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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dropping the bomb - rockindanceteacher (tC:A/A)

I'm sorry I didn't tell you all when I figured this out back in August. It wasn't my secret to tell.


Fuzzlines (Day 2) Blitzyon (LJ15)

Fuzzlines [Part V]

Sorry about that, I was getting shadowed and had to relocate, here's the next piece:



Fuzzlines [Part VI]


Fuzzlines [Part VII]

There's one file left after this but I'm not sure if it's worth it...

I feel bad for them, I really do. Rest in peace Molly.

Fuzzlines [Part VIII]

The final piece...and now I understand everything.

Guest staring Snl06 , Maddemp, Betz28 and ApotheosisAZ

So: - The Coalition

It's really the dreams that I've been having lately. I mean, every since I was a real little kid, my mum's been rather weird about my dreams. I can see her reasoning, but still... this new dream, it's driving me nuts!

Let me start from the beginning. Of the dream, anyway.

It starts out with me in this gorgeous, circular room. I mean, gilt and marble. I'm almost afraid to stand in the room, it looks so expensive, even if it is bare of any furniture or anything. I'm looking around, and I see this little kid, with a halo of fire around his head, like some literal Byzantine painting. He's running around starkers, and all of a sudden, he runs right out the door that certainly wasn't there a moment before. I run after him, but he eludes me, running behind the gossamer skirt of a tall woman. Beside her is her identical twin, only...

Click here to read the rest and respond.

Also, while you're on the site, may I recommend The Coalition mp3 player on the front page. I just lost an hour to that thing. The Worldfiles music is some of the best.


We have our weapon. Now we must learn to wield it.


Artist: The Teenagers
Album: "Reality Check"



LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

Friday, October 10, 2008

FIRST!!!!!!! Week Four Comin'atcha! - OrangeKeekat

Week four, and though in reality, not much has happened on this show, yours truly can still ramble on and on and on about it! News from the series, the community, and the Breeniverse.



Fuzzlines parts I to IV-Blitzyon (LJ15)

Fuzzlines [Part I]

I stayed up all night trying to save this footage, I nearly failed but I think it's enough to get this thing going. Wish me luck!

Meanwhile...our little party looks like they're off to a poor start.
Fuzzlines [Part II]

Amateurs, well, at least they're lying low. But you have to watch those self-locking doors. I think I did a better job fixing this one but who knows what's to come..

Fuzzlines [Part III]

Chane's confessional, I think the kid's got guts.


Fuzzlines [Part IV]

Well, this certainly could have been predicted. Either Eva's got a deeper voice than I remember, or someone snuck up behind the group on Eva's orders...hm...

The suspense is killing me, but I think I'm going to have to call it a night. I can't keep my eyes open another second.

Guest staring Zoey as the voice of Nancy, OpAdolf's personal assistant.

Thanks for Reed! - gablcjp

Thank you for not abandoning Reed

All Aboard! - theskyisempty99 (LG15:TR)

You asked for it. -- Sarah


Artist: The Teenagers
Track: "Streets of Paris"

All Aboard! - theskyisempty99 (LG15:TR) on lonelygirl15 LGPedia.

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Episode 3: My Suspects (The Hayley Project)

I looked through Keira's blog (posted on my investigation log since her myspace is private) and I think I have a breakthrough. Suspect number one - some guy named Slade Thurmin who goes to King's College. Stalker material? Maybe. Let's find out.

Navigating "The Gap Year"

The Gap Year now has a great way to navigate the vids - through an interactive map. People can click on the locations that interest them to see the video, photos and blog from that location. It's also an easy way to see the travellers' routes.


Sorority Forever: Episode 25 "Summer Love"

Taryn tries to reconcile with Matthew, and Joaquin reveals a secret to Julie.

Sorority Forever: Episode 25 "Summer Love"

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Eye On: Grace


Grace Christianson is the center characters in the upcoming all new web series, forevergrace, which will begin it's episodic run November 2nd on youtube.com. The first season is set to contain a full order of 130 videos across 24 weeks, also including blog posts and image deciphering by the core cast, and will conclude Summer 2009 with an exciting and intense 12in12 finale entitled "EVOLUTION". Over the past few weeks, Grace has been blogging from the comfort of her own in an effort to expand the Prologue of the series before Chapter 1, How Long is Forever, begins. Here is an update of all of her recent postings on http://www.forevergrace.mfbiz.com/!



Hey everyone! Just wanted to post a little something so that you would know that I am still on the face of the earth! Like aliens could actually come down and abaduct me or something... LOL. Anyways, I should probably introduce myself before this thing gets out of hand here and you start to believe I'm some sort of psycho stalker posing as a teen online. Well, my name is Grace Christianson, but I'm no saint. Don't let the name fool you; I can get down and dirty just like anyone else out there. I consider myself to be mainly a free spirit. Seeing as how both my parents were never around, I kind of had to learn how to grow up on my own. Luckely, I have the best boyfriend ever (Ben Rhyman) to put a smile upon my face when things aren't going exactly as planned. And Natalie, of course, my best friend! (Sisters Forever). I miss them, my parents. I just had so little time to get to know them. While other kids were out trying for cheerleading or following their father's to a home court game, I was sitting alone alone in my room, wondering why life turned out the way it did. I'm no one special. I'm just me...
I would've killed Natalie for moving us out here to this dump if it wasn't for my wonderful boyriend Ben promising to stay by my side every step of the way. Look how well that's turning out! We've had our differences before, but nothing has pulled us more apart than this new town. Dharma Rhodeis tearing my life apart. To prove it, here is one of my more recent works used to define the term. I just wish everything could just go back to the way they were before.


You know that great boyfriend of mine I was talking about? What was his name again... oh yah... Ben! Well, after a wonderful night out on the town with the so - called "Man of My Dreams", I learned of a revelation I am now not too fond of! AND IT"S DRIVING ME CRAZY! During the movie last night, Ben's phone went off like every 10 or so minutes (not even exaggerating), each time displaying the words: new text/picture message followed by a sparkly dotted heart graphic at the bottom. I thought all the madness would stop by the time we arrived to dinner, but as you can tell through my unsuttle words and quiet mischievous remarks, I was deadly wrong! The text message slowly turned into calls, ad the calls then became numerous trips to the bathroom. It was only halfway through my meal that the suspicions inside of me would begin to implode. Could his mother really have worried herself to the point of insanity? Granted, I've only ever met the woman twice in the three years we've been dating, but somehow I knew these messageswere coming from within somewhere deeper. Someone deeper. Finally, as the waiter made his rounds towards our table to collect the check, I had spotted her. The beautiful, flawless, mature classmate of his that could'nt learn to keep her hands to herself! Few words were spoken, but as we arrived in front of the door of mine and Natalie's new home, we both knew in our hearts it was over. Maybe it had never even started to begin with?


Within the past several weeks, my life has seemlessly changed in a drastic rate of time in front of my eyes. I used to be a fun, active, creative teenaged girl with the soul to be able to do anything I could dream of, and now I fear that has all been lost. You see, lately I have felt a sort of emptiness in my craft, developing the one and only feeling that something is missing. It all began with my parents. I know I don't talk of them much, but it is just because of the artificial lack of knowledge I, myself, have declared of their being. Therefor, you can't come to an immediate assumption of me through short online diary entries. How can you even dream of judging someone based off of the information they have chosen to share with you? Trusting a community of souls they don't even know! Then again, maybe it's Ben. As much as I try to get him out of mind, forgetting the pain he has caused to my heart, I can't. I won't. I won't erase the memories we shared, good and bad, because deep down inside I realize that we did love each other, and no one (no matter their importance) can change that. So now I sit here, with the ashes of his remaining items I have burned, wishing and hoping that I hadn't. Each of these things have a special reasoning in the world, as does everything you ever hold dear. I am sick of being the odd woman out. Tired of receiving endless messages from you people, telling me that I am no more important than the rest of you. Because I know I am. I know I am ment for greatness and just like the love for Ben that will always continue to burn inside me, that will never change!

More posts to come soon! http://www.forevergrace.mfbiz.com


Trying to like make The Resistance sound more exciting than it actually is! Love-vg15

*seriously though, I love this show otherwise I wouldn't like watch it...duh! It's just TOO easy to mock*

Staying Close - Fallen Angel

LG15: THE RESISTANCE fan intro - michiev

clips are EQALS
music is Darling Violetta, used in the television series "Angel.

no copyright infringement intended.

Frank Is Not Dead (hidden audio?) - LonelyGerbil15

The results of the audio extraction of "buried" sounds in aparkwefunk's Frank Is Not Dead video. The mp3 of Puscifer's "Indigo Children" was used to mix with aparkwefunk's version to extract the sounds as effectively as possible. It's hardly perfect thanks to ugly distortion that may have been introduced into aparkwefunk's copy by Youtube. However, it does reveal all nature of otherworldly sounds in aparkwefunk's audio that DON'T appear in the mp3 version of the song Indigo Children!

0'14.00 -- Distorted pounding via synthesizer; not in time with the song.
0'37.50 -- Strange piano, not in same key as the song.
0'42.50 -- door squeak, a voice, low synthesizer note (like a sledgehammer), high pitched sound (whisper?), a "worm" voice.
0'48.50 -- odd plucked instrument + timpani drum; neither in the same key as, nor in time with the song.
1'01.70 -- the unintelligible "mouth" whisper.

I used filtering to filter out (muffle) the highs when possible, to reduce the ugly distortion, and make the buried sound more audible. That's why the sound keeps changing back & forth from clear to muffled. At times there was a higher pitched sound that didn't appear in the mp3 version, at which time I un-muffled the sound. It's possible that aparkwefunk used an alternate remix of the song. On the other hand, if APARKWEFUNK put these sounds in, he's even stranger than we thought! I was doing this at night and it gave me the Cassie creepies!


This video is in response to the video Frank is not dead by APARKWEFUNK ...

Frank Is Not Dead

"Fuzzlines"? Hubby (LJ15: Fuzzlines Preview)

To the one I love.

Okay, so I tried a new ripping program, I was able to rip this video before it crashed but this footage is so old it's in pretty bad shape. If we decide to continue we're going to have to go back in and upload them in order after doing some major reconstruction. 

I'd do it right now, but you've got your young friends to thank for my computer crashing, get ready for a rough weekend.



Special thanks to Sheetzjunkie for the theme song, Glenn and Mari Devincenzi for her voice work, and guest starring Snl06 as the voice of the gestapo officer.

Life's A Beach! - MessyNessy89 (MN89)

A Mission from LonelyJew15

OK, so here's the deal: I've been talking to Blitzyon, a character from LonelyJew15, and she needs our help. Appearently she has a disc from the files she stole from OpAdolf, and there are many files on it. One of these files is titled "Fuzzlines Footage", the footage for a well-known myth that the French Resistance sent kids on a wild goose chase, 10 years ago, in order to free the Fuzzies (stuffed animals) from OpAdolf's grasp. Recovering this footage is essential and there is only one person who can do that: Hubby, Blitzyon's fiancee. We need all of you to message him and tell him that he needs to get in contact with Blitzyon and help her crack this code. If we don't, something very bad could happen. His account is http://www.youtube.com/user/110139 and all you need to send is one mission, even if you don't watch Anne's vlogs. Please, all of you are their only hope, and they really need this! So, if you can, help!

Remedy - Sarah blog (LG15: TR)

Current Music: The Teenagers

I hate to admit it, but Hymn of None was right. Jonas and I were acting like idiots the other day (him more so than me, but he agrees to disagree on that one).

Since yesterday morning we’ve been working on translating the text of the Samsaran Doctrine. Most of it is just fanatical rambling about Crowley, singing eternal songs, and making sacrifices out of small animals for spiritual enlightenment.

Um, riiiight...

Most of the chapters confirm stuff we already know. Like Dendera and the existence of the ‘fountain of youth.’ Or in this case, ‘woman of youth.’ But, some of the stuff that’s written through those symbols... it’s all pretty weird.

Weird and promising. We found one passage that could be HUGE. Fingers crossed it’s what Hymn of None was hoping we’d discover.

Check it out:

Hathor destroyed the village elder and burned his home. Beneath the surface of the ashes was her mighty object. Hathor re-assembled this creation to destroy another she had conceived.

The Goddess pursued the location of her fountain, placed the device beneath the surface of the water, and drained the edifice of its purity.

Then she left. Soon villagers flocked to their precious lifesblood -- which had turned the water into a fluid no purer than the Nile. Many drank, but none felt the change in their bodies.

The taste had gone. The water was now familiar and wanting. Normality had returned.

Minus all the fairy tale gibberish -- does this mean there could actually be a CURE for the Trait-Positive gene????!?!?!?!?!?! This ‘device’ or whatever?!?! Look, if the water from the fountain is a substitute for the bloodstream, then maybe we could use the device on a human body. Somehow. It seems relative, right?

Jonas is freaking out and so am I. Again, this could be HUGE. If this is the Resistance’s new mission, we’re going to need a lot of help. TTYL when we get more info.


Read and Respond to Sarah's blog

UGC Treasure Chest: Woody reviews lg15 (Sept. 30, 2006)

After watching Toad's "Refreshers" video posted earlier today, I was greeted with a link to this bizarre faux-film critic review of lonelygirl15 I had never seen before, from September 30, 2006.

On the Wagon - Jonas blog (LG15: TR)

got it. no more booze for a while.

i guess i could be pissed at sarah's response. but its only fair. i lobbed it over the plate.

as for reed, i've gotten his emails. he gave me a time and place for friday. still considering but can't be sure...

Read and respond to Jonas' blog

Over My Head - igotfeelings288 (tC:A/A)

I'm in over my head. I need some help.

News update for "The Gap Years"

The Gap Year on YouTube is now up to date, and all new videos will be uploaded 24 hours after they appear on Bebo (apart from at the weekend, when they'll catch up on Monday).


If you have not been following the seris on Bebo, here is the latest video on YouTube:

Week 20 - Lewis - Miami, Florida, USA
Lewis arrives in Miami, USA, goes on a pub crawl and then finds himself entered into an egg roll eating competition...

Sorority Forever: Episode 24 "Bark At Her"

Will Taryn be kicked out of Phi Chi? Is Blake really into Julie?
Sorority Forever: Episode 24 "Bark At Her"

Sam King - Week 10 - Thursday

Pink Season 2 12/13/14 (catch up)

PINK 12: Screwed on Straight
Nate is haunted by the Marko hit, and reflects on motherhood, nurturing, and FUBAR.

PINK 13: Viva Las Vegans
Daddy gives young Nate a lesson on death. Nate acquires her next target and makes a lifestyle choice.

PINK 14: Speed Dating Kills
Nate remembers Honey's advice on boys, but her first steps back into the dating world prove . . . explosive.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Refresh - gablcjp

We are the refreshers. We will not be stopped.

WHAT TIME IS IT?...Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST, Wednesday.

Glenn started out the show with a mashup:
"Dr Dre & 2Pac vs Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dani California Love Parts I & II (Glen Mash-Up)"

Glenn then did a hip hop Karaoke to: "Bust A Move" followed by one to "Jump" and then "Supersonic" and then "Mama Said Knock You Out". Glenn began to loose his voice from the Karaoke.

After last weeks show Glenn stocked up on instrumentals. Glenn prefers to know the song well so he can "flow better".

Glenn interviewed Kris Cross back in the day concerning what video games they played.

When Glenn was 14 he thought "Mama Said Knock You Out" had some interesting segways.

Glenn loves LL Cool J. With "I'm That Type of Guy" what was LL on? Some of the lyrics are awesome but what is with the "pudding" line. Glenn then played "LL Cool J - I'm That Type of Guy"

Next week will be the anniversary of 10/12.

Glenn then ended the show with:

"Dr Dre & 2Pac vs Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dani California Love Parts I & II (Glenn Mash-Up)"

Here is the archive of of stories from LG15 TODAY concerning Glenn's radio show on BreeFM.

Send questions to [email protected]


Who is Hymn of None? - tgriffy

I have spliced the sections of "Split" to capture Hymn of None's physical appearance (i.e., physical and undisguised audio). Perhaps by working with it, someone can discover who Hymn of None is.

Refreshing - Toad

The embedding is disabled.


We are the refreshers

I'm Coming Home - lonelyjewfifteen (LJ15)

It wasn't supposed to be this way. --Anne

(This is the final video in the Season 2 Finale: 3 in Pi. See you next season! Thank you for watching and stay tuned for Fuzzlines!)

No Longer On The Radar - DJPplanet (9A7V3E)

The Sudden-Season 2-Episode 4
"We need to find Seth Matthews."-ZØ8ØZ
"Closing In"
By Djpplanet

What Have I Done!? - lonelyjewfifteen (LJ15)

I'm so so so sorry Anne. --Margot

(Part 2 of the LonelyJew15 Season 2 Finale: 3 in Pi)

[105] Bloodlines - impulseLG (tC: worldfiles)

I guess I owe you all some explanations.

Mary K.

Sorry Greggerz - lonelyjewfifteen (LJ15)

I know what I have to do now. --Anne

(This is the first of the LonelyJew15 Season 2 Finale: 3 in Pi)

Remember the Mission - hymnofnone99 (LG15: The Resistance)

Stop Wasting Time. -- HoN


Remember the Mission - hymnofnone99 (LG15: The Resistance) on lonelygirl15 LGPedia.

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

Hooking Up - "Tramp Stamp" (EP. 3)

Meg's dibs on Nick is threatened when she finds out that a very beautiful tattooed girl is his "go to" person for help.

Sorority Forever: Episode 23 "Every Sister Has A Secret&qu

Rachel welcomes Julie's curiosity as we discover the truth about Taryn.
Sorority Forever: Episode 23 "Every Sister Has A Secret&qu

Sam King - Week 10 - Wednesday

Pick Up Reed Pt 2 - gablcjp

Episode 2: The Name Is Hayley

Yesterday, I went to the police station to talk to the cops who called Keira's case a suicide. Can you guess how well that went?

Angry Drunk Chick! - skyisempty99 (LG15: TR)

Jonas always thinks he's right! -- Sarah

Angry Drunk Chick! - skyisempty99 (LG15: TR) on lonelygirl15 LGPedia.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Powder Keg of Beer - jonastko (LG15: TR)

We're already one too many. -- Jonas

Powder Keg of Beer - jonastko (LG15: TR) on lonelygirl15 LGPedia.

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

The "I'm A Youtuber" Project

day after vegas - jessicaleerose

day after vegas

about to film casanovas

"forevergrace" will premiere on november 2nd on http://www.youtube.com/forevergracetv, but until then, follow the intensive prologue before the start of Chapter 1: How Long is Forever?

forevergrace | web site beta

"forevergrace" will be premiering November 2nd on http://www.youtube.com/forevergracetv but don't forget to follow the intencive prologue before Chapter 1 begins!

Tranmission 2:Contacting Completed - DJPplanet (9A7V3E)

The Sudden-Season 2-Episode 3

"Seeing the footage may have been one of the million reasons why we did this."-ZØ8ØZ

"Hunt I"-Djpplanet

Whatever Happened To That Boi Jonas?

Yesterday we looked at the overall performance of the LG15: The Resistance YouTube and Myspace accounts. Today we are looking at the performance of the individual character accounts for LG15: The Resistance. What is surprising is not so much the poor performance of the individual videos but the apparent absense of views on the Jonastko account. We know the recent video ( Done Dirt Cheap) had only 4,000+ views which is suprisingly low for an account that has 14,000+ subs. We know that a large proportion of the views are coming from the LG15.com web site. But, why do the views not register on Tubemogul?

A closer inspection of the Jonastko account shows that the "video box" that shows individual videos has been removed. One has to ask what impact this could have on the actual performance of the videos on YouTube. Is this part of a deliberate strategy on the part of Eqal, Inc. to drive traffic to the LG15.com web site or is it just something they overlooked in the design of the Jonastko account? Time will tell.

1-800-I-CAN-REED - Sarah (LG15:The Resistance)

We need help translating this thing. -- Sarah


Artist: The Teenagers
Track: "Feeling Better"


1-800-I-CAN-REED - Sarah (LG15:The Resistance) on lonelygirl15 LGPedia.

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

Sorority Forever: Episode 22 "The Omega Thing"

Julie gets in trouble for being late to chapter as Blake tells Matthew that he's dating the wrong girl.
Sorority Forever: Episode 22 "The Omega Thing"

Sam King - Week 10 - Tuesday

G7A2M0MA - 9A7V3E

It looks like we found them, but we weren't ready for the final operation. They blocked us off from him, so we will retreat and relocate to the specialists hideout on Friday.

Note: this is an older video from the series that never made it onto the blogspot when it was first released.

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Hayley Project, Episode 1: Black Roses

This is first episode of The Hayley Project, which I first mentioned here last week.

Separate Ways - Fallen Angel

Keep danger at arms length...

Why All My Old Accounts Got Deleted... - xXxemoBooksxXx

This is why...
and here is my contact info...
Myspace: www.myspace.com/xxxravenxxxemobooks
AIM: emoBooks
msn: [email protected]
yahoo: [email protected]

Lonelygirl15 still rules!

This chart looks at the total views/day on the lonelygirl15 youtube account, the LG15: The Resistance youtube account and the LG15: The Resistance MySpace account. Remember that there are a large number of older lonelygirl15 videos that are contributing to views/day but other than that the chart pretty much speaks for itself.

It should be noted that the chart does NOT include the views for individual character accounts in the LG15: The Resistance series and only shows the views/day on the main series account. Also note that the new LG15: The Resistance series is being added to the lonelygirl15 account after a delay of a few days.

Sorority Forever: Episode 21 "Hooknasty"

Taryn and Matthew Hook Up while Julie finds a secret side to Joaquin.
Sorority Forever: Episode 21 "Hooknasty"

Craptastic! - ReedABook (LG15: The Resistance)

C'mon guys, seriously, I need help! -- Reed


Artist: The Teenagers
Track: "Ill"

Note: This video went up for a brief period (in which I almost posted it) but came immediately down. Now it's back!

Craptastic! - ReedABook (LG15: The Resistance) on LGPedia

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

Chapter 4 Music - The Teenagers

THIS WEEK, we resist with French synth-pop trendsetting cool kid trio with serious attitude, The Teenagers (XL Recordings).

Read more on insideLG15

The Teenagers - Feeling Better

Pick Up Reed - gablcjp

Pleading with Jonas

Sam King - Week 10 - Monday

Sunday, October 5, 2008

i was here (mannyiswatching)



Legend has it that Chad Baker may be the only surviving camper from the massacres that caused this camp to be shut down back in '93. From what I remember, Chad had it in for the counsellors for banging each other in a broom closet while he was being kidnapped.

Did he kill Jenny? It isn't his style if it IS even him. Maybe we're jumping to conclusions I don't know. All I know is that this camp is starting to creep me out mom!

If anyone has any info or ideas on what we should do, PLEASE email me at [email protected].

- Melissa

Human - LG15: The Resistance Style

If you liked my last one, Handlebars, you will probably like this! It includes a new song by The Killers. Enjoy!

Resistance Report Ep. 2

Second Episode 10-5-08 Cast: Mitch, SNL06, Liv, and Bex08

What Kate Really Did

"What Kate Really Did" is a humorous look at romance in LOST from January 2007. Bonus question: How many actresses did it take to play Kate in this video?

LOST Returns Early 2009

If you want to become an "author" on Web Series Today please read: http://tinyurl.com/becomeaWSTauthor

For more detailed information about Web Series Today please read: Web Series Today:

For other info contact: [email protected]

Join the discussion: http://www.tinyurl.com/webseriescommunity