jumping into discussions because it might give it the aura of an "official chat". Speculation is part of the fun of the series. He does not want to clarify things to the point where there is no suspense.

Glenn also mentioned LGPedia in addition to the other disucssions on LG15. LGPedia is a great resouce and he complemented Zoey and the rest of the community for doing such a great job of keeping it factual.

Look for "shout outs" in future videos. There will also be a contest where you can "earn" a shout out. It will involve music from the series. Hint: any fans of the "Guitar Hero" series may fair very well. Think of it as a bonus for the community. Look for more next week or the week after. This will be known as an "off screen cameo"
When Glenn was from 14 to 29 he worked as a journalist. Since the internet he has basically been living his life online. He has blogged about personal stuff. The radio shows are intended to help demonstrate what goes into the creative process.

For example:

a) OpAphid has Glenn's sense of humor

b) Rachel is based on girls that Glenn is attracted to. Mesh had lived in the same town as Glenn and it makes Glenn wornder if they both had a crush on the same girl growing up. Maybe she is the inspiration for both Bree and Rachel. Two takes on the same girl. They had friends and enemies in common. Glenn had shopped at the book store where Mesh worked. You see this with bands a lot. Characters can be influenced by the same people. Glenn is puting a lot of himself out there. There is a fair amount of trust and respect in this community now. Glenn hopes that the fans have his back. Glenn and Jeromy cannot thank the fans enough.

(CORRECTED to read: Glenn had shopped at the book store where Mesh worked)

Jeromy and Glenn have tried hard not to contribute to a split in the LG15 community. They see RedEarth88 and Lonelygirl15 as complementary shows. He then suggested "THE MISSION" which is outlined in the previous post.
Send question to [email protected]

The "YouTube Killer"

The term "YouTube Killer" was used by the drudgereport to link this story.

School Shooter Kills 8, Self in Finland
"Police were analyzing YouTube postings that appeared to anticipate the massacre, including clips in which a young man calls for revolution and apparently prepares for the attack by test firing a semiautomatic handgun."

"the shooter prowled the building looking for victims while shouting slogans for "revolution.""


YouTube massacre: Schoolboy gunman posts threat on the internet then kills eight

Gunman In Finland School Slaughter Dies

Redearth88 videos - Where Have All the Comments Gone

Many of you have noticed the deletion of comments on the Redearth88 videos. Now, comments have been deleted for all redearth videos, lofisyndicate, the one opaphid video related to redearth88, the one 10033 (brother) video related to redearth88, and the one warpylol video related to redearth88. It has not hit the one warpylol video related to maddison atkins, nor has it hit the Opaphid, Tachyon, warpylol, and 10033 videos related to lonelygirl15.

There is also a curious comment left on some of the redearth videos "Hahhahahaha all your comments are gone forever! Stupid people, might as well quit trying" I believe was the exact quote. This is the work of a youtube hack performed by one person or a small group. The accounts themselves have not been hacked, but somehow the comments are being deleted.

I have received word from youtube that they are working to rectify the problem and find out who it is that is doing this. Curiously, it has only affected redearth88 related videos. Clara's and Maddison's videos are unaffected, for now.

All I can tell you know is youtube is working to figure this out. This is malicious, and I am sure youtube has legal repercussions if they figure out who is behind it. Youtube has gotten more sophisticated at catching these things than they used to be.

As a community, all we can do now is wait. I am sure youtube will fix it, and this will be good going forward because hopefully youtube will fix the problem so that it does not happen to anyone else.

Remember that youtube subscriber glitch a while back. I guess this is something like it, except it is only targeting redearth88 videos.

The After Party Tonight

So listen in at .

Foblife on tonight!

Hey guys, check out Yousef and Reza live in studio 6:00 pst!

They might have a guest! YOU have to tune in and find out!

Only on Nowlive.com!

Sick Dreams - Emma (LG15)

I'm "under the weather" and having weird dreams. - Emma

WIld Wednesday on BreeFM!

It all starts off with DJ JenniPowell at 4pm:
Another Wednesday, another DJ JenniPowell show. And this week, I have a very special co-host: Jerry (AKA Voyboy). We're going to be playing some of our favorite tunes and chattin' about whatever craziness Jerry and I feel like chatin' about. Come see firsthand what putting two insane LonelyGirl fans in a room together will do! No one will be the same after! -JenniPowell

Followed by The FOBLife Simulcast at 6pm, and at 7pm RoyTheBoy's Simulcast live on BreeFM! The After Party will be at it's regular spot on NowLive, but we at BreeFM like to share the spotlight :)

DJ GlennFM at 8pm! You never know what he has in store but it's always worth finding out, so tune on in at Bree.FM!

Big Boys - Gavin (KateModern)

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/DeepGoat

Will Lee never learn?

Meet the Cast: Ralf Little (Gavin) - KateModern Production

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/KateModernProduction

Some Advice - jerrypjr (LJ15)

Margot was wrong,



Gavin says:

Right, thanks to a comment from RedRevolver yesterday I have come up with a GENIUS game we can play with Lee. Basically I want you to leave your commands here for what you want Lee to do and then I'll make him do them.

For example:



Do it...do it now!! Mwahahaha.


This isn't the surprise I was talking about...that's happening later.

BreeFM "The Cowboy" Auditions Female Role - Your Vote Counts!

From MicFranXon "Hey Everyone,

In the first round of votes will be our females, there is only ONE female role so far announced. Runner ups to this friendly contest will be called upon should another female role be posted!

Listen to each one for at least 2 minutes before going on to the next.
When you have heard all the contestants, You may vote once! SO listen to each one, remember this is a AUDIO drama....and good luck to all the ladies!

(All votes will be tallied Monday, November 12th at 5pm PDT)"

To vote visit the BreeFMCowboy Auditions Blogspot

EDIT: As a reminder, here are the notes about the roles from the Oct 10 article http://lg15today.blogspot.com/2007/10/wild-wednesday-continues-with-glennfm.html

RADIO DRAMA: The untold saga of the Cowboy: how to audition. Its all going to make sense.

What was missing from the LG story? What was the Cowboys plan and what it does it feel like to be the Cowboy? Does a white van really fit in?

To participate:

1. Post an audition video. In our community we post videos....you can just have a black screen, a head shot, a drawing etc. - the voice is the most important thing

2. Need:1 female lead, 1 male for the Cowboy and one person who is working with the Cowboy

3 Any additional roles will be filled from the same auditions.

4 Pick a monologue to read from for the audition. Find something the means something to you. eg:
For one of the roles they need someone who is like an authority figure. - read something like that.
For the Cowboy - something more earnest.
For female - something working class.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

User Response - lg15trivia

What lonelygirl15 video was it?


Earlier on her radio show on BreeFM KTS talked to an old fan about the good old days. After issuing her second video challenge (see below), attention moved to the subject of the community. There was a time when the community congregated solely on the Lonelygirl15 web site. In todays world the community has grown in many productive directions such as LG15 Today, BreeFM, the Anchor Cove web site, multiple IRC chat rooms, stickcam, Bebo, MySpace, YouTube and Facebook etc each serving its own constituency. This provides a wonderful "open framework" for the community. However KTS pointed out that it might not best serve the business needs of the Creators.

Over the years there have been many ideas on how the Lonelygirl15 web site could be improved. We have seen changes but the outgrowth of these satellite projects point to the fact that the Creators have not fully met the needs of fans. So what now? There is a strong argument to be made for the concept of satellites that serve specific needs of the community. On the other hand there may be some that feel everything should be returned to the "mothership", so that the Creators can best fund the show.

This blog was set up as a community project and serving the needs of that community should be its prime directive.

What do you think? Leave a comment below and let us know which direction you think best serves the needs of the community.

Killthesmiley's Video Challenges!

That is right folks, you read it right below! I have challenged you guys TWICE! That is right! TWICE!
So get out your camera's! Dust off you video editors! and get cracking!

Killthesmiley's video challenges!!!!

I want these video's in ASAP! In time for next week's show would be great but I will give you guys until next Friday the 16th!


Video Challenge from KTS!!!!

Breaking news: KTS has just issued a video challenge on her radio show on BreeFM.

You need to create a video of "a day in your life" or "a day in your characters life". It should be inspired by OpAphid, Cassieiswatching or the new Kate video. Submit it to YouTube or Revver and KTS will choose the best

KTS Video Challenge 2: made a video with you holding up a sign saying:"We want the official Lonelgirl15 chat back!" (The chat should of course be one that actually works.) Post it as a response to any of the Lonelygirl15 videos.

More on details on this later from KTS.........developing......

Killthesmiley on tonight...

yes folks, after a traumatic last week, I've decided to go ahead and do the show tonight.

I'll be chillaxin' as normal, but I will be sitting around and playing Wii Mario Party 8 (no no one paid me to say that...). So I'll be playing some music and chattering it up!

Don't forget to Skype! I would LOVE to discuss the new kate modern video AND what we think about what seems to be the new Lonelygirl15's attempt for a puzzle!
[email protected]!!!

Can't wait to hear from Y'all!!

(PS: I'm trying to convince and old time Homie G off mine to come and join me on Skype...we'll see what happens!)

Flatmate - Charlie (KateModern)

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/ChazOnToast

I think I’ve found a new flatmate!

Bloodlines: Joel Frady - giddeanx

Joel Frady killer of Maddison Atkins. If it could be so simple.

Song: "Major Taylor - Bicyclist", The Voodoo Trombone Quartet

Meet the Cast: Alex Weaver (Kate) - KateModernProduction

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/KateModernProduction

Monday, November 5, 2007

SEE Jai Rajani LIVE!

Who is Jai Rajani ?
Jai Rajani is the actor who plays the role of Tariq in the webseries KateModern. He has his GSCE's, his A-levels, and a diploma in Personal Training. He was involved in theater productions of Romeo & Juliet, Onenite.com, Totally Practically Naked, Taken In, Human, Laters and Gun-Play. He also took part in a short film called Connexions, which has been screened at small cinemas in London.
After hearing about the audition for KateModern, Jai looked into LG15 and was surprised and intrigued. He then auditioned for the role and liked the idea even more.
Jai enjoys writing songs and scripts, and has written his own play, which he hopes to get produced. Along with acting, he is a personal trainer. If he wasn't doing that, Jai says that he would love to run his own business, but only if it were social. He says even though he is bald, he'd love to run his own barber shop. Jai loves food, particularly Thai and Mediterranean food. His inspiration comes from anyone ambitious or talented that he works with.

Lgpedia Needs Your Help!

From Jai's myspace blog:

"Onenite.com (comedy written by Jai Rajani)

Hey Everyone!

"Onenite.com" - (Filthy Fridays £6)



Tickets: Only £6!


Friday, November 30, 2007
7:30pm - 10:00pm
Oxford Road, M15 6JA

Box Office:
0161 274 0600"

Chad Hurley & Steve Chen

By Miles Beckett

"One day someone sent me an e-mail that changed my life. It was a link to Lazy Sunday, and the website I landed on was YouTube"


Abstract Heart - Kate (KM)

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by bebo.com/AbstractHeart

Some new work…


Glen Bledsoe - Tango Cacafuego
Glen Bledsoe - Man Eats 'Taters
John Williams - Sunbreak

Interactive plots wooing young TV viewers

The Age
By Daniel Ziffer


"INTERACTIVE online serials that allow anyone to discuss the plot, write to the characters and vote on their fate are stealing away young viewers and threatening the model that has supported free-to-air television for 50 years."

cancellation request - OperationOssifrage (WorldFiles)

November 5, 2007

The Ladies Room - Sarah (Lonelygirl15)

Going undercover isn't as fun as I thought it would be. - Sarah


The Ladies Room - Sarah (Lonelygirl15) on LGPedia.

LGpedia needs your HELP!

Alexa:.Gillette Fusion Power Stealth Razors (ACO) - acrowleyorder

Gillette Fushion Power Stealth
Fushion Power Stealth has 5 PowerGlide blades spaced closer together. This distributes the shaving force across the blades to help reduce pressure for extraordinary comfort. PowerGlide blades, Gillette's most advanced and best blades, feature a patented coating for incredible glide and comfort. With the introduction of Gillette Fushion Power Stealth and it's 5-PowerGlide blade Shaving Surface Technology, men will get the best shave from Gillette.

Watch more great Kate Modern videos at httP://lg15.com

Who is Jenni Powell

Jenni Powell on LGPedia
Jenni Powell is a long-time member of the online community. She approached Glenn Rubenstein over a year ago (before OpAphid became the official ARG of lonelygirl15) to ask if he needed any help production-wise. He saw her background in comedy and realized she may be a good fit to help produce an off-shoot of OpAphid that he had been writing called The Hamster Project.

Jenni shot episode one based off a script he sent her, and he was impressed. They rewrote episodes one and two together, and then, Jenni produced, directed, and shot them. Before they had a chance to go farther on the project, Glenn was hired by LG15 to make OpAphid the official ARG, so Hamster Project had to take a back-seat.
The two lost touch as Glenn became busy with LG15, and didn't get back in contact until around the time Marla Singer showed up in Nacogdoches for the first time. She jokingly sent him an e-mail saying that she didn't want Marla to have all of the in-game fun. However, she didn't expect a response.
Much to her suprise, Glenn responded and asked her to call him because he actually had her in mind for something he was working on. At that point, he asked her to start collaborating him on the Rachel vlogs as a co-writer. They started working together with the video Opportunity Crisis!
Jenni is involved in other LG-related projects as well, including writing, producing, directing, and acting in a popular lonelygirl15 spinoff called lonelyjewfifteen with Adam Daroff. They release new episodes of LonelyJew every Wednesday, though they sometimes have "bonus episodes" during the week. She also hosts a radio show on Bree FM every Wednesday from 4 - 6 PM PST.

LGpedia needs your HELP!

QtheC's "MMYB Request" (Mystery Dances) - GregGallows

QtheC wanted me to make up original dance moves that represent different people. You have to guess which dance represents which person. Your choices are Heyaja, QtheC, Jenni Powell, and Acidfingers. Good Luck!

Music : "Mr Magic" by DJ Shadow

ED: I found a link to this in my YouTube mail this morning ;).
~ QtheC

Battle Of The Viral Video Superstars

Press Release: Viral Video ''All-Stars'' Unite with Canon U.S.A.’s HG10 High-Definition Camcorder to Create Higher Quality Web Video

glenn rubenstein is out to do viral video asskicking


Canon U.S.A., Inc. today announced an exclusive alliance with Web video’s elite to create high-quality content for the world’s viewing pleasure. Well-known viral video personalities such as Barats & Bereta, Ricky “Lazy Dork” Stern, Gary “Numa Numa” Brolsma, Ben “Obama Girl” Relles, Chad Vader’s Matt Sloan & Aaron Yonda and Glenn “lonelygirl15/OpAphid” Rubenstein were brought together and split into two teams to compete in a viral video showdown. Their mission was to create a never before seen viral video that answered Canon’s challenge “if the internet were to shutdown next week, what would your last video be?” Viewers can vote for their favorite videos at the following Web site: www.usa.canon.com/videobattle.

EDIT: In addition to the videos they made for the contest, be sure to check out the trailer, "in the trenches", and promo clips (where Glenn has some funny moments interacting with the other "viral stars")... it looks like they had a lot of fun with this. http://www.usa.canon.com/app/html/videobattle/index.html ... go Amazing Falcons (Glenn's team)!

vote vote vote vote!

Hollywood Writers Announce Strike

"Last-ditch negotiations between the Writers Guild of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers ended after about 11 hours."


"The guilds are aware that if writers fail to win concessions involving DVDs and the Internet, actors may have to take up the fight."

Deagol said...
Here is a quote from the Fake Steve Blog: "Now guess what? The Internet blows that up. The Internet is anarchy. There's no writers guild. There's no limit on the number of channels. The writers and actors and directors who've been shut out of your club are creating their own alternate universe. "

Sunday, November 4, 2007

BrightSilence vs The People of IRC-The Song That Doesn't End

Nothing strengthens an ARG community like coming together for a song that drives everyones NUTS!


Stats of the latest Redearth video - Divine Intervention?


Front page placement in the videos being watched section (thanks, thewriter90, for the screen capture):

Honors for This Video: (the today honors just went away)

#16 - Most Viewed (This Week) - People & Blogs
#9 - Most Discussed (This Week)
#1 - Most Discussed (This Week) - People & Blogs
#85 - Most Discussed (This Month)
#22 - Most Discussed (This Month) - People & Blogs
#85 - Most Linked (This Week) - People & Blogs
#15 - Most Responded (Today)
#28 - Most Responded (This Week)

There is also rampant speculation about who the mysterious Aly Zarin is. This is an exciting time to be a Redearth88 fan.

This has potential to beat the last Redearth video in number of views, which currently has 97K views

Something different from ACO

Masquerade Makeup - TheBrightest
This is an entry for Amy04's Halloween Challenge. :)

Shaundra's URL

Shaundra's Youtube URL

If you want to become an "author" on Web Series Today please read: http://tinyurl.com/becomeaWSTauthor

For more detailed information about Web Series Today please read: Web Series Today:

For other info contact: [email protected]

Join the discussion: http://www.tinyurl.com/webseriescommunity