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Saturday, October 8, 2011

RCVR: Episode 1-4

RCVR: Episode 1: Little Green Men (Brand new exclusive Machinima.com series)

RCVR: Episode 2: Birdfall

RCVR: Episode 3: Dry Weather

RCVR Episode 4: Mission Failure

Making Content Too Good For YouTube: How “RCVR” Found 2.6 Million Views in Two Weeks

It’s a story told from the point of view of a government agent of dubious authorization who’s been sent to scrub away memories of extraterrestrial encounters.



@iawtv they bought a lot of those views ya know. It's right there when you look at the first video's insight.


The People That Touch Your Food - Episode 5

iJustine: Steve

There are no words or videos that I'd ever be able to create that can truly capture what Steve Jobs means to me and so many others. He's been an amazing inspiration and will be greatly missed.

Thank you, Steve.

Nayders07: GUINEA PIG for LUNCH!?!

30 Days With Debby Ryan -- Day 7 -- Playing Tricks on a Babysitter

The Haunted House Visit Part 6

ABG | The Misadventures of AWKWARD Black Girl - Episode 9

Friday, October 7, 2011

Cinemassacre's Monster Madness 2011 Day 8: Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein!

One of the greatest comedy teams of all time meets one of the greatest movie monsters of all time, mayhem ensues!

HUSBANDS 8: This Together Thing

Tubefilter: Elle & Blair Fowler, YouTube's Beauty Tastemakers

Ghost footage - The Haunted House Visit Part 5

The Click Clique: Randy Wayne from Talent & The Lying Game! (10/6/11)

The Philip DeFranco Show: Steve Jobs is Dead and What it Means To Me

Stuff Phil Likes: Thursday Oct 6th, 2011 (Start Here)

Start Playlist: http://bit.ly/oTPXNx

30 Days With Debby Ryan -- Day 6 -- Being on Disney Channel

Booboo and Fivel: Booboo Accepts Prestigious "Rising Star" Award!!

Kole's Law: Partying is Such Sweet Sorrow, Pt. 2 - Ep. 206

Border Guardians Of Ackernon: Holy crap! What just happened? - Ep. 9

Dispatch from Hollywood: Product Placement in Online Video Works


A message from Anonymous to the 99% #occupywallstreet

The Tipping point has ARRIVED.

Read the full post: We Have Reached a Critical Mass: Powerful Video Message from Anonymous

They have never seen a movement from the children of the internet.


Source credit: Wealth: How Does the U.S. Slice the Pie?

Cinemassacre's Monster Madness 2011 Day 7: House of Dracula!

Join James as he moves from the Frankenstein franchise in his sequel marathon to the Dracula franchise. Twilight, bite me, Dracula is the true vampire king!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cinemassacre's Monster Madness 2011 Day 6: House of Frankenstein

Today James covers the original Monster Mash: Dracula, the Frankenstein Monster and Wolfman in the same movie for the very first time!!

Working Out With Venus!

Kevin is looking to get back in shape so he goes to see his former personal trainer Venus who gives him a workout. Meanwhile, Doug tries to impress a sexy Bikini Model while ditching Ashley in a volleyball game.


We are the "Downstairs Guys". We're putting our lives up on YouTube to show you guys the behind the scenes of our whacky lives. See what we do to meet hot and sexy girls and try to see them naked or at the very least in a bikini or something.

The Guild: Season 5 - Episode 11 - Costume Contest

<a href='http://www.bing.com/videos/browse?mkt=en-us&vid=y0e19pki&from=us-Video' target='_new' title='Season 5 - Episode 11 - Costume Contest' >Video: Season 5 - Episode 11 - Costume Contest</a>
The Guild, semi--somewhat incognito, infiltrate the convention costume contest to stop their game from being ruined.

Zero Punctuation: Gears of War 3


Blood and Bone China - Chapter 11 - 'The Silver Lining'

The Key of Awesome!: Adele Someone Like You PARODY! Key of Awesome #47

GIRL PARTS REVEALED: Writer Kelsey Robinson

30 Days With Debby Ryan -- Day 5 -- Debby's Current Read


Stuff Phil Likes: Wednesday Oct 5th, 2011 (Start Here)

Start Playlist: http://bit.ly/nmU2kd

White Collar Poet - Ep. 2: The Business of Art

Partners in Pretension - Ep. 6: How to Stab a Friend in the Back

Gregory Way: Gigi's Night Out - Ep. 8

Ghouls - Episode III

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

In Memory of Steve Jobs

Many things will be said about Steve Jobs today. One thing is for sure it that he changed the World. He was indeed an empowered individual who ran with his gut instincts and by doing so he created great things.

Steve, thank you. You will be missed greatly And to his family, our sincerest condolences.


Steven Paul Jobs, 1955-2011

His family, in a statement released by Apple, said Mr. Jobs "died peacefully today surrounded by his family."

Read the full post

Taryn Southern: A Tribute to Steve Jobs

From iJustine on Facebook

Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

Vampirism Bites 2.8: Belle Rung

In the aftermath of the battle between Vampire Belle and Hunter Simon, Belle finds herself standing face to face and toe to toe with The First Hunter...Alone.

Steve Jobs: 1955-2011

This Week in Webseries - Episode 6 - Lewis Roscoe

Cinemassacre's Monster Madness 2011 Day 5: Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman!

Frankenstein's Monster vs The Wolfman, nuff said!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"The Shakedown" - Ep #11, Model Ball Special Edition HD

Jake McBride is having a practice with his team of models when he is confronted by two Bookies that he owes money too. Will Jake not live to see another game or will the bookies take mercy on Jake?

The Philip DeFranco Show: Amanda Knox KILLER or INNOCENT??

Stuff Phil Likes: Tuesday Oct 4th, 2011 (Start Here)

Start Playlist: http://bit.ly/qn78nX

HeyItsMilly: NED'S BACK!!!! (MILLY MAIL #4)

HUSBANDS 7: Normal People

Brady and Cheeks seeks Haley's advice on how to appear more normal.

Wendy: Ep 6 -- Finale -- Catch Me

Chapter 6: "Catch Me"

Description: Wendy knows she has to believe to be with Pete, but her brothers' disappearance has left her too afraid to try. Following Pete means saying goodbye to Jackson and Fawn forever—but staying could destroy her one chance at happiness. In Chapter 6 of WENDY, she's forced to choose between the boy she loves and the boy of her dreams. Her decision will change everything. *
Discover more about the series and download your free copy of "Save Me" on the Wendy Facebook page (http://facebook.com/WendyTheSeries).

The Click Clique: Janet Brings it On, Gossip Girl, & Dream House's Rachel Fox (10/4)

30 Days With Debby Ryan -- Day 4 -- All About Jessie

What’s Trending

Watch live streaming video from whatstrending at livestream.com

Online Out Of Line: Google, Google, Google - Ep. 1

nline Out Of Line is a social media news show presenting stories about all the happenings in social media with a sense of humor. In this episode titled "Google, Google, Google" our hosts Joshua Swanson and Lauren Gilmore take apart Myspace and their grammar issues, introduce a way to make money hacking into Facebook, talk about a new partnership between Skype and Facebook, and Facebook's integration of music partnerships.

Forty Weight - Ep. 4: Belligerent

L.A. Paranormal: Fan Mail - Ep. 8

A Perfect Union - Ep. 9: The Black Bean

The Inland Sea: An Australian Odyssey: Alice Springs Snake Encounter - Ep. 5

Dragon Age: Redemption Trailer (ft. Felicia Day)

Directed by Peter WintherWritten by Felicia DayExecutive Producers: Dan Kaplow, Felicia Day, Kim EveyExecutive Producer: Greg AronowitzProduced by Peter Winther, William Mesa, Emily WallinFurther Cast and Crew: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1866426/

Geoblocking shut down???

The European Court in Luxembourg made a landmark ruling that could lead to the end of geoblocking on the web.


Inaugural IAWTV Awards Submissions #IAWTV

Only episodes of a web series as defined below that were released during the period of January 1, 2010 through October 31, 2011 are permitted to enter for consideration in the inaugural IAWTV Awards ....

Read the full IAWTV Awards Submissions post;

The submission fee is $95 ($45 for Active IAWTV Members in good standing) for the first 5 awards categories and then $10 for each additional awards category thereafter per web series.

Taryn Southern: Where Are My Musical Comedy Videos??

Coming soon on my new MAIN channel! Please subscribe here! bit.ly/tarynsouthern


IMDB (leave a comment on my board!):

Monday, October 3, 2011

Cinemassacre's Monster Madness 2011 Day 4: Ghost of Frankenstein!

By this point the franchise was getting pretty lame but Lon Chaney Jr's in it and James finds a way to make it fun!

The Key of Awesome!: Moves Like Jagger Comments!

Oh Baby [Tube Trials Ep. 202]


Stuff Phil Likes: Monday Oct 3rd, 2011 (Start Here)

Girl Parts: Episode 7 - "The One With Jason Horton"

Charlie McDonnell: This Is My Life

Nayders07: Machu Freakin Picchu

‘Diggnation,’ Popular Web Talk Show, to End Its Run in December

While “Diggnation” remains one of the company’s top five shows — Revision3 says it counts roughly 250,000 views each week...

Read the full post:

Laps: Episode "Pansy"

Episode 9 is now available to watch here or on your iPhone / Android via the app for Laps. It’s only a buck, same price as two tacos. It’s the second to last episode before the season finale!

Nathan is so down on himself that an unexpected visitor comes in to try and knock some sense into him. Guest starring Paul Dillon from Austin Powers and Fight Club!

Season Finale is October 10th!

One Sharp Girl (trailer)

Indie Intertube Episode 11

Tubefilter: How Congress Could Ruin YouTube: Felony Streaming Act!

30 Days With Debby Ryan -- Day 3 -- Favorite Fashion Item


Jane tells us a little more about her experience in web content and how each project differs and offers advice for up-and-coming web content creators.

Read the full post:

The Walking Dead: Torn Apart - Episodes 1 - 6

In The Walking Dead's Season 1 episode "Days Gone Bye," sheriff's deputy Rick Grimes encounters a badly decayed female walker lying beside a bicycle in a park. Later, he returns to mercifully shoot the walker in the head. Who was this woman? How did she become a walker? [...] [Source: AMC Blog]

Here are all six parts to the web-series, the series is geoblocked but if you search youtube you can find non-geoblocked videos of each of the six parts.

The Inland Sea: An Australian Odyssey Ep 1-4

What the Buck - Game Room

Facebook Us - http://facebook.come/WatchGameRoom

Woody plays a frustrating game of What The Buck (by Michael Buckley) before Andre steps in and really shows him how it's done. - Marisha Ray looks on

Twitter - http://twitter.com/WatchGameRoom
Homepage - http://watchgameroom.com

Andre Meadows - http://youtube.com/blacknerdcomedy
Woody Tondorf - http://twitter.com/WoodyTondorf
Marisha Ray - http://twitter.com/Marisha_Ray

Directed by: Derek Housman
Written by: Woody Tondorf
Sound Design by: Jharon Pritchett

Created by:
Woody Tondorf - http://twitter.com/WoodyTondorf
Bernie Su - http://youtube.com/BernieSu
Derek Housman - http://Youtube.com/DerekHousman


COSPLAY: The Series 2nd Season Trailer -- Evil's Awakening

12-Steps To Recovery - Ep. 2 Spoken Word

Cinemassacre's Monster Madness 2011 Day 3: Son of Frankenstein

SON of Frankenstein!!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Aidan 5 (Sci Fi Drama) - Episode 12: Inferno

Felicia Day: LUPUS Walk: Club Mo!

Thanks to everyone who donated to the #ClubMo team in support of the lovely Maurissa Tancharoen Whedon at the Annual Walk for Lupus event!

We raised over $75,000 for the Lupus Foundation of America- the top nonprofit voluntary health organization dedicated to finding the causes of and cure for lupus and providing support and services to all people affected by Lupus.

Special thanks to the #ClubMo team captains, Nirvana Adams and Amy Smith, along with Jed Whedon, Joss Whedon, Zack Whedon, Kim Evey, Greg Benson, Brian Kameoka, Jeff Winkler, Jenny Newman, Grant Imahara, Amy Berg, Jinx T-Shirts and everyone else who helped to make it such a great success!

Check out Maurissa's blog at http://itssonotsexy.tumblr.com/

Music by Mike Cionni http://mikecionni.tumblr.com/

Edited/shot by Brit Weisman

For more info or to donate visit http://www.lupus.org/newsite/pages/Walk-for-Lupus-Now.htm

The Uploaders: LESS THAN THREE!


Animated Fruit With Ambition

There is little doubt that Dane Boedigheimer has created an online sensation that struck a pop cultural nerve.

Read the full post:

Source @ShiraLazar on Twitter

Cinemassacre's Monster Madns 2011 Day 2: Bride of Frankenstein!

James covers the first true horror sequel!

BlackBoxTV: The Boy, The Cat and the Zombie!!!

"T is for Tantrum" from SomeGuyWhoKills
"The Cat With Hands" from MrMorgansOrgans
"Zombie's Day Out" from TheReceptionist

Welcome to the BlackBoxTV Drive-In Theater!
To submit a film for the next BlackBoxTV Drive-In Theater leave a link in the comments below or tweet it to us @BBTVofficial

The Fine Bros: KIDS REACT to Hatsune Miku

30 Days With Debby Ryan -- Day 2 -- First Boyfriend

Chutes & Ladders - Ep. 4 Alejandro

You cannot arrest an idea. #occupywallstreet


Occupying Wall Street
Posted by Laurie Penny

... here, in America, at the symbolic heart of global capitalism, ordinary people have turned off their televisions and come out to shout in the streets.

Read the full post:

We are the 99 per cent

That is what this movement is ultimately about: giving voice to decency and fairness.

Read the full post:

(Image: Girl in Green Hat Arrested: Occupy Wall Street Occupies the Brooklyn Bridge, a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No-Derivative-Works (2.0) image from akinloch's photostream)


For previous coverage of the Brooklyn Bridge arrests on Web Series Today see: About 700 Occupy Wall Street Protesters arrested on Brooklyn Bridge:


For all coverage of Occupy Wall Street on Web Series Today see:


Death's Door nearing the Season Finale. See Episode 9 Here

The 10 part sci-fi/drama web series Death's Door posted the 9th video on October 2. If you've missed any episodes, or want to learn more about this amazing new web series, go to www.youtube.com/ddoorfilm for past episodes and behind the scenes footage.

The Uninfected - Episodes 3 & 4

Episode 3: "Bite Me"

Zack, Carlos, and Des safely arrive at Lexi's place, but once inside things take a bite for the worst.

Episode 4: "Jack Attack"

Jessica, Carlos, and Des attempt to get out of town, but instead find themselves in deep zombie territory. They meet up with Jack, Ken, and Barbie who are also Uninfected.

If you want to become an "author" on Web Series Today please read: http://tinyurl.com/becomeaWSTauthor

For more detailed information about Web Series Today please read: Web Series Today:

For other info contact: [email protected]

Join the discussion: http://www.tinyurl.com/webseriescommunity