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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Have a Merry Spandex Christmas!

From all of us at Venus Spa, we wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best in the new year!

NORAD Tracks Santa

NORAD sur les traces du Père Noël - North Pole

NORAD sur les traces du Père Noël - Auckland, New Zealand

NORAD sur les traces du Père Noël - Mount Everest, Nepal

NORAD Tracks Santa - London, United Kingdom


FreddieW: Battlefield 4: Co-op

The Key of Awesome!: Pitbull - My Own Song! (Rain Over Me Parody ft. Marc Anthony, J-Lo) Key of

GIRL BAIT - Si!, Es I Pepe

Annoying Orange - Midget Rudolph

Shane Dawson TV: WHEN AN *EMO* CALLS!

Another Shade Of Blue: Guy Harvey - Ep. 8

Tubefilter: Do Cheaters Prosper on YouTube? - Tubefilter Meetup

Alloy TV

Bella and Zendaya's Happy Holidays Message

The Mercury Men: Season 1 : Ep. 1 Invasion (geoblocked)

Good People in Love: Episode 4 "Left Over"

After A Trillion-View Year, What's Next For YouTube?

Looking at the trends, it's clear YouTube viewers are looking for quick entertainment, music and humor.

Read the full post:

What were we watching this year? Let’s rewind 2011.

Read the full post:

Gigi: Almost American: SPACE COWBOY

CELL Season 1 Episode 8

Friday, December 23, 2011

Shira Lazar: Vlog: The Young Turks New Show - 'The Point'

Good People in Love: Episode 3 "Main Course"

Blue Movies: Episode 5 - Lights, Camera...

In the Season One finale the crew at Pornamount Pictures find themselves dealing with a performer's inability to perform. As the moment the cameras must roll comes close, Anna & Tom are faced with the possible end of their time together, and Max is faced with the most important production of his career.

GoDaddy CEO: “There Has To Be Consensus About The Leadership Of The Internet Community”

The last day has seen a growing grassroots rejection of the company and its position in the form of a boycott.

Read the full post:

See this Reddit thread:

Boycott GoDaddy Over Their Support of SOPA & PIPA:

Pink Slip - Part 6 - Juggling

Pink Slip is a Web Series Written, Directed & Produced by Muriel Campbell. Find more at www.pinkslip.tv

Featured tea: ESP Emporium Tea
Check out ESP Emporium Tea at www.ESPemporium.com/
or https://www.facebook.com/espemporiumtea

Just a word about Pink Slip and this episode. Max (Michael Adam Hamilton) is an unemployed actor, blackballed because he slept with the head of the studio's wife, pink slipped from his night job, evicted from his apartment, and an orphan, after his last relative, Aunt Florrie dies (Pink Slip - Part 2 - Max). Best pal Joey(Jason Ellefson) cooks up a scheme for Max to impersonate his deceased aunt so he can keep her $105.00/month senior citizen apartment, while Joey impersonates her female home care attendant. It works except for the fact that fashionista Suzie (Kaitlin Snyder) steals Max's heart away and in this episode "Pink Slip - Part 6 - Juggling," Suzie wants to take Max to tell Aunt Florrie that she and Max are an item...so Max and Joey must engage in some fancy juggling in order to keep their ruse afloat. To complicate matters, Max's ex-girlfriend, Rita is stalking him.

Gigi: Almost American: SORRY LADY LADY

CELL Season 1 Episode 7

Thursday, December 22, 2011

lindseystomp: Celtic Carol- Lindsey Stirling


Alloy TV

Christina Grimmie Talks Favorite Musicians & Her First Video Inspiration

The Pretty Little Liars Stars Go Ice Skating

Big Time Rush Better With U Tour and Holiday Message!

Junkyard: The Series: Winning with Sheen - Ep. 2

Kole's Law - Christmas Short - Alone.

The Fine Bros: AMERICAN IDOL Interactive: Viewer Edition

Campaign Update - Dec 22nd - King of the Web

The Online Video Conversation Has Changed

TV will be around for a very long time and it’s success, failure, or status quo is not necessarily inversely proportional to the success or failure of online video

Read the full post:

A Look Back at 2011: Begun the Turf War Has

Read the full post:

Good People in Love: Episode 2 "Drink Before Dinner"

Blue Movies: Episode 4 - The Pornstar Cometh

In the fourth episode, Anna finds the perfect starlet for Max's upcoming masterpiece in pornstar Tory Lane. Unfortunately, it turns out that Tory and Max have a complicated history, and Max rejects the casting decision. Out of options, out of energy, Anna gives up the search, and Tom must find a way to reunite director and star.

NOMINATIONS: 3rd Annual Indie Soap Awards

The Indie Soap Awards, or ISAs, strive to honor the very best in scripted, serialized programming for the web.


Gigi: Almost American: GIGI'S BOOK CLUB

CELL Season 1 Episode 6

This Week in Webseries - Episode 8 - IAWTV AWARDS - Matt Newcomb and Chris Greenaway

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Trailer



MAKERMUSIC presents 10 of the ShayTards favorite Christmas songs so you can listen to them while trimming your trees and stuffing your stockings.

Golden Orchestra & Singers - "The Ride of the One Horse Open Sleigh (Jingle Bells)" - http://bit.ly/svcDa9
Dean Martin - A Marshmallow World - http://bit.ly/ruhGCr
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - Callie & Colette - http://bit.ly/tepUnf
Bring a Torch Jeanette Isabella - Callie & Colette http://bit.ly/rC8ynn
Frosty The Snowman - http://bit.ly/sYmNJH
Gene Autry - Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer - http://bit.ly/tEsEuZ
Jackson 5 - Santa Claus is Coming to Town - http://bit.ly/t1unQQ
The Grinch Song - http://bit.ly/vuexiV
Little Drummer Boy - http://bit.ly/tkaGMl
Bing Crosby - It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas - http://bit.ly/saWOUZ

HeyitsMilly: BURN BRD BURN! (Facebook Fun #7)


Annoying Orange


YouTube Sensation Freddie Wong: 'Hollywood Is Out of Date'

...he isn't interested in winning over Hollywood.

Read the full post:

Good People in Love: Episode 1 "Setting the Table"

Blue Movies: Episode 3 - Interior. Stacy-Day

In the third episode, Max tasks Anna with the job of writing the script for his Pornographic Opus. Meanwhile - the rest of the studio goes into high gear producing skin flicks, Tom pays his dues, and Anna finds a cure for her writer's block in an unlikely place.

Blood Lies - Ep. 1 Murder and Pizza

There's been a series of strange murders in Elise's city. The only surviving victim is Elise's runaway mother, still in the hospital. While her father spends day and night by her side, Elise is left to fend for herself. Her best friend Skyler calls with some terrible news and Elise heads out for the night, unaware that someone may be following her.

2012: The Year Producers Must Step Up Their Brands

Distinguishing Blip shows from television is important to our audience, hence, the company is now simply, Blip.

Read the full post:

Barely Political: Voldemort vs. Santa!

Gigi: Almost American: GIGI SINGS FOR GIGI

My Damn Channel: HOMELESS GREG'S CHRISTMAS - Murderfist

Zero to Zach - Dec 21st - King of the Web


CELL Season 1 Episode 5

As The Earth Turned scifi drama feature trailer/preview

This is the first trailer for "As The Earth Turned", a scifi drama movie made in Northern Ireland on a non-existent budget by Craic Addict Films.


Nights at the Round Table - Teaser Trailer

A far cry from our first webseries "I AM TIM" (www.hisnameistim.com) "Nights at the Round Table" is a romantic comedy which follows the exploits of a weekly table top gaming group.

First episode airs in January 2012, with a further seven episodes planned.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Escape - Once Upon - Part 4


Undiscovered Campaigners - Dec 20th - King of the Web

IAWTV content panels at CES #IAWTV

IAWTV content panels at CES on 1/11/12-1/12/12

....a series of educational sessions that explore a wide range of web industry topics: producing a successful live-stream show, capturing the attention of a digital studio, building (and more importantly, keeping) a loyal audience...

Read the full post

Blue Movies: Episode 2 - Foreign Object

In the second episode, Max tries to convince a foreign investor from Dubai to fund his masterpiece. The only problem - he is an ultra-conservative Muslim who is more likely to do horrible things to Max if he discovers the real nature of the place. While Max is busy keeping the investor distracted, Anna and Tom make a desperate, last second attempt to hide everything pornographic about the porn studio.

Gigi: Almost American: FOR GOOD TIME

Mind My Brains Holiday Special

Christmas in the bosom of the Worthington's family home, 1979.

Petunia's little (zombie) helper, Jeremy, has rustled up a hearty meal for the family....See the whole of Season 1 on this channel!

(first released in 2010 on the worldofhiglet youtube account)

CELL Season 1 Episode 4

Barely Political: Spider-Man Therapy! Super Therapy #1-#3

The YouTube Laugh Factory: A Studio System for Viral Video

... look at Nielsen ratings, a lot of these top YouTubers are getting results that are numerically higher than television and movies.”

Read the full post:

Research credit: Cyngs

ClevverTV: Selena Gomez Vanessa Hudgens Hilary Duff: Feather Trends

Zui Studios


Monday, December 19, 2011

Shit Girls Say - Episode 1-2

Writers & Creators: Kyle Humphrey & Graydon Sheppard

Director: Graydon Sheppard
Executive Producer: Jacinte Faria
Production Company: Hard Citizen
Producer: Nick Sorbara

Cast: Graydon Sheppard
Director of Photography: Jonathon Cliff
Assistant Director: Aleysa Young
Assistant Camera: Jonathan Staav
Sound Recordists: Scott Tremblay, Jeff Scheven
Wardrobe: Vanessa Fischer
Makeup and Hair: Claire Chapple
Colorist: Hardave Grewal
Music: "And The Bells They Rang" by Find The Others, http://findtheothers.com
Thank You: Magnet Film and Digital, Affiliated Equipment, REDLAB, Magic Pony, Tati Bistro, The Beaconsfield, LAB Consignment, Corrina Allen, Matthew Hannam

Read more:

Merry Xmas from The Uploaders!

LonelyGirl15 makes a cameo!

King Jesse's Ode to Meagan - King of the Web

As part of his thank you video, King Jesse (aka Comrade Creeper, aka OMFGcata), wrote a song for KOW Campaign Update host, Meagan Karimi-Naser. We weren't able to include it with the Campaign Finale, so here it is in all of it's glory! Stick around to see Meagan's response vid afterwards.

They Live Among Us Ep. 1 - 3

Alloy TV: Interviews from Youth Rocks Awards 2011 Red Carpet

ClevverTV: Katy Perry Named Artist of the Year

The Inland Sea: An Australian Odyssey: Crocs and Christmas in Darwin - Ep. 7

12-Steps To Recovery - Ep. 13 A Walk In The Park

Wise Hit - Ep. 8: VAMP IR

SEASON FINALE [Tube Trials Ep. 213]

Blue Movies: Episode 1 - The First Time

In the series premiere, a film student named Tom Fischer finds himself accidentally placed in an internship at Pornamount Pictures - one of the San Fernando Valley's most prolific pornography studios. Once there he meets Max Chapman, the passionate director on the verge of a creative breakthrough, and Anna Wesbaum, his stressed assistant on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Wainy Days #36 'Kelly and Arielle - Part 4'

Tubefilter: Tale of the Leaning Wallet!

Sponsors! They are the ones that make this all possible. Take a second and show a little love for this video from Citi, who has generously supported YouTube channels like Tubefilter and many others.

We made this custom video just for Citi as our take on the whole "Fat Wallet Syndrome" that they are aiming to fix with the new Google Wallet. Yeah, it's your favorite credit and gift cards on YOUR PHONE, instead of in your wallet. Pretty rad.

For more -- head over to Citi on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/citibank

**** This video is sponsored by Citi. ****

And.. are you a video creator that wants to work with brands like Citi? Let us know in the comments below and it can happen.

Here's another Citi video (from thebigshoetv): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ED-tYAxHkeg

12.M WorldrEvolution: May 12, 2012 Global Day of Action

The Word wide Occupy movement has selected May 12th, 2012 as the date of their next "Global Day of Action".



Gigi: Almost American: POCKET ACES

CELL Season 1 Episode 3

Sunday, December 18, 2011

VooDoo CarrierIQ Detector [SassiBoB app review]

The Key of Awesome!: Santa and I Know It! (LMFAO - Sexy and I Know It PARODY!)

Wainy Days: 33 'Kelly and Arielle - Part 1-3

The IAWTV Awards nominees mix up the professional and independent

The emphasis here is definitely on web series as opposed to the more nebulous and hard-to-define content being produced by YouTube creators ...

Read the full post:

Sundays Web Series Episode 7 "Ice Cream"

Sundays is about a small Northern California coastal village and the eclectic medley of characters who call it home. It’s about the stories that originate from within the old sea weathered Victorian and Edwardian homes that make up this secluded village perched on the craggy bluffs of a moody ocean. Stories played out on a tiny sailboat moored in a salty harbor. Stories viewed through cracks in the wood of old barns. Sometimes the lives in these stories intertwine, while others take off on a path of unpredictability, leaving drama, comedy and romance in their wake.

Totally Sketch

Team Unicorn

Gigi: Almost American: DONATE GOOD CAUSE

CELL Season 1 Episode 2


The Haunting Of Sunshine Girl: Update Time!

Hey everyone, I'm not going anywhere I promise! I will keep making videos :-) Here's an update on what's happening. Don't forget that I'm going to make the movie too so things are really busy. Plus I think it's kind of a good idea to not push the ghosts in my house for a little while. I suddenly got worried again that the dad might come back and now that I've seen what he did to Anna that really freaks me out that he might be back!

Alloy TV: Drew Seeley Official Music Video Premiere: How a Heart Breaks

The brave women of the Middle East


Soldiers baton-charge Egyptian protesters in Tahrir Square after eight die and 300 are wounded in new clashes

Read the full post:

eClickNick: P4A: Impacto Project

Gigi: Almost American: SPEAK LEARN ENGLISH - Gigi: Almost American

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