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Saturday, May 22, 2010

My YouTube Story: ValsArtDiary

I've been a fan of ValsArtDiary for a long time now and thought this would be an interesting way to introduce her to those who aren't familiar to her and her shows. Since 2006, every week Val has created a painting and has documented the process in a video.

Description: YouTube changed my life big time... this is my story
My name is Valentina & this is my YouTube story...
A story where dreams come true.

Thanks to http://www.YouTube.com/voylor
-for the fancy montage and directing of this video :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Poor Annabel (InnerWorld:StormGenie)

In a shack by the river, poor Annabel contemplates her solitude.


Music: http://incompetech.com/


The state of the open social web with OneSocialWeb architect - Scobleizer

There've been lots of calls for a Facebook competitor or system of competitors and Laurent Eschenauer, architect on OneSocialWeb, tells me about that effort and talks about what an open social web would do for all of us.

Why OneSocialWeb? - onesocialweb

The purpose of onesocialweb is to enable free, open, and decentralized social applications on the web. Its protocol can be used to turn any XMPP server into a full fledged social network, participating in the onesocialweb federation. The suite of extensions covers all the usual social networking use cases such as user profiles, relationships, activity streams and third party applications. In addition, it provides support for fine grained access control, realtime notification and collaboration.

Venice Boulevard - Ep.1: Hollywood Stars

Description: Two Hollyood stars, Andre and CJ, reflect on the highlights of their careers on a talk show. Featuring Music by Conex, "L.A."

"Fully uncensored and sure to cause a stir, "Venice Boulevard" has just hit the net with its first three episodes, broadcasting on Funny or Die and You Tube. "Venice Boulevard" is a mockumentary-comedy that follows three young Hollywood stars putting their lifelong friendship to the test as they try to resurrect their careers and create their first movie together.

"Venice Boulevard" was first introduced to online viewers with a three-minute promo that was a finalist in the IFC.com-Scion Web Series Challenge. Created by award winning filmmaker, CJ Johnson, Venice Boulevard stars Andre Boyer (from the Emmy award winning web series, "Prom Queen"), CJ Johnson, and comedian, Channing Ross. Filled with comical satire and controversial jokes, our first three episodes shows a glimpse of what’s to come in an eight-episode run. With a "Entourage" meets "The Office" style, "Venice Boulevard" introduces a fast paced series that gives audiences a comical view of the Hollywood lifestyle with its freshly relatable characters while also showcasing the beauty of Los Angeles.

Along with it’s funny stories, "Venice Boulevard" also has an innovative fresh visual look, using handheld techniques and a grainy, yellowish tone giving the series a cinematic style not seen too often on the web. Its stories are created in a very collaborative effort and the remaining five episodes are currently being written. We are actively promoting our series and providing information through our social networking sites Twitter, Facebook, and You Tube. Our official website is under construction, but, you can view the first three episodes and three minisodes of "Venice Boulevard" on Funny or Die."


Clicker.tv brings streaming internet video to your TV's browser; it has a web browser right?

"... it can be perused via mouse and keyboard or just a remote, bringing Clicker's index of video including network TV, webisodes and web-only content, plus ...."


Diaspora: Personally Controlled, Do-It-All, Distributed Open-Source Social Network

Diaspora: Personally Controlled, Do-It-All, Distributed Open-Source Social Network from daniel grippi on Vimeo.

We take a little time to discuss our reasoning behind Diaspora.

Diaspora, The Open Facebook Alternative, Soars Past $50,000 In Micro-Funding [Update: Now Past $100,000]

But the rate at which Diaspora*, the open project hoping to be the new Facebook, is gaining funding is getting too big to ignore.

Read more: http://techcrunch.com/2010/05/12/diaspora-open-facebook-project/


The Steps Ep. 8 - "The Bartender"

Blog Authors

Yesterday an existing blog author reported that they were not able to post to the blog. It appears that somewhere along the line a few authors were dropped from the blogger list. We are not sure how this happened but we do not delete authors without their approval. If you are an existing blog author and find you are not able to post then just send a request to [email protected] and we will add you back to the list. If you wish to become a new author then just send a short email explaining your involvement with web series and we will send you an invite.

A Good Knight’s Quest: Episode 13

The Chosen One has become quite the nuisance and Agent 2 needs to bite his tongue!

The Future of Google TV is..

The success of Google TV will come down to one thing….PageRank.


Goodnight Princess Act 1: The Beginning of the End

An Internet Play in three acts exploring love, loss and silly voices. We would love to hear your thoughts on this short form Internet Play - please comment, rate and subscribe.


You can also find me here:

Twitter: http://twitter.com/worldofhiglet
last geek bus home: http://worldofhiglet.blogspot.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/worldofhiglet

Check out my other webseries: "Evil League of Evil Applications Processing Office", an original (and Award-winning) series based around Joss Whedon's smash hit Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog: http://www.youtube.com/user/evilworld...

Thanks for watching!

From StoryGas

Shortform online drama is in seemingly short supply so we have tried to do something different.


Thursday, May 20, 2010


Body heART Feature Melanie - TheNOWworkshops

Each month we highlight one Positive Role Model from the Body heART Campaign. This month we are thrilled to introduce, Melanie. Check out her interview below.


Research credit: Zoey

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Web.Files Buzz #4

The Web Files

The first segment consists of a trip to the WB lot to speak with A.J. Buckley and Travis Wester from the companion series, Ghostfacers, which is a tie-in to the CW series, Supernatural. The second visit is to Digital Hollywood conference where the charming and witty Kristyn Burtt interviews the very chatty Kevin Pollak from the Kevin Pollak Chat Show and creator of the recently concluded vampire series, Vamped Out. Furthermore, she speaks with Chris McCaleb from Big Fantastic, who does not know when Prom Queen season 3 is coming out, and Roland Hamilton from DailyMotion, who also probably has no idea when Prom Queen season 3 is being released.

The Ghostfacers originally appeared on the CW series Supernatural as a team of well-meaning but rather inept paranormal investigators. The series stars Travis Wester, perhaps best known for the film Eurotrip where he played a travel guide obsessed tourist who made out with his sister, and A.J. Buckley, best known for CSI:NY. Kevin Pollak is an internationally recognizable film star and Streamy award nominee, who hosts a weekly chat show on the Internet. Also, he wears a very cunning hat. Chris McCaleb is one of the founders of Big Fantastic which created such memorable shows as Sorority Forever and Prom Queen. He is also a regular on the New Mediacracy podcast.

Corporate Social Media Is Not Social -- It's Sales Media

When it comes to corporate use of social media I have problems with the use of the word "social" because it's not accurate. It's not social.


Source: Apo

Bumps in the Night: Evil Whispers? - bitntv

With HD comes high definition terror! And cleavage! When a demonic voice harasses a young wife, can the boys silence the demon before they're silenced forever? Or is the real terror something less supernatural, and more natural? Like a douchebag husband?

FCC outlines new 'third way' internet regulatory plan, will split access from content

In any event, it's clear that the agency's goal is to impose as little regulation as possible while still trying to achieve the basics of net neutrality, and there's some serious precedent for success with that approach, as it's essentially the same way the FCC regulates wireless services.


StayTunedTV.net: The Independent Production Portal

Going online just nine months ago StayTunedTV.net, co-founded by Frank Zanca and Timothy Ryder (producer-That 70s Show & 3rd Rock from the Sun), is looking to distinguish itself from the other distribution portals. I had the opportunity to talk with Frank about how they planned to accomplish this as well as the Award banquet-taking place in June.

StayTunedTV features over 50 shows with current features that include a monthly $500 contest for most viewed video and a regular fixed schedule for when the shows go live. STTV is willing to take shows that represent the true independent spirit creating for the Internet instills. I learned that the ultimate goal for the site is to be an independent production portal. STTV produces many of it’s own shows in-house including: Just the Three of Us, Sunset Standup, Shadow Raven and Greatest American Hero. Upcoming shows include Manipulation about a German doctor, who is forced by terrorists to kill a patient and Mystic Valley High, which Frank describes as Lord of the Rings, meets Sweet Valley High. In addition STTV wants to partner with other independent creators to produce their shows. If a creator has a story and a crew, STTV will pay the hard production costs (subject to agreement of a submitted proposal.)

The awards show is not an industry show but one specifically created to recognize only the shows that are featured on the site. Frank expressed that it’s meant as a thank you to the creators, the viewers and everyone who supports the site. The price of the ticket covers the guest’s meal, with StayTunedTV covering the costs of the red carpet and awards ceremony. There are two sets of categories: awards selected by the Voting Committee and Viewer’s Choice Awards. The Viewer’s Choice Awards can be voted on right up until the day of the show. Along with Tim and Frank, the Voting Committee consists of: AJ Tesler (www.ITVFEST.org), Leimomi Coloretti (www.Showbizsoftware.com), Patrick Bardwell (www.Slebisodes.com), Aaron Semmel (the Egyptian Theater, www.GreifCompany.com) and Phillipe Simon (www.SkyPilotTheatre.com). It was just recently announced that the awards show will be hosted by Todd Bridges (Diff'rent Strokes.)

Frank and I discussed many other interesting plans and initiatives in various forms of development for StayTunedTV but that they are not quite ready to announce publicly yet. We’ll keep StayTunedTV on the radar and let you know whenever they make a move.

The Webventures of Justin & Alden Ep. 4: The Streamys

It's all glitz and glamour as Justin & Alden make their way on the red carpet, posing as press. When they catch a glimpse of their dream leading lady Felicia Day, they quickly hatch the perfect plan. And by perfect we mean very poorly thought out in every possible way. Featuring special appearances by Alex Albrecht, Sean Becker, Wilson Cleveland, Zadi Diaz, Felicia Day, Mark Gantt, Tony Janning, Phil Lamarr, David Nett, Sandeep Parikh, Randy Sklar, David Wain and Jesse Warren. Watch the trip that started it all: http://facebook.com/tridentgum

Eqal 2.0

The Eqal site is now a shiny new umbrella.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Streamy Winners

A slightly sanitized version of the 2010 Streamy Awards, showcasing the evenings acceptance speeches, while carefully skirting the night's missteps.

The Further Adventures of Cupid and Eros: Episode 1, "I'm Fine"

The Further Adventures of Cupid and Eros: Episode 1, "I'm Fine" from Avi Glijansky on Vimeo.

Alas, Cupid is depressed these days and has been ever since his love, Psyche, ran away with that dermatologist. He goes about his duties with a forlorn mope, all the while hoping that some Egyptian goddess will dance with him at the inter-pantheon mixer, or that a mortal woman will fall for him instead of her dictated match.

Tired of Cupid's moping, Eros decides to snap him out of his funk by bolstering his dismal confidence. The plan is simple: take the morose god to a bar, find a mortal woman for him to seduce and remind him that as different as they are these days, time was when there was good reason that they were assumed to be the same deity. Simple enough... right?

LOS ANGELES, CA, April 23, 2010 - New York University's Tisch School of the Arts unveiled the Tisch West Web Series Showcase. This new initiative presents winning projects developed from conception to completion in a series of industry-run workshops and launched to a global audience. The Showcase features original ideas brought to life by writers, filmmakers, and actors who were selected from the thousands of NYU alumni living in the Los Angeles area.

The Web Series Showcase puts alumni writers in front of producers, agents, and investors searching for new talent. The idea grew out of a previously successful annual series of one-evening showcases for alumni filmmakers, writers, and actors. "Unlike the traditional showcase, our Web series is creating a direct pipeline to both the entertainment industry and an audience of millions," said Tisch alumnus and showcase creator, Theo Travers. The program features six, three-part Web shows, each with an average running time of five minutes. Chosen through a competitive blind process by a panel of Tisch alumni, each series was developed from pitch to Web series in just under four months. What distinguishes this Internet Web Series Showcase from others is its development and implementation by alumni with the full support of their alma mater. Tisch Dean Mary Schmidt Campbell said, "We are delighted that our School now has a means to celebrate our talented alumni writers and pleased and honored to support this bold new effort by our alumni."

To see the six winning series, visit http://www.writerslabwest.org/webshowcase/

LOS ANGELES, CA, April 23, 2010 - Highway 9 Pictures announces the launch of it's first Web Series "The Further Adventures of Cupid and Eros." The show, created specifically for the Web by company founder Avi Glijansky, spotlights love, life and godly intervention.

While it's commonly believed that Cupid and Eros are two names for the same god, they are in fact colleagues, each the god of love in their respective pantheon. And while Cupid makes mortals fall for each other on a daily basis, he's finding it tough to get a date--even with the help of his sexy co-worker Eros. The show follows the duo as they go about their job, all the while trying to figure out for themselves what this thing they create in the world really means, and how to find it when a heart tipped arrow just doesn't seem to do the trick.

Based off the show's pilot script, "The Further Adventures of Cupid and Eros" was invited to be part of the inaugural Tisch Web Series Workshop sponsored by NYU, The Tich West Alumni Council, and the NYU alumni group Writers Lab West. Of the 10 projects selected to be part of the workshop, "The Further Adventures of Cupid and Eros" was one of six that NYU chose to support after completion. Production began in February and the the first three episodes of the Series went live on April 23rd 2010 at www.cupidanderos.com as well as on NYU's own Web Series Showcase site http://writerslabwest.org/webshowcase/. New content and bonus features continue to be added to www.cupidanderos.com and an additional 24 episodes are currently in development.

Sporting "...keen humor" (John Ott, Writer's Lab West) "...good writing and impressive performances" (William D Colella, EGuiders.com), all of Cupid and Eros' adventures are unapologetically romantic and full of comedy. Have some laughs, feel the love and get tagged at http://www.cupidanderos.com

Written and Directed by Avi Glijansky
Starring Josh Heine (Without a Trace, Law and Order: Criminal Intenet) Jo Bozarth (Ofelia and Joe), Kiera Anderson and Phillip Ward
Produced by Andy Wells and Avi Glijansky
Cinematography by Jefferson K. Loftfield
Edited by Matthew Smith

‘Sex and the Austen Girl’ Finds Original Twist, and Babelgum

Sex and the Austen Girl launched today on Babelgum, a twenty-episode web series based on the best-selling Penguin novels, Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict, by Laurie Viera Rigler.


Faces of Us - Let your voice be heard campaign for the Environmental Protection Agency - jedivavra

This is a video entry for the current EPA video contest to get people to participate in the rule making process in the USA. Check out Regulations.gov for more information on how you can let your voice be heard.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Director Hector Episode 1: A New Hope - DirectorHector1

DIRECTOR HECTOR - a mockumentary following the chaotic attempts of Hector Grimes to make an amateur action film called "Action Traction" in Drogheda, Louth, Ireland. Using his own mates (such as Ug Murphy and Chopper Brady) as a motley cast and crew, what could possibly go wrong...?

New IRISH comedy webseries - DIRECTOR HECTOR

Hector Grimes is gonna shoot the greatest action film Drogheda has ever seen, one way or another.



::::: WARNING: Contains "censored" explicit images.

Microwave Porn is the simple story of a humble assistant architect and his talking, porn addicted microwave.

Watch as they traverse the minefield of urban dating together...with sexy results!

For more episodes: http://www.youtube.com/user/cancelproof

Source: Neil Mossey on Twitter.

Web Series You’ll Want to Watch

Make me laugh, make me cry, or make me feel I’ve learned something.


How Venture Capitalists are Using Social Media for Real Results

They use social media to source deals and to create a latent relationship with entrepreneurs so they can close the deals they want to.”


‘Asylum’: Scott Brown’s Sophomore Web Series Takes a Dark Turn

by Jenni Powell

It’s about a hospital for the criminally insane but there is a sci-fi, paranormal twist to it.

Read the full post:

IAWTV Bylaws: "Article 436"

"Article 436" of the IAWTV Bylaws reads:

Conflict of Interest

1. Any member of the board who has a financial, personal, or official interest in, or conflict (or appearance of a conflict) with any matter pending before the Board, of such nature that it prevents or may prevent that member from acting on the matter in an impartial manner, will offer to the Board to voluntarily excuse him/herself and will vacate his seat and refrain from discussion and voting on said item.

Really? Nope. It is called "Article 436" for a reason! It does not exist!!!!

Article 436 is really Article "VII. Conflict of Interest" from an article on "How to Write Non-profit Bylaws."

The real question is: "Should it?" More to the point why was such an article not included in the IAWTV Bylaws, who made that decision and why?

We know that Brady from Tubefilter is a bit of an expert in forming non-profits and he was involved in the formation of the IAWTV so perhaps he would like to explain why no such article was included?

The issue becomes pertinent because while it was certainly discussed before the Streamys, the conflict of interest between Tubefilter and the IAWTV has been a hot topic of conversations since. With the "Tubefilter guys" holding 5 out of the 11 seats on the Board of Directors of the IAWTV it is clearly an important topic. Even the Tubefilter guys have admitted that this number is not appropriate, yet despite their involvement in the debacle that was the Streamy Awards not one of them has seen fit to step down from their position on the Board of Directors of the IAWTV.

If we really want to "Rebuild The Trust" a good first step would be for at least 4 out of the 5 Tubefilter guys to take such action effective immediately. Since Brady Brim-Deforest is the Executive Director of the IAWTV it would probably be harder for him to step down until he is replaced.

From the IAWTV Bylaws:

Section 7. Executive Director. Subject to such powers, if any, as may be given by the Board to the Chairman or the Deputy Chairman, the Executive Director shall have the powers and duties of management usually vested in the general manager and chief executive officer of a corporation and has, subject to the control of the Board, general supervision, direction, and control of he day-to-day business and officers of the Corporation.

Yesterday we suggested that it would be a good idea for the membership of the IAWTV to elect an entirely new Board of Directors that reflected the current opinions of its membership. Having 4 new Board Members would be a good first step in that process because if an initiative like a proxy ballot comes from within the Board it is much easier to implement.


Full text of the IAWTV Bylaws.

For more information on the 436 see LGPedia

The icon is a screen shot from KateModern where the 436 was given a cameo.

Joe, the creator of the 436 could not be reached for comment.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

My YouTube Story: Jessica Rose

Jessica Rose played Bree in the Web series lonelygirl15. This is her story.

Created by Stephen Higgins, a filmmaker based in New York City, for YouTube's fifth birthday, May 2010.

5 Questions With…EQAL’s Miles Beckett


"But, on the content creator side of the industry, it seems like people are still trying to use the Internet as a way to get noticed and break into TV and film, or they’re copying “things that have already worked” in the hopes that someone will buy it or sign them to a deal."

Read the full post:

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