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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Andrea Russett: Meet My Roommate?

What to do When You're Bored! | Aspyn Ovard

Cheerhab Season 2 Ep. 24 - Hawaii, Here We Come!

Katy Perry loves America Pants- Maddness

Christina Grimmie: sneak peek of my new single.... "Shrug" out July 2nd - Christina Grimmie

Every Dog Has Its Day | Ep. 1 | Park Bench

Merrell Twins GROSS SODA CHALLENGE - Beachin' Ep 3

MY COMING OUT VIDEO with the Rhodes Bros // TarynTV

THE TALK w/ Lauren Elizabeth


Gayle Tzemach Lemmon: Meet the first women to fight on the front lines of an American war

StillAlive09: PJ bathroom Bethany Liz Joel Rachel

Dragon Tails: The Legend of Lost Lake (Part 1) - Dragon Tails Episode 3

Friday, July 3, 2015

Hey Mama - Pam goes on Vacation: Los Angeles (Season 1 Episode 4)

Latest episode of Hey Mama!!!!

Indie Comedy Show - Rocketship Radio

Rocketship Radio - A Comedy About A Real Rock Band

Rocketship Radio is a 6 episode comedy series about a real life indie rock band that must deal with the challenges of getting fans, playing shows, and recording their new album, all while dealing with their incompetent producer.

Directed by award winning writer/director, Adam Paul Stone. 

This indie series premiered at Brenden Theaters in Vacaville, CA and received a rating of 4.4 out of 5. It's now online to watch for free, so get ready to Rock! ...sort of. 

Series Credits: 

Anthony Ma - Josh
Adam Paul Stone - Producer
Kyle Cristian Hatch - Landon
Adam Myatt - Adam 'Cat-Man of West Oakland'
Logan Mckern - Logan
Kalani Hubbard - Kalani
Dustin Ward - Dustin
Kevin Ohlin - Kevin

Rocketship Radio
Get ready to rock...sort of.

Christina Grimmie: "Lean On" by Major Lazer & DJ Snake - Christina Grimmie piano cover

The Verge: Apple Music first hands on

KINKY TALK with DeStorm - Happy Hour with Taryn // Episode #7


That Gibson Girl: Boyfriend Tag

SUBURBAN LEGENDS - Father's Day - Teaser #3

THE PIZZA CHALLENGE - Merrell Twins & Dominic DeAngelis

My Dream Quinceañera - Alyssa Ep.6 - The Main Event Pt. 2

Dragon Tails: WOW! Intense Snapping Turtle Catch!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Novelist Francesca Lia Block - Explain Things To Me

The Vamps Prank CALL using their Alter Egos! - The Vamps Takeover

Jeffs tips for actors - Drama School

This time Jeff tells us about his thoughts on Drama School, he demonstrates the tenacity needed. #jeffstipsforactors @IDCILI

VANITY - Episode 4 - Expression

Lily begins her internship at Vanity as the company prepares for a big campaign. With tensions and expectations high, Lily recalls some cherished advice that wins her favor with her new boss. Zoe expresses concern for her friend’s well being.


Alex Frnka - Lily MacKenzie 
Denise Richards – Marion Bellerose 
Karrueche Tran – Vanessa Ivy 
Emrhys Cooper - Alistair Carlton 
Jazz Raycole – Zoe Smith 
Ana Mulvoy-Ten – Karen McClaren 
Asher Deva – Javier Ahmari 
Alisha Wainwright – Shelly

Honest History Class with Arielle Vandenberg

Filmmaker Vanessa Verduga on Diversity and the Value of Women in Comics

Latinas do it best. They also come with attitude you just can’t ignore. Don’t force it; it’s a part of the package.

Vanessa Verduga couldn’t help not be an exception, after all she is strong, smart, multi-tasker (actress, writer, producer, feminist, lawyer Phewww), plus she is one hell of a superhero as Justice Woman on a mission to restore faith in mankind and justice system.

Inspired by Wonder Woman and Batman since her childhood, this LA-born, Bronx-raised filmmaker Vanessa Verduga appeared on a panel called "Women of Color" at New York Comic-Con 2014 last year.

This time she assures that no stones will be left unturned as she gets ready to make notable appearances at the San Diego Comic Convention from July 9-12 to meet her legions of fans in person. Also, she will be speaking on San Diego Comic Con and the Women in Comics NYC Collective International, an artistic and informative initiative that seeks to educate communities about the role and value of Women working in the comic book profession, held at the SDPL (San Diego Public Library) at the Logan Heights Branch Sunday July 12th at 12:30 pm.

She will also stop by CBS-KCAL9 this Sunday, July 5th to give us more insight about San Diego Comic Con and the upcoming panel discussion, in an interview with Amber Lee. Going by  the reputation of raising questions on ongoing  issues, we can be assured that the conversation will be focused on diversity in Hollywood and how it impacts the multimedia industry overall.

The multi-award winning actress says,” Transparency and honesty means everything today, especially in a world where people check out your Facebook and Twitter profiles to see what you’re like in ‘real life.” She further adds, “If you’re just playing a character on TV and nothing matters…they’ve seen that before. But if you get involved in the community, tackling the same real world issues you address on the show, you prove that this is not all just for laughs. Social injustice is everywhere and it’s within our abilities to fight it as a united front. That’s the point of Justice Woman, on screen, on comic and even behind the camera. She’s an educator as much as she’s a costumed crime fighter.”

If you’ve watched Justice Woman, you'd know how the series plot lines compliment Vanessa's activism for many causes, majorly diversity and the presence of minorities in one of the last major entertainment venue, perhaps, that is yet to embrace equality and cultural variety comic books.
The show’s creator hopes that all this mainstream attention will not only help to influence the comic book industry for the better by featuring more minority and female characters, but also to promote greater equality and tolerance around world—changing legislation and preventing bullying, which is the very definition of Justice.

Let us not forget the fact that the web series’ success indicates that the concept of the association of Real Life Superhero-Activist is definitely working. Justice Woman has over two million web viewers, along with a host of awards recognized and presented  by national and international seminars, including the 2015 Rome Web Awards (“Best Dramedy Trailer,” “Best Dramedy Actor” for Lee J. Kaplan and a “Golden Star” for Vanessa Verduga). Plus, a nomination for the 2015 KWeb Fest, South Korea’s and all of Asia’s first web festival, the 2015 Miami Web Festival with a “Best Actress” nomination for Vanessa Verduga, and the 2015 Sicily Web Series Festival in Italy.

The show's creator believes that all this mainstream attention will help more minority, women and female driven content make a stand on comic book industry for the better. In today's ever changing world, Justice Woman promises greater equality and tolerance amongst all.

Justice Woman is on its 3rd season and will air its finale episode on July 14, 2015.

For more about Justice Woman visit: JusticeWoman.com
 Twitter: @JusticeWoman1

RED BIRD - First Official Trailer for Season 1!

RED BIRD - WEB SERIES Trailer #1Go to http://www.redbirdseries.com to find out more.Please CLICK SHARE to spread the word!

Posted by Red Bird on Thursday, July 2, 2015

More at: http://www.redbirdseries.com

Christina Grimmie: "Cliche" - Christina Grimmie (acoustic)

community channel: It's ok, I'm her PG

Dragon Tails: YUCK! Avoiding Ticks and Leeches


Anna Akana: Panic Attacks



Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Emma Blackery: Living Below The Line: £5 for 5 Days

Christina Grimmie: WE WON the iHeart Radio Macy's contest!!!!!!!

community channel: What Do People Do With Photos of Food?

Dragon Tails: Epic Turtle Catch from a Kayak!

Taryn Southern: HELIUM LOVE SONG CHALLENGE with Flula & Nancy Roder // Taryn TV

How to Get Over a Breakup with Gabriel Conte

What's in My Hand with Lauren and Amy Cimorelli- Cimorelli Takeover



Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Dragon Tails: What's a Mud Dragon?

“The End” - The March Family Letters - Ep: 50


Today the RED BIRD campaign rewarded supporters with a new video. Check out veteran actor Andy Garrison getting shot by Kitty Mae in this video below:

Flash Pulp - Vanitas: Digging

Flash Pulp is an experiment in broadcasting fresh pulp stories in the modern age – three to ten minutes of fiction brought to you Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings.
Tonight from Skinner Co.: We take a detour into the woods and find ourselves at the site of an unusual burial.

Subscribe: (RSS/iTunes)

Download MP3

Monday, June 29, 2015


Well-respected actor / head of the Actor Training Studio, Andy Garrison, was brought out for the first round of shooting on RED BIRD, and main character, Kitty Mae, shot him in the chest during a gunfight.

Director Misti Boland added a reward to her Kickstarter campaign to watch the raw footage of his death scene - shot at 300 frames per second. Check it out here.

Double Agents episode 005: Spyfall

The Prime Minister's video feed was cut off and things are about to get very real. Cat seems to have the upper hand...

Will Brock and Cori be able to run the tables? Do they have any chance to getting to Winnipeg from Ottawa in an HOUR? And will Prime Minister Johnson get his video feed back?

Find out the answers to these questions and why the chicken crossed the road in the 5th exciting episode of Double Agents!

Dragon Tails: Tiny Owl Defending its Home!

“Hello” - The March Family Letters - Ep: 49

RED BIRD - Brand New Web Series - Coming Soon

RED BIRD is a web series based on KITTY MAE, a woman who seeks revenge for the murder of her only son. It's a reflection on the fine lines that tear apart countrymen and the endless cycle of violence and death that is caused by small differences and the need for revenge.

With an amazing cast, including Alexandra Goodman, Ian Stark, Michael McShane, John Prosky, Alexis Bartkoski, Jason Turner, Kitty Swink, and Armin Shimerman, the project features actors that have starred in everything from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine to AI and Fringe to Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and Office Space.

75% of the series has been shot to date, and the director Misti Boland has just launched a Kickstarter to raise funds to finish the first season. You can check out more at: www.redbirdseries.com


Sunday, June 28, 2015

Dragon Tails: Discovery's 30th Anniversary!

“The Worst” - The March Family Letters - Ep: 48

Just Like Dad - S2E07 - The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy


Alexis G. Zall vs. Hunter SELFIE SPRINT - Beachin' Ep 2

Cheerleaders New Jersey Ep. 19 - Welcome to Nashville

NikiAndGabiBeauty Fairy Jar DIY! | DIY or Di-Don't

Alexis G. Zall: HORRIBLE PAINTING DISASTER (w/ Mikey Murphy)

How To Kitchen: House Of Cards - Patriotic Cake

Jeffs tips for Actors via #webseries #Jeffstipsforactors

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