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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cassieiswatching: Second Life Gathering


Time: 10pm, Central Standard (Daylight Savings) Time.
Place: Second Life, Kane (156, 46, 24), Gothinger Forest Christian Church


Reel - mrcheezypop (Maxwell Glick)

[Note: i now this is kinda old..but i wanted to point out that we miss spencer. Well done bloopers.]


We have a new goal. Which means we have a new destination. -- HoN

Artist: Voyager One
Album: "Afterhours in the Afterlife"

Greg Goodfried said....

Alright meepers, we need help on youtube. comment, rate, favorite, and share with friends and family. We are averaging over 50,000 views per video on youtube (resistance account plus lonelygirl15 account) which is amazing. we need to get that number to 100,000!!


FIRST!!!!!!! Week 5 in a Hurry (Cut Off at the End! Sorry!) -OrangeKeekat

I was SO BUSY today, I had NOTHING prepared. Sorry guys. Next week will be better, I promise. But listen at the end, even thought I get cut off, I am being DEAD SERIOUS.


Friday, October 17, 2008

Motel Tryst - Jonas (LG15:TR)

Someone wasn't invited. -- Jonas


Artist: Voyager One
Track: Darling O.K.

Motel Tryst - Jonas (LG15:TR) on lonelygirl15 LGPedia.

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The 436 Tagcloud!

What is HOT in the Breeniverse? Check out the 436 tagcloud and find out!!!!

Check it out NOW: http://the436.com/tagcloud

LG15: The Resistance Ticks Along

This week we take a closer look at the performance of LG15: The Resistance on the new YouTube and MySpace accounts The graph shows the views/day on each account. The lonelygirl15 account was left out only to give a clearer view of the viewership on these two accounts. If you would prefer to look at the performance including the lonelygirl15 account then visit: http://tubemogul.blogspot.com/

Note the use of paid promotions of the videos can have a significant effect on the views per day and may account for some of the observed results.

Pumpkin Carving

Carving by september2star

See more carvings on insideLG15

Male Sack!

Here's a letter we just got from Youtube Administrator:

The Youtube Support Team.

We are undergoing maintenance problems again. Your account has been
phished and/or flagged! You have 48 hours to reply to this message or
your account will be closed. It is highly urged that you change your
password and send us the following information so that this will never
happen again.

Date of Birth:

When replying to us, please have that information listed above!
Once we login, we will code in a security code in your account system.


Once we confirm this code into your account you'll be able to
upload videos to YouTube in the near future.

Sorry for the inconvenience this brings you.

- The YouTube Support Team

Sounds like fun. Just send me all the money in your pocket and the keys to the Beemer and we'll talk!

Okaly doakily?


Sorority Forever: Episode 30 "Deeper"

Sorority Forever: Episode 30 "Deeper"

Madison will do ANYTHING to impress Bridget as Julie finally goes deep inside the secret closet.

Sam King - Week 11 - Friday

I See Dead People

Artwork by Mystic Fairy

See more Halloween community art on insideLG15

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Locker Room Lovin | Private High Musical Ep. 3 - privatehighmusical

While the Chad and Trey talk about the new girl in the locker room before basketball practice, Chad discovers an unwanted friend.A HERPIE. Whats a guy to do when he gets an STD?!

Created by and starring Taryn Southern.

Private High Musical is a Red Band Industries original series. Come check us out at http://www.redbandindustries.com.

Episode 6: Hear No Evil - The Hayley Project

Enough interruptions and reminiscing. Time to get back on track. I'm heading to Wien Hall to check on Keira's neighbors. Maybe they heard something the night she died.

(Original Music at end courtesy of http://www.reddevilincident.com )

Re: Back from the Dead - tgriffy

MessyNessy89 response

You wanted to know what you should do. Here are your options.

Pretend - michiev

music - secondhand serenade: pretend.
No copyright infringment intented.

clips are owned by EQAL

I Have Returned - DJPplanet (The Sudden)

The Sudden-Season 2-Episode 6

"It's alright, no need to panic, at least not that much..."-9A7V3E

Wow - Fallen Angel

Thanks for the help guys . . . but now where do we go from here?

Cast Photos

DOWNLOAD more cast photos from Flickr.

Sorority Forever: Episode 29 "They Can't Be Trusted"

Sorority Forever: Episode 29 "They Can't Be Trusted"

Julie shows Joaquin the microphone she found in her locket. He shows her what he's been hiding in his spare bedroom.

Sam King - Week 11 - Thursday

Will Amy Choose to Go to University? (DiaryOfATeen)

new posts from the show's fictional characters every weekday!

InsideLG15 Contest Results announced....

And the winner was.....ME! (I don't know if you can see the paper but it say Cassi)

I feel odd announcing my own victory BUT I can't actually go to the concert because my bosses wedding and she's taking vacation. Any other time I would go.

So anyone who wants a pair of Voyager One tickets let me know (I'm keeping the CD! That's what I really wanted!). The concert is in New York I do believe. I want to keep this inside the LG15 family (so no re-selling the tickets). Whoever goes is obligated to take tons of pictures and send them to me!

Read about the contest here

Contact me via my profile

[107] Much has been said (tC:WF)

Visit theCoalition

Battleground - Hymn of None (LG15: TR)

From A to B(oston)

10.16.2008 10:27

The treasure has been discovered. How it came to its burial ground is uncertain. But there is certainty in its very presence -- in the hope it provides. Perhaps the device was lost by the King’s enemies, who will vie for its possession with us before the first leader of states united.

Now we must fight harder than ever -- for we have unearthed a clue that may lead to our salvation, as well as the enemy’s defeat.

On the day of the treasure’s emergence, we humbly request the help of any and all in the kingdom.

Many thanks to all those who participated in the discussion last night. We could not have found this intel without you.


We know where we must go. -- HoN

Read and Reply to blog here

Article about Josh Fialkov & LG15: TR on MTV.com

“There’s a real punk rock esthetic to doing this,” Fialkov said. “What we’re doing is literally on the forefront, on the cutting edge, as far as the technology we’re using, the creative/narrative devices. We’re showing people how to use the Internet to make a show, how to develop a relationship with characters that you can’t have even on the best TV show. You can’t email Jack from ‘Lost,’ but you can talk to Jonas. The audience feels like they’re part of the puzzle.”

Read the article here

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Done Dirt Meep! - the inconsistance (TI)

Episode One: Done Dirt Meep

LG15 Parody Vid, based on the epic classic Done Dirt Cheap

Starring the vocal talents
of Jenlight as Sarah
ApotheosisAZ as Security Goons
and Milowent as Jonas Wharton

Music: Methodist Coloring Book by the Dead Milkmen

The fountain of youth is real.
hee hee
and so is the tooth fairy
we are the inconsistance
we will not be stopped.

Joanus: Alright its the moment of truth! If the Hymn of Nonsense's little plan doesn't work out, i'm gonna hop in a
bathtub again!

Sarah: Jonas, why don't we just put our faith in, ah, my cleavage. This shot is too early to be the thumbnail though.

Joanus: Well, you know, I'm doing my best, we can edit it in. if this plan doesn't work out we'll just rent some more houses.


Joan-us: What? Shopping?

Sarah: Yeah - its one of Chicago's greatest!

Joan-us: Didn't you seen those palm trees back there - we're still in LA doofus. The Hymn of N0-sense's plane ticket was just a "Snakes on a Plane" DVD.

Sarah: Ready?

Joanus: Sex? At a time like this?

Sarah: But its near the middle of the video, thumbnail time, just follow me.....

Joanus: Did you ever notice I like the color pink ... a lot....

Sarah: Oh my gosh! Would you look at that ceiling! ITs full of .. of... windows? Shit. This plan is sucking already! Can we do a do-over?

Security Guard: I get off work in a half hour if you wanna ...

Sarah: OMG! Its the Plothole Doctrine! All the secrets of lonelygirl15 in one place! i've wanted this book for eva!

Security Guard: put the book down! or i'll say put the book down - AGAIN!

(Melee ensues)

Joanus: Thank god we never break into buildings with more than 2 people in them ... oh shit! a third guy! who's writing these scripts!

Sarah: You ok dear master? Come to the light ... yes... yes....

WHAT TIME IS IT?...Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST, Wednesday.

Glenn has been commuting a lot for the last 3 weeks working on a new project. There is a video series component, There is a web site community component. And there is a component on a huge scale. Over the course of the next month Glenn will be talking about it. It is different from what anyone would guess. It is very timely with where the World is at right now when such large issues. This project should be entertaining but it also aims to make a difference.

Loveline has taught Glenn everything he knows about good radio. Lately he has been listening to more talk radio because of the presidential election. There are "three sides to every story". If you listen "right wing radio" and you were to then watch all other media it is like watching two different realities. It is like alternate realities. People take what actually happened and tried to fit it into what they wished would have happen. Glenn liked John McCain in 2000 but now he is very different because he has become everything Glenn hates about politics. It would have been nice to see McCain with the character and dignity that made him admirable. He compared it to John Cusack.

Oct 12 is a very special day in our neck of the woods. It is the day of the "ceremony". It was actually a fake ceremony. Last year Glenn gave a break down of his thoughts on the ceremony. Glenn then played the "Glenns rant on fake and real ceremony (as heard on BreeFM)" section heard last year:

Is seemed like Bree was going to dye. Crazy, freaky. Glenn thought she would just disappear for a while. CIW built up every ones expectations because of the darkness. Then Bree showed up the next day. Fake ceremony? You are kidding me. Daniel's video was purposely very intense. Combined with CIW all the creepiness and weirdness came together. We were ready for human sacrifice. Glenn was hoping it was going to get really dark.

Part of the reason Glenn took his own story to play off lonelygirl15 was that there was real darkness in religion and it had been suppressed over time. If they had killed Bree then OpAphid could have claimed to have killed her.

They went to all the work to have a creepy fake ceremony to get Daniel to stop following Bree? That is kind of a flawed planned. If you want someone to stop following you the the real ceremony would have worked better.....a girl donating blood is much more boring. Maybe they blew all their money on the fake ceremony so they had to do a low key ceremony. Seriously!

You never go the woods for things. That is not normal. If you are meeting the woods you are burying a body, lighting something on fire or camping. You assume they are up to no good.

And then they took photos of him because they were all over ...... yet at the real ceremony there was no security.

Tachyon has moved onto bigger and better thing because this secret society is so inept it is going to implode on its own.

QtheC asked about the origin of "10033" It is not zip code. It was a code number.

Movie pick of the week
Glenn watched a movie the other night: "Primer". It came out in 2004. It is about time travel. It is like "In the company of men" meets "Back to the future". It was made on the cheap but it looks really good. It does not have a lot of exposition. Back to the future is beautifully layered. Sometimes too much exposition is worked into the dialogue in movies. Back to the future had a very natural way of doing it.

Some things in Primer are just not explained at all. The first act is slow but builds into an exciting second act. It has you believing that time travel could be accomplished in a more logical way than most movies. All the time travel occurs over a stretch of hours or days.

The third act tries to introduce so much stuff it is too much. There is a story element that comes out of no where. There are multiple versions of the same person in the same time line. The third act pales in comparison to act 2.

Because there is not a lot of exposition you can watch it more than once and figure out what it is all about. There are some puzzle like elements. You can find explanations online.

Glenn looked at a map the other day. What state is to the south of Minnesota? It is Iowa. Who knew?

Here is the archive of of stories from LG15 TODAY concerning Glenn's radio show on BreeFM.

Send questions to [email protected]


Hooking Up - "Draft Beer, Not Emails" (EP. 4) - hookingup

Ryan desperately needs to get out of a final so he can play in the Ultimate Frisbee Championships. Meg admits to being a jealous girl in an over thought email that gets over shared.


Ryan's Profile

Professor Klein's Profile

Professor Jerry's Profile

Meg's Profile

Nick's Profile

Emily's Profile

Sorority Forever: Episode 28 "Return To Sender"

The package that Julie sent her sister Natalie was returned to her unopened.
Sorority Forever: Episode 28 "Return To Sender"

Sam King - Week 11 - Wednesday

Hymn Of None Chat

-18:59:11- [hymn_of_none]: we are difficult to reach, slick, but we are always watching
-18:59:15- [hymn_of_none]: and we are grateful for your support
-18:59:31- [hymn_of_none]: we have many operatives
-18:59:36- [hymn_of_none]: our network is larger than you may think
-19:00:05- [hymn_of_none]: Traveler - we are not at liberty to say who we employ
-19:00:31- [hymn_of_none]: the only thing that can be said about those who work with us is that they are dedicated to fighting those who harm innocents
-19:00:55- [hymn_of_none]: Mitch - Maggie is part of our group, as is Bree, as is Gina, as is Nadia, as is every Trait Positive girl who has been unjustly sacrificed over the years
-19:01:09- [hymn_of_none]: Greta - you can trust me because you have no reason not to
-19:02:14- [hymn_of_none]: We ask a lot of you, this we are aware of, but know that your patience will be rewarded
-19:02:19- [hymn_of_none]: Brittt - you're correct
-19:02:21- [hymn_of_none]: lets talk about the box
-19:02:29- [hymn_of_none]: noah - I want to talk about today's post
-19:02:44- [hymn_of_none]: We believe the cure device is in the box
-19:02:59- [hymn_of_none]: We must find it
-19:03:09- [hymn_of_none]: Broken - yes, in the box may be a device that will rid the body of a trait positive gene
-19:03:37- [hymn_of_none]: We are not sure what it is exactly, but we assume like Lifesblood's "strandbox" it is a medieval device that can be harnessed for good
-19:04:00- [hymn_of_none]: Kevin - No, the auction is now in an undisclosed location
-19:04:02- [hymn_of_none]: but we do not know where
-19:04:14- [hymn_of_none]: We do believe, however, that the Willow Woods video holds the key
-19:04:23- [hymn_of_none]: QtheC may have been onto something earlier today
-19:04:53- [hymn_of_none]: We believe the video holds a code or meet that tells its viewers where they may be able to bid for the box
-19:05:01- [hymn_of_none]: Obviously we were not supposed to discover this video
-19:05:02- [hymn_of_none]: but we did
-19:05:05- [hymn_of_none]: because we are everywhere
-19:05:24- [hymn_of_none]: KellyLen - Yes, we believe the numbers hold the destination
-19:05:29- [hymn_of_none]: but we cannot yet make sense of them
-19:05:50- [hymn_of_none]: What happened to Bree and Gina has been happening for decades, over a century even -- only now do we possess the ability to combat it
-19:06:01- [hymn_of_none]: it has taken many years to gather our resources
-19:06:14- [hymn_of_none]: Kyle - what do you mean
-19:06:18- [hymn_of_none]: please elaborate
-19:06:48- [hymn_of_none]: Fallen - the video has been sent to Jonas and Sarah, but they too are lost
-19:06:51- [hymn_of_none]: we have yet to crack the code
-19:07:08- [hymn_of_none]: Traveler - we trust Sarah because she too has something to fight for: redemption
-19:07:21- [hymn_of_none]: Veela - as far as we can tell, Reedy has simply been an observer until now
-19:07:37- [hymn_of_none]: Veni - We believe the code is somehow embedded within the Willow Woods video
-19:07:46- [hymn_of_none]: possibly to do with the numbers listed, as QtheC suggested earlier today
-19:08:03- [hymn_of_none]: noahmann - how do you know reinforcements are not already with our group? :)
-19:08:26- [hymn_of_none]: Maddz - you don't have to like us, but you DO choose to listen to us
-19:08:51- [hymn_of_none]: caalan - once we have deciphered the location hopefully we will know where this cure device resides
-19:09:02- [hymn_of_none]: once we possess the cure device we can ensure the Order dies
-19:09:08- [hymn_of_none]: if there is no trait positive girl, there is no Order
-19:09:44- [hymn_of_none]: caalan - whether the device is legitimate is a question we have too, which is why it MUST be recovered
-19:10:07- [hymn_of_none]: Courtney - it is our belief that this device works through the bloodstream to cleanse it of the atypical gene
-19:10:23- [hymn_of_none]: Slick - WHO told the location?
-19:10:34- [hymn_of_none]: the auction in Chicago was a set-up, we believe this to be the real thing
-19:10:50- [hymn_of_none]: Selen - We have all kinds of technichians in our group
-19:10:58- [hymn_of_none]: Timothy - what do you doubt?
-19:11:46- [hymn_of_none]: Timothy - we believe this to be the real thing because the video we found today was not made public; it was not for distribution on any public server or domain as the previous was
-19:11:53- [hymn_of_none]: it was found by one of our operatives
-19:12:09- [hymn_of_none]: Veni - Yes, we must figure out the numbers
-19:12:23- [hymn_of_none]: Kevn - We will reveal ourselves when the time is right
-19:12:36- [hymn_of_none]: Lost - the numbers are in today's video, spouted by the doctor
-19:12:42- [hymn_of_none]: if we string them together, we must have some sort of code
-19:12:45- [hymn_of_none]: but what kind of code?
-19:12:47- [hymn_of_none]: and to where?
-19:12:54- [hymn_of_none]: we need direction
-19:13:00- [hymn_of_none]: as in North, South, East, or West
-19:13:18- [hymn_of_none]: Thank you Veni for posting the numbers
-19:13:35- [hymn_of_none]: those who have the transcripts, are there any directional words or patterns to the doctors phrases?
-19:13:42- [hymn_of_none]: such as north, south, southwest, etc.
-19:13:53- [hymn_of_none]: blondefairy - we have sent Jonas, Sarah, and Reed east already
-19:13:59- [hymn_of_none]: because we believe that is where the auction is to be
-19:14:20- [hymn_of_none]: Traver - Our numbers are strong, that is all you need to know
-19:14:39- [hymn_of_none]: W Martin and Associates
-19:14:43- [hymn_of_none]: W as in West maybe?
-19:14:48- [hymn_of_none]: the New England area?
-19:15:20- [hymn_of_none]: noahmann - what are answers are you looking for? We thought we were all in search of the same thing - a cure.
-19:15:32- [hymn_of_none]: Terrin - THE ORDER WILL NOT PREVAIL AND WE WILL ENSURE THAT
-19:16:02- [hymn_of_none]: noahmann - we are not here to help you, we are here to help the trait positive population -- you have enlisted in this army and the time has come to do your part
-19:16:09- [hymn_of_none]: as you have been these past few weeks
-19:16:26- [hymn_of_none]: Cascadestars - It is the Order who underestimates US
-19:17:04- [hymn_of_none]: Kevin - We are looking into the car raid, but is our belief that LifesBlood Labs has been on track to find Reed, Jonas, and Sarah, as well as the FBI
-19:17:29- [hymn_of_none]: Luccal - the book referred to a device that was placed in the fountain of youth -- which can be a substitue for any sort of fluid, namely a bloodstream
-19:17:39- [hymn_of_none]: if the device cleanses the stream, then we must believe it is a cure to the purity of the gene
-19:17:57- [hymn_of_none]: Kyle - I am a girl, and a boy, a man, and a woman, I am many
-19:18:17- [hymn_of_none]: Slick - If we can find the device, then we will prove whether it works
-19:18:37- [hymn_of_none]: Greta - We have looked into the symbols, we cannot discern anythign specifically at this time
-19:19:06- [hymn_of_none]: Audra - We will determine the safest way to test the device once it is in our possession
-19:19:30- [hymn_of_none]: Cascadestars - I have ten minutes left
-19:19:33- [hymn_of_none]: let us focus on the location
-19:19:37- [hymn_of_none]: the numbers listed in the video
-19:19:55- [hymn_of_none]: We suggest looking for directional patterns in the dialogue - n, s, e, w, etc
-19:20:08- [hymn_of_none]: BRI - POSSIBLY
-19:20:23- [hymn_of_none]: bri4177 - the numbers in the video MAY in fact be coordinates
-19:20:24- [hymn_of_none]: GPS
-19:20:39- [hymn_of_none]: thank you bri4177 - we are looking into this now
-19:20:54- [hymn_of_none]: alexis - longitude and latitude, good thinking
-19:21:14- [hymn_of_none]: Kevin - BOSTON MAY BE THE ANSWER
-19:21:19- [hymn_of_none]: We must go now
-19:21:22- [hymn_of_none]: Thank you for your help
-19:21:28- [hymn_of_none]: And thank you for joining the fight
-19:21:33- [hymn_of_none]: We will post an update as soon as we have one

Chat log credit: BrightSilence

The numbers in the video turned out to be map coordinates near Boston, Mass.

The Greggers Cam Vol. 1: Season 2 Finale (BTS)

Greg Gallows gives a behind the scenes glimpse of a typical LonelyJew15 shoot.

Reed's imeem playlist

Earlier this week, (see Reed's Blog), Reed gave a link to his new imeem playlist:

New Rockin Road Mix

WITH THE ANGELS premieres Oct. 28th


It's finally happening - WITH THE ANGELS premieres Tuesday, October 28th at www.strike.tv.

A special 2-EPISODE PREMIERE posts on Tuesday, followed by Episode 3 on Wednesday, and Episode 4 on Thursday. After that, there will be a new episode for your viewing pleasure every Monday through Thursday until Christmas! There are 36 episodes in all.

Remember, it takes even MORE than a village to make an internet hit, so tell your friends, Tweet about it, post it on your wall - and invite your friends to join both our group and the fan page here on Facebook. We're on Myspace, too - so come join us there!

For those of you who prefer to watch on YouTube, well have a channel there, too - stay tuned!


Mary Feuer

On This Day In LG15 History: Following The Helper (Oct. 15, 2006)

For today's installment of useless lonelygirl15 facts in my brain that no one will comment about:

Two years ago today, on October 15, 2006, Daniel posted the video "Following The Helper."

Although it has racked up only 246,161 views on YouTube to date, this was a heavily discussed video at the time, spawning a 48-page thread on the official forums, becoming the "most viewed" video thread ever. (Source: LG15 Bebo Quiz #4, Question 1).

The video is notable for recording the first illegal act (breaking and entering) committed by Daniel. While gunplay and violence became much more common in Seasons 2 and 3 of Lonelygirl15, fans of Bree were a bit shocked at the time to see Daniel commit this act and then post proof online, as memorialized in the TWJaniak's fan response video, What Were You Thinking?.

Following The Helper was also a key video for future plot development, because Daniel found Google maps of five locations on Lucy's computer: Zavalla, Texas; Wickenburg, Arizona; Topanga, California; La Crete, Alberta; and Adak Island, Alaska. These locations recurred to varying degrees throughout the lonelygirl15 story, most notably as Zavalla became the home of future characters Sarah, Taylor, and Jules, and a burial ground for Elders.

A minor amusing error in this video occurs when Daniel is looking at Lucy's computer. You can briefly see that the time is 4:01pm on Thursday, October 12, putting Daniel there BEFORE the ceremony actually occurred. Clearly this is simply when the video was filmed, revealing only a three day lag between filming and posting at the time.

The video also quickly reveals that the pictures Daniel sees of himself at the Ceremony reside in a file folder path marked "Greg Goodfried". This was taken as evidence by fans that Amanda Goodfried must indeed be playing the role of Lucy (something not yet known), and that the video must have been filmed at the Goodfrieds apartment.

* LGPedia on Following The Helper

* LG15.com forum thread on Following The Helper

* Anchor Cove discussion thread for Following The Helper

Mystery Box - Hymn of None (LG15: TR)

The following was found by one of our operatives. And it is exactly what we are looking for. -- HoN


We, the Hymn of None, will be available in the lg15 chat room HERE at 7 PM PST (10 PM EST) this evening to discuss this breakthrough with you. Spread the word. Join the fight. Speak to us. Tonight.

Jessica on Greek

Jessica Lee Rose was on last nights episode of Greek for a little bit. I won't give away spoilers.

Check out the full episode here

Note: This picture is not from the episode but from her myspace. Ashleigh is my favorite character so I thought this picture was a nice touch.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Today, a young freelance writer from Southern California Jeremy Williams, who has written for media shows such as "House", "Grey's Anatomy", "Lost", and even "Degrassi: The Next Generation" has announced his newest project for fall 2008. An internet series enititled "Diary of A Teen", following the life and times of a group of young adults just out of high school and desperately trying to fit into University life. What's the catch? The series will be ran on social media site TWITTER, which has grown immensely in popularity over the past 3 years. Each of the characters will have their own unique individual TWITTER accounts where they will post several daily entries and interactions with one another throughout the course of a 24 hour period, 5 days a week, i real time! Jeremy Williams even says that fans of the show will be able to have real time conversations with the characters. The series is squeduled to run from October 14th, 2008 - January 1st, 2008 (a total of 25,000 possible posts) for it's first season run. You can currently follow the main characters story at http://www.twitter.com/diaryofateen

We are the Refreshers! - theaterjunkie8716

And we will not be stopped!

Frank is not dead: the Stairway Voices (audio experiment) - LonelyGerbil15

HQ stereo version: www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEwup1CrVC4&fmt= 18

This is another one for the Cassies, particularly eeka, who are desperately trying to decipher the hidden goodies buried in aparkwefunk's evil video "Frank is not dead." Voices can be heard during the "stairs" segment. What are they trying to tell us? How many times will we have to descend down those stairs before we get it right? We know the video is diabolical, but we are too intrigued by it to stop searching now. We already think we've heard "fear is good" in another section. Who used to preach that fear is good? Charles Manson, whose devilish visage appears repeatedly in the video!

The audio is played at different speeds, different EQ settings to make the male voice more intelligible. "The carrot wants to flunk you?" LOL! That's what I get out of it. Maybe "The terrorist wants to flunk you." Obviously the funny high-pitched voice is saying "the" or "thee," as you can hear when it's slowed down to 50%. Neither voice sounds anything like Manson. There's also a "pss psss-pss" sound which is similar to a whisper, or something that was spoken with everything but the high end removed.

Reed blog....

Mixin' It Up

10.14.2008 13:54

I think it’s safe to say you’re not truly on the lam until your car’s been broken into. By that logic it turns out I’m officially a wanted man. Shocking as it may be, the rental car Jonas, Sarah, and I picked up had windows made of glass.

Meaning they were fragile.

Meaning they were breakable.

Meaning someone broke the s#!+ out of them.

When we left the hotel this morning we saw the passenger and driver’s side windows were shattered. Jonas and Sarah handled it a lot better than I did. Then again, their Awesome Road Mix CDs weren’t stolen (yes, I made awesome road mix CD’s for the car).

Other than the tragic loss of my personal tunes, we were pretty lucky. Car still runs and there wasn’t much else to steal from it since most of our gear was in the hotel room.

The strangest part about the whole thing is that the break-in didn’t even seem to phase Jonas or Sarah. Once I calmed down and realized our lives weren’t in imminent danger, I thought maybe it was just a random car thief. But when I told them that, they just laughed. “Since when do things happen at random to people like us?” Jonas said.

Well, he’s right. Even though I don’t want him to be. I don’t know. Maybe the unnerving part was that when he said ‘people like us’ I got the feeling I wasn’t one of those people. Not yet, at least.

Jonas and Sarah -- who’ve been deep in this for so long now -- they’re used to having their privacy violated; so much so that they were able to just shrug the whole thing off. I guess you can’t help but develop a super black sense of humor from the whole thing. “If someone wanted us dead, we’d probably have dodged a few bullets by now. Or not.”

Score one for Sarah on the least comforting line of the day.

Anyway, we’re going to hang around town for the day while we get the car replaced/fixed up. I’m going to set up an imeem playlist for our day of paranoia induced fun, so check that out here.


Makin' Memories (And Enemies)

Someone is following us. But the show must go on. -- Reed

Birth of the R.A.O. - wilannies

This was filmed on February 5th 2008, five days after Annie filmed that video where she's covered in blood. Augh, that still gives me the creeps...

DJ Kira says....reminder

Super Tuesday

Ok, so i know it's not polite to talk about politics in a public setting, but this is an incredibly important election, and it seems as of now people (including myself) are largely uninformed about each candidates history and political priorities. soooooo, this week i am going to do my research on each of them and tuesday im going to give a quick rundown of information. i want to stress that THIS IS ONLY INFORMATION, i am not trying to persuade you for one candidate or the other, i simply want to inform. so please please please tune in on tuesday. if you have questions you can email them to me at [email protected] i will do my very best to find the information to answer all questions. it never hurts to have the information, and hey... this way you dont even have to do the work!


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VOTE!! - InsideLG15


The cast of LG15: The Resistance asks you to vote on November 4.

hookingup (catchup)

Prof Jerry's Vlog - Dean's List Challenge

I deliver a multiple choice questionnaire on college life.

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Emily's Vlog - From Simple to Sexy

deliver three quick steps to turn your old t-shirt into a new hot number.


Sorority Forever: Episode 27 "Girl On Girl"

Sorority Forever: Episode 27 "Girl On Girl"

Sam King - Week 11 - Tuesday

Pumpkin + LG15 motto = LG15 Halloween

"How are you going to get into the LG15 Halloween spirit? I want to see pictures of you in costume (Sexy Librarian like Sarah?), videos of you in costume, and/or a scary Halloween story that you also post to your LG15 profile page.

All of this will culminate in a LG15 Halloween party on Thursday, October 30th. There will be prizes, a haunted house, candy, bobbing for apples, and… actually there will just be prizes. I’m not sure how’d we work that other stuff out.

Get your Dr. Alderman costumes ready and send me your pictures, stories, and videos! Send your submissions to [email protected]. In the meantime, change your avatar to something scary. I’ll go first.?

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What's up hommies. I just got the camera back from Tim and he hadn't deleted the video yet. (thank god) I think he was saving it for his spank bank..... He can't resist looking into my eyes.


Fallen Angel Puzzle Solved. To James - EidolonSeesAll

The tinyurl of dalocsdd leads here (for puzzle solve, see comments of this video. If anyone cares to get that third song, be my guest.):

Hope it was good for you. . .

Episode 5: Freshmen - The Hayley Project

So I've been spending a lot of time thinking about Keira lately. We weren't close near the end. It all really changed at the beginning of freshman year.

Ch 5 Music Contest - Comment on InsideLG15 by Oct. 15

From InsideLG15:

Contest Alert!

In honor of their Episode this week, the guys in Voyager One donated two copies of “Afterhours” and a pair of tickets to one of their CMJ shows next week in New York City. And how do you win this music and concert tix? Very simple, glad you asked.

Leave a comment on this post before Wednesday the 15th. That’s it. I’d love to know what you think about V1 but you are welcome to tell me anything. We’ll shuffle the names of every commenter who posts before Wednesday and draw the winners. Multiple entries always encouraged and certainly increase your odds. We’ll notify the lucky ones via their page on LG15.com this Thursday.

LG15: The Resistance (updated weekly)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Bulgaria day 1 pt 1&2 - JessicaLeeRose

kindredphantom said...
This video has been removed by the user.

For some reason she has removed both videos.

::::: see discussion below.

early morning in Bulgaria!

Back from the Dead - MessyNessy89

Uhm...so what should I do about this?!?!


No Answers Yet . . . Please Help - Fallen Angel

Guys I still can't figure out what this means. The only voice on the voicemail said the beginning of each title is part of a tiny clue.

I think James & Angel may need some help with this one...

Sleeping Around - Reed (LG15:TR)

Sleeping Around

This isn't awkward. At all. - Reed

Sleeping Around - Reed (LG15:TR) on lonelygirl15 LGPedia.

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Chapter 5 Music – Voyager One

THIS WEEEK we begin a three-part showcase of featured music in the show from the best bands appearing right now in the 2008 CMJ Festival in New York City. Entering the ring first, the space-rock sounds of Seattle’s Voyager One. Ding Ding.

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PINK 15: Duck, Duck, Goose

Daddy protects young Nate. Meanwhile, her college roommate is more than she bargained for.


To celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving we here at Camp Breezy Beach have not one but TWO new videos for you to enjoy!



We're still trying to find Jenny so if anyone has any ideas drop me a line at [email protected]. - Rick

Community Art

Artwork by Nick

Source: insideLG15

MSN & The Order?

takeariskkiss's blogs:

Conspiracy Theory Alert! ;]

MSN and The Order are working together.. i mean, just look at this picture, featured in the " a month in pictures section "


Hymn of One symbol anybody? :P

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10.15.08 - Hymn of None Blog (LG15: TR)


10.13.2008 10:24

Current Music:

I will answer some of your questions. Be prepared.

Read and Respond to Hymn of None Blog

I also missed a Reed and Sarah Blog this week
(These further help to explain the meet-up in Friday's Video)

Reed's Blog from Thursday
Sarah's Blog from Friday

Private High Musical Ep. 1/2

First Period | Private High Musical Ep. 1

Welcome to Private High...where sex and drugs are "always cool." It's the middle of senior year and shy Sandra Smith is the new girl in town. As if her virginal status isn't horrifying enough, things go from bad to worse when Sandra suddenly experiences the joys of womanhood...in first period.

Created by and starring Taryn Southern.

Private High Musical is a Red Band Industries original. Come check us out at http://www.redbandindustries.com.

Life's a Bitch | Private High Musical Ep. 2

To make Sandra feel better after her humiliating incident in homeroom, Robyn the lesbian introduces Sandra to all the people who WILL be her friends basically, all the losers, crazies, and rejects of the school.

Created by and starring Taryn Southern.

Private High Musical is a Red Band Industries original. Come check us out at http://www.redbandindustries.com.

From Jess:

Hey everyone this is the new web series created by my lovely friend Taryn Southern she worked so so hard on this and I was lucky enough to hang out on set a couple times, She's incredibly funny and talented and I'm sure anyone with a sense of humor will thoroughly enjoy this series! so watch !subscribe ! comment! and rate!


Sorority Forever: Episode 26 "Is This Really You"

Julie tries to contact her sister Natalie while Taryn is dealing with her own problems.
Sorority Forever: Episode 26 "Is This Really You"

Sam King - Week 11 - Monday

CAMP VID 12: LATE NIGHT RENDEZVOUS. - campbreezybeach

We Snuck out and look what happened :) :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

On This Day In LG15 History: "The Ceremony" 10-12-06

Two year ago today, October 12, 2006, the Lonelygirl15 video "The Ceremony" was posted by Daniel. This was long before anyone knew what the Ceremony was. Filmed in a shaky Blair Witch style, and actually kinda creepy, many were a bit disappointed after the weeks-long build up to "10-12-06". But, then again, others admitted that "nothing would or could live up to the hype we have created" around the Ceremony.

Although it turned out to be a fake ceremony, in retrospect, it may have been the creepiest one.

"The Ceremony" on LGPedia

lg15.com original discussion thread

Anchor Cove original discussion thread

Tag, you're it. - 626973686f70 (The Coalition. Current affiliation unknown)

You probably need this more than I do.
Tell me where and I'll bring it to you.

[email protected]

Serve the Servants - TamesWas (Logu15)


logu agent designation 15 accounted for as alive and attempting to track down a jump point.

That's not going well.


Eye on Beaumont

Beaumont Charles is an employee of LifesBlood Labs. He is seen carrying Maggie back to her room after she undergoes dialysis. Maggie mentions that Beaumont has shown her kindness, but she is saving that story "for another day". Maggie later clarifies that Beaumont had promised to save her, and that her time with him is what has allowed her to keeping hoping for rescue.

Later on, during one of her blood transfusions, Maggie asks where Beaumont is, only to be told that he has been transferred and that she won't "have to worry about him touching [her] again". Maggie is extremely upset by this, and throws a tantrum. Further on in the video Beaumont appears as some sort of janitor and passes Maggie a note under the door saying 'I Will Save You'.

Beaumont on lonelygirl15 LGPedia.

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The Gap Year - Week 20 Highlights

Sam King - Week 10 - Friday


Hey Campers,

Here's the latest from the Camp Breezy Beach mailbag!!!

My name is Mr.Shin Yuu. I am interested to invest in your country through you. The sum of $16.5m, hope you can assist me to invest my fund. I made this fund through contract which I did not finish. Please kindly get back to me as soon as possible.

Regards Mr. S. Yuu

Well Shin, I can most debinitely help you. All I need is a suitcase with the 16 mil and I'll spend it for ya! (I hear the Playboy Mansion could be up for sale soon. Mmmmm, Mandy in the Grotto!!!)

Anyhoo, I hope this answers your question!


P.S. Come check out our Links:


Episode 4: Grand F'n Central - The Hayley Project

So I'm trying to think through this case, but there's just one problem. I live in a dorm and that means constant interruption! How can anybody get any work done?

The Question of the Century

Hey people, snl06 here with a very important question. Well, I was thinking that, since my blog is for kids to voice their opinions on stuff, maybe I should let other kids blog there too. But, of course, I need the opinions of my readers first. So that's why I put up a poll on my blog for you to vote: Should I let other kids post on my blog? Go to http://kidswatchlg15too.blogspot.com/ to vote!

[106] My life with an assassin - impulseLG (tC: Worldfiles)

You know something has gone terribly wrong in your life when...

Modern Day Classic - 3rdTriad

I sensed you all might want to see how Kendra's video project turned out.

Nemarous, don't quit your day job...yet.


Logan Rapp co-hosts with Jenni Powell

Logan Rapp will co-host with Jenni Powell on her BreeFM. radio show today at 3 PM PST

  • BreeFM - Music of the Breeniverse: Website or Direct Stream

  • Logan Rapp is the actor who plays Linc in the Redearth88 ARG. He is a graduate of California State University, Fresno, as a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications / Journalism (Electronic Media Production). He is also a former Intern at MacAdam/Cage Publishing.

    Logan started making videos under the YouTube account dehteraew, and drew the attention of Glenn Rubenstein. As Glenn told the story on his first BreeFM radio show, he saw the video Pleasantries, and had a case of what he jokingly referred to as "professional jealousy" over its simple concept. The two got in contact, and after Glenn's series, OpAphid, went on hiatus, Logan was insistent that Glenn get it started up again. When he heard about Glenn's opportunity to work with Jeromy Barber on his Maddison Atkins series, Logan pushed hard for Glenn to accept, and offered to help out. Glenn and Logan began working together on the videos on the lofisyndicate Youtube account.


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  • Meg's Vlog - Dear Dylan - hookingup

    I issue a stern warning to a fellow student.

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