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Saturday, January 5, 2008

What Mallory uses to impress The Beast?

What Mallory uses to impress The Beast

By pokeyguy

Find Me...Find Her - frankiswaking


153, 252, 26

When I Get To The Bottom Of The Jar (reversed) - modelmotion

Wind Beneath My Wings

When I Get To The Bottom Of The Jar (reversed) - Zoeyiswatching

Side Note : After googling "alternate covers of Wind beneath My Wings" I found a punk version that matches the song used in the When I Get To The Bottom Of The Jar. Below is a video for it. - GG

Yidcore - Wind beneath my wings

Do You Like Waffles? (DJ Waffle Live now on BreeFM!)

DJ Skunkwaffle is rocking out some awesome tunes on BreeFM right now!

Word has it that he will be bringing a few special "awesome" guests onto his show tonight! How awesome are they really? Do they like waffles as well? Tune in to find out!

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When A Girl Gets On Your Nerves - Redearth (RE88)

So the other day, I didn't think it was a good idea to post this... but Aly has been encouraging me to express myself more--and well, this is a rare verbalization of my uncensored thoughts.

And with my boss and his wife's dinner party tomorrow night, it's probably best to get such urges out of my system...

RedEarth88 on LGPedia.

When A Girl Gets On Your Nerves - Redearth (Redearth88) on LGPedia.

Shortly before this video was made available, Zoeyiswatching posted a video talking about her love of applesauce.

Rachel on LGPedia.

Aly Zarin on LGPedia.

Zoey on LGPedia.

Jordan on LGPedia.

Wind Beneath My Wings on WikiPedia.

Beaches on WikiPedia.

"Wind Beneath My Wings" Lyrics:
"Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.
It must have been cold there in my shadow,
to never have sunlight on your face.
You were content to let me shine, that's your way.
You always walked a step behind."

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A Very Canadian Christmas

" The best part was eating one of my favorite Canadian delicacies!"- Melanie Merkosky


Melanie Merkosky on LGPedia.
"Melanie Merkosky is the actress who plays the role of Jennie in the lonelygirl15 web series. Her full name is Melanie Joanna Merkosky. She was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She is the oldest of three children. Currently, she splits her residency between the East and West coasts of Canada."

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HELP HIM?- whatweird.com

Taken from: whatweird.com

It is just after midnight here and I was up searching online for anything about Duncans or the Duncans and I suddenly heard three banging sounds come from my bathroom! I’m not kidding! Three! It was like bam-bam-bam!!! At first I thought it might be the wind, but when I looked outside I saw the trees were not moving! So, I got up slowly from my desk and walked into the bathroom! I flicked on the light and nothing seemed out of place and just as I was about to turn out the light I saw this on the window! I screamed so loud that I woke my parents! My Dad came running in and I honestly believe he thinks I created it! I did not put it there! Why would I do that?! I am not nutters! When my Dad went down the hall to tell my Mum what was going on, I decided I should document it so I ran for my camera… and while I was taking this photo I swear to you I heard my Gran whisper the words “help him”! I think it was Gran! Help him?! I’m freaking out so bad that I’m shaking! I’m trying to breathe! How could that happen? How could words just appear like that?! How could Gran speak to me if she’s dead?! I feel like I’m losing my mind! I pray that it is only Gran having a laugh… This scares me! Why would Gran scare me like this? Wait a second… My Dad is yelling something… I just yelled down the hall and told him I thought I heard Gran and he told me to go into the bathroom and wipe it away and then to go to bed! Go to bed?! Is he serious!? I can barely breathe! And to be honest I’m too scared to go back in there!

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When I Get To The Bottom Of The Jar - zoeyiswatching

Reversed - "Wind Beneath My Wings"

Friday, January 4, 2008

Party Crashers - Daniel (LG15)

Jonas, Emma, and I headed south yesterday to meet up with Jennie. She led us to... - Daniel

Party Crashers - Daniel (LG15) on LGPedia.

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DJ Hallows Is Live Now on BreeFM!

DJ Hallows is live and rocking out on BreeFM now!

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More Lucy action

Here’s a few more shots from the Lucy photo set we took. Kevin shot these, and they are pretty awesome (and funny) if you ask me!

Hummm..didn't Amanda just say that these picture would be available on LGPedia. Why can't we find them?

Download the pixs from Flickr

NOTE: Since this article was first published the pixs have finally appeared on LGPedia on the "Press Photos" page.

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There's a hole in my head - Moondoggle

Everybody thinks my head's full of nothin,
Wants to put his special stuff in,
Fill the space with candy wrappers,
Keep out sex and revolution,
But there's no hole in my head.
Too bad.
~Malvina Reynolds

Music by Mike Oldfield

Check out the forum thread at : http://lg15.com/lonelygirl15/forum/viewtopic.php?f=160&t=15581


For the first time in history RedEarth88 has recently blasted through 200,000 views with the Rachel video "2 Girls 1 Dwelling".

The quality of decision (Worldfiles) - ImpulseLG

Thursday, January 3.

ED: Note that the tags for this video were:
worldfiles alps lemonal

Check out the forum thread at :

Experts raise network sites danger

"Bebo, which has more than 40 million users worldwide, who together spend 2.14 billion minutes on the site a month, has invested in new ways of keeping its core audience of under-30s excited."


Research: InsideLG15: Bebo: The Best Social Networking Site?

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Which Entries Do You Edit (Keep Editing LGPedia) - OpZoeyD

Heed this warning.

Those who wish to become our allies must first prove themselves worthy.

Those who juggle for world peace shall be considered not lame.

We do not act unless first provoked, but heed this warning.

Do not believe you can possibly escape the reward of your actions.

And as such, you shall edit the LGPedia.

Come and edit.

Being Stalked - Mallory (LG15)

I know you've got more important things to do like rescuing Sarah, but I didn't know who else to turn to. - Mallory

Being Stalked - Mallory (LG15) on LGPedia.

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My Sexy Geek

"So I whipped up my own entry and I hope you like it."- Greg

Find all the great cast and crew pictures on LGPedia.

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OpAdolf endorses LGPedia - v9k

Backwards audio at the end of SonofaStich's video found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fg2A6429KKQ

A IN ADOLF - SonofaStitch

I won't stand for multiple parodies! I might be on vacation but it's time to remind you who's king!

(ps, this video isn't lj15 canon just me having some fun....LGPEDIA ROCKS)

PPS: I really do love ZoeyisWatching, POST MORE VIDEOS.

quarterlife - part 17

quarterlife - part 17

Add to My Profile | More Videos
"Anxiety" - Eric and Dylan keep fighting. Debra is having anxiety attacks.

Vote for the Sexiest Geeks of 2007

We need to nominate someone!!!!!!!

"Welcome to the third annual Wired News Sexiest Geeks contest! Every year, we nominate the smartest, sexiest and most Wired men and women of the year. You can not only vote, but also submit the name and picture of someone you think deserves the esteemed title of Wired Sexy Geek."


So, get busy.....

immo1 said...
If we can get a good geek bio I think Maya, Amanda and Becki all would make great nominees!

modelmotion said...
Yea, they would all be good choices. Bring it!

loretta said...
omg its WINNIE! The Wonder Yearsss<33333333

I want to be a sexy geek. Do you have to like math or something? I'm more of a literature and politics geek....

; ]

joe said...
We should add Amanda\Lucy to it.

greg said...
I agree, Amanda/Lucy would be a great choice. I'm not biased at all . . . honest :)

Brainwashed In Chat - Emma (LG15)

Jonas and Daniel spoke to Jennie last night in chat. Sarah showed up and talked about her "progress" and it freaked us all out. Will we get to her in time? - Emma

NOTE: Normally we try and make it clear which account the video was posted under. For some reason this video was actually posed on Jonas account: http://youtube.com/watch?v=vTRrXMuJ4Kon One would assume that there was a deliberate reason for the release of the video on this account. We just don't know what its.

Brainwashed In Chat - Emma (LG15) on LGPedia.

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Well Mesh is not really dead, but he does appear to be missing.

On New Years Eve shock waves rocked through the Breeniverse as Miles, Greg and Amanda issued their New Years greeting. Where was Mesh, the creator of the Bree character and one of the original three Creators?

Has Miles pushed Mesh into the 436? Has he ran off to work on his own projects? There are no crew credits on any of the recent Lonelygirl15 videos so we have no clue if he is still working on the show. From what we can tell he is not part of LG15 Studios which Miles and Greg formed to create new online shows such as KateModern and other future ventures. What is going on here? Perhaps the Creators will clarify the situation and put all the rumors to rest.

Ramesh Flinders is a screenwriter who, along with Miles Beckett, created the lonelygirl15 series.
According to journalist Joshua Davis, who knew Mesh as a child, Flinders grew up on a commune outside of San Francisco, and had a difficult transition to a Catholic high school. While studying Film and Visual Arts at Occidental College, from where he later graduated, Mesh Flinders invented an alter-ego, the shy but precocious homeschooled girl who would eventually become Bree. He wrote short stories about her, told fireside tales about her as a camp counselor and started writing scripts about her.
His short film "Pond" is about a Bree-like high school girl who gets left behind on a museum field trip and meets the ghost of the museum's famous architect. Together they solve the mystery of his confinement, freeing the architect from his museum purgatory, and helping Ana find something to care about. The Pond screenplay won the Panavision Young Writer's award in 2004.
Flinders was working as an assistant in the entertainment industry and maker of short films when he met Beckett at a karaoke bar birthday party. Beckett had the idea to tell a story about a videoblogger on YouTube; Flinders had the perfect character. The duo quickly set about planning, writing scripts and held a casting call. Around the time the series began, Flinders and Beckett contacted Greg Goodfried for legal advice. The three eventually became known as the Creators.
Bree's bedroom was in fact Mesh's apartment. Most of the girlie accessories in the room were purchased at Target.

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NEWSFLASH: Still no sign of Mesh, but thanks to Joe we do have an Owen sighting!!!!!!


Recently we blasted the Creators for their failure to deliver on an authentic interactive experience as promised. Last night they delivered on a multi-character IRC chat. How did it go? You be the judge.

We want to know how well the chat fit into the overall Lonelygirl15 experience. Did it make sense within the context of the other interactive components of the show. How well did the continuity of the chat experience fit with prior interacitivity on the show. Did you have fun talking to the characters. How well did the IRC platform hold up? What would you like to see different in terms of interactivity on the show?

See also the discussion of the chat and Amanda's post: "Your Thoughts".

Here is some of the feedback so far from " insideLG15":

voyboy Says:
I understand why you want everyone to be able to join in.
However, I think that fewer fans are able to enjoy these events than those who are not enjoying them. It gets so chaotic and frustrating when so many people are logged in and trying to all chat at the same time. There really seems be no way to overcome that confusion unless you have the Character Chats private, inviting a certain number of fans to participate.
After the chat is complete then provide LGpedia a non-edited transcript.
Lets try this once and see how it works?

milowent Says:
well, you could de-voice everyone and only allow fans to post via PM’s to the ops, who will then post questions or comments from fans. like so:

We don’t know what to do.
kelseygirl15 says “you should go to find Sarah immediately!”
thanks kelsey. we’re not sure.

that way everyone who wants to listen live and try to participate can do so. not ever question is gonna be posed by the ops. no duplication, no “show your tits” posts. if the chats were made private with only a few fans, too many people would howl like crazy.

milowent Says:
January 3rd, 2008 at 1:55 pm
ugh the comment machine deletes my greater than/less than signals.

[Daniel] We don’t know what to do.
[Broken_Kid] kelseygirl15 says “you should go to find Sarah immediately!”
[Jonas_tko]thanks kelsey. we’re not sure.

voyboy Says:
I like that idea. Is it practical though for the ops?

modelmotion Says:
It can be done, but it does not go over well.

A well “trained” audience knows how to behave in these situations and the use of catalysts is much preferred unless the “ops” loose total control of the room as tends to happen in LG15 chats.

Its really more a question of fans understanding the format than turning it into a dictatorship. A room that is silenced is controlled but it is no longer free.
Comments from the blogspot:
modelmotion said...
The Messynessy89 chat in the #HymnOfOne chat room in the hour before the official LG15 chat went very very very well and I think everyone really enjoyed it. It reminded me of the old Maddison Atkin's chats which are probably the best we have had so far.

However, the problem, like others have pointed out, is "scalability". We saw that issue with the NikkiB chat and also with the LG15 chat last night.

hopefulsemblance said...
I agree...
We all saw alot of people get offended and hurt feelings when they weren't chosen to be in on the Jonas phone chat...
then everyone is invited to join in on the text chat and people complain about chaos...
I really don't think there is a middle ground here that will succeed.
I think when you have a massive fan base such as LG15 this stuff is harder to pull of either way... I think the Nessy chat succeeded because 1. there were only about a dozen of us who are fans; and 2. it was done impromptu (so alot of n00bs didn't know for days to come in at that exact moment in time).
I would hate to see the interactivity leave lg15, but you either get hurt feelings (such as with Jonas' phone call), or utter chaos (such as yesterday)... pick your poison.

NOTE: I would like to say that the Jonas phone call went smoothly, but I think I'm biased. I do know that alot of people were offended that they weren't chosen. But I partially blame that on the couple fans that blabbed that secret early on.

qthec said...
I posted this on Inside LG15 comments:

I posted something along these lines on the thread on the lg15.com forums as well…

An alternative/variation on the in-character chat might be to try something with a format like NowLive radio broadcasts or BreeFM radio shows - combining audio of the main characters (plus a few callers perhaps) with a side chat with everyone else in it. This way, everyone can clearly hear what the characters are saying to each other and react freely in the chat, and the characters can still interact with the audience by responding to some of what they see from the audience.

I think this format would be much easier to follow.

Limitations are that the actual actors would have to play the characters (as with the Jonas phone call), and transcripts would be less perfect (but a recording could be provided).

Just as with the in-character chat, I would still want characters (and one or two moderators) to have highlighted text when they did react in chat, and for the characters to mention fans by name (as Danielbeast did last night) when responding to specific things said.

qthec said...
On LG15.com comments, bornofstardust posted this:

bornofstardustsend note January 2nd, 2008 at 9:22 pm Jeebus, chat was EXHAUSTING!

They really should have had just particular people speak…or SOMEthing.

It was pretty cool when Sarah unexpectedly came in, though. But JEEZ–the way she was talking was very un-Sarah! At least in her latest videos she has been simultaneously discrediting the HoO while still finding her song…but now she seems to be buying hook line and sinker into the whole thing, special “evolutions” or whatever ceremony-esque crap included.

…wow, it’s a refreshing change to be back on the comment boards, where I at least have a chance of being read, can expand on my ideas, and don’t have to make my fingers sore!

We want to know what you think about interactivity and or chat and how it should fit within the show. Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

From Fashion to Gaming: What’s Hot for ‘08

“The biggest thing I see is more money in [online] production and a lot more interactivity,”


From the original article:

"Handmade-, not just homemade-, looking ads will go beyond amateurish user-gen videos to mashups of all forms and stripes. "


Find Your Eternal Song - by Evergreen

"submission from Evergreen"

KateModern Season One Recap - Sophie S

Watch More Videos Uploaded by www.bebo.com/MyKateModern

So much happened in KateModern Season 1 but don't worry if you missed it - just watch this recap and get ready for KateModern Season 2, which starts on January 14th!

Emma's Mini - Disconnected
Sneaky Sound System - Pictures (Tonite Only Remix)
Solace - Khlas (6 - 8)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

What did you think about tonight?

Hey everybody, now that the madness of #lg15chat is over, I want to know what you all thought of it. So, just follow the link and vote ;) Or just post what you thought as a comment.


WHAT TIME IS IT?...Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST, Wednesday.

It is time to look back and also look ahead. Glenn just rolled out of bed an hour and a half ago. He went to bed at 11 am because he was editing a video which should go up sometime tomorrow.

Glenn has a design station and a computer he uses for IRC. There are times when Glenn goes home dead tired and he reads LG15 Today where he reads what "anon" says about RedEarth88 (he did an impression) and he decides that he needs work more on the video!

Glenn loves "Special Victims Unit". TNT had a "Law and Order" marathon on New Years. He also talked about "Criminal Intent".

Glenn, Yousef and Jackson were hanging out a year ago and it turns out that a girl they met was a mover and shaking in online video. She used to work on "Special Victims Unit". He would love to write for "Law and Order".

Tonight: we will talk about what YOU want to talk about.....

Huge thank you to the the Red Army. 180,000 views!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next video: more on the character Zoey. (off screen cameo for Zoey for her work with LGPedia). Glenn wished Zoey a happy birthday. When he read the letter Zoey wrotes as a 10 year old he teared up. It tugged at his heart strings. With "Zoeyiswatching ", Zoey has become the "Cassie" of RE88....so bring on the fan fiction!!!
Glenn's fortune cookie says he would do well to expand his horizons. Our expectations tend to be high and people tend to be let down. Fortune cookies need disclaimers.
Hymn Of One - invented after Glenn left. It reminds him of the comic Runaways where they had a "staff of one".
Glenn talked about "Midnight Express" and his fear of Turkish prisons.
Kevin Smith is a role model for this wave of media the way Quentin Tarantino was a model for the past wave. Glenn tears up when he read the comments people write however its one negative comment that stays with you.

RE88 - we have an "Army" being proactive and helping market the series in a very grass root and organic fashion. This is bigger than the notion of a "street team". This is unheard of. The Red Army is an extent ion of the team.

Jenni, Mic etc are directly involved but the Red Army has done so much to pump up the comments and discussion. Now thanks to Apo we also have a Red Navy. The last RE88 did more views than most of the recent Lonelygirl15 videos. Glenn cares about the people who are actively helping the show.

There is an exciting promotion and distribution opportunity that is going to help the series immensely. Glenn has deal a lot with investors and people take notice when the videos pull consistent views of over 100,000. We are on the radar now. There is a plan that should make it easier for new fans to follow the series. It will begin with some of the older material.

Glenn if working on this 24/7. Glenn sees everyone involved here as a "partner"and encourages people to get involved. He compared RE88 to a band that is building up credibility. When a band is working really hard people want to help you. In comparison if you are with a major label people tend not to help. People respect what they can relate to. This community is bigger than either RE88 or Lonelygirl15.

Glenn thanked Logan for prompting things to get started again. There are no plans to put anything out on the LoFisyndicate account for now.

With 50 videos x 100,000 views consistently RE88 would become the most popular show online. The new promotion could make that happen. The Red Army can make that happen. Just think about "Worth The Wait" and "Cut To The Chase" out in front of that kind of audience.

Send questions to [email protected]
Played @ Song Title
00:12:26 The All-American Rejects - Dirty Little Secret
00:09:05 Third Eye Blind - Losing A Whole Year
00:08:07 Song Mash Up - Mix + Comp
00:04:03 JFJ Band - Sold Me Out
23:49:44 Northern State - Sucka Mofo
23:46:02 Headboard - Disappears
23:44:31 Mitch Hedberg - Movie Pot
23:41:38 Beastie Boys v Debbie Gibson - Shake Your Love-Rump (Glenn Rubenstein Train Wreck)
23:39:18 Loveline with Will Arnett - Voiceover Work
23:36:00 Kelly Clarkson vs The Pixies - Where U Been Gone (Glenn Rubenstein Remix)
23:09:09 Nelly vs Jane Does vs Glenn Rubenstein - Grillz (Junkie RedEarth Remix)
23:07:17 The Stereo - Three Hundred
23:04:25 Plus 44 - Baby, Come On
23:02:06 The New Trust - This Invitation Has Meant The World To Me

Jennie, Jonas, Daniel and Sarah were live in LG15 chat.

  • Jennie was in the Official LG15 chat tonight at 7pm PST.

  • General chat guidelines.

  • Character chat log on LGPedia "Party Of One" page.

  • See the full chat log

    Lgpedia Needs Your Help: Ways To Help

    MessyNessy89 is LIVE in #HymnOfOne IRC chat.

    MessyNessy89 is LIVE in #HymnOfOne IRC chat. Watch the videos: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=MessyNessy89

    see the full chatlog


    [17:28] greggers is Cassie sick?
    [17:28] messynessy89 she's been healthy since we came to new york except a small cough but i figured it was just the winter season here

    [17:31] modelmotion what sort of music to you like Nessy?
    [17:31] messynessy89 all kinds..depending on my mood... mostly rock music
    [17:31] messynessy89 our dad was into classic rock

    [17:33] messynessy89 yes.... our parents were killed in a car crash just before we left
    [17:33] messynessy89 i just don't want to lose my sister too :(

    [17:36] virginian9000 Yeah, how is Cassie doing now, messy
    [17:36] messynessy89 not much better.. she's still not talking much
    [17:38] messynessy89 and she used to be very talkitive, but not since we came here

    [17:41] messynessy89 cassie is 22 by the way :)

    [17:41] virginian9000 "help me, I'm dying" could have been her in a strong moment, trying to get help
    [17:42] messynessy89 maybe.. but she hasn't been mean or anything... just quiet

    [17:48] modelmotion what is on her left arm
    [17:49] messynessy89 the mask looks pretty hehe
    [17:49] messynessy89 it looks like a bandage or something
    [17:51] greggers a bandage? has she been taking shots or anything lately nessy?
    [17:52] messynessy89 nope, no shots since we moved
    [17:52] messynessy89 the community was amazing... peaceful and loving.. very warm and close-knit

    [17:51] messynessy89 she used to perform dances a few times a year for our community
    [17:51] messynessy89 some of what is in the videos looks like old dance routines, but she has them all confused and mixed up

    [17:55] messynessy89 well the community was made up of members of my religion
    [17:55] messynessy89 the same religion as bree's

    [17:58] messynessy89 no i've never seen one. i know about the ceremonies, but they don't happen very often and only certain people can attend

    [18:01] messynessy89 bree was not living in the community. the deacons were worried that her dad was influencing her badly. and when she was sent to public school.. everyone got really mad
    [18:02] messynessy89 that was when they sent cassie to pretend to be in high school
    [18:02] messynessy89 and befriend bree
    [18:03] messynessy89 she was quite happy to go
    [18:03] messynessy89 cassie was a rising member of the community
    [18:03] messynessy89 they trusted her
    [18:04] messynessy89 but everything was fine until one day when cassie went to bree's house
    [18:04] messynessy89 she said she found something in her dad's office (she was always a bit of a snoop)
    [18:07] messynessy89 she said she wanted to alert the deacons that there was a scam within the community
    [18:07] messynessy89but i guess they didn't believe her

    [18:19] greggallows do you know how the elders stay young Nessy?
    [18:20] messynessy89 yes...they collect the purity of the ceremony girls

    [18:22] messynessy89 those girls possess eternal life

    [18:28] messynessy89 but the eternal song...eternal life and purity...is manifested in these girls. they don't get to grow old because they are eternally pure. the song is reborn through a chain of girls.
    [18:28] messynessy89 we believe in reincarnation
    [18:29] messynessy89 but only for those special girls

    [18:57] messynessy89 right now i just want to see where she's going while i'm out
    [18:57] messynessy89 i am thinking of pretending i have to go somewhere tomorrow and then following her

    Bethany's Story - Jerry (LJ15)

    I thought you all needed to know Bethany's story so here is what I know. Thanks to PeterBeast for his editing help. He's getting really good at this! --Jerry

    Tell Jennie What You Really Think!

    "Will Jennie return to the Lullaby Project to help her friend?"

    Find out TONIGHT at 7:00pm PST (10:00 pm EST) in the chat room.


    Cheers to the KateModern Crew!!

    "Hopefulsemblance wrote this summary of the first season of KateModern."



    From Wikipedia:

    "A new religious movement or NRM is a term used to refer to a religious faith, or an ethical, spiritual or philosophical movement of recent origin that is not part of an established denomination, church, or religious body.
    The term NRM comprises a wide range of movements which range from loose affiliations based on novel approaches to spirituality or religion to communitarian enterprises that demand a considerable amount of group conformity and a social identity that separates its adherents from mainstream society. Its use isn't universally accepted among the groups to which it is applied."


    Quote from Jennie:

    "And I know that most sociologists would look at something like the Hymn of One and label it as an NRM rather than a cult. But, you know, I've been watching and rewatching the videos of Sarah and all you guys for like, hours and, I gotta say, I'm completely blown away."

    Jennie is a young woman Sarah befriends at the Lullaby Project encampment. She and Sarah helped the Lullaby Project by helping set up a portable medical facility and handing out Lullaby care packages to the local women. Sarah explained that Jennie thinks the "Hymn of One crap is ridiculous" like she does and had told Sarah "We eat their food and sleep in their tents. So when in Rome, be a gladiator!"
    In Jennie Bares All, we learn that she was an anthropology major at UC Berkeley. She had finished her field study in Oaxaca, Mexico, but was not yet ready to go back to school, so she volunteered with the Lullaby Project. We also learn that she is a fan of making obscure references. As Jennie began to get the hang of blogging, she made a new video in which she appears alone and unaided by Sarah, where she talked casually to the audience about random facts and also expressed her concern for Sarah and her new found faith. Jennie began questioning the Lullaby Project when she made a trip to a local village to do prep work with some of the women, when a woman she was trying to help told her the Lullaby Project was a "curse" and that it had caused many miscarriages in her family.

    Jennie on LGPedia.

    Party of One on LGPedia.

    LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help


    GF wrote a great summary of the KateModern finale and asked you what you thought. He is what you had to say....

    pj said...
    It was satisfying, and no one I liked died so


    youwish said...
    yeah i liked it too, mabye a bit too vague in what exactly they planned to do, but good none the less

    stellacat said...
    I think the KM crew is doing a very good job with everything. A good season was finished off by a great season finale-some closure, but also a cliffhanger, to keep us all going. :-) A perfect formula, I say.

    qthec said...
    Why am I expecting Lee to be doing an intership as the night watchman at the local jail?

    joe said...
    Why do they always leave the most important things unresolved? What happened to all the gnomes? Not all of them were destroyed, some made it, where are they, are they ok, will we see them again? I want some bloody answers.

    anonymous said...
    The Gnomes are working for The Order now. They're being bred to work as tiny spies.

    qthec said...
    Clore's next artwork: "Death of the Gnomes"

    Now that season one of KM is behind us and the "Gnomes of London" are hard at work planning season 2, we want to know what you thought of the show as a whole. What worked, what didn't? Which characters did you like, which, well.......not so much? What relationships worked? What would you like to see more of ....less of? What actors did you think did a great job? What did you think of Bebo as a platform for interactivity or just the level of interactivity as a whole? Were there plot-hold or was the plot cohesive....? What would you like to see happening in 2008? Did you like how the series was shot? How did KM compare to Lonelygirl15 as an online experience?

    So, take your best shot or just leave a shout out in a comment below.

    NOTE: For a great fan review read this!

    Dreams in the Shadows (Episode 1): Uriel Immanent (ACO)

    A message from Uriel to the Leaders of Ormus.

    Dreams in the Shadows
    Episode One (January 1, 2007)

    http://bebo.com/dreamsintheshadows (The Novel)
    http://bebo.com/acrowleyorder (Erica Pike)
    http://bebo.com/UrielD3 (Uriel)
    http://bebo.com/Victor-KT-OoD (Victor)
    http://bebo.com/TrumanC0 (Truman)
    http://bebo.com/Order-of-ORMUS (The Order of Ormus)
    http://bebo.com/OoT-KT-OoD (The Knights Templar)

    I have edited with style and diligence. - OpZoeyd

    Help Zoey edit the LGPedia.

    Reversed video.

    Tuesday, January 1, 2008

    This Is OUR Space Now - ZoeyIsWatching

    I was here

    Reversed video

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year everyone! I would just like to extend my thanks to all the listeners, and dj's who have made BreeFM a success over the past few months. I hope 2008 holds excitement and opportnity for each and every one of you. I know this year will hold new beginnings for me in my moving to LA plus wherever I will end up working. It's a bit scary, but awesome.

    Thank you all for the kind words of support on my last vid. You have all made the past few months a lot easier considering some things I have gone through. Without you guys and gals, I don't know how I would have made it. So, thanks again!

    Here's to a brighter 2008!

    Station Manager

    Interactivity Update

    "Here’s an overview of what’s been taking place while you were busy opening presents, hanging with family and friends, and bringing in the New Year."


    17 Dreams in 2007 - jerrypwjr

    Here are all 17 Dreams that were created in 2007 in a montage. I have had so much fun making these you guys! And I am so grateful for those who have enjoyed watching them. You are the ones that kept me dreaming.



    THE AFTER LIFE - frankiswaking




    In Memory of Bree - videogameluver21

    i started watchinLG15 a few weeks ago and when I got to the part where Bree dies, I had to make a video about it so enjoy.

    Buckethead- Whitewash
    Imogen Heap- Hide and Seek
    Serj Takian- Empty Walls

    KateModern Season Finale

    Despite us Brits being known for our raging hangovers on January 1st from too much partying the night before, the KM crew still bravely put three vlogs up for their season finale.

    Tariq revealed that Julia (in a dramatic turn around from their romantic Christmas video) had dumped him. Now thats harsh, getting a guy to skip fairy-like down the high street before sending him to dumpsville. Maybe she couldnt see much future as Mrs Clause?
    Tariq: "Theres not much call for Santa impersonators in January"
    The poor boy then explained he had a new line of employment
    Tariq: "Ive got a new job and I've got a way to put right all the recent wrongs rolled into one".

    Previously Charlie fed up with runaway Kate, Santa-suit Tariq and gormless Gavin (I'm sorry, I love Gavin but how much sherry can one man drink??) decided to return to Australia to be reunited with her estranged daughter Kim (we all saw that one coming right?) In the next vlog Gavin appeared to have come off Auntie Joans liquor cabinet and decided to take action.
    Whilst packing a rather girly travel bag he declared
    Gavin: "I know she's mad at me and I know I acted like a pillock..again.. but I cant let her go without a fight, especially now that I know about Kim. I'm good with kids! I'm sort of on their level" (You dont say)
    So Lancelot was all ready to go but unfortunately Terrence (with new side kick Tariq in tow) had other plans.
    Terrence: "Your phones been off all night! Where are you going?"
    Gavin: "Er New Years Eve fancy dress party..I'm going as a baggage handler"
    Terrence: "Good we're going too, we'll give you a lift"
    Gavin: "Thats.."
    Terrence: "NO. We INSIST.Wouldnt be the same without you. Come on lets go"

    So the scene was set. In Terrences car Gavin declared;
    Gavin: "I've heard of some stupid plans in my time. I'll even admit to having come up with a few myself, but this one really takes the biscuit!"
    Terrence: "You got any better ideas? Because we tried doing nothing and it didnt work!"
    Gavin: "You put the Watcher in a freezer!!!"
    Gavin then said the ultimate catchphrase.
    Gavin: "If this doesnt end in tears then my name isn't Phillonius T DeepGoat."
    To add to the omen of bad things to come, in the back of the car Terrence revealed 3 balaclavas and a gun that even Jonas would find scary. Poor T&G realised they were in over their heads but were dragged in by the now extremely scary Terrence.
    At the HoO headquaters Gavin made a final attempt to talk sense.
    Gavin "I'm in IT not the bloody SAS!"
    The three blasted into the meeting hall to where Michelle Clore was sitting, however her trusty Shadows also blasted in with their scary guns too. Terrence appeared to be shot whilst Gavin and Tariq were persued at great speed.
    On the street Tariq ran into a police officer (that was handy!)
    Tariq: "Oh thank God! I'm being chased by this mad guy, he's got a gun!"
    Unfortunately the police assumed Tariq meant Gavin who was hot on his heels carrying Terrence's gun.
    Whilst watching Gav get maised in the eyes and handcuffed he could only protest Tariq:"You got the wrong guy!"

    So what now? Will Charlie return? Will Gavin be sent to prison (you dont want the nickname DeepGoat whilst in the slammer! Free the DeepGoat 1!) What of Tariq? He is surely on the Orders most wanted list now! And where is Kate and who is she with?

    Stay tuned...

    The KM crew want to know what YOU think of the season finale! Please leave a comment below!

    Resolution - Tariq (KM)

    Watch More Videos Uploaded by bebo.com/Tariq287

    I wanted to post this so you could see what really happened. I don’t know when I can post again. It looks like I’m going to have to go away for a bit. I’m sorry everyone.

    Kate Modern Finale: One More Video to Come

    KateModern says:

    "There's one part of the Finale still to come. Discuss the action here - http://www.bebo.com/Link.jsp?Url=http%3A%2F%2Fbebo.com%2FBlogView.jsp%3FMemberId%3D4337221200%26BlogId%3D5343407705"

    Viral Videos for Small Businesses (Wall Street Journal Online)

    Ed: This video features popular YouTuber valsartdiary, a painter who promotes her work with weekly YouTube videos. She also throws darts at a randomized printout of all her subscribers, and gives small free paintings to the users hit by the darts. Interestingly, Val recently stopped selling each painting with EBAY auctions, and is experimenting with selling them directly via YouTube and her website http://www.valsartdiary.com. Val attended law school, but changed paths, and is making a modest living as a full time artist. Val's slogan is "Eat Your Cookies."

    Eat Your Cookies

    Down Under - Gavin (KM)

    Watch More Videos Uploaded by www.bebo.com/DeepGoat

    Gavin said..

    I was leaving to go down under. Until this happened...


    Gavin Taylore is a character in the KateModern web series. He hails from Manchester and currently lives in East London. He is CEO of the company he started with Tariq in Spiders, and is convinced they will make it big with the software they have produced. His confidence led him to seek money from some rather unsavory investors.
    In The Prisoner, Steve suggested that Gavin was a member of the Hymn of One. Gavin later admitted that he had attended a Hymn of One meeting, but found it boring.
    Gavin and Charlie got locked in his office together while trying to save Kate, and the two ended up having relations. They both appeared to move on though, Gavin hitting on girls with his catchphrase, "Keep Your Socks On!" and Charlie becoming obsessed with actor Shia LeBeouf. After Charlie went to the Grand Regency Hotel to meet Shia though, Gavin realized he had feelings for Charlie, and asked her to be his girlfriend. She accepted. Despite Gavin and Charlie's new relationship, both seem to enjoy flirting with other people.
    Later, after things with Kate died down, Gavin and Tariq renewed their efforts to work on their software. In order to help them, they hired on Lee, a work experience trainee volunteer. Unfortunately, Gavin seemed to find humor in degrading Lee, who was working for nothing. As retaliation, Lee stole the only copy of their software in The Leak and posted videos that would lead both Gavin in Tariq on a treasure hunt around London to attempt to recover it. This strained their friendship, however, and the two now refuse to speak to each other.
    Unfortunately, since Terrence showed up and they lost their software to the Order, Gavin has shown signs of violence and mental anguish (including split personality and paranoia). Gavin's mental state caused his relationship with Charlie to slowly deteriorate. She finally left him after learning that Gavin had formed a plan with Terrence to retrieve the software from the Order.

    Gavin on LGPedia.

    Lgpedia Needs Your Help: Ways To Help

    Happy new year? - Tariq (KM)

    Watch More Videos Uploaded by www.bebo.com/Tariq287

    Tariq said...

    "I think 2008 is going to be the beginning of exciting things in Tariq-land!"


    Tariq Bhartti is a character in the KateModern web series. He lives in East London and is a West Ham fan. He recently started a company with his friend Gavin, and is looking forward to the time when their company is successful enough that he can afford a swimming pool.
    At the beginning of the series, Tariq was dating Kate, but was hurt when he found out that she lied about her name. His distrust of Kate increased after she claimed to have lost her memory. Tariq didn't believe her, and Kate ended up turning to Steve for help. Tariq became jealous of Steve, and suspicious of his intentions, and attacked him. This led Kate to break things off.
    The two reconciled after he came to her rescue at Carnaby Street, where Steve brought Kate to "recover her lost memories." Kate was hurt and confused after she found out that the specialist she had seen was dead, and suspected Steve and the Hymn of One had something to do with it. Tariq stood by Kate as she questioned Steve, and later worked to get Kate off the hook when Steve threatened to press charges against Kate for her tactics.
    Tariq became even more worried for Kate when he noticed a Watcher outside of her apartment. He became outright disturbed when Kate received a letter from Dudley, asking her to meet him on Pinchin Street so that he and his father, the specialist (who had faked his death) could explain themselves. Tariq tried to come with her, but Kate decided that he could not come, causing Tariq to become upset and break up with Kate. He went on a date with a girl he met on the internet but it didn't go well. He then met Julia, an Orange Shop employee, who he began seriously dating.
    Tariq, however, remained conflicted about his feelings towards Kate. After Kate vanished, he was approached by Charlie, who asked him to help her find Kate. An upset Tariq replied "Why should I care [about Kate]?". However, he later became more worried, and helped to steal the car that Kate had last been seen in and lived in it for weeks, hoping to get some information about her whereabouts.
    When Kate contacted Charlie to let her know that she didn't want to be found, Tariq became understandably upset with Kate and gave her a piece of his mind.
    Shortly after returning from the woods, Gavin and Tariq renewed their efforts to work on their software. In order to help them, they hired on Lee, a work experience trainee volunteer. Unfortunately, Gavin seemed to find humor in degrading Lee, who was working for nothing. As retaliation, Lee stole the only copy of their software in The Leak and posted videos that would lead both Gavin in Tariq on a treasure hunt around London to attempt to recover it. This strained their friendship, however, and the two now refuse to speak to each other.
    In Commitment, Patricia Nielson attempted to interview Tariq about Kate and Dr. Griffin, to which he refused, claiming it was "trouble we don't need." Tariq has begun looking for a new job, and is focusing on his relationship with Julia.

    KateModern on LGPedia.

    Tariq on LGPedia

    LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

    Happy New Year!!!

    As promised, here are Miles, Amanda, and Greg rockin’ in the New Year.


    Monday, December 31, 2007


    We asked you what you wanted to see in 2008. Here is what you had to say.....

    virginian9000 said...
    I want to see action. I want to see TAAG win a few wars. I want to see damage done to the Order. I want to see TAAG gain momentum and actually keep it for a while without something bad happening the next video. I want to see a smart bunch in TAAG click together at just the right time as if to tell the Order "Its On" and finally start aggressively targeting the Order and actually being able to laugh in their faces as the Order makes their threats.

    No more running.

    anonymous said...
    I agree with the show missing heart:

    The story NEEDS structure- it's so loose now and ( I can't believe I'm saying this) there are too many characters running around adding nothing but chaos and unneeded distractions to the plot-

    At least back in the day the characters all had points and I know it's not as if every character has some connection to the order- they don't have to but there needs to be more for us to care about these characters-

    Mallory's character for example has never been widely accepted by the fans. Why? Well, it's simple. She had very little development and was almost nothing but a romantic bobble.

    I also think a part of the jumble is that there isn't a central character anymore- when Bree died she took her title with her and I understand that it's a hard thing to adjust to- however look at your own stories! Kate Modern had an amazingly long time where Charlie was the center character and Kate was missing and I have never disliked an arc of Kate Modern.

    My advice? Take Glenn up on his offer and have him help with like a guest week arc or something and build from there. You did it with the other girl arc, right? Well it's the exact same thing.

    modelmotion said...
    I would like to see the Cs make a serious attempt at making interactivity work. There have been some interesting experiments but for the most part they have failed to provide a valuable interactive experience as promised. The idea of having the text based interactivity component buried in an obscure place on LG15.com is just absurd. The interactivity needs to be authentic and not leave me feeling like I am being used when needed.

    Also LG15.com fails to provide a platform that is good for either series interactivity or allowing UGC to grow and be promoted in a healthy way. No more excuses! Let's get this party started.

    kindredp said...
    I think some of the points Glenn makes on his radio show and what he is doing with redearth are thing that the c's should look at and take note of.

    I would like it if they did interact with the community more, like they use to with the puzzles. Use the viewers as a resource, take the login for example put clues on the website for the login and then in the video give the viewers subtle references that the clues are on the veradas site.

    They need to tie up some of the loose story ends.

    They need to show the split in the order more, that rogue elder, the lone shadow that kidnapped TAAG we need to know more about those in the order who don't agree with the direction it is taking. Perhaps they could help TAAG.

    anonymous said...
    The Creators better not take cues from Glenn and Redearth... a couple of videos every 3 months would suck.

    Whatever happened to tracking down other ceremony girls and saving them. Sure, Emma was one of the girls, but what about the rest? It looks like they've given this storyline to Kate Modern with the "list", which is too bad.

    Instead of running, the gang should be proactively searching for and saving these girls while fighting The Order. Action, suspense, and anything that creates an emotional reaction have been missing from Season 2.

    The ensemble cast is fine, however, we really need a central character to care about. Except for Daniel (who we rarely see, and when we do it's of little consequence), there is no one in the cast that one can really care about. Maybe Jennie can be that character, but she seems too worldly.

    The kids have grown from the experiences of Season 1, but when Bree died, so did any sense of innocence and real purpose in the series.

    immo1 said...
    Put me down for a guest writer arc. I already have one written. I remember I once sent a submission to the Strange New Worlds anthology and they had very specific rules about what you could and couldn't do with the characters. That's how I wrote my arc-comepletely stand alone. Why not make a contest out of it?

    immo1 said...
    BTW here are the Star Trek Strange New Worlds STORY DISQUALIFICATIONS:
    Certain types of stories will be disqualified from consideration:

    a) Any story focusing on explicit sexual activity or graphic depictions of violence or sadism.

    b) Any story that focuses on characters that are not past or present Star Trek regulars or familiar Star Trek guest characters.

    c) Stories that deal with the previously unestablished death of a Star Trek character, or that establish major facts about or make major changes in the life of a major character, for instance a story that establishes a long-lost sibling or reveals the hidden passion two characters feel for each other.

    d) Stories that are based around common clichés, such as "hurt/comfort" where a character is injured and lovingly cared for, or "Mary Sue" stories where a new character comes on the ship and outdoes the crew.

    joe said...
    Well if you can't have any sadism what's the point?

    Actually, I like the idea of a script contest. And the rules above make sense. Since we don't know what the meep is going on, best not to make and changes to a plot with more holes then swiss cheese and NY city streets combined.

    As for what I'd like to see in 2008. Stop dragging shit out. Why haven't people learned the longer you drag out a story the worse it gets. The writing and story suffers because of it and people lose interest. Twin Peaks, Alias, Lost, X-Files. Just to name a few.

    tom said...
    Joe - well, in Twin Peaks' defense, the show was planned to be only a one-season thing. Mystery solved, that's it, everyone goes on their separate ways.

    But... well, it turned out to be a huge hit. And after the mystery gets solved... well, where do you go from there? They didn't have an answer. So the second season suffered because it really wasn't supposed to exist in the first place.

    But, I think having a guest story arc would be an excellent idea. The only question is how would one win without giving away all its secrets?

    loretta said...
    I feel like the fight against the Order is hopeless at this point. This whole season has just reinforced repeatedly how impossible it is to win this fight. Just after we lost our beloved Bree, a whole season to kick us while we're down, you know? C'mon creators, let Jonas be right for once. Let Daniel be single and content with his independence. Let the Order shit themselves! I want to see TAAG win for once! I want to know that this isn't a meaningless fight.

    tom said...
    It's not even the idea that it's a hopeless fight.

    I mean, let's take 3:10 to Yuma for example - if you haven't watched it, shame on you - Christian Bale and Russell Crowe have a conversation in the middle of a firefight, and they both realize that even if Bale does what he's supposed to, take Crowe in, Crowe's going to escape later. It's a hopeless proposition, the "bad guy" is going to win.

    However, it's not about that - it's about Bale's relationship with his son, about giving his son something to believe in, showing him that his father is a good man, a brave man. That's meaningful.

    A hopeless battle I have no problem with. But the meaningless battle is something that you've just got to fix.

    anonymous said...
    So many comments I agree with: the show losing its heart, the show losing any character worth caring about, the show losing its plot/point, the show losing its interactivity. It all makes me sad. I used to sit refreshing like crazy waiting for a new episode. Now 4 or 5 episodes are posted and I can't be bothered to watch them. Can the show be saved? Sure! There are a ton of great ideas here. I just hope the Creators are willing to listen.

    milowent said...
    my latest observation is that i now believe all miles' old posts about how damned hard it is to do what they are doing.

    the audience collectively doesn't really know what we want. we claim to know and make suggestions, but you can't get a cohesive vision and storyline from fan input.

    oh, and lastly, i would like more bikinis in 2008.

    So, yea, that is what is you thought.

    What will 2008 bring? Stay tuned.......

    Fame 2007: Fleeting, frenetic

    "Farewell, too, to such 2007 culture flash points such as "Kid Nation" child-abuse allegations, LonelyGirl15, Daniel Craig as James Bond, Stephen Colbert as a presidential candidate, the plot twists on "Lost" and all those Wisteria Lane ladies."


    Party of One - Jennie (LG15)

    I left the Lullaby Project and don't know what to do next. I'll be in the chat room at www.lonelygirl15.com Wednesday night at 7:00 pm PST. I hope you can join me & help me figure this out! - Jennie

    Discussion on Lonleygirl15 - TevilP

    The images in this video aren`t mine
    but videos are
    anyway me basically talking about Bree on
    the hit youtube "show" Lonleygirl15

    Kate Modern New Year's Day Season Finale

    KateModern says:

    "There's going to be THREE KateModern videos on New Year's Day for our SEASON FINALE. Happy New Year from everyone at KateModern!"

    Favorite Breeniverse Moments of 2007 - PJ (SonOfAStitch)

    YouTube Video Stars Rock In 2008

    The list could be longer because there are so many YouTube stars we could thank for making our 2007 more fun interesting thought provoking and entertaining. If we missed you, then get crackin'! There's a whole lot of 2008 to create in!

    Happy New Year 2008 Everybody!

    Video - YouTube Stars 2007 by Mac Ambo / SHIZNITtv
    Music by Hipnotek - Rok Dis Party
    Extended Mix by Mac Ambo

    Check out these YouTuber's Channels.

    Just rollover w the mouse, see who, & click!

    In order of appearance:http://youtube.com/watch?v=lg1JzFWs1qY

    The Lullaby Project - whitetigerdream

    This is a lonelygirl15 fan response video. Music is Brahm's Lullaby.

    RedEarth Smashes 150,000

    With a current view count of 153,948, Rachel's latest video ( 2 Girls 1 Dwelling) has recently smashed through the 150K barrier.

    Congratulations Rachel!

    Thank You!...... from Zoey

    Zoey would like to thank everyone for their very warm birthday wishes and the fun "Zoey Birthday Wall". She is having computer problems right now otherwise she would be here thanking you in person.

    History Lesson - fractured0

    I figured now would be the best time for it and all...

    A Rockin’ New Year!

    "Greg and I are having a pre-party tonight before we hit the town with Miles (pictures to come later, if they’re suitable for the public)."

    On This Day in LG15 History

    On this Day In Lg15 History: On December 31, 2006, Daniel posted The Unthinkable Happened.

    What exactly DID happen in this video (unthinkable as it might have been), was initially the subject of much speculation. Even today, some speculate that its possible that "Bree's Dad" (as he was called until later identified as Drew Avery), is alive.

    The Unthinkable Happened was the first Lonelygirl15 video to make use of the "thumbnail trick", i.e., inserting a center image into a video to appear as the thumbnail on youtube. Here it was a picture of a sad Bree in her bedroom from an earlier video, and Daniel admits he did it on purpose to get people to watch this "important" video.

    The video also features the music To Thee We Sing (Rachmaninov), by Kyiv Chamber Choir, and began a tradition of having chanting-type music accompany any death scenes. At this time period in the series, the idea of a death being filmed in a lonelygirl15 video was pretty shocking, and really was "unthinkable" to many.

    The YouTube version of the video (released one day after the revver version) currently has 1,083,830 views, making it the 8th most viewed lonelygirl15 video of all time on YouTube.

    The Unthinkable Happened on LGPedia

    Original video discussion thread from lg15.com (An unthinkable 48 pages!)

    Original video discussion thread from Anchor Cove
    Thanks Milo. In looking through the response videos, I found this one which I think people will find interesting. I know I did.~mm

    ColinG Report on Lonelygirl15 "The Unthinkable Happened" - bgdsub72
    I went to the parking structure where Bree and her dad were abducted. Lets just say I found something INTERESTING!


    A few days ago we asked you " How Is Lonelygirl15 doing? " We received some really insightful comments which are re-published below.

    qthec said...
    I like Jennie so far. I like Emma too, but they haven't given that character much to do.

    I think the production quality of the videos has been improving (lighting, sound, etc.) and the story feels a little more organized, but somehow, there's still no real sense of any urgency or mystery, and we haven't had a glimpse of a villain with any depth. KM has Clore at least, but the rogue elder in Lonelygirl was killed right away.

    This story needs a Benjamin Linus.

    anonymous said...
    I think its going downhill "hides" ...unless they do something that is completely different and amazing, to get back all of those lost viewers.

    qthec said...
    Carl is a candidate for an interesting villain, but there needs to be someone more powerful pulling the puppet's strings.

    anonymous said...
    More than anything, I think what the series is missing is heart.

    modelmotion said...
    I like Jennie too, Q.......and you make some great points.

    anonymous said...
    I take it the peaks are when a video was posted. So which which videos got the bigger spikes? There's one that hit 150K.

    modelmotion said...
    I believe a very large peak is created when a video is featured by youtube. It has a massive impact.

    anonymous said...
    I think the show is suffering from what a couple of big TV shows are. Like Lost, they planned up to a certain point, but when they reached that point they just flew by the seat of their pants for a while.

    I thought starting "Season Two" two days after the 12/12 was the biggest mistake they ever made. Viewers won't disappear if you give yourself a couple of weeks to solidify a story, solidify cast, etc.

    And, like 24, they took a great concept and then after about a quarter of a season in (I'm just generally guessing how long this season's going to be), faded it out. LaRezisto could have been something huge. Instead they just returned to the same-old-Order. Big, scary and faceless.

    LaRezisto had style. It needed some tightening up - voice overs didn't feel right - but it was the strongest thing the series had going for it. Remember, they were posting those videos while the show was across all these different accounts, before they consolidated. The death of the rogue elder should've been the end of Season Two. Take a couple weeks off, your average television hiatus (still on an overall faster production schedule than TV), then come back with a new main story arc.

    Also, some storylines are taking forever to develop. Only just now are we seeing Jennie making the effort to do something.

    Really, the average TV show has plot arcs resolved - not all, but some - within one week of programming. So let's be generous here and have the expectation that after two weeks of programming, an arc, that short story within the big frame story of the show's premise, should be resolved. Not strung out like the monster in Lost.

    anonymous said...
    I agree with the comments about heart and about the "seasons". This show has lost some of it's heart as well as direction ever since the end of season one. Season one may have had filler videos but I always cared about the characters and I always was wondering where it was going(in a good way).

    Season two, however, got off on the wrong foot. Season two has always felt less cohesive to me, and more like they're struggling. However, I don't plan on abandoning the show as alot of it's hardcore fans have because I know shows have their ups and downs.

    anonymous said...
    I think the ARG aspect of the show during the "tachyon/cassie" days is what attracted more viewers. That, honestly, seems to be the big letdown for me this season. I'm still a hard-core fan, but I miss the excitement and fun of solving puzzles and discovering clues and connections. I know it takes a lot more planning and a certain skill to create that aspect... but I truly feel it adds so much to the value of the series. There just seems to be more drama and less for us, as the viewer, to be involved in. Just my two cents. I miss Glenn's contributions to the story.

    keri said...
    I am so glad there are other Lost fans here!

    I am really just tired of this *give us advice (even though we wont follow it)*.

    Even in the days where Bree was running we got some sense of what was going on... we felt like we could help. Now everyone is all off on their own and stuff. As Jack Shepherd would say "Live together die alone".

    We need more interactivity... and none of this irrelevant poll stuff either!

    What do you think? What would you like to see in 2008? Let us know in a comment below.

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