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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Silicon Valley Plots TV Takeover as Web Connections Become Norm

All the major TV manufacturers, including Samsung Electronics Co., Sony Corp. and Vizio Inc., are releasing sets that connect directly to the Internet -- though the companies are taking different approaches.


Source: @InShot on Twitter

Previewing the Streamys, the Oscars of the Web

by Melissa Roth

Much like this year's Oscar race, however, the awards appear to be boiling down to a battle between the independents vs. the studios, and if last week's Craft Awards are any indication, Sunday may bring some Hurt Locker-style upsets.

Read the full post:

Get your "collab" on!

Stephan- Ke$ha [600+] - thecheerleader11

It took a while to edit this, but it was fun to make.
I hope you like it.
I know the lip syncing is off sometimes, but it was hard to fix that.
thanks for 600!!!

During LG15: Outbreak some of you may have watched response videos from a YouTube user called Zenbabee. Among her other videos there was one where she talked about auditioning for a "collab channel" called Twentyonevloggers. What is a "collab channel?" Well in the case of Twentyonevloggers a group of 21 vloggers work together on one YouTube channel. There are 3 vloggers per day and they all create videos each week based on a theme set by the channel "creator."

The notion of a collaborative channel is not new. For example early vloggers formed The Station which became a very influential youtube channel. What is interesting is that "collab channels" seem to have become the rage with Generation Z on YouTube.

This is a generation that has never known a World without the internet. When you look at the collab channels they create they show that they are extremely comfortable with the vlog format, video editing and have their own take on how to use YouTube, camera angles, video editing etc etc creatively.

The video above is from Thecheerleader11, one of the participants in the Twentyonevloggers collab channel. It is actually from their own channel but it does give you a taste of the fun they are having and it is very well done. In some ways the video is reminiscent of early Lonelygirl15 so perhaps we have come full circle.

For those who hang out over on Anchor Cove you will be familiar with the theme that the next great web series may well not come from established players trying to gain a foothold in Los Angeles but rather from the "kids in the basement." It is hard to say where the collab channel craze will end up but one can only hope that as they mature some of the creativity and talent will eventually turn to story telling on the net. Bring it on Gen Z!

Exercise Your Spirit of Adventure: Facebook’s First Soap Opera

A “visual novel” presented through a Facebook app, Spirit of Adventure combines an artful and engaging narrative with embedded gameplay through puzzles and riddles.


Where to Watch the Streamy Awards Online

This year’s show will be hosted by comedian Paul Scheer, feature a Visionary Award for YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley, and offer the rare chance to see people like Lisa Kudrow and Zach Galifianakis share a red carpet with Amir Blumenfeld and the folks from INST MSGS.


‘Riese’: Steampunk Epic Coming to SyFy

"I think utilizing online content in conjunction with televised content makes such a rich viewing experience. Plus, interactivity is so much more fun that just watching."

Read the full post:

I Heart Vampires: Possessed - take180com

Watch episodes one week early at http://take180.com/vampires Luci figures out what's going on with Nick.

Change #3: Side bar

P Monkey

As some of you may have noticed there have been some changes to the side bar "menus". For anyone who needs then the older links are all archived on http://lg15todaylinks.blogspot.com/. The goal is to streamline the links so that they meet our current needs. Over time some of the LG15 links for things like the various portal pages etc will be moved to the LG15today Ning. Some other things will be added back as needed and yet other things will be developed on the Web Series Today Ning to complement what you find here on the blog. As always your feedback, participation and involvement is encouraged in making Web Series Today a great collaborative social hub.

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Web.Files #35 - 2010 Streamy Craft Awards

On this week’s episode of The Web.Files the lovely and talented Kristyn Burtt, totally phones it in. Currently, off in New York she till had time to host The Web.Files’ look at the 2010 Streamy Craft Awards, hosted by Jim Festante. Also, for some strange reason I have a sudden urge to learn more about a Toyota.

The 2010 Streamy Craft Awards were this past Wednesday. Some of the highlights were multiple wins for Auto-tune the News, Valemont, and Fear Clinic as well as series wins for Odd Jobs and OzGirl who won for Best New Web series and Best Foreign Web series, respectively. The main award show is this Sunday at 8 Eastern, 5 Pacific and will be streamed live on the Internet.

The Strange Case Of Annabel K. PT. 3

"Miss Koskova, you have a visitor."


My view on the Streamy Awards 2010: Drama nominations

I previously posted a few things on the comedy nominations on my site, but will continue with the drama nominations here. Unlike the comedy nominations, I find no really argument with these nominations. All of the series in this category truly deserve this chance. True, three of the five do have corporate ties. Sony is linked to Angel of Death and The Bannen Way, just as MTV and Verizon are linked to Valemont. But let's say, Compulsions had been sponsored by Canon or Toshiba. Would that suddenly make the creative passion and hard work from cast and crew not worthy of acknowledgment? I think not. Sponsorship does help in getting noticed. It is hard for the independents to forge and maintain a fan base, especially with dramas. The more eyes drawn by sponsored series toward The Streamys may help bring the much needed acknowledgment. Only time will tell. First up in the Drama category is, Angel of Death.

Angel of Death: "Comic book legend Ed Brubaker (Criminal) tells the story of Eve (Zoe Bell) a stoic assassin with a kick ass body and moves to match. Her life takes a turn when a hit goes south a teen dies and six inches of cold steel wind up in her cranium". - Description from the YouTube page.

This series main star is Zoe Bell, known for her stunt work on a lot of TV shows, Xena to name but one. Angel of Death is violent, filled with well choreographed fight scenes and gruesome bloody outcomes. From the first episode, it hooks you in for the ride, as a good dramatic series should. Each episode lasts roughly 6-8 minutes. The effects and camera work are perfection, as is the timing. I love how this story unfolds. The series runs at a fast pace, but doesn't lose you in the rush. The scene transitions are in a style of comicbook panels, which gives this a unique appeal on top of the intense fight scenes. Congrats to the writer (Ed Brubaker), to the Director (Paul Etheredge) and the cast (Zoe Bell, Lucy Lawless, Doug Jones, Ted Raimi, Jake Abel, Vail Bloom) for making this series a very entertaining and nominated one.

The Bannen Way: "Neal Bannen is a womanizing, con man and small-time thief who wants to start his life over. All he has to do is pull off one more job to pay off his debts." -Description from Crackle.com

This series is full of amazing talent. It has as the same feel as Angel of Death, but with a completely different style and look. The style is smooth, and the look is tight. Sure, Sony is sponsoring, but this is a labor of love and took connections and hitting the streets to pull it all together. Written & Directed by Jesse Warren. Co-written & starring Mark Gantt. These two have created a very good series. At this time, the only episodes available to watch at Crackle.com are the trailer, and the first and second episodes. The full season is available for rent or sale on Amazon. I didn't get a chance to finish watching the episodes, but will definitely be buying it soon. I would seriously suggest grabbing this one, for it is definitely an entertaining ride. As mentioned before, the remaining cast are well-known and amazing: Vanessa Marcil, Gabriel Tigerman, Michael Ironside, Robert Forster, Michael Lerner, Ski Cutty Carr, Autumn Reeser, Brianne Davis, Brittany Ishibashi, Brynn Thayer, Gary Grossman, Wallace Langham.

Valemont: It starts off as a missing person's mystery, and quickly leads to an investigative pursuit. What is uncovered is far beyond what one expects. Hosted by MTV and sponsored by Verizon. I also assume there were several side promotions via Verizon as well. While this series is good, the season has 35 episodes lasting 2minutes 21seconds, which means the micro-episodes are like quick bursts of storyline. Some are confusing, which promotes the mystery factor of this series. In my own personal opinion, and not necessarily that of this website, I'm not really into this series. While the writing is good, and the acting is equally as good; it just doesn't grab me. Maybe due to the fact I missed to start of the season, and am able to watch them all back to back. I am not sure, but it is nominated, so people do like it. For a mystery series, I'd prefer a less commercialized one such as TheVetala.

Compulsions: A suspenseful series that gives a look into the duality of human nature. How someone you think you know may have a secret… compulsion. Unlike the first three series, this one delves into a dark world. Not saying assassins are not dark, just that this one goes darker. From the opening scene, you know you are in for a rough journey. What I really find amazing about this series is the main actor, Craig Frank. I mostly have seen him in a few other web series like The Crew, Lost & Found, Craig & The WereWolf and just recently A Good Knights Quest. In those comedy series, He does an amazing job. So to see him in such a solid, intense and dark role… It proved to me that he is a great actor. One more thing that makes this series stand out from the others is that it isn't sponsored by a major company and still looks as fresh and polished. Not saying anything against the others, all series with in this category are worthy of their nominations. The writing, directing, acting, cast and crew all did an amazing job.

Oz Girl: It is totally different from the other nominations, for this is a pure drama. No assassins, gangsters or supernatural beast enter the series. Pure and simple, it follows the life of a girl from Australia as she moves from the country to the city to live with her cousin. From there it follows her as she tries to find her place in her new city. The series is shot, written and acted extremely well. It is a mock-umentary. I am not going to compare this to The Hills, because this series is by far more intelligent and has a much smoother flow. Plus, the accents are cool.

OzGirl recently won the Streamy for Best Foreign Web Series during the craft awards portion of the show. The main Streamy Awards show streams live on April 11th.

Normally my reviews are a little more in-depth, but with the nominations I decided to cut them down. Hope they were informative, and you found the nominations interesting. I am curious, if you have a favorite dramatic web series that you love? Please post in the comments what they are and what makes them your favorite. Thank you.

Bablegum and Kevin Pollak Team Up For ‘Vamped Out’

by Jenni Powell

The first of six episodes will go live on April 12 at www.babelgum.com/vampedout.



UK Screenlit Festival - Nottingham 21-29 April 2010

From StoryGas

For writers & producers in the UK in a couple of weeks...


A Good Knight’s Quest: Episode Seven

This week, Dorian decides to play a new game!

Greetings from DangerShoes

First off, I would like to introduce myself. For those who are not familiar with me, my name is Jeff Elwell, but I go by DangerShoes. The history behind the name DangerShoes is not important, but my story is… somewhat.

I was as born and raised in Los Angeles. California. The film and television industries have crossed my path several times throughout my life, whether getting on soundstages via mom's make-up artist boyfriend or a location shoot at my high school. It has pretty much been in my life. So when the time came, I joined the ranks as an extra. For two plus years, I was on a lot of sets and locations. I found the creative process of TV series and movies highly interesting. The many shots, angles and hours for just a minute or two of on screen dialog, the hours in holding while waiting for a chance to go on set and the sometimes awesome and sometimes not craft service… This is the life of an extra. Sadly, that ended.

Several years after I moved out of California, I started to play this little game called, World of Warcraft. I think you know where this is headed. I heard rumors of this funny online series. It wasn't until the second time that I quit WoW that I started watching The Guild. Playing catch up on two seasons was rough, especially when ComicCon was fast approaching. From that point on, things moved fast. I took a vacation to Southern California, and while I was visiting L.A., I met a few very important people in the new media world. One in fact was Sandra Payne, producer for The Web Files. After an amazing vacation, and meeting the cast of The Guild, I started to watch The Web Files. From that point on, I was blown away by all the series I found. Within several months, I decided to do my part and help spread the word about these creative and independent series. Hence, I created WebSeries2Watch.com. I was asked to be a contributing writer on this site, Web Series Today, for which I was honored and accepted. So, without further delay….

One Sunny Day

Shanrah Wakefield

One sunny day in late 2008, I got a call from an 18 year old guy called Nick, asking if I wanted to play a lead role in a 'webseries' (a WHAT?) he was putting together with his friend Sophie. He called it OzGirl. The role might have some crude elements – would I be OK with that? Oh, and we’d be shooting pretty much ASAP. So, the decision: to stay in Melbourne a little longer to put down this project, or forego this bizarre ‘web’ thing (it was probably porn anyway) and stick with my original plan to move to LA that year? Apart from having worked with Nick in the past and knowing what he was capable of, my instinctively good feeling about the project was kind of inexplicable.

It was a couple of months later and still sunny. Shoots and other production goodness/frivolity had passed by us pretty quickly. We were winding down at Nick’s sometime after posting the first video, when Nick informed us that we got our first “comment.”

What, from someone we knew? friends? parents? Nope. Nick explained that the comment had come from the same community of fans that supported lonelygirl15 (and, at request, he repeated his explanation of what exactly lonelygirl15 was – I listened properly that time). From that point on, I was totally enthralled – who were these people and what made them want to follow our show?

I didn’t properly realize it at that point in time, but we’d just struck a gold mine of awesomeness – this would be the community of supporters that would carry us through to LA and beyond. It wasn’t long before the legendary peeps from Anchorcove, LG15Today and other exciting corners of the internet had accepted us into their impressive roster of webseries-to-watch. The level of support (and honest critique, where called for) that this community offered us and our show was unrelenting and completely blew me away. It still does. I sincerely believe that these people played a vital role in getting us and OzGirl to where we are today, therefore I cannot thank them (you) enough.

And now? To be here in LA, gearing up for the 2010 Streamy Awards amongst such an amazing, talented, supportive bunch of people is pretty surreal. I wish everybody involved all the very best, and congratulate you on every success to date. Having the chance to be included in such company is an honor. To remember that we are at the very beginning of a twist in entertainment evolution, headed up by such multi-tasking geniuses, doubles that honor. And having just come back to finish this little essay the morning after WINNING our very own Streamy Award for Best Foreign Webseries… well, I’m really just lost for words, and will awkwardly conclude with a gigantic, Ayers Rock-sized, koala-shaped THANK YOU!

-Shanrah Wakefield

Craft Award Red Carpet Interviews

Here are a couple of red carpet interviews from this week's Craft award portion of the 2010 Streamy Awards.

Tarot Card Designer Challenge: Top Four

Posted by Anthony E. Zuiker on Apr 9, 2010

"So, here are the Top 4 submissions. If you don’t see yours here, we had a lot of great submissions and could only choose three. Get voting."

Read the full post:

For more information about Level 26 check out our blogspot portal page!!!

Previous stories about Level 26

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Web.Files #34.2 - Taryn Southern

Each week on her site, Red Carpet Closet, Web.Files host Kristyn Burtt posts behind the scenes tidbits about that week’s episode. This week’s entry not only includes the usual commentary and photos from the shoot, but also contains two deleted segments from her interview with Taryn Southern. In the first video, she talks about her decision to shot the viral video hit, Wrong Hole and in the second she plays with her hamster.

Doctor Who Adventures - and the future of cross-platform entertainment

It's a genre that goes back to the groundbreaking YouTube 'reality' show, LonelyGirl15 as well as Bebo's Kate Modern and Sofia's Diary series', which placed linear narratives within the conventions of social networking and content sharing sites.


Winning at the 2010 Streamy Craft Awards - kevinpollakschatshow

— video showing us at the 2010 Streamy Craft Awards! shot (on an iPhone) and edited by Josh Negrin

Aliens Try to Takeover the Streamys!? - streamys

Aliens from Bromfenak are trying to kidnap Paul Scheer and take over the Streamys!?!?

I Heart Vampires: Showdown - take180com

Watch episodes one week early at http://take180.com/vampires Nick and Wyatt face off.

The Case for Cracking Down on Geo Cheating

"If we allow cheating we become just another social gaming company where the pieces just happened to be named after the real world."


Mark Malkoff to Headline the 2010 Streamy Awards Red Carpet Pre-Show

"... be sure you tune into the Streamys Red Carpet Pre-Show beginning at 4:00PM PT / 7:00PM ET. "


"While Mark is chatting up the VIPs in his makeshift room, we will have the Streamy nominated Kristyn Burtt of the Web.Files getting the dish from all the top talent on the Red Carpet."

"And in close proximity to Kristyn will be the lucky winner of our GotCast Streamys Red Carpet Host Contest, Cyndee San Luis..."

Are You Tuned In to Internet Video's Ethics Problem?

"That's a big number, but stream fraud could be pushing 30% or more -- and that's just criminal."


Source: @Gennefer on Twitter

Image credit:

SyFy Acquires Steampunk Series Riese For Web and TV

Written by Liz Shannon Miller

"The Canadian steampunk fantasy Riese has been picked up by the channel formerly known as Sci-Fi — both for online distribution and development for a potential broadcast series."

Read the full post:

Sofia’s Diary Maker Campbell Ryan Takes Investment

Campbell Ryan isn’t detailing the amount it’s receiving, but says the money will hire new writers and developers in the UK and Ireland “with the aim of expanding its production slate and activities internationally”.

Read the full post:

Level 26: Movie: Nightmare on Elm Street

The official 3rd trailer from the remake of the cult classic horror movie A Nightmare on Elm Street

Director: Samuel Bayer
Genre: Horror
Cast: Jackie Earle Haley,
Rooney Mara,
Kyle Gallner,
Katie Cassidy
Writers: Wesley Strick, Eric Heisserer
Studio: New Line Cinema
Release: 4/30/2010
Website: http://www.nightmareonelmstreet.com/

Freddy Krueger returns in A Nightmare on Elm Street, a contemporary re-imagining of the horror classic. A group of suburban teenagers hare one common bond: they are all being stalked by Freddy Krueger, a horribly disfigured killer who hunts them in their dreams. As long as they stay awake, they can protect one another, but when they sleep, there is no escape.

Posted by Anthony E. Zuiker

"But this trailer for the reboot, if you will, looks pretty great and I’m excited to see it."


Valemont Wins Streamy Awards for Best Interactive, Mobile Experiences

By Michael Andersen

"Nina Bargiel was tapped to create the alternate reality game for the series that allowed players to enroll at Valemont University, interact with characters across various social media, and participate in the show’s ongoing murder investigation. "

Read the full post:

Justin Bieber "Baby Lonely Lonely Baby Girly Girl" Music Video - take180com

The new video for Justin's newest single, "Baby Lonely Lonely Baby Girly Girl."

‘As Worn By’: AlphaBird Links Up With FremantleMedia

by Jenni Powell

"As Worn By will be an online 12-week female-focused fashion reality series where deserving women get the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to wear legendary garments donated by celebrities for their very own moment in the spotlight. "

Read the full post:


Introducing Kodak's Streamy Awards Text to Win Campaign

With Kodak’s Text-to-Win campaign, not only will you stay involved in Streamys jollification with a simple cellphone, you’ll have a chance to win a Kodak zi8 pocket video camera.


The Galien Conspiracy - ApotheosisAZ

The last night launch of the Space Shuttle. Filmed from 12 miles away in Titusville, Fl.

Webisode Clack – Grape Jam and the LA Webfest

This week, with the help of our pal Brittney Powell, Webisode Clack hops into the wayback machine to take a look at where this whole web series craze started.

Read the full article:

Source: Tom Konkle and Brittney Powell on Twitter

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Change #2: Streamy Week Banner

P Monkey

In celebration of Streamy Week we have introduced a new banner. As we mentioned in the "change" post a while back it is time to embrace news about the full range of web series in the "space" and the community involved with it. What better time to do it than in the lead up to the awards that honor the "web series genre"?

Think of the banner as one small stepping stone. Over the upcoming months we will push forward with more changes that refine the look and design of the blog so that it serves its function better. Some observant people have noticed that webseriestoday.com now points to the blog. We also have a new webseriestoday Ning, Twitter account and a Facebook page .

For those that might worry that we are turning our back on our heritage or philosophy, not so! We will still be bringing you the same great news that we have always tried to. We will maintain the LG15todaynews Twitter and the LG15today Ning and Facebook pages and LG15today.blogspot.com will still bring you to the site you have come to trust for unfiltered web series news.

Just think of the blog as a "social hub" where all this web series news comes together. As the collaborative platform we have always been you have an opportunity to participate and post your articles and web series as always.

For those who are interested in participating more deeply in the future design process we encourage you to join the Web Series Today Ning and get involved.

::::: NOTE: The domain names are currently being updated and are not working at this point. However LG15today.blogspot.com is currently working.

2010 Craft Award Winners

The Streamy Craft Awards took place Wednesday night. Among the hightlight winners were OzGirl winning for best Foreign Web Series, which I could have sworn was part of the main show on Sunday and multiple wins for Auto-tune the News, Valemont, and Fear Clinic. Stay right here for updates as they occur throughout the night.

Best Companion Web series:The Office: Subtle Sexuality
Best Experimental Web series:Auto-tune the News
Best Reality or Documentary Web Series:The Secret Life of Scientists
Best Foreign Web Series:OzGirl
Best New Web Series:Odd Jobs
Best Editing in a Web series: The Bannen Way
Best Cinematography in a Web SeriesRiese (Chris Kempinski)
Best Art Direction in a Web SeriesGreen Porno
Best Sound Design in a Web SeriesFear Clinic
Best Visual Effects in a Web SeriesFear Clinic
Best Animation in a Web SeriesThe Goob
Best Original Music in a Web SeriesAuto-tune the News
Best Live Production in a Web Series: Kevin Pollack's Chat Show
Best Interactive Experience in a Web Series: Valemont
Best Product Integration in a Web Series: Easy to Assemble
Best Mobile Experience in a Web Series:Valemont

If We Picked the Streamys: Series Nominations

The Streamy Awards

The Streamy awards are this Sunday. One of the things that makes award shows so much fun is trying to figure out who will win, and then screaming at the voters when they make the wrong decision. Since we like a little drama around here, I thought I would mention a few of my picks and see if anyone agrees or disagrees with me. Rather than examine every single category, because frankly that would be boring, we are going to focus on a few of the major ones.

The Legend of Neil

Best Comedy Web series: Far and away the category with the most potential nominees – seems like every third web series is about a group of ‘friends’ who have wacky fun in an LA apartment – not surprisingly, it is also one of the most competitive ones. For the best comedy winner I was looking for a series that was constantly funny, took a few risks, and ultimately made me want to re-watch the episodes. I chose Legend of Neil. I think having a short season, helps the series, it never seems to drag, nor is it boring. Also, the series was not afraid to gamble; although, on could argue that the musical episode wasn’t much of a risk. After all, who doesn’t like the idea of a horny, singing demi-fey? However, I have a feeling that this year’s winner will be the same as last year’s winner, The Guild.


Best Drama Web series: In the best drama winner, primarily, I was looking for interesting characters that grew over the course of the series. How a character rises or falls in response to the dramatic circumstances he faces is, for me, what makes a good drama. For the best drama web series, I picked OzGirl, which should come as a complete and utter shock. In contrast, to my pick for best comedy, OzGirl really benefited from not only the series length (22 episodes) but the shoot length (6 months). At the end of the series the characters are very different than they were at the beginning. As for who I think will win, probably The Bannen Way.

The Bannen Way

Best New Series: Personally, I think this is one of the categories that will change next year. Considering that there are only a handful of series that actually make a second season, this category seems redundant. Therefore, to make this category a little more useful, I have decided to use it as a way to recognize series, which were new and unfinished prior to the eligibility deadline. For that reason, the best new web series pick is The Bannen Way. Bannen only had three episodes out prior to the deadline, so judging it against series that had completed their dramatic arc really was not feasible. For all we knew, Neil Bannen might have gotten a sock puppet sidekick in episode four, which would have been awesome, but not terribly dramatic. Nevertheless, those three episodes showed great promise and deserve recognition, and I have a feeling the Academy will agree with me.

Harper's Globe

Best Companion Web series: A companion web series is one that ties into an existing production, usually a television show. This is the one change that most people were clamoring for after last year’s Streamys, because many felt that these series with larger budgets and access to the writers, sets, or actors of major productions had a substantial advantage. In a companion series I was looking for two things, how well it integrated with the parent project and how well it worked as a stand alone web series. For those reasons I picked Harper’s Globe, which did a decent job of integrating the story of it’s parent series, while doing an excellent job as a stand alone web series. Also, to be honest, this year’s nominees with the exception of Harper’s Globe were no where near the quality of last year’s group and most likely would not have been nominated but for this category. If I had to guess which series the Academy will honor, I would go with Dexter: Final Cuts, based solely on name recognition.

Auto-tune the News

Best Experimental Web series: To be honest I have no idea what this category means. Are not all web series experimental to some degree? We have yet to define a traditional web series; in fact, we have yet to create a comprehensive definition for web series. So for criteria, I simply went with the one I liked the most, which if I had to guess is what most of the Academy members did anyway. Therefore, my choice for Best Experimental web series is Auto-tune the News. One has to admit, it is not like most web series, in fact some might even argue that it isn’t a web series depending upon how one defines web series. Nevertheless, whatever else it may or may not be, it is fun to watch. Also, since I have no basis for deciding one way or the other, I’ll just assume the Academy will agree with me.

Stay tuned for part two where we will look at the individual achievement awards.

UK’s Digital Economy Bill approved. Democracy fails, social media wins

Several tweets made the point that politics would be very different if the House of Commons had a Twitter backchannel so MPs could see what the public really thought about what was happening.



Harpers Globe: party at the "The Candlewick Inn

There will be a party at the "The Candlewick Inn - spend the night with us!" thread at Haper's Clobe on April 7th.

Come join the fun!


Producers Guild of America Adds Transmedia Producer Credit

By Michael Andersen

" Christy Dena expressed concern about the “minimum of three (or more) narrative storylines” requirement might be too limiting, and that the definition is skewed towards franchises."

Read the full post:

YouTube’s Chad Hurley Tapped for Streamys Visionary Award

by Marc Hustvedt

"...many of the top YouTube community members will be appearing at the Streamy Awards including the #1 most subscribed YouTuber Ryan Higa (NigaHiga), Shane Dawson, SMOSH, Philip De Franco (sxePhil), ShayCarl, Lisa Donovan (LisaNova), Joe Penna (MysteryGuitarMan), TheWillofDC, Michael Buckley (What the Buck?!), Lucas Cruikshank (Fred), iJustine, The Fine Brothers, Dave Days, KassemG, Rhett & Link, Marina Orlova (HotForWords) and more."



Official Partners of the 2nd Annual Streamy Awards


"Bumps in the Night" Live Tip #8: Overweight Vampires

"This is the worst 'True Blood' fan-fiction ever." - RoninPainBringer

Level 26: Technology: Adobe’s Content-Aware Fill

...demonstrating their new feature in Photoshop dubbed ‘content-aware fill.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Like Even The Best Times…It's Bittersweet

Editor's note: The following is a guest article written by SafetyGeek:SVI creator Tom Konkle.

Brittney Powell

Our path to the Streamys began with a well considered, but extremely chancy call to my business and performing partner, Dave Beeler. For the web, we had started Pith-e Productions a few years ago to do “one off” comedy films which were “short and pithy” or to make videos of the Dave and Tom live act, which we did as a two man British sketch comedy team. Also, we had been sporadically shooting more episodes of Invention with Brian Forbes as a series in the early part of 2009, and for the last six or seven months we had also been working very hard late at night on a script for a new show. We found that when we performed this script for each other it would have us laughing and imagining the show. We really wanted to see this show.

We shopped it everywhere. We tried everything, enduring rejection, after rejection, after rejection. The show was first called Is It Safe? a reference to a certain dentist in Marathon Man. We did a demo trailer, which was a Herculean effort, calling in favors, but nothing came. It evolved over time into Safety Geeks: SVI a title which sounded very much like the investigative procedural shows, which became the hook upon which the show was loosely hung. The show needed a shorthand method to ground the anarchic nature of the series. Whether or not it works is a matter of personal opinion; comedy is subjective, thank goodness.

After months of trying every other option to finance the series, we were forced to rely on the plan I had tried to avoid and now referred to as, “I got a Discover card today.” I had less than $7000 left on the card and was still recovering from the writer’s strike, which had devastated our savings. Our wives were not too keen to risk everything at this point, but to her credit, my wife said, “Go do it, you have to try.” Dave, the ideal business partner for someone with my wild leaps and flights of fancy, also agreed. He threw in what he could money-wise and off we went with a little over $8000 to make 11 episodes of a very ambitious show.

Is the PGA’s New ‘Transmedia Producer’ Credit a Good Thing?

The PGA’s official definition for a transmedia narrative, as published on Deadline.com yesterday, is one that:

“…must consist of three (or more) narrative storylines existing within the same fictional universe on any of the following platforms: Film, Television, Short Film, Broadband, Publishing, Comics, Animation, Mobile, Special Venues, DVD/Blu-ray/CD-ROM, Narrative Commercial and Marketing rollouts, and other technologies that may or may not currently exist.”

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Level 26: Technology: The Internet in 1969

"One of the things I find interesting about things like this is that, up until recently, visualizing the future usually had a hard time going beyond the existing technology."

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Nanovor: They're Alive! (Season 1, Ep. 1)

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Monday, April 5, 2010

The Streamys: Possible Presenting Pairs

The Streamy Awards

As most of you are aware, the Streamy awards are this Sunday. For those unfamiliar with the Streamys, it is an award show started last year to honor Joss Whedon’s Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long blog. However, with no new episodes of Dr. Horrible this year, the organizers have decided to honor other web series in 24 different categories. Of course, one cannot have an award, without an award presenter, so as a public service to our fine Streamy friends, I thought, I would make a few presenter suggestions.

  • Shanrah Wakefield and Sophie Tilson: They are cute, funny, and Australian. What more could one possibly want from a presenting pair? Aside from winning the best acting category at this year’s ITVfest, the dynamic duo from OzGirl played a major part in OzGirl’s multiple Streamy nominations. In fact, Sophie Tilson is nominated for best actress in a drama. Besides co-stars reuniting as presenters is a staple of the award show format.
  • Jessica Rose, Yousef Abu-Taleb, and Jackson Davis: Speaking of co-stars reuniting, what would be better than a reunion of the core cast of lonelygirl15? They have history, they have chemistry, and they know how to prove science wrong. (I was going for a whole education motif.) Plus the Streamys are an award show honoring web series, why not have the cast that started it all?
  • “Contest winner” via Skype: While it may be a little too late to hold a contest now, having a contest winner present an award via Skype would be a great way to showcase streaming video and to incorporate the audience. Plus, who knows, the organizers might have been able to get some sponsorship cash out of Skype.
  • Taryn Southern and Taryn O'Neill
  • Taryn Southern and Taryn O’Neill: Just imagine the comedy gold that the crack Streamy writing team will be able to come up with for two women named Taryn. The bit practically writes itself. Also, they are two very beautiful women, which some people might find appealing, if you are into that sort of thing.
  • Brett Register and Craig Frank: Ever since the freak lab accident fused these two together, they have been inseparable. Okay, perhaps they aren’t actually joined at the hip, but they do spend a lot of time together. Odds are that if one came out to present an award the other would tag along, so they might as well present together.
  • Brittney Powell: Does this really need an explanation?
  • Dr. Horrible: Dr. Horrible has to be worked into the show somehow, if they cannot find a way to give it another award, then the next best thing is for him to be a presenter. The only question that remains is who will portray the evil Doctor? Personally, I’d vote for Drew Baldwin.
  • The ‘indie’ producer and a bottle of Jack: Between last year’s big name love-fest and this year’s SonyGate and StreamyGate, there are more than a few independent producers who are ready to pop. Add in a high pressure situation, a large audience, and alcohol’s enabling powers and one has the makings of a ‘Streamy moment.’
  • Mark Gantt and his Bannen Way co-star, a giant check from Sony: When Sony slipped out three episodes ahead of Bannen’s January debut in order to qualify for this year’s Streamy awards, they surely did kick up one firestorm. Initially suffering the brunt of the abuse Mark Gantt and his partner, director Jesse Warren managed to deflect the animosity through a series of interviews and appearances. Also, I think people realized that if Sony had offered them a large sum or even lunch money they would have jumped at the deal. Presenting an award with a giant novelty check would be a nice way to tweak the ‘controversy’ and lay it to rest. Plus who doesn’t love a giant novelty check?

So there they are, a few possible presentation pairs for the Streamy awards. If you would like to add your own or wish to discuss the ones in the article, please do so in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to tune into the Streamy awards this Sunday.

What Is The Deal With That? - TheZarbodShow

What Is The Deal With That?

The Last Stand Episode 5: Best Intentions - jedivavra

The Last Stand Episode 5: Best Intentions Part 1

Some questions shouldn't be answered. Some answers aren't good enough considering the circumstances. One of these will prove to be the case. No hope, no St. Teresa's, shit storms everywhere. With no other options, Davis, Shots, Beth, and Tenison have all journeyed to what may very well be the origin of all their viral problems. This may very well end this chapter, one way or another.

Series one conclusion. Be sure to stay up to date for information about series two and episode 6.

The Last Stand Episode 5: Best Intentions Part 2

Some questions shouldn't be answered. Some answers aren't good enough considering the circumstances. One of these will prove to be the case. No hope, no St. Teresa's, shit storms everywhere. With no other options, Davis, Shots, Beth, and Tenison have all journeyed to what may very well be the origin of all their viral problems. This may very well end this chapter, one way or another.

Series one conclusion. Be sure to stay up to date for information about series two and episode 6.

Return of the ARG Practicum: A Three For One Deal

By Michael Andersen

"This year, Brackin’s ARG practicum, affectionately referred to as “ARGlab 2.0,” is back with three new alternate reality games. "

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Level 26: Hilarious: Scarface School Video

Scarface School Play

In this viral video that’s spreading like wildfire, young kids re-enact the final scene from Scarface....


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‘The Best Friend’: A Musical Twist to the Romantic Comedy

by Jenni Powell

"Created by real life best friends Marilyn Anne Michaels and Allie Smith, first time self-producers who created the show on less than a $1,000 budget (most of which went to food, they explained). "

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Volunteer for the Streamy Awards

If you’re interested in volunteering for the Streamy Awards, fill out the volunteer application or email: [email protected].


New Mediacracy: Episode 10: Never Taking No For An Answer

"This week we hear the inspiring story behind one of the most successful web shows of 2010, The Bannen Way, with filmmakers Jesse Warren and Mark Gantt. Zadi Diaz, Rick Rey, and Steve Woolf..."


LAWEBFEST 1 Ends With Award-Winning Bang

People walked through our doors curious and left encouraged and inspired, which is what LAWEBFEST is really all about.


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Twitter Going Mainstream in Japan, FujiTV Introducing New Drama Featuring Twitter

On April 15th public TV channel FujiTV starts airing the new drama about five young people meeting and starting relationships on a social network...


Sunao ni Narenakute: Hard to say I love you

5 Sexiest Original Web 'TV' Series: Web Festival 2010 Winners

To showcase the best of the Web 'TV' shows, Ajakwe created the Los Angeles Web Series Festival also known as the LAWebFest 2010.


Source: DangerShoes on Twitter

Google Buzz Privacy Reset Coming Tomorrow

However, Google’s taking a step in the right direction by giving every user a big opportunity to change their privacy settings.


Web series and branded entertainment

If you are interested in the area of web series and branded entertainment a great twitter account to follow is http://twitter.com/Gennefer. Quite a few of our recent linked stories on transmedia storytelling and advertising have originated from following this excellent twitter account and we should probably have done more to credit it. In any case, this post hopes to make up for that, but it also gives you the opportunity to follow one of the most informative twitter accounts "in the space". Sometimes it is easy to look at Twitter as just a research tool and forget the hard work it takes the authors to create such great "knowledge streams". Those streams help us bring you relevant information that we think you might enjoy or benefit from. Thanks Gennefer, and look forward to many more productive tweets.

Web TV Week Kicks Off in LA: Babelgum, blip.tv, HRTS, Streamys!

The final countdown to the Streamys is on.


My Damn Channel’s Streamys Promo Hunt: Irish Gold, Balloons and Tino

For those that still want in on this, and get featured on MyDamnChannel.com and Streamys.org, just email your entries over to daniel(at)mydamnchannel.com


Five Questions With… Barely Political’s Ben Relles

We all recognized quickly that the majority of viewership comes from search, subscribers and having consistent content.


The Collapse of Complex Business Models

"Tainter’s thesis is that when society’s elite members add one layer of bureaucracy or demand one tribute too many, they end up extracting all the value from their environment it is possible to extract and then some."


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Parking Issues - TheZarbodShow

Dark Heart Productions and the State of the Union.

Well here it is… and to kick it off we had an awesome screening of Matchbreaker and Lucas’ short film Of Land and Bounty on Friday night in Melbourne.



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