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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Zero-Sum (File 15, Part IV) - opzerosum

The mission completed.


In This Twilight (File 15, Part III) - opzerosum

The fallen.


Black Friday - Do Not Go Gentle - bathtubbookworm (theCoalition)

"Do not go gentle into that good night
Rage Rage against the dying of the light"

I'm still here

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The Greater Good (File 15, Part II) - opzerosum



The Great Destroyer (File 15, Part I) - opzerosum

The Operation begins to spiral out of control.


Black Friday - and so it is... - Poknish (theCoalition)

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Our thread is unraveling.


Artist: Tokyo Police Club
Album: Elephant Shell

Too Hot To Hoot - ButterflyTsunami (theCoalition)

He followed Will, I followed him.
Finally found where the Birdhouse is.
Too late I suppose.

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Targeted - 3rdTriad

Take precautions to keep her safe!

50 73 61 6c 6d 20 39 31 3a 31 31


The petition

Honestly, the new LG15 is great, but it's nothing without danielbeast aka yousef abu-taleb. he was a big part of the original, and we don't know what happened to him. it only makes sense that they bring him back.

i feel like the showing is missing DB. think of all the drama it can create with Sarah and Reed. Maybe he can get with Estelle.

Sign the petition


Friday, November 28, 2008

I don't know what happened - Lime Penguin (A/A - theCoalition)

I don't know what happened.I don't know what happened.I don't know what happened.I don't know what happened.I don't know what happened.I don't know what happened.I don't know what happened.

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On This Day in LG15 History: First Bree Chat (Nov. 28, 2006)

Today marks two years since the first chat event held by Lonelygirl15, which was Bree's appearance on November 28, 2006, along with Gemma, and the brand new character Jonas. Bree announced her intentions to go into the chatroom in the video Ransacked!

That first official chat was unbelievably crazy, with hundreds of users flooding the userplane-chat interface which lg15.com was using at the time. A partial transcript is at the LGPedia here, and my old blog featured a particularly snarky recap of the event. In retrospect, however, it was a lot of fun because of the mayhem it caused and the clear evidence of the large and engaged lonelygirl15 audience at the time.

oh sh*t - LimePenguin checks in with Ziola (A/A - theCoalition)

From theCoalition website

Written by Ziola
Saturday, 29 November 2008

After not hearing from LimePenguin for hours, I just got a text from him. Let me start off by saying he met up with Sean at some cemetary. When I asked him what one, he wasn't sure. Then he told me that he got some mysterious text and they had to go and he had to turn his phone off, but that they were going to the birdcage. Well, nearly 9 hours later, I just heard from him again. The birdcage was blown up. And Sean was inside.


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Lonefox/Wilannies Prequel Info

Hey guys, snl06 here! I am sure you have realized that the LoneFox/Wilannies prequel has been delayed again! Poor Annie has had extreme production difficulties, and, with her busy schedule, is working very hard to re-write, re-cast, and re-shoot to fit the new needs. She sends her apologies, but luckily there's a good chance the new videos will be up soon! Annie has promised much suspense and excitement coming up, in the thrilling conclusion, answering all the question from the FoxVerse. Tune in for new vids (hopefully) very soon, at youtube.com/user/wilannies!

Black Friday - part 2 - shikadoodle (theCoalition)

Well they moved us. We didn't know why.

Vinnie got some cameras for us so we decided to have some fun. I was going to make my birthday last all weekend!

Then it happened...

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Black Friday - part 1 - melittlevinnie (theCoalition)

Those people moved us from the school to this little house at the edge of the property. We didn't know why but we didn't care. We got a new home dude!

I grabbed... er... I mean I borrowed a couple of cameras from the school so we could have some fun. We took a couple of the birds too and my friend gave us a computer to play with.

oh man
everything went wrong

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I tried to do handstands for you. - zoeydahling

Had some time over Thanksgiving, so I thought I would make a video. Let me know what you think!

Clips: Lonelygirl15
Music: Bruises by Chairlift

A Little Help?! -Jerry

Jerry from the comment board has just posted this, can anyone help him out?

I could use the community's help!
I received this in a email.
Can anyone solve this???


Lost and Found - Sarah (LG15:TR)

The search isn't over. Not for us. Not for her. -- Sarah


Lost and Found -

On Anchor Cove Milowent said:

i am also fairly sure that the doors at the end of the hallway are the same doors that emma ran through at the end of the season 2 finale. its filmed in the same building, anyway.



Meg's Vlog - Breaking Up The Right Way - hookingup

Let me argue why you should never break up.

Happy Thanksgiving 2008! - MaxterBexter

Music: "Waldorf Worldwide" - Good Charlotte

ABC: Original Online Shows Not Our Thing

ABC hasn’t always been so down on original online shows.


Thursday, November 27, 2008



I think I heard someone yelling "Help me Mandy"! It could be Jenny! I have to check it out, I'll be right back.


The Four of Us Are Dying (File 14/15) - opzerosum

The trap is sprung.


With the Angels EP 20 - Witness

So much for Thanksgiving.

The Burning Man - Laila the Seer (theCoalition)

A foretelling.

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EE: DROP: Jen's Cache at Mounds SP

Jen's Cache at Mounds SP
Originally uploaded by vlnky

For more Eeldritch Errors links check out our EE blogspot portal page

To join in the oog IRC chat go to http://www.chat-solutions.org/chat/unfiction.html and type /join #stfeline

Holly Shouts to Virginian9000!

Holly responds to a question from one of her viewers!



Discuss the web series modelball on Anchor Cove.

Model Ball: Ep#1 Drunken Bet!

Jake McBride is the world's greatest softball player... and the world's worst gambler. He's just made a bet that he can win the beer league softball championship with a team of gorgeous and sexy models. Can the models compete without breaking a nail?

Giving thanks for Lonelygirl15

Lonelygirl15 on Nightline 11-17-06

Nightline's segment on the lonelygirl15 phenomenon.


Technology - Virtue or Vice - Zarbod

Zarbod wonders if technology is bringing us closer together or is it destroying society?

Bjork - All Is

LonelyGirl15's Dad Spends Thanksgiving Alone & Buried Alive

I always wanted to be a part of the underground movement but this is ridiculous!

Thanksgiving - Lonelygirl15

anksgiving. So, I decided to take Jonas's advice and work things out with Daniel.

You Are The Reason by C. Layne

To Give, Receive, and Retrieve - Maggie (LG15:TR)

To Give, Receive, and Retrieve

11.27.2008 13:24

Today reminds us that we should be thankful for those who care.

Regardless of how he left, we know that while he was with us, Reed cared about the Resistance.

His message today, along with his obviously forced video yesterday, tells us that he most likely STILL cares.

And that is why we must find him. Because we are grateful for his commitment. And because we will not allow his sacrifice.

Jonas. Sarah. I will be in touch. I have an idea of where they may have him.

Despite our recent disagreements, the time to come together is NOW.



We will find him.


Just So We're Clear - Reed (LG15TR)

Just So We're Clear

11.27.2008 11:47

HHey. I want you guys to know that I’m okay. Some of you seemed suspicious of me on the board yesterday, which I don’t understand. You need to stop looking for me. I know the footage you saw on Tuesday looked strange (and believe me, the experience was even stranger), but there’s nothing to worry about.

Yes, those “gentleemen” from LBL abducted me. I have no idea why they used a big pointy needle to do so. They seriously could have just asked me to quietly come along. At least I could have tried to run before they resorted to said big pointy needle.

When I woke up I was in some sort of lab. Surrounded by some doctors who asked me questions. Actuallly, they asked me one question, but repeated it a lot. They wanted to know where they could find Sarah, Maggie and Jonas, especially.

Of course I didn’t tell them anything. My lips were sealed. Like a freakin’ Go-Go. And once they realized I had nothing to give upp, they let me go. Just like that. They didn’t even give me a chance to make a heroic escape or anything. It was almost insulting.

Fortunately they’re gone now. They dropped me off in the middle of the city and I’mm just glad it’s over. I’m glad this whole thing is over. Please, stop looking for me.

I want to bee left alone now.


A-Ok, Okay?

Here's what happened. -- Reed


Anonymous said...
This blog has a "secret message." All the letters he doubles in his typing spell out "Help me."

Very subtle, Reed.

Macy's Thankgiving Parade

Source: newteevee

Yankin' it in Europe Episode 1 - artifex85

Yankin' it in Europe: An American Guide to Studying Abroad.

Rob moves into his dorm and gets used to living on the other side of the Atlantic.

Hi there from Paul & Andrea
How are you doing? This is Paul, of danielbeast and lonelygirl15 association, and just wanted to say hi to all my subscribers. It has been some time (coming up on exactly one year now) since any of you have heard from me or Andrea and I thought it was time to reach out, if you remember me! We don't really have plans for any new episodes, though if you have something you'd really like to see become an episode write back. To make up for the lack of us though I'd love if you checked out a show my American friend Rob has created from studying abroad in the homeland of royals, bad teeth, and GEMMA- England! It's called "Yankin' it in Europe" and is an American guide to studying abroad. Do you miss when Jonas and all the others used to actually talk to you, vlog style? Well Rob is a youtuber who still actually does! Follow his adventures by checking out his channel artifex85 which I think we can all relate to whether we are American, European, or basically anyone with an adequate ability to speak the English language. So thanks again for being subscribers and check out Rob's show!


Remember campers, if you haven't entered already you only have one day left to enter our Death Pool Contest! As soon as our latest video drops on Friday, the contest is CLOSED!

The prizes include Camp Bloody Beach t-shirts, stickers and other CBB Swag! All you have to do is predict which campers/staff will survive the season and who the killer is! Send your picks to [email protected] and WIN!!!

-CBB Staff

The Stabbing - lonelyjewfifteen (LJ15)

Here's how it went down. - Jerry

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Leaving Hope (File 13/15) - opzerosum

Searching for Linc. --Director

Be sure to tune is this Saturday for the four-part conclusion of Zero Sum

Lepidopterological Surveillance - Asar Hapi (theCoalition)

Butterflies are so delicate. Don't you think?

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WHAT TIME IS IT?...Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Radio show called on account of holiday traffic.

My apologies, but stuck in traffic and its a dead stop.

But please wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving for me.



::::: The GlennFM Live Radio show was called off on account of holiday traffic but BreeFM played a recording of the GlennFM show in which Mari Devincenzi was a guest.

Reed in the comments

Reed stopped by the comments after Wednesday's video to let everyone know "He was fine."

His last message read,

(Author's Note: Reed's comments were rather odd and suspicious, probably indicating he was not fine. For example, he denied reading the last video from a script even though the script was clearly visible in the video)

Transcript of Reed in Comments

ReedABook: Guys, you need to stop worrying. I am fine.

Veela-Valoom: Reed you are CLEARLY not fine. (And I doubt the person posting is Reed) If you are Reed PROVE IT

ReedABook: What makes you say that Veela? I know the video may have seemed odd, but you know I am a perfectionist when it comes to my videos.

Nathan Willie: you know lifesblood was making him read a script right?

ReedABook: There was no script Nathan. Only truth.

ReedABook: How would you like me to prove it Veela?

Wookiewantsacookie: reed where are you?

ReedABook: Wookie, I'm heading back to Chicago.

Aeth: Reed, if you're fine, then what the hell was that "I'm not doing this" in the middle of that video?!?!

ReedABook: Aeth - I was referring to the video in general. I wasn't sure I wanted to say anything more to Jonas or Sarah. But after Maggie's post yesterday, I felt I had to, since it looked a lot worse than what it really was.

Paula M.: REED! omg. It's glad to hear from you.

ReedABook: Hi Paula. Good to see you.

Wookiewantsacookie: reed what happened yesturday? who was that that kidnapped you?

ReedABook: LBL did "kidnap" me. All they wanted was for me to answer a few questions. When they realized I no longer had ties to the Resistance, they let me go. They think I'm as useless as Jonas and Sarah do apparently.

Kelly Lenahan: reed I don't believe you in this video. it is very chopped up and edited. it looks like you were forced to say it all.

ReedABook: Kelly, it was simply difficult for me to keep blogging. I'm trying to slowly break my habit of making videos. It's hard right now. I have a lot to say, but I feel like the people I'm talking to won't listen. Jonas. Sarah.

ReedABook: I am glad you guys are here to support me, but really, there is no need to worry. Hopefully after the holidays I'll be back in Chicago living a normal life. Just have to wait for a cheap flight.

Nomorelurking: Reed, if this really is Reed. No matter what anyone told you. There is no walking away. You have associated yourself with Jonas and Sarah. Maybe LBL won't be after you anymore. There is still the order.

ReedABook: nomorelurking - if the order was really big and bad and powerful as they claim, i have a feeling i would not be able to type right now. or breathe. im not worried about the order. I am worried about being betrayed by friends again.

Veela-Valoom: Are you really trying to say that LBL is not the enemy? After everything they've DONE to Maggie?

ReedABook: Veela - LBL is misunderstood. That is all. They have refined their techniques, but what they had done to Maggie was for the benefit of scientific understanding. She could be the key to curing ailments that threaten us all.

Kelly Lenahan: reed halfway through the video you were talking and said something it seemed like someone didnt like and there was a slam. that worries me. and don't worry. we are here to listen to you. and will spread the word to the others.

ReedABook: Thank you Kelly. But there is no need to spread "the word." That is Jonas and Sarah's burden now. Not mine. And certainly not yours. The Resistance has failed me. Do not let it fail you.

ReedABook: I'm sorry but if I have to go. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday. Again, do not worry.

I. Am. Fine.

ReedABook: aassssssdavvsadvva'sajahvehheelphelpeeealp.heaaaaaaalppp---,=alsjf)

(Originally Posted by Brandi, then posted in comments by lgfifteen.theresistance, which is how I found it)

Scores killed in Mumbai rampage

::::: NEWS: Gunmen Kill Scores in India, Hostages in Hotels
:::: Mumbai journalist on attacks
::::: Raw Video: Explosion Rocks Landmark Hotel
::::: Explosion, Shootings Rock India City
:::::Mumbai News: Who are the attackers?
::::: Indian Commandos Raid Terrorist-held Hotels
::::: How the Mumbai attacks unfolded
::::: Forces fight through siege hotels


Just Missed Me - MessyNessy89

So, I was making a video letting you all know I'm leaving...when I got a phone call from the good doctor...telling me to get out NOW because my life is in severe danger...so I ran...

...and that's when the house blew up.

A typical day in the life of Clytemnestra. Sigh.

Hollywood Web Television Meetup - December 3, 2008

This one will be well worth attending—we have some great speakers lined up for you this month: Felicia Day


With the Angels EP 19 - Everyone's Lost

Should I butt in, or should I butt out?

Leave Me Alone - Reed (LG15:TR)

I'm fine. -- Reed

Jury convicts mom of lesser charges in online hoax

A jury has convicted a Missouri woman of three minor offenses for her role in an Internet hoax that apparently drove a 13-year-old girl to suicide.


Hooking Up - "E-Break" (EP.10)

An unsuspected breakup occurs in a most indirect way. Chaos ensues and someone waiting in the sidelines steps into the picture.

Website: http://www.hookingupshow.com

Ryan's Profile http://tinyurl.com/6rfzl6
Meg's Profile http://tinyurl.com/5bu582
Nick's Profile http://tinyurl.com/5a8ert
Emily's Profile http://tinyurl.com/5fg44h
Gary's Profile http://tinyurl.com/6aox3z
Bouncer Dave's Profile http://tinyurl.com/679uva
TJ's Profile http://tinyurl.com/5c9j79

"OzGirl" Trailer

http://ozgirl.tv Join Sadie as she moves from the country to the city this January.

Launches January!
Name: Sadie
Age: 18
Hey guys, my name's Sadie. After years of talking about it, I have finally worked up the courage to move from my boring country town to the city of Melbourne in Australia.

Everything is so big in the city! The buildings, the personalities, the coffee!

For some strange reason some film makers I met online have deemed me interesting enough to warrant my own internet documentary. Crazy huh? I don't know what made me say yes, but I agreed to do it! I guess I'm just ready for a change.

I want to try to work on my photography, and maybe find a few answers to some questions I have....

I hope I fit in in Melbourne... it's a bit daunting. I don't know many people here, so if you have any tips on how to survive this concrete jungle I've landed in, please help me out!

City: Melbourne
Country: Australia
Interests and Hobbies: photography, reading, horseback riding, cooking, swimming, BBQs, hanging with my brothers and friends
Movies and Shows: The Wizard of Oz
Website: http://ozgirl.tv

Taxi? - ApotheosisAZ

New intro for LG15.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Big Man With A Gun (File 12/15) - opzerosum

The noose tightens, but so does the resistance against it.


Oh Who Was It I Saw, Oh Who? - ButterflyTsunami (theCoalition)

I spy with my little eye...
something that begins with, B.

Visit theCoalition

Where Do We Go From Here - michiev

Song - Where Do We Go From Here from Buffy The Musical episode airing on November Sixth 2001. Buffy and anything related to the buffyverse belongs to Joss Wheadon. and no copyright infringement is intended.

Clips belong to EQAL

Victory - mDylanWinters (hookingup)

Victory is mine and it tastes sweet.



My facebook link doesn't work here, but trust me, I'm there

Video Ad Spending Growth to Drop Dramatically

"YouTube is making a big push to monetize its content, launching sponsored videos and allowing ads in embeds. "


Taken - HoN (LG15:TR)



Artist: Tokyo Police Club
Track: Juno

Note, this video was first released on MySpace but it appeared to encounter some problems there:

WE MUST FIND HIM. -- HoN www.lg15.com Music Artist: Tokyo Police Club Track: Juno
Published: Today, 12:01:04 PM Source: Hymn of None Video Channel
Friday, 21 November

According to MySpace this video was removed for copyright infringement.

With the Angels EP 18 - Muse

I'm a little worried about Trey's latest post.

Finale Promo - hookingup

A recap of the season before Wednesday's season finale.

YouTube Goes Widescreen

"And don’t worry, your 4:3 aspect ratio videos will play just fine in this new player."


‘Agency of Record’ Sets Bar for Web Series Product Integration

The first episode boldly opens with Rick and Dave catfighting over boxes of the newly arrived CS4 (Creative Suite 4).


Fancap Episode Nine - Previously - michiev

Due to LG15 - the resistance coming to a season one close soon, i felt it nessicary to spiff up my editing skillz. haha

UnTeacherly Ramblings - Iluvschoollunch (A/A - theCoalition)

I don't know what to say to this camera...next time I'll think of something more professional to say...or at least something more interesting!

Visit theCoalition

Link the Loot - The Guild

Link the Loot
Link the Loot

Codex adjusts to Zaboo as a houseguest; The Guild finds a valuable object in-game.

Episode 1 of Season 2 NOW POSTED!!!!: Streaming on MSN Video If you have Xbox Live, download in HD Now
Streaming on MSN Video.



Chat and discuss!!!!

Terrible Lie (File 11/15) - opzerosum (The Home Office)

Agent Russell's contacts leave more to be desired.


Love Song Requiem

Bree + Daniel + Jonas + Sarah + Jennie

clips belong to EQAL
music is by Trading Yesterday, no longer known by that title.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Anon hits LG15 Today???

Our LG15 Today blogspot header appears to have been "modified" by some anonymous entity. Whether or not this has anything to do with the launch of "The Guild" we cannot say for sure but in the Breeniverse anything is possible. We are pretty sure that things will be back to normal within 24 hrs so, please do not panic.

Camp Bloody Beach has a WEBSITE!!!


Camp Bloody Beach has moved from the Myspace to a new fully functional website!!! Check it out at http://campbreezybeach.com ! More info on the Death Pool Contest, see who's DEAD and learn more about the legend of Chad Baker!

Check it out, you know you want to...

Felicia Day Web Exclusive 'The Guild' Interview


Blah Girls Twilight

Meet..."The Blah Girls!" BlahBlahBlah is an interactive, animated Web series that focuses on popular culture, told through the perspective of the Blah Girls - Tiffany, Krystle and Britney. They will keep you up to date on the latest in celebrity gossip, fashion, relationships and life as it happens. www.blahgirls.com

Checking Out - Reed (LG15:TR)

I wanted to be a part of this. Not anymore. -- Reed


Artist: Tokyo Police Club
Track: "In a Cave"

The 436 took this video on both YouTube and MySpace for a period of time. Anyone know why?

LG15: The Resistance: Season 1 Finale

LG15: The Resistance

Season 1 Finale

12 Videos in 12 Hours


Source: insideLG15

Investigation Recap - The Hayley Project

Hey, guys. I'm going home for a few days and trying to finish up school work before TDay. Here's a quick recap of our investigation.

Please share with your friends! And happy Turkey Day! I'll be back after break.

With the Angels EP 17 - Surf's Up

I wanted to try something new, but this is harder than it looks.

Crackle’s New Programming Slate: Finally, A Web Studio with a Clue. Sort Of.

"This morning Crackle, Sony Pictures Television’s web arm, announced a “season” of original web series programming which includes a slate of brand new shows as well as a few returning series all set to premiere on December 1, with weekly programming planned for every day of the week. "


Bladzz's Room - The Guild

Bladzz's Room
Originally uploaded by watchtheguild
The Guild on Flickr.

Was YouTube Live a Success? That Depends.

"According to numbers that Mogulus came up with (and that we confirmed with YouTube), YouTube Live saw about 700,000 simultaneous viewers at the peak of the event on Saturday night."


LG15: The Resistance Playlists

To check out the lastest music on LG15:The Resistance and character playlist check out our LG15 Playlist portal page

You can find this link at any time in the right hand menu of LG15 Today. By linking the playlists rather than embedding them we have found that it increases the performance of this page for some users.

This weeks featured artist Tokyo Police Club

From imeem:
Toronto's quirky, high-energy indie rockers Tokyo Police Club feature vocalist/bassist Dave Monks, keyboardist/vocalist Graham Wright, guitarist/percussionist Josh Hook, and drummer/percussionist Greg Alsop. The band formed in the wake of the breakup of the foursome's previous project; after a few months of not making music together, they regrouped as Tokyo Police Club in 2005. They began performing live that summer, and that fall they played the Montreal Pop Festival, where the group's rousing reception convinced them to make Tokyo Police Club More

Week 11 Music - Tokyo Police Club

"Two weeks ago Tokyo Police Club made their network debut on Desperate Housewives."

Read more on insideLG15

Warner Premiere and Bryan Singer Do H+

H+ reportedly revolves around people who hardwire their brains to the Internet and the aftermath of a cyber terrorist attack that wipes many of them out.


Prof Jerry's Vlog - Dean's List Challenge 9 - hookingup

I deliver a multiple choice questionnaire on college life.

Website: http://www.hookingupshow.com

Me on Baskbook

Me on Facebook

Me on Myspace

Prom Queen DVD, and Season 3 coming?

I ran across a few things this morning: Prom Queen is on DVD now, and it sounds like there is a Season 3 is in the works, if yesterday's NY Times is to believed. Full assorted details here on Anchor Cove.

(Prom Queen was made by, Big Fantastic, the same creative team that has made Sorority Forever, Foreign Body, and Sam Has 7 Friends)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A look back.....

It Starts With A Kiss - zoeydahling
Would YOU kiss Carl and his black aura? - I sure wouldn't.

Clips: lg15.com
Music: Another First Kiss by They Might Be Giants

‘The Guild’ Lands Microsoft and Sprint In Exclusive Deal

New Guild Opening from Matthew Brackney on Vimeo.

Microsoft had locked up Felicia Day’s hit gamer web series The Guild for an exclusive run of the show’s highly anticipated second season which debuts this Tuesday.




WEEK 10! The gang did something unforgivable this week. News from the Breeniverse.
Hope you all enjoy! My friend's username is Schatzi. Friend request him if you wish! :)


Catching up......


EXTRA LONG VIDEO! GEEZ! If you're a firster and would rather not hear my rambling, skip to the end to hear your shoutout. XP
Anyway, Live in Boston was a success...kind of. Tune in next week to hear more news from the comment boards and the Breeniverse!

btw, separate vid about the fake twittering coming soon, and new opening segment coming soon. Love ya!


Down In It (File 10/15) - opzerosum (The Home Office)

Thinking outside of the box.


Network TV and the Web: Fox’s Take

" But either way, they agree business is booming. Kilar says Fox streams have tripled since Hulu launched, and Tankersley compared the last six weeks’ streaming numbers (since the fall season started) to a rocketship"



Thanks so much to VeelaValoom for taking the time to make this awesome video for us!!!


Alms for the Bishop - Carmine Terrine (theCoalition)

Follow the yellow brick road.

Visit theCoalition

YouTube Live Highlights

A handful of the most memorable moments from YouTube Live.


"The event has just gone live and by looking at the player and HTML code, we found that our prediction was correct. YouTube is not launching any live service and has chosen AKAMAI to stream this one-off event using a custom Flash player built by web agency Digitari.


[111] Kris was shot - impulseLG (theCoalition)

Visit theCoalition

Adwords for P2P, Advertising Opportunity or Spamming Tool?

“YouTube has also been experimenting with overlays and many websites use a similar overlay concept,” he told us."


MPAA ‘Castrates’ World’s Biggest FanEdit Movie Site

Fans spend huge amounts of time with sophisticated software to add, cut or alter scenes to improve the original or simply create different versions of a movie.



That's What I Get (File 9/15) - opzerosum (The Home Office)

And this is what happened.

--The Director

iQ&A with Carly Jones - StrikeTV

See more with Carly at StrikeTV

The Home Office drop found

lg15panda said..

Okay here's a recap of what happened:

- coasterdigi and I (lg15panda) are in chat, shooting the shit until
sis calls in
- Sis and BF reach the drop location (Magnolia & Vineland, NoHo, SE corner)
- Look around, can't seem to find anything
- Find a red piece of construction paper duct-taped to a telephone pole
- On the back of the paper was writing "180 degrees under the palm trees"
- Cross the intersection to the opposite corner and look on the ground
by the palm trees
- Find a CD on the ground next to a palm tree, in a baggie
- CD is labeled "12 09 14 03" (LINC)
- Checked for audio, realized must be a data CD. Found a local
Kinko's (25 cents/min ugggh) and emailed the files on the CD.
- Took lots of pictures but will need to wait to get back home
(Monday) to post them

- transcript.txt
- 12091403.txt
- HER.mp3


lg15panda said..

Some pics taken from cellphone:

If you want to become an "author" on Web Series Today please read: http://tinyurl.com/becomeaWSTauthor

For more detailed information about Web Series Today please read: Web Series Today:

For other info contact: [email protected]

Join the discussion: http://www.tinyurl.com/webseriescommunity