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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Deus Ex Machina - InnerWorld

This is the video sent to my email yesterday.



From the creators of Will O' Wisp comes a new series about one of the oldest cities in the country and the secrets within it.

Google Acquires EtherPad!

Google Acquires AppJet

The EtherPad team will continue its work on realtime collaboration by joining the Google Wave team.


Hey Vancouver (Mob)ilizers! - ericafromcanada

If youre reading this, please stay with us for another a few seconds... because this could change a life.

Have you ever wondered how you could raise support for causes your believe in by doing something you are already doing? It doesn't involve you going to a benefit concert, and it doesn't involve you throwing a bake sale. We all spend a lot of our time surfing the world wide web anyway. This campaign is one that involves raising support through something as simple as the click of a finger.

What if I told you that ONE CLICK = $15?

Free The Children is runner-up in the semi-final round of the AVIVA Community Challenge. And we need 10,000 votes in the next 14 days to make it to the judging round.

All you have to do cast a vote on this link everyday

and with the votes, you will be providing support for the work of Free The Children in schools all across Canada including those in inner-city and resource-poor areas.

It's never been easier to make a difference.
What will you different in next few seconds?

Erica's Videos set to Private

Ericafromcanda, better known as the character "Erica" from LG15: The Last has set her videos to private. This includes three LG15: The Last videos.

The only video on the account that is still viewable is a video unrelated to LG15: The Last. However, "The Last" Erica's First Video Blog "Bonjour Canada!" is still viewable as it was posted on a different account.

Live Earth TV Episode 1 - LiveEarthDotOrg

Join Live Earth's 2010 Global Event: On April 18, 2010, the Dow Live Earth Run for Water will be the largest solutions based initiative aimed at solving the global water crisis in history.

More to come at http://liveearth.org/LEtv

Jessica Biel, Alexandra Cousteau, Pete Wentz, Angelique Kidjo and Jenny Fletcher are lending their names and time in support of this important cause.

and so can YOU!

Learn more in episode 1 of Live Earth TV with Shira Lazar and at http://liveearth.org

Jessica Biel Backs Live Earth, Sprouts ‘LiveEarth TV’ Web Series

"Now Live Earth is prepping their latest global event—Run for Water with lead sponsor Dow—taking aim on the worldwide water crisis an international (think 192 countries!) series of 6km run/walks (the average distance women and children walk everyday to secure water) with local concerts and water education events on April 18, 2010."


Friday, December 4, 2009

Traditional producers urged to join hands with digital media

Industry experts encourage filmmakers to create strategy for new markets


Re: The dumbest moments in New Media history

by bradybd

That being said, the dialogue taking place here on AnchorCove is incredibly helpful — and trust me, we're listening.


Valemont Season 2???

Discussions re: a new season of Valemont are going well with MTV.


Drama explodes around Julia Allison's Newsweek Lonelygirl15 article!

::::: UPDATE :::::
From Julia: "it was actually added by Newsweek."- (see link below for details).

"Julia Allison Can’t Write Even When She’s Plagiarizing"

"A commenter has pointed out that he Lonelygirl “article” sounds remarkably like the Lonelygirl15 Wiki entry."


"PlagiarismGate 2009: Donkey Didn’t Plagiarize, According to Her"

"Julia Allison has responded to, I don’t know, whatever, what are we talking about again?"


"it was actually added by Newsweek."
"Being Julia: New 100K+ Per Year Star Mag Editor is Former Georgetown Sex Column Plagiarist"

".....who disgraced the school’s student newspaper The Hoya because she plagiarized portions of a column from iVillage."

Hoya Sexa

"In all, four of Baugher’s gag lines appear to be slightly altered versions of the iVillage.com material, and nine others looked partially similar."

See original NewWeek Lonelygilr15 article by "BY JULIA ALLISON": http://2010.newsweek.com/top-10/internet-memes/lonelygirl15.html

Julia Allison on Twitter.

Julia Allison on Wikipedia




Fear News Decemeber 4, 2009

Ginger tries to spend a quiet, black & white evening at home, but 'Mirror Ginger' has other plans. In this episode: Pride & Prejudice & Zombies Rumors, Stephen King Plans Shining Sequel & Syfy Miniseries, FEARnet Holiday Gift Guide.

Compulsions Episode 4: Solutions

Viewer Discretion Strongly Advised

Mark Sandler (Craig Frank) begins to interrogate the formidable Sara Flannery (Taryn O'Neill) while juggling a technical problem at work. He proceeds to seek out the help of IT Tech Cassandra Morrissey (Annemarie Pazmino) and gives Sara a devastating revelation.
Also starring: Seth Caskey, and Sean Spence

Eqal's new equation - c21 media

4 Dec 2009 Subscriber content

"Eqal's new equation - 4 Dec 2009

THE NEW PRODUCERS: Eqal, the web studio that grew out of Lonelygirl15, moved into technology licensing earlier this year – surely a sign that the days of web drama are numbered? Not so, co-founder Miles Beckett tells Jonathan Webdale."

Unfortunately, the article is behind a subscription-only wall, so you have to guess at what the new EQAL math is.

Subscription Only Link to Article

Reflexion - marekfilms

Running Time 1:47

"Reflexion is a experimental short film and visually haunting reminder looking at how quickly a relationship can come to an end by the choice of one person."

The no dialogue format of this clip reminded me a bit of lg15 montage videos - how they can recap a story with only video and music. This is a self-contained story in less than 2 minutes. Plus, I figured I would post something to move all these pictureless-posts down the page. :-)

Could Comcast deal change TV as we know it?

Federal regulators wouldn't approve the deal if they thought that millions of people would lose free TV.


Web-TV Divide Is Back in Focus With NBC Sale

“Hollywood needs a toll collector,” said Todd Dagres of the venture capital firm Spark Capital, and “Comcast can play the part because online video will erode traditional cable.”

The Real Reason Brian Roberts Is Buying NBC

Say what you will about how media moguls will never learn: Comcast CEO Brian Roberts isn't an idiot.

Comcast-NBC deal shows future is in content

GE would retain a 49 percent stake, with the option of unloading half its stake in 3½ years and all of it in seven years.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

YouTube Grabs More Long-Form Video Content in U.K.

Following last month's deal with Channel 4, Google has announced another major content agreement with U.K. broadcaster Five that will bring its full-length programming to YouTube....


Fitch: Expect NBC Or ABC To Become A Cable Network By 2011

With the official word that Comcast (NSDQ: CMCSA) will acquire a majority stake in NBC today, the odds of that happening just increased significantly.


Share Completely Legal Movie Clips on Social Sites With MovieClips.com

One of the greatest things about Web video is that you can find and pass around clips of your favorite movie.



YouTube New Years


Sex, secrets and 'Dollhouse': Joss Whedon talks about the end of his Fox show

What's below is a feature based on a Dec. 2 interview with Joss Whedon about "Dollhouse," "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog," "Glee," "Terminator" and various other things.


Galileo Paradox - ROCKETBOOM

It's Paradox Week on Rocketboom. Today, Molly creates and explains the Galileo Paradox.

For more paradoxes, visit:

{CASTIEL} Where Do We Draw The Line - michiev

:) Make up your own definition of what YOU think this is about.
note: It's not about slash fic with dean and Castiel.. or Cas and bobby, or Cas and Uriel, or Cas and Sam.. get your mind out of the gutter :P

Life, Liberty...and the Pursuit of Paid Content: Part 1

Posted by Taryn O Neill

I believe we have a disconnect with our Art.


Sundance unveils 2010 lineup

Festival 'put marketability of films off to the side'


GO FORTH, O PIONEERS! A Reflection on Levi’s Go Forth Campaign

Jan Libby notes that “Levis, W & K and I had hoped to design a treasure hunt experience that was a wonderful journey across America, rather than a mad dash for money…I was incredibly happy to see how the GO IV community bonded and maintained that bond right through until end game.”


Compulsions Episode 3: Fairy Tale

Justine Davis (Janna Bossier) follows the information given to her by Mark Sandler (Craig Frank) and abducts Sara Flannery (Taryn O'Neill), after handing her off to Mark's methods, she heads to meet her boyfriend David (Andrew Clemons)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Web.Files #22 - Compulsions Premiere

Episode 22 of The Web.Files features interviews from the cast and crew of the web series Compulsions, which debuted this week exclusively on Dailymotion. For more information about the series check out the various articles right here on LG15Today.

Also, tomorrow, December 3rd, is Kristyn Burtt's birthday, so we here at LG15Today would like to wish Kristyn a very happy birthday. I bet she will look good in one of those pointy hats.

Liar Paradox - ROCKETBOOM

Ustream and Justin, Watch Out: YouTube Is Getting Ready for Real-Time Video

That’s what I wanted to know from Hunter Walk, YouTube’s director of Product Management, when I interviewed him at NewTeeVee Live last month, and he told me that Google views live streams like these as part of a bigger strategy to get YouTube ready for the real-time video web.


....adding that Google sees spikes in mobile video uploads every time a new device like the Droid or the iPhone 3GS enters the market.

NTV Talks with Hunter Walk, Dir. of Prod. Management, YouTube

‘Bannen Way’ Trailer Launch Fuels Web TV Meetup Buzz

As Streamy-winning Pink director Blake Calhoun joked today on Twitter, “I didn’t realize Guy Ritchie was now directing web series ;)”


Cooking for Noobs: Turkey soup! - reallyRen33

Now that Thanksgiving is over, put them leftovers to good use with this quick soup! So easy, a noob could do it! This also works well with chicken leftovers, and even if your turkey came out dry this year, this soup will liven it up!

Vote For Meekakitty!!!

Why are you reading this!? GO VOTE FOR HER!!!!!!


One day, my friend Daniel introduced me to YouTube; at first I just watched, but soon I got the courage to upload my first video.


Marnette Patterson appears on House M.D

Marnette Patterson of LG15: The Resistance appeared on House M.D on November 30, 2009


Mutant Friends: Crazy Random Happenstance

Seriously, who would wear a Jayne hat in public? :)

Created, written and staring Ellie Hall

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Compulsions Episode 2: Friends

Mark Sandler (Craig Frank) finally breaks Adam Creedy (Seth Caskey) into revealing what he’s been keeping hidden. Mark shares his new information with Justine (Janna Bossier) while trying to go maintain his day job. Also, starring Sean Spence and Elizabeth Tsing

Monday, November 30, 2009

Compulsions Episode 1: Unleash

Warning this program contains adult language and adult situations. Viewer discretion is advised.

Mark Sandler (Craig Frank) reveals himself as a vicious interrogator while balancing his daily life as an office drone. The unfortunate Adam Creedy (Seth Caskey) is his first victim. Also, starring Janna Bossier, Sean Spence, and Elizabeth Tsing

The LXD Official Sneak Peek - jonmchu

CHOREOGRAPHY BY: Christopher Scott & Harry Shum & Bboy Legacy

For the past six months, me and some of the most talented people in the business have been locked in a room secretly building a project that combines music, dance, story telling, sport and interactive media.

We call this project the LXD. You've seen us on Ellen, YouTube Live but the LXD is part of an idea that is much bigger than that and always had been but we had to get a lot of pieces together to fulfill the vision. An now, with our partners, Agility Studios, we have gathered our army and have been slowly but surely creating something really special and that you get a sneak peek of right here on YouTube.

No Special effects. No Wires. Real People, Real powers.

I am inviting you to join me on this epic online adventure and who knows even YOU may be part of the LXD.


Join the Dancer Uprising.
Subscribe for more details as they come.

Agility Studios.

Puma for their belief in the vision.

The Ant Farm Team for their amazing titles.

Hieu Ho for Producing.

Cast and Crew of the episodes that we will reveal later...

THE LXD THEME MUSIC: Composed by Nathan Lanier

Paramount Digital Steps Up to Jon M. Chu’s ‘LXD’

The storyline follows “heroes and villains with amazing powers of dance, that band together in rival factions, with an epic back-story and mythology woven around how the various dance styles in the hip-hop world came to be.”


Compulsions on Livestream


Watch live video from fangirlsguide's channel on Justin.tv

Just announced our Livestream URL - http://www.justin.tv/fangirlsguide

Premiere – Streamed Live

The Calm Before the Storm

"We’ve got a pretty full event at our premiere tonight. The Web Files, Girl Gamer, Dailymotion, will all play big parts tonight. Between the panels, the press, the livestream interviews, and the community, I’m pretty sure everyone will have a great time."


Call to Action!!! - mitchcontrol

Do I cut this Goatee off? you have until 10:45
my twitter is www.twitter.com/mitch_control
Tweet or comment "Cut" or "Don't cut"

The first creative club – a look at ARGs

So history was in the making yesterday as we kicked off our first creative club here at RKCR/ Saint.


Let Me Entertain You

That’s why companies like Nielsen measure brand recall in both product placements and traditional television ads.


Pixel8 Launches Aussie Web Studio, ‘BobbyDrexler’ First Up

Now a new Sydney-based web production studio has launched, dubbed Pixel8, and it not surprisingly has ties to Nick Carlton’s OzGirl.


MSN Picks Up Milo Ventimiglia’s ‘Ultradome’ for Parallel Universe

Milo Ventimiglia wants to further intellectual debate for the Comic-Con crowd. Back in May, the Heroes‘ hotshot told us about teaming up with Agility Studios for the web series Ultradome.


AOL Vows to Become Top Producer of Digital Content

A new content-management system is at the center of AOL’s plans. While Armstrong hasn’t been willing to share many details about the system, he said it is based on new technology that makes it easier to produce and publish web content across AOL’s sites.


I Cant Belive This! - LG15Iris2009

I would never of thought...

(Warning: Volume may increase)

Riese Episode 3 - Bind

Haunted by own her past, Riese decides to investigate Helmkin's dark secret, while Doctor Bauman receives an unexpected visitor.

For a fully immersive experience, we strongly encourage using headphones and turning up your volume while viewing.

For more info, visit www.riesetheseries.com

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Safety Pin-up Calendar Part II

Earlier this week, LG15Today ran a story on the new pin-up calendar featuring Brittney Powell and the cast of SafetyGeeks:SVI. For those who were interested in purchasing a calendar, but were apprehensive about the cost, there is now a second option. In addition, to the larger premium version available here, there also is a smaller, 11"x17", version available at zazzle.com. Also, with the Coupon code: CALENDARS998 one can save 44% if purchased by December 10th.

Web series are struggling to make money; this is an excellent way to show support for independent projects while still getting a quality product in return. Also, judging by the preview pictures, I can honestly say these calendars would make an excellent stocking stuffer.

Calling Twitter’s bluff

But if Waves can gain traction around events and become integrated with Gmail as Paul Buchheit recently predicted, then an enterprising Wave developer might write a bot that captures Tweets as they are entered or received by Twitter and siphons them into the Wave repository in near realtime.


'The Guild' ends another season. Miss it already?

Star/creator Felicia Day continues to outdo herself with the series' polished writing.


crossdressing!? - reallyRen33

The video pretty much explains it all! It will make more sense once I finish filming the rest of the upcoming video. I think its gonna be pretty funny. =D

Dollhouse ARG: More new info....

"Where we stand now, the new login at wipethefuture.com has been cracked to reveal a letter and several disturbing pictures from Matt. user: syr pass: frauenchlussel."


Derived from the folktale/legend "The Killer in the Backseat".

PART 1 OF 10 of OF MY INTERACTIVE VIDEO! Click on the annotation on the video screen to see all 10 stories! And let me know what you think of THIS video by commenting/rating! Share w/ your friends & follow me on Twitter @ http://www.twitter.com/OkieMerrod83 Thanks! :)
Derived from the folktale/legend "The Killer in the Backseat". This is my version of the story, rewritten and told in my own style and in my own words. Be sure to watch all 10 stories!

You can find the rest of the 10 episodes here: http://www.youtube.com/user/OkieMerrod

If you want to become an "author" on Web Series Today please read: http://tinyurl.com/becomeaWSTauthor

For more detailed information about Web Series Today please read: Web Series Today:

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