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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Are You a Cyber Cracker?

Jonas: Yeah, well she didn't. So anyway, we tossed the note up on the forum, and thanks to of course Taylor, and Apo, and impulse, and the rest of you crazy cyber crackers, we got the camp play message.

So, what is a cyber cracker?

The term cracker was coined by Richard Stallman to provide an alternative to using the existing word hacker for this meaning.


This should not be confused with the term Lonelycrack

Cyber- is an Internet-related prefix stemming from cybernetics and loosely meaning through the use of a computer.


The Creators say.....

The Creators say:

Posted: Sat May 26, 2007 1:39 am

Not sure if I'm allowed to comment here, but I have to

I really can't describe how overwhelming it is reading a thread like this. Our whole team (Miles, Mesh, Amanda, Kevin, Jessica, Yousef, Jackson, Lexie, Becki, Jon, Casey, and Jan) put our heart and soul into making this show and running this website. To see that so many of you have formed such deep relationships with each other because of this place is inspiring and amazing. You guys all rock!



Thanks for helping us decode the note . . . we decided to go to the location. Also, after Sarah's fight with her mom, they both decided it was best if she left Zavalla and took a road trip. - Jonas Faction: THE RESISTANCE Status: PUBLIC VIDEO

HELP? (first pointed out by alexsfruitcakemommy in comment 42 on the video)

Brown University or Order Training Camp?

Bree's Location - acrowleyorder


This is Bree's location.
She is at the abandoned train tunnel.
Ask your friends to help you find it.
When you arrive the door will be locked.

nursesinna Says:
May 26th, 2007 at 9:30 am

"At 1:25 in this video www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDAIg9ouiv0 they are in Providence RI north of the “Thurbers Ave Curve” just before I-195 splits off going to East Providence.

I knows my home grounds. Yep yep.

The YouTube video is definitely at and around Brown University in Providence, RI"

stevemedigod said...

"Looks like the old bus tunnel near the corner of Benefit and Waterman streets in Providence?"

From H.P. Lovecraft on LGpedia:

"Aleister Crowley believed in gnosticism and mankind's status as divine extensions of God, with everything being connected on a deep level with only perceived separation. Lovecraft, however, gave us a completely different vision of the universe and man's place within it. In Lovecraft's world, man was an insignificant speck in a vast cosmos, prey to vicious and terrible deities ready to wipe man off the face of the Earth at a whim. Rather than being part of God, man was instead alive only because the deities of the universe had not found him worthy of even the effort required to anhilate him."

From H.P. Lovecraft on Wikipedia:

"Lovecraft was listed along with his parents on the Phillips family monument. That was not enough for his fans, so in 1977 a group of individuals raised the money to buy him a headstone of his own, on which they had inscribed Lovecraft's name, the dates of his birth and death and the phrase, "I AM PROVIDENCE," a line from one of his personal letters. Lovecraft's grave in Swan Point Cemetery in Providence is occasionally marked with graffiti quoting his famous phrase from "The Call of Cthulhu" (originally from "The Nameless City"):
"That is not dead which can eternal lie,
And with strange aeons even death may die.""

Lovecrafts College Hill

From "Sing With Me"

Note the pillars in the background!

Dakota Apartments
72nd Street & Central Park West, B or C line 72 St., it is so famous as the apartment where John Lennon and Yoko had been living in, and is one of the oldest apartment in NYC. John was killed in front of the apartment.

Address : 1 W 72nd St
Subway : B/C line 72nd St.

Rhode Island Flag

Note the symbol.

The Nightingale-Brown House

Is White the new Back?


Blink and you'll miss her

Jessica Rose appears in the trailer for "I know who killed me"


"Mixed Media" Scrambled

Your Tuesday nights are free once again. After weeks of radio silence, the official word from the Creators is that "Mixed Media" is cancelled - at least temporarily.

"We are going to be stopping Mixed Media for a little while. We are focusing 100% of our creative efforts on Lonelygirl15 and KateModern!" stated co-host Greg Goodfried.

Beginning in March of this year, Mixed Media was hosted at NowLive.com and ran for six weeks. Due to scheduling conflicts, the final broadcast of the show aired April 10, 2007.

Listeners can still enjoy FOB Life with Yousef and Reza on Wednesday nights at 6 P.M. Pacific time.

No projected date for resuming Mixed Media has been given.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Greg Goodfried, Offline

"I personally don't like pre-roll ads. If there's a two- or three-second curtain that says, "LonelyGirl15 brought to you by Target," I don't care about that."


Bebo and "Lonelygirl15" creators launch UK version

"In the British version, Kate Modern will be a 19-year-old art student living in central London and the story will be set around the hip Carnaby Street."



So you want in, but just can't score high enought? Well here is the key:


Props to surrealisticpill for research.

***** PUZZLE SPOILER about joining the hymn of One ****

here are the answers (1 = strongly disagree, 5= strongly agree)

1. I am prepared to answer this questionnaire 5*
2. I am calm and rational 3
3. I am one of the smartest people I know 3
4. I get angry when I probably shouldn’t 3
5. I fall in love easily 5
6. People don’t listen to me when they should 3
7. My favorite flavor of ice cream is vanilla 3
8. I am afraid of my dreams 3
9. I put myself first 3
10. I enjoy walking on the beach 5
11. I think aging is a treatable disease 5
12. I am afraid of the dark 3
13. I prefer my own company to the company of others 5
14. I don’t enjoy eating 3
15. I am my own body 3
16. Circles make me nervous 1
17. Global Conflict is escalating 5
18. I am a powerful person 1
19. I believe people lie to me every day 3
20. I am being watched right now 1

it doesn't matter what you put in the other fields, at least in terms of your score.

* Paulo suggests using 5 instead of the original 3

Something on LG15 Today blog is pegging CPU usage

I am viewing the LG15 Today blog with Internet Explorer, and noticed (I think starting yesterday, but possibly sooner), some REALLY slow performance loading webpages. I finally realized today that this happens when I have the LG15 Today blog open in a window while loading other sites (such as lonelygirl15.com abc.com etc.) in another window.

I checked my "Windows Task Manager" and the CPU is almost pegged near 97% + usage with this blog open in an iexplore.exe process, but drops down to a few percent as soon as I exit the blog.

So, in short, something on this page is executing and bogging down CPU. If you are seeing this effect, navigate away from the blog when you are not actually reading it, and we will work to remove whatever is causing this.

~ QtheC

EDIT: The problem seems to have been Internet Explorer specific (at least it did not affect Modelmotion using a Mac), and was isolated and removed. It seemed to be due to IE having trouble properly loading a scroll frame with a large amount of text in it. I documented the code change in a comment on the article, Loose Ends, so that if we find a better solution, we can restore the feature.

Secret message from Bree?

This from S.A.R.A.H.:
This just in! “HELP HER FRIDAY!”
If you insert the other two people in the videos lines between Bree’s Lines it spells out

ave you at anytime in your life been truly free?
Ever wonder why you are here on this planet?
Lend your verse to the Hymn of One.
Play the song of your soul.
Refuse those empty promises.
Find the Oneness of our Universal Melody.
Reach out to the lyrics that lead to the true you.
I found my song.
Do you know yours?
Attain what you always felt was unattainable.
You can sing the Hymn of One.

So, did Bree write the script to intentionally leave a clue? Or did the Order leave us a clue to lure her friends into a trap?
Also, the last three lines start with TCC, respectively... what could that stand for?
Maybe... Topanga Canyon, California? Not only the location of the fake ceremony, but one of the locations on Lucy's computer... sounds pretty plausible to me...
Daniel, Jonas- something is going to happen on Friday at Topanga Canyon! Before Friday you need to go look for whatever it is Bree's dad's not was supposed to lead you to, and then you need to be ready for what's coming next. Be wary of a possible trap!

Thank you to everyone who did the research!

Is Bree getting shots... again???

It seems like Bree might be getting the shots again... We can see a bandage exactly where they used to administer them to her before... but a picture is worth a thousand words...


The Creators say:

Posted: Fri May 25, 2007 4:32 am

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to announce that we have added a new writer to our team - Jan Libby. Some of you in the ARG community may know Jan as the puppet master of Sammeeeees. We are thrilled to have her working with us and we know you will enjoy her work.

Jan wrote "Sing With Me." She rocks!

Enjoy the show.

The Creators



"The door to "Alternate Reality" opened to me when I participated in a theatre installation piece called "The Angel Project". Even though this project was not considered an ARG, it certainly had (for me) all the elements of one. Then, in 2004, I read an article about "i love bees". It wasn't long before I was lurking and playing games on the boards of Unfiction. My background is in experimental film and comedy television. I'm not kidding. :) I created my first ARG called "Sammeeeees" last fall. Presently, I'm planning another indie ARG for the fall of 2007."

ARG: Sammeeeees

ARGFest 2007 - Panel I ~ Developing an ARG (1 of 2)


Look familiar: http://massroads.com/image.php?subject=boston_prudential_tower_longfellow_20040223 ?

Prudential Building

Longfellow Bridge Boston

NOTE: hwarner94 provides some local information:

"I took a look at Google Maps to get my bearings. It looks like it could have been
taken near Mass General Hospital . The Museum of Science is also in that general area.

Museum of Science, Boston

On the right side of the picture, I think some of those buildings may be part of MIT.

I made a Google Map with some markers for you".

NOTE: Taylor mentioned BOSTON in a post concerning the disappearance of Sarah yesterday!

Props to Rosieiswatching for research.

NOTE: In the comments to Hi, it's me again! (blog post from Owen) Rosieiswatching suggests that "I used to head east every year to visit my favorite aunt!" might be a reference to Boston.

Hi, it's me again! (blog post from Owen)

Read the original post here.

Friday, May 25, 2007, 9:08 AM

Hi, it's me again!

Hello, everyone!

I know it's been some time since I've written a blog on my myspace page. I was chagrined to login yesterday and see I had so many wonderful people that wanted to be my friend! I'm sorry so many of you had to wait so long. I never expected to be so popular, but it makes me really happy!

Life has been very strange and very busy lately. As most of you know, we've all been on the road. A trip to Texas and back was exhausting, although I got to meet some nice new people like my new friend Taylor and her sister! Now, I've always enjoyed travelling (I used to head east every year to visit my favorite aunt!), but let me tell you, being carted along like a piece of luggage in Daniel's bag is not that fun - especially when you're crammed in there with P. Monkey, and he spends the whole time singing that stupid name song. ("Owen owen bo bowen, banana fanna fo fowen...")

Anyway, we made it back to California, but things haven't quieted down. Bree is gone, and as you could probably guess, that makes me very sad. I miss her so much. To be honest, I've missed her for some time. She just hasn't had time to talk to me much lately. I understand she has a lot on her mind, but it seems so long ago when we used to cuddle on the bed or study Enochian together. Before she left, she winked at me, and I know she'll be fine. She's one of the smartest and bravest people I know. But I sure do miss having her around. Daniel and Jonas never talk to me!

So while the guys have been out running around trying to figure out what's going on with Bree, I've finally been able to use Jonas' computer to get online. I just wanted to say hello to everyone and thank you for your patience and all your support! I hope everyone's having a great Spring!

Thanks to my sister (laurkim on the comment board) for finding the blog post FFFIIIRRRSSSTTT!!!11!!!1!

☺ Is modelmotion working for the Hymn of One?

Evidence can be deceiving, but the signs are mounting...

It is well known that Modelmotion does not sleep, but seems to sweep information from the internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Is this possible without the kind of medical assistance we know the Order specializes in? (or is Modelmotion actually an entire team of operatives?)

LG15 Today, May 24 Is Taylor a Shill?
Is this a ruse to direct attention away from modelmotion, possible shill for the Order?

LG15 Today, May 24 Hymn Of One
Modelmotion has an "anonymous source" for excerpts from the "Denderah Journal" that seems to contain information very confidential to the Order.

LG15 Today, May 25 hymnofone.org
Modelmotion reveals 99% compatibility with the Order.

Nothing absolutely conclusive yet, but definitely something to keep an eye on!

~ QtheC

Hymns and Spiritual Songs for the Flock of God

According to Wikipedia:
'A new edition, Hymns and Spiritual Songs for the Flock of God was published in New Zealand in 2001 by R.D. Church and E. J. Forrest through the Joseph Bywater Trust. This collection is based on the 1951 edition and gathers together many hymns from all the pre-existing collections restoring hymns to their original wording where possible and adding some new compositions."



Our Song is reaching a crescendo. They Hymn of One is adding members to the Eternal Choir. The process is selective and only the most promising candidates will be considered. Completing this audition will help us determine the strength of Your Voice.

The web site presents the following questionaire.



1. I am prepared to answer this questionnaire:

strongly disagree strongly agree

2. I am calm and rational

strongly disagree strongly agree

3. I am one of the smartest people I know

strongly disagree strongly agree

4. I get angry when I probably shouldn’t

strongly disagree strongly agree

5. I fall in love easily

strongly disagree strongly agree

6. People don’t listen to me when they should

strongly disagree strongly agree

7. My favorite flavor of ice cream is vanilla

strongly disagree strongly agree

8. I am afraid of my dreams

strongly disagree strongly agree

9. I put myself first

strongly disagree strongly agree

10. I enjoy walking on the beach

strongly disagree strongly agree

11. I think aging is a treatable disease

strongly disagree strongly agree

12. I am afraid of the dark

strongly disagree strongly agree

13. I prefer my own company to the company of others

strongly disagree strongly agree

14. I don’t enjoy eating

strongly disagree strongly agree

15. I am my own body

strongly disagree strongly agree

16. Circles make me nervous

strongly disagree strongly agree

17. Global Conflict is escalating

strongly disagree strongly agree

18. I am a powerful person

strongly disagree strongly agree

19. I believe people lie to me every day

strongly disagree strongly agree

20. I am being watched right now

strongly disagree strongly agree

21. Describe the last dream you can remember having. (100 word maximum)

22. What is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen? (100 word maximum)

23. What can you give to the Hymn of One, and what can the Hymn of One give to you? (100 word maximum)

Sing With Me

The Hymn of One is looking for new members. Are you ready for something better? - Bree Faction: THE ORDER Status: PUBLIC VIDEO

Paytotheorderofofof vs. Dinosaur

First released: May 24 2006

Did paytotheorderofofof really get eaten by dinosaurs? I think so...

May 12th - Bree registers the YouTube account lonelygirl15 and begins commenting on the videos of many popular YouTubers.

May 24th - Bree posts her first video Paytotheorderofofof vs. Dinosaur.

June 16th - Bree posts the video First Blog / Dorkiness Prevails which, as noted in the title, is her first blog. Two days later, she posts the video Purple Monkey, which introduces her beloved puppet.

source: LGpedia

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Awake - TrueFreeWill

Transmission 05 - 03 - C29 Faction: TFW Status: PRIVATE

Hymn Of One


So... everything in this world goes in circles..... that is the way of Karma.

Now that the puzzle is solved and the note points to the "PLAY CAMP", we can't help but remember Daniel's description of Bree's play that he was asked to videotape. The theme was the the landing of the Mayflower at Plymouth.

Now, if you look at the bottom of the LG15.com homepage you will find "Designed by Darbyte Design"

According to LGpeida:

"Darbyte Design is the company that supposedly produced the lonelygirl15.com website.
The name could be a reference to John Nelson Darby. Darby was one of the founders of the Plymouth Brethren movement, which Aleister Crowley was raised in before founding Thelema. Darbyites is a term sometimes applied to particularly strident followers of the Plymouth Brethren movement.
Darbyite Design does not appear to be a company that actually exists; rather it is likely a clue, like the Unicursal hexagram or the Greek word for Thelema on the website."

Now, if you look up Darbyites on Wikipedia it lead you to Exclusive Brethern"

According to Wikipedia

"This Hymnbook maintained the general Taylorite doctrines of addressing the Holy Spirit in worship and addressing God as the triune One."

hummmmm.....Hymn of One.......why does that sound familiar.

And the iceing on the cake: "Taylor".......could her name be an actual clue?

Props to Modelmotion

Sarah defends Taylor?

I response to a derogatory comment about Taylor, Sarah says:

Posted: Thu May 24, 2007 12:09 am

"Hi. I'm Sarah, Taylor's sister. Because I'm her sister I can say whatever I want about her. You, on the other hand, cannot.

Boston? Sounds interesting... not sure what I'd do there. Mexico? That would be a good time."

The Power of 436 - Kelseygirl15

This video does not exist, therefore this description doesn't either.

Is Taylor a shill?

Taylor says:

Posted: Thu May 24, 2007 5:05 am

Hey everyone,

I know you all are working hard on the note, so I wanted to see if I could help. Besides the "Love, Dad" there are only eight lines in the note. It seems really weird to me that some of the lines have full sentences and others have only a few words. I went back and did a word count and a syllable count for each line. Here is what I found:

Word count:

Syllable count:

This seems interesting. Not really sure what to make of it yet.

impulse then wrote:

Posted: Thu May 24, 2007 5:40 am

"If you take the syllable count and match each number to an atomic number and element name in the periodic table you get:

C Al Mn P P Li Al Y



Thanks for your help we were too dumb to figure it out!

That's got to be a reference to the theater play Bree did in summer camp. Daniel is supposed to have filmed it. Daniel? Hope you kept the tapes....??"

kallekelly ads...

The next post by impulse said:

Ok, that's from the Order of Denderah video

Last summer, um...I shot a video of Bree's summer camp play for her dad. The play took place around the landing of the Mayflower at Plymouth. I don't remember much about it. The play was about this person who left the Mayflower as soon as they reached the new world and, uh, had all these adventures.

(and yes, I did finally find the Search button on this forum)

Daniel responded:
And here I was thinking that the note was "innocent." Glad I have all of you, and Taylor, here to help out. Jonas and I would have never figured that out!
So, Bree's camp. Footage of the play. Small problem - I gave all the footage I took to Bree's dad. I'm pretty sure he gave it to the camp... I think they were putting together an end of the summer recap video or something. I keep running through that day in my head. What happened? Who did I see? Obviously I wasn't looking for suspicious things then... but still, nothing stands out. I don't recall seeing Lucy, Alex, or anyone like that.

What else could it mean? I keep thinking about the location. It meant a lot to Bree. I know she really enjoyed the time she spent there. What if Bree's dad left something there? At the camp where they performed the play? It kinda makes sense in a Bree and Bree's Dad kinda way. He would've known that it was a special place to Bree.

Am I just grasping at straws? What do you think?

Later, Daniel answered a few people:
Chelseyrl wrote:
"You guys need to hurry to the location. My guess is is that the Ceremony is going to be there... but... I'm not sure... Go there!"

I think I remember how to get there, but it's a pretty big place. I guess if there is something to find there it would be on/near/under the area where the play was performed. Otherwise why would Bree's dad say Camp Play? He would have just said Camp. Hmmm it sounds a bit dangerous, but I think Jonas and I are up for the mission.

ApotheosisAZ wrote:
"If you show up there yourself, you'd better be wearing a very convincing disguise. Those Order types will be "watching" for you."

Gulp. Maybe we better think twice about it.

Next, there was a suggestion about who to call from ApotheosisAZ:
Now you're talking sense, Daniel.

I believe you might remember a rather attractive young woman by the name of Nikki Bower? This has her name written all over it! I know you've seen her in action. If there is something there, she can find it.

She has also been known to blend in well. I think you could trust her to investigate this.

Sarah to the rescue?

Taylor says:

Posted: Thu May 24, 2007 1:58 pm

"Hi, it's Taylor. Sorry about the back-and-forth between Sarah and I last night. We finally came out of our rooms and talked a bit. I apologized for overreacting about the pictures, etc. You guys were right, I should't have called her a slut. Sarah also had a long talk with our mom. They were up pretty late... I overheard Sarah talking about traveling and going on some type of a trip. I think she was trying to convince mom to let her go somewhere. I think she did because when I woke up this morning Sarah was gone. She didn't leave a note or anything. I hope she's ok."

Taylor says:

Posted: Thu May 24, 2007 2:47 pm

"I wish I could be with Jonas and Daniel and help them find Bree. I doubt my mom would let me go. You never know... stranger things have happened. If or until that happens I am here at my computer offering any help I can. "

So, Taylor, do you think that is where Sarah went?

Taylor says:

Posted: Thu May 24, 2007 2:54 pm

"I really don't know. Last week she was talking about going on the road to follow some band she likes. Also, we've never been to the Grand Canyon. I remember her saying something about "finding herself" there. On the other hand, she really grew close to Daniel and Jonas in the short time they were here. Honestly, she could be anywhere."

LG15 International - GozerB

A plea for help on a little project for Lonelygirl15

No more mudslinging!


We love how you use this site, but please do not fight here on the comment boards. I do not want to have to moderate all of the comments, but it is not fair for the rest of the community to have this board be dominated by fights and mudslinging. This is a place to talk to each other about the show as well as the interesting things you have in common. If you need to fight, please take it off of this platform.

Thank you,


What Time is it? (OpAphid Mix) - Brooklynxman

Bring Back Tach. Its just not the same without her. And w/o OpAphid. And in case you don't recognize exactly where the music is from, its the version of Tach's totally awesome theme song used in Gemma PartIV, the last video soley from Tachyon ever released.

Oh, The Places You’ll Go

Daniel and I went and revisited all the places where he encountered the Order. We were hoping to find a lead that would take us to Bree, but unfortunately, it didn't help much. - Jonas Faction: THE RESISTANCE Status: PUBLIC VIDEO

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What did DannyB find?

Looking back to the beginning of the necro thread where DannyB post the note from Bree's day we find that:

Daniel says

Posted: Mon May 21, 2007 9:35 pm

You guys are awesome. A lot of you have said or sent nice things about the video i just posted . . . it means a lot to me. So, like I promised, Jonas and I decided to be proactive and come up with a plan. The first thing we thought to do was to go through Bree's things to see if we could find anything useful - yeah, I know, that is pretty rude, but we had to do something. Here is what we found:

1) Owen - we searched him for bugs but found nothing
2) the flash drive - it only had that file with the Order symbols
3) note from bree's dad left inside p. monkey - it's a little weird but seems innocent
4) Order in the Modern Empire manuscript - not sure there is anything there we don't already know.

so, not sure what to do next.

well, thanks again for watching the vid.


How to find a "New Girl"

Daniel found five location searches in Google Maps left open on Lucy's computer. It is as of yet unclear what the significance of these locations is but they may well be the locations of "New Girls"

The locations have been identified as:

Zavalla, Texas <<<< Jules
31° 9′30.00″N

La Crete, Alberta, Canada

Wickenburg, Arizona

North Topanga Canyon Blvd., Topanga, CA <<< possibly location of Ceremony.
34° 5′37.00″N

Adak Island, Alaska.

Lucy in translation

The Order are excellent negotiators. But what did Lucy really say? I'm going to find out...


The code breakers are hard at work on the note that Bree's dad left for her.

ApotheosisAZ writes:

Posted: Wed May 23, 2007 12:28 am


I know you said to PM you if we figured anything out. I really haven't, but I did want to share an hypothesis.

I think Bree's dad was pointing out the substance in her blood that makes her desired by The Order.

He said that contact would be "periodic," and then said that he left money on the "table."

Both statements aren't true, from what I remember. I remember that the money was found in P. Monkey, and that contact didn't occur regularly.

I think he was saying "Periodic Table," as in Periodic Table of the Elements. I think he might have been tipping us off as to what substance The Order is looking for in Bree's blood that makes her desirable for The Ceremony.

I am checking the Table for uncommon elements found in human blood. The most promising so far are Lanthanides, which are also called "rare earth elements." A couple of these are found in blood at the pg/mL amounts.

Dixiemccoy then notes that:

Posted: Wed May 23, 2007 1:34 am

The first thing that struck me was the inconsistant line lengths. There is probably a reason for that...

The text reads:




If you count the words on each line you get:

This does not look like a simple letter substitution, but it might be. Going with the periodic table idea, substituting the element that has that atomic number it makes no sense. Using the element to the left makes no sense either. The numbers total to 85, the atomic number of Astatine. Again, no sense. Separating by phrase length doesn't yield anything either. I'm still fairly certain line length and chemistry are involved... somehow."

....and then...

Gidget wrote

Posted: Wed May 23, 2007 4:34 am


"If this leading to some medication or blood "trait", why would bree's dad need to point this out to bee? Wouldn't she already know?

He said "Don't forget your QE (7, 15) and Superconductivity(17). Maybe reminding her to take medication or something? I feel like I'm grasping at straws.

If this is a code it needs to be telling Bree something she doesn't already know, thats what's tripping me up about this.

Does any of this mean anything to you Beast? Has Bree mentioned any chemicals or medications shes been using since you guys were on the road?"


In response to concerns expressed by many LG15 fans about the nature and difficulty of character interactivity on LG15.com.......

The Creators Say:

May 23rd, 2007 at 12:45 am

"Hey Everyone,

Hope you like the new videos. We wanted to address a concern/complaint that we have seen here on the comment board.

First, we do read every comment and you are all just as important to us as the members of the forum - we do not discriminate

Second, we understand that you are frustrated that the characters do not comment on the comment board. However, there is a very good reason. This comment board is intentionally “out of game.” Here, you can say anything you want about the creative elements of lonelygirl15 - guessing the plot, discussing the acting, critiquing the video quality, and bashing the writing (see, we do read the comment board). It would not make sense if our characters commented in the same place that we comment. Daniel cannot comment in a place where people write about how much they love Yousef’s performance, it just doesn’t fit with the logic.

Therefore, we have created a designated section in the forum where you can talk to the characters in character and “in game.” The characters are there often and you can have detailed conversations with them about their lives. We are sorry that some of you don’t want to go in the forum, but it really isn’t that bad of a place. We hope you will try it out. If you don’t want to go in there, no worries, everything discussed in the “character chat” section will ultimately make its way into the videos.

Thanks for understanding,


For links LG15 character interactions use the Talk to.." link on the right hand side of LG15 TODAY. It provides links to character posts on the necro, their myspace and youtube accounts!!!!

1) Both Bree and Daniel have previously appeared in LG15 chats which are mostly used for out of game chat.
2) At least one character has previously posted on comments but not recently
3) Madddison Atkins was able to very effectively bridge the OG/IG experience in live chat
4) Many people prefer comments because its not topic driven like the necro and you have a more slow motion feel than live chat which lets fans mulit-task.
5) Fans suggested that the "private transmission statements" concept could be etended to clealy separate character posts from the so called OG comments
6) The post that created the stir came form Daniel on may 22 (http://lonelygirl15.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=364727&highlight=#364727) and involved content that many fans see as critical to understanding and enjoying the video. To be fair to "Daniel" the tread was opened up on May 21 to discuss his future game plan but the thread is burried so deep in the site that many fans do not visit it or a regular basis.

If you have any other ideas just add a comment below!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Message from the dead?

Daniel says:

Posted: Tue May 22, 2007 8:07 pm

"Hey everyone, thanks for all the support. It makes me feel a lot better to hear from you all. It's also nice that I can share this sorta stuff with you.

So, I thought about the note a bite more and decided you guys should see it too. PM me if you find anything or think of anything important."

Big version:

Note: not everyone on LG15.com is thrilled by the way that the characters only interact on certain parts of the LG15 web site and some feel left out of the experience by the way the Creators choose to have the characters interact with fans.

My Sister = Slut

Daniel, thanks for uploading Bree's dad's note to the forum. We are all looking at it and trying to see if it means anything. I hope you like my video. - Taylor Faction: THE RESISTANCE Status: PUBLIC VIDEO

Chat Room Breaking News

On Freenode today, two notable events:

An anonymous source revealed

Jeromy logged in. And then logged out again.

And second, a glimpse at an unlikely romance budding? or just beautiful music?
Perky^: i think MM would shit if you started writing me sappy love notes in public
Perky^: hahaha
* QtheC sings "Love is like the best beef Jerky..."
* QtheC warbles "ridin through cow dust with Perky"
Perky^: wow
Perky^: that was...
Perky^: profound
SuperRad3: now I'm hungry :(
SuperRad3: and lovelorn
Perky^: now i'm dusty
SuperRad3: all at once
* QtheC concludes "If only I had bought more beans..."
* QtheC sings sadly "we would have lived, and done cowboy things."
* QtheC bows romantically.
* Perky^ is speechless

Hey, it's a slow night.

~ QtheC

Taylor says

Taylor says:

Posted: Mon May 21, 2007 11:33 pm

"Hi Daniel, it's Taylor. I'm sorry about your grandma...it was a really sweet story.

I think you should post the note too. Maybe I can help in some way? Please let me know. I miss you guys! Glad you made it home safely."

Note: what is it that makes me thing that when it comes to Jonas, Taylor might have a little more on her mind than just helping Bree?

Monday, May 21, 2007

Comfort Food

We left Zavalla and are back at Jonas's. I'm pretty bummed right now, so I decided to blog. - Daniel Faction: THE RESISTANCE Status: PUBLIC VIDEO

New blog from Sarah: Pics

Sarah posted a new blog on her Myspace

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


There are only a few more days left of school. People are signing yearbooks, talking about their college plans, future goals, yada yada yada. All I can think about are my new friends and how they bailed on me. Why couldn't they have stayed here forever? Oh, I know why: this place sucks! So they're headed back to Cali and I wish I were too.

So, to pass the time away I uploaded these pics from this weekend. Enjoy.

I called him "bartender guy" for a reason

emoSarash says:

Posted: Mon May 21, 2007 1:50 am

"Over? No way. I called him "bartender guy" for a reason... I can't remember his name! oops It was fun but it was also just for kicks.

As for graduation, I'm thrilled. Not so much for the ceremony, since I don't even think I'll go. I'm looking forward to the "emancipation" as Sarah described it. Once I'm done with school I can do anything. *sigh of relief*"

Washington Post article features Yousef Abu-Taleb (Danielbeast)

On comments today, rosieiswatching posted a scanned image of an article from the Sunday May 20th edition of the Washington Post, "Virginia Native is 'Lonely' and Lovin' It"

The full text is available online here at washingtonpost.com

~ QtheC

bartender, please fill my glass

by emoSarah on MySpace:

Sunday, May 20, 2007

"I'm not much of a drinker, but last night I couldn't say no to the jello shots. They were cherry flavored. I only planned on having 1, but then -- wait, that's a lie. No one ever plans on having only 1. And then I saw him. Yep, the bartender. Now the bartender, a.k.a. the guy who arrived too early at the party and so his friends stuck him with bartending duties, was kinda cute. After 5 jello shots he was really cute.

ME: Bartender, please fill my glass.

Next thing I know this girl Brittany and I are dancing on the coffee table. Brit got really into it coyote ugly style. So I'm dancing and we're getting really into it and then bartender guy comes over and finally makes his move. I wasn't really in the mood to reciprocate; Brit and I were having a good time. But guess who's in the corner watching me? Jay. Douche bag Jay is at the party and he's getting his kicks watching me and Brit dance together. So instead of giving him more material for his mental hard drive I decided to kiss the bartender.

So I repeated my earlier request: Bartender, please fill my glass.

By the end of the night, it was the bartender who had enough material to keep himself company for eternity."

When a fan asked her:

'Woah Sarah! Party-time! I guess that means you didn't go with your dad this weekend?"

emoSarah responded:

"Not only did I not hang with pops, I got grounded. Yep, mom is reigning me in. Or at least trying to!"

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Trait Negative!

Julia's Medical Record

danielbeas says:

Posted: Sat May 19, 2007 8:22 pm

Hey just wanted to drop in & say HELLO. You guys don't get to see much of the stuff we find & I'm proud of my protactiveness (is that a word??) this week. This is a page from Julia's medical file. It doesn't seem like there's a whole lot here, but I figured you'd want to see it.

Note: clinical data for comparison 15.2 pg/mL probably means 15.2 picograms per milliliter.

KateModern or Tate Modern?

Is KateModern a play on the art musuem the "Tate Modern"?

The Creators say:

Posted: Sat May 19, 2007 8:19 pm

Yes it is. Amanda came up with the name - she is soooooo brilliant!!! Yeah, I'm biased, but she rocks.

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