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Saturday, September 6, 2008

I'm Back! - Mitch (mitchcontrol)

I'm soooooo bored!

Getting To Know Her - 3rdTriad

Well my beloved Nemarous, getting right down to business. I'm proud.


Back to school contest!

"Anyone who went back to school this year, no matter what grade (college included), is liable to participate in my contest (ooo, a contest)"


Shut Up, 90210’s Silver: Station Conversation

Originally uploaded by Silver Vicious
"But it’s a double-edged sword, because if you’re attempting to speak the language of a new medium, then you actually need to know HOW TO SPEAK IT."



The Mystical Awesome Wonder of Bex!

Hey people, you wanna know the place to be when there's no DJ on BreeFM and you're in desperate need of good music? Almost every night, chatroom regular bex_08 plays music LIVE right on stickam.com/bex_08! She takes as many requests as you can throw at her, and sometimes dances along (often resulting in all dance shows)! She has experience in DJing and is quite good at it, so, if you need to hear some awesome music, then head on over to www.stickam.com/bex_08 and chat about it at the, now official, chatroom, #bex08 which welcomes anyone who wants to join. We hope to see you soon!

Sorority Forever Trailer - Series Premiere on MySpaceTV 9/08!

Sorority Forever will be on Myspace as well, for those of you that prefer. Here is the Myspace profile.

Sorority Forever Trailer - Series Premiere on MySpaceTV 9/08!

Friday, September 5, 2008

LG15: The Resistance on Imeem!!

It has been stated in recent multiple interviews with the creators that Imeem, along with several other popular online massive marketing sites, will be used to distribute EQAL's newest Lg15 incarnation: The Resistance. Check out the profile... is it canon?

Thank You! and a Favor or Two... - mswilsonswar

Thank you to my subscribers (modelmotion, JenniPowell, Virginian9000, blondefairy1975, n00469982 and reedabook99!), and everyone who posted a comment on my first video!


Zoe Bell is ‘Angel of Death’

"Zoë Bell, best known as the hood-straddling heroine in Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof, has been cast as the lead in Eisner Award-winning writer Ed Brubaker’s new web series, Angel of Death."


Sofias Diary Ep 125

Sam King - Week 5 - Friday

So i'm back, from outerspace... - j0v13r

Go to Chloe's account, message, comment, video response, anything to get in touch with her.


song: Time and Time Again
band: Chronic Future

Featured on LG15.com

Julian Talks Twilight - ItTakesII

Julian talks about the Twilight series and the upcoming movie.

Rate, Comment, Subscribe!

MTV Clip from the Twilight Movie:

Please help - callmechloe (Jov13r)

Help me,
before its too late.

TJ DJ TV Stuffed Grilled Taco- tacojohnsdj

At Heritage Days, spinnin' music and servin' up Taco John's. Check out the new Stuffed Grilled Taco.


Deeper Than That - wilannies

Let me show you the truth...



Patient 15
September 15-25th
Watch the last two weeks unfold of Annie's life and make some shocking discoveries with her. Who is lonefox101? Is he Jason or Ethan, What is a Carrier? Has the order really taken control of Gavin and Tariq's software? and who has committed some of the murders in the lg15 community, was it really the order? or possibly someone else. Wilannies ends on the 25th with ten consecutive videos. Join and watch it unfold!

My Choice (as seen in today’s video) - MN89

From Cassie's Myspace Blog:

I have received several confused reviews of the video I posted on the MessyNessy89 account earlier, called "Cassie's Choice".

Allow me to begin by saying that Snow White had no part in the video. What you have mistaken for a silly tale metaphorical of a struggle with a cocaine addiction is in fact, a lovely fairy tale turned into an innocent Disney movie called Sleeping Beauty. (For further information about the Metaphor of Snow White, may I suggest Google? Better yet, use GoodSearch.com. At least your time spent learning useless, trivial information will go to a good cause!)

Furthermore, I must apologize from the bottom of my heart for my deception and betrayal. I would also like to add that I am terribly sorry the writings at its conclusion were disgracefully illegible.

The brief Beatles segment said:
"Not guilty
for leading you astray
on the road to Mandalay.
I won't upset the apple cart.
I only want what I can get.
I'm really sorry that you've been misled.
But like you heard me said:
not guilty."

Followed by my own personal farewell:
"I am so sorry Sister.
Please do not forget that you knew my true heart."

Interpret as you wish. Try to be imaginative. If you can't be, you haven't got a shot in hell at understanding me.

Finally, do know that while Nessy's fate may not be a happy ending, it will be the better of two possibilities. I was chin-deep in a dilemma; I weighed out both pros and cons for Nessy and for me. I chose to pursue the option that I felt would have the best possible outcome for both of us, rather than only one or the other.

Thank you for trying to help my little sister, and me.
You may not have succeeded triumphantly, but you were far more successful than me.


My One Song For You - michiev

Emma Burgess, - My one song for you.
no copyright infringement intended

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Juggling for world peace! - v9k

For Zoey.

This is the most epic and awesome juggling video that there ever was!! My editing skillz are out of this world!

I had to juggle for world peace!



View other Juggling for world peace community videos.

Join the Juggling for world peace Bebo group.

Join the Juggling for world peace Facebook group.


The Final Hours: Episodes 1 - 8 (EPISODES ARE ALL BACKWARDS!!)

Series Returning Soon

Vote for Greg and Miles!

Vote for the Top Web Video Creators! TV Week is conducting this poll and Greg and Miles have been nominated. Your support would be amazing! Vote here: http://www.tvweek.com/blogs/trial-and-error/2008/09/vote_for_the_top_web_video_cre.php

Source: insideLG15

Cassie's Choice - MessyNessy89

My sister edited the first half of this, and I, the second.

Meet Monica - mswilsonswar

A little blurb about me and a hello to you!

Note: This video was accepted as a response video by Reed (aka emocanonboi).

Blood Sisters by Joshua Hale Fialkov


Joshua Hale Fialkov is a writer for the webseries LG15: The Resistance. He is also the creator of the critically acclaimed cult hit Elk’s Run, a graphic novel released by Random House Publishing’s Villard imprint. His other work includes the ecclectic comedy series Punks the Comic, and beloved horror anthology Western Tales of Terror.

Joshua was the winner of Top Cow Publishing’s inaugural Pilot Season program, wherein 1.5 million people voted for his refresh of Top Cow character Cyblade. A new Cyblade series following up on the pilot starts in the Fall. He’s taking part in Pilot Season 2, writing Alibi alongside artist Jeremy Haun. He has been the translator of many volumes of manga, most notably Del Rey’s Princess Resurrection. Joshua also just completed an acclaimed run on Harris Comics’ iconic Vampirella. He has written for companies including Marvel, Wildstorm, IDW, Dark Horse, Image, Tor Books, Seven Seas Entertainment, Dabel Brothers Productions, and St. Martin’s Press.

Joshua grew up in Pittsburgh, PA, went to college in Boston, were he got a BFA in writing and directing for the stage and screen, and then worked in the New England film industry, until finally deciding to move to Los Angeles to do it properly. Joshua lives with his wife (who happens to be his one true love), Christina, who’s a Librarian and Historian of both Film and California. They live with their instruments (both musical and otherwise), his comics & dvd’s, her books and movie memorabilia, and their two cats, Smokey and The Bandit.

Josh Fialkov on LGPedia.

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

reedabook (aka emocanonboi) says...

September 4th, 2008 at 10:34 am

um… wow. i had no idea they’d feature my second vid… of course, it may not have helped that I bugged the crap out of Amanda to do so.

yes, perhaps I am cannon… perhaps not…

if I see Jonas or Sarah around Chicago, I’ll let you guys know.


Sofias Diary Ep 124

Sam King - Week 5 - Thursday

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Robbin' The Hood - WaldenGhosts (RevRed)

So we fight to get, we fight to get our weary arms to bed.

Limepenguin said ...

Robbing the rich and giving to the...strange unseen facility that brings people back from the dead? Eh, sure, why not!

RevenantRed said ...

No silly, robbing the strange unseen facility and giving it back to the people who want them taken out of business.

View The Forum Thread

"Sarah's Secret" message?

"Sarah's Secret" message? <--- discuss

Meeting With Jesse Pt. 2 - NileiNDeNile

I don't really know to say or think, but at least I know what to do.
Derrick, you should too.

Music: Power Trip Again - Atlas Sound

Hipster Hell - reedabook99

Yet another trend that makes no sense to me.

Check out this cool band - Warner Drive. I used their song, "The Shocker" for the opening. http://www.myspace.com/warnerdrive

From comments on LG15.com:

reedabook September 3rd, 2008 at 8:10 pm
oh, and here’s the link (sorry, i worked really hard on this


reedabook September 3rd, 2008 at 8:08 pm
hey guys, just wanted to let you know I finally (yes FINALLY) posted a new vid! head on over to youtube to check it out please!

ok, pretty please!!!!

(and sorry, don’t mean to distract from this Sarah goodness… she’s totally right on about Good Charlotte… bleck)


"Canon boi" gets featured on LG15.com .....AGAIN!

Disscuss Reeds canon status on LG15.com: http://lg15.com/lonelygirl15/forum/viewtopic.php?f=57&t=18568&p=665829#p665829

Wilannies prequel starting September 15


Patient 15
September 15-25th
Watch the last two weeks unfold of Annie's life and make some shocking discoveries with her. Who is lonefox101? Is he Jason or Ethan, What is a Carrier? Has the order really taken control of Gavin and Tariq's software? and who has committed some of the murders in the lg15 community, was it really the order? or possibly someone else. Wilannies ends on the 25th with ten consecutive videos. Join and watch it unfold!

WHAT TIME IS IT?...Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST, Wednesday.

Glenn might put a video on Headboard onto YouTube if he can find a VCR to encode it.

Glenn is going to watch Reed at the request of listeners. Glenn likes the editing style. The dude reminds Glenn of Marco from Degrassi. With the run up to the new series it could be canon. It is not the standard video blog. It has a different style. Will the new series be video blog style?

Glenn then played "Journey - Don't Stop Believin" for the Reedite Movement.

Glenn then performed a live mix:

Glenn - September 3 2008 Mix-Up Live and In Progress

and then followed up with a second live mix:

Glenn - September 3 2008 After Hours Mix-Up - Live and In Progress

In a week it will be 2 years since the first CIW video. That is insane. What have we all done with our lives?

Here is the archive of of stories from LG15 TODAY concerning Glenn's radio show on BreeFM.

Send questions to [email protected]


Lonelygirl15 Sequel Premieres September 20

"Of course, it'll never be lonelygirl15. Remember those more innocent days (back in late 2006), when we all believed that pretty girl video-blogging on YouTube really was pouring her guts out to us?'


LonelyGirl15: 7:00 pm PARENTAL ADVISORY - sbort

Join the Resistance.

(And what's with all the weird sexual tension in their episodes?)

Hello From Trionacona

Hello From Trionacona
Here at Trionacona Technology Laboratories, it seems that two patients 413#, and 973#, seem to be apparently missing. We apologize for the strange behavior, inconvenience, and rumors here on is site. There is indeed a Kaye, patient 413#'s wife, and she claims the following statement:

"Frank is not alive, and never will be. I seem to have engaged with a man name Leonard. I do not enjoy someone trying to portray Frank online, and am not sure what indeed is going on. We are sorry about this, and we will find out who did this."

That is all for now.

To read more: http://ihearvoicesagain.blogspot.com/

Imaginary Bitches

Imaginary Bitches - The Web Series is a professionally produced show with a cast led by Eden Riegel (of TV's All My Children) and a clever premise: the main character is a lonely single who creates imaginary companions when her friends are too busy with their relationships to listen.

The main website and YouTube account include the primary story videos as well as supplemental travel log videos by the main character, a written blog, a spoof book excerpt, music, and other extras. New episodes appear on Fridays.

     Looking for shows to watch online?


More Rambling - escapefromhere07

^ says it all there

Music -

Hedwigs Theme - John ...



Take180.com has launched with some intriguing new teen-focused content.


Hymn Of None

We now threaten their exsistance. R U A Sheep? We choose to run but we will no longer be afraid. We will continue to hide but no longer in fear. The hunted will become the hunter. The predator is now the pray. We will not be stopped.


ED: This live journal has been confirmed to not be a canon part of the official LG15 story. See:

Where did xred74x go?

One more clue...
Name: Adam
City: San Fransisco
Hometown: California



Easy to Make a Show, but Not a Profit, Online Web TV Lacks Clear Formula for Success

"When the Writers Guild of America strike stopped television production last autumn and winter, Hollywood writers and producers rushed to create new scripted series for the Web, often called webisodes for lack of a more artful term. The strategy seemed simple: Make money by going straight to the Internet."


Research: Mathieas

Sofias Diary Ep 123

Sam King - Week 5 - Wednesday

Gustav 24in48: one last look...

Hurricane Gustav 24in48: A special OTS report.

The Jig is Up! - LonelyJew15 (LJ15)

Maybe we were a little too obvious? --Anne

(Featuring RoytheBoy as Ricky Mower)

PINK Season 2 Promo - pinktheseries

PINK Season Two is almost here! First new episode premieres 9/16. This is a promo for the new season.

WATCH SEASON 1 <======

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Coalition Comics

Check out the first issue of Coalition Comics, the ZorinXL story located in the new Media Center

Visit theCoalition 2.0

Are you Juggling For World Peace?

Juggling for World Peace now has a Facebook Group:


View other Juggling for world peace community videos.

Join the Juggling for world peace Bebo group.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

once more this Film is Dedicated to ALL of YOU (friends,Colleges, girlfriends and mentors) who put up with my Crazy ways, my lies and my betrayal of your friendship, your trust and your love. I'm Deeply sorry and I hope that the light of my new life will soon replace the darkness of my past!
Marcello Daciano

In November 2007, Marcello wrote, produced, directed, and acted in his short film, Laura, which first screened on Tuesday, February 26th, 2008. The film also featured many other talented members of the LG15 cast and crew, including actors Katherine Pawlak and Peter James, composer and producer Darren Boling, and editors Colin Hargraves and Jennifer Roth.

Marcello Daciano on LGPedia.

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

Sofias Diary Ep 122

Sam King - Week 5 - Tuesday

Gabriel Officially Inspects Gustav Damage - NOGustav

Pitch Black Patrol
Gabriel and I do a "security" sweep

Back to the Stone Age...kinda
Ever wonder what it was like to live before Electricity?

Stop or Go Hurricane Antics
Some rather interesting damage...

Hurricane Knocks Down Trees..A Dogs Dream! - NOGustav
Gabriel and I take to the road to check out our other buildings...we see some damage along the way and he gets excited and has a great time.

Gabriel Officially Inspects Gustav Damage - NOGustav
Time moves on and the winds slowly die down and the few remaining people start to come out...and Gabriel inspects

Fighting The Unseen Silent Killer After a Hurricane - NOGustav
Many people in an effort to stay comfortable...create their greatest enemy after a storm... Carbon Monoxide..take precautions!

Bunny (9-1-2008) - september2star

Meet Resistance Bunny

A Perfect Circle-
Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm Of The War Drums

NOGustav : Chicks Dig a Guy with a Generator

Chicks Dig a Guy with a Generator

I work to get the generator up and running after deciding on its placement.

Hurricane=No Power + Debris Flying..Do Da Math

But for those of you that don't like math....just watch this video..the math is done for you... But seriously..this is a little after 11:00 AM on September 1st, 2008...after I lost power.

Cute Dog in A Hurricane

We take a stroll in the wind ..just Gabriel and myself..somewhere around 9 A.M. on Monday September 1st, 2008 during Hurricane Gustav in New Orleans(Metairie).

Farthead Nature Spectacular Extravaganza (Episode 2)

Join Chad "SweetFeet" Johnson and I on our journey through Communist ant infested wilderness!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Meeting With Jesse Pt. 1 - NileiNDeNile

I honestly don't know what to say.

music: Doll- Foo Fighters

Fun Things to Do in Hiding - Volume Dos! - Sarah (LG15)

Way too exciting for the faint at heart. - Sarah

Artist: Hyper Crush
Track: "The Arcade"
Link: www.myspace.com/hypercrush

Fun Things to Do in Hiding - Volume Dos! - Sarah (LG15) on LGPedia.

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

Community Art

By september2star

By Jackie

Source: insideLG15

Google launches internet browser

Google is launching an open source web browser to compete with Internet Explorer and Firefox.


based on: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WebKit

Top O' The World! Or..Just call me "Stupid" 0 -NOGustav

Top O' The World! Or..Just call me "Stupid" 0 -NOGustav
I do one of the dumber things in my life....

Can you believe..more wind! - NOGustav
read the title..nuff said...



speak up
look I can't hear you
I won't hear her

no, but does she hear me
Can you hear her
no I can't.

no sir.
No ma'am.

I won't.
There is no clue.
I have returned.
She didn't.
They have returned.
She didn't.
The storm rebuilt itself.
She didn't.
I need you
I need you to tell someone,
to do something,
to warn others,
to warn else more,
about the warning of whom,
of who of whom, who indeed is here.

Tell Them All...
Who of Whom It of what is holding off the wrath.

Tell them all. It's only a matter of time. Only a matter of time.

Help them. Help us. Before it comes.
Who Of Whom of Who Is That?
Regarding my previous words,

I'm lucky I'm at a distance from

What of Who Whom of who is coming.
WHO Is Whom of who is It
Who is out there
Is Whom of Who
Whom Is Who Whom Is
Yet Who is Whom of Who Is The Subject Of Whom of Who?
I'm not crazy!!
Still not crazy.

Day 3.

Not so crazy...

Day 3.

And you thought I was crazy.
Inside My Head
I've seen worse...

Oh did you want a thought?


Okay. Here you go.

Inside my fear
There's a storm coming for you.

Coming for me,

For all of us.

Be ready.
I know.
I know you're watching this, everyone. It's driving me nuts.

Whoever is out there,

The sun sets, and you're still watching me.

From somewhere.

Somewhere, alright...

NOTE: The description on the profile originally said:

"My wife was never Kaye. I didn't die. Cassie always lies. There is never a gnome. I'm not a traveler."

but was then changed to:

"My wife was never Kaye. I never knew who she was. Plus, I didn't die."

Lotta Mo Wind - NOGustav

Lotta Mo Wind - NOGustav
I catch some wind and a little bit of damage...

Don't Wake Up Dead With A Sinus Headache- NOGustav
An hour of sleep kinda catches up to ya..

Sofias Diary Ep 121

Sam King - Week 5 - Monday

"My New Headlights" by Shelly Bort

Are we in an ECHO CHAMBER?
i don't know what happened...
I hit the reverb or something and couldn't turn it off.
That room has fantastically amazing acoustics, but
it sounds like we're in a steel drum!

Sung by Shelly Bort & Samantha Meroney.
July 31, 2008

Written by Shelly Bort, June 2007.


ED: This is the same young woman that did the 6PM Lonelygirl SPOOF posted earlier - I just checked out a few of her other videos and happened upon this. This Shelly Bort is a star. ;)

See also:
Shelly & Sam: REHEARSAL 1
Shelly & Samantha: REHEARSAL PART 2
Shelly & Samantha: REHEARSAL PART 3

Guaranteed to make you smile.
~ QtheC

Tyrants Will Fall - TwilightIndigo

The Eternal Song has reached its coda.

Hello World -callmeTR

a tiny video.

LonelyGirl15 SPOOF: 6:00 PM - sbort


LonelyGirl Outtakes

Just Being Me - RebelAyla (HOOBS)

HEYYY! It's me. I'm alive, just anti-social. -Ayla

Song: Love Psalm
Artist: Akira Yamaoka

OOC: Once again, my attempt at the thumbnail trick fails. And i have no idea what's going on with the black inbetween clips. Gah, stupid iMovie...

Code Decoded - LonelyGuy51


Checkout the youtube channel. The videos are quite funny.

NOGustav Battles On!

Here comes the wind

Some sustained strong wind finally shows up.

Things Are Getting Nappy

When its rainy and windy and your ancestors are from the Mediterranean..what ya gonna do..anybody got a good fixative?

The Calm Before The Storm

I made it home and take the dog out to drain him..see some very early damage from a squall..and..enjoy the utter peacefulness.

Racing Curfew

With the confusion and possible arbitrary application of Curfew I attempt to make it home and not get arrested.

Revelation 4 - GemmaReturns

Not alone.

Tags: cassie is dead

Always on the Run - NOGustav

Problems - NOGustav
Some people don't use enough common sense. They put the whole neighborhood at risk. You pick up ALL debris...you don't put out trash...it clogs the drains and floods the WHOLE neighborhood.

Always on the Run - NOGustav
NOW I know why they ditched that bike for sure...I run into a little bit of conflicting information.

Sunday Afternoon Bike Ride - NOGustav
I plan a trip to go pick up my other vehicle on my god gifted steed...it just seems to be a gift from the Greek Gods...which isn't so good..if you're a Trojan.

My Kingdom - NOGustav
I talk about where I will weather the storm and some plans.

Problem Solved. - jenlight

I just may have gotten TR off my back!

Warm Welcoming - AliasMousey

Welcome to our ranks. We'll be watching you...

Fight the order.
Join the Resistance.

Bunny (8-31-2008) - september2star

Meet Bunny.

music: Flobots- Stand Up

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Welcome to your latest dissapointment- (Princess)

"What is it, exactly, that makes our society want to act on impulse?

Every day, millions of perfectly reasonable people throw their better judgment to the wind and buy those pretty shoes a half-size too small, buy that big car they can't afford, or even...conform to social norms...

My name is Princess, and I promised myself I'd never stoop so low as to get one of these mini-drama makers.

Then I got bored...

Whatever, enjoy the show."

Princess's blog

Add Princess as a Myspace friend!


Frank resurrection?


What do you think?

Intro to No Gustav

I introduce myself and talk a little about evacuation routes. For the Thrill Seekers..hopefully..you end up disappointed for having watched this blog..that means..the storm MISSED...but stay tuned.


For those community members in the path of this storm, please stay safe.

Cute Dog Riding Shotgun. - NOGustav

More Boring Yat Yacking...but...you get to meet Gabriel...worth the wait...

Boys in Blue Gotta Eat - NOGustav

Another video..pretty boring..I get rid of some excess food...Pizza and Ice Cream...ok..not really..no Ice Cream..just pizza and chicken wings...

We are battle-ready. - AliasMousey

We are ready to fight, and we will stand strong until the order is annihilated.

Fight the order.
Join the Resistance.

The Gap Year - Week 14 Highlights

Model.Live Episode 4 - Austria Leaves Home

Model.Live Episode 3 - Madeline Leaves Home

If you want to become an "author" on Web Series Today please read: http://tinyurl.com/becomeaWSTauthor

For more detailed information about Web Series Today please read: Web Series Today:

For other info contact: [email protected]

Join the discussion: http://www.tinyurl.com/webseriescommunity