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Saturday, December 12, 2009

"Party in the Breeniverse" debuts on BreeFM

Earlier this evening Milowent treated listeners on BreeFM to the World debut "Party in the Breeniverse". The song was written to help celebrate the upcoming comments party on LG.com which is scheduled for Monday night.

December 14:

"World Wide Meep Party" - 6pm EST
"Party in the Breeniverse" - 8pm EST.

You can tune into BREEFM at http://sc.digitaleagles.com:20020/listen.pls and open the file in your preferred media player! OR: head over to http://breefm.blogspot.com and listen with the built-in player!

On This Day In LG15 History: Dec. 12, 2008 - Resistance 12 in 12

One year ago today, on December 12, 2008, the 12 in 12 finale for LG15: The Resistance aired. After EvilSarah walked away from Jonas, who was chained to the ceiling in some Order facility, the finale ended with this final short video from Reed:

The Bannen Way: Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes with Jesse Warren

Today we have an exclusive behind-the-scenes video (above) from Crackle with Bannen director, and co-creator, Jesse Warren.


Countdown to the 2010 Streamy Awards submission period is on!

Countdown to the 2010 Streamy Awards submission period is on! Only three days to go!


The Next Wave of Branded Entertainment

The vibrancy of fan communities is the bellwether of the future success of youth-skewed entertainment and branded content.


Christmas In The City 2009 - stanglick

Video of my Dept. 56 set up of "Christmas In The City" with
original song "Christmas In New York" sung by Maxwell Glick & Katie Wilson

Revenge of the Origami Unicorn: The Remaining Four Principles of Transmedia Storytelling

"Miyazki is making the case, then, that immersion - the ability of consumers to enter into fictional worlds - was the driving force behind the creation of cinema and has fueled the development of many subsequent media."


GooglePhone Taking The World By Storm

"Meanwhile, the big question remains: How can Google release a hardware device without driving its Android hardware partners insane with rage?"


My Shameless Video Contest Entry…Disclaimer: Please Help :-)

"Oh, and for all of you business owners out there looking to hold promotional video contests – take a cue from Lash Allure MD."


Goodbye My Friend (a tribute to Bree) - FruityBear

Posted October 09, 2007

A tribute to the lovely Bree :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Fear News Decemeber 11, 2009

Ginger meets one of her biggest (and creepiest) fans, Spencer the Clown. You're not afraid of clowns, are you?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Irresponsible Roommate - itsPeng1

Time to visit the folks for the holidays. Normally that would be a good thing, except...
I'm leaving my apartment in the hands of a mad man for an entire month.
See you guys in January...I hope.

Compulsions Episode 8: Promise Kept

In the Season Finale, Justine Davis (Janna Bossier) goes on her retrieval run for the mysterious 'package' while juggling plans with her Boyfriend David (Andrew Clemons) and the urging of her client Bryan (Ping Wu). Craig Frank also stars.

Compulsions Episode 7: Obsessed with a Crush

Cassandra Morrissey (Annemarie Pazmino) goes about her work while spying for a “worthy dish”. When she spies her new victim Mark Sandler (Craig Frank) at work, she immediately sees that something is “different” about him.

Tonight, Thursday December 10th in advance of the release of the season finale of Compulsions there will be a live show with the cast and crew.at 11:30PM Eastern 8:30PM Pacific. Follow Compulsions on Twitter for further details.

Voltaggio Brothers Get An Umbrella

Hot off the press release wire:

The Voltaggio Brothers Launch Interactive Culinary Web Site With EQAL

... Bravo's "Top Chef: Las Vegas" Winner and Runner-Up, Michael and Bryan Voltaggio, today announced the launch of http://www.VoltaggioBrothers.com, a culinary lifestyle Web site and social network which will host video, photo and informational content that will showcase the Brothers' knowledge and technique. ....

.... "We are excited to partner with EQAL in launching VoltaggioBrothers.com," said Bryan and Michael Voltaggio. "The technology used to power the Web site will enable us to get our ideas out to our community. With this tool we will be able to update in real-time a view into our culinary world together and as individuals. There is so much that we have not yet shared, now we finally have our platform."

*umbrellatoday.blogspot.com: list of umbrella sites

Trouble in FarmVille: Facebook, gaming company face lawsuit over deceptive ads

The ads in question appeared in third-party applications, were not from Facebook, and provided no benefit to Facebook," she wrote.


Also: "Zynga, billed as the most popular social gaming company, is in a different situation."

Mark Pincus On Zynga Revenue

via http://www.vimeo.com/3738428 - Zynga CEO Mark Pincus talks about doing anything for revenue. Spring 2009v

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Web.Files #23 - This Week in YouTube

This week on The Web.Files, the lovely and talented Kristyn Burtt interviews the equally lovely and talented Shira Lazar and Lon Harris, the hosts of This Week in YouTube. The duo discuss the genesis of the series, the process of putting on a weekly web show, and the value of a good thumbnail.

This Week in YouTube is produced by Mahalo, the human powered search engine; in contrast to Google, which is powered by fairy dust. Each week, the series looks at that week’s buzz-and-cringe worthy videos from YouTube. Shira Lazar is one of the busiest personalities working in new media right now. In addition to hosting This Week in YouTube, she hosts Yahoo’s daily show What’s so Funny as-well-as working for CBSNews.com and numerous other websites and media outlets. Lon Harris, in addition to working on This Week in YouTube works for Mahalo and grooms his beard.

MySpace Signs Agreement To Acquire iMeem

MySpace will acquire most of the assets of iMeem for a purchase price of around $1 million in cash.


Seth said...
Hey guys - I'm doing everything I can to get our playlists restored in case you were wondering. Some of them were well over 1M plays, and now they are gone. thank you myspace.

Qwest Is Betting on New TV

....top brass doesn’t think a pay-TV model will be around in five years.


Lashes to Riches Entry: OLGA KAY - olgakay

the rotating light, northern Norway. What do you think it is?

for more go to http://www.nrk.no/nyheter/distrikt/nordland/1.6902336

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1234430/Mystery-spiral-blue-light-display-hovers-Norway.html#ixzz0ZFDUHr8D

Anyone for some Arctic roll? Mystery as spiral blue light display hovers above Norway

What's blue and white, squiggly and suddenly appears in the sky?


Why Vevo Will Fail

No, what really bothers me is the fact that Hulu for music videos is a fundamentally misguided idea, one that ignores key differences between music and TV programming.


A Random Encounter with a Creator

A short blog post about one man's random encounter with Greg Goodfried on an airplane.

Who the heck is Greg Goodfried? you say…valid question. I actually didn’t know either at that moment. Then Greg starts to tell me about how in 2006 he and his business partner, Miles Beckett, hatched an idea to put a show on YouTube. They pooled a little money, casted for it and found Jessica Rose - a cute, young, unknown, new to LA, girl from New Zealand. They named her Bree and she went under the identity of Lonelygirl15 on YouTube.

The full article is available here.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Allison Mack Joins Riese

Earlier today, Ryan Copple announced that Allison Mack has joined the cast of Riese. Allison Mack is a German born actress who started acting at the age of four and has appeared in numerous television shows and movies. Her first major television role came in 1998, when she was cast as a teenage girl who cut herself on the WB show 7th Heaven. Since 2001, she has played the character of Chloe Sullivan, Clark Kent’s best friend and confident on the television show, Smallville.

Riese will not be Ms. Mack’s first foray into the world of web series. She starred in two promotional web series for Smallville, the Chloe Chronicles in 2003, followed by the Vengeance Chronicles in 2005. On Riese, Allison will play the character Marlise an ambitious member of The Sect, the powerful religious cult that rules Eleysia. This announcement is the latest in a series of high profile names that have joined the cast of Riese for the second chapter. Earlier the producers announced that Emilie Ullerup and Ryan Robbins both from the series Sanctuary, were joining the cast for the second chapter.

Compulsions Episode 6: Ripen

Mark Sandler (Craig Frank) use a "patience" approach to manipulate the information he's seeking as Sara Flannery (Taryn O'Neill) speaks to her partner Adam Creedy (Seth Caskey). Meanwhile, Mark is pushed by his enthusiastic co-worker Randy (Sean Spence) into speaking with Lacey (Elizabeth Tsing)

Anthony Zuiker on Attack of the Show!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Compulsions Episode 5: Only I Can See

Cassandra Morrissey (Annemarie Pazmino) reveals herself as a Voyuer watching the lives and actions of the owners of various computer clients she's had over the years. She works diligently under her superior James (RC Ormond) before informing Mark Sandler (Craig Frank) that his computer has now been "fixed".

Moochie Episode 1 - MoochieMania

Meet the guys. Sam, Danny, and Dave are recent college grads living together in a house with Moochie, their talking hamster. The thing is theyre the only ones that can hear him. To everyone else, hes just a hamster. But to these three guys, hes a wise, old, mentor. He always knows what to say and is always looking out for their best interest. Well, sorta.

Let’s Play Can You Spot the Brand, Target: ‘Moochie’

Know the brand backing this one?


Endemol’s ‘Married On MySpace’ Leaps From The Web To Si TV

While it is not clear whether MySpace got a financial boon from the Endemol/SiTV deal, it does help cement MySpace’s reputation for being an ideal place to launch original video series—even if it’s no longer the social network du jour.


One Fine Sunday - itsPeng1

Back in Savannah again for yet another school year.
I've been back for awhile but wasn't sure if I wanted to start posting videos again.
Well, here's hoping things stay normal this time around.
Oh look! It's Forsyth park!


From the creators of Will O' Wisp comes a new series about one of the oldest cities in the country and the secrets within it.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

YOU ARE INVITED!! YES.............YOU!!

::::: UPDATE December 14: The current plan is:

6pm EST World Wide Meep Party
8pm EST Party in the Breeniverse


misspinaberry said:

OKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! READ!!!!!!!!!!

YOU ARE INVITED!! YES.............YOU!!
On December 14 at 8:30 Eastern Time Zone (in honor of the anniversary of "meep"), ALL MEEPERS will be having a reuniting!!!!! This means that at this time, ALL MEEPERS should report to the board and we are going to chat it up on the disscussion board like its 2006 (the year that lonelygirl15 started)!!!!!!!! PLEASE spread the word around and RSVP on the board so I know whos coming!!!! Organize things to discuss or do! We need to get this community back on its feet again.


Image Source: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/33259830/


And btw- this is at 8:30 PM Eastern Time Zone.

Comedy Central Bets Big On Web Development

According to Corrao, no word has been made on whether or not to bring Secret Girlfriend back for a second season. The program averaged 1.5 million viewers per episode it's first season.


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