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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Dear Miep Part 2 - Peter (LJ15)

For my second Chanukah present I bring out the big guns. --Peter

KateModern Character Contest and a new season of Erica Pike

KateModern Character Contest and a new season of Erica Pike

Make sure to vote for Sophie she is 100 votes away from being a regular on Kate Modern and as an actress she has given more than any of the others on the series.

Vote for her now:


And for those who are wondering, we are putting together a new season of Erica Pike, called Dreams in the Shadows, which will be coming out soon on bebo and youtube. We are working on this through the holidays so we hope you enjoy it when it arrives.

NOTE: The contest closes at 12:00 GMT on Monday 10th December 2007.

Votes so far...

Lee 1000 votes

Terrence 285 votes

Julia 1118 votes

Sophie 672 votes
hopefulsemblance said...
In the interest of fairness regarding the voting of the new regular...
I would like to endorse Julia. Simply because she's kinda hott.
That is all.
youwish said...
I second that motion !

sophie does not deserve to be on out computer screens more than Julia =D
anonymous said...
Julia is hot, but she can't act. And she's just plain annoying oncamera.
retrogrademercury said...
I feel like Julia already is a main character and that it would be cool to have the "Nikki B" character become more major. No matter what, none of these characters are going anywhere, but I just want to see more of Sophie, though I doubt that's going to happen. We'll be seeing a whole lot more of Julia and Lee in the future it would appear. But at least with any luck Terrence will be gone soon...
joe said...
I just hope no one from Florida is voting. Otherwise we'll be spending months on recounts and hanging chads.

P.S. I voted for Sophie.
anonymous said...
Does ANYONE care about Erica Pike? What a load of garbage.
holly said...
I don't care about Erica Pike? It's really annoying and so not interesting. I wish they stopped making those stupid videos.

todd rivers said...
Agreed! Pointless!

Who is Aly Zarin by SonofaStitch_PJ

Glenn announced on his radio show Wednesday night that Aly Zarin would be revealed soon. With that, sonofastitch has created a comic for all of us. Please leave your guess below. (Please click on the image to get a larger image)

The Keris Maker - thejanitorofoxford (WorldFiles)

this is the key, Mary:
-7; 7; -5; 12; -2; 1; -20; 2

ED: Note, WF stands for "Worldfiles", a part of the Red Territory.
The discussion thread for this video is here: The Keris Maker.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Germ Warfare Attack - Daniel (LG15)

That Dr. Hart is whack. -- Daniel

Aquarium by Nosaj

Zoey's "MMYB Request" (5 days of Xmas)

zoey wanted me to show her I care about her 15 ways, here goes :)

please help LGpedia!!!


Check out Zoey's youtube channel at :


Film Shot From Surveillance Camera POV

"Rifkin's curiosity has led to "Look." Opening in limited release Dec. 14, it's a film shot entirely from the perspective of surveillance cameras."

Note: does this remind anyone else of Glenn's use of the warspy device?

BreeFM Is Rocking Tonight!

DJ Hallows - 4pm Pacific (7pm Eastern)

DJ QtheC - 8pm Pacific (11pm Eastern)

Click here to listen!

Listen with your preferred player!

Join the IRC Chat!

On This Day In LG15 History: The Fans Pick Jonas

One year ago today, Daniel posted the video The Test, where he said he had decided to let an lg15 forum member decide, based on fan input, whether to trust Jonas and go meet him. At this point, Bree and Daniel were homeless and apparently eating garbage (and stealing wifi internet access) to survive.

Shortly after the video was posted, Daniel gave fan GoodGollyItsHolly the awesome repsonsibility of making the decision of whether to trust Jonas. Previously, Holly had made comments about wanting to "sleepover" at Jonas's, and her forum location was listed as "In Jonas' bed."

Holly however, went out of her way to solicit fan input and also went into the official chat to get advice from everyone. (chat transcript). There was a fairly large contingent of those salivating at the idea of seeing jonas shirtless, and thus in favor of accepting Jonas's offer of help. (Forum Poll Thread). But Daniel was not ready for this, and in Your Decision (Dec. 9, 2006), he abandoned Bree, who left with Jonas.

Holly did not expect that result: "I went with what the majority decided! I felt it was the best decision to make given the circumstances. I had no idea Daniel would respond like that! *dumbfounded* "

However, it was determined a few days later by observant fans that "Your Decision" was filmed BEFORE Holly conveyed her decision to trust Jonas. Yousef Abu-Taleb had attended the VH1 "Big on '06" Awards on December 3, 2006 sporting a fresh haircut, as opposed to the shaggy look of "The Test" and "Your Decision". It was never determined whether an alternate video was filmed in case Jonas had not been chosen by the fans.

Dear Miep Part 1 - Peter (LJ15)

The first of my Chanukah "presents". Hope you like it! --Peter

More whatweird drama: Fake Kate posts code

"abstractheart", which is now confirmed to be a fan spoof, has posted code in the whatweird forums, apparently trying to talk to Gavin.


The code is solved!

At the forums, caalan21 has solved Kate's coded message.

The message says:


I am wel. Can't talk long. Look after Charlie and yourself.

I'll be in touch soon.

Kate x

Note that this is fake, but was posted on the possibility it was real. Which brings up the question of why the Creators did not sign up for all accounts of the characters in advance, but anyways. . .

Janet - Charlie (KM)

Watch More Videos Uploaded by www.bebo.com/ChazOnToast

I\'m OK now. I thought I\'d post this before I take it to the police.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

TJ Marsh (Iris2009) Steps aside from LG15!

Hey guys.

I have under great confidence stepped away from LG15 and katemodern. Over the last year i have spent countless hours (along with you all) being a fan. But sometimes life takes a toll and you gotta stop and see how you can fix it. so everyone,maybe i will be back someday. in till that day, keep a eye out.

Enjoy the great story unfolding on LG15 and Kate modern.

Much love.
TJ Marsh


Quarterlife - Part 9 "Compromise"

"Compromise" - Debra and Danny continue their search for an apartment; questions arise about their level of commitment. Dylan encounters a moral
conundrum at work.

Jeromy, Maya vs. Marla, Adam Lamar, Curtains, etc. on Bree FM

Jeromy and Maya (who plays Marla in the Maddison Atkins story) answered some questions tonight from fans listening to their BreeFM broadcasts. I did not take careful notes, so what follows is my paraphrasing roughly - subject to corrections by others... please add comments to this article to improve it.

Jeromy talked about the discussion he started on the 12th Street House blog posting 2 Week Notice Almost, stressing that he likes being a part of the community but feels his role as Maddison Atkins storyteller will be best served by him stepping 'behind the curtain' allowing him to focus on producing the story, and fans to focus on the story rather than the teller. He also stated that the story can be strongly influenced by how fans interact with it, and that he does not want to cheat the story by bypassing fans interactions with hints/guidance, etc. through side channels. Jeromy wants to preserve the story's integrity and not "shill."

Maya addressed the idea that the character "Marla" uses the handle "Marla Singer" but that is not her actual last name in-story. She is Marla "something else." This is also explained in recently added notes on LGPedia on the Marla Singer? page. Maya will go behind the curtain soon too as discussed here on 12th Street blog article My Schizophrenia. Regarding what is "fair game" for fans to investigate, Marla is a character based on Maya, but Maya's personal life other than very general description ('from Canada, lived in Seattle, moved recently to Nacogdoches, TX') prior to entering this story are out of bounds, and should not be considered a part of the Maddison Atkins story.

Or as I would put it, Maya is a person. Marla is a character. Act accordingly.

Is DJ Dan canon now that Marla mentioned him in a maddisonatkins channel video?
Per Maya: Everyone is canon. Per Jeromy: you are all characters in the story to the extent you want to get involved in it.

Jeromy: This is a new medium, and we are experimenting with the blurry line between story and reality. It's not television, and it's not Lonelygirl15.

Should we anticipate a big finale at the end of Ch. 2, or is that up to fans to define?
Jeromy: It's a continuous story. There will be exciting times and slow times. I'm not going to say there will be a big Ch. 2 finale on December 12th. Something about Organic. Something about being fine with waiting forever for us to figure out who the heck Mr. Zipp is.

Per Maya: Wolf Creek guy (who is sitting where Adam Lamar's Christmas tree used to be before it was moved to Vegas) is not product placement. He's just Adam Lamar weirdness.

Jeromy does not plan to continue to DJ on BreeFM after next week, but there will still be some music from Nacogdoches. Adam Lamar and Marla may or may not DJ, to be determined.

Duke Johnson was a guest on Adam Lamar's show. We saw Duke in this video from the Maddison Atkins story: Duke Johnson in July. Maya seems to be calling Duke "B-Mac" on the air, but I'm not sure why.

Vicki is cool. Jeromy says he is cool, but Vicki really is cool.

Things got a little weird during Adam's show, but that's normal late at night. And I'm done taking notes. If you want more info. post a comment or get yourself over to Bree.FM and tune in!

~ QtheC

Hot for Teacher - Daniel (LG15)

don't even know what to say. - Daniel

It's Maddison Thursday on BreeFM!

DJ MicFranXon - 4pm - 6pm Pacific (7pm -9pm Eastern)

DJ Maya - 6pm Pacific (9pm Eastern)

DJ Jeromy - 7pm Pacific (10pm Eastern)

DJ HonkeyKong (Adam Lamar) - 8pm Pacific (11pm Eastern)

Click here to listen!

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I'm not a lonelygirl, am I? - Gavin (KM)

Watch More Videos Uploaded by www.bebo.com/DeepGoat

She’s in here with me. I can smell pigeons, I swear

YouTube Project:Direct - Announcing the Winners

And the winners of Project Direct are....

1st place: Lacos (Ties)
2nd place: Gone in a Flash
3rd place: My Name is Lisa

Congratulations to our winning filmmakers and to all the finalists!
Thank you to everyone who entered and voted.
Check out the submissions at youtube.com/projectdirectgallery!
And see how to promote your own film @ youtube.com/projectdirect

"Project Direct was a film challenge for directors with something to say. Of the many excellent short films submitted, 20 were selected as finalists by award-winning filmmaker Jason Reitman and a panel of industry experts. The YouTube community then voted for their favorites.

Stay tuned for more film programs in the future!"

(quotations from the video description and the YouTube Project Direct channel)

Gavin running amok in whatweird


To further establish the fact that whatweird.com DOES take place in the LG15-iverse, it appears that Gavin from KateModern has also found the site and has become a member. It seems that he believes Kate is hiding somewhere in the whatweird forums (he really has snapped).

(There's no way to be certain that it is Gavin but his SN is 'deepgoat,' his same SN in the KateModern series. He is acting in a paranoid manner, like he is currently in the series. He is also obsessing over Kate, exactly like he is in the series.)

Given that Daniel and Taylor have both appeared (canonically) in the whatweird forums, it seems that we finally have an official common ground where KateModern and lonelygirl15 characters may interract in the future.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Apologies Mr. Atkins - Marla (RE88)

Hey Mr. Atkins. I'm Marla, and I promise promise promise this will all make sense in time

Bebo Users: SAVE SOPHIE on Kate Modern (ACO)

Vote to save Sophie:

KateModern Character Contest
Have your say on the KateModern Character Contest -- the winner will become a regular in Season 2. Vote for Sophie, she been with us from the beginning

WHAT TIME IS IT?...Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST, Wednesday.

Soon to be known as "OFF THE CUFF".........j/k!!!!

Zoey has suggested that this story be called: "If I had Jackson's physique I would never wear a shirt, quite frankly".

(This story was written live during the show and hence it may contain certain factual errors. Over time these will be corrected so for now consider it a "draft". This week the full correction may take 24 hrs so please be patient.)

Tell Me How" by Headboard: Glenn thinks back to his band 10 years ago when he had 'hits" on mp3.com. The other "hit" was the Power Ballad which he compared to Jamie's Got a Gun which also starts mellow and then kicks in.

Tonight: Glenn cannot talk about what is coming up in the next day or so. Originally he hoped to have it up before the show but it still needs a few tweeks. You cannot serve it before its ready. Its a really important video because its setting off what will be a really insane December.

Glenn did not sleep last night so thats how you know he has been making the "magic happen". There were 6 final versions of the Human Ransom. It just takes time to make all this happen.

In Petaluma there are a lot of people who "smoke the weed" and he compared it to Metallica. Glenn would never label himself a Metallica fan because he does not want to associate himself with some of the people who are Metallica fans. It is a stigma. He does not believe in pre-judging people but "we all have our demons' that cause us to associate certain things. Limited experiences that did not work out can lead to people having a chip on their shoulders. Glenn is afraid of the impact of small negative experiences could have on children if he ever had them. That is a lot of pressure.
When you are a Jewish kid in America you have two experiences:
1. every year you have to give a presentation of Hanukkah. This lasts up through junior high.
2. after you have given the presentation every time anything WW2 related is mentioned everyone turns and looks at you.
Tease: what Lonelygirl15 video did Glenn write that was actually an homage to American History X?

Answer: "Watch This"
- cf when Edward Norton is freaking out.
- Glenn wishes he could have directed it. Jackson is an intense guy. Interrogation 101 had just been shot. When he wrote "Watch This" he wanted to give Jackson an intense scene.
- Glenn would drive form Petaluma to LA to shoot a video and in some cases he had to drive back that might.
- "Watch This" was the last video shot before Jessica went off to shoot Perfect Sport.
- Jonas going out to confront the watcher was ill conceived for all the wrong reasons.
- fleshing out the "Free Will" issues where the watchers would not harm Bree.

Random facts:

Original idea for Human Ransom. Bree would put a knife to her own throat because the Order could not allow her to be harmed and hence she was able to walk out of there with Daniel.

Glenn wanted the Watchers to have an "original weapon" but Amanda talked them out of using numb chucks.

"In The Clinic" (RedEarth88) was shot in a Synagogue and Glenn's dad made a cameo in the video.

Glenn says that having to get your own breakfast burritos is hard without an assistant.

Tease: What movie was the "Miss Me" trailer a homage to. Clue: it was a great trailer but a shitty movie. If you were to start watching "Miss Me" and the movie trailer you would see the connection. The trailer came out in 1995.

Answer: "Strange Days "

The genesis of the white background was shooting the "Miss Me" video with an overexposed off white background. He showed Yousef the "Strange Days" video. It was improvised and Glenn was very happy to collaborate with him. There was a lot of noise reduction used on the video because otherwise you could hear the rest of the team talking in the other room.

There is not much that is truely original. What is important is that you put your own stamp on things by the way you mix them together. If its well done people will watch. Glenn trys to have something that is unique in its approach and personal to him in the story that is being told.

Question: How well do you know character detail?
Glenn respects Miles, Mesh and Greg for allowing him the opportunity to write so much back story to the characters. In story meetings Glenn would get in arguments because something "would not be something Tachyon would do". Glenn did not think Tachyon would have a "camp". However he did try to be a team player.

Glenn created the characters of Aunt Alex, Sarah and to some extent Taylor so he understands how they would think. When people ask him a question about anyone of his characters he can give a straight answer as to whether or not they would do it. What you see is one thing, but Glenn also thinks of the things 'in between".

Send questions commnent etc. to [email protected]

Played @ Song Title
01:00:35 MC Chris - Fett's Vette (Imperial Mix) Current Song
00:55:58 Patton Oswalt - At Midnight I Will Kill George Lucas With A Shovel
00:52:03 Headboard - See You Around
00:50:02 Brett Anderson (Donnas) - California Sun
00:46:37 MC Lars - Internet Relationships (Are Not Real Relationships)
00:41:39 Beastie Boys v Debbie Gibson - Shake Your Love-Rump (Glenn Rubenstein Train Wreck)
00:35:26 Bruce Springsteen - Born To Run
00:31:56 Bruce McCulloch - Hangover Chronicles
00:07:08 Tsunami Bomb - Lemonade
00:00:28 Celebrities At Their Worst - Casey Kasem
23:57:13 Alien Ant Farm - Movies
23:53:08 Finch - New Beginnings Current Song
23:50:40 High School Musical - Get'cha Head in the Game
23:45:38 dc talk - Jesus Freak
23:41:52 Blood Of Abraham - Niggaz and Jews (Some Say Kike
23:07:22 Headboard - Tell Me How
23:04:06 Kelly Clarkson vs The Pixies - Where U Been Gone (Glenn Rubenstein Remix)

Conjugal Visit - Daniel (LG15)

I can't wait to see Mallory! - Daniel

H is for ??? - Youwish (Unsolved Puzzle!!)

Youwish created a puzzle video, see the Forum thread here : http://lg15.com/lonelygirl15/forum/viewtopic.php?f=114&t=15202

H is for ???

Deagol decoded the musical notation.

From Youwish:

This puzzle was a guitar riff made from a hex code.

now using the clues in the puzzle this becomes

4F 62 65 62 38

which is hex for obeb8

obeb8 is a youtube account


This lead to the next puzzle, a video called Untitled.


Okay this was a video i took of me playing counter strike with some music in the back, this had no relevance.
During the video small white flashes appeared with numbers and letters put together with one of the tags of the video these made a BASE64 code.

The code was: aHR0cDovL3jhcGlkc2hhcmUuY29tL2ZpbGVzLzc0MzUwNTc3L011c2 ljX01hc2h1cC5tcDM=

which leads to http://rapidshare.com/files/74350577/Music_Mashup.mp3

11 Minute long music-mashup of various songs.

so far identified by deagol and greg gallows are:

1. Warsaw - Joy Division
2. Wanted Man - Johhny Cash
3. ??? (slow drum beat / guitar lick)
4. Yesterdays (Jerome Kern) - Billie Holiday
5. One Love - Bob Marley
6. ??? (sounds like the cure but then i hear a female voice "ooh ooaah" behind clapton)
7. Tears In Heaven - Eric Clapton
8. U-Mass - The Pixies
9. ??? (lyrics "eeeoooo! ... new york city ... explosion")
10. Everyday - Buddy Holly
11. ??? (lyrics "you've been here before")
12. ??? (horrible non-singing lyrics "...i don't care there's no place there, i don't think it matters")
13. ??? (nice song but can't understand the lyrics)
14. ??? (another horrible guy coughing and "singing" "i miss jennifer jones" ... "i was killing everybody")
15. ??? (lyrics "it ain't hard to stumble and land in some muddy lagoon ... 3 o'clock in the afternoon")
16. ??? (lyrics "my house down and you're mad at my reaction.. human relation... making sense of it all")
17. Mess Around - Ray Charles

Everyone is MORE than welcome to join in.

We need your help to identify the missing songs! PLUS ... It's a really cool music track, so even if you don't feel like codecracking it will make for a good tune to jam to :)

From Above - Charlie (KM)

Watch More Videos Uploaded by www.bebo.com/ChazOnToast

Patricia came to visit me tonight and she brought me the rest of her tapes.

Wild Wednesday on BreeFM!


JenniPowell @ 4pm Pacific (7pm Eastern)

FOBlife Simulcast @6pm Pacific (9pm Eastern)

AfterParty Simulcast @7pm Pacific (10pm Eastern)

GlennFM @8pm Pacific (11pm Eastern)

Click here to listen!

Listen with your preferred player!

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Happy Chanukah from the PeterBeast - Peter (LJ15)

When the Franks are away, the PeterBeast will play!

Jennie Bares All - Jennie and Sarah (LG15)

This is Jennie's first time. Be gentle. -- Jennie and Sarah

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

It Didn't Happen (Did It?) - Jack (watchyourjack)

I guess I'm just crazy, right?

Maya too.


It's a tough decision.

I, Maya, am part of the community - but so is Marla. Until recently I haven't had a reason to separate those two. But as the past few weeks have rolled by, it's becoming clear to me that I have to distinguish between Marla and Maya: between fiction and reality - and between what is in Maddison's world and what is not.

I'm not sure if what is going on has happened before - that is, a fan of the show becoming a character - and the transition is rough. Confusing to say the least.

So. I'm joining Jeromy behind the wall.

Click the link to read the rest of the post.

The Hart-Gilman-Griffin connection

Posted by Jonas in the forum:

So I talked to Doc Hart and he said he knew Dr. Gilman well. When he was younger he worked as a lab assistant to him over at the Wyman Foundation. When he went out looking for a job Verdus snatched him up, and he later found out the reason they were so hot to hire him is because he'd worked with Gilman. Not many people know anything about the whole Trait Positive thing, so finding someone with experience was pretty rare. There was no serum back then, or at least Dr. Hart didn't know about it if there was. When he got to Verdus, he found they were doing research that was parallel to what was happening at Wyman - kind of like the space race, they were very competitive to see who could come up with the answer first. So Dr. Gilman ended up being like a respected rival to him. They never saw each others' research. Up until the whole Lullaby Project thing brought them together, Verdus and the Wyman scientists were still very competitive with each other, doing research on the same track. As far as Griffin goes, Dr. Hart doesn't know him. He'd heard rumors about some doctor who was doing underground research - kind of recklessly and without any backing from the scientific community - in England, so when I told him about Griffin he said that was probably the guy.

BreeFM Broadcast - Meepersanon

Hey Guys, thanks so much for your support this year. As a thankyou catch me on BreeFM this Saturday (2.30pm PDT). For details see http://breefm.blogspot.com or go to the IRC chat for BreeFM, http://java.freenode.net//index.php?channel=breefm


From Jeromy: 2 Week Notice.... Almost


I've been thinking heavily on this for the last week. Very heavily. I've talked with a bunch of folks privately, and I've made a decision.

As of the end of my radio show a week from Thursday (December 13th), I'm building a fierce wall where this sad excuse of a curtain is.

See the rest of the post at the link above.

The Trains - Gavin (KM)

Watch More Videos Uploaded by www.bebo.com/DeepGoat

Don’t watch my video, it’s private. Only Kate is allowed to watch. But no-one else. Especially not the Order.

Jade Is Dying - Introduction To Film

just j/king guys... but she is a jerk, right?

Sam Maguire

Monday, December 3, 2007

Jonas says.....

Re: How to get in touch
by jonastko
on Mon Dec 03, 2007 11:48 pm

Chat is cool, but I want to hear your voices. I'm working on the options, I'll get back with you soon.

Re: How to get in touch
Mmm, probably not tonight. Might take me a while to figure out the options.
Talk to JONAS in the "Lounge"

Talk to DANIEL in the "Lounge"

Police Unhappy with powdered Hershey's Ice Breakers Candy

On the news tonight, they aired a story showing the police saying that Hershey's new Ice Breaker's "Pacs" (powdered candy in colored plastic wrappers) looks just like Cocaine - so they will have to waste resources testing the stuff when they find it.

I didn't have to look very hard for the link to this product, because it was already here on LG15 Today under the Lonelygirl15 "Sponsors" list on the right hand side... http://www.hersheys.com/icebreakers/pacs/ (This new powdered product did not exist when Lonelygirl15 featured the Ice Breakers gum in one of their videos.)

Here is an online version of the story on MSNBC.com : Police Say New Hershey's Candy Resembles Drugs


Quick Update - WatchingOpAdolf

Blitzyon tries to leave information for her fiance, but OpAdolf gets there first.

My updates will now probably come in on average of once a month.

Following the doings of OpAdolf, Blitzyon, and 110139, and those they interact with.


Jonas says....

Talk to JONAS in the "Lounge"

Talk to DANIEL in the "Lounge"
jonastko said...

Re: How to get in touch
Hey, sorry, that was me. I forgot I was on DB's computer and his forum log-in was up. Now I'm back on mine.

Re: Verdus Username/Password
I'll ask Taylor to look into it, but you guys keep trying too. Daniel and I have been trying to get Dr. Hart to think of anything that could get us on there.

Re: Playing doctor... How about playing teacher
Hey Hopeful,
Thanks for this. I've tried to be a good brother but you're right, I haven't really paid enough attention to her education. The only thing is, I'm not such a good teacher. I wasn't such a good student, either. But I'll try. That's a good idea about having the doctor teach her some stuff. She seems to really like him. If you or anyone else on here wants to maybe put together a quiz you think would be the kind of stuff she'd be gettin in school, I'll get her to take it. Don't want those brain cells wasting away..
Daniel says.......

Re: Are You OK?????????
Emma's fine - she asked me to tell you she'll write soon!

Re: Verdus Username/Password
Thanks, this is the kind of thinking we need! Dr. Hart says he doesn't know if there's anything there that could help us - people just use it to put in their timecards and expense reports and so forth. But when he sat down to access it, sure enough, they removed his admin privileges. Which makes me think there's more there than he even knows. I asked him to think about some other way we can get on there, but he's not really a computer-type guy. His smarts don't go that way. Maybe you guys can think about it?

Re: How to get in touch
Hey, working on it, just checking out a few different options. I'll post when I figure it out. In the meantime, you can contact me here.

Re: Some things I saw online, and that I thought you guys need
Those are all really good ideas, except I heard glow sticks are bad for the environment. Don't know where I heard it, but it was somewhere.

Re: F. Monkey's Brand new Thread for Daniel.
Hey F - Nothing like a shiny new thread. Hope you and that bro of yours are good.

"That expression ("She made her bed, let her lie in it"), implies that she got herself into a mess and now she can deal with it herself. I don't think it is entirely her fault, if this does turn out badly."

Nah, you're right, it's not totally her fault, but he was only gone from her when her tire went flat for like 20 minutes. So for her to go back to the Lullabys, when she knew where his motel was and could have gotten a ride to there, was not the brightest move. And no one told her to volunteer for the project, either.

Seriously, though, you guys only see Sarah in little five minute chunks. When you have to hang with her for hours - days, even, like Jonas did - she can get to be kind of a pain in the ass. She's our PITA, it's true, but sometimes you just have to ignore her for a while to get her to come around to acting normal again.

I changed the header on this thing, I got tired of that whole "MORON" thread.

KateModern Character Contest!


One of the following characters (Lee, Terrence, Julia or Sophie) is going to become a regular fixture in KateModern next year, and YOU can decide who it is! This contest will run for seven days, and after this time the character with the most votes will be written into the storyline of the second series as a regular character.

The contest closes at 12:00 GMT on Monday 10th December 2007

JenniPowell Presents: MMYB LA Edition

Greg Gallows and MicFranXon are coming to LA December 14 - 17. Want to make us your bitches?

Playing Doctor - Jonas (LG15)

Emma and I are back home, with a houseguest. - Jonas

Music -
Artist: General Fuzz
Track: Lido in the Morning
TALK to JONAS in the "LOUNGE".......

laying Doctor - Jonas (LG15) on LGPedia.

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

Support GregGallows MMYB!

The LG community's own Greg Gallows has been nominated for PhillyD.tv's The Spotlight Contest for his MMYB series. We need the whole community to come out and support one of our own!

Please please vote at http://www.phillyd.tv/home/?p=231

And check out the sweet montage video Greggers made for the contest!

Please vote!

Why did TheWineKone really watch LG15?

Launch Party Afterthoughts

o.0 .... wow

TheWineKone discusses Bree, fapfapfap, and horses from second marker 1:30 to 2:15 (or -6:20 to -5:34)

The Confession - Charlie (KM)

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Dave and Patricia gave me this footage, though I wish I hadn’t bothered going with them now. What would you have done in my position?

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Adam Lamar's Pitch - Clara (RE88)

I didn't think this was appropriate to post here, but Marla swears it's ok.... She also wanted me to tell everybody "hi" from her. So. Hi... from Marla.

Tomorrow I'm shooting X it seems.



Clara made the following comment:

Yeah acidfingers.... I'm so uncomfortable commenting here. I am excited about waking up to a million comments to read. It's therapeutic.

Clara likes for everyone to talk on her videos and discuss things. She always said she likes to read those a whole lot better than being chat. Come leave some comments for Clara if you have the time.

Trait Positive - sunfollow

This video is about the all four trait positive girls we know of, focusing on Emma, the last.

All Footage taken from the Lonelygirl15 series. www.lg15.com

Blasphemous Rumours - Depeche mode
Escape the Nest - Editors
Watch over me - Bernard Fanning
and some was taken from the LG15 series.

This is just a fan video. I don't own any of it.

Sorry about the weirdness in the sound sometimes. I'm working on fixing it. (well... trying)

Thanks for watching x

Becki on Nickelodeon

The episode of Unfabulous that Becki guest starred on is on Nickelodeon tonight.

Research: Zoey

LG15 Thanksgiving - AlliBean07

A lighthearted look at what makes LonelyGirl15 great.

Music: My Favorite Things, Julie Andrews, The Sound of Music

Sunday Rocks Your Socks On BreeFM!

Apo will not be hosting his show of awesomeness tonight, rumor has it he was sent on a top secret mission in Tokyo to battle ninjas at chess.

DJ JammyJams - 2pm Pacific (5pm Eastern)

DJ Acid - 3pm Pacific (6pm Eastern)

Mystery DJ - 4pm Pacific (7pm Eastern)

DJPerks - 5pm pacific (8pm Eastern)

Tune in at http://Bree.FM!

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Mashup puzzle, and dueling Instant messages - WatchingOpAdolf

Documenting the events of 11/21/2007 involving OpAdolf and 110139.



Music: Nelly vs The Jane Does vs Glenn Rubenstein - Grillz Junkie RedEarth Remix

quarterlife Part 8 "Compromise"

The boys struggle to make their commercial coincide with the vision of the car dealership owner. Jed films an acting reel that Lisa can upload to quarterlife.com.
quarterlife Part 8 "Compromise"

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Reaching Out - Paulmark18

Took me awhile to get the courage to post this. A response to Daniel from Paul.Music: Good Morning by Pitx

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