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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Burning Man: The Man Burns

The Man Burns Saturday Aug 30 9 p.m. PDT
Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream


For countless centuries, travelers along the Silk Route crossed paths in caravansaries, a network of oases and sanctuaries that dotted the 4,000-mile road from Europe to East Asia. These bustling caravan stops offered more than just shelter from the desert wilderness; they were vital centers of cultural exchange, bringing together traders, pilgrims, monks, nomads, traveling entertainers, and wild-eyed adventurers from all points of the compass to share their stories around a common fire. Though fueled by mercantilism, their legacy to us is a grand commerce of ideas — a swirling exchange of languages, legends, technologies, philosophies and art that helped shape nearly every aspect of our modern world.


communitychannel: No Wound

Anna Akana: Things Every Girl Should Know

Welcome to Neverland - Ep 3 - Brendan Bradley

We Review Doctor Who - Episode 1 Deep Breath

Ava Allan: Britney Spears,Paddle Boarding&Eating Gold?! Las Vegas Vlog!

Le Telepathé - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts


The Birth of a Band: Jumbo Shrimp Inc.

The Chair | First Look Trailer | STARZ

ScrewAttack | Ep. 6 | Follow Me

BarnyardFX: First day of shooting Miss Earth at YouTube Space (bts)

Last week we began the first day of shooting Anna Akana's new short film titled Miss Earth, which is about an intergalactic beauty Pageant. This will be by far the biggest short film production Anna will be tackling so far this year, with multiple days of shooting, plus extensive makeup effects and big sets. Our first day went really smooth, but of course it was probably the easiest day out of the production, we will keep you updated on the rest of the shooting days, over the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned.

Hey, it's FRED!

Burning Man LIVE (Day 6)

Life Noggin: Welcome To Life Noggin!

Friday, August 29, 2014


Arden Rose: Why Women Wear Makeup

Alexis G. Zall: THE EMOJI CHALLENGE (w/ Shane Dawson)

Frozen Rats | Frankenstein, MD - Ep. 6

Lindsey and Jason invite you to ask questions!: Lindsey and Jason invite you to ask questions!

Beast of Burden - The Rolling Stones (cover) Jess Greenberg

Lia Marie Johnson: 7 Second Challenge with Shane Dawson!

Burning Man LIVE (Day 5)

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hymn of One: We Are Searching - LG15: Harbinger

Low Boys #6: "That's Me in Your Mouth"

AVGN: History of The Nerd by Kyle Justin

Kyle Justin serenades the fans at the AVGN Movie premiere with a montage of James' evolution as a filmmaker from shooting and editing on VHS to the AVGN to You Know What's Bullshit to the AVGN movie. Plus lots of great clips of the fans.

Totally Trented - spoof hidden camera prank show

2 episodes of a spoof hidden camera prank show

David Trent is a comedian who uses a projector and shouts a lot. This was enough to convince Turtle Canyon Comedy to offer him the chance to make a web series of his own. They had one suggestion: make a hidden camera prank show. In January of 2014 they went into production on the streets of Ruislip and are still not quite sure what happened. David Trent got himself a crew together, featuring the BBC3 star Nick Helm, the Fosters Newcomer and Main Award double-winner John Kearns and rising star Evelyn Mok, and started performing what he views as pranks, or "Trents", as he prefers to call them.

Turtle Canyon Comedy claim: "We pride ourselves on professionalism so we saw out the production day, filmed it as best we could and then set to work on the edit. Totally Trented is what we've managed to create from that day."

Unconfirmed reports have it that David Trent is convinced he's created the best TV show ever made. It's probably best to just humour him.

A Turtle Canyon Comedy Production

Stupid News in Space: Ebola

When the crew learns of a possible ebola outbreak on the space station, things get a little out of control.

Burning Man LIVE (Day 3)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Taryn Southern: 6 Signs You Have A Selfie Addiction

Graphic Novels, Sad Songs & Bonding Road Trips (MOVIE THERAPY)

The New Show: The Emmy Awards: Who REALLY Got Snubbed?


Nothing Much To Do: Idiots

Nash Grier: Reading Hate Comments Nash Grier & Cameron Dallas


Check out Chapter VIII of the Party Girl Web Series!

Check out Chapter VIII of the Party Girl Web Series!

When Rachel Buchanan, better known to us as Party Girl, tries to help her sister, Michelle, with a story about a thief visiting Pyramid City she gets much more than she bargained for.

Another fun episode from this series that is produced with little money but lots of dedication from a host of Texas cast and crew!

For more information on the series check out www.taurianfilms.com or http://facebook.com/PartyGirlWebSeries!

Emmy Awards 2014: Diva Drew's Designer Do's and Don'ts

Move over Joan Rivers, this toddler is going to take your job! Her critiques are both daring and...well watch the video.

Reaching Out - LG15: Harbinger

This may not be the best idea, but I have no other choice.

If there is any part of the Resistance left you can reach me @ForAndreasLife on Twitter.


Princes Lauren: Interviewing My Grandma on Pop Culture

Seventeen: ARIANA GRANDE - Problem ft. Iggy Azalea Cover Songs!

The Scene: The Rocky Road to Candy Castle | EP 3

Mind Control Rats | Frankenstein, MD - Ep. 5

Felicia Day: Co-Optitude Special Edition!

Ryon and Felicia do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge for a good cause! Donate at http://www.alsa.org/ or to the charity of your choice!

Burning Man LIVE (Day 2)

Princes Lauren: IT'S A SMALL WORLD


communitychannel: Prank Calls

Out With Dad: Kate and Jason almost tell the release date... almost.

LG15: Harbinger

...because our lives have meaning.


Monday, August 25, 2014

NYTVF 2014

NYTVF 2014: Giving Up
NYTVF 2014: Witnesses
NYTVF 2014: Distraction Team
NYTVF 2014: Trouble

Strawburry17: New Adventures :) | Noteworthy

The Trending ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Videos Gets Some ICE ICE Baby!

Vanilla Ice showed up at the IDEAL & Dream Schools in Royal Palm Beach Florida to bring in the...you guessed it, ICE! Both Vanilla Ice and the school's owners, Dr. Kris and Wendy Soderman, challenged their students to gain understanding for the seriousness of the disease; and yes you can do it while having FUN! But, the challenge didn't stop there, the world got challenged, watch the video and see the plea from Wendy Soderman. While the popularity of these videos has been questioned as of late, one cannot argue the fact that the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge campaign has tapped into the human spirit of giving, whenever that happens, it's always a good thing.

Seth Meyer hosts 66th Annual Emmy Awards

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

Burning Man LIVE (Day 1)

Wingman 9: How to Save Your Girlfriend from Hell - Finale

GAMING NEWZ: The Evil Free British Wild Gamescom Fibs

Sunday, August 24, 2014

NYTVF 2014

NYTVF 2014: Better Than The Rest
NYTVF 2014: Cowards
NYTVF 2014: Twinzies
NYTVF 2014: The Wake

"The Man" Gestures #BurningMan 2014

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

Taryn Southern: Graphic Novels, Sad Songs & Bonding Road Trips (MOVIE THERAPY



Alexis G. Zall: If Nightmares Were Real

VMAs 2014

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