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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Greg said...

Greg said...
Perky (and all Commenters),

That was an incredibly well written essay with a lot of valid and interesting points. First and foremost, we value and appreciate all of your participation on the comment board more than you could ever know. You are the ambassadors of the website and we are grateful for that. To say that we "hope you will go away" is hurtful and not true.

We want you to enjoy the site and show as much as possible. We love that you have become friends on the comment board, talk about your lives, and share insights into the story (as well as solve puzzles and conduct great research). However, we need rules and structure for character interaction.

These are our concerns: 1) users must be able to realize that they are talking to characters and have an expectation that the characters will talk back, 2) users must be able to find these comments in a simple place, 3) characters must be able to find these comments, read them, and respond, and 4) users must be able to find what the character's say in response.

We think that the only place to achieve these objectives is the "in-character" section of the forum.

The comment board is an amazing place to express feelings about the show - both the fictional and non-fictional elements. However, it is not an easy place to find previous comments and reply. Also, the comment board changes every time a new video is posted. Forums are built exactly to achieve what we want from "in-character" interaction. A forum is a clean and straightforward way for people to talk to the characters, give them advice, and see what the character's have to say.

While a lot of you complain that the forum is hard to navigate or that the people there are too intense, I don't think that is the case for the "in-character" section. I beg you to give it a chance for a week or two, I think you will see that it makes sense to do interaction there.

Using the "in-character" section of the forum as the only place for interaction is both a logical and logistical concern. For logical reasons, it is just cleaner to have one place on our website designated as "in-game" where the characters can go. The rest of the site is for all of you to talk openly and candidly.

For logistical reasons, I do not want to have to moderate the comment board for story purposes. I also don't want people to have to right "IG" or "OG" before they post. What if they forget, do we have to go in and edit that? Also, our interactive department (Amanda) has to read all comments made to the characters and respond to as many as possible. She also has to relay all that information to the writing team. It would be impossible for her to go through the entire comment board (on each and every video), sort through "IG" comments, respond to them, and then try to weave them into the videos. It is just too difficult to do (in addition to handle all of the physical production for the show - she works too hard!).

The other "in-character" interaction such as the live events are open to all participants of the website.

As far as not having announcements about the site posted on the comment board, that is my fault and I apologize, I will make sure to do that in the future.

The "shout out" issue is tough because only those that post in the "in-character" section can get shout outs because that is where the characters go. Therefore, if a commenter solves a puzzle, they have two choices: 1) post it in the forum and get a shout out or 2) enjoy the accolades of your fellow commenters, but not the characters.

We each spend about 80-100 hours a week writing the show, producing it, running the website, and conducting interactivity (Kevin and I have been up until 3 am each night this week making sure the videos were all edited and posted). We do the best we can to make everyone happy, but we need to be able to create rules that we think are important to telling an innovative and coherent story. One such rule is the "in-character" interaction occurring in the forum.

I am happy to chat with you all about this. I will put out an announcement (on the comment board) about a time that I will be in the chat-room on Monday.

The comment board is the foundation of this website and we hate that you guys are hurt by our actions. I really hope you can respect our decision and continue to use the comment board.

Thank you,


Clues and Puzzles

Broken Kid says:

There has been an increase in the number of clues and puzzles in the Lonelygirl15 storyline, and these impact the story itself. Clearly, the fans are playing a very important role in helping the characters figuring these out.

Rather than discuss them in four or five different forums, please keep all discussion about the clues and puzzles here. For clarity's sake, we can take a page from the old OpAphid days in terms of topic naming. Use [puzzle], [clue], [solved], etc.

Please note that discussion in other forums may be moved here and/or split from their original discussion topic to keep things tidy.

Note that folks have been using the in-character forums to discuss clues and puzzles, and the characters themselves have been contributing. However, we do not want to have the back-and-forth discussion between fans there (because that's what prompted the need for a new section...folks can't find what they're looking for). So the suggestion is to post in the in-character section when you have solutions or questions for the characters. Mods have been asked if the puzzle solving takes place in an in-character area to move it here.


Opladybug Says:

June 2nd, 2007 at 12:04 am

"OK so clearly this Message could have only been decoded by Jonas,or Alex. SO I think Alex left it for Jonas. But what I don’t know is what exactly that means or how she did…but I still think she did."

emoSarah talks to a squirrel!

From emoSarah's myspace......

Saturday, June 02, 2007


ME: Hi, how ya doing? Like living here? How's the neighborhood?

SQUIRREL: *no answer. eats a twig*

ME: Ok, it looks like I'll be doing all the talking here. So, I'm staying in that big house behind me. .... what's that? Yes, the jacuzzi does work. But no, you can't use it.

The above is the beginning of a conversation I had this afternoon with a squirrel. Jonas and Daniel are dealing with Bree, or at least trying to. I don't think she's been that responsive. I didn't want to get in the way so I took a walk around the property. I found a good tree stump and took in the fresh air. Then I heard this noise... I looked down and found a squirrel sitting near me. He seemed pretty friendly so I started talking to him.

Herman, that's what I named him, was a pretty good listener. I told him about the week I've had. How I left home, moved in with friends that are basically strangers, helped them rescue their friend from a cult, etc.

You know you've reached bottom when you tell a squirrel your life story.

None of us have slept since yesterday. It's pretty intense in the cabin right now. Trying to get through to Bree is exhausting. It's a good thing she has friends like Daniel and Jonas. They'll never give up on her.

"How frail the human heart must be --a mirrored pool of thought..."

Remember the graves of your ancestors - acrowleyorder

The Filler video - meepersanon

WARNING: This is a filler video. It has no new infomation. It will waste your time...enjoy :) meepers_anonymous xoxo

Jonas thanks the.....

Jonas says:

I've only got a sec. as you can imagine, things are a bit hectic right now. thanks for the investigating done on the forum yesterday - things happened so fast that we didn't have time to let you know i recognized the name of the clown. i was lost at "rain or shine" but immediately knew where to go when i heard sid.

sarah's ok, we picked her up down the street. man can that girl run in heels. her plan worked amazingly well. thanks to sarah we were able to save bree.

we're now on our way to a place no one will find us. gotta go, we'll be in touch when we can.

Be Part of Something

From the time the page loads at www.lg15.com, it is clear that something is different on this site. It isn’t the dozens of thumbnails lining the sides of the page. It isn’t even that a comment board exists. It is what occurs on that comment board that makes the site special.

Community. Family. “Cheers.” It’s a place where the names are recognizable, and new ‘faces’ are welcomed with heartfelt greetings. Every day is like a family reunion – catching up on the lives of others, sharing random bits of nonsense like orange slurpee stories and the mysteries of 436, heatedly discussing the merits or pitfalls of the latest video, even airing dirty laundry for everyone to see. Like a family reunion, the topics change as quickly and randomly as thoughts sometimes do. The family enjoys everyone’s company – except for that creepy uncle in the corner, or the bratty cousin setting fire to the tablecloth – mercilessly teases one another, and steadfastly defends its own.

Which brings us to right now. In recent days, those who pay attention to the Comments community may have noticed a significant decline in the amount of participation in that portion of the site. Maybe even the total number of site hits is down. Many familiar faces have been suspiciously absent. Why?

For some time, the Comments community has been made to feel as if it is a second-class community in the Breeniverse. Forget the fact that the only time that the Creators interact with Comments is when there is a problem. Set aside the notion that shoutouts to fans as a tribute for solving puzzles only occurs for necro fans (regardless of where the puzzles were first solved). Instead let us focus on the perception that Comments does not, in fact, contribute anything of merit – and certainly not anything of intellectual value – to the Breeniverse.

The first official LG15-induced romance (and subsequent video). A virtual Valentine’s Day card to the cast and Creators. The evils of orange slurpees, FFFFIIIIIRRRRSSSSSSSTTTT-saying, 436, and *meep*. Once upon a time, some direct character interaction. The first official fan interview of a cast member. The first video by fans for a fan. Regular video shout-outs by fans to fans. The Deacons (bless Marcus’ 436-ed heart). Puzzles solved (at times more quickly than in the necro). Rosie and modelmotion have gone virtually unrecognized for nearly a year, and they have turned out a tremendous amount of research and answers. Several others who have not been on-board as long have also made their mark. And recently, some stellar research was provided into the scientific intricacies of the latest videos. Comments manages to blend the best of all worlds – humor and good spirits, camaraderie, random nonsense and highly intellectual discourse. Yet, as we saw yet again last week, kudos goes to the forum. Canon video shoutouts were to forum regulars. The Creators posted some love – “we’re so glad everyone is friends and plays nicely here” – to the forum (NOTE: Of course they play nicely, if anyone gets cranky they just lock the thread or delete or reroute posts so all that are left are the happy ones). Even the rules of a t-shirt contest were announced, but it was too much to announce the link to the Comments participants who might wish to make a submission. Fortunately Comments has LG15Today to keep track of these things for them.

To be fair, when attempting to explain why there is no character participation on Comments two weeks ago, the Creators explained that they love all communities of the site. However, actions speak louder than words. Leaving an entire population of fans to amuse itself has recently led to little more than boredom resulting in virtual nit-picking. The Creators do not regularly share official info with Comments. Commenters have received little to no incentive to actually participate in the show – even when they do research and puzzles, the necro gets full credit. Although the Creators have determined Comments to be out of character, Commenters disagree that official Character interaction there would be confusing. The laws of character interaction have not yet been written. They defy logic. The laws should consider what feels natural and flows with the lives of the fans that so adore the show. What some say is nonsense is in fact an intricate and sophisticated virtual culture that has grown around the LG15 story line. If you participate in that culture, you find a new frontier in online entertainment; a frontier that's reaching out to virtual characters like they would their best friend. And what do they get back? A great video yes, but zero character interaction within their cultural domain. Even on Youtube v-bloggers can comment back to their fans; why is LG any different?

Staunch Comments regulars are asked, if everything goes on in the necro, why don’t Comments regulars just get a log-in name and participate there? And if Commenters want to chat about random frivolity, why not do it in chat? Why should we have to? It does not suit the needs of this particular group of fans.

Think of Comments as the right brain, and the Forum as the left brain. Or if you don’t like that metaphor, think of Comments as a place for Mac people, and the Forum as a place for PC people. One is not better or worse (although that depends on who you ask), just different. The forum provides structure to the nth degree for the people who thrive with structure. It makes sense to them. Those people complain about the perceived chaos of Comments because they are comfortable having (to them) clear pathways of thought. Comments people, on the other hand, prefer the free-flowing format and multitude of topics of the Comments community and cannot understand the chaos of forums. Call it ADD, call it a resistance to or inability to thrive with structure, call it what you like. The point is our thought processes reject the structure of the necro in the same way that those of necro regulars reject the ‘lack’ of structure of Comments. We are still capable of creative, intelligent thought; however, we also need the diversion of the welcoming feeling and occasional nonsense that arises when mixing together people of a creative nature. More than that, we are able to switch from In Character to Out of Character very fluidly, and cannot understand why Comments as a source of participation is not exploited.

For those who think that Comments is just random chat and belongs in a chat session, think again! Most Commenters have tried live chat and agree it’s just not the same. Think of Comments as a slow motion chat. Why is that so different? The key is that the Comments community is global. There has been much debate over how to eliminate time zones but until we can defy the laws of physics, Comments provides a chat log that allows all participants to keep track of the day’s goings on. As a result the community is alive 24/7 and feels a global bond that perhaps the world at large should take note of.

In an attempt to gain some recognition as a significant and valid population in the Breeniverse from the Creators, a group of Comments regulars has joined together this week and resisted the Lonelycrack – site and all – in the hopes that, by proving (through our absence) that we contribute to the site as well, we can encourage the Creators to open up a dialogue with us concerning more than obvious problems that harm the site. At a ‘place’ where people come to unwind, enjoy the virtual company of others, challenge their minds and be entertained by a series they enjoy, discontent has reached high levels, quite unnecessarily, and the feelings of loyal fans are hurt. Comments is the “Cheers” of the Breeniverse, and the time has come to recognize the landmark situation found at Comments and the people who made it that way.

Excerpts from notes received by this author in recent weeks:

-I think I could force myself w/o the videos at all for 4 days, but w/o the people, I would fold. I hate to admit it, but w/o the people here (who for the most part are actually nicer then almost everyone I know, w/ a few rare exceptions), I wouldn't be able to bear it. [AUTHOR’S NOTE: To cope with Lonelycrack withdrawal, the fans may be found (temporarily?) on “The Meep” (LG15Today) and IRC HymnofOne chat]

-Many of us have been around since the beginning, or pretty damn near, and we are treated like we don’t matter.

-Sorry, but I think the Creators would actually like the comments to perish. The Forum is more controllable(re:delete) and generally easier to manage for them. I have been seeing the comments become far less effective over the past several months. The ones who actually had fun but took part in the puzzles and clues etc. have either migrated to the forums or got bored and left. [AUTHOR’S RESPONSE: The amount of attention paid to the Comments portion of the site during that time has dwindled at the same rate, and the Deacons ARG and other fanfic ended. Coincidence that people lost interest?]

-I started my project to get everyone involved from both the forums and Comments. I was hoping to kind of show everyone that we are all in the same Breeniverse, but you know what, I got 2 people to even talk to me from the forum. However, I got 20 responses for my video out of the Comments crowd. I tried to post in all the right forums. I got moved here and there, and in the end 2 people talked to me. I really wanted to get everyone together and Comments was all for it, but I just hear crickets in the forum.

-Everyone gets a chance in Comments. Off topic is ok because there is no topic.

-This is by far the most welcoming site I’ve been on.

-If the creators give the credit for our research to the forums I will leave forever.

The Creators have an opportunity here to embrace a community unlike that found on any other site. The popularity of LG15 is only in part due to the quality of the story – the fans have made it a place where new people are welcome, making friends is encouraged, personalities and intelligence levels are different and that’s okay… essentially, Comments has become the neighborhood townie bar of the Breeniverse. It should be exploited for its merits rather than ignored with the hopes that it will go away.

We realize that our actions may hurt the feelings of the cast, crew and Creators of the show we love and that is certainly not our intention; however, to continue to remain silent on the issue is not fair to anyone involved and only prolongs the hurt feelings. Nor do we wish to begin a new forum war. We respect their contribution as we hope to have our contribution respected. To those of you who have helped this week in attempting to illustrate the point that we, too, have a contribution to make, my sincerest thanks. I hope it wasn’t for nothing. I invite the Creators to participate in real-time chat with Comments fans – in a controlled environment – to address these issues and any I may have overlooked. Vive la *MEEP*!

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 fans saw the Scoobies rescue Bree. (As you can probably guess, I havent checked LGpedia, please forgive any errors)

Jonas: Beneath the blue stone. I guess this is where we're supposed to be? If you don't know what I'm talking about, let me explain... Bree's two Hymn of One Recruitment videos. They were pretty strange, right? There was a clue in them. Take the first letter, of the first word, of each sentence and it spells, "Help Her Friday Beneath the Blue Stone." We weren't really sure what that meant until yesterday. Those people there, from the seminar. Well, they received this flyer and they said they got it "beneath the blue stone." And the flyer had a phone number on it. So, we called it last night. But here's the bizarre thing. It was a weird message and we really couldn't understand what it was saying, but what I did make out from it. Is that I think this is the place that we're supposed to be.

(Camera cuts to Daniel.)

Jonas: Okay! So here we are. It looks like we're the first on the scene. I went to a... crazy party here when I was a kid. I guess, like, one of my dad's best-friends threw this party for his ten year-old son. It was his birthday! And uh... I mean, he drug me and Alex all the way down here. Just to come to this thing. I mean it was so crazy that they even had pony rides in here.
Sarah: That's cool...
Jonas: Yeah.
Sarah: Cause ponies are awesome.
Jonas: Well, anyway, when I heard that clue about "Sid the Clown" I knew that, uh... we had to come here. You remember ?
Sarah: You so pretty!

(Shot of Daniel patting his lap with his hands in anxiety)

Sarah: Stop it!
Daniel: I'm just relieving stress.
Sarah: There are better ways.

(All three of them laugh)

Jonas: Yowza!
Sarah: Can I go yet?
Jonas: No! Not yet.

(Sarah imitates shooting her-self in the head through her mouth and collapses onto the back seat.)

Jonas: Oh, That's hot!
Daniel: Why act? That's all I know.
Sarah: Uh, you know what? Sitting in this care is not doing anything. So...
Jonas: Well, yah know, it's just gotta stop!
Sarah: You know what! Okay! Yah know what! NO! Seriously...
Jonas: Hey! Don't you! No!
Daniel: No! Don't!
Sarah: You just need someone.
Jonas: Do not leave! Do not LEAVE! Dammit!
Daniel: Stop her

(Sarah gets out of the car. Daniel, and Jonas holding the camera follow her)

Daniel: Wait! Slow down! Stop right now, Sarah..

(Lucy appears in the distance, clearly not seeing the Scoobies - I blame the guccis)

Jonas: Jesus! Go! Go!

(Daniel grabs Sarah and tries to cover her mouth)

Sarah: Why dont you just talk to her?

(I like Sarah, she says what we all think!)

(Daniel picks up Sarah and carries her back to the car)

Sarah: Put me down!!! Argh! Put me down!!!

(Back in the car Sarah looks even more disgruntled a black car can be seen parked in the distance with two men in black suits either side of it)

Daniel: This car just parked and the guards are looking very scary to me..
Jonas: I bet Brees in the back of it... back of that car.

(Lucy approaches the two guards and signals one of them to follow her. the other guard opens the door of the car to check on the passenger)

Jonas: I mean Daniel and I were sitting tight and Sarah took off, she says she's got a plan. she told us about it, hope it works...
Daniel: There she is.

(Sarah appears and starts signalling to the guard. Her fist hand signal btw is the semaphore for "acknowledge")

Daniel: What the hell is she doing??
Jonas: That is so obvious.

(the guard walks over to Sarah)

Jonas: Its working!
Daniel : Lets go..dude..
Jonas: Wait...wait..

(The boys run out of the car, stop to crouch behind a parked car as the guard approaches Sarah, then head to the black car)

Jonas: Bree! come on!
Bree: What are you doing here? what are you guys? No!!!
Jonas: (lifting Bree out out of the car) I got her.
Bree: Oh my..Help!!

(Sarah is seen in the distance struggling with the guard)

Daniel: I'm going to help Sarah
Bree: HELP!!
Daniel: Sarah hasnt got away yet! (panicked) she hasnt got away!

(Sarah appears to knee the guard... somewhere... and runs away)

(Jonas bundles Bree into the car as the guard gives chase)

Bree: I dont wanna go!! No I have to do the ceremony
Jonas: (To Daniel) Go go!! start the car!!

Did Bree want to be rescued? Stay tuned...

Friday, June 1, 2007

Getting Her Back

The flyers beneath the blue stone had a phone number. We called it and heard a strange message. However, once you all figured out what it said, Jonas realized we need to come here. Thank you. - Daniel. Faction: THE RESISTANCE

Hymn of One Seminar

The video footage shown below was delivered to LG15 TODAY by an an anonymous source.

Message :

Footage of helicopter and man in suit in park.

Topanga Canyon Map

This is the Topographic map of the area...

Discuss it in the IRC CHAT

Does 19 mean reunion?

How to use Tarot and Numerology
Discuss it in the IRC CHAT

Dead Horse Trail?

Dead Horse Trail (Backbone Trail): 1.1 miles. Easy. The trail begins off Topanga Canyon Blvd, on the east side of the road just before Entrada Road which is the entrance to Topanga State Park.

Discuss it in the IRC CHAT



North Topanga Canyon Blvd., Topanga, CA

34° 5′37.00″N


Hi Daniel

Taylor says:

Hi Daniel,

I saw the latest video and can't believe how much has been happening out there! You were so lucky to have run into those people exiting the seminar... by the looks of that footage, it's a pretty kooky organization! Was there any kool aid there?

Anyway, did you call the number from the flyer? The one that was "under the blue stone"? I called it and had a very hard time making out what the voice said. Maybe other people here can be of more help! C'mon guys, let's help Daniel and Jonas!!

One more thing - take care of Sarah. I know she can have an attitude sometimes, but she means well. No seriously, she does. She cares about you and Jonas and helping you in any way possible.

Let me know if I can be of any more help. I'm still looking at those graphs you sent me.

Honestly, I don't think this has anything to do with the location of the seminar yesterday. That's just my gut feeling.
I completely agree! Time is of the essence...

I listened to the message and it's pretty hard to decipher, but I think that giddeanx might be on the right path:

giddeanx wrote:

"return to the hall of ponies

kate and a fat clown named cid

tomorrow rain or shine

right around nineteen"

I wish Daniel or Jonas were around to answer this... the best possibility is that "ponies" and/or "clowns" mean something to them. Maybe Bree's dad took her to the circus and she told Daniel about it? That's pure speculation of course. Since neither of them have been on the forum today, maybe they're already out there headed to the location? I hope so!

Hmm no idea about her Dad. That would be.. uh... crazy!!!

As for the Lodge, I don't think it's involved. I just don't see a connection there.

EmoSarah in the "The Physicists"

Oppp...I meant to say Alexandra Dreyfus

Review - Physicist falls short of genius



Research: Zoey

When the Camera Becomes a Character

On a technical level, Lonelygirl15 is almost a throwback to the single camera days of the 50s.


The Blue Flyer Message - liesbyomission

from the hymn of one seminar.

The Temple of Denderah - acrowleyorder

Direct Transmission
From: Gemma
To: Jonas


Bree is still resisting doing the ceremony.
I shouldn't be sharing this with you but I am going to go against my better judgment.

Gemma (less)

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 fans found out the Hymn of One is fun. (I haven't checked LGpedia, again apologies for any errors!)

Jonas: OK, so here's the deal. Last week, you know, Bree made these videos looking for new recruits. Then all of a sudden, this survey shows up on the Hymn of One website, people fill it out, and then the chosen few get these invitations to show up to "audition" to be a part of this freak group. And now we're in this park, with this guy in a black suit, handing out invitations. Weird.

(Cut invitation that says "Welcome Brothers and Sisters to The Hymn of One New Recruit Seminar -- Are You Ready to Sing Your Eternal Song?")

Jonas: Alright, so this is what the invitation looks like. It was given to us by someone here at the park and, uh, it gives the address of where the seminar is gonna be. So, guess what, we're on our way there right now.

(Cut to Jonas, Daniel, and Sarah hiding behind a tree. In front of them is the car park of a hotel.)

Daniel: It's a very exciting day. We're waiting for the Hymn of One's new recruits to enter the hotel for their big seminar. Hey, and we kinda hope Bree might show, since she's in all of the new recruits videos.
Jonas: Yeah, I'm sure she'll be here to tell all the newbies how great her life is now she's with the H of O.
Sarah: Can we get something to eat after this? 'Cause I'm starving.
Jonas: Maybe, maybe. That's Carl and Sonia, right?
Jonas: Look!
Daniel: Yeah.
Sarah: They're weird looking.
Daniel: Hey, and their merry friends. Do you know who that is?
Sarah: No.
Jonas: No idea.

(Cut to Sarah and Daniel frantically running back from the hotel to the tree.)

Jonas: C'mere, c'mere! What'd you guys find, what'd you find? What'd you find??
Daniel: We were so close, we didn't get spotted by the Hymn of One crew. They might have seen Sarah.
Sarah: They didn't see me.
Jonas: Are you sure?
Sarah: They didn't see me.
Jonas: Are you sure?
Sarah: I'm positive, they didn't see me!
Jonas: So they're definitely here?
Daniel and Sarah: Yeah.
Jonas: This is great.

(Cut to some time later)

Sarah: This is getting ridiculous, I mean, how long does it take to sing a song?
Jonas: Dude, do you think, do you think that maybe, like, they exit out of a different place that has another door?
Daniel: I hope not.
Jonas: Are you sure you didn't get seen, Sarah?
Sarah: Are you sure?
Jonas: Are you sure you didn't get seen?
Sarah: No!

(New recruits exit the building)

Sarah: Go, go get them!
Daniel: Alright..but..
Sarah: GET them! Go get them!
Daniel: Are you sure? I mean..
Sarah: YES go! Go!

(Daniel walks over to talk to the three auditions. They follow him back to Jonas and Sarah)

Jonas: Just kind of act normal...for this..
Sarah: Normal?
Jonas: They're coming right here..
Sarah: Do you think we should be singing songs?
(Jonas gives Sarah a "Please dont mess this up"look)

Daniel: So we missed the meeting and we just kind of wanted to know ... anything about it really..
Audition A: They taught us how to hear our own song
Daniel: Really?
Jonas: Man I would have like been there to know what happened inside..get to see everything
Audition VB: I snuck a camera in there, if you guys want the footage..?
Daniel: Seriously?
Audition VB: Yeah
Jonas: Thanks man that would be awesome
Daniel: Anything else?
Audition A: Well they did give us these flyers. They were all under a blue stone.
Daniel: (to camera) Hey Sarah turn it off..

(Cut to footage from audition VB)

Daniel: So we got home and looked at the footage that that guy gave us. Here it is - check it out for yourself.

(Scene is in hotel conference suite, HoO music can be heard)

Carl and Sonia: Welcome to our Hymn of One Seminar

(Cut to girl sitting in audience)

Audition C: My name's Jennifer, and I like a lot of different types of music, I like instrumental like Beethoven, I like Amy Winehouse and um.. I like Coldplay.

Amy Winehouse is DEFINITELY not part of the Hymn of One!

(Cut to Barb)

Barb: I remember when I first came to my Hymn of One seminar, I sat at the back and I tried to concentrate on what the brothers and sisters where saying..

(Cut to girl reading from a book)

Girl: ....felt an indescribable, unbelievable sense that all is well, and I had an amazingly beautiful song in my head....

(Cut to Chris)

Chris: My name is Chris and I too like Barbra I found my eternal song here through the Hymn of One. I came to the seminar, I was sitting here and..the whole time I was so ethical, I was so cynical. I kept laughing under my breathe, kind of like thinking that I knew it all. Its kind of weird to even describe but as I was going home I felt like... I had this incredible moment of clarity. I just felt like um.. I feel weird even saying it but I felt like everything around me, like the people and cars and even like the whole universe was like calling out to me and just telling me like this was my song. And that in that moment I felt a peace I felt like everything was going to be ok....so guys I found, I found my eternal song and I really hope that you guys will find it too.So thank you
Sonia: Thank YOU! (applaud es)

Carl: Something else I would like to stress to you all about our organization. There is something very important, very fundamental to us and er.. I think you will all appreciate it (writes on whiteboard) Very simple concept. The Hymn of One is fun! You all just say it with me, just say it a couple of times. Just to get it out, let it sink it your beings. With me now..

All: The Hymn of One is fun.

Not an orange slurpee in sight... hmmmm... maybe its in the cookies...

Will D, J & S be able to find Bree? Will audition VB want his video footage back? Stay tuned...

Seminar Location Identified: The Sportsmen's Lodge

One of the attendees, Carmilla07, has identifed the hotel where the Seminar was held, located about 2 miles away from the Van Nuys park in Sherman Oaks where the pamphlets were distributed.

It was called Sportsman Lodge. We met across the pool in the Terrace Room.

Sportsmen's Lodge Hotel
12825 Ventura Blvd, Studio City (LA), CA 91604

Here is the main website for the hotel: http://www.slhotel.com

Although this thumbnail from the website is very small, it does seem to match the conference room where the Seminar was held:

Topanga State Park is also not too far away. Some have speculated that TCC might stand for Topanga Canyon Ca.

Carmilla writes:
Refering to TCC Topanga Canyon is kind of in the area. That's where I went hiking after the seminar yesterday.

~ QtheC

HymnOfOne Red & Blue Flier Messages

On the forums discussion for "It's A Cult" video:

stevemedigod wrote:
So, now I'm wondering if the blue stone lead more directly to further instructions. the red message seems like "don't call us; we'll call you"

voyboy replied:
yes the text is all the same but the damn numbers are different. someone tell LG15blogspot to post those!

Okay, you asked for it ... SPOILER ALERT!!!!
(not that that will stop anyone from watching, lol)...

Blue Stone message discussion thread.

This video is also available on YouTube here.

Liz has posted a crisper version (better recording) of the blue flier message here on YouTube.

See the two stories directly below this one for more information on what this flier is and where it came from.

Sorry for the crackling noises in the audio. This is a cell phone earpiece recorded through a very cheap PC microphone, and then amplified in Audacity. If I filter out the crackles, the voice also suffers, so I left it as is.

Honestly, the blue stone recording is very hard to understand and I think we need more ears to figure it out ... and that's the best reason I can think of to post this here now, and also to include the telephone numbers for those that want to listen to the message directly. I hope this is not considered a real "spoiler," but hey, that's how ARGs go, right?

(telephone numbers are truncated by one digit in the YouTube version of the video, but given in full in the description there, and in the newer Revver version)

~ QtheC

It’s A Cult

Daniel, Sarah and I, went to the location in The Hymn of One message. From there, we found the location for the seminar. - Jonas Faction: THE RESISTANCE

See the "It's A Cult" video discussion thread here for comments from Voyboy, who has confirmed himself as the guy who took the candid video shots of the seminar and provided them to Daniel, Jonas, and Sarah.

i was there guys. i didn't want to post till after the vid was released.
there are two flyers one from under the red stone and one from under the blue stone. I took one from the red and started to get one from under the blue but karl started walking towards me and...well if you remember how he was to Daniel in the party scene then you can see why I got nervous and only ended up with the red one.

Just for shits and giggles - heres the number from the RED stone.
866 558 2749
The entire seminar was all real time and in character. The "fourthwall" was never taken down.

All the doubts that people had can be washed away, because this was VERY organized VERY well done and VERY safe. It was so well done. I was a bit surprised that so few (over 1 showed up. I know it was a work day, thats why I took a vacation day from work, and I suggest that the next time they do a live event, you do the same.

Just when I thought it couldn't get better - boom! I got to be in the episode with them (pssst! I am the guy that gave them the footage )

See the Hymn of One IS Fun!!!!!
stevemedigod wrote:
Oh, and another question- I guess from what you said, that they just came up to you during the seminar and cast you for the video part with scripted lines?

voyboy replied:
Well like I said there were very few of us there, and as we were gettng ready to leave, Amanda (aka Lucy) asked us if we would do that. Of course we were like "of course!"

HymnOfOne Seminar Rumors

Editor's note: The sources for the information in this story are believed to be reliable, but take everything with a grain of salt because some information is 4th or 5th hand literally. Some things come from more than one source, but some do not. Also, modelmotion and I have discussed the notes for this article and made some calls about what to share and what not to publish at this time. Our goal is to inform and generate excitement without spoiling surprises that are better revealed by others (e.g. the Creators in the upcoming videos). And we don't want to cause logistical problems by doing things like posting telephone numbers, for instance.

Also, we are trying not to reveal who among the fans attended the seminar unless they have given their permission or already posted publicly about it themselves first. So some might wish we had told more and some might wish we had told less. We have tried to strike a balance... We would appreciate it if you would use similar restraint in adding comments to this blog about this story.

  • At least one attendee confirms there was a girl there with blue hair.

  • An attendee was greeted by a man in a suit who asked the attendee if he/she was ready to be a brother/sister in the Hymn Of One, and checked the email address to confirm the invitation. The man looked familiar to the attendee, redish hair with a hat, and may have been in the Alex video of the fashion party with the other members. He handed out directions to a lodge nearby.

  • At the seminar, the audience was a mix of invited guests and possible actors including some from the fashion party video. The "plants" participated by answering questions and interacting with the 10 or so invited guests in attendance.

  • They played "The Hymn" music the entire time, and gave out cookies with jelly centers and water.

  • A person similar to the actress who plays Lucy was in attendance!

  • Bree was not in attendance, but at least one recognizable character from past fan videos, a certain "Doctor" was! (identity not revealed here to prevent recognition of possible guest attendee, possible plant, tbd).

  • Bree's pals from the recent HymnOfOne videos, Carl and Sonya, were leaders at the seminar, asking questions about feeling free and what is important and getting answers from the audience. The emphasis was on how fun it is to be part of the Hymn of One.

  • There was a division of audience members into two teams, associated with red and blue colored stones, and some kind of game played, and a finding of harmony in a 'hymn of one' with kazoos and other instruments.

  • There were some numbered documents distributed and a choice of fliers by teams or players. This part of the story is quite vague - the reports we have are vague, but we do have some partial information from a flier to share:
    Congratulations! You have passed level one on your path to becoming a brother or a sister in the Hymn of One! Please let us know if the hymn of one sings to you.
    This could be your eternal song.
    Are you ready? Contact us and tell us: "I am ready to join the choir!"
    (email address and two telephone numbers omitted)

  • An attendee reports that the colored stones and choosing between them seemed to be emphasized by Sonya as important.

  • At least one attendee suspects that Carl and/or Sonya was behind the hidden messages in the recent HymnOfOne videos featuring Bree, but gave no further explanation for the suspicion.

  • The HymnOfOne was not the only group interacting with attendees. (and that is ALL we are saying about that at this time, so meh!)

  • At this time, LG15 Today blog staff has a pretty solid knowledge of the identities of at least four or five of the attendees out of approximately ten rumored to have been at the seminar, but will not confirm or deny any rumors related to this information at this time.

So LG15 Today blog readers, should we have mentioned the jelly centers, or did we reveal too much? And should we post about what happens when you call those flier telephone numbers we did not post?

EDIT: lol, some of my restrained comments are already out of date with the new video just released!

~ QtheC

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Suicide Ribozyme?

'We have designed a novel suicide ribozyme that will allow a gene of interest (such as a toxin gene) to be expressed specifically in the HER-2/neu-overexpressing breast cancer cells, and therefore, will kill only the HER-2/neu-overexpressing cells."
Targeting HER-2/neu Overexpression By Suicide Ribozyme In Breast Cancer

A Tale of Parents and Auditions - Paulmark18

We've undertaken some investigating of our own to learn more about Bree's parents to help figure out what really happened.
Also the Hymn of One will be holding auditions today...


One attendee says:

Posted: Thu May 31, 2007 9:11 pm

I went. There were about 10 of us.

All I can say is that The Hymn of One is Fun!!!!

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to talk about it. I didn't really read the thing they had us sign.... maybe I should have done that lol.

Some bald guy was there filming the part where we met at the tennis court but I don't know if it was a fan or one of the creators.

Anyway I don’t want to say too much (I may already have) because I don’t want to affect my chances of getting picked.

This is what I get for using the same name for everything I can easily be traced lol.

BTW the reason I got on so late is because I went hiking afterwards I figured someone else would have posted something on here immediately sorry guys.

....and then says (re: "They gave us something to sign.")
They said it was in case they wanted to use it for educational purposes. The Hymn of One filmed the seminar. I’m pretty sure it was just a model release form but it might have also said something about not talking about it. Like I said I should have actually read it. Or at least skimmed….

...and then... (re: "Getting picked for what?")
Gah I'm not sure how much I should say! If I ruin my chances I'm blaming all of you guy and your thirst for information.!!!!!

Hold on I left the stuff they gave us in the car I’m going to go re read everything to see if it says not to say.

But if anyone else who went and is reading wants to back my up I’m the girl with the blue hair.

...and then...
she said that she waited in her car until she met a guy at the fence at 12:00. he gave her a pamplet and and an invitation to a hotel. She went there and there were 2 actors who told her about how they found their song.
But what basically happened is that I waited in my car at the park till 12:00 and went up to this guy in a suit and me asked me if I was ready to join the hymn of one and then gave me an invitation with directions to the seminar at a hotel and it said to be there at 1:00 and not to be early. There was a blonde guy in glasses and another guy in his 30's that were there right at noon. The blonde guy knew the bald guy who was filming, I think, since they were talking.

At the seminar Carl and a red headed girl (I can’t remember her name) lead the discussion and there were two actors in the room already who were supposed to be members of the hymn of one and told us about there experience with finding there song. They also gave us cookies.

I'm not posting in character I just don't want to ruin things...
The fact that no one else has said anything worries me that I'm not supposed to.
ED NOTES: This last quotation was copied from secondary sources in chat. The original post was changed to "Sorry guys" shortly after it appeared on the forums. Carl's girlfriend from the Order fashion-industry party with Alex was Sonya.

Are You Singing the Eternal Annoying Song?

Join with fellow meeper to discuss the HoO Seminar.


Today the HoO held its first "secret Seminar" between 12:00 and 2:00 pm @"at 14201 Huston St, Sherman Oaks, Ca, 91423

There have been reports of 35 zombies walking the streets of Los Angeles but as for yet these rumors remain unconfirmed.

Jan Libby herself adds , "I have found my eternal song with LG15!"

Hymn of One?

Hymn of One Mailing list?

Is someone trying to tell us something?

***SEND your cell phone pictures or digital pictures of the HoO event to [email protected] and we will post them on the blog.***

If you have a story to tell about Seminar send it to [email protected] and we will publish it here!

If you are posting a video of the Seminar send us the link at [email protected] and we will publish it here.

"My Husband’s Been Kidnapped"

"Oh lonelygirl15, do you see what you’ve done?"

Today on LG15

(Again apologies for any transcript errors - I haven't checked it against the LGpedia version)

Today on LG15 P.Monkey got it on with Sarah!

Sarah: Believe me when I tell you I don't video blog.

Sarah - this is LG15, blogging is essential!!!

Sarah: I'm just bored out of my mind. So I'm doing this as kind of like, an art installation piece. Title of my piece: Bored As Hell Blogging. I'm the art, "Me." Stuck in this room cause out there are the gloom and doom brothers. I thought coming to California would be a magical adventure.Isn't exactly what I had in mind is it? (close-up) We must fight the Order! We must save Bree! Ruuuuuuuuuun!! Urgh. I'm sorry. Bree left willingly you know? Plus she seems pretty into this whole lame Hymn of One crap. Those videos make me fall over. (She falls back on the bed.) (Does an impression of Bree) Sing the eternal annoying song. Ugh. I don't know if I wanna be part of this.

Too late now Sarah!

Sarah: Imagine it's like a hundred and ten degrees in my room. Hot. And I'm doing it Bikram style. (She falls down) That's yoga, you pervs.

(montage of Sarah kissing and beating up P. Monkey)

Sarah: My bored as hell blogging continues. I am now going to say whatever pops into my head. Red... Black.... Boots..... Ninja. (tries to do ninja stle pose)Cheese.... Colossus.... Colossus loves cheese. I like donuts. (tapping camera) Hello in there.

(Sarah now talks to Taylor via video link up on PC)

Product placement for Skype?

Sarah:Chitty-chatty Taylor is going on and on. I'm more bored than I was before.
Taylor: ....tried to get them off but instead she like sliced my finger open and it was really gory...
Sarah: (To Taylor.) Ok be quiet now! I need to know if you're taking good care of Colossus.
Taylor: Colossus is good.
Sarah: What do you mean by "good"?
Taylor: Good.
Sarah: Is he dead?
Taylor: Sarah! I didn't kill your ferret. He's fine.
Sarah: (To camera) If she killed my ferret, I'm going to be pissed off.
Taylor: But I'm sure he misses you.
Sarah: Hm, sweet. Anything new with Mom?
Taylor: Umm... she cut her hair really short, and tried to make it light blonde, but it turned out red.
Sarah: That's pretty.
Taylor: It's a lot better than it sounds.
Sarah: Okay then.
Taylor: Dad called Mom and left her a message on her cell phone.
Sarah: What did he say?
Taylor: I don't know, Mom wouldn't let me listen to the message, but it made her completely sad for like, two days. Sarah, you should call her again. She got really happy after she talked to you yesterday.
Sarah: Yeah, I'll try. (mouths) No I won't.
Taylor: Oh, um, before I forget, Perry says hi.
Sarah: You're hanging out with Perry?
Taylor: Well, he came over to get his shirt he left here and yeah, we hung out.
Sarah: What do you mean you hung out?
Taylor: It means that um, Perry is nice. And um, (lifts up her hair to reveal what seems to be a love-bite) kinda cute.

Eeeeeew! Taylor! You are meant to be the innocent one!!!

Sarah: Get that away from me! (She gags again) I just threw up in my mouth.
Taylor: Ok - over dramatic.
Sarah: Does he know that he can get arrested in like fifty states for even touching you?
Taylor: He's only seventeen, he won't be eighteen for like, two months.
Sarah: Oh, great, tell him that he can suck away on you for the next two months. All right.....I gotta go.... you're making my bored as hell blogging more boring than it is. (closes her laptop) Bye.
Taylor: Wait Sarah....

Oh dear...

Sarah: I'm pretending this stuffed monkey is Daniel. (She kisses P. Monkey, then presses him to her chest.) This is his favourite part...

Did the Beast get monkeyfied with Sarah? Stay tuned...

How well does Bree know her friends? - acrowleyorder

Release date: May 11, 2007

The Song is Bela Lugosi's Dead by Nouvelle Vague

How well does Bree know her friends and how well do they recall the past?

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Hymn of One Seminar

The Creators say:

Posted: Wed May 30, 2007 5:40 pm

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to inform you all that The Hymn of One Seminar is only for people that are 18 and older, or, if you are under 18, you must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. I am sorry if this inconveniences anyone.

Thank you for your understanding,


The Shots

by meepers anonymous

Its appears that Bree's dad was giving her shots to reduce her levels of
ribozymes, however what exactly was he giving her?

Epogen is able to stimulate the bone marrow to produce more red blod cells
(RBC). (See comment 356) However increasing RBCs is unlikely to decrease
ribozyme numbers. Cells are selective in the proteins they produce. Since
there are several different ribozymes maybe the one that Bree has lots of
is only expressed in RBCs. RBCs are also some of the easiest cells to
harvest from the body. Perhaps the Order wants to boost Bree's RBCs so when
they take her blood, there are more cells and hence more ribozymes.

Ribozyme inhibitors:
A list of 15 inhibitors were found at

However many of these are toxic so they are unlikely candidates (see
comment 111)

Bree's dad could be giving her siRNA specific to the ribozyme (see comment
363). To explain siRNA we need to remember DNA is double stranded. There
is 2 strands which are complementary to eachother and hence stick together
(like a zipper). RNA is only single stranded (one side of the zipper). Once
RNA is translated to protein it is degraded. To understand siRNA, you need
to follow this picture (http://www.scq.ubc.ca/wp-content/siRNA.gif).

Sometimes RNA is double stranded. A complex called Dicer can chop this RNA
up into little bits called siRNA (small interfering RNAs). siRNA can then
join with a complex called RISC. A part of the RISC complex breaks the
double strands apart and keeps the strand which is complementary to other
single strands of RNA. When siRNA/RISC bind to the other RNAs
they cause their degradation. Ribozymes are also RNA. Bree’s dad
could have designed siRNAs which would be specifically complementary to
the ribozyme she has an excess of. The siRNA would target and bind
to the ribozyme, and it would be degraded reducing her levels.

However, there are some problems with this theory. siRNA sometimes degrades
RNA for other proteins so it needs to be very very specific or someone coul
dbe very sick! Also it is a temporary so Bree would have needed to have the
siRNA all the time. Also how did Bree's dad deliver the siRNA? It would be
degraded if just injected straight into the bloodstream.

Bree's dad's notebook

by meepers anonymous

This is to describe the structures that were found in Bree's dad's notebook

The structures in Bree's dad's labbook describe the cleavage reaction of a
hairpin ribozyme . Ribozymes cleave RNA (see

There are 3 classes of ribozymes, hairpin, group 1 introns and hammerhead,
the one Bree's dad was looking at is called hairpin.


For those who don't know any biochemistry, think of RNA as a necklace. RNA
is made up of nucleotides. Nucleotides are like the beads of the necklace.
Bree's dad's picture shows 2 nucleotides (2 beads and the string
inbetween) and how the ribozyme (scissors) can cut the RNA necklace.

Nucleotides are made of a sugar called ribose (the pentagons in the diagram)
a phosphate group (the P with all the O's hanging off it)
a base (the N+1 and N-1).

If we look at the picture, the 2 sugars(pentagons) are 2 beads on
the RNA necklace. The bases (N+1/N-1) are pendants which hang off the
beads. The phosphate group (P with 4 O's) is string between the 2 beads.
If you look closely you can see that the line between the P and the lower
pentagon disappears between the first and last structure. This is where
the ribozyme scissors cuts the RNA necklace.

There are four bases, Adenine, Guanine, Cytosine, Thymine or A,G,C,T. In
other words, there are 4 different pendants for our necklace. Depending on
the length of the necklace we could ge many pendants combinations.
Ribozymes don't just cut anywhere, they cut at particular sequences. In
other words, the scissors will only cut inbetween 2 beads when it sees a
particular row of pendants.

Unfortunately Bree's dad did not give the sequence or any indication of
which specific hairpin ribozyme Bree may be overexpressing. The only
sequence given is TCC which codes for serine, an amino acid and building
block for protein. It is unlikely this is the sequence which the ribozyme
targets as it is too short to be specific.

Below the diagram it says substition of the nucleophilic 2'OH. This is
describing the reaction mechanism. Its pretty complicated but its
basically saying at the OH group on the 2nd carbon (each point of the
pentagon represents a carbon atom) there will be a change in electron
distrubition which is how the reaction takes place.

Entertaining Myself

Research Assignment Signal 2 - N3uralN3t

Only data submitted by members will be considered. To join email: [email protected], subject "Join"

Father's Day Collage / Gemma & Purple Monkey Connections?

In Open The Box Daniel shows us what appears to be a Father's Day collage of pictures of Bree ... left in the box from Bree's Dad. So is this just a memento, or does it have more meaning?

Some of Bree's poses look a bit like some of Gemma's poses from Don't Trust The Authorities and An Awkward Silence. We know Gemma and Bree learned these poses to help them memorize "APHID" as kids in South Africa. According to LGPedia, the actual meanings of the letters in APHID are Analyze, Protect, Hinder, Infiltrate, and Destroy.

Father's Day falls on the 3rd Sunday of June, which was 6/18/2006, the date Bree posted her Purple Monkey video.

The next Father's Day will be 6/17/2007, something to keep in mind as that date approaches. Is this how long Bree's Dad intended her to stay hidden from the Order?

~ QtheC

The "Looney" Connection!

Faculty Page - David J. Looney, M.D.

Work on gene therapy includes the completion of phase I studies evaluating the use of anti-HIV hairpin-loop ribozymes (HIV-Rbz, catalytic RNAs directed ...

....and I bet you can guess which University a certain Creator was connected to!

Dr. Looney's interests "encompass Gene therapy for AIDS, and Kaposi's sarcoma associated herpesvirus (KSHV, or HHV-8). Work on gene therapy includes the completion of phase I studies evaluating the use of anti-HIV hairpin-loop ribozymes (HIV-Rbz, catalytic RNAs directed against HIV RNAs) to protect peripheral CD4+ T-cells (in collaboration with Dr. Flossie Wong-Staal and Dr. Carl June). Dr. Looney also sponsors AIDS Training Grant Fellow Isan Chen, who work centers on the use of lentiviral vectors to transduce pleuripotent stem cells in a murine in utero transplant model (in collaboration with Dr. Ewa Carrier). An are of increasing interest in this field involves development of feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) vectors expressing anti-HIV and anti-SIV ribozymes and packaging lines for evaluation in animal models (in collaboration with Dr. Wong-Staal, and Dr. Paul Johnson).

Interests in the field of KSHV/HHV-8 virology include a continued examination of the quantitative virology of HHV-8 replication in patients with Kaposi's sarcoma, and its relationship with disease prognosis, progression, and response to therapy using QC PCR and real-time (ABI7700) PCR for viral quantitation. In addition, exploratory work on the molecular basis of the action of HHV-8 viral MIP-II (vMIP-II) in angiogenesis, and blockade of HIV infection and HIV endothelial transport is expected to develop into a major, funded activity over the coming year."

Note: A new gene-silencing technique that takes place in the nucleus of human cells, has been demonstrated by researchers at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) School of Medicine and the VA San Diego Healthcare System.

Note: Adapting lentiviruses to gene therapy Eric M. Poeschla, Flossie Wong-Staal & David J. Looney

Is this the orders plan?

by meepers anonymous

For those who do not understand the process, here is a simple analogy.
Think of DNA as a library. Along the DNA are sections which code for
proteins called genes. Genes are like books in the DNA library. Consider
all the books in the library to be recipe books because each one tells you
how to make a different protein. Every time the cell wants to make a
particular protein it transcribes a copy of the DNA called RNA. Basically
it’s like going to the library and taking a photocopy of the book you
want. Once we have the RNA, it can be translated into the specific
protein. In other words, cell reads the photocopy of the recipe and makes
the protein.

Particular proteins transcribe RNA. However we need RNA to make proteins.
In other words, you need to make things from the recipe to build the
photocopying machine but you need the photocopying machine to get the
recipes. It a bit chicken and egg story. Which came first? This is where
ribozymes come in. They are RNA molecules BUT can perform the actions of
proteins, specifically proteins called enzymes which catalyze reactions.
Some say ribozymes may key to explaining the chicken and egg paradox and
hence the origin of life! Bree’s dad’s notebook featured the reaction a
type of ribozyme called hairpin ribozymes.

The aging process
All DNA in the cell is wrapped up tightly into structures called
chromosomes. Every time the cell divides, it makes a copy of the
chromosomes then the cell splits in half so that the 2 new cells each have
the right amount of DNA. The problem is when the cell is making a copy of
the chromosomes, it always ends up loosing a little bit at the end of the
chromosome called the telomeres. An enzyme called telomerase is
responsible for making these telomeres longer. However telomerase is
repressed in adult cells so the telomeres get shorter and shorter as we
get older and our cells have divided lots. It’s thought the telomeres act
as a biological clock, the shorter they get, the old we are. If we express
telomerase then could we potentially stop aging?

Can we stop aging?
Scientists can create & isolate ribozymes that cleave specific sequences.
This means we can target specific RNAs and hence those proteins with be
produced less because there is less RNA for the cell to read. If we knew
the proteins that repress telomerase we could target them. This would
allow telomerase to be expressed, extend the telomeres and maybe stop the
aging process? However, cancer cells can often have high telomerase
activity which allows them to grow out of control. So if we turn on
telomerase we might stop the aging process but we might get cancer

Is this the orders plan?

Beneath the Blue Stone Terrace - acrowleyorder

Rick Taylor said...
"At the end of this video is Andrews Hall at Brown University. On the forum alot of people at talking about a clue under a bluestone. Andrews Hall has a bluestone patio and is built over the old eastside train tunnel. Brown is also a big research center for Ribozymes at their Liver Treatment Center. It seems that acrowleyorder knew this long before Jonas' lastest video. I also check youtube the new acrowleyorder video appeared within seconds of the new Jonas video. This has got to canon because their are just to many connections predicted in these videos that latter become offical".

Where is Nikki Bower?

Some fans have begun to take note of the longer-than-usual absence of crack reporter Nikki Bower. Is she doing some under cover reporting within the Order? Captured by Banditos in Texas? or just enjoying a bit of well-deserved R&R in a Lone Star spa?

If you have any information about the whereabouts of this missing (and possibly abducted or lollygagging) reporter, please post your comments here.

video by hymnofsome:

Nikki B - Who/Where are you?

Let's take a brief look at Nikki B. Where is she? Can she be trusted? Music is Make it Rain by Setu-firestorm, from Newgrounds Royalty Free, free to use, audio portal. http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/view.php?id=1699615&sub=68831

~ QtheC

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 fans saw what was in the box (please note I have not been able to check this transcript with LGpedia - please forgive any slight errors!)

Jonas: The Hymn of One. How scary was it to see Bree sing the eternal freak song?
Daniel: She's a zombie.
Jonas: Yeah well they've got her. And we don't know how to get her back. The look in her face. That look in her eye. I don't even know if she wants to come back anymore.
Daniel: Maybe she's the bride of zombie type
Jonas: There's no such thing as the bride of zombie. It's the bride of Frankenstein.
Daniel: You know what I was thinking of though? They wouldn't marry her off would they?

Many is the fan who has thought so Beast!

Jonas: I'll pretend like I didn't hear that. Obviously we're pretty flipped out about Brees state of mind and the fact that she's got bandages on her upper arm.

Well done eagle eyed Rosie!!!!!

Jonas: Yeah - they really got her from us this time. We don't even know who she is. It's like the shell of who Bree used to be. The Bree we know vanished. It's like she's totally brainwashed and there isn't a damn thing that we can do about it. Don't join the Hymn of One kids.

So whats in the box???

Jonas: We're ready to show you guys what's in the mysterious box.
Daniel: So the first thing we found was a letter from Bree's dad to Bree.
Jonas: You wanna read it?
Daniel: Yeah. "Dear Bree I'm so happy that you were able to find this box. Right now you're with Daniel. I'm not sure when I'll be able to see you again, but I want you to know that I have faith that you'll find your way. I've raised you to be the strong and independent person that you are. Follow your heart. Don't let others influence you with promises of inner peace and salvation. We both know that doesn't exsist in the world of science. This box holds many more important secrets of the Hymn of One, you, and what lies ahead in your life." The letter actually says a few more things but I'm not ready to tell you what that is yet. Turns out there's actually a lot of stuff about ribozymes in this box. I didn't really know what they were, so I looked them up and printed out this article. The article basically says that ribozymes are like molecular scissors that cut RNA. It goes on and talks about how scientists seeking the origin of life have produced ribozymes that are actually capable of catalyzing their own synthesis. Translation: they somehow make life. (Cuts to series of pictures that Daniel holds up, one has a red X on the upper arm.) As you can see, these are diagrams. The red X shows where injections were made into her. So this is the notebook. And it's filled with pages that all look like this. (Points to another picture.)
Jonas: Which look like Chinese to me.

Chinese? Meridian?

Daniel: Yep. Jonas and I read through this whole thing. It really is filled with a ton of notes from Bree's dad about his research on what he'd been doing to Bree. Apparently Bree has a very high level of ribozymes, or something like that, which makes her trait positive. Does that make sense? This is why the Order wants her! This notebook also tells us that Bree's dad had been giving her shots of something to help lower her levels, trying to make her trait negative. I mean, if Bree is trait negative, the Order won't want her. We couldn't find anything in here about what the Ceremony is or what it does, but it can't be good if Bree's dad was trying this hard to fix her. This also makes us really scared that they have Bree.
Jonas: Yeah. The graphs?
Daniel: Yeah, the graphs, right. There was also a stack of graphs that are like a reading or a monitor thingy. Bottom line - the graphs show Bree's levels.
Jonas: Which we sent to Taylor.
Daniel: Right we sent them to Taylor. Jonas and I figured that we should get another eye - a new opinion on what the bar code marks are on the graphs.
Jonas: And... oh and Bree's collage?
Daniel: I don't know why it's in here, but she made this for her dad (holds up collage)
Jonas: Must have been for Father's Day.
Daniel: Yeah.

So Bree doesnt do Xmas, but she does Fathers day?

(Cuts to Jonas sitting on sofa.)
Jonas: So that's the box. We also wanted to say how much fun it is to have someone like Sarah around the house.
Daniel: We did?
Jonas: Yeah.
Daniel: Hey-ho
Jonas: When she's not harassing Daniel she's in her room hanging with Jared Scharff and the Royals.
(Cut to a sign that says "Sarah's Room - Boys Only!")
Jonas: She's got that little special way of enticing my bud Daniel, too.
(Daniel takes some rubbish out. Daniel comes out of the gate.)
Sarah: Aaah!!
(Daniel and Sarah laugh.)
Sarah: (in terrible fake English accent) I am the Order. I have come to make you my personal slave.
Daniel: You're a freak.
Sarah: But I'm your freak!
(Cut back to Jonas)
Jonas: So that's it. If you guys have any questions about what we found in the box or I don't know - any advice for us on maybe what we can do next please contact us. Let us know. Peace.

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


There has been speculation on comments that the Hymn of One may be looking for the "fountain of youth" using genetic engineering. This would fit with Miles background as a resident in Plastic Surgery.

Thanks to Rosieiswatching for the screen capture.

Hairpin Ribozyme Transesterification?

Look familiar?

Research: meepers anonymous


From Wikipedia:
"A ribozyme (from ribonucleic acid enzyme, also called RNA enzyme or catalytic RNA) is an RNA molecule that catalyzes a chemical reaction. Many natural ribozymes catalyze either their own cleavage or the cleavage of other RNAs, but they have also been found to catalyze the aminotransferase activity of the ribosome. Investigators studying the origin of life have produced ribozymes in the laboratory that are capable of catalyzing their own synthesis under very specific conditions, such as an RNA polymerase ribozyme.[1] More work needs to be done in this area though, as the polymerase ribozyme does not have enough catalytic prowess: it is able to add up to 14 nucleotides to a primer template in 24 hours until it is decomposed by hydrolysis of the phosphodiester bonds."

From LGpeida (Skateboarding)
Bree: So, Jonas taught me how to skate, with minimal scrapes and bruises. It's pretty nice of him, I think. He's still out there. Skating. So Daniel, I saw your last video. I think it was a really good idea that you left your house. As for the box that you found at my parent's house, that symbol looks really familiar. I think it's the company my dad used to work for or something. I don't know a lot about what he did, because he was very secretive. He always encouraged me heavily in the sciences. I think that was why he was such a strict disciplinarian. He wanted me to be a big shot at NASA or something. I miss him. He did research for a bunch of companies. He specializes in ribozymes. I like that word. I made a joke about Newton's laws of motion today, when I fell off my skateboard. You would've laughed. Bye! (Bree waves.)

Opening The Box

Wow, that last Hymn of One video with Bree was creepy. Daniel and I need to do something . . . this is the first step. - Jonas Faction: THE RESISTANCE Status: PUBLIC VIDEO

Screencaps (click to see full size versions):

(transition state stabilization of hairpin ribozyme)

(see image for text)

-- (SERUM?)

Day 2:



Thanks to meepers_anonymous on comments and Gidget and Dsrtnomad on the forum for help with the text interpretations.

Edit: This website appears to be the source for the images and text in the notebook: http://employees.csbsju.edu/hjakubowski/classes/ch331/catalysis/olribozymes.htm (including both of the biochemical diagrams and mention of substitution for nucleophilic 2'-OH)

NOTE: Is might be possible that "TRAIT REVERSAL" implies that Jules could be tranformed from trait negative to trait postitive.

The Creators say.....

The Creators say:
Posted: Tue May 29, 2007 2:41 pm

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that The Hymn of One email and seminar are not gamejacks or a hoaxes. This is our first ever "live event." For safety reasons, we are keeping it small. Only the first 35 people that received an email and show up at the location will receive further information about the very small and private seminar. All others will be turned away. We think this will be a really cool day and hopefully the beginning of more in our quest to create a truly interactive form of entertainment.



This is an Actual Event....but......

ApotheosisAZ said...

"The Forum Administrator at LG15 has confirmed that this is an actual event.

I apologize for suggesting that it could be a gamejack.

My only concern was the safety of people who would show up to this event. Now that it is confirmed to be genuine, I see that my concern was unwarranted."

Thanks ApotheosisAZ

This does not mean that there are no safety concerns here especially given that the location has been made public.

In a direct communication from Greg Goodfried in response to an on the record question from LG15 TODAY he states that:

"I can't comment until after it is over, but I can confirm that this email comes from The Hymn of One and not a fan.'

As of yet the Creators have not made an official statement on LG15.com however this does appear to confirm that the event is officially sanctioned.

As of yet its unclear how participants at the event can be certain they are interacting with an official representative of HoO. Hence anyone attending the event should approach thia event wtih the same caution they use when approached by any other stranger.

As a point of reference the "Moonies" "Moonies" used to invite people to their "farm camp" where they would be exposed to a series of seminars. Many would go; few would return. The power of persuasion in the right hands should always be respsected.

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For more detailed information about Web Series Today please read: Web Series Today:

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