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Saturday, November 28, 2009

weird hat vlog - reallyRen33

Just me talking about my weird hat. Then I talk about what I want for Christmas. Then I ponder why my hat is so small...is it actually made for kids or is my head just abnormally large? wow you pretty much don't have to even watch the video now if you already read this...my bad? Promise I will have better video up in less than 24 hours...

ReservoirHill_Blog7.mov - BethRHill

Ralf Little on Twitter


A Song For Taryn Southern - datalorez

Because she deserves.... it..... from me......
Alright, I'm done being creepy.

Check out Taryn's contest entry video:

Friday, November 27, 2009

The Web.Files #21 - HTSAAAR

On the twenty-first episode of The Web.Files, oh the show can legally drink now, Kristyn Burtt interviews Taryn O’Neil, Stuart Papp, and Stephanie Thorpe from the new series, Hurtling Through Space at an Alarming Rate (HTSAAAR). Also, there is a special cameo by several other web series.

Hurtling Through Space at an Alarming Rate is about two guys who are hurtling through space…at an alarming rate except their space ship looks remarkable like a two bedroom apartment. Also, despite the fact that they are traversing the galaxy their neighbors can still pop in and the Internet still works. Each week finds them landing on a different planet where wackiness inevitably ensues.


Molly explains Magma.

To explore magma and to create your own account, visit:

Shots Of Facebook’s Upcoming Redesign In The Wild, With A New Emphasis On Search

"Over the last few days, Facebook has apparently been rolling out some UI changes to a small number of users, moving many of the navigation elements that currently rest at the bottom of the screen back to the left sidebar."


Sony Ericsson 'Fairytale' projection draws crowd of 10,000

3D Projection on Vilnius Town Hall, Rotuses aikste (Lithuania, 2009)

This 3D projection short film was made on Rotuses building (Vilnius City Town Hall - in Lithuania) on November 7, 2009. 10.000 people visited the screening of the short film "When Fairy Tales come True" by Allan van O.T. Andersen, Skaiste Dragunaite, Vladas Litvinas, Simonas Slizys, Simas Chomentauskas, Bartas Polonskis, Publicum Media and Sony Ericsson. This film was made possible by Sony Ericsson as a part of their campaign "Entertainment Unlimited" involving the Space Hoppers as characters. Space Hopper Invasion. The main song line taken from www.hopperinvasion.com.

Sony Ericsson 'Fairytale' projection draws crowd of 10,000


We need each other

"Launching and running networks is hard. You realize this very quickly once you start. From observing and interviewing hundreds of leaders and members of communities of all kinds, I’ve seen that most fail because the leaders have good intentions, but few skills."



From Story Gas:

"But why would you allow your audience to be able to tell you that your show sucks?"


‘Central Division’ Brings Back the Punchy Dark Cop Show

Central Division - Episode 1 (web series - ep1now) - centraldivisionweb

Central Division is a police thriller web series. Subscribe to the youtube channel. Site: http://www.centraldivision-the-series... Follow us on Facebook: http://tinyurl.com/cd-fbook Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/centraldivision Written & Directed by Aleem Hossain.

Inspired by shows like Homicide, The Shield and The Wire, he’s holding his own and bringing to the web a genre I have yet to see done so well in this format.


Dollhouse ARG [Story so far] Ditch the Tech

"Hopefully I can keep this updated as a source for those wishing to know about this game without having to plough through the thread. "


Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Turkey Song - ROCKETBOOM

Thanksgiving - lonelygirl15

Released Nov 24, 2006

Daniel and I were fighting and didn't do anything for Thanksgiving. So, I decided to take Jonas's advice and work things out with Daniel.

You Are The Reason by C. Layne

Meep! - fosNews

Drama will erupt in the LG15 community.

How has this not gone viral?


"Pocahontas" Music Video (to Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi") - thejustinporter

Music video to the hit single by Pocahontas & the Super-Squaws.

Starring: The Village Idiots - Nino Alicea, John Paul Karliak, Sarah Mozal, Justin Porter, Vance Reyes, and Whitney Welch
Directed & Edited by: Justin Porter
Performed by: Katherine Von Till
Recorded & Mixed by: Kevin Curtin
Choreography by: Monica Hovatter
Special Thanks to: Alex Smith, Dawrath Phoue, Ashlee Moore, Peter Bedard & Bill Duggan

Gobble gobble givin'

Gobble gobble givin' with @MelanieMerkosky @youabu @jacks0ndavis. Huge turnout, so nice to see!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Special LG15 Announcement - stretchandmayonaise

First, I REALLY want to apologize for the amount of time this took to upload. If there's one thing I want for Christmas, it's better internet.

Second, like i mentioned in the video, I know it's very overdue, but I just wanted to wish Austin the best of luck, and congratulations on winning TSIY2! I also wanted to congratulate Mitch on winning the Peoples vote as well!

Third, I want to thank everyone for all of their support toward LG15: The Order Files. It really means a lot to me, and I really hope you all enjoyed the pilot episode and trailer.

I will have more information for you guys in the coming month!

The Order Files will run as a community video "mini series" from January 3rd to January 10th.

Safety Pin-up Calendar

Recently, the Web TV community was all a twitter (see what I did there) over a listing of the hottest stars in web series. Noticeably, absent from the list was Safety Geeks’ Brittney Powell. The only rational I can surmise for such an oversight is that it was a top 5 list, and she would have required two slots. Fortunately, Dave and Tom, the team behind the series, have filled the gap, releasing a Safety Geek’s pin-up calendar. Oh, if only more creators had their foresight.

Despite being a calendar for the series, each cast member is not featured equally; however, I believe, focusing on Brittney Powell was a wise decision. While I am certain there will be a small audience disappointed that there are no cheesecake shots of Tom Konkle, Ms. Powell probably has more broad audience appeal. Also, while the calendar is rather cheeky, it is still tastefully done and can be displayed equally in either a dorm room or disgraced politician’s office. My one complaint, aside from the lack of personal delivery, is that the producers missed an obvious shot, boobs wrapped in safety tape. Oh well, there is always next year, and Photoshop.

The calendar is for sale on Dave and Tom’s website. Also, for those of you wondering, yes this entire article was an excuse just to post the above pictures, and yes, I really am that shallow. Also, check out the series, SafetyGeeks:SVI available on Koldcast.

Wikipedia shows signs of stalling as number of volunteers falls sharply

Research reveals that the volunteers who create the pages, check facts and adapt the site are abandoning the site in unprecedented numbers.


Charles Manson - A story about a dog at Spahn Ranch

This is one of my personal favorites and only Charlie can tell it like he does.

This one i personally dedicate to Michael of "Backporch Tapes" and it's a story about a dog that Charlie once remembered at the old Spahn Movie Ranch.

This story comes from the CD called "Manson Speaks"

How to get to Spahn Ranch Cave The Manson Family Ranch Backporch Tapes Helter Skelter Bus Tour

How to get to Spahn Ranch Cave The Manson Family Ranch Backporch Tapes Helter Skelter Bus Tour Tuesday Nov. 17, 2009 Chatsworth California. Topanga Canyon to Santa Susana Pass Road to Iverson Raod, Walk to the cable jump the gaurd rail walk the path go down to second path walk over and under a tree, down the hill pass the VW and your there. Get your Photo taken at the Manson Family Cave in 15 minutes then back to the car its that easy. I walk the path to it here.

walked in on...! - reallyRen33

Don't you hate it when your doing something really embarrassing/weird and someone walks in...?

Sexy chips!? - reallyRen33

I'll probably get a ton of weird messages after this video! haha

I found some behind the scenes footage! - Gwenavere14

I found this in one of my saved files from my phone.

This was shot 2 days after we found out about winning!

This is where we're discussing a sub plot with Leigh and the blueprints delivered on the DVD

Sorry it's a short clip but this pretty much shows what happened and how there were so many things going on at once in the production office

‘All’s Faire’: The Ren is Back in Town

by Jenni Powell

“This tis the story of a band of gentlefolk who strive to bring forthe the finest renntertainment on the entire Delmarva Peninsula!”


Will be making my @LG15 announcement today!

Will be making my @LG15 announcement today! Be on the look out for the video this evening!


Exporting my @LG15 announcment. Should be up in about an hour at www.youtube.com/stretchandmayonaise! I'm excited about sharing with y'all!

My epic @LG15 announcement is uploading now, but it's been processing for over an hour. Not sure if it'll be up tonight, sorry :-(


Tempting Fates - Episode 1 Part 1 - temptingfates3

The first part of Tempting Fates.
Originally launched Monday 19th October 2009.
This is a lower quality version of Episode 1 part 1. For the better quality version or to see the rest of Tempting Fates please go to *** www.temptingfates.com ***
Each 5 min segment is uploaded daily at 3.33pm on this website.


From StoryGas: http://www.storygas.com/2009/11/uk-online-drama-tempting-fates.html

"Since the dawn of time three immortal sisters have controlled the fate of all mankind. Now meet their Apprentices..."

Online drama web series - NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH

From StoryGas: http://www.storygas.com/2009/11/online-drama-web-series-neighborhood.html

The seemingly perfect living arrangements are anything but as unknown to them, not only is every aspect of their lives being monitored and recorded within the complex but other tenants move out with no explanation.

See previous stories about NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH

Level 26: “Black Friday” Contest

In the spirit of Paranormal Activity’s success, the contest for this weekend is to upload and post the single scariest piece of horror footage you can find that is NOT from a movie (sorry, you can’t post the head turning scene from The Exorcist, or any other movie clips).


For more information about Level 26 check out our blogspot portal page!!!

Previous stories about Level 26

WARNING: Level26.com may contain links to "adult material".

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

LG15: The last - Week 1- 11 now on LG15.com

Week 1- 11 of LG15: The Last can now be found on LG15.com


Web 2.0 Expo NY 09: Gina Trapani, "Making Sense of Google Wave"

Gina Trapani (The Complete Guide to Google Wave),
"Making Sense of Google Wave"

The Death of a Community

by Amber Michelle

And since that series ended, the community i have come to love and be a part of.. has shockingly dwilndled..


It's Not All About You: Part Two [Poor Paul ep43 - Season Finale]

"So Officer Fortesque kinda crashed the party, which made Bonnie mad at me. Again. Then cuz Pauline hated Vietnam, Grandpa Paul takes her and their new 'friends' on another honeymoon. Oh and Clyde introduces Bonnie to her biological mom. Pretty crazy." -Paul.

Starring Kevin G. Schmidt, Samantha Droke, Wes Whitworth and Zack Bennett as Paul.

Co-starring Katie Malia, Zach Cumer, Palmer Scott, Crawford Wilson, Brittany Belt, with Kathy Schmidt as Nancy, Sean Michael Beyer as Mr. Ted, Jessica Rose as Beatrice, with Special Guest Stars Richard Riehle as Grandpa Paul, Elaine Hendrix as Pauline and Sharon Case as Lisa.

Music: "Sing Along Song," "Ambition," "Breakin The Bank" & "Truth Hurts" by Jesse Gass, "I Hear a Musical Coming On" by Palmer Scott and "All That Really Matters" by Kendall Schmidt & Sean Michael Beyer.

Written by Geoff Hoff & Steve Mancini and Sean Michael Beyer and Kevin G. Schmidt.

Directed by Kevin G. Schmidt.

©2009 Eye Scream Films

‘Horrible Turn’: Not Whedon…But It Could Be

by Jenni Powell

"It features 12 original songs, a talented cast of young performers, enough insider Whedon jokes to please the brownest of Browncoats and the Guildies.

Oh yeah, and it’s completely fan created."


JenniPowell said...
Tyce Green, who played Billy in this, is freakin' talented. Check out his Sean Connery: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dm4XQAKGn5I.

Hulu's Massive Traffic Bump? Thank ABC, New TV Season

"Fueled by the fall TV season and the addition of ABC shows to its library, traffic to the video site backed by NBC, ABC and Fox spiked nearly 47% in October from the prior month, the biggest single-month percentage gain of the past year."


Firms channeling apps to TV

But with software platforms like the Yahoo Widget Engine, developers are now able to write programs for a wide number of TVs that can pull Internet data and provide users with some of the customized Web experience they get from iPhone apps.


The Guild Episode 12 (Season 3 Finale): Codex flourishes as the hero

Changes to Level 26

"Wanted to give you all a quick update on the some changes to Level 26. We can't support an official Level 26 chat because we don't have the resources to moderate it and our lawyers have said that we can't have an official chat room without it being fully moderated. However, you all have Meebo accounts that you use to access chat so feel free to set up an "unofficial Level 26 chat room" on Meebo or any other chat service."


"I've also asked that the comments section be shut down from the Cyber-bridges. We have received numerous complaints from readers that have read the comments and seen spoilers before watching the Cyber-bridges."


For more information about Level 26 check out our blogspot portal page!!!

Previous stories about Level 26

WARNING: Level26.com may contain links to "adult material".

WGAe Tries to Bridge New Media Divide

ubefilter analyst Adam Wright takes an in-depth editorial look at the latest initiative from the Writer’s Guild of America East’s efforts to codify work in new media.


Shakes Head In Sad Disbelief


Shockingly, it turns out to be a Danish public service announcement about domestic abuse, designed to deter gentlemen who think of themselves as ‘gangsta’ from treating their girlfriends and wives with horrific, violent contempt.


Monday, November 23, 2009

The Five Hottest Stars of Web Series

They have the looks, the talent, and the guts to carve their own paths to international recognition. Remember their names, you will see them again.

Jessica Rose

Angie Cole

Taryn Southern

Taryn O’Neill

Felicia Day


Eating Disorders: A Sad Truth

Eating Disorders: A Sad Truth

I posted this article because i think more people are getting the wrong idea about eating disorders and it'd be really nice to see them actually have some of the facts instead of all this fiction you can find on the web.

Twitter IPO?

According to a person familiar with the matter, the new funds totaled $100 million, theoretically valuing the company at $1 billion.

Putting things in perspective - Gwenavere14

The things in this life. They're too short to mull over. Go for what you want and desire. Life is just too short.

It cut off the ending of the video but RIP Matty! xoxo You won't be forgotten.

Simply Simon - Behind the Scenes #7 - Sean

Sean Oakley describes the perks of being a sound recordist on the Simply Simon Show.

TWITTER: http://twitter.com/simplysimonshow

Economic Problems? Not....Yet! - TheZarbodShow

The Legend of Neil (season 2) (


Grab your cheap wooden sword and your foppish green outfit as we head for Hyrule

American Music Awards Re-Cap

The show had the largest online streaming audience in the history of the AMA’s (and quite possibly other live streaming shows) with over 3.3 million viewers on YouTube, Facebook, and other sites carrying the AMA LIVE widget.



Molly informs you about the not so successful success rate of art heists.

For more news and additional information including images and videos visit http://rocketboom.com/art-heists

For up to the minute updates, follow us on Twitter!

For behind the scenes pics and more, follow us on Facebook!

FEARnet’s ‘Fear News’ is the ‘Rocketboom’ of Horror

by Marc Hustvedt

The duo tapped There Will Be Brawl’s stunner Ginger Marie Rogers as “The Last Girl” host—the one that somehow manages to escape alive at the end of every movie.

Twitter: http://twitter.com/gingermarier


Fear News Reinvents the Talking-Head News Show

....the 25-year-old actress not only has to spew out the latest developments in horror, but she has to do it while being chased by a machete-wielding psycho or fending off a menacing ghost.

Mathieas said...
Surprisingly, this is a very cleverly executed show. Ya'll should check out the most recent episode.


Open Letter to Ms. Internet

As a person, I tend to be just ahead of the innovation curve but as a marketer, I can see that we’re moving a little too fast for the online advertising community to evolve.


Why Hasn’t the Web Killed SNL?

... “Saturday Night Live is a pop cultural machine that’s likely to continue until producer Lorne Michaels decides to end it.”

Join the conversation: http://newteevee.com/2009/11/23/why-hasnt-the-web-killed-snl

How Trans Is Your Media?

And the future? “My sense is that the future of TV is the telephone.”


Alternate-reality games flourish at the grassroots

Rather, it was a very small-scale--and low-tech--version of what is known as an alternate-reality game, an entertainment genre that has grown in popularity in recent years, especially because its traditional use of mixed-media--the Web, cell phones, social media, and others--can allow large numbers of people to play together collaboratively.


"It turned out that the intrigue was all part of a day-long mystery concocted by Steele's boyfriend, and involving several of their friends, as part of an elaborate marriage proposal."

Disney Online Launches ‘The Possibility Shop,’ Web Site Featuring Original Web Series from The Jim Henson Company

“’The Possibility Shop’ fulfills a lifelong goal I’ve had of empowering families to embrace daily opportunities to be creative and to boost their confidence that they can make something wonderful together,” said Courtney Watkins.



Investors eye internet TV boom

Fetch TV is just one of a swag of players -- including pay-TV operators, TV set manufacturers, free-to-air TV broadcasters and games console makers -- jostling to deliver video content and services to Australian TV sets over an internet connection, therefore competing with free-to-air and pay-TV services.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

VENUS 4X4 Part 4/4: Just Do It!

So like this is the end of the first season of Venus Spa! There's way too many people to thank to count so stay tuned for our Thank You video!!!!

Thank you to everyone that has supported the show all season long!

Music by The Pumps/Orphan: http://www.thepumps.net

Microsoft and News Corp eye web pact

Microsoft has had discussions with News Corp over a plan that would involve the media company’s being paid to “de-index” its news websites from Google.......


American Music Awards LIVE Red Carpet November 22nd

Winners at the 37th annual American Music Awards



American Music Awards LIVE Red Carpet November 22nd

3:00pm PST


November Movie Picks! - reallyRen33

Just a way to share some of my favorite movies each month! Sorry about the lighting, and the audio....Im asking for a new camera for Christmas!

November Picks:
American Beauty

Did I pick a movie that you really hate? Tell me why!

My Senior Speech - The Internet - OrangeKeekat

My Senior Speech about how friggin awesome the internet is.

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