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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Don't mess with Peterbeast - v9k

Don't mess with teh Peterbeast



It’s Official. The Guild is the Best Web Series.

From Anchor Cove:

"Nathan Fillion, who will be co-starring with Felicia Day in Joss Whedon’s upcoming internet musical Dr. Horribles Sing-Along Blog, posted a bulletin on his MySpace encouraging people to check out and vote for The Guild."


List_of_Internet_television_series on Wikipedia.

The Guild on Wikipedia.

The Guild - Episode 1: Wake-Up Call - watchtheguild

Ralf Little's Injury?!

You read the title right. Ralf Little, the actor who plays Gavin on KateModern, recently had a pretty bad football accident, and ended up having to get three stitches on his upper lip. There are pictures available if you've friended him on Facebook, but they're very gory.

Wishing you a speedy recovery, Ralf!

(P.S. I wonder how they'll cover up the injury in future KM videos?)

Ralf Little on LGPeida.

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Although Carl references getting proxy notices in connection with stock options he claims to have received from Verdus, a holder of stock options does not yet own actual stock, and would have no need to give a proxy. Proxies are given by a voting shareholder who cannot attend a shareholder meeting or otherwise participate in a shareholder vote, and authorizes a designee to vote the shares. Perhaps Carl has exercised his stock options and is now an actual shareholder of Verdus. However, that fact by itself would likely not be the source of his knowledge that the Board meets on the third Friday of every month. Shareholders do not participate or vote at meetings of a Board of Directors.

It seems odd that an official letter like an approval to sell stock options would not note the full name of the Chairman of the Board.

Stock Option on LGPEDIA.

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Predictable Nightmare - masonishappy

Daniel, your nightmare was predictable. - Mason

If you enjoy this series please take a moment and update the LGPedia page.

masonishappy on LGPedia.

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

NOTE: Mason should have known better than to not pay homage to the 436. His latest video had to spend some time in the 436 before it's eventual return to existence. ~mm

From Wikipedia

"Homage (from the French: Hommage) is generally used in modern English to mean any public show of respect to someone to whom one feels indebted. In this sense, a reference within a creative work to someone who greatly influenced the artist would be an homage. It is typically used to denote a reference in a work of art or literature to another, at least somewhat widely known, work. In literature and film, an homage is similar to an allusion, except that whereas an allusion merely refers to another work, a homage typically repeats a recognizable scene or stylistic element from the other work. Homage is also similar to parody, except that parodies typically exaggerate characteristics of previous works for comedic effect."

Stop and Stare - Fractured0

Family problems are never fun.

I hope Ohio welcomes me with open arms...or whatever.

music: "Circles" by Natalie Walker

View the forum thread

Re: Lets Kill Greggerz Contest - MicFranXon

WARNING: The following is not meant for the weak of stomach. It' graphic.


How’d they do that?
Prior to filming, Marcello lightly drew the pictures so that Crystal simply had to trace and color them in while we filmed.

Source: insideLG15

Chocolate Pudding is Delicious But... - LonelyJew15 Blog

Chocolate Pudding is Delicious But...

A nice fellow by the name of micfranxon left a comment on my last entry:

"Deep down I wonder what Peterbeast thinks of all this."

Well, I guess we know for pretty certain that he's not happy about it. To say the least.

item#436 Luna - OperationOssifrage (WorldFiles)

No stitches, no bolts.

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Re: Lets Kill Greggerz... TV addict style - hopefulsemblance

When someone watches too much TV... this is what happens when they're given a contest like this.

YouTube video winners announced


LonelyGirl15 is Dead!

Laughing Baby
From: gsager1234

Potter Puppet Pals in "The Mysterious Ticking Noise"
From: NeilCicierega

LonelyGirl15 is Dead!

The Original Human TETRIS Performance by Guillaume Reymond
From: notsonoisy

Battle at Kruger
From: Jason275

Blind Painter
From: texascountryreporter

How to solve a Rubik's Cube (Part One)
From: pogobat

"Chocolate Rain" Original Song by Tay Zonday
From: TayZonday

Stop the Clash of Civilizations
From: AvaazOrg

The Guild - Episode 1: Wake-Up Call
From: watchtheguild

Short Film
my name is lisa
From: sheltonfilms

balloon bowl
From: davetheknave

Super Sofia #1

My Super Secret (Shhhh...)
I'm living a double life. Well, sort of. There's a place where I go to say what I'm REALLY thinking. It's kind of where my alter-ego lives. She's called Super Sofia. Instead of running into a phone box to change into my superhero uniform before doing brave and courageous things I'd normally be scared of, I just go here. So you can see exactly what I wish I'd said or done at any given moment, or watch the full animated version of the way my life OUGHT to have turned out. Beginning with yesterday's run-in with the school witch Rebecca and the cartoon version of how it REALLY went down. Hiiiiiii-YA!!!

Watch me -- er, Super Sofia in action at http://bebo.com/sofias-diary

Watch More Videos Uploaded by bebo.com/sofias-diary

For more links to Sofia's Diary check out our Sofia's Diary portal page.


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sofia?_Diary on Wikipedia.

The Creators say....

The Creators
March 21st, 2008 at 6:40 pm

Hey everyone,

We have heard that the title of this video may have offended some in the community in light of some recent events. Once we heard this, we immediately changed the title here and on YouTube. Nothing is more important than the safety and well-being of every member in this community and those close to them.


The title of the current Lonelygirl15 video has now been changed out of sensitivity to the friends and family of Nadia Kajouji's whose recent disappearance has greatly affected this community. We want to thank LG15 for their prompt action and remind everyone that they should do whatever they can to help find Nadia.

Bree's Mom - Daniel (LG15)

Our worst nightmare happened. -- Daniel

Bree's Mom - Jennie (LG15) on LGPedia.

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

Elizabeth Avery (Bree's Mom)

After Bree's death, any questions about Elizabeth Avery were ignored in favor of newer mysteries surrounding the Order's latest deeds. Seven months later, however, Bree's long-lost sister, Gina revealed to Daniel, Jonas, Sarah, and Jennie that she had in fact met Bree's mother at one point in her life.

Unforuntately, her scrambled memories have denied her of any knowledge regarding Elizabeth beyond a face. The revelation eventually motivated the TAAG to begin seeking out Mrs. Avery, culiminating in a reunion with Carl, who suprisingly agreed to help the TAAG find Bree's mother.
Based on files stolen from Ted McKinley, the TAAG discovered that Mrs. Avery is more involved with the Order than imagined. As it turns out, she is in fact a member (if not the Chairwoman) of Verdus Pharmaceuticals's Board of Directors and may have also had dealings with the Elder Dr. William Porter.



In Connections, Jonas was able to conclude that Verdus Pharmaceuticals was merely another front for the Order, and would be working to help the Elders obtain the eternal life they so desperately desire.
In the Bloodlines finale we found out that Verdus Pharmaceuticals had a secret project that involved creating trait positive girls for the Order. They took two girls from Russia, one went to an American family, the other was a girl called Gina, who they used as the control for this experiment
In Stock Options, it was revealed that Elizabeth Avery is the Chairman of the Board of the company. It was also revealed that the board meets on the third Friday of every month.

My Phantom Soul - moondoggle (WoW)

Music by Little Pink Anderson and John Ferguson

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Sexy Thumbnail Controversy - LJacks37

"Art is not the application of a canon of beauty but what the instinct and the brain can conceive beyond any canon."
-- Pablo Picasso

If you've got it, flaunt it.
Keep flaunting ladies!!!

Song: Shoot the Moon
Artist: Norah Jones

der II - Filiascientis (Facility J)

we sat
in the summer

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The Coalition is a set of four user-generated series, which are highly user-interactive and intertwining which are currently suspected to take place within the Red Territory.

Learn about the Coalition:

The Coalition on LGPedia.

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Lets Kill Greggerz Contest - jerrypjr

So this is the link to download the footage.


Oh and I forgot to mention that we will post every entry at
Have fun!!!

Girl Tied Up (LG15 Spoof) - JamieNov81

The JamieNov81 video was removed so you can watch this instead: the boob show is getting old and the script sucks


We need to get the summary information for THE COALITION up to date. To that end there is now a summary page for each of the 4 series. If you have any inforation on the current story line of any of these series please add it to the summary.

Facility J




LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

The Coalition was recently featured on the LONELYGIRL15 blog insideLG15.



Sofia's Diary Ep 5


For more links to Sofia's Diary check out our Sofia's Diary portal page.


Sofia's Diary on Wikipedia.

Join Sofia's Diary in IRC CHAT.

Nadia Kajouji...Help Us Locate Her!!!

This is an ACTUAL missing person. Her family and friends love her and miss her. We're trying to stay optimistic, but we are fearing the worst for our Nadia. Please, if you know anything at all that might help us find her, contact us right away. Thank You...

Nadia is described as being of a Mediterranean complexion with dark skin at 5'8, and 130 pounds. She has hazel eyes and shoulder-length brown hair with blonde streaks and has eyebrow and tongue rings.

Anyone with any information about Kajouji is asked to contact Ottawa police at 613-236-1222, ext. 3726.

Nadia is a friend of long time community participant Danielle Taylor who would be grateful if everyone could help get the word out.


Lauren - Steve (KM)

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/SteveBelieves
Steve said...

We've made some progress but I don’t know what to do next. Can you save someone who doesn't realise they're in danger?

A Specter is Haunting - GenocideInMyMind (CreatureInc)

Beginning anew. A greeting to old and new friends alike.

Whatever Happened To That Girl, Clara?

I was looking at some old chat logs from Clara, and it made me kinda miss her.

I figured since it had been a long time since Clara had been in IRC Chat ( 6 months, 1 week, and 2 days to be exact ) that I should share a really good memory with everyone.

Here are some highlights from the very first time Clara entered IRC Chat

View The Full Chat Log

[19:09] amblyopianne i watch the keyboard while i type . . . slowly
[19:09] amblyopianne i hate reading too

[19:17] Wind_walker I answer to Wind, WW, and on occasion, windwalka
[19:17] amblyopianne 2dub
[19:18] amblyopianne my first leet speak
[19:18] amblyopianne or l33t
[19:18] Brooklynxman lol clara
[19:18] acidfingers o shi- ambly is gunna hax into our b0xes

[19:24] amblyopianne my advisor is setting up all these interviews for me
[19:24] amblyopianne he just wants me to graduate and get out of his hair

[19:26] amblyopianne arscott knew madison but she was in another department than him
[19:26] amblyopianne communications

[19:30] amblyopianne i just hate typing
[19:30] amblyopianne thats why im doing the doc
[19:30] amblyopianne i dont have to write it
[19:31] amblyopianne or read all that much
[19:31] amblyopianne i hate doing research

[19:31] amblyopianne i glaze over reading all the stuff in the forum

[19:38] amblyopianne i think mr zipp was just a crazy dude who wanted to gather an audience to commit has fd up crime
[19:40] Kellylen he could have just shot her in a public place though
[19:40] Kellylen and why would he show himself on cam
[19:41] amblyopianne he would have been arrested immediately if he shot her in public
[19:41] amblyopianne he couldnt post his crime for the world

[19:43] amblyopianne im just trying to focus my thesis on how the murders affected nac the families of the victims and sfa
[19:43] marlasinger Ah, I see. Good focus, Clara.
[19:43] amblyopianne im not exploring fradys motivation

[19:47] amblyopianne i tried to follow all the lonelygirl stuff
[19:47] amblyopianne but its confusing
[19:47] Brooklynxman lol clara, that it is
[19:48] Brooklynxman it has more plotholes then the gowanus has potholes
[19:48] amblyopianne what is go anus
[19:48] Skunkwaffle ha hah
[19:49] acidfingers it's a new cell phone :P
[19:49] amblyopianne oh sorry

[19:50] marlasinger Maddison was so special to I'm sure so many people. We loved her very much, and did...a lot to try to help her. Not everything we could, but as much as...we thought was sufficient, at the time.
[19:50] marlasinger You've got not much at this point, though, Clara

[20:17] amblyopianne hey guys
[20:17] amblyopianne today was hard
[20:17] amblyopianne and this is harder
[20:17] amblyopianne ill see ya when i see ya

Do you all think that there is anything that we can do to get back in touch with her?


Redearth88 Forums

Maddison Atkins IRC Channel

Redearth88 on LGpedia

Maddison Atkins Chapter 1 on LGpedia

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thermal Thursday w/ MicFranXon

*the following is a brief synopses of MicFranXon's program from last night, written by Sheetzjunkie.

It seemed that Mike was angry at the beginning of the show but in reality he just wanted to RAWK loudly since his roommate was out of town. Mike talked about how a women's mind and emotions function. He talked about his diet and exercise regimen again tonight. Update: The Black Jeans Fit! Mike spoke about how amazing the progress is on the fanfic revamp of Lucy's Balcony in the LGPedia and referred to it as “Prime Entertainment”.

Tonight Mike gave us an example of his "voiceover" work. Mike expressed concern of the thinness of the pages of the bible and said they should use real paper like any other book. Mike has received a promotion at work and he will begin that new position soon and hopes to make more of the dollars.

Series Progress: (Mike has been working on a web series for some time) Second lead character development is completed (well the first phase as the character will grow more as the series goes on)! This weekend he will start writing the first script for the series. He explained how many first episodes are usually very introductory of the characters in most productions he has seen and sited other web series such as Sofia’s Diary, Red Earth88 and tv shows like Everybody Loves Raymond. The music selection process for the series is coming along well.

Mike also did an improvised skit of 2 Jamaican's confused over the term "Most High" in the bible.

Track List

Jayz vs. Linkin Park - 99 Problems 00:04:01
Linkin Park - Don't Stay 00:07:51
Disturbed - Down With The Sickness 00:10:59
Rent - Glory 00:23:50
Rammstein - Engel 00:26:29
Rick James - Superfreak 00:30:53
Baltimora - Tarzan Boy 00:34:54
Rhianna - Umbrella ft. Jay-Z 00:54:16
Lenlow - U Hide 2 01:29:02
Korn - Freak On A Leash 01:33:28

Resource Links:

Our big announcement - LonelyFrenchman15

--Sorry, it's late, youtube's been messing with us... maybe the Government's been taken over by OpAdolf and he's trying to shut down youtube?


Yes, we will be in Southern France this summer. Also, I will not be on BreeFM this weekend...



Following a crash that lasted for approximately 1 hr 20 min the entire LG15.com web site is now back in operatioin. The outage affected Lonelygirl15, KateModern, LGPedia, comments, the discussion board and insideLG15.

We have not yet had any official statement from the Cs or BK.

As far as we can tell there are no significant changes or improvements to the web site.

During the outage fans were still able to use the LG15 chat room via our LG15 blogspot chat page.

joe said...
Why couldn't I have created something that makes more LG15 videos rather then make them and LG15 itself not exist? I suppose it's too late to say sorry.

I really think all 436 wants is a cameo on LG15. Notice how Bebo and KM never have problems.

Sly and the Family - AsarHapi (ZorinXL)

One stone in the pentacle turned.
Number two awaits, shall we begin?

"...It started, like all dreams
From one man.

Then the dream spread
Like a virus,
Until everyone had the dream
And everyone knew the dream..."

Vos enfants sont très beaux. Combien pour la fillette?

The Generation Gap and Web Series

"Perhaps the issues with the fourth wall are not such an issue at all for a younger generation of viewers less trained to blindly accept certain past media conventions. "


Sofia’s Diary: Halfway to “Well Guud”

"Sofia’s Diary takes a straight-up Choose Your Own Adventure approach to interactive storytelling, yet I wonder if the choices aren’t rigged to avoid deviation from a clearly planned storyline."

For more links to Sofia's Diary check out our Sofia's Diary portal page.



"IndieGoGo is an online social marketplace connecting filmmakers and fans to make independent film happen. The platform provides filmmakers the tools for project funding, recruiting, and promotion, while enabling the audience to discover and connect directly with filmmakers and the causes they support.

Founded on the principles of opportunity, transparency, choice, and action, IndieGoGo launched in 2008 to address the fundraising challenges and market inefficiencies affecting independent filmmaking today. IndieGoGo enables this "filmocracy" by providing filmmakers an open platform to pitch their projects to the world, and giving the fans a vehicle to experience and influence the once inaccessible world of filmmaking.

Filmmakers get new resources to build and engage a loyal fan base to assist in making their projects happen. Filmmakers can raise money and awareness, find cast and crew, and gain credibility through the help of their number one resource: their fans.

Fans get the opportunity to discover and impact the films of tomorrow while getting insider access and VIP perks for their contributions. But beyond the VIP perks, fans get an everyday opportunity to support the people, films, or causes they believe in."


Girl Scouts? Secret front for the order - wilannies

baking cookies, cleaning? girls in training, trevor? wtf?

i really need help piecing this together

its to random

Annie also posted this video shortly afterwards

So far 8 different video clips
6 text messages out to 0150095399????

someone help

and she keeps mentioning "Trevor" the blonde kid with curly hair whos helping trying to get her memory back...

... i think thats the person chasing them...

...theeeemmm... theres more of them....

...anybody known anyone recognize anyone from the videos???



Anonymous said...
I'm pretty sure Suzie and Sharon and whatweird were done by Labfly. I have heard from people at unfiction that she left LG15 and she's working on something else now.

MARCH 20, 2008 7:36 AM

hopefulsemblance said...
It would make sense if whatweird was the brainchild of Ms. Libby. This is interesting news anonymous... very interesting.


Research: Hopefulsemblance

Jan Libby is a writer for the lonelygirl15 video series. The Creators announced her addition to the team on May 25th, 2007, the same day the first episode she wrote, Sing With Me, was released.

Originally from Connecticut, Jan spent many years in Topsfield, MA before moving to Los Angeles, California, where she lives today with her dog, Wally. Her background includes experimental filmmaking and all-around storytelling.

In 2003, Jan bought a ticket to something called "The Angel Project," which was a theater installation piece by Deborah Warner. This "journey" was part solo scavenger hunt and part spiritual quest, but not in a traditional religious manner. The experience amazed Jan and got her thinking about the bridge between reality and alternate reality. She then read an article about the ARG "I Love Bees" in The New York Times, and quickly found herself reading everything she could find on Alternate Reality Games (ARGs).

After lurking in ARG communities for many months, Jan took part in her first game, called Zoe's World. The experience inspired Jan to create her own game, which she wanted to dive in and do almost immediately. However, she waited and worked on plotting her story out for a year and a half. Such a large amount of preperation time was practically unheard of in the "puppet master" community, but Jan was working to create the entire game herself and wanted to make sure she had spent the time to do it properly.

In 2006, Jan released her first game, Sammmeeeees, and found that it was a huge hit. After the conclusion of the game in winter 2006, Jan began working on a sequel, Sammmeeeees II, which she released in June 2007. Jan had joined lonelygirl15 in May 2007 and despite the fact that her time was somewhat limited Sammmeeeees II was also a great success. While her time remains constrained, Jan loves writing and says that she will always find a few moments in the day for "dreaming up the next big thing," no matter how busy she gets.

Jan has said that she enjoys the contrast of working on lonelygirl15 and her smaller "grassroots" alternate reality games. With lonelygirl15, she is able to reach a larger audience and affect more people, but also realizes that it is much harder to incorporate the interactivity she loves and pushes so hard for. Whatever ideas she is not able to use with lonelygirl15, Jan applies to her smaller games. She has commented on how interesting it is to learn what works with larger and smaller audiences.

Jan's upcoming projects include a new Alternate Reality Experience (ARE), which should launch in late March or April of 2008. Although the project was first conceived as a small experimental project, it has now been redesigned for worldwide release. However, in keeping with the rules of ARG "curtains", she has not publicized the name of this game. She is also working on a television show based somewhat on Sammmeeeees, which she hopes will embrace the idea of cross-media entertainment. While working to pitch this show, Jan ran into a great deal of difficulty in trying to explain what ARGs were to network executives. However, in the past few months, Jan has found that they have been significantly more familiar with the concept and have generally embraced her show's idea.

Interestingly, Jan has found similar troubles explaining what ARGs are to her mother. She laughingly quotes her mom as saying, "Honey, I have no idea what you're talking about, but I'm glad you're having fun."

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

labfly said...
hey modelmotion, i thought i should comment before i read that the 436 had acquired yet another victim. ;) it is true. i'm no longer with lg15. i've been very busy working on my next project. yay! i must say that i'm craaaaazy excited about the storyworld i'm creating! should be really fun and hopefully will feel as intimate (and immersive) as Sammeeeees but on a much larger scale. i promise to give you a bit of a wink when we launch. take care!


lonelygirl15 Comment Box

By Danielbeast 24790

LG15 Username: Danielbeast24790


The Easter Party - Lee (KM)

Watch More Videos Uploaded by www.bebo.com/MrSphinx
Lee said... 22 minutes ago

If this is how the Easter party turned out I’m really scared of Christmas! Music: Sneaky Sound System - 'Thin Disguise' http://www.sneakysoundsystem.com Dr Kuch - 'Completely Mysticism

Through My Eyes - Gina (LG15)

Description: This is what I see - Gina
Music: Artist: Tommy Slax
Track: "I Dream Of Raw Sewage"
Artist Link: www.tommyslax.com

Sofia's Diary Ep 4

For more links to Sofia's Diary check out our Sofia's Diary portal page.


Ralf Little on tour! - insideKateModern

Ralf Little talks about the nationwide tour the KateModern team embarked on in Feb 08

Puzzle SOLVED! - masonishapy

Thanks to everyone who helped decrypt the file I was sent. Now if I can just figure out who sent it, and why... - Mason


Equinox - JayNinteen (Facility J)

I had no way to project the consequences of my actions.

On this ancient day of sacred celebration of the interplay between dark and light, please accept my humble apologies.

- JV

Attribution: Costa Luz

Visit theCoalition

A Mile There Sil - LJWatcher

Don't be to haste

LonelyJew15 Episode 35 Alternate Ending (OOG) - jennipowell

This is what happens when we let Daniel improvise...people get HURT. And then Daroff gets creative with the editing. Hilarity ensues.

I love my crew. --JenniPowell

*Stay tuned for the fabulous details on an exciting contest that the amazing LonelyJew crew will be running based on this spectacular video!*

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Jackson Davis!!!!

Hey everybody, I would like to drop by and give a BIG Happy Birthday message for
Mr. Jackson Davis. I actually had a conversation with our Mr.Terminator (aka: the governor of California) And I mentioned how AMAZING Jackson was....and GUESS WHAT! I got the terminator to name a street after our awesome Jackson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay so maaaaaaybe it didn't quite happen that way, but it doesn't matter!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACKSON! I WISH YOU THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ps: I took this while stopped at a green light ...but shushhhhh don't tell anybody :-p
<3 Ani

WHAT TIME IS IT?...Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST, Wednesday.

This article was written live during the show. As such it may contain significant factual errors. Over time it is hoped that these will be corrected.

Reasonable expectations: set your expectations reasonable and you will be well rewarded. Some things are not true but sound true. Remember that, when people quote facts and figures.

There are things in the works that Glenn cannot speak about in detail.

Glenn talked to Sara but she will be on a location shoot next week so it should be the week after when she appears on GlennFM. Wait till you hear Sara in casual conversation.

Red Army "end tags" will appear hopefully in the next week. We conquered YouTube....what is next?

As Glenn discussed last week he used to have to wake up to Dave's 2 back to back songs when he was 16/17 (The Lost Boys - "Cry Little Sister" (Theme from the Lost Boys) & Technotronic - "Move This") . Glenn was thinking of an ex girlfriend and the music she used to play. She has a similarly interesting duality (back in 1999). She had "issues". Think about the shame of having your "ass kicked" to Technotronic.

Glenn might start drinking later in the show because its the year anniversary of "something".

Glenn thinks it would be a good idea to have a "call-in" format for the show.

How Glenn feels about the latest addition to LG15's staff.

Glenn talked about when he was younger and at times failed to see the big picture in terms of band member needs. Today, Glenn totally understands that Sara has other projects and in fact he encourages that. Beyond the current break there should be a steady stream of videos for some time to come. Sara asked Glenn to pass along her apology for the delay in RedEarth88.

Lonelygirl15 is a very different show today. Having been involved in the creation of Sarah, Glenn says its a "trip" to watch the character develop. Glenn would like to talk to "Anchor Cove" about how different the show is today. It reminds Glenn of SNL which had abrupt changes. The tone is noticeably different.

Jenni Powell is now working for Lonelygirl15. Glenn prepared a "statement" and read it. Insert "comedic effect". Jenni was working on RedEarth88 for experience and credit but she has had to bow out because of this great opportunity to work with Lonelygirl15. Jenni is very talented and good at multi-tasking. Over the past year Jenni Powell has become a real asset to the community. She has had experience with Lonelyjew15 and RedEarth88 and Glenn thinks that it is great that she is getting to work on Lonelygirl15.

It is hard to work on RedEarth88 because Glenn has a very strong vision. Glenn is very "specific". Glenn "sees" what he want so working on something with Glenn involves trying to get to that point. Glenn credited Jenni and Mic for being humble and able to work as a team to achieve the goal.

Industry Perspective
Glenn would like to share his industry perspective and have people comment on the sector. For example Glenn has noticed a very different approach in Sofia's Diary, KateModern and Lonelygirl15. It is interesting that Sofia's Diary comes from Sony. Glenn does not think it makes good use of the medium. The online interactive series is still evolving. Why do somethings work and some things don't?

Glenn said Sofia's Diary looks like what he would expect from Sony It is too polished an too slick. It shows Glenn that a lot of people are going to get this wrong. Glenn does not like series that just do "TV on the web".

The people at Big Fantastic (web series Sam Has 7 Friends and Prom Queen) are insanely talented. There is a certain aesthetic that you can only get on the web. If it looks like TV then you are going to compete with all the pirated media.

The Random Zone
Glenn talked about product integration. He was involved in the writing of the Ice Breakers sour episode. He had an idea that you could use a employee of an ad agency to actually come up with a product integration "in story". Glenn was not aware KateModern had used a similar strategy to a product integration.

Truckstop Reunion - Lonelygirl15

The 1950s shows used to do product integration that were really over the top.

Glenn talked about the mob mentality of large clapping audiences such as school assemblies and compared it to the response to Hitler.

Glenn was impressed with Adam Carolla on Dancing with the stars.

The Cutest Thing Even.
Rant about what Glenn finds the cutest thing EVER!!!! Sanrio! Hello Kitty!

Kuromi note  【part1】

Kuromi is the anti hero of the story. Mymelo comes off as a lovable oblivious character who is totally unaware of the damage she causes.

Glenn loves the style of their animation. They are the cutest characters. Yes the bunny is adorable. Sanrio has the market cornered on cute.

Kuromi has a dream and Mymelo messes it up.

Glenn mentioned that it is Jackson's birthday (March 19th, 1983). ~ unconfirmed.

Glenn's Relationship Pain
Recap: Glenn has talked before about his ex that was "into the company of women". Later she realized that she had ovarian cancer and that was the reason she had come to the conclusion she preferred women.

During a phase in the relationship she identified with a Tori Amos song. She is the girl Glenn called into Loveline about. She would play the song on a loop. At least Tori Amos is good music. Imagine going from that to the polar opposite: Venga Boys. She actually believed that Glenn would like the song. Clearly these two songs go together? It hurts Glenn on so many levels. There is nothing worse than getting woken up when you don't want to wake up and she would keep playing the songs. She would sing along with the songs. Glenn thinks that if you like this type of music you do not have a soul.

Glenn was 21. She was 18. She would say words with the totally wrong pronunciation. Glenn does not mind crazy girls but he likes girls who are intelligent. In 1999 Glenn had a radio show and one time she did not realize he was on the air. Glenn treated his audience to her singing and it was really terrible. In the beginning Glenn found her stupidity really charming. The previous girlfriend was really intelligent.

It was around the time of the Spice Girls song "Who Do You Think You Are" and she would discuss it a lot. Glenn never wanted to bring her around his band or friends because her taste in music would embarrass him.

Sometime later Glenn saw a picture of her new girlfriend and she looked like Glenn.

They did not have the same taste in movies either. It was just terrible on so many levels. A couple of years later she wanted to get back with Glenn but he had moved on. Crazy and stupid is not a winning combination, but why is it "hawt"?

"I like applesauce", the line credited to Zoey on RedEarth88 was based on the same ex girlfriend.

When A Girl Gets On Your Nerves - RedEarth

Transcript from LGPedia.

Rachel: Back at college, I am amazed that I made it through an entire two semesters with my roommate Zoey, who considered her space and my space, our space. Most of the time she would just, randomly blurt out things hoping to start up a conversation. Regardless of whether or not I actually wanted to talk. So I would be trying to study, and then all of the sudden she would just hit me out of nowhere with (Imitation of Zoey) "Oh My God! I love applesauce! Do you love applesauce Rachel? Oh My God! Have you seen that movie The Notebook? Oh my god it's such a good movie!" (sigh of exasperation)

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Glenn's ex girlfriends favorite movie was " The Craft". Glenn said that if a girl suggests watching the movie " Wild Things" it is a good sign.

There was a discussion about the deeper meaning of Top Gun. See the movie: " Sleep With Me"

From Wikipedia:

"Sleep With Me is a 1994 film starring Meg Tilly, Eric Stoltz and Craig Sheffer who play good friends who become involved in a love triangle, a relationship complicated by the marriage of Tilly and Stoltz. It also features Parker Posey, Joey Lauren Adams and a memorable cameo by Quentin Tarantino, in which he expounds on the homoerotic subtext of Top Gun.

Kenny Loggins has done very well with his power ballads. For the record, Glenn loves Footloosen. Back in 1984 a young Glenn was involved in community theatre and he performed a lip sync live to the song Footloose. There is no video of this but Glenn thought he had the moves at the time. He made it onto the entertainment section of his local newspaper.

Look at Linc's hair during the summer RedEarth videos (see the tunnel) It looks just like Kevin Beacon's hair in Footloose.

Worth The Wait? - lofisyndicate

Here is the archive of of stories from LG15 TODAY concerning Glenn's radio show on BreeFM.

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Played @ Song Title

02:25:37 Kenny Loggins - Playing With The Boys
02:15:15 Lucious Jackson - Naked Eye
00:55:55 ALL - Million Bucks
00:53:11 Adelphi - Attention
00:50:19 Adam Sandler - Joining the Cult
00:46:45 Soul Asylum - Without a Trace
00:43:28 Hot Rod Circuit - Fear the Sound
00:36:33 Lisa Loeb - Stay (I Missed You)
00:32:23 Zeromancer - Send Me An Angel
23:38:57 The Rentals - Please Let That Be You
23:35:06 Spitalfield - Those Days You Felt Alive
23:09:25 Josie and the Pussycats - I Wish You Well
23:07:09 Wax - California
23:04:22 The Stereo - New Tokyo Is Calling

Stock Options - Jennie (LG15)

Could she be responsible for everything? - Jennie

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Yet again, another Lonelygirl15 video was taken down by the 436. As Joe pointed out Lonelygirl15 has yet to pay homage to the 436 and some feel this is what is motivating the 436 to aggressively target Lonelygirl15.


joe said...
It's going after the 401K next. It doesn't like the idea of it's relatives being more popular

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Stock_Options on LGPedia.

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Team Jonas

By Kellylen

About the shirt: The shirt was made around the time when Bree was questioning Jonas in Interrogation 101.



Why are we posting this? I honestly don't know, but in a way the title says it all. So much died that day. Hope died. Maddison and Adam died. In so may ways, Bree died. We all reached out. We all tried. But, in the end all we have are questions that have fractured the core of who we are.

No More - maddisonatkins
A warning to others.

April 29, 2007

Temple of Olhym

It is with our greatest respect to inform you that, ted mckinely has requested a meeting with you to discuss your role in the Wyman Foundation and possibilities of moving up within our company...

As you must of heard from all the ridiculous media speculation,
we have formed the Temple of Olhym...

Our institutions is based on the belief of the hym of one and is backed by the Wyman Foundation and Verdus...

Come take a tour March 20th as our official Spring Graduate

Stephanie "Annie" Wilson transcends into a hire state of being,

we are proud to say she is aware of her role in the graduation ceremony...

and is proud to carry on the beliefs of our institution,

With this binding Marriage, A new Day has arrived on the Temple Of Olhym...

And we welcome brothers as well as trait positive girls in respect and unity to flee to our temple,

in dangerous times when rebellious teenagers and murderous doctors may be lurking to prevent these girls from graduating, much less living....

As brothers united we stand a chance against injustice and treason...

Let us never forget those who have fallen before us,
that were native to this land,
in our valley

Come Join Us and We Will Enlighten the Darken Pathway...

Neal C Theers


Wyman_Foundation on LGPedia.

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JustIncredible.TV - 436 makes its first appearance in canon?

The launch date for JustIncredible.TV, which had already been pushed back once for promotion, has now been pushed back another 27 days! (The site has yet to reflect this.)

As many have noticed, the number 436 is frequently seen behind Julia in recent KateModern videos. This lead some to speculate that the channel would never actually exist, although it was difficult to say for certain, considering the launch date remained so elusive.

However, following Gavin's video MERRY-GO-ROUND, it was revealed that the whole company behind JustIncredible.TV could actually be an elaborate carousel fraud, and may soon fold. Could the rumors behind the 436's appearance in KateModern be true? Could the number be canon?

Let us know your theories about what this could mean.

Sofia's Diary Ep 3


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Half the Week Away - Gavin (KM)

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/DeepGoat
Gavin said...

Tried to take Charlie for lunch. Do you think she wasn’t interested or is it just me?

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This Is Our...Second Date? - Anne (LJ15)

Well that did not go well... --Anne

Anyone else reminded of Pugsley, Uncle Fester, and Wednesday?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Breeniverse Bracket Challege - Final Reminder.

Hey, all. Final reminder for anyone who has not signed up for the challenge who wants too. Deadline is 12pm eastern, Thursday, to make your picks. Have fun!

Mud Slinging in the Yahoo! Video Awards Race

From Anchor Cove:

"After the very one sided start, who would have thought, that with only a couple days left, the Yahoo! Video Awards would have become a really close and exciting race with only no clear winner yet."


Should television and Internet ratings for shows be combined?

"With more content making its way from the small screen to your computer screen, it was only a matter of time before television executives realized the number of viewers watching a show on the Internet is probably important too."


It Has Begun

"theCoalition (User Generated Content)

The creation of time. The origins of life. The unique DNA building blocks of man. A select group of people are responsible for the achievements of the greatest civilizations on Earth. Government facilities insure these bloodlines live on. Organizations are built to protect their secrets. Adversaries seek to destroy them.

Five simple stones may hold the keys to enlightenment. One has been located. Our mission is a global search for the four remaining stones. Retrieve and deliver them to the school in Savannah - codename: “The Birdhouse”."

For more information, visit theCoalition on the lonelygirl15 discussion board and read about it on the lgpedia.

Source: insideLG15

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Carl's made this weird offer. I think it's kind of romantic. What do you think? - Sarah

Music: Artist: Chase Emery
Track: "Marry You" & "I'm Not Going Anywhere"
Artist Link: www.myspace.com/chaseemery

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Yet another Lonelygirl15 video fell victim to the mysterious 436. Will non-existence ever end?

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