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Saturday, November 26, 2011

JourneyQuest: - Episode 1-4

The Fine Bros: SELF DESTRUCT!!!

Subscribe to our NEW channel! http://www.youtube.com/mymusicshow
Leave #SelfDestruct or #iSubscribedtoMyMusicShow on tomorrow's new "Kids React" video!

This video will self destruct in 24 hours! Congrats on being here to see it! We don't really vlog so this is our way of getting info out there. This video will be deleted 24 hours after it is uploaded.


Totally Sketch: "SMILEY" - Trailer [HD]

The Haunting Of Sunshine Girl: Searching for Nolan in the Warehouse

ClevverTV: Hollywood Ending -- Radio Disney's 'N.B.T.'

Vote For 'N.B.T.' - http://radio.disney.go.com/nbt/

http://Facebook.com/ClevverTV - Become a Fan!
http://Twitter.com/ClevverTV - Follow Us!

Joslyn Davis sat down with the guys from Hollywood Ending to talk about Radio Disney's 'Next Big Thing' competition. They discuss being on the show, meeting Cody Simpson and touring with 'N.B.T.'.

What's Trendinig:Ruben Fleisher moves from the web to silver screen

Why Haven’t We Seen A Rollup Yet in Online Video?

The reasons, I submit, boil down to egos and greed.

Read the full post:

Historic Mars Launch: NASA giant rover 'Curiosity' blasts off

NASA's biggest and most-expensive robotic rover has blasted off from Cape Canaveral on a voyage of discovery. The probe, nicknamed Curiosity, is scheduled to arrive at the mineral-rich Martian 'Gale Crater' next August. It aims to search the surface for clues about whether the planet has ever had a life-friendly environment.

RT on Twitter: http://twitter.com/RT_com
RT on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/RTnews

NASA's Mars Rover Curiosity launches today

It's headed to Gale crater, which has deep layers of sediment for researchers to mine.


2011 Grey Cup: GO BOMBERS!!

In 2010 Venus Spa made a video for Team Canada's bid for Olympic Gold in hockey.

We won.

Now we want to wish our hometown Winnipeg Blue Bombers best of luck in their quest for their first Grey Cup championship since 1990.

GO BLUE!!!!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

MIKE RELM - My Week With Marilyn ("The One That Got Away") Katy Perry Mashup

"Can you just try to be sexy, isn't that what you do?"


Full Mike Relm remix of Katy Perry's "The One That Got Away":


Starring: Michelle Williams, Eddie Redmayne, Kenneth Branagh, Emma Watson, and Dame Judi Dench

Osiris: Chapter Five

Episode Five: "I Am NOT A God" - Pyramid Pictures, LLC - Http://www.OsirisTheSeries.com

The Haunting Of Sunshine Girl: The Warehouse at 3:00 AM

Who is Billie - Promo #3 #4

ClevverTV: Katy Perry to Host Saturday Night Live

Annoying Orange - Fry-day

Day26 Presents: 'A New Day' Webseries (Trailer)

Osiris: Chapter 1-4

Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover Animation

This 11-minute animation depicts key events of NASA's Mars Science Laboratory mission, which will launch in late 2011 and land a rover, Curiosity, on Mars in August 2012. A shorter 4-minute version of this animation, with narration, is also available on our youtube page.

The Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) is a National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) mission with the aim to land and operate a rover named Curiosity on the surface of Mars. The MSL is scheduled to launch November 26, 2011 (between 10:02 am - 11:45 am EST/usa).


Pink Slip - Part 5 - It's Complicated

Thursday, November 24, 2011

YouTube And The Death Of User-Generated Content

...to try to capture their share of the television ad market, estimated to be $50 billion a year for broadcast, and $25 billion in cable in the U.S. alone.

Read the full post:

Research credit: Chris

JulietOriginals: Performing @ Key Club this WEDNESDAY, November 30th!!!

The show is Wednesday, November 30th.
Doors open at 7pm.

Tickets here: https://www.topblip.com/tickets/la
Don't forget to enter the promo code: Juliet

9039 Sunset Boulevard West Hollywood, CA 90069

Let me know if you can make it!


Occupy Wall St - The Revolution Is Love

A taste of the upcoming feature documentary, Occupy Love. This is a community funded film. Please support our crowd funding campaign at http://www.indiegogo.com/Occupy-Love?a=315019&i=addr

"Love is the felt experience of connection to another being. An economist says 'more for you is less for me.' But the lover knows that more of you is more for me too. If you love somebody their happiness is your happiness. Their pain is your pain. Your sense of self expands to include other beings. This shift of consciousness is universal in everybody, 99% and 1%." ~ Charles Eisenstein

This short film was Directed by Ian MacKenzie http://ianmack.com
Co-produced with Velcrow Ripper http://velcrowripper.com
Camera: Ian Mackenzie and Velcrow Ripper
Editing: Ian Mackenzie
Interview by: Velcrow Ripper

Watch video with Spanish/French subtitles

CHARLES EISENSTEIN is a teacher, speaker, and writer focusing on themes of civilization, consciousness, money, and human cultural evolution.

Visit http://sacred-economics.com to learn more about his ideas for a new economy.

The Fine Bros: 50 YouTube Spoilers in 4 Minutes

Totally Sketch: It's Over

Taryn Southern: Coffee Makes Me Poo - OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

Directed/written/produced by Taryn Southern

Michael Livingston - http://www.youtube.com/breakfastfordinner

Production Coordinator/Behind the Scenes:
Brian Marzan - http://www.youtube.com/LifesNotFunnyFilms

Song Mixed by Will Forbes -

Special Thanks:
Vaughn Fry- http://www.youtube.com/vaughnonmovies

Massages & Smiles - Vampire Mob S2 Eps 7


"Massages & Smiles" - Time to visit with old friends....

Cast: John Colella, Andy Lauer, Chad Wood, Patrick Caberty, Jim Roof & Elizabeth Beckwith.

Written, directed & edited by Joe Wilson
Assistant Director: Sila Agavale

Produced by Joe Wilson & John Colella

FreddieW: Over 9000

COSPLAY: The Series Ep.14 -- A Mole in The Organization

Kalafina - Adore cover by Chamo Rhapsody LIVE at CTS Expo 2011

The Haunting Of Sunshine Girl: Maybe I missed something.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Key of Awesome!: Justin Bieber Mistletoe - Behind the Awesome!

LIP BOOK wises you a happy thanksgiving. (do you have facebook?)

Annoying Orange - GO! BWAAAH!

Annoying Orange - Talking Twin Baby Oranges

The Halo Vlog That Devolved Into A Star Wars Rant - Sexy Nerd Girl 102

Raptured - Episode 6

White Collar Poet - Ep. 6 Confession

Machinima: ETC - Thanksgiving!

UC Davis: Reoccupation of the Quad

Student protestors have reoccupied the UC Davis Quad in an effort to demonstrate their unwavering dedication to the movement. They have set camp, providing facilities such as a first aid station, restrooms, a food tent, a donation station, information board, and even a teach-in.

Reported by: Bianca Sievers
Filmed by: Anna Oh, Todd Kaiser, and Stephen McKone
Edited by: Todd Kaiser and Stephen McKone

beActive's Digital Comedy Lab Opportunity

If you are in the UK/Ireland AND you have a Youtube channel with some brilliant comedy bits (or plan to) you might want to check out this opportunity from beActive:

Digital Comedy Lab is an incubation programme for film projects in the comedy mockumentary genre for the new YouTube generation, providing support in the following areas: Training, Script development, Production Financing and distribution.

They are looking for innovative creators and filmmakers who want to produce quirky, funny and off-beat comedies along the lines of The Office, Clerks, Napoleon Dynamite, Anchorman, The Aristocrats, Swingers, This is Spinal Tap, Borat, Parks and Recreation.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hollishillis: Hair, Swearing, and Jobs

Breakfast Burrito News; BB Top 3 News Stories! Nov 23rd 2011

Superstition Mountain Plane Crash 2011-11-23

::::: WARNING:::::
The video below shows a real World plane crash in which several people died. For that reason some people may prefer not to watch it. Our sympathy goes out to the friends and family of those who lost their lives.

Read more

Join Presidents Bush, Clinton, plus Bono and Alicia Keys this World AIDS Day on YouTube

We’re partnering with ONE and (RED) to bring you a panel of experts who will talk about the progress we’ve made, where we're falling short, and what it's going to take to end this disease for good.

Read the full post:



Annoying Orange - Epic Rap Battles Of Kitchenry (ft. NicePeter)

ALLoy TV: The Beauty Boss Style Sessions with Jeannie Mai

Talent: Season 2 Ep 2 - Going Coco

Description: Every girl who dreams of becoming a pop star needs a savvy manager—that, some talent, persistence and trustworthy friends. To find the perfect ally to launch her career, Harper Walker (B.C. Jean) will have to kiss a few industry frogs . . . but some look a lot like Hollywood princes. Watch what happens on Chapter 2 of Talent: Season 2.*

Discover more about the Talent series on #TheList Facebook page (http://facebook.com/CreateYourList) and stay tuned for new episodes of Talent: Season 2 through January 2012!

Don't miss a single episode of Talent! Subscribe to alloytv! http://bit.ly/SUBSCRIBEalloytv

"Stand Up"
Performed by BC Jean

The Haunting Of Sunshine Girl: A letter from a viewer!

We only have 8 days left! http://kck.st/tvnR9T Go pledge!

Kickstarter video for the BEK movie by Sunshine

Click here to learn more http://kck.st/tvnR9T Seriously, I'm trying to make a movie and could use everyone's support! If you have a couple dollars laying around why not? If you have more and a want a cool reward why not? The awesome thing is you well then get to watch a Sunshine Girl movie! You can even pre-order the DVD to make sure you see the movie! But here's the catch, if I don't reach my goal by December 2nd, 2011 there will be no movie, no one gets charges, and no one gets their rewards. If you want to see an awesome movie by me you HAVE to consider pledging NOW http://kck.st/tvnR9T

Zero Punctuation: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Stuff Kevin Likes

Stuff Kevin Likes: Wednesday Nov 23rd, 2011 (Start Here)

Start Playlist Here: http://bit.ly/ubKyw2

Stuff Kevin Likes: Tuesday Nov 22nd, 2011 (Start Here)

Start Playlist Here: http://bit.ly/urGWrv

The Vetala - Ep. 6 Revelation

Prospect Park drops plans to bring daytime soaps online

.... it was unable to reach an agreement with guilds necessary to restart production of the series, and after it was unable to secure financing necessary to produce the shows in an economically viable fashion.

Read the full post:

SUSPENDED: Prospect Park Announces Suspension Of Effort To Bring ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE Online

....spent the past few months trying to shore up financial backing for their Online TV Network, secure the talent and writers from the departing ABC series as well as agreements with the unions.

Read the full post:
Prospect Park Cancels Plans To Put ‘One Live To Live,’ ‘All My Children’ Online

After more than four decades on the air, “One Life To Live” and “All My Children” will not be continuing their runs online...

Read the full post:
Prospect Park pulls plug on Internet soap operas

Only four network soap operas will remain on the air after this season, including CBS' top-rated "Young and the Restless," NBC's "Days of Our Lives," and ABC's "General Hospital."

Research credit: Chris

Tights and Fights: Ashes "Urine for a Heck of Future!"

Episode 125 of Tights and Fights: Ashes - Featuring Major Fautline!

A warning from the future - save your bottled water! Oh, and Major Faultline needs help stopping an evil mastermind from taking over the universe.

New episodes go up every Tuesday until our Christmas break - and in the new year we'll have three new episodes every week until Chapter 3 - and the whole series - ends in May 2012!

Visit us at Capester.com!

Tights and Fights: Ashes is a super hero comedy web series and Transmedia experience. With 183 video diary episodes, it tells an epic, and hilarious, story about good and evil from a very intimate viewpoint.

Follow us on Twitter:

Become a fan on Facebook:

Subscribe to our YouTube channel:

For scripts, behind the scenes, live twitter performances and more, check out our website:

Speed Dating - Game Room

Facebook us - http://facebook.com/watchGameRoom

Andre's dating exploits.


Carly Jones - http://twitter.com/CarlyAJ
Andre Meadows - http://youtube.com/BlackNerdComedy

Sound Design - Jharon Pritchett

Written by: Rachel Hastings
Directed by: Derek Housman - http://youtube.com/DerekHousman

Created by:
Woody Tondorf - http://twitter.com/WoodyTondorf
Derek Housman - http://youtube.com/DerekHousman
Bernie Su - http://youtube.com/BernieSu

Those Video Guys 1st Anniversary Party Video feat. many web series creators and stars

The 1st Anniversary video from Those Video Guys features brand new contributions and sketches from many in the web series community including: Invention with Brian Forbes, The Further Adventures of Cupid and Eros, Vampire Zombie Werewolf, The People That Touch Your Food, Fresh Hell, Girl Parts, Anyone But Me, Raptured, Spellfury, Bandwagon, The Dirty Go Gooders, The Best Friend, Broken Toy, Aidan 5, Zomblogalypse, eScape, Unlocked and more.

Occupy Toronto: On The Verge Of Eviction? #occupytoronto

6:40am EST Toronto police use "sound canon" to issue eviction order before entering the park.

::::: UPDATE:::::


Watch live streaming video from occupytoronto at livestream.com

Occupy Toronto Waiting for Police

Camp braces for widely rumoured 4 a.m. raid by police.


Watch CityNews LIVE;

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Felicia Talks Dragon Age

Viral Video Chart: Smosh and Paid Media Drive Hot Pockets to Top

Read the full post:

Web Site: http://www.sharethrough.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sharethrough?sk=app_4949752878
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/sharethrough
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/sharethrough

Social Video by Pereira & O'dell and Sharethrough

Talent: Season 2 Ep 1 - Finding A Lost Dream

Description: How do you keep life from getting in the way of your dreams? Harper Walker (B.C. Jean) wants to be a pop star, but when the going gets tough, it's not so easy to ignore the haters and keep going. Find out how Harper and her friends fight back on Chapter 1 of Talent: Season 2.*

Discover more about the Talent series on #TheList Facebook page (http://facebook.com/CreateYourList) and stay tuned for new episodes of Talent: Season 2 through January 2012!

Don't miss a single episode of Talent! Subscribe to alloytv! http://bit.ly/SUBSCRIBEalloytv


"Have You Ever Been Down"
Courtesy of IDOL RECORDS

"Oh My My My Oh"
Performed by WE CRY DIAMONDS

"White Lies"
Performed by STACY CLARK

Forty Weight - Ep. 11 The Stalker

Web Series Today: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Web Series Today?
Web Series Today is a "collaborative community based blog" about "web series" What that means is that members of the web series community can become "authors" and post videos, articles about web series, or links to information/news about web series and related topics such as ARGs or "Transmedia".

By creating an open platform for posting videos and web series news chronologically Web Series Today aims to fill the role of keeping the community up to date with what is going on on a daily basis. Show creators, cast, crew, or even fans and "critics" are all eligible to participate because they are in the best position to know what is going on with a particular series.

2. How do you become an "author"?
"Authors" on the blog can post about any series they enjoy and believe that the readership of Web Series Today would also enjoy. It is important to understand the culture, format and open philosophy of Web Series Today before becoming a participant, so if interested, take the time to read the blog daily. For example an author might want to just introduce readers to a series that they think might be of interest or the author might choose to post videos from a series on a regular basis as they are released. Authors are fully responsible for anything they post and answer directly to the web series community.

If you would like to become a participant as an "author" send a request to:
[email protected]. Use the subject title: "Author request" and explain briefly how you are involved in the web series community.

Blogger only allows a restricted number of authors so it is important that those who do decide to participate contribute on a regular basis to the shared goal of keeping the community up to date with what is going on in the web series World.

3. Tags, Labels and Categories

It is a good idea to add "tags" to your posts on Web Series Today. Blogger uses tags to categorize articles which makes it easier to find related stories.

A couple of powerful tags are:

1. The name of your web series.

2 The tag: web series, - which groups all web series under one category. If a post is more a community video, web news or a web show, then using the appropriate tag will best group your post with similar content.

If you leave out the tags your series will not be automatically categorized and hence will be more difficult to find.

How long do you remain an author?
The Blogger platform on which Web Series Today is based allows for a maximum of 100 collaborative participants. We have now reached that limit. In order to allow new authors to join we need to free up positions to make them available to those who want to actively contribute.

Web Series Today is intended for authors who want to actively keep other community members up to date with what is going on in the Web series community. If any current author would like to give up their author position please send an email to [email protected] with REMOVE in the subject line. In addition anyone who has not made a post in the past 30 days will be considered inactive and may be removed if a new author request is made. Anyone removed can be re-instated by the normal author request process and will be added to any wait list that exist at that time. Our goal is to ensure that any author who wishes to contribute can do so in a timely an ongoing manner.

:::::UPDATE Web Series Today: Inactive Author Deletions

As explained in a previous post the Blogger platform on which Web Series Today is based allows for a maximum of 100 collaborative participants. The blog is intended for active participants in the Web series community.

Authors who have not made a post in the past 30 days will be considered inactive and may be removed if a new author request is made. If you wish to keep your author position for use in the near future, and you have not posted in the past 30 days you need to send an e-mail to [email protected] with "Author: KEEP" in the subject line.


Why has your favorite Web series not appeared on Web Series Today?

The simple answer is you!

Let me explain.

The first step is to make sure your favorite Web series has not actually been posted on Web Series Today. Many of the series posted are listed alphabetically in the "Category" segment in the right hand column. The list is long but it is easy to do a quick search using your Web browser search feature. If nothing shows up, then search for the name of the Web series in the search box in the top left of "Blogger".

The second step is to understand that Web Series Today is an open collaborative blog platform where members of the Web series community work together to keep each other up to date with what is going on in the Web Series community. There are three primary components to the blog: the posts, the readers and comments. These provide the tools by which we work together to build a community.

If you create a Web series, act in, watch or are affiliated with a Web series that you think the readers of Web Series Today would enjoy then you have the opportunity to make it happen. You can sign up to become an "author" on Web Series Today which will allow you to post any content you feel relevant. If you do not want to do that you can get to know other authors on the blog by commenting and interacting with them. If you ask them nicely they might be able to make a post for you. Finally you can just leave a comment on one of the posts and hope that someone notices. Note however that if you have not invested in the community by watching and commenting on existing content then it is less likely that anyone will notice your comment.

So if your favorite Web series has not appeared on Web Series Today you can change that. The choice is up to you.

Why did your post not go out on the Web Series Today Twitter count?

Web Series Today is set up to send out all posts automatically in the associated Twitter account. However, if you take longer than approximately 2 minutes to create a post on Blogger there is a risk that your post will NOT go out on the Web Series Today twitter account. This in turn means your post will not get some of the exposure you may hope to get.

To avoid this, use the options button under the post and adjust the minute counter to the time when you finish the post (before posting it). Note, please do not adjust the hour counter part of the time since Web Series Today is set to California time and posts are in chronological order.

Once you have adjusted the minute counter to the current time, go ahead and post as normal. Then check the Twitter account which should show your post 30 minutes or less after posting. Make sure that you RT the Tweet!!!

Previous post:
Web Series Today: Become an "Author"

Important Notice For Web Series Today Authors

Web Series Today: 1,000,000 visits and counting....

Why has your favorite Web series not been posted on Web Series Today?

Web Series Today Discussion Page: Facebook to remove Discussions tab from Pages

Facebook doesn’t seem to be planning to offer a way to export content from the app before it’s killed.

Read the full post:

NOTE: Facebook recently deleted a key discussion page which contained a few key discussion pages about posting content on Web Series Today. [See Web Series Today Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/webseriestoday The FAQ link on the right hand menu which was directed to the FB discussion page has been replaced with a "Become a WST "Author" which will now link to this article.

Here is one of they key discussions that was removed by Facebook:

Web Series Today: Become an "Author"

Another key discussion was about the use of tags:

It is a good idea to add "tags" to your posts on Web Series Today. Blogger uses tags to categorize articles which makes it easier to find related stories.

A couple of powerful tags are:

1. The name of your web series.

2 The tag: web series, - which groups all web series under one category. If a post is more a community video, web news or a web show, then using the appropriate tag will best group your post with similar content.

If you leave out the tags your series will not be automatically categorized and hence will be more difficult to find.

Annoying Orange - Epic Peel Time

L.A. Paranormal Ghosts - Ep. 14

Space Hospital: Series 2/Log 10 "Savior Machine [Part One]"

The Click Clique: Talent's BC Jean! (11/22/11)

Alloy TV: Pretty Little Liars Author Sara Shepard Spills Secrets About Her Latest Book

ALLoy TV: Ian Somerhalder Talks About Empowered Women in Hollywood

The Haunting Of Sunshine Girl: A Ghost Under The Stairs

I thought I heard a noise like usual from Anna so I went to go investigate and it wasn't Anna. I turned around to see Nolan's arm coming out from under the stairs. I finally got enough courage to run down the stairs and see if he was under the stairway...

Once Upon - Episode 1

Once Upon - Behind the Scenes - PrincessTard

Once Upon - Behind the Scenes - Make Up

Read more: Watch ‘Once Upon,’ MysteryGuitarMan’s Brand New Original Series

Can't Get Arrested, Episode 1-4

Can't Get Arrested, Episode 1: Full Blouse

Can't Get Arrested, Episode 2: Saved by the Bell... DING!

Can't Get Arrested, Episode 3: If the Glove Doesn't Fit...

Can't Get Arrested, Episode 4: House of Pain

Internet Love Story: CTFxC Wedding (Charles & Alli)

Thanks for all the love! Let's try and get this top favorited!! (click show more)

The last few years of lives have been amazing and we have been truly honored to share our life with you! After over 900 consecutive days of vlogging and two years of being happily engaged, we finally got married on a perfect day surrounded by amazing friends and family. Thank you so much to everyone who had a hand in making this day so special - thank you to everyone who has stuck by us from day 1, and even if you're just joining us, we love you and appreciate the support. Thank you so much! YAY WE'RE MARRIED!!!!
Charles & Alli Trippy

Song Coverd By Our Buddies Boyce Avenue (featuring Tyler Ward) watch their music video of it here!!
Song originally by Coldplay "Fix You"


An ApprenticeA Production

See our 12-minute behind the scenes here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDqlyF2VADs

Director: Corey Vidal - http://www.youtube.com/ApprenticeA
Editor: Brian - http://www.youtube.com/BriansEpicFail

Camera: Corrado Coia - http://www.youtube.com/CorradoCoia
Camera: Jason Lupish - http://www.captivatebridal.com
Camera: Adrian Dudziak - http://www.captivatebridal.com

Behind-The-Scenes Camera: Ethan Wane - http://www.youtube.com/EthanWane
Assistant Editor: Shannon Antilles - http://www.youtube.com/Shantilles

In Association With
Captivate Bridal

Very Special Thanks
Stephen Franklin Photography Cinema

Age Defying Claim on Invention with Brian Forbes

What's Trendinig: November22, 2011 #WTlive

Watch live streaming video from whatstrending at livestream.com

Monday, November 21, 2011

Annoying Orange - Party Rock (ft. DeStorm)


ClevverTV: 2011 AMA Full List of Winners

Click here for the full list of winners! http://bit.ly/tmhXZw

Viral Videos [Tube Trials Ep. 209]

In The Restroom

From the creator of Laps The Series, comes a new short about a man, a restroom, and fate. Funny or DIE -- you choose

DeStorm Freestyles! (Tubefilter Interview)


Stuff Kevin Likes: Monday Nov 21st, 2011 (Start Here)

Start Playlist Here: http://bit.ly/v678d2

Red VS. Blue Season 9

Click here to watch Red vs Blue Halo Deja View [HD]

Red VS. Blue Season 9

Before the events of Blood Gulch there was Project Freelancer, an experimental military program which sought to create a new breed of warrior. This new soldier was to be faster, stronger and smarter than any other we've seen before... which, based on previous seasons of RED VS. BLUE, doesn't really take that much.

Adding an exciting new cast of characters to the classic ensemble, this innovative narrative—part amazing action prequel and part hilarious comedy sequel—unveils the mystery behind Project Freelancer and its dire consequences for the Reds and Blues.

Tyranny - Ep. 18 Remember the Future

12-Steps To Recovery - Ep. 9 Packed With Secrets

Wise Hit - Ep. 6 The French Pimp

CTFxC: WE'RE MARRIED!!!!!! (11.20.11 - Day 934)

wedding video will be on http://youtube.com/charlestrippy tonight!! its still uploading!!

new intro by: http://youtube.com/Terabrite (thanks guys!!!!)

get some CTFxC shirts at http://bit.ly/CTFxCstore - be the cool kid in school :)

Tour Dates: http://www.wethekingsmusic.com/tour

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Fine Bros: Kids React to Sophia Grace BrownIee

The Vergecast 003

Chutes & Ladders - Ep. 11 As one chute closes...

TheWillofDC: How To LEGALLY CHEAT on YouTube!

Welcome to YouTube News! The show where i discuss the most important news on YouTube!

This week i talk about how Tubefilter is hosting a panel December 5th in LA.


Note that in the video TheWillofDC says the views comes from yellowthundermedia.com, but to be accurate the video "stats" shows they come from: yellowthundercampaigns.

Benny and Rafi Fine, TheFineBros
Tony Chen, Yellow Thunder Media http://www.yellowthundermedia.com

From: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=stv1-po7mBw

Also see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16F1mZMwiLw

appears to be currently directed towards a "parking site" but is registered to Qian Chen in Hacienda Heights, CA. It is not clear if the "yellowthundercampaigns.com" domain is associated with Yellow Thunder Media, but it should be interesting to tune into the Tubefilter discussion.

Violence breaks out in Cairo's Tahrir Square

Police burn protest tents to clear Cairo's Tahrir

At least 11 protesters were killed and hundreds were injured.

Read the full post:

The American Music Awards red carpet show live on YouTube.

The American Music Awards red carpet show live on YouTube.

See also: DeStorm and Christina Grimmie just received the first ever AMA’s New Media Honoree awards live on the red carpet, honoring their work as the next generation of “web content creators ...


Congratulations to @charlestrippy and @allispeed on their wedding.

Congratulations to Charles Trippy and Alli Speed, two of the biggest Youtube superstars, on their wedding today.

#CTFxCWEDDING was trending on Twitter.

It is being described as "The Royal Wedding of YouTube".

Melissa Trippy
We were just informed that #CTFXCWEDDING is trending worldwide..you all are amazing!! So happy for big brother @CharlesTrippy & @allispeed!!

Alli Speed

Charles Trippy
It's official!! Say hello to my new hot wife!!! http://t.co/giWVuYp4

Research credit: Chris

Sundays Web Series Episode 3 "Excuses"

Sundays is about a small Northern California coastal village and the eclectic medley of characters who call it home. It’s about the stories that originate from within the old sea weathered Victorian and Edwardian homes that make up this secluded village perched on the craggy bluffs of a moody ocean. Stories played out on a tiny sailboat moored in a salty harbor. Stories viewed through cracks in the wood of old barns. Sometimes the lives in these stories intertwine, while others take off on a path of unpredictability, leaving drama, comedy and romance in their wake.

Follow us on facebook! facebook.com/SundaysTheSeries

#OccupyAirSpace: - Protesters Launch 'Robokopter' Drone

Polish protesters send up 'Robokopter' drone to spy on police

If you want to become an "author" on Web Series Today please read: http://tinyurl.com/becomeaWSTauthor

For more detailed information about Web Series Today please read: Web Series Today:

For other info contact: [email protected]

Join the discussion: http://www.tinyurl.com/webseriescommunity