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Friday, March 11, 2011

Shane Dawson TV: Pray For Japan

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Redcross - http://tinyurl.com/4cd47gk
text "REDCROSS" to 90999 to send $10

MAB 15. rész (webse)


Stare, Think

Eftsoons Whatever

my roommate the Hipster Ep. 4

NOT! - Ep. 8: Parental Units

Stoop Sale: Episode 6 - Sunday 5:00 PM

The Philip DeFranco Show: Tsunami Rips thru Japan, Possible Nuclear Crisis

In The Rough - Ep. 8: The Intervention

Japan's 8.9 magnitude earthquake triggers tsunami - video

::::: LIVE COVERAGE: Tsunami hits Japan after massive quake


Research credit: KindredPhantom

Google Crisis Response


Read the full post:

Research credit: cyng

A Conversation While... Chapter 7

A Conversation While... - Chapter 7
Chasing the American Dream...One Felony at a Time



For current info and updates, please 'LIKE' our Facebook 

page at: http://www.facebook.com/AConversationWhile

And be sure to follow us on Twitter at: http://www.twitter.com/stjakebros

Starring & Written by
Kevin Joiner and Jason McMahan

Directed by
Stephen Boatright 

Elevator - Harold the Janitor's Dad

Today we finally find out who Harold's dad is...and it explains EVERYTHING.
Also, a teaser for Elevator's next step: http://www.youtube.com/watchgameroom

Thursday, March 10, 2011

"Jeff & Ravi Fail History" - outsmarting cavemen

Check out www.mydamnchannel.com for more episodes, including the post-apocalyptic season finale!

please "Like" us at www.facebook.com/jeffandravi

Celebrate the Web: Cohoba

Fountain of Youth

Celebrate the Web: GROUP

The strangest group therapy on earth meets for the first time, and gets coerced by an even stranger cult!

Celebrate the Web: Happy Hunting!

Celebrate the Web: 42 Days

Autumn is a girl from the future. Unfortunately, she can only remember it with flashes and feelings, which lead her to a meeting with Cole and a confrontation with Eden.

Celebrate the Web: Godot

What happens to the ones that disappear and never return? People go missing every day. They drop from the world. Investigations are launched. People speculate and accuse. With no evidence and no clues, no suspects and no motives, the cases simply go cold. Sam went missing. Sam is a young man in his early twenties. He woke up this morning in a strange place, with a strange man shouting at him. He can’t remember anything but his name, and some all too short-lived images of a beautiful woman. The web series GODOT explores what happens when the watch stops ticking and the clocks roll backward. It’s an odd realm of mystery and intrigue, where time has no meaning and surprises can hide behind every turn. Godot created by Rodney E. Reyes & Brendan Naranjo

Celebrate the Web: Pilots Are In: Now TIME TO VOTE!

We are excited to report that ALL 13 PILOTS will be shown at the final screening on March 29th at the ACME Theatre!

Read the full post:


Celebrate the Web: VOTING OPENS SOON! #CTW4


Charlie Sheen's Winning Recipes

Read more: Charlie Sheen Debuts Cooking Show with Funny or Die


Celebrate the Web: Target Kill

He woke up from death...a killer. Our hero Ford has had one hell of a month. He was murdered, brought back to life, kidnapped, tortured, drugged and brainwashed by a secret organization. He awakes with no memory and is haunted by apparent flashbacks of his capture, especially those of one man.

Celebrate the Web: Relapse

Celebrity Doctor Madeline Kelly struggles to cure infamously under the influence rockstar Issac Doubleday.

Celebrate the Web: Push

How many is enough before someone really gets hurt?

Celebrate the Web: Life's Little Ultimatum

Time's running out for Abby and Jake. Making the decision to have a baby is tougher that they ever imagined. And they can imagine quite a bit.

How to Copy and Paste

Celebrate the Web: Concerns about #CTW "Pilots" that have been posted on Web Series Today

A few people have expressed concerns about their "Pilots" for Celebrate The Web 4 being posted on Web Series Today. The central questions are:

1. Could it affect their qualification for Celebrate The Web 4 in any way.

The simple answer is no. Celebrate The Web is an independent entity and created rules for the competition. Provided each series followed the rules that is the only factor that counts. Posts on Web Series Today were the result of independent research and no "leaks" from either Celebrate The Web or any series producer occurred.

2. Is it unfair?

Each Web Series has been treated exactly the same in terms of how we research and discover web series. If we discovered it then it is because there is sufficient information in the public domain to discover it. As we discover other shows we will post them and if at the end of the day we miss any, be sure to let us know at [email protected] (but clearly NOT before the official post has taken place on the Celebrate The Web site). Our goal is to give equal and timely exposure to each series we find.

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On This Day in LG15 History ... Taking Jonas To The Vet

Four years ago yesterday, March 9, 2007, Lonelygirl15 posted the video "Flesh Wound", where Jonas suffers a severe cut to the hand trying to break into a room in Aunt Alex's house. Fearful that taking Jonas to the hospital will lead the Order right to them, they end up taking Jonas to the vet for medical treatment.

Among some Lonelygirl15 fans, the term "Taking Jonas to the Vet" became a euphemism similar to "jumping the shark." As I typically say in hindsight on these issues, though, the video doesn't seem that bad now - its funny. But among fans who believed every video needed to be 100% realistic, going to a vet was way too far-fetched. Most fans took awhile to realize that Lonelygirl15 had moved from strict reality to post modern tragi-comedy.

Useful links

View all This Day In Lg15 History Posts

Celebrate the Web: #Follow

Josh, Abby, Bree, Eric and Doug have gathered to celebrate Connor’s birthday. ; While quizzing each other on events from their past, Connor puzzles over a question in the box – “What happened on 4/2?”

Celebrate the Web: The Silver Lake Badminton And Adventurers Club

They came to do two things - play badminton and solve crimes. And it looks like this game is just about over.

Celebrate the Web: It's a Cardboard Life

Benny Armstrong was fired. The life he knew and future he had planned are now a haunting memory showing...

Celebrate the Web: Gone The Series

Episode 1 - "Pilot"
Lynch (Craig Braun) receives a mysterious call. Dean (Frank Krueger) frantically searches for his wife, Laurie (Julia Denton), after she disappears from a cafe.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Girl/Girl Scene in the Battle of the Lesbian Web Series!

Girl/Girl Scene in the Battle of the Lesbian Web Series! from Girl/Girl Scene on Vimeo.

The Philip DeFranco Show: Amanda Seyfried Rides her Hood Red

jennifer aniston goes viral - smartwater

Ragged Isle

Ragged Isle - Web Series - Season One Trailer

Ragged Isle Episode One

Blood and Bone China

Blood and Bone China - Chapter 1 - 'Oblivion and Paradise'

Blood and Bone China - Chapter 2 - 'The Enigmatic Mister Pyre'

Nightlife the Series: The Seth Files 7

Mind's Eye - Ep. 1 - 6

Celebrate the Web - Clarifications and Questions Answered

We thought we’d feature a few of them here, since perhaps other creators might find the information valuable!

Read the full post:

About Abby and the Musician - Episode 3

Is It Me? - Ep. 3: Love Me Not

Hollywood Wasteland: Just the Tip #1

Poor Paul: If Fred Can Do It, So Can Paul! [Poor Paul ep45]

Celebrate the Web 4: Vlog #6 - Guest Hosts

Tonight we are too busy to do the SLBAAC vlog ourselves, so we found some stand ins

Olga Kay: How to control your dreams!

If u heart this, please RT

BadASS Photoshoot & other pix
Marc Blackwell

Starring, written & edited by
Olga Kay
Jack Douglass

Filmed by
Jack's Films

Theme song by

Serious Issue: Entertainment Landscape (pilot)

Hello, I'm a Serious Man, with a very serious issue to discuss with you today.

See if you can help these shows out. What else are you going to do with that few bucks? Buy more Farmville crap you'll hate yourself for buying later on?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

BlackBoxTVExtras Episode 12

Episode 12: Behind the Scenes

EPISODE 12: Commentary

Bestsellers - If You Blog It, They Will Come

STACKS: Episode 9 - LOT Download

Keeping Up With The Kartrashians - Trailer

No Clean Break - Ep. 10

00:24 Episode 3 & 4

Sheen's-Korner: Building the Perfect Torpedo



"TRUTH UNSPOKEN" Web Series Episode #1 WATCH NOW!!!

" TRUTH UNSPOKEN " Web Series Episode #2

"TRUTH UNSPOKEN" Web Series Episode #3

"Jeff & Ravi Fail History" Time Travel Buddy Comedy Episode 1

See how Jeff & Ravi first launch into history in Episode 1 of the adventure comedy!

Embedded above! Check out Jeff & Ravi's adventures with cave men and cyborg soldiers in episodes 2 & 3 at www.mydamnchannel.com

Hollishillis: Bibliomania and Something About Actors

Fourth Wall Studios raises $15M for alternate reality entertainment

Los Angeles-based Fourth Wall, co-founded by alternate reality gaming pioneer Elan Lee, is partnering with Patrick Soon-Shiong to create a studio to focus on alternate reality entertainment...

Read the full post:

Research credit: cyng

Behind the Scenes of Celebrate the Web 4 Part 1 and 2

I have been monitoring the @CelebratetheWeb Twitter feed and our #ctw4 hashtag almost obsessively ..

Read the full post:


The Gregory Brothers: Songify This: Winning - a Song by Charlie Sheen

'Reality On Demand' Announces Cast, Moves Into Production

The new science fiction web series Reality On Demand has announced its cast and released a short video introducing the world to some of the cast. A mix of experienced actors with relative unknowns will help bring to life this new independent TV series that follows four strangers trapped in an advanced virtual reality game world composed of their favorite TV shows and movies.

“We have nods to many shows in the series. I don't want to give away too much, but if you are a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Supernatural then you'll want to check out season one. But there are nods to many more shows than just those two,” hinted director Marx H. Pyle.

The Big Dick Mike Show- Ep. 6 Grandma's Birthday

Mike's grandma comes over to celebrate her birthday with the family and he invites her to be a guest on the show.

Follow The Big Dick Mike Show on Twitter @BigDickMikeShow

"Like" The Big Dick Mike Show on Facebook

Directed By @JermaineJevon & @PJerome
Written By @JermaineJevon & @PJerome
Produced by @JermaineJevon & @PJerome
Director of Photography - John Reneaud
Edit provided by the Icon Johnny Company
Make-up by Ian Porter
Music by Rodney Mason

Starring (in order of appearance):
Jordan B. Nice - Big Dick Mike
Debbie Wittenberg - Marie
Clarine Jackman - Grandma
Jodi Harrison - Mom
Miles Wood - Joey
Tarina Pouncy - Michelle

Venus Spa Audition Tape!

An amazing fanvid from a longtime Venus Spa viewer! Thanks so much Sarah!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Celebrate the Web 4: #FOLLOW

#Follow Pilot: The Read-Through

Annoying Orange Through Time

The Fine Bros: Kids React to YouTube Stars (Fred, MysteryGuitarMan, Annoying

The Philip DeFranco Show: Epic Snake Bite w/ a side of Tiger Blood!

::::: WARNING: Contains adult themes.

In The Rough - Ep. 7: The Man From Room Thirteen

Sheen's-Korner: Episode 3 - FREE AT LAST!

Episode 3 - FREE AT LAST!
6:59 PM - 7:14 PM PST
You and 64 people are attending


Drinking, Smoking Charlie Sheen Streams New 'Sheen's Korner' Amidst Firing Drama

Read the full post:

Haunted Discoveries - Ep. 4: Heritage Junction Park

Stoop Sale: Episode 5.5

Not Just Slacktivism: Youth Become More Engaged Offline, Too

...the research looked at three types of behavior: politically-driven online participation, online exposure to diverse perspectives, and interest-driven online participation.

Read the full post:

Research credit: cyng

"Jeff & Ravi Fail History" Episode 3 at www.mydamnchannel.com !

Check out the hot guerrilla fighters and cyborg warriors in "Jeff & Ravi Fail History" Episode 3!

Embedded above! Check out www.mydamnchannel.com for higher quality, more episodes, and bloopers!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

BlackBoxTV: Episode 12: More Than You Can Chew

Directed by: @DannyTRS
Produced by: @MeTonyV
Edited by: Sebastian Lee and @MeTonyV
Music By: Brandon Roberts

Complete Credits Coming Soon

"Jeff & Ravi Fail History" - new time travel buddy comedy to play at SXSW

Click the link above to check out "Jeff & Ravi Fail History," the new series on mydamnchannel.com that follows slacker Jeff and genius Ravi as they bumble from the dawn of man to a post apocalyptic future in Ravi's scrapped together (but very cool) time machine!

embedded here, but for higher quality, go to www.mydamnchannel.com !

Pieces: Episode 1 - The Voice


Recently, the new hit web series, Pieces, launched it's series premiere episode, The Voice. It was released on February 27th, 2011 and the second episode is set to air on March 13th, 2011.

We would love if all of you would take a look, subscribe, like, favourite, post comments, share it and whatever else to help us promote our new series! Here's the first episode, as promised:

Visit us at our homepage, http://www.piecestheseries.com

Or find us on any of the following places:

Web Site: http://www.piecestheseries.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pieces-A-Web-Series/175366719174653
Twiter: http://www.twitter.com/PiecestheSeries
Mingle Media TV: http://minglemediatv.com/PiecesTheSeries.html
VBCTV: http://vbctv.com/index.php?option=com_wrapper&view=wrapper&Itemid=1156
SciFinal: http://www.scifinal.com/pieces

Thanks all! Enjoy!

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