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Saturday, February 16, 2013

New Mediacracy Episode 39: The One With "Lizzie Bennet"

On this episode of New Mediacracy, we sit down with stars Ashley Clements and Mary Kate Wiles (also of Squaresville), producer Jenni Powell (Video Game Reunion, VidCon), and co-creator/writer/director Bernie Su.

Listen to the podcast:

STUCK, the first Italian Web Series in English

Hi! My name is Ivan Silvestrini and I'm "STUCK - The Chronicles of David Rea" creator.

I'm very happy to have become one of Web Series Today authors so I can introduce you to the Sexy/Nihilistic Dramedy we shot in Rome, Italy.

So let's begin with our Episode 0 / Prologue which introduces you to the work of our main character David Rea, an Emotional Trainer who deals with all kinds of people feeling stuck in their lives.

Trent & Tilly: Throwback Thursday

 Check out this new short from Trent & Tilly.  New episode next week! www.webisodesnetwork.com

The Lyons Den: Episode 1.2 - "Saturday"

As the Lyons' siblings continue to cope with the death of their father, Sherrí continues her affair while Keysha continues to worry and reach out to J.C.

PressHeartToContinue: GAMING NEWZ: WiiUs Trek On The 4th

Zoochosis: "Case 4: Magic"

Corridor Digital: Sync

Corridor Digital and Bammo's "Sync" in its entirety.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Welcome, Cuentizun!

Hi, I'm Claudia and I have a webseries for children, Cuentizun. I hope you like it. It's subtitled in English (if something in the subtitles do not understand, let me know to translate better). Any comment will be appreciated. Thank you.

The little miller and his little donkey
In this cuentizun The little miller and his little donkey, Angelinda, Nando and their donkey walk along the road, but the ride will not be as fun for the opinions of others. Do you want to know what will do Nando?

The Lyons Den: Episode 1.1 - "Dawn Of A New Day"

After the sudden death of their father, the Lyons siblings gather together for the funeral, but tension rises which causes for a difficult transition.

Meter Maids: Episodes 13-15

Meter Maids is a kinda-sorta NSFW show that follows a group of four traffic officers as they strive to make the streets of Los Angeles safe from parking offenders. The show skewers serious subjects like gun control, affirmative action, sexual harassment, girl-on-girl stuff, and Satanic human sacrifice of cute children. 

What’s unique about the show is that every episode features one or more guest stars that have an online fan base. The guest stars for the three episodes below included:

Frank Smith (Lost Moon Radio)

Kristen DeLuca (Playboy)

Petyon Clarkson (Stand-Up Comedian)

Meter Maids Ep. 13 - Guten Tag

Meter Maids Ep. 15 - Subaru Doctor

To see more Grumpy Panda videos go to: http://grumpy-panda.com/

Twitter: @GrumpyPanda 

DA14 live: NASA Follows Asteroid Flyby

Welcome To The Following: IamforeverNEVERMORE

2006 "Scene Of The Crime" Episode about Joe Carroll and the Winslow Murders. Just found an old tape I had recorded it on it!!!! (Part 1 of 12)
2006 "Scene Of The Crime" Episode about Joe Carroll and the Winslow Murders. Just found an old tape I had recorded it on it!!!! (Part 3 of 12)

Feast of Fiction: Ponyo Noodles / Ramen!

The Fine Brothers: Harlem Shake (React Style)

PressHeartToContinue: GAMING NEWZ: Deadpool's Valve Ages And Awakens

Youtubers React Episode 4

FreddieW: Harlem Shake vMario

stagefivetv: The Continuum - Table 7

Walk Of Shame - The Web Series

A hilarious new web series has been recently released, brilliantly named "Walk Of Shame." Guys will want to check this one out, as it's pretty funny and sexy too. Girls will get a kick from watching it as well.

The series comes from the creator of the hit web series "Squatters" the talented, Brendan Bradley.

Embeds have been disabled as of right now, but you can watch the series directly on YouTube, just click on the sexy girl below to watch all 6 episodes, and there are funny bloopers from each episode too.  Enjoy!

Over 400 injured in Russia following reported meteorite fall

From Wikipedia: 2013 Russian meteor event

 The 2013 Russian meteor event took place on around 9:15 in the morning on Friday the 15th of February 2013 over Southern Ural, Russia. At least one object streaked across the early morning sky and shattered 10 km over the city of Chelyabinsk. The event has reportedly injured at least 400 people, mostly due to broken glass and rocked buildings.

 Local residents said they witnessed extremely bright burning objects in the sky of the Chelyabinsk, Sverdlovsk and Orenburg regions. Amateur videos show what appears to be a fireball streaking across the sky, and a loud boom afterwards. At times the object was so bright that it cast shadows. Up to 400 people were reported injured by the meteor, mainly from broken glass caused by the shock wave. According to a spokesman of the Russian Interior Ministry, no one was injured seriously. About 600 m² of a roof at a zinc factory collapsed, the Associated Press quoted an interior ministry spokesman as saying.

The event coincided with the close approach to earth of the Asteroid 2012 DA14 but astronomer Phil Plait said it was unlikely to be related since the objects were travelling in different directions.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Jane (Crystal Chappell) checks into THE INN, alongside a mysterious object.


Greetings! I want to first say thank you for accepting The Lyons Den on to Web Series Today! We are so humbled and excited about this opportunity! We will start posting the show from the beginning (hopefully) tomorrow! We hope that you enjoy the crazy, family drama that we have to offer!

Also, the new season of The Lyons Den premieres Friday, March 1st at www.youtube.com/thelyonsdenseries.

Building Relationships

Today is Valentines Day. Some of you are in relationships. How did you meet? Some of you are not in a relationship. How would you approach a new person? Would you walk up to them and ask them out on a date? Perhaps. But more likely, not. You would probably introduce yourself. You might say something witty or something contextually relevant.

So if you would not walk up to a stranger and ask them on a date, why would you ask them to watch your Web series? OK, its not exactly the same thing, but there is an important point here. Relationships are built on trust and trust develops slowly over time.

 Some of you may argue that we watch TV series produced by strangers. But do we? Each TV channel has a carefully crafted identity. We know what type of shows we can expect there. We already have a level of trust. New shows are often introduced by associating with past shows we might have watched on the channel. We often know cast members, writers producers etc. True, we do not have an intimate personal relationship with them, but we do have a pre-existing level of trust.

Yes, it is entirely possible that you can ask a total stranger to watch your Web series and they will do it. More often than not they will not. True you might post your video in a relevant community where you have not had a presence before and someone will watch it. More often than not they will not. True you may tweet your video at some famous celeb, or a random person, on Twitter and they might watch it. More often than not they will not.

 The point here is that relationships take time to develop. They begin with a moment and they grow slowly from there. Over time trust develops and you, your opinions and your creative endeavors begin to matter to the other person. That is when they will watch your Web series.

See this post on the community page: http://plus.google.com/101175516092771757092/posts/KX6cMc1mKC6

Welcome To The Following: IamforeverNEVERMORE

I have received a message asking if this video was shot by me. It was not. I "borrowed" this video. It belongs to The Knight. Betty is his obsession. Poor Panini. tran


So glad to be a part of this community. 

Chilltown just launched a few months ago and it's been a thrilling/scary/wonderful/wrenching/gratifying experience all rolled in one! 

For starters, here's a bit about the show:

Chilltown is a wild, hip-hop oriented cartoon comedy that focuses on the lives & misadventures of three hip-hop heads (G, Marv & Plad), plus G's wannabe mogul cousin K Deuce and K Deuce's girl, Lele.  Most of the episodes center around the music biz and many are designed to skewer rap & pop culture.

It stars:  Wil Sylvince (Chappelle's Show, Wayans, Katt Williams)
              Dante Nero (co-hosted The Phillip Show w/the late,great Patrice O'Neal)
              Gil T (aka Dark Most of the legendary Most Brothers)
              Victor Cruz (Victor Cruz Show on Urban Latino Radio, Law & Order, Side Effects)
              Richie Bulldog (StandupNY, Carolines, etc.) 

DJ Wally Pish Posh (Alicia Keys, Black Star, Basketball Wives Theme) did the original music.

  Leesa Dean (that's me!) created, wrote & animated it all.

I'm a self-taught animator and I learned how to animate just to do this series.  It took me five years to complete.  To be fair, in that time, I also created/animated two other series (Lele's Ratchet Advice Show & The Danger Squad) for a total of 140 minutes total of cartoons.

Chilltown is rated MA for Mature Language

 For starters, here's the trailer:

And here are the episodes that have been released to far:

Episode 1: The Job Interview:    Plad sets G up on a job interview with 80's has-been Carly Carl.  But Lightnin' Rob might mess it up.  Meanwhile, FB freak Licky Licky makes a surprise visit to K Deuce. 

Episode 2: Skeeza Dwarf Tossing: Carly Carl hires G, Marv & Plad to work at one of his special parties while K Deuce picks up former phenom Scott Storch, who now has a sex-advice show. 

Episode 3:  The Playa Hater Detector:  G buys a "sure-fire money makin' device" from Ebay and Plad convinces him to bring it to an ultra-VIP after-party.   Meanwhile, K Deuce promises Lele he's got the VIP hookup to get in.

Episode 4:  K Deuce & The Biz (Pt. 1): K Deuce starts his internship at Massive Death Records.  Meanwhile,  Plad helps G who's hosting a book signing for professional chickenhead Latrice at Carly's record store.

Enjoy!!  More to come soon!

#PrisonDancer #Lola sings to all those alone on #valentines Happy Valentine's Day!

Lola had exciting plans for Valentine's day 2013. But a cold ended all the fun and she's now spending the day in bed, with YOU!!

Welcome To New "Authors"

We recently added a new batch of "authors" to Web Series Today. Welcome!!!!! Check your in-box for an "author invite" and a welcome e-mail. Always remember that our key mission is to keep the community up to date with what is going on in the Web series World. Note that because of high demand the "author invites" expire after a few days, so you should check your e-mail and accept the invite, as soon as possible.  If you cannot find the invite in your e-mail in-box, you should check your junk mail/spam folder.

Note that we are now requesting that all new "authors" (in addition to any community members who want to) join our new Web Series Today Community on Google+.

Join now: http://www.tinyurl.com/webseriescommunity

The reason why this is important was explained in the e-mail you received but in short it helps "authors", creators and the community interact in a way that in the long run benefits the blog here.

Secondly, it is vitally important that new "authors" read ALL the directions (including links provided) carefully before posting. The directions are provided based on issues that have arisen in the past. If you ignore them, not only do you make the blog look bad, you make yourself look bad, and ultimately that hurts the entire community. Worse still it consumes a great deal of time and energy trying to correct the issues that arise as a consequence. So, take the time, review the documentation, and once you feel comfortable that you fully understand the conventions on the blog, begin to post.

Thirdly, as has been reiterated numerous times, the way to embed a high definition video on the blog is via a "640 x 360" embed. Learn how to do this correctly, as described in the directions, BEFORE you begin to post. This is perhaps the most common error that is made, so again pay attention to the instructions provided and if you are in doubt ask a question via comments here on the blog.

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Again, before you begin posting, please make sure you have read the following very carefully:

 1. How to get the most out of Web Series Today: http://bit.ly/howtoWST

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


A unique iPad experience: the web audio adventure By Christy Dena, Craig Peebles, Trevor Dikes and Simon Howe

"What is a “web audio adventure”? 

We've created this new way to experience the web. What we've done is create a unique audio experience that combines radio drama and web navigation. But the websites you go to will all be fictional ones we've created especially for this experience. You'll download an app to play on your iPad. Once open, you'll be guided by a narrator and the characters as they travel across the web to their fictional websites. So you'll hear the drama unfold, see the fictional websites, and click around the web with the characters."

See the crowdfunding campaign for details: http://www.pozible.com/project/11529

The core public team: Craig Peebles, Christy Dena, Trevor Dikes, Simone Howe


Crystal Chappell stars as "Jane," in this first episode of THE INN, created by the critically-acclaimed, award-winning writer/director of PRETTY, Steve Silverman.

It's Not You... (Official Trailer)

A Comedy Web Series about Dating Disasters. Coming Feb 14th http://www.itsnotyou.tv

Not by CHOICE episode 3 part 2

Good morning all!  Be sure to check out part 2 of episode 3 of Not by CHOICE webseries, which will be launched this Sunday, February 17, 2013 @ www.youtube.com/user/notbychoiceseries.

Please SUBSCRIBE to our channel to LIKE and COMMENT on the episode.  If you need to catch up on the characters and everything that has been going on, check out episodes 1, 2, & part 1 of 3. 

Will Dave get caught or will he get away???????

Thanks for your continued support!

Welcome To The Following: LadyLigeiaisaFriend

I spent the day watching for the sandy haired agent in Red Hook. You were right. Hardy is still living alone in the same place and still buying his favorite beverages at his corner bodega. Here is my report for you. PLEASE call me as soon as possible. Also, Joe, will you leave some kind of note or message so I know you have received my videos? Thank you.

I don't feel safe.

Explore: http://welcometothefollowing.tumblr.com/

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Good afternoon!!!!  We have created a new Vlog for our audience segment.  We would love for our Not by CHOICE supporters to email their questions to [email protected].  The questions can be about the cast, their character, the show overall, etc. 

We would love to hear from you, so reach out to us today!

Thank you kindly for your continued support!

Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden Premiere Party + Cast/Crew Q&A!

 After six wonderful seasons, we’re celebrating the FINALE of Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden, one of the oldest and longest running webseries. We're throwing an epic Premiere & Bon Voyage party this Saturday night at Artisphere, an eclectic and quirky art gallery in VA, just across the bridge from Washington, DC.  We would love our OJBG fans and the local arts and LGBT community to come party with us one last time with a fun and free night of ’90s nostalgia and tomfoolery.

For all of those waiting to see how the series will end, we’ll screen the entire feature form of the 6th season, including the unreleased final episodes so you’ll get a chance to see them before they’re released online and on TV. The night will be a time for everyone to relive their favorite OJBG moments over drinks, and ask questions to the cast and crew during our Q&A. We’ll also be filming at the party to include in the the final episode that will air on TV and online, so guests could get their chance to be a featured party-goer on TV and make their mark in OJBG history!

There’s no way you’ll leave empty handed with all the cool giveaways we have planned, which include a keepsake “OJBG Yearbook Zine” designed with DC creative genius Morgan Hungerford West of Panda Head Mag.

There will also be a pop up shop with your favorite ’90s grunge wardrobe pieces from the show. Local vintage fashion boutiques MEEPS and TREASURY VINTAGE will also be at the party with mannequins styled in their best ’90s-inspired threads. Plus, they’ll have special OJBG coupons for you!

 And we’re so excited to announce that the DC ROLLERGIRLS will be wheeling around with us Saturday night! Not only are they coming with their distinct spunk and sass, they’re also bringing a care package for OJBG fans with bout tickets, t-shirts, stickers, and buttons. This girls are crazy cool, don’t miss out on your chance to meet them!

All-girl, surf-pop band, BEACH WEEK will be performing and establishing the OJBG party groove. Additionally, the well-known DC food truck “Doug the Food Dude” will be vending yummy lobster rolls, chicken wraps, and more out front. So be sure to come with an appetite! We’ll also have drinks at the Artisphere gallery bar, and OJBG books, posters, and other goodies on sale

The event is completely FREE, with free garage parking available to all OJBG guests. You can view details and RSVP on Facebook here or on our special Evite here.

We’re so excited for this event and would be happy if you came and celebrated with us!

Meet the Mayfarers: Ep. 1.16 - "The Family Binds"

The family seeks revenge against both Franklin and Barb in their own unique way.

“Meet the Mayfarers” is a comedy about an estranged, dysfunctional family who is forced to live together for one year in order to get their grandfather’s massive inheritance.

Monday, February 11, 2013

BEDLAM - Web Series Teaser (Final)

BEDLAM - Web Series Teaser (Final) from Jacob Cooney on Vimeo.

Teaser for the web series "Bedlam" starring Maury Sterling, Alexis Boozer and Marco Sanchez

Written and Directed by Jacob Cooney
Executive Produced by Maury Sterling and Jacob Cooney
Produced by Alexis Boozer and Jesi Burch
Cinematography by Nicholas Gerard Klein
Edited by Curtis Thurber

United Nations Security Council diplomat says there has been a nuclear test in North Korea

Source: http://twitter.com/BreakingNews/status/301178743924346880
North Korea quake could be from 10 kiloton or stronger nuclear blast: South Korea defense ministry #BREAKING

 Source: http://twitter.com/Reuters/status/301181475972325376

LIVE COVERAGE: http://live.reuters.com/Event/North_Korea

Korean Twitter News Feed: https://twitter.com/TimothyS/korea


You will need to be a fast listener, but here is a tiny clue.

.-.. .. - - .-.. . / .-. . -.. / .-. .. -.. .. -. --. / .... --- --- -..

Cute Girl Movie Review by Grumpy Panda

Each video features a cute girl performing a user-generated movie review gleaned from imdb, Netflix, Yahoo, etc. directly to camera. 

Cute Girl Movie Review: Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace 

Cute Girl Movie Review: The Godfather

Cute Girl Movie Review: Taxi Driver

To see more Grumpy Panda videos go to: http://grumpy-panda.com/

Kids React to Eagle Snatches Kid

The Wrong Guys for the Job - The Knockout (Ep. 1)

Pope Benedict XVI To Resign

Source: https://twitter.com/BreakingNews/status/300923131835592704

The Pope says says strength no longer adequate to continue in office due to advanced age - statement.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

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