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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Conspiracy For Good: E2 213 FINAL FULL HD

ITVFest Gala 2010 Red Carpet Interviews

Cooper Harris at ITVFest Gala 2010 Red Carpet Interview

Mingle Media TV coverage of the Red Carpet and opening Gala Event for the 2010 ITVFest with correspondent Kristyn Burtt (Independent TV Festival) http://www.minglemediatv.com Find out more about the ITVFest 2010 by visiting the site www.itvfest.org Red Carpet, easy to assemble, Illeana Douglas, kristyn burtt, Jamie Kennedy, Eric Lange, ,easytoassemble, itvfest, itvfest.org, celebrities, mingle media tv, mmtvn, angela rawna, Deal O'Neal, Christian Cisneros, Cooper Harris, Emmett Furey, Hot on the Red Carpet, Fall of Kaden, James Denton, OPEN, Rachel Reenstra, Rick Peters, SOLO the Series, Squatters, Scott Thompson, Stephanie Thorne, Taryn O'Neill, Suck and Moan, Ballad of Mary and Ernie, Tom Malloy, Urban Wolf, Wilson Cleveland

See more interviews: http://MingleMediaTV.blip.tv

National Dance Day with Step Up 3D and the LXD!! - jonmchu

We are the first to ring in National Dance day on the west coast with a performance at Midnight this morning with our step up 3D and LXD cast together!!! Craziness.

Step Up 3D comes out this Friday!!!! Get tickets. Take your studio and your friends.

How User Streams will change your Twitter experience forever

... here we bring you an overview of how Twitter will be changing for everyone in coming months.


Conspiracy For Good: London Live Event 3 #CFG

See more action from the live event in London:


Roomies: Doug and Sally's Threesome?

Roomies is really starting to get crazy. The last arc saw Sally force Doug to change his name at gunpoint. Now her best friend is moving in on his turf and he doesn't like it. Can a middle aged man really learn to love slumber parties and manni/petti sessions?

Friday, July 30, 2010

ITV Fest Opening Party - Slebisodes

Come see who visited Slebisodes at this year's 2010 Independent Television Festival (ITVFest) Opening Gala.

I'll just tell you who did:
Robb Padgett
Marilyn Anne Michaels
Allie Smith
Brendan Bradley
Erick Scott Smith
Joel Bryant
Brian Rodda
Cooper Harris
Jourdan Gibson

ITVfest: Who Knew Red Carpets Could Be So Fun?

Photos w/ Mingle Media TV & Kristyn Burtt at ITVFest2010


A Tour of Central Park with MemeMolly - ROCKETBOOM

Molly gives you the grand tour of Central Park.


Event location – City of London
Time: 13.00 - 17.00
Secret party: 20.00 - 00.00
Where: Event meet-up at HQ
(91 Brick Lane, London E1 6QL)

Find the dirty secrets hidden in the footage from the Blackewell Briggs operated CCTV camera system that spies on everyone in the City of London.

Read more about Conspiracy For Good by http://www.conspiracyforgood.com/events/action_3


5th Annual ITVFest

It was an excellent opportunity to see where TV pilots and web series in general are heading, especially since 70% of the entries are web series this year.


ITVFest Brings The BEST Indy Entertainment to Los Angeles Now Thru Aug 5th

Oh yeah… almost forgot, you can also watch some of the panels on our favorite LIVE streaming partner Stickam!


The YouTube Interview with Katy Perry

Katy Perry answers the top-voted questions from the YouTube Community as presented by Lisa Nova. Over 20,500 questions were submitted and 401,609 votes cast with the use of YouTube Moderator.

New single "Teenage Dream" available now on iTunes: http://bit.ly/kpteendream

Katy Perry Gets Intimate With Lisa Nova (And 2 Million Viewers)

The Moderator feature enables channel subscribers to vote up or down on text and video responses to questions posed by the channel owner—a more effective way to asses popular opinion.



Click on the link above for more info on today's episode!

Molly walks you through Magma! Visit http://mag.ma today to learn more, set up an account, and watch & share videos from across the web.

Planning on a Plan - TheExperimentWIP

I've been watching all of this unfolding and I've had enough of just sitting around. It's time to do something. And that time is NOW!


Brain Eatin’ Zombie Babies - Steve Schnier

I felt that I should do my own thing - but budget being a consideration, opted to do a micro series of very short episodes.


Conspiracy For Good: Crypto at HQ Solved!


Read more about Crypto at HQ Solved! - Conspiracy For Good by http://conspiracyforgood.com/public/view/594


PICNIC 2010: A Preview of Things to Come

PICNIC will be holding its fifth annual conference at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam from September 22-24 this year.

Read the full post:

Craigslist TV Gets Real About Ad-Posters


With the exception of the length, though, it’s a great package, one that’s racked up consistent five-figure viewcounts since launching in May 2010 and may have me continuing to tune in.

Read the full post:

A Good Knight’s Quest: Episode: 23

Dorian finally meets the creator...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Anyone But Me Web-a-thon: Day 3

Bring Back ABM for Season 3! Day 1 of 3 day web-a-thon to bring back the highly addictive, Webby, Streamy and People Telly's Award winning web series.

ARGNetcast, Episode 126: Heroes Creator Tim Kring

On this show, Heroes creator Tim Kring joins host Steve Peters (NoMimes Media), and talks about the unique challenges of trailblazing transmedia projects in the world of network television, his immersive interactive participation drama Conspiracy for Good, and its surprising connection to Heroes.


Rise of The Rebellion : Webisode 01 - Battle of Eison

Rise of The Rebellion : Webisode 01 - Battle of Eison from Turkfanfilm.net on Vimeo.

Rise of The Rebellion : webisode 02 - Leave No Man Stranded

Rise of The Rebellion : webisode 02 - Leave No Man Stranded from Turkfanfilm.net on Vimeo.


Episode #1
The guys find out who their best friends are, get a little help from the Man upstairs, and pay tribute to their favorite P.I.


Sketches: Best Friend Fight, Jesus For Justice, Chronic BBQ, and 2 Bouncers #1.

Cast: Brandon Dunaway, Michael Evangelis, Steve Porcaro, Ryoji Kure, Andrea Zamora, Alexandra Cramer, John Hilbert, and Robert Krisst.

See more episodes: http://www.youtube.com/user/juniorvarsitytv

Kia Soul Who's Next? Competition - Episode #1

LisaNova, Shaycarl and Smosh explain how you could be the next YouTube™community star and win $10,000 in the "Kia Soul Who's Next?" Contest! Just show us your new way to roll for a chance to win Who's Next?

Kia Soul and Automakers Vie For Hearts of YouTube’s Creators

Automakers love web video, and they especially seem to love YouTubers.


"Big Bother" Episode 1: The Start of Something Big

This is the first episode of the web series, "Big Bother." Robots, rabbits, ghosts, super heroes, space men and many other types of contestants have applied to become housemates. Before we reveal the winners, let's meet the losers.

Catch up with this more recent episodes: http://www.youtube.com/user/BigBotherShow

Fury of Solace Trailer (2010)

At long last, Fury of Solace returns! Here's a sneak peak at what fans have to look forward to later this year.

GOLD: Night of the Zombie King Trailer

First official trailer for the new GOLD, the Series adventure: Night of the Zombie King. More information at www.goldtheseries.com/notzk

Miss Behave - Ep. 7 Point Of No Return: Part 1

When Tori misses the first rehearsal for Romeo and Juliet, her best friends check on her, only to find a serene Tori relaxing and taking the day off ala "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", while secretly scared to death realizing she may have made a life changing mistake the previous night.

This Week in Venture Capital #16 Q&A with Mark Suster

This week we have a Q&A show. For more information, show notes, and an upcoming schedule, go to www.thisweekin.com.

The 10 Best Movie Dance Scenes

Think you have some hot moves? Find out how they compare as the cast of Step Up 3D count down the best movie dance scenes!

Amid Controversy, Echo Bazaar Will Soon Bring Fallen London to Facebook

Echo Bazaar takes place in an alternative 19th-century London that exists a mile beneath the surface of the earth.

Read the full post:


My Damn Channel Announces Biggest Slate Yet

“We’re celebrating our third birthday this week by debuting an entire new programming line-up of branded channels and original series,” said My Damn Channel Founder and CEO, Rob Barnett.

Read the full post:

YouTube Extends File Limit to 15 Minutes

To encourage users to take advantage of the new upload limit, YouTube is asking users to make videos detailing their “15 minutes of fame” and uploading them by August 4.

Read the full post:

‘Temp Life’ To Return With Record-Breaking Fifth Season

The Legend of Neil’s Tony Janning will be joining returning series regulars Wilson Cleveland, Rachel Risen, Mark Jude, Chris Stetson,Thom Woodley, Sandeep Parikh and Taryn Southern along with ...


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Heroes Of The North - Trailer

A group of Canadian superheroes fight deadly foes including the infamous Medusa, a world wide terrorist organization run by former Nazi scientist Dr. Joseph Mengele. Trailer 1.

Helenna Santos is Makin' It Happen!

Self-producing Actor Helenna Santos talks to us about what it takes to maintain a weekly vlog, fundraise for your own web series, and make it happen!


Produced by Luminave Films & Longlost Pictures.

Hosted by Jenn Page.

Celebrate the Web 2 - Comic-Con

Celebrate the Web 2 - Comic-Con: Intro/Trailers

Web series trailers shown at Celebrate the Web 2 July 24 at Comic-Con 2010

Celebrate the Web 2 - Comic-Con: Sci-Fi

A look at the work of the members of the Sci-Fi forum at Celebrate the Web 2 July 24th during Comic-Con 2010.

Celebrate the Web 2 - Comic-Con: Final/Jeff Lewis

An sneak peak of The Jeff Lewis 5 Minute Comedy Hour, shows at Celebrate the Web 2 on July 24th at Comic-Con 2010.

Celebrate the Web 2 - Comic-Con: Fantasy/Gaming

A look at the work of the members of the Fantasy/Gaming panel at Celebrate the Web 2 on July 24th during Comic-Con 2010.

The Talent Show


Warren Buffett's Secret Millionaires Club 11: It Takes Two

The Secret Millionaires Club learns how to work together to be successful.

Anyone But Me Web-a-thon: Day 2

Bring Back ABM for Season 3! Day 2 of 3 day web-a-thon to bring back the highly addictive, Webby, Streamy and People Telly's Award winning web series.

Conspiracy For Good: Doctors of the World call to action

Conspiracy For Good Presents: Doctors Of The World

Calling all non-members!
Let's spread the word about Doctors of the World's Project: London's medical team and clinic at Marble Arch London monument on 31st July at 2:00pm!

We need to distribute multilingual flyers to inform those in need living around Edgware Road about Project: London.

In this video Bibi, a doctor representing Doctors of the World, tells us about meeting and helping Nadirah who was recently injured on her way to London. Bibi is one of the many who will be there helping to spread information with us on Saturday.

'Doctors of the World' is an international humanitarian aid organisation that recruits medical and non-medical volunteers, who provide healthcare for vulnerable populations around the world. This is clearly an organization and cause that the Conspiracy for Good supports and will continue to help.

Lets make sure people know about Doctors of the World so they can continue to do the fantastic and vital work that they do!

For more information, please visit: http://www.doctorsoftheworld.org.uk/


"Celeste Bright"

Episode 1: "Person of Interest"

"Celeste Bright" Episode 1: "Person of Interest" from Sonya Steele on Vimeo.

This dramatic web TV series follows investment banker Celeste (Ryan Michelle Bathe - "Trauma"), a woman who plays by her own rules until an unsavory client (Brad Raider) makes her a target of FBI Special Agent Rick Taylor (Eddie Goines).

Episode 2: "T.M.I."

"Celeste Bright" Episode 2: "T.M.I." from Sonya Steele on Vimeo.

Celeste helps Henry -- for a price.

Episode 3: "The Company She Keeps"

"Celeste Bright" Episode 3: "The Company She Keeps" from Sonya Steele on Vimeo.

Agent Taylor questions Celeste about the way she conducts business.

New Battlestar Galactica Web Series in the Works, ‘Blood & Chrome’

According to Marueen Ryan, an online BSG series dubbed Blood & Chrome is in the works.


Conspiracy For Good: London Action 2 - Recap

Here is the recap from Event 2 last weekend in London...get ready for the next one on Saturday, July 31st!


Bumps in the Night: Why Can't They All Be Psychic Girls?

Q&A With Legend of Neil‘s Sandeep Parikh

:... his upcoming blind script deal with Comedy Central and why, exactly, he might not make any money on Season 3."

Read the full post:

The LXD: The Lettermakers, Duet, The Dark Doctor Deal

The Lettermakers
Season 1 : Ep. 5

Season 1 : Ep. 6

The Dark Doctor Deal
Season 1 : Ep. 7

The LXD: Meet The Cast

Meet the Cast: John JRock Nelson

Meet the Cast: Galen Hooks

Abc - Hulu Loses 45 Percent Of Its Viewers

"... long regarded as the No. 2 video site behind YouTube, is actually no where near as popular as it was believed to be, the Los Angeles Times reported today (Tuesday)."

Read the full post:

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Conspiracy For Good: London Action 2 - recap

Conspiracy For Good hit the streets of London once again on Saturday 24 July, 2010, with participants taking on an urban scavanger hunt for clues and encountering raptors and enemy Blackwell Briggs along the way.

Sign up for event three at http://bit.ly/CFGaction3


After getting Nadirah into London we took it upon ourselves to dominate the night and show London that we were for real. Keep up with us at www.conspiracyforgood.com and be part of the Conspiracy in the upcoming weeks.


Anyone But Me Web-a-thon: Day 1

Bring Back ABM for Season 3! Day 1 of 3 day web-a-thon to bring back the highly addictive, Webby, Streamy and People Telly's Award winning web series.

a reunion? - TheExperimentWIP

Useless, but hey...at least the man is talking to me now.

The Experiment: A Work in Progress…


Misquotations - ROCKETBOOM

Molly sets the record straight on some of the most misquoted quotations.

We Break Hearts - Teaser Trailer

The first three part short in the anthology series "These Tales We Tell" - We Break Hearts is the story of a lovelorn loser and his quest to find happiness at any cost.

Parikh Talks ‘Neil,’ Writing for TV and Entering His ‘Twenty-Teens’

Now, with Neil’s final season premiering yesterday on Atom, Parikh is set for the next big stage of his career: writing for television.


The Guild: Season 4 - Music Video - "Game On"

<a href="http://video.msn.com/?mkt=en-us&from=sp&fg=shareObject&vid=8cb424dc-cbdb-40be-90c5-8fb450462d2f" target="_new" title="Season 4 - Music Video - "Game On"">Video: Season 4 - Music Video - "Game On"</a>
Zaboo convinces Codex to resume game play by transporting them to a world of inspiring song and dance. Vibrant costumes and a large cast of extras give it an over-the-top look and feel.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Bocas Del Toro, Panama (inTransit: Episode 25)

Before we pull into Panama City, we visit the amazing archipelago of Bocas Del Toro. This place is livable.

MORE FOOTAGE: http://www.youtube.com/intransitTV
FOLLOW: http://www.twitter.com/peterbragiel

Twitter.com bringing photos and videos into your stream.

Twitter has just rolled out a new setting that you’ll see as “Show photos and videos from everyone”.


Felicia Day, Alanis Morissette Get Embarrassed, ‘Mortified’

“There are a million stories buried in the pages of people’s lives. Mortified’s mission is to simply help people find them.


Paige: An Answer...of sorts - TheExperimentWIP

Look for me! I want to answer your questions!



The Experiment: A Work in Progress…


4 Minutes. 50 Dancers. One shot. NO CUTS. Check out Step Up 3Ds Dance Dub from Atlanta! - jonmchu

New york, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami. Four Cities created their own ONE SHOT dance dub in celebration of the release of STEP UP 3D in theaters August 6th. All week i'll be releasing each city's videos so be sure to check them out and spread them!

Enjoy! They are SUPER SUPER fun.

Possible influences of Bree's religion

Throughout the series, Bree's religion has been the focus of much speculation. the Creators have identified Bree's religion, the Order of Denderah, as something completely fictional. Over the course of the series, fans have speculated about the influences that real-world cults, secret societies and religions have had on the creation of the Order.

Daniel has called Bree's religion a cult. The word cult generally has a negative connotation and often suggests fundamentalism, extremism, the withdrawal of cult members from society and even brainwashing.
In the video Learning Egyptian, Gemma says that Bree's religion is not a religion at all, but rather a secret society called the Order. Most people would consider the Order to be a cult, because it is far outside the mainstream and is willing to go so far as to murder dissidents.
While the Order bears most of the trademarks of a cult, it does not appear to be modeled after any particular real-world cult.

The Illuminati generally refers to a shadowy conspiratorial organization which is reputed to secretly control world affairs. The Illuminati are believed by some conspiracy theorists to be an organization attempting to take over the world with a single, fascist government. The Illuminati supposedly derives from very old secret societies.
However, there were historical Illuminati. The Illuminati, also called the Bavarian Illuminati, was a free masonic group started in Germany by Adam Weishaupt. The organization was very secretive and, due to paranoia by outsiders, was accused of many conspiracies due to the fact that no one knew anything about the inner workings of the Order. However, among the intellectual elite there were Illuminati sympathizers who claimed that Weishaupt's organization existed to spread morality to the common man. One such sympathizer was none other than the president of the United States, Thomas Jefferson, who said of Weishaupt:
"As Wishaupt lived under the tyranny of a despot & priests, he knew that caution was necessary even in spreading information, & the principles of pure morality. He proposed therefore to lead the Free masons to adopt this object & to make the objects of their institution the diffusion of science & virtue. He proposed to initiate new members into his body by gradations proportioned to his fears of the thunderbolts of tyranny.
This has given an air of mystery to his views, was the foundation of his banishment, the subversion of the masonic order, & is the color for the ravings against him of Robinson, Barruel & Morse, whose real fears are that the craft would be endangered by the spreading of information, reason, & natural morality among men."
Some fans believe the Order of Denderah has similar characteristics to the Illuminati. The Order of Denderah, according to Gemma, is an ancient secret society that traces its roots back to ancient Egyptian times. Like the Illuminati rumors, the Order of Denderah has members placed in many positions of influence. Evidence of this was given by Bree when she stated that politicians and police officers often met at her house with her parents over Order business. Aleister Crowley is sometimes mentioned as having been involved with Illuminati activities.

Freemasonry is a fraternal organization whose membership is held together by shared moral and metaphysical ideals and—in most of its branches—by a constitutional declaration of belief in a Supreme Being". Freemasonry does not attempt to make all members one religion, but rather attempts to make all men good religious people, whatever their religion may be.
Freemasonry works upon a degree system. Through successive degrees, a person is lead from a state of total cluelessness through initiations which operate as plays, illustrating morals and aspects of character which are considered desirable in many of the world's major religions as well as society in general. After the initiation, the individual is presented with study material by which he can identify the symbolism of the initiation and decide for himself what life lessons are communicated to him through the ritual.
Freemasonry has come up in discussion of the lonelygirl15 series because it was mentioned that Bree's religion is not a religion at all, but an order. Many fraternal orders, occult or otherwise, actually borrow in some way from Freemasonry since it is the oldest surviving fraternal order in the world. The list of organizations that borrow from Freemasonry include the Ordo Templi Orientis, the Golden Dawn, and the A.: A.:, which were all organizations that Aleister Crowley had membership in. They also include orders such as the Knights Columbus which was actually put forth as an alternative to Freemasonry by the Catholic Church. So, there is a chance that the Order that Bree's family is involved with somewhat resembles the structure of Freemasonry.

Knights Templar
The Knights Templar were an order of knights commissioned to protect pilgrims on their travels in the Holy Land during the Crusades. They were an organization of warrior monks, having taken vows of celibacy, poverty, obedience, and piety. As a part of their commission, they answered to no one but the Pope himself.
The Knights Templar were lated disbanded by the Pope in the 1300s. Freemasonry (which started in England) also claim lineage with the Knights Templar and it is speculated that the Illuminati, which was a free masonic order, owed its origins to the Knights Templar as well. At the time, the Templars were accused of many crimes, including worship of a god known as Baphomet. It is now generally believed that the Templars were the victims of unfounded persecution.
As Bree's religion is also a mysterious Order, a connection has been theorized. It was briefly believed by some that the picture on Bree's room was once of a Baphomet, though this later proved not to be the case. Gemma says in the video A Watcher that the watchers operate a bit like an Order of Knights. Some believed she may have been referencing the Knights Templar.

Church of Satan
According to Wikipedia "Anton Szandor LaVey (11 April 1930 – 29 October 1997) was the founder and High Priest of the Church of Satan as well as a writer, occultist, musician, and actor".
Satanism is not about worshiping the "devil" as described in the Judeo-Christian Bible, but rather embracing the true humanistic/animalistic sense of mankind. LaVeyan Satanists do not believe in any deity.
Satanists do use the Rabelais statement "Do what thou wilt" but it differs from the Thelemic concept of "Do what thou wilt" rather dramatically. Whereas the Thelemic concept sees a person's will in that statement to be a person's "higher" will, divine purpose, or "nature", Satanism sees "will" more in the mundane sense of the word.
Satanic rituals that follow LaVey's format do not include the use of blood or literal sacrifices. Satanic rituals are thought of by Satanists as an emotional/psychic decompression chamber.


Asylum - Trailer

Asylum - Trailer from Asylum: The Series on Vimeo.

From Streamy Award-nominated director Scott Brown ("Blue Movies") comes an all-new dramatic web series -- "Asylum." Please visit asylumseries.com to discover more of the mystery, and follow us at facebook.com/asylumseries. Thanks for watching our trailer!

Days of our Lives's Jillian Clare in Miss Behave

Days of our Lives' Jillian Clare who played little Abby Deveraux on the soap from 2003-2004, is all grown up now and the star of her own web series, Miss Behave. Join Soapdom's Linda Marshall-Smith on the Red Carpet with Jillian Clare at the launch party for Miss Behave in Hollywood in June 2010. Find out how the series came about and what's it's about directly from Jillian Clare.

Vampire Mob Episode One

Episode Two - "We are all famous to a few people"
Starring: ;John Colella, Reamy Hall, Kirsten Vangsness

Infinite Salamander, Event Horizon - ROCKETBOOM

Infinite life, a long lived salamander, and autonomous robot vehicles. Molly takes on today's news.

CONTINUUM Teaser Trailer

This is the teaser trailer that premiered at Comic-Con during the "Celebrate The Web" panel for the upcoming online sci-fi thriller CONTINUUM.

Series was created by Blake Calhoun, the Streamy winning director of PINK and TheWB.com's EXPOSED. It stars Melanie Merkosky (LONELY GIRL 15 and HARPER'S GLOBE), Brad Hawkins (PINK) and Taryn O'Neill (AFTER JUDGEMENT).

LOGLINE: A beautiful young women awakens on an adrift spaceship with no memory of how she got there and at the mercy of the ship's mysterious computer.

Please friend the show on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/ContinuumTV and/or follow us on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/ContinuumTV.

The series is currently in post-production and the release is TBA.

Web Content Still Finding Its Place At Comic-Con


Comic-Con is a great gorgeous whale of pop culture....


Finger Chop, Killer Plants : DIY Effects :YourFX

Hey, You! Yea, You! This is YOUR show. Every month, Indy Mogul and Backyard FX put the spotlight on our viewers for our show Your FX. We feature your special effects clips and submitted tutorials. Each tutorial we feature gets a free Indy Mogul t-shirt. This week we have some awesome tutorials! A "Man Eating Plant" and "Severed Finger"!!

SUBMIT your clips and tutorials for next month's episode:

Our Website: http://www.IndyMogul.com

A memory Now. - michiev

We Break Hearts



Legend of Neil SEASON 3 PREMIERE #N3IL

"After the gripping cliffhanger that capped off Season 2, Neil returns for an epic Season 3, where he'll have to examine what kind of hero he is, find out if he has it in him to rescue Princess Zelda, and answer the oldest question in video games: Quit or Continue?"

"Quitters Never Continue"


‘Legend Of Neil’ Season 3 Takes Off On Atom.com

In addition to series stars Tony Janning, Mike Rose, Scott Chernoff and Felicia Day, the third season features a line-up of guest stars and musicians including Jason Sklar and Randy Sklar, Alex Albrecht, Robert Hoffman, Dragon Boy Suede, and Garfunkel and Oates.


HOW TO: Send an Audio Tweet

Whether you want to sing happy birthday to someone, rant, or make a heartfelt apology, we’ve found five services that can help you out.

Read the full post:

The Future of the Mobile Web

Mobile, meet Cloud…

September 30, 2010 / Mission Bay Conference Center, San Francisco, CA


SDCC '10: Felicia Day Interview - Game On!

Get complete SDCC '10 coverage at http://www.tfaw.com/blog now. The lovely and talented Felicia Day discusses The Guild Season 4, the new Bollywood video, "Game On," The Guild comics, and her upcoming SyFy movie, Red.

Vidcon Anthem and Recap

Thanks to Hank and John Green the vlogbrothers for organizing VidCon and to volunteer Jim Davidson/Bucknik who took these photos. And Thank You youtube/destorm and the gang for giving us the VidCon Anthem.

DeStorm is offering free download of song at tinyurl.com/VidConAnthem
Look for the word "Download" under the Facebook icon.

The photos are on VidCon Facebook page: bit.ly/aWjAe4



Remnants: Episode 9

Remnants: Episode 9 from COGfilm on Vimeo.

Part 2 of the Season 1 finale.

We Lost Our Gold - On MSNBC

http://www.welostourgold.com On July 7th, 2010 the crew was interviewed by MSNBC's Tamron Hall live on MSNBC. $10,000 is buried somewhere in NYC. The clues begin on August 1, 2010. Want more piratey goodness? Come visit us @ http://www.facebook.com/pages/We-Lost-Our-Gold/129123233775707

Animus Cross: AC, "Hell For The Company" Part IV Teaser

While Sarcous and Henry clash, Ethan is discovered.

Animus Cross, "Hell For The Company" Part IV goes live on July 8th!

Watch for it at http://www.animuscross.com

ITVfest 2010

The Independent Television Festival is the premier festival in the world for independently produced television pilots and webseries.

July 30th - August 5th, 2010
Laemmle Sunset 5
8000 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90046


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Celebrate the Web 2

We Break Hearts: Craig Frank (see?), Maxwell Glick (who’s also everywhere), and Jessica Rose head up the cast for Brett Register’s first completely dramatic project.

Read the full post:

SDCC10: ‘Celebrate the Web’ Event Wows Fans

Last night during San Diego Comic-Con a few hundred creators, fans and supporters gathered at the Bristol Hotel ....


Why Flipboard Matters

"I hope that I have made my point clear, that Flipboard is the tool that we have all been waiting for to turn our millions of notes, blogs, tweets, posts, and updates and make them into something consumable"


Dan Brown Announces Dan 3.0 at VidCon

This is our first in a series of LOTS of interviews from VidCon. Shira Lazar asks Dan about his new project, Dan 3.0, in which Dan will, for one year, be giving over control of his life to his YouTube viewers. The internet is amazing...

Conspiracy For Good: CFG London 2

Originally uploaded by trilson
More pix from the London event 2 on Flickr

Conspiracy for Good: The Ace of Spades

But it was a bit confusing and terrifying to have Spades do what he did.

Read more about The Ace of Spades:



On the road - shiftslider

Last Chance

I'm tired of this, and I'm tired of not know who to trust.
I think I'm going to take a chance on someone else, seeing that my "father" doesn't have the best record to begin with.

Reaching Out - addisonadderall

If ANYONE is in the same situation as I am, PLEASE contact me at [email protected]. Honestly, you'll be doing me a huge favour.

The Experiment: A Work in Progress…


Molly Re: Zuckerberg vs Magibon - rocketboom

A response to Zuckerberg vs Magibon

Zuckerberg vs Magibon

Facebook-off: CEO Mark Zuckerberg vs Magibon.

5 Questions With…Revision3 CEO Jim Louderback


Internet video still keeps on being sloughed off into its own category on display and discovery devices -– I call it the “podcast ghetto.”

Read the full post:

Felicia Day and ‘The Guild’ Go Bollywood at Comic-Con

UPDATE: Turns out the Bollywood video is actually a standalone music video, much like “Date My Avatar,” despite teasing fans with news that they were watching “Episode 4.” So that means it will head to YouTube within the week, according to Becker who cleared up the confusion.


"Bumps in the Night" Tip #20: Bad Guys

Actually, this is what "Episode I" should've been.

Lil demon part 2!!! LXD Hawaii. 8 yr old phenom - jonmchu

Lil Demon keeps going... 8 years old.

The Love Parade: What went wrong?

The goal of this article is to stress the importance of being aware of the dangers of large crowds.

Wikipedia has a good article on "The Love Parade" tragedy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Love_Parade_stampede

This is a horrible incident but it is not the first time something like this has happened in history. Back in 1971 there was a very similar incident at a soccer game in the UK:

From Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rangers_F.C.

"As the 80,000 strong crowd was trying to disperse at full time, many fell down the stairway at the Copland Road end of the ground. Their momentum led to large scale crushing and 66 people died. It was initially thought the crush was caused by Rangers fans rushing back up the stairwell after the equaliser; however, a later enquiry said that the crush was likely to have happened ten minutes after the final whistle and to have been triggered by someone falling on the stairs."

If you are in a large crowd be aware of the dangers and always be ready with a plan of action if something goes wrong. Better still, if you sense a possible danger stay out of crowds where large pressures tend to build up to the point they become dangerous.

Festivalgoers killed in stampede at Love Parade in Germany

"I've never seen anything like it," he said. "There were 25 people lying in a heap. I screamed – people could no longer get any air."


Loveparade 2010 Duisburg - Massenpanik
WARNING: Contains graphic real world footage :::::

Menschen versuchen verzweifelt von der Massenpanik auf dem Loveparade-Gelände zu flüchten.

Love Parade 2010 Duisburg Tunnel 19 killed
::::: WARNING: Contains graphic footage of a real World event :::::

Love Parade 24/07/2010 19 dead people -

Ten people were killed Saturday when chaos broke out at a music festival in Duisburg, Germany, police said.

It's unclear what sparked the mass panic at "Love Parade 2010" as people tried to enter the festival site in the early evening, police spokesman Werner Friese said.

Fifteen others were injured, he said.

The festival was supposed to take place from 2 p.m. (8 a.m. ET) to midnight. As of 6 p.m., the entrance remained closed and people inside the venue were leaving the area.

German Love Parade Tragedy Investigated As Possible Manslaughter

"The investigations are concentrating on the allegation of negligent manslaughter and negligent bodily harm," said Rolf Haferkamp, a spokesman for Duisburg prosecutors.

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