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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Communication Terminated

Transmission OTS - 0135 - 09. Subjects escaped. Attempting recovery. Target acquire@#dlks..dskjl sho$-#.atch..r$#@!......d....s.............. Faction: THE ORDER Status: PRIVATE VIDEO


New arc of OpAphid called "Parallax"

Check out the discussion:


In the Deep starring lonelygirl15

Short by cohort Kevin Schlanser, featuring Jessica Rose and Zak Cassa. Kevin is now credited as the voice on Psychological Torture.

LonelyGirl15: Show Me The Money!

"The keys to going viral on YouTube"


Friday, March 30, 2007

lonelygirl15 Song / Video parody / lonelygirl: DEE

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 things got even more sinister. The Scoobies appear to be held hostage in a hotel room not dissimular to the one Bree and Jonas stayed in while on the road looking for Daniel and his cowboy friend. They are seen through the camera of their kidnapper and appear very drugged up (though there is no evidence of either ice cream or spin art anywhere). The kidnapper's voice is also very distorted so it is impossible to establish whether it is a man or a woman who has them hostage.

Voice: Hello, Bree. Are you ready to have a conversation with me?
Bree: Who are you... who are you?
Voice: We'll get to that later. I've been looking forward to talking to you for some time now, Bree.
(The camera cuts away to Daniel and Jonas passed out in a bathroom.)
Daniel: Jonas!
Jonas: I don't feel good.
Daniel: Me too!
Jonas: I don't feel so--
Daniel: Get up, man! Look at me.
Jonas: I can't feel my legs. I can't feel my heart.

Meanwhile Bree was being told: "There are a lot of people who care for you, Bree. People you've never met. Do you know that, Bree?"

(Cut to Jonas, now in the same chair.)
Voice: Jonas. Jonas. Look at me please. I'm going to ask you some questions, Jonas.
Jonas: 'Kay... Sweet...
Voice: Do you remember what happened to your parents? You do remember your parents, don't you?
Jonas: Yeah.
Voice: How did they die?
Jonas: I don't want to play anymore...

Allthough all three of the Scoobies are clearly out of it, Jonas seems the most drugged up..I believe this could be because he is a boxer and therefore would need to be even more sedated to stop him fighting.

(Cut back to Bree in the chair, rubbing her eyes and shifting uncomfortably.)
Bree: I'm tired.
Voice: It's not time to sleep now, Bree. I need you to listen to me.
Bree: Where's Daniel?
Voice: Safe. Now, I want to talk to you about the decisions you've been making. Okay? Are you ready to talk to me?
(Bree smiles weirdly at the camera, then nods.)

(Cut back to Jonas and Daniel in the bathroom.)
Daniel: (Pulling at Jonas' arm and shouting) Get up! Have you seen Bree?
Jonas: What... Who?
Daniel: Bree. Bree! Where is she? Have you seen her?
Jonas: I don't...
(Daniel screams in frustration.)

Then it was the beast's turn to get the third degree...

Voice: Hello, Daniel.
(Cut to Daniel, now sitting in the same chair as the others.)
Daniel: Who are you?
Voice: That's not important. What's important is that you listen to what I'm saying. Do you understand me, Daniel?
Daniel: Yes.
(Cut back to Jonas, now alone in the bathroom. He shifts positions in the bathtub multiple times, trying to get comfortable, before laying down on the edge of the tub and falling onto the floor.)
(Cut back to Bree in the chair, covering her face with her hands.)
Voice: I want you to listen to what I'm saying now, Bree. We want you to do the Ceremony. (The word Ceremony echoes eerily.)
(Cut back to Daniel)
Voice: We want you to go home, Daniel. That's right, home. (The word "home" echoes eerily.)
(Cut back to Bree)
Voice: We don't have much time. Do you know what's best for you now, Bree?
(Cut back to Daniel)
Voice: She is very safe and she doesn't need you anymore. Do you understand, Daniel? Now, Daniel, where are you going?
(Cut back to Jonas)
Voice: Look at me! This is no game, Jonas. You wouldn't want something like that to happen to your friend Bree, now, would you Jonas?
(Cut back to Daniel)
Voice: She wants you to know that she's grateful for what you've done for her, but it's time to go home now.
(Cut back to Bree)
Voice: Now, what are you going to do, Bree?
Bree: The Ceremony.

There is one thing that sticks out to this blogger... the kidnapper tells Bree that he / she has been looking forward to meeting her, but doesnt give the same greeting to Jonas or Daniel. Aunt Alex never met Bree...is she the one holding them?

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Prom Queen: The Next Lonelygirl15?

"MySpace is expected to announce a deal on Thursday with former Disney CEO Michael Eisner to distribute his video series through MySpace Video."


Psychological Torture

Transmission OTS - 0135 - 09. Compounds utilized. Subjects responsive. Phase II successful. Faction: THE ORDER Status: PRIVATE VIDEO

The creators posted a fixed version (above), after fixing the audio.

The Creators (send note) Says:
March 29th, 2007 at 7:34 pm
We figured out a way to speed up the process of fixing the video (Kevin is a genius). It’s uploaded and is being processed by Revver. Should appear here shortly, but the video might be unavailable for a short time. Thanks for your understanding.

The Creators

In the comment below, the creators were referring to the initial version, stored (for now) on Revver here: http://one.revver.com/watch/219181 (but don't be surprised if it disappears soon)
The Creators Says:

March 29th, 2007 at 5:51 pm

Unfortunately, the audio exported incorrectly. There’s clicking and the voice is messed up. Yup, still having editing problems. We will attempt to fix the problem, re-export the video, and upload a new version… but it’s going to take all night. So, in the meantime we hope that you understand. As always we are doing this thing on the partial thread of a shoestring. Thanks.

The Creators


Hersheys mystery fan revealed, well maybe!

"With packaging innovation being very important in this category, 95% [of targeted consumers] said they like it," says brand manager Brandon Solano."



Popular Web show 'Lonelygirl15' adopts product placement

"The goal was to raise awareness of the brand among our target consumers," said Kirk Saville

:::looks suspiciously at Kirk:::

.......could he be the mystery LG15 Hershey's fan?????

Kirk Saville
Public Relations Department
The Hershey Company

Alas, Kirk appears to be in HR so he is NOT the brand manager:(


The hunt goes on...........


Video Editing Computers getting Ornery

From the comments on Lonelygirl15.com, crack LG15 Today reporter, gemmas flatmate, has uncovered a startling correlation of editing computer chaos in the breeniverse...

gemmas flatmate (send note) Says:
March 29th, 2007 at 2:17 am
Good morning Eurocrackers!!!

Re the Creators announcement: Nikki B said she was also having trouble with her editing computer, hence the delay in a video from her… I think the Order have got to LG15’s database LOL
The Creators (send note) Says:
March 29th, 2007 at 1:47 am
We’re really sorry but we have been having massive problems with our editing computer. The rendering is taking… awhile. But, we think you’ll really like the video when we put it up (hopefully tomorrow morning).

The Creators
gemmas flatmate (send note) Says:
March 28th, 2007 at 1:52 am
From Nikki B on myspace

I’m here and still investigating on behalf of you! B,D, & J cannot hide from me! However, I am having trouble my editor - well, ok my editing system. I made a video a week ago and I’m having difficulties uploading. Anyway, I am still on their trail, now more than ever. I cannot believe what happened today! Geez I guess Vegas really is dangerous. See you all on the forums and hopefully I’ll have a video for you very soon.
But what really fascinates me is the striking similarity between Tachyon's famous "xoxo" signature and Nikki B's message. Coincidence? Or is Nikki Bower just one hug shy of doing battle with the Order?

And do the problems described by YouTube icon, "grandpa" Geriatric1927 , have anything to do with this rash of unruly Video Editing Computers?

(Am I the only one that thinks of potatoes every time Geriatric1927 says, "Hello you tubers" ?) ... Stay tuned, gentle readers. And if you are having any computer chaos yourself, perhaps a call to the Help Desk is in order...

~ QtheC

The Capture in Slow Motion

☺ Bad Rap

Today in the comments section of lonelygirl15.com, lonelymom13 posted this original rap lyric:

The Order

The Order gets a bad rap.
Who's to say we’re pieces of crap?
Why are you always down on us?
No need to make such a fuss.

Pizza and ice cream is always free.
All we ask for is pain in the ass Bree.
Don’t be a hater,
Cause you can’t date her.

Come and party with Aunt Alex.
While her friend’s pickle is quite phallic,
You know you think she’s super hot.
Who cares she just may be a robot?

So forget your heart,
Here’s some spin art.
You know we’re really fun,
And it’s all only just begun.
Will any brave soul step forward to meet the challenge of performing this rap (song) in a video? Only time will tell, faithful readers.

~ QtheC

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


"he zoom-in product placement camera angles should put a fork in the whole charade."


I would actually really respect LG15 “creators” if....

While waiting for a new video SenecaDoane commented:

March 28th, 2007 at 7:33 pm

"I would actually really respect LG15 “creators” if this was the last video they ever posted. They could just provide a scrolling afterword message explaining what happened to the three Scoobies after they were caught by the Order. It could go something like this:

Once apprehended by the Order, Jonas, Daniel and Bree were separated and–as far as they knew–were never to “see” each other again. After withholding food and starving Bree for close to a week, the Order finally provided her with a hearty meal after she caved and agreed in principle to begin preparations for the ceremony. Little did Bree know, though, that the “ceremony” was already unfolding.

Over the next two weeks, Bree gave up all hope of ever being reunited with her friends, agreed to willingly participate in the ceremony, and accepted her fate–with little care of thought as to what that destiny might be. At the end of her 21st day in captivity, Bree was led, blindfolded, into a large 19th century operatic theater. There, much to Bree’s horror, she saw her “parents,” Jonas’ Aunt, and (surprisingly) even Daniel’s mother and father seated before a massive table with a steaming cauldron built into the middle. All of them were dressed in black robes, and waited patiently with napkins tucked into their shirt collars and forks and knives at the ready. The hundreds of Order members in the audience began chanting as soon as Bree entered, stage left:




It wasn’t until the third round of the mantra that Bree fully understood the meaning behind what they were chanting. Not only was Bree about to be boiled and eaten in a cannibalistic virgin-sacrifice ritual, but those meals she ate to regain her strength–the double-patty burgers, the zesty marinated ribs, the slightly “off” tasting luncheon meat–truly *were* the “essence” of her two closest friends. Upon this devastating realization, Bree’s will was finally broken for good. She accepted defeat and walked silently and without protest of any kind to the cauldron in the center of the stage. Ultimately she submitted willingly to her own demise. As we were all once warned, the doe-eyed moppet left this world staring blankly into the sea of unfamiliar faces; a lamb to the slaughter, a deer in the headlights.

The end."

Lonelygirl15-alternative reality game

"To prove how loyal their fans are, the creators loaded a new video to the site and clicked refresh. In the time it took for the page to load, there were already two comments."


Dream 5: "So Much Time Has Passed"

Dream 5: "So Much Time Has Passed"

In attempt to rescue his mother and father, Jonas held onto an anchor as he dove into the sea. This way he could look for them at the bottom of the ocean. He had to get to them before they ran out of oxygen. But they are never there. Nobody's there but him and the anchor. If only he would let go of the anchor...

☺ The Order faction ... No, not THAT Order

(night shot, long pan zooming toward a large building of neoclassical design, brightly lit from within, sound blend from crickets outside to rock music, laughing partying inside...)

(camera continues through large greek columns into a brightly lit party, happy, wild-eyed college students in togas greeting the camera as a "Billy! Dude!" as it passes through)

(camera descends stairs to door, Linda and Dillon waiting there in fake-fur robes)

Billy : B.S.U. Senior, High Chipmunk
Linda : B.S.U. Senior, First Koala
Dillon : B.S.U. Junior, Marmoset-at-arms

Billy (smiling, eager) : Did you get them?

Linda (grinning, handing Billy a brown furry robe) : Just like we planned.

Dillon (proudly) : No one hurt, but you should have seen their faces!

Linda (patting Dillon's arm) : Our monkey boy here has certainly earned his bananas tonight.

Dillon (pretends to be offended) : That's Marmoset-at-arms, and you know it!

Billy (chuckling) : I remember when I was grabbed. Oh, I can't wait to see my boy Jonas sweating it out. Here, give me my mask.

Linda (handing Billy his chipmunk mask) : Here ya go, honey, um I mean, High Chipmunk!

Billy (wearing mask, bows to Linda formally) : First Koala.

Dillion (excited, moves toward door handle) : This is way more fun than the bowling league...

Linda (nodding, agreeing) : Don't remind me. I can't believe how much time we all spent at that Bowling alley bar.

(camera, still seeing through Billy's eyes, but with edges of view somewhat truncated by the eye-holes of a mask, enters a dimly lit room... there are three chairs in the middle with three people sitting on them wearing hoods, surrounded by a dozen or so furry robed figures wearing animal masks)

Dillon (loudly, officially) : All rise! The Ceremony is about to begin!

(the robed figures turn toward each other shrugging, since they are already all standing)

Dillon (deep, scary voice) : Beware the Ides of March, for here there be Beasts!

(everyone growls and makes pawing gestures at the air, Dillon steps back, and Billy and Linda step forward toward the prisoners, removing the hoods from their heads)

Billy (sniffing at Jonas, Daniel, and Bree in their chairs) : Ah yes, these are fresh! Excellent.

Daniel (groggy) : What the...?

Bree (appears cross-eyed, giddy) : Awwww, a chipmunk!

Jonas (frightened, turns to Bree and Daniel) : Is this what the Order does to you?!

Bree (giggling uncontrollably) : I want a costume!

Billy (sternly, stands up straight) : Silence, furless ones! You are here for the Ceremony!

Daniel (still out of it, looking around) : Wha? Where's the spin art?

Jonas : The Ceremony! Oh no. Bree, Daniel snap out of it. We have to get out of here!

Linda (pushing Jonas' shoulders down so he sits back into his chair) : What's this, a little shy are we? Here, let me help you with these buttons.

Jonas (confused) : What is this? Linda?? You're in the Order?

Linda (shushing him) : Of course furless one. But it's First Koala here.

Daniel (waking up) : I smell beer and pizza.

Billy (nodding to Daniel) : Yes, there will be feasting later, but first... Marmoset! Bring the vestments!

(Dillon steps forward with furry robes and masks)

Bree (extends her hands eagerly) : Oh, I want to be the Bunny!

Linda (turning to Bree) : That is not for you to decide, furless female.

Jonas (smirking now, muttering) : Oh, I am so going to get you guys back for this...

Billy (loud again, encouraging Bree to stand, placing furry robe on her shoulders) : I hereby dub thee ... Baby Bunny!

(all robed figures cheer and make hooting animal noises, Bree happily accepts the bunny mask and puts it on)

Daniel (getting worried) : What kind of Order is this? You people aren't those "furries" I have heard about are you?

Linda (sternly) : Sex is not allowed while wearing the vestments (then smiling at Billy) ... Well, usually.

Bree (agreeing) : I don't want to sin... (smirking) Well, maybe just a little.

Billy (hands robes and mask to Daniel) : Order of the Kappa Omega Forest! Greet the Bear Cub!

(all growl and several start giving high-fives to Daniel as he puts on his new robe)

Jonas (looking suspiciously at the remaining mask) : Billy, that better not be what I think it is.

Billy (not breaking character) : Address me as High Chipmunk, nave... (then to audience) Hear me beasts, fair and foul, and greet your new brother, Skippy Squirrel!

Jonas (chagrinned, accepting squirrel mask) : Great, just great.

Billy (to Jonas, familiar now) : It's a proud line... and you are a legacy, so we had no choice. How do you think I got stuck as a stupid chipmunk for four years?

Dillon : This meeting of the Order of the Forest is now at an end. Proceed to the feasting!

Danielbeast : This is way better than that other Order...

(all cheer as ceremony ends, de-masking and drinking begins)

Jonas (to Dillon) : Wow, you really had me going there. But none of us have even applied to B.S.U.

Dillon : Oh, that's okay, none of us attend classes anyway. We're just here to party!

Jonas (smiling to Dillon, admiring Linda) : Yeah, like the old days...

Dillon : Right, but with fun fur! So, who's the young bunny? (growls playfully in Bree's direction)

Daniel (approaching Linda, charming, as camera fades) : So, we are both bears... you know, I've been known as 'the beast' for quite awhile now...

~ QtheC

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What is the meaning of Bree's scar?

Jessica mentioned in Mixed Media that they needed a one piece swim suit that would still show the scar in the "Swimming" video. There have been discussions that the scar may actually be a watcher symbol.


From mixed media interview…
Jessica: “Obviously Bree was reserved and her parents wouldnt let her wear a bikini and that stage so I thought “awesome I’m going to find THE most conservative one piece swimsuit I can” but then (to Miles and Greg) you said “you need it to be low so that they can see the scar on your back”"

Swimming episode on YouTube

Swimming episode on Revver

(there may be minor differences between these two episodes)

Mixed Media Chatroom Changes!

hey, everyone.

For those of you that have noticed the chat room changes, it's because we wanted to offer more room for the members of the chat.

The Creators can check all the rooms and if you want to ask them a question click ask a host button to ask them personally a question everyone will see your questions but it will make it easier for the host of the show :)

Btw, When your in a room you are cut off from the main area of the chat. You cant see what they write, but people in the main chat area can see what you write. its basically a room to chat with other people if the main room gets to full :)
The host of the show is seen in all rooms and can see all rooms.

And to call in to talk to the host the number is (310) 984-7600!

Thanks all
The Nowlive Crew

Tonight's guests will be Jessica Lee Rose and Tim Street of Frenchmaidtv.com.


Hey everyone,

Miles and I will be hosting our weekly talk show called Mixed Media TONIGHT at 6:00 pm PT (about two hours from now). Tonight's guests will be Jessica Lee Rose and Tim Street of Frenchmaidtv.com.

As always, we would love it for all of you to listen, chat, and call in.


Greg and Miles

This is for you, babe


The Order apprehended Bree, Daniel and Jonas at ARCO Station no. 5315

From LGpedia:

The Order apprehended Bree, Daniel and Jonas at ARCO Station no. 5315, located at 4916 S. Paradise Road, Las Vegas, Nevada.


The Secret World of Lonelygirl

"Check out this outtake reel from Wired's photo shoot with lonely girl Jessica Rose. Song by Scott Gagner."


ARG Netcast, Episode 18: Studio Cypher

"OpAphid, the official ARG for the Lonelygirl15 video series, is looking for new leadership after Glenn Rubenstein is released."


Today on LG15

Today on LG15 things got sinister....

There is no actual dialogue for the video fans, it is seen through the camera of an Order operative. It shows the evil operative searching for the scoobies through the streets of Las Vegas (there is a shot of a helicopter overhead). Then, following them to a gas station, he / she takes them hostage one by one.

(At three points in the video, you can hear a female voice (possibly Bree's) say something that sounds indistinctly like "Jonas" followed by a gasp.) Daniel seems to be apprehended coming out of the gas station shop, Bree is grabbed while having a quick stroll around the station drinking a slurpee, Jonas who appears to go looking for them is then taken (perhaps smothered with a chloroform soaked rag).

The operative then sets off in a black SUV (I told you SUV drivers were evil!!)
Stay tuned...

UPDATE: It was actually Jonas's SUV that the operative drove off in. (Still doesnt change my mind about SUV drivers though! LOL)

Monday, March 26, 2007

'Ask a Ninja,' OK Go Win YouTube Awards


Subjects Apprehended

Transmission OTS - 0135 - 09 Subjects location confirmed. Apprehended. Commencing Phase II. Faction: THE ORDER Status: PRIVATE VIDEO

The Creators:

As you can see from the description, this video was uploaded by a member of The Order and is set to “Private.” This means that neither Bree, Daniel, or Jonas, nor anyone else helping them, can view this video.

To understand our thought process for this, check out the following thread in the forum:



The Creators

OTS: On-the-scene

Unsolved Mysteries

From the looks of Aima's nametag, shes a doctor's assistant. None of this is making any sense, and as usual, I know more than I should.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

LG15 Fan Fiction

"Bree leaned over and kneed him where it hurt. A rush of wind escaped his lungs as the pain screamed through his body"


The Unlikely Stars Of The Internet

""......plot that involves cults and kidnapping and road trips."


Unlikely Celebrities Are Stars On YouTube



NEW!!! LONELYGIRL15 Interview - Jessica Rose

ON:Lonelygirl15 & Ice Breakers

"This level of product integration marks one of the more sophisticated examples of branded entertainment to emerge from the rapidly-evolving world of amateur-created online video."



Followers of the Meep

A religious sect devoted to the word Meep?


History of the Meep

Fact or fiction?


The Brooke Thompson 2007 Conference Tour, Part One

"People might not know that Lonelygirl15 has an alternate reality game component, but they've heard of it......."


Lonelygirl 15 Breaks Ice with Hershey’s

"Deals like this are good for the community – they help us pay our operating expenses, which has been an ongoing struggle."


☺ Aunt Alex may be a Robot

LG15 Today offers this exclusive photographic evidence that Aunt Alex may, in fact, be an artificial being. You be the judge:

ED: Even if Aunt Alex is a robot, the LG15 Today staff thinks she's lovely, in an evil menacing kind of way. What's a few gears, sprockets, and microchips in the greater scheme of things, anyway?

~ QtheC

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