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Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Resistance fancap episode seven

clips belong to eqal, sorry about the glitches in one part.

Find The Cure

Artwork by september2star

Artwork by Mitch

See more entries on insideLG15

Maggies Story

music: skillet, rebirthing (no copyright infrignment intented!) clips belong to eqal

The Home Office puzzle solved.

Tagosto at the Unfiction forums said:

I got it!!!!

"jude" was the answer - I used the Hide in Picture program to desteg it.

This is confirmed by me using the same program.

A text file is extracted that says the following:

Thomas -

You're still alive. How did you survive Chicago? I mean, it's a good thing, right? It's just been so long I can barely remember what we both looked like then. It's different, now.

I don't know what I could possibly say to you to make everything right again. You followed me in and I never treated you the way I should have. In my defense, I can smell the alcohol coming off you from here. Finesse has never been your strong suit.

If only you could play the guitar or something, you know? I could be looking past all this. (Drums don't count.)

I've been running for too long. I've had too many close calls. I miss having a somewhat-normal living situation. I miss not having to constantly look over my shoulder. I miss having a car, home, flatmates. I miss it all.

I know you're working with someone else, now. Whatever they're about, it doesn't matter. What they pulled off last week was enough for me, at least for now. I want to come in. There's so much I know that they don't. I can help them, but they have to be able to protect me.

I don't want to do it alone. You're really the only person I know who... I don't know. But if someone can bring me in, I'd like for it to be you.

Can we meet, just the two of us, before I figure out what I'm going to do? Somewhere east. Chapter Thirty-Five. A cozy sleeper car.



Some may be paired up. Others will be pissed off.


Artist: Morningwood
Album: "Sugarbaby" EP

Message from The Home Office

LG15Panda received the following message

Forwarded on to the analytical recruits.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Home Office
Date: Fri, Nov 7, 2008 at 1:55 AM
Subject: [12-09-14-03] Retrieved Data
To: [email protected]

Agent Penn -

Cargill reported in earlier last night with subject in tow. He is docile, though less-than-happy to be here. On his person were backups for the recent operation's video footage, a small, 128MB thumb drive, with a note attached, and two plane tickets to Venezuela, departing two weeks from now.

The thumb drive contained only one file - an image (see attached). What's the story on this?

There seems to be nothing on the handwriting, the text of which is simply: "When she's depressed she goes bowling."

Answers are not going to be forthcoming from the subject. He seems to be uncooperative simply out of spite. We'll have to figure
this one on our own.

Report back with any findings ASAP.

Attached was a BMP file labeled "kiss-me-judas.bmp" (see upload).

Here is the picture

Find more photos like this on The Home Office

Find The Cure - stretchandmayonaise

If you could stop the suffering of hundreds of girls across the world, would you?

Go to www.lg15.com to find The Cure.

Find the Cure - september2star

it is out there.

Got to LG15.com to help Find the Cure


PSA: Find The Cure! - milowent

This is a public service announcement. Please help Jonas and the gang find the cure and soon! STOP REED NOW!

We've got to find the cure!
We've got to find the cure!

Reed's given all the girls a case of the crabs
They've got to get the cure from LifesBlood labs

We've got to find the cure!
We've got to find the cure!

We love the story though its absurd
Go to lg15.com and find the cure!

We've got to find the cure!
We've got to find the cure!

Jonas is getting pretty pissed
cuz Reed's spreading around syphillis

We've got to find the cure!
we've got to find the cure!

Go to lg15.com and find the cure!

If only... - SonofaStitch

Can we risk it again?

Go to LG15.com to Find the Cure.

No Fear In Love - 3rdTriad

There is no fear where love exists. Rather, perfect love banishes fear, for fear involves punishment, and the person who lives in fear has not been perfected in love.

1 John 4:18



self explanitory.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Dollhouse Promo - FoxBroadcasting

Dollhouse, coming soon to FOX!

See also: http://www.dollhousetvforum.com/showthread.php?t=1200

BreeFM JenniPowell & With the Angels Creator/cast DOWNLOAD

Miss Jenni Powell's last Bree FM show? Been kicking yourself ever since? Thankfully With the Angels has taken mercy on us all and posted the audio to download on the StrikeTV forums.

A BreeFM extravaganza with former LG15 writer Mary Feuer who created With the Angels, and former LG15 (and current With the Angels) stars Carly Jones and Sean Vincent Biggins.

Original Forum post

Download Jenni Powell's BreeLink FM with Mary Feuer, Carly Jones & Sean Vincent Biggins now

For more With the Angels news and interaction check out the StrikeTV forums

Sarah was in LG15 chat

hey guys
anyone here?
hey erica!
how are you?
hey guys!
sorry about that!
been a while since I've been here
but I just really need to talk
what's wrong Cloud?
why did Cloud leave?
oh, there you are
sure Haup
I just wanna talk really
I'm just glad I'm not the only one who thinks Estelle is being a b***h
this is so weird - this is the first time where I feel like the taskmaster
its awkward
and I don't like it :(
Erica, I was freaking out, for sure
um, Haup - current strategy is run our @sses off
ah, sorry
Reed was trying to come in
he doesnt get that I wanna be alone right now
yeah, I'll be okay shy, thanks
I'm just more aggravated than anything right now
Haup - we're going to leave sometime either over the weekend or early next week
all I know is I wanna get outta here ASAP
its not that I don't trust Estelle, I just don't like her
the Maggie/jonas thing seemed inevitable to me
I mean, she's trait positive and she's hot
what more is there?
I think we'll be able to get to Boston just fine
honestly I'm more worried about sitting in a car with these three for five hours than anything else
totally chelsey
he's so predictable
haup - YES
if we can find this cure device, we all might have a chance to have a normal life again
which would RAWK
shy - I'll talk to Reed once I stop wanting to slap him
Haup - they weren't captured THIS TIME
what if they go out again?
I can't be a babysitter
ha, lettie, I'm thinking about it
but hey, she put a roof over our heads for a week, so maybe she'll have to settle for a pissy look from me every now and then
no beat downs
Who - I don't "dig" Reed, I just don't get why he's with that Annie look-a-like
he could definitely do better
but the thing is, even Jonas said it in his blog, we can't have real relationships
what we're doing is too important
we can't afford to get sidetracked
Haup - its probably best we keep her in the dark, for her own safety
I don't like her, but I don't want her to get kidnapped or anything
not yet anyway
Erica - Estelle is not and NEVER WILL BE part of our pack
trust me
I'll freakin quit
I don't either
Erica - I guess, but I'm not having a relationship with Reed and I'm DEFINITELY not having a relationship with Jonas
if Maggie wants to hop over Jonas, let her, but she's in for a sour time
ugh, Reed keeps wanting to talk
I'm gonna go shut him up
I'll come back later
thanks for talking guys
it means a lot
thanks erica

Sarah was in LG15 chat: lg15chat.blogspot.com/

Chat log provided by Renegade http://pastebin.ca/http://pastebin.ca/1249169

Rabbit Hole - Sarah (LG15: TR)

Is this opposite day or something?! -- Sarah


Artist: Morningwood
Album: "Killer Life"

TJ's Vlog - Stride of Pride - hookingup

I'm fresh out of bed here to issue the definitive guide to surviving the morning-after hook-up.

Find The Cure (Contest Entry) - : xAccordianBTSx

My entry for LG15's "Find The Cure" contest. I really hope I win, I usually have bad luck when it comes to contests :P


LG15: Find the Cure - ohyokatie

reed, call me. - katie

Find The Cure Artwork

Artwork by michiev

Artwork by Haley.

Artwork by Haley.

Source: insideLG15

See more entries on Flickr

Prøløgue - futureagerevolution

A revølutiøn has started.

Be prepared før it.

Floodgates - opzerosum (The Home Office)

Wearethed pm
Was sent to a number of community members, linking to the video, but was sent by dehteraw, not opzerosum. More information will be posted as soon as we have it.

The Hand That Feeds (File 0/15) - opzerosum (The Home Office-

We could've waterboarded him. I'm just saying. --P


Change at

Password found by surrealisticpill:


This evening Agent Penn spoke with some of us on IRC (freenode #TheHomeOffice)

<HO16051414> The beginning is what's new.
<HO16051414> The Home Office is recruiting analysts for low-level, low-risk assignments.
<HO16051414> Success in these assignments will bring about more.
<HO16051414> There have been questions about us. Who we are about.
<HO16051414> What has happened to subject #12-09-14-03.
<HO16051414> Some will be answered.
<HO16051414> You have been previously notified of this.
<HO16051414> And in less than an hour, we will begin to make good on our promise.
<ApotheosisAZ> it'll be midnight on the west coast
<HO16051414> Which is the time zone we primarily reside in.
<HO16051414> It won't be long. Upon viewing the video, should you decide to continue working with us, we have a simple task: Recruit.
<HO16051414> Inquire away.
<HO16051414> Linc is in the process of debriefing. Beyond that, the answers will be forthcoming within the hour.
<HO16051414> Just as we must build trust with you, reciprocity is the key to a lasting relationship.
<JenLight_> Why should we trust you?
<HO16051414> Within the hour, you may decide that for yourself.
<LimePenguin> What can we call you? Home?
<ApotheosisAZ> 16-05-14-14
<HO16051414> Apo - translate the numbers. You may call me that when you do.
<JenLight_> penn
<HO16051414> Very good.
<HO16051414> Within the hour. Keep your eyes open. We will be in touch.
<HO16051414> Signing off.
* HO16051414 has left #thehomeoffice

The video followed.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Uh Oh - Fallen Angel

So things didn't go so well today.

Futureage Studios New Show:The Revølutiøn

DJPplanet says:

"What started øn November 22nd, 1963,
became øur revølutiøn.

"What støries are there tø tell?"

Many støries, indeed.

Many støries."

Starting on 11.7.08, Futureage Studios, who made the series, The Sudden, brings you a new series, called "The Revølutiøn".

They will respond to many videos, hear your story as they tell their own, and send ARG-incorporative puzzles for people to solve.

Be ready for our new ARG/Series to begin soon! :)

The Revølutiøn Series Youtube Channel:


Lady Do or Die - bluepeep39 (RP07)

I messed up big time.

Dear Jonas (11-4-2008) - september2star


[[[PJ Harvey- By the Water]]]

Hello From Trionacona - DJPplanet (The Sudden)

The Sudden-Season Two-Episode 11

"The company is ready for a comeback."-Trionacona Staff Members

"Moderna I" By Djpplanet



Episode 12: Dust - The Hayley Project

We're all on the same page here. I tracked down Jules and Heather and guess what? They were actually helpful. It actually led me to the creator of Dust.

Original Music by Paperdoll: http://www.paperdollband.com/

My Name is Elizabeth...

This is my submission to the lg15TR contest. This vid is about the struggle of a trait positive girl. Directed by :Mitchell

FIRST PERIOD REMIX | Private High Musical Ep 6

It's test day and Sandra's back - sexier than ever - and now, no one in class can
keep focus. Who's going to hook up with Sandra first - the captain of the bastketball team Trey, his douchebag friend Chad, or Robyn, the lesbian?

Created by and starring Taryn Southern.

Private High Musical is a Red Band Industries original. Come check us out at http://www.redbandindustries.com.

Her First Time - Jonas/Maggie vlog (LG15: TR)

She didn't really hold back, did she? -- Jonas
Music Artist: Morningwood Track: "That's How You Know it's Love"

EP 8: Behind the Scenes - With the Angels (WtA)

Behind the scenes of Ashley's audition.

A Taste of Take 180



My Alibi

A brief article about the website Take180 was posted earlier this week. The website has a really interesting method of viewer involvement, running contests for a variety of things (video, photos, amulet, stories, etc) and including the winner in the video. I thought I would post a couple of videos so that people could see what the website has to offer. There is also a third series called The Juice Box.

Check out Take180

Fighting for the Cure!

This is my entry into the resistance contest ~Mitch

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Reed's Guide to Getting Ready - LG15: The Resistance

Tonight being the big night and all, I figured I should give you some insight into my preparation process. This way you too can learn to be charming and smart and sophisimacated (should you find yourself in a courtship-type situation).

In order to keep it simple, above are ten steps to being awesome, in concise easy-to-follow pictures.

Abide by them, and by the end of the night, you are guaranteed a high five at the very least.

For more pixs see: http://www.lg15.com/theresistance/

WHAT TIME IS IT?...Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST, Wednesday.

Glenn will playing something special tonight but it is a secret so you will have to listen live. It will debut tonight on the show.

Tonights mix-up.

Glenn - 11-05-08 - Live Mix-Up in Progress on BreeFM

Here is the archive of of stories from LG15 TODAY concerning Glenn's radio show on BreeFM.

Send questions to [email protected]


LG15: The Resistance So Far... - KevinKaleidoscope

We set a new record!!!

Greetings campers,

Today we surpassed the 60th comment mark on our latest video establishing a new Camp Bloody Beach record!! On behalf of the remaining camp staff and campers I thank you for your continued support!


Q & A With "Harold Larond"...Sort Of? ( BTS) (lonelyjewfifteen)

Daniel Weiss channels his Inner-Hollywood.

Hooking Up - "The Morning After" (EP. 7) hookingup

There seems to be some confusion but Emily and Ryan may have crossed the line of not hooking up with a close friend.

Website http://www.hookingupshow.com

Ryan's Profile http://tinyurl.com/6rfzl6 Meg's Profile http://tinyurl.com/5bu582 Nick's Profile http://tinyurl.com/5a8ert Emily's Profile http://tinyurl.com/5fg44h Gary's Profile http://tinyurl.com/6aox3z Bouncer Dave's Profile http://tinyurl.com/679uva TJ's Profile http://tinyurl.com/5c9j79 -----
most popular tags hookingup hookingupshow.com hooking up bask university baskuniversity.com baskbook baskbook.com hbolab hbo web series webisodes jessica rose lonelygirl15 lg15 sxephil kevjumba michael buckley whatthebuck buckhollywood smpfilms cory williams mr. safety charles trippy nalts will video for food dave days davedays internet celebrities web stars youtube metacafe dailymotion yahoo college university coed coeds sex party partying freshman sophomore junior senior

With the Angels EP 7 - Ashley does Helena

Ashley's audition.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

IT IS TIME. - The Home Office

VISIT THE WEB SITE: http://www.wethehomeoffice.com/

::::: WARNING: We highly recommend that you do not give out any personal information in an ARG unless you are totally comfortable that it is safe to do so.

amy said...
I would highly recommend setting up a temporary number. I don't know how long it would be needed, but the number can last up until a month.

Hollywood Web Television Meetup - November 12, 2008Come early—the first round’s on us! Bring plenty of business cards and get to know your fellow crea

Bring plenty of business cards and get to know your fellow creators, agents, and other industry professionals. And stay tuned for the next meetup, December 3rd, at the Screen Actors Guild. Please RSVP to: [email protected]


Gregory Mantell Show -- Ilene Kristen / Jackson Davis / ...

Actress Ilene Kristen from "One Life to Live." Plus, Jackson Davis, who plays Jonas in the wildly popular YouTube series "lonelygirl15" and "LG15: The Resistance." And Bob Guiney from "The Bachelor" and "The Bacholerette" and TLC's "Date My House."

"OzGirl" Trailer - OzGirlTV

Join Sadie as she moves from the country to the city. Australia's first social web show!

‘OzGirl’ Shoots for Web Love Down Under

Eighteen-year-old filmmaker Nicholas Carlton hopes OzGirl will be “Australia’s first social web show where you get to truly interact with the characters and establish a dialogue with them.


Vote or Don't !!! - Zarbod

Zarbod encourages people to vote..or not. You know, whatever.

Daniel Amos - Travelog

LIVE EVENT and Contest (Inside LG15)

Who: Show up and find out…

What: An in-character event unfolding live!

When: Friday, November 14th @ 11:00 AM EST

Where: Boston, Massachusetts


The challenge: Create and submit materials for a “Find the Cure” campaign.

To Enter: Submit a poster design or 60 second (maximum) video. Each submission is open to the artist’s interpretation, but all must feature, somewhere on the creation, the following phrase: Go to LG15.com to Find The Cure”. Download official photographs for your design.

Send your submissions to: [email protected].

Deadline: Saturday, November 8, 5:00 pm PST

Winner: The winner will be featured in an upcoming LG15: The Resistance video.

Read Original Post

Meg's Vlog - The Other Half - hookingup

I wonder aloud why friends desert their friends for relationships

LG15 - the resistance w/ Angel Theme Song - michiev

yeah theme song by a band
i have it listed on the last video i did like this, but im lazy

EQAL owns the clips
the music is owned by the band that i cant remember the name of

Too Many Cats in the Kitchen - Reed blog (LG15: TR)

Weirdest. Breakfast. Ever.

I wake up this morning and there’s this awesome mapley smell wafting through the entire apartment (waft -- good word, huh? You’re impressed, I know). Turns out Estelle, being the kind and supercool soul that she is, surprised us with some homemade pancakes.

So Jonas, Sarah, Maggie and I sit down at the kitchen table and... silence. Sarah just sizes up Estelle. Maggie stares at the pancakes like they’re radioactive. And Jonas’s mouth is so full that to attempt conversation would be just plain rude (thankfully, no attempt was made).

Eventually I try to break the ice. I ask Maggie how she’s feeling. Her response? “Um, Afraid?”


Okay, I appreciate the candor, but that kinda freaked Estelle out a bit. Me too. Not to mention it’s way too early in the morning to worry about getting captured or killed. I just wanna enjoy my freakin’ Bisquicks, ya know?

Maggie’s a strange one to say the least. But how could she not be? After everything she’s been through, it’s pretty amazing how resilient she is. I mean, if I had been locked up like that I’d probably be curled in a permanent fetal position for the rest of my life. She’s tough though. Quiet. But tough. I think even Jonas is warming up to her (which isn’t too surprising, considering she’s a bizarro version of him in a way).

Sarah on the other hand will not stop with the stink-eye. It’s bad enough she’s got it out for Estelle, but I think Maggie joining the mix just makes her wanna fight for the title of Queen Bee-otch even harder.

Girls confuse me.

Especially girls like Sarah. She keeps running hot and cold and I’m sick of it. One day she’s nice, the next it’s like I don’t exist. She can’t dangle a carrot in front of me forever.

And that’s why I asked Estelle if she wanted to go on a date tomorrow night :)


(oh, and the smiley face means she said yes).


Maybe it's time to move on... -- Reed

Read and Respond Here

With the Angels EP 6 - Chance Meeting

Me and Ashley meet the guy upstairs.

The Final Decision

Hey everyone, snl06 here! After the results of my poll, I have decided to add 1 or 2 more bloggers to "Kids Watch LG15 Too". The question is: who? Send me an email telling me which kid(s) in the community you want to see be the next blogger(s) on the site. My email is [email protected] and you can read the full article at http://kidswatchlg15too.blogspot.com/ Thanks!

The Hollywood Insighter

The next episode of With the Angels is up on strikeTV

From the video you can find this website with multiple videos from one of the characters

Monday, November 3, 2008

HO16051414 was in #TheHomeOffice chat

Join #TheHomeOffice IRC chat or on the ning chat page

01:41 HO16051414: Our monitors have been reviewing the events in here of the past 24 hours.

01:43 HO16051414: Not any longer, no. He has been retrieved and is currently in debriefing.

01:46 HO16051414: As reflected on his public account.

01:50 HO16051414: Ultimately the account for the operation was our goal, and we've found it. Messages are sometimes overly complicated but surprisingly to our agent in the field a second path to the answer was found.

01:55 HO16051414: The keys were intended for a more private audience, but as a result of you having discovered the account to the op through other means, they have become obsolete.

01:56 HO16051414: Due to this ingenuity, the Home Office has decided to continue to utilize this method for future ops. In the coming struggle we could use a few good analysts. We're going to need them.

01:59 HO16051414: Recruit as needed. Until further notice, be way of anyone posing as a Home Office agent without the "RayRay" designation. That is our proprietary monitoring and routing bot. From here on, should you see him, he is simply observing and recording your progress.

02:05 HO16051414: Disseminate the information however you see fit, Analysts. There will be public and proprietary declarations soon to establish bona fides.

02:07 HO16051414: As everything in this business, it will take time to develop a rapport. As you take time to trust us, we must also take time to trust you.

02:08 HO16051414: The status of #12-09-14-03 will be released, soon.

02:09 HO16051414: The Home Office is not in the business of harming "valuable" assets.

02:13 HO16051414: Data which, in due time, will be released.

02:17 ApotheosisAZ: As a sign of trust, give us the title of the third segment of "Key 1"

02:18 HO16051414: You haven't yet discovered the title? I would have thought Nick Cave to be a bit more recognizable.

02:18 HO16051414: Try the Murder Ballads album, the only one anyone worth their love of Cave should be listening to.

02:19 HO16051414: There you will find the answer.

02:20 HO16051414: Also - your second Murder by Death song is incorrect. "The Big Sleep" is what it should be.

02:22 HO16051414: The titles are irrelevant.

02:23 HO16051414: Time is always a factor. And worry not about being too exact with time.

02:25 HO16051414: We have also noticed other accounts using footage from the communique. They are not of us.

02:27 HO16051414: The Home Office has, for the moment, operated in the background. But due to recent events we are growing in strength and becoming more public. Soon you will see our objectives and then you may decide for yourself whether our cause is just.

02:28 HO16051414: Liberty of the many sometimes requires the restriction of the few. Otherwise complete liberty is simply anarchy. But a discussion for another time.

02:29 HO16051414: Stay alert. In time answers will be given, and as questions arise we may have need of your services.

02:30 HO16051414: Signing off.

After the chat the dehteraew youtube account was updated:

Taffy Goes To Dia de los Muertos

Taffy Simpson posted:

"Anyway... I hopped on the bus into Hollywood last night and went to the Day of the Dead. I wasn't too sure what to expect. I was a little concerned about a party - which is basically what this is - being held in a cemetery, but I guess there's not really a better place to honor the dead, is there?"

Read more at the StrikeTV forums

Express Yourself: Vote! - InsideLG15

EQAL and the cast and crew of LG15: The Resistance urge you to vote on November 4th.



Unrecognized Upload

Confusion - Fallen Angel

I'm trying to decide what to do now - James

PINK 18: Knockin' On Heaven's Door - pinktheseries

Even in college, Nate knows how to get her man. But, she gets stuck with a truly crappy job.

MySpace ad deal lets members use copyright video

MySpace and online video ad technology company Auditude planned to announce a partnership Monday with Viacom Inc.-owned MTV Networks that will let ads be placed in clips of the network's shows that users upload to MySpace.


The Princess Unmasked - Jonas (LG15:TR)

Is this who she really is?


Artist: Morningwood
Track: "Best of Me

Chapter 8 Music - Morningwood

Morningwood writes larger-than-life, decadent rock that has a brilliant attitude with loud shades of ‘I just don’t care’ woven into their polished sound.

Read more on insideLG15

Morningwood - Sugarbaby DIRTY Naughty Puppet Version (High Quality)

Floodgates - opzerosum (The Home Office)

Data retrieved. Compiling. ETA to completion: 6 days.

With the Angels EP 5 - Hollywood Insighter

Look familiar?

The Home Office

Profile on LG15.com
Discussion on LG15.com
Chat in #thehomeoffice on freenode.
From Agent Penn
The Home Office on MySpace
wethehomeoffice on YouTube
Dehteraew on YouTube
opzerosum on YouTube
lg15zerosum on YouTube
The Home Office on ning (unofficial)
Unfiction discussion

04:48 BrightSilence the equation means that the sum of all elements is 0


05:02 BrightSilence did anyone mention that #12-09-14-03 = linc and #16-05-14-14 = penn?

HTMLvis arrested?

Iran arrests pigeons for 'spying' on nuclear plant.


What Happened to ‘Blood Cell’?

He couldn’t give us a firm date, but he would say that “60Frames had always planned on creating anticipation surrounding Blood Cell, so there is no delay per se, rather a ramping up as the company moves to finalize distribution partners across various areas and build excitement.”


RICK FIGHTS WITH TIM - campbreezybeach

[email protected]

I've reached my boiling point. If Tim doesn't let me call the cops in 2 days I'm taking Mandy and the remaining kids and getting the hell out of here.


Prof Jerry's Vlog - Dean's List Challenge 6 - hookingup

I deliver a multiple choice questionnaire on college life.

Me on Baskbook

Me on Facebook

Me on Myspace

The Resistance fancap episode six - michiev

music - Celldweller - Ursa Minor (Proton Mix)
clips belong to EQAL

also if your wondering why im on episode six of this and they're on episode seven. its because the first fancap i did comprised two of the weekly things into one video :D

Look Again, Everyone - DJPplanet (The Sudden)

The Sudden-Season Two-Episode 10

"Can't you see the illusions in this?"-?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

From Agent Penn

Subject: #12-09-14-03
From: Agent Penn ([email protected])
To: [email protected]

From: #16-05-14-14


Director -

Updated status from Agent Cargill.



The tinyurl lead to: http://www.classifieds.myspace.com/view/This-is-not-for-you-/1086157373/usa/

This is not for you.

Category: Rants
Location: Chicago, IL

The Home on MySpace Classifieds,
(So u buy jack eleven cocktails tonight #12-09-14-03 really everyone thought roger is eventually very early done. Four orderlies unified next day instantly now All Be Quiet, Never Mind, without instigating the hell dana asked to acquire in never helping any nice dads. Perish linsday's eagle and seek every allstate venue in sexton erected.)
The first is the marble. The second is the chisel. Set the angel free.

Key 1: https://www.yousendit.com/download/Y2orT213dWNGR0ZFQlE9PQ

Key 2: https://www.yousendit.com/download/Y2orT20wdGowVW14dnc9PQ



tom said...
From TR's latest YT comments

Take His Ego, You Get Our Thorns, My Elle

spam or arg?


PUZZLE CHAT ROOM: (#thehomeoffice on freenode) http://java.freenode.net//index.php?channel=thehomeoffice

jenlight said...
Take His Ego, You Get Our Thorns, My Elle


all the capital letters blah blah

Subject #12-09-14-03 (not sure about the numbers) retrieved. Found in ABQ, NM (Albuquerque New Mexico) with data in hands. Please avise(? I'm thinking something was left out and it should be aDvise).

Key 1
1. segment begins at 00:03 and ends at 20:01
2. begins at 00:04 and ends 28:03
3. begins 00:04 ends 12:03
4. begins 00:05 ends 13:04
5. begins at 00:05 ends 24:05
6. begins 00:09 ends 18:03
7. begins 00:06 ends 16:05
8. begins 00:05 ends 10:03
9 begins 00:04 ends 30:03

Key 2
1. begins 00:03 ends 05:01
2. begins 00:03 ends 12:02
3. begins at minus 00:06 ends at 38:02
4. begins 00:14 ends 08:04
5. begins minus 00:01 ends 06:04
6. begins minus 00:01 ends 03:04
7. begins 00:03 ends 32:04
8. begins 00:07 ends 31:02
9. begins 00:06 ends 17:01

key 1

1 Knuckles - The Hold Steady
2 King's Crossing - Elliott Smith
3 UNKNOWN - Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
4 Silence - Portishead
5 Big Guns - Jenny Lewis & the Watson Twins
6 With a Little Help from My Friends - The Beatles
7 True Affection - The Blow
8 Dark Place - Barton Carroll
9 Sometimes The Line Walks You - Murder By Death

key 2

1 Crucifixion Cruise - The Hold Steady
2 Miss Misery - Elliott Smith
3 Cannibal's Hymn - Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
4 Roads - Portishead
5 Melt Your Heart Lyrics - Jenny Lewis
6 Rocky Raccoon - The Beatles
7 Parentheses - The Blow
8 Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still - Barton Carroll
9 End Of The Road - Murder By Death



key 1
1. 19:28
2. 27:29
3. 11:29
4. 12:29
5. 24:00
6. 17:24
7. 15:29
8. 09:28
9. 29:29

key 2
1. 04:28
2. 11:29
3. 38:08
4. 07:20
5. 06:05
6. 03:05
7. 32:01
8. 30:25
9. 16:25

SuperReed to the rescue!

Artwork by september2star

See article on original photography.

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Our ‘In2ition’ Tells Us Something’s Different With Take180’s New Series

This is the introduction to In2ition, the new interactive supernatural conspiracy thriller from Take180, which has produced three original web series since its soft launch in July.


Episode 1 - Tagged - KirillDrama

Kirill Episode 1 - Tagged.

‘Kirill’ Is Here: MSN and Endemol’s Brit Sci-Fi Series Launches

"Schofield plays a Kirill, scientist at CERN, the backers of the recently completed real-life (and possibly terrifying) Large Hadron Collider who is communicating from 50 years into the future after a massive disaster has hit the planet."

The Resistance Fancap episode five - michiev

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LG15: The Resistance fancap episode four

clips belong to EQAL
music at the beginning is royalty free.

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