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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Storytelling - LaRezisto (LG15)

Emma's feeling quiet right now, but only because her spirit's getting
stronger. - Claire

Storytelling - LaRezisto (LG15) on LGPedia

The outfit Emma is wearing is the same as that which Bree was wearing in the videos preparing her for the ceremony; white t-shirt and jeans. She also holds onto her shoulder, as if there was something there, like the bandage Bree had on.

Throughout Emma's story, she is clearly taking cues from someone off-camera - presumably Claire. Emma actually spends more time looking above and away from the camera than she does looking into it. This might be a deliberate way of communicating that she is being monitored as she talks.

The Hopi believe that Tawa and Spider-woman were lovers. Once, when Tawa dreamed of creatures, Spider-woman made them from clay and wrapped them in a magic blanket that brought them to life. When they decided to make humans, the blanket did not bring them to life. So, Tawa and Spider-woman sang the "Song of Life," which brought them to life.

LGpedia needs your HELP!


"Members of Hollywood's film and television writers union have overwhelmingly voted to authorize a strike anytime after their contract expires at the end of the month."


Will this have any impact on Lonelygirl15? Lets hope the Creators tell us where they stand soon.

Avatars versus Virtual Worlds

Stardoll Hits Ten Million
We spoke with CEO Mattias Miksche in July to discuss the importance of avatars versus virtual worlds, and he emphasized the importance of identity and realism over immersiveness.

"“It took the world about two hundred millennia to achieve a population of 10 million; Stardoll did it in just over a year,” said Stardoll CEO Mattias Miksche."

My Virtual Life

"The avatar named Anshe Chung may be a computerized chimera, but the company she represents is far from imaginary."


Happy Birthday Apo! - Betz28

Happy Birthday Apo!!!

DJ Jenna, DJ Waffle....TONIGHT on Bree.FM!

Tune in to BreeFM and and get ready for the Breecap with DJ Jenna, also DJ Waffle spins some tunes for your saturday night. It happens here, on the station by the fans and for the fans...BreeFM!

DJ Jenna - 4pm - 6pm PDT

DJ SkunkWaffle - 8pm PDT

BreeFM would like to wish a very happy birthday to ApotheosisAZ! Happy birthday Apo, from all of us at Bree.FM!

LG15 Today Snap Shot - last 100 visitors

The last 100 or so visitors to LG15 Today were from:

Ireland, UK, Norway, Netherlands, Denmark, France, Germany, Israel, Switzerland, Japan, the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Canada, and the rest in the U.S. including: California, Washington, Colorado, Arizona, Texas, Minnesota, Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois, Georgia, Ohio, Michigan, South Carolina, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, and West Virginia.

Flags from the countries of many LG15 Today visitors are listed on the bottom of the right hand column just above the stats counter ---->
(If your country is not listed, leave a comment here, so we can add it.)

LG15 Today is a collaborative fan project so please participate!

modelmotion said...
The large spike was the LG15 finale when we had 20,000 views in one day.

Typically views are fairly constant around 1000 views per day with a typical month being 30,000 views.

In the next 4 days we will reach a total of 200,000 views since the project began.

This is a collaborative project. Any fan that wants to participate or contribute can do so by sending and e-mail to [email protected]. In response we will send you an "author invite" from blogger and once signed up you will be able to post directly to the blog.

Friday, October 19, 2007

What's Going On? - Lonelygirl15 (LG15)

This isn't what we expected... - Daniel

Spotlight on Ralf Little

Ralf Little is the actor that plays the role of Gavin in the webseries KateModern. He is best known for playing Anthony Royle on the TV series, The Royle Family. Prior to that time, he was studying for a medical degree, but gave it up once he received the role. He also starred in the sitcoms Two Pints of a Lager and a Packet of Crisps, and Sky One's The Match. He also appeared in a few films, including 24 Hour Party People and Al's Lads. He is widely considered the favorite to succeed Tim Lovejoy as the co-host of Soccer AM alongside Helen Chamberlain, after Lovejoy recently announced his departure.

Ralf Little on LGPedia

The Waiting room on IMDB

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The Eulogy (The Cowboy radio drama audition piece) - HammySammich

okay guyz, this is my serious piece, sorry about the audio, for some reason it keeps skipping......this piece is entitled The Eulogy, and it was written by G.L Horton ...........enjoy ;

Behind The Scenes

Picture credit: Kelly B
For more behind the scenes info check out LGPedia!!!!

LGpedia needs your HELP!

The way us fans can help

by Virginian9000
on Fri Oct 19, 2007 2:44 pm

It is Glenn and Jeromy's responsibility to increase the fanbase and the view counts of their product. However, no one says the fans can't help.

Glenn made a true statement on breefm Wednesday, everyone who sees this series seems to like it, and i feel like this series just needs to get in front of more fans. There are two ways fans can help, and I am sure some will think of more:

1. The e-mail address to ask youtube to feature a video is [email protected]. Ask youtube to feature the videos. While the first video you ask youtube to feature may not get featured, the youtube editors have said that repeated requests from multiple users for a video or one of a series of videos to be featured does play a role in who they decide to be featured. So, send those requests in.

2. Another way to get more people to watch the videos is youtube comments. Usually when a redearth88 vid is first posted, discussion starts on the youtube video site, the blog, the lg15 forum, the maddison atkins forum, and the IRC channel #maddison. If you throw in anchor cove, and the fact that maddison chatter spills over into the #breefm, #outofgame, and #hammy channels as well, you can easily have a nine way bifurcated conversation going. While this is usually fantastic to have these comments in so many places, it does place the videos at a disadvantage when it comes to getting the video on the most discussed videos list.

The last video by Rachel was only about 4 comments away from breaking into the "most discussed youtube videos for today". I started replying to people's comments, and it broke through. . .for about a couple of minutes, until one of the other most discussed videos picked up some comments, and the honor went away.

The next time a video is posted, post all comments on the youtube video. Have a theory? Throw it on there. Reply to other's comments and theories. If the conversation is kept mostly there, the video will easily hit the most discussed list for that day, and possibly the low end honors for the weekly totals. Most of the time, the top vids in the most discussed area have like thousands of comments. We are not going to get there, but we could end up on the third page of the most discussed list if we try. Glenn does usually post vids in the "people & blogs" section, which is the most popular section. It makes it harder to make the category list of most discussed, but it is also the most viewed section of youtube. Getting on the most discussed list in the people and blogs category is big.

I don't mean meaningless comments, either. That would defeat the purpose. Start a conversation by replying to others' comments. Act like you are chatting, just do it on the comment board (no rickrolls please, lol).

You know those ppl that can make a point with only a paragraph? Well, that's not me at all. So, sorry for the long post. I think we as fans can easily help J and G increase the view count and fan base. Also, more views and more comments can only help if and when J and G are showing this to potential advertisers or whatnot.

glenn said...
If everyone is able to do either (or both) of those suggestions, it would be a huge help toward getting the series in front of a larger audience!

Thank you for your continued support! It really means the world to both Jeromy and I!

RE: UFO Over New York City: Richard Feynman Comments

Richard Feynman is a physicict whom Bree has studied and enjoys. She tells a story from one of his books in Daniel Returns, and More Interesting Factoids (Yay!). She also has a picture of Feynman on her MySpace account.
Feynman was involved in the Manhattan Project to develop the atomic bomb. He later won a Nobel Prize for his contributions to understanding the behavior of subatomic particles. Several of Feynman's books became best-sellers, because of his ability to explain complicated physics to ordinary readers.

Richard Feynman on LGPedia

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The Message - Steve (KateModern)

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/SteveBelieves

We barely escaped with our lives from Dudley and The Specialist. We may as well have called the Order! Those guys have to be stopped.

On This Day In LG15 History

October 19, 2006: Gemma, played by Jackie Jandrell (a friend of Jessica Rose), posted her first video to youtube: Nut Kills Man.

Fierce debates over whether Gemma was a canon character were put to rest when Bree posted her video Hi Gemma on Oct. 25.

Gemma is notable as the first major addition to the original lonelygirl15 cast of Bree and Daniel. Gemma posted 13 vlogs between October 19 and December 6, 2006, as well as appearing in a suite of OpAphid related videos later in December which pointed to the conclusion that Gemma was an OpAphid agent and killed by Brother. However, like most "deaths" in the Breeniverse, the proof of death was ambiguous enough to allow for Gemma's return to the series at a later date.

Gemma was the character who first identified Bree's religion as "The Order", and that the shadowy men following Bree at that time were known as "Watchers."

Look Who's Stalking - Zarbod

The Ladies of the Internets talk about Zarbod

Rachelle:. Rare Blood (ACO) - acrowleyorder

Queen Erica Pike's URL

Out of the frying pan... (KateModern)

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/SteveBelieves

I managed to sneak away to post this message. I won’t let them get away with this!

Audition for The Cowboy: A Radio Drama - n03113

Monologue: The Adding Machine by Elmer L. Rice

Ad Hawk: Tide makes a pitch for youngsters in webisode

"This is boilerplate sitcom dreck. Throw in a demanding boss, a lazy co-worker and a handsome hunk, and you've got "The Devil Wears Prada" meets "The Mary Tyler Moore Show.""


"The result: "Crescent Heights" aspires to be an online version of "The O.C." or "Gossip Girl" but doesn't come close to "LonelyGirl15" production status."

The Kings of YouTube

"One usually associates YouTube with bottom of the barrel filth. It is an ass slapping, breast grabbing, bong smoking world filled with amateur levels of production and quality. Silver Polish Productions have set out to change all that, and they do one heck of a job."


Thursday, October 18, 2007

New Boss, New Me, New Storyline... - TJ Marsh

so, many have asked if i have a new boss, a new PM, yes i do...
many know of him and many have heard of him. i cant tell the name. but it will soon be known. i spent many countless videos on my own. working very hard to keep them going, with this new PM,it means that i will gain some control to my videos and many things that are about to come. I really want to thank the man that has gave me this future. so thank you G. i really look foreward to being more involved with whats to come.

And the story already seems to be a hit, maybe i wont kill it...hope not.

Guys, when i show up on the series, dont bail. its about to be good.

TJ Marsh

glenn said...
Iris, dude. I told you not to spoil things!

I guess I'll have to go with my second choice.


Consortium's user-generated content principles extend far beyond fair use

"As we reported earlier today, a group of major players in the video content area have banded together to come up with a set of user-generated content principles. Using the oddly-capitalized tag "Encourage creativity. Respect Intellectual Property,""

"The problem with relying on filters is that they don't "get" fair use. Filters can't distinguish between outright copyright infringement and the legitimate use of short sections of copyrighted material for parody, criticism, or educational purposes."


New copyright consortium looks to set agenda for handling online video

"Media companies including Viacom, Microsoft, MySpace, Fox, NBC, and CBS have joined forces to develop a common standard for handling copyrighted video online."


Leaving Seattle - xmarlasingerx

I said my goodbyes today. Tomorrow I fly out for Canada...you know, I've left this place dozens of times before and didn't need to do this...but this time, it just felt right to do. Weird.

DJ Jeromy is live tonight on BreeFM!

Stream 1 is: http://raptor.mediacast1.com:20020
Stream 2 is: http://micfranxon.dhs.org:8069

DJ Jeromy Barber (PM of the Maddison Atkins ARG) will be live tonigh on BreeFM along with DJ Marla, DJ Pill, and DJ Pebble!

DJ Pebble - 4pm - 6pm PDT (7pm -9pm EST)
DJ Surrealisticpill - 7pm PDT (10pm EST)
DJ Jeromy - 8pm PDT (11pm EST)
DJ Marlasinger - 9pm PDT (12am EST)

Click Here To Find Out More And Listen In
Click Here To Join The Chat

If you dont have your trailer for Maddison Atkins submitted yet, J said that he will still accept it up to this weekend. He now has 45 and will be working on the trailer soon.

Slow Down and Stare - Jonas (LG15)

I feel kind of awkward uploading this "personal moment" but I couldn't resist. - Jonas

Re: Win a date with bwings - Zarbod

Zarbod applies for a date with Bwings

Lonelygirl15 Goes Hollywood: Web 2.0 Stars Grapple With Success

"Crashed servers, agitated fans, and even corporate sponsorship sometimes follow instant online success, producers recall"



Bitsie Tulloch (Aunt Alex) Update

Here is an excerpt from Bitsie Tulloch's listing on imdb:

Tyranny (2007) (in production) .... Alex
"Quarterlife" (2007) TV Series (filming) .... Dylan Krieger
Vacuuming the Cat (2008) (post-production) .... Corrine
Lakeview Terrace (2008) (post-production) .... Nadine


Tulloch has the leading role in Quarterlife , a show scheduled to premier on MySpace online on November 11th with a full launch on the 12th, and second billing in the listing for the movie Tyranny (where she coincidentally plays a character named "Alex"), currently in production.

It appears that Quarterlife aims to build an online community on their website alongside the professionally produced show. The website says
quarterlife.com is a social networking site for creative people. Whatever your interest - photography, writing, music, filmmaking, dance, design - quarterlife.com will help you go to the next level. Connect with like-minded people, gather information about schools, grants, and internships. It's a place to explore the issues in your life, where changing the world is as real as the friends you meet.
There is a trailer available on the website.

My Last Resort - Charlie (KateModern)

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/ChazOnToast

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Who will be the new co-star of RedEarth???

Glenn says that we can expect to see a familiar face as co-star in up coming episodes of RedEarth. The question is: Who will it be.

We want to know who you think it will be!!!!!!!

Leave a comment below with YOUR idea of who it could be, and we will see who gets it right:)
Y. F. said...
Wishful thinking wants it to be Taylor.
My sixth sense is telling me that it's going to be someone that we've never seen before but heard of... Cassie anyone?
Anonymous said...
I hope it's Gemma!
Dynomoose said...
I hope it isn't Taylor (retch).
It would be hilarious if it was Jessica.
Brooklynxman said...
For some reason Faye (aka maddison) came to mind, though I doubt a zombie will show up. Therefore, *crosses fingers* please be gemma
virginian9000 said...
Don't want to speculate too much right now.
GregGallows said...
I pity da foo who don't realize it's gonna be Mr T!
QtheC said...
I would like to see more of Bitsie Tulloch (Aunt Alex), but with Linc out of the picture, they probably need a male character.

The original Adam from Maddison Atkins and Joel Frady are dead as far as we know, but Adam Lamar is still around, and could work with Rachel if she is a student at SFA.

Since Glenn and Rachel are based in California, it is probably someone out there. Voyboy maybe? ;)

I think it might be Glenn himself.
Bianca23 said...
I hope Gemma, but I think qthec is right with the need of a male character. But I really hope Gemma, that would be awesome!
milowent said...
virginian9000 said...
Chris crocker
Killthesmiley said...
ummm duh it's going to be marlasinger guys...
Anonymous said...
Given that Becki Kregoski was so secretive about her next move (see email to Killthesmiley), neither confirming nor denying her involvement with LG15, and since she has stated that she is moving out of LA (to Nacogdoches?), it is quite possible that "Taylor" will be the character jumping from LG15 to RedEarth88.
Anonymous said...
Anonymous said...
Someone from irc chat, who is very actively involved in the RedEarth88/Madison Atkins "experience."
Anonymous said...
I hope it is Taylor
katiej88 said...
ok... i thought he couldn't use any of the LG15 characters, so I assume it's not Gemma or Taylor or anybody like that. if it was Becki, she'd have to be a different character, right?
Anonymous said...
Gemma: If you buy she was under mind control, you could argue that last we saw her she was captured and reprogrammed.

Taylor or Spencer: If Bitsie can go on to Quarterlife then why not?

Maddison or Adam: They could show up with no memories of what happened.

Clara: They share the same advisor.

Anonymous said...
I think its Iris2009, did u see his last video?
Anonymous said...
If it was Iris2009 it would explain the Op audio in his last video, also the comments he left redearth and linc...its kinda odd, it would be exciting to see if its him!! i would watch it...he also said on KTS show on breefm, when he said he had a new person he is working for, could that been a hint of whats to come??? I cant wait, many people are to choose from!
stevemedigod said...
How about Owen? Or Whiskey?
virginian9000 said...
I have it on good authority that it will be Zarbod.

A Woman's Touch - Lonelygirl15 (LG15)

Uploaded by lonelygirl15 on October 17th, 2007 22:10
Will boys ever learn to think with their brains, not
their... By the way I put the video on this account to make sure you
all see what a creep this guy is. - Sarah

/me is more old skooler than you! - OpAtkins

What what!!

Glenn on BreeFM

What Time Is It?

DJ Glenn Rubenstein - 8pm - 10pm (11pm - 1am EST)
Click Here To Find Out More And Listen In

Click Here To Join The Chat

DJ Glenn Rubenstein is now live on BreeFM.

Its Time!

Last Friday RedEarth resumed. New stuff will be hitting soon.

Episode commentary: Cut To The Chase - lofisyndicate

We were spotted, but I think we're okay for the moment. However, I don't want to risk being followed again... It's hard to form a strategy when I don't even know who we're up against. Also, it's becoming difficult to keep secrets from Rachel--especially when I need her to trust me.
I think it's time to rendezvous. Get in touch with me ASAP.
PS. Do I have you to thank for the assist back there?

Cut To The Chase - lofisyndicate on LGPedia

Greg Gallows asked about the warspy device. While Glenn was working at CNET he saw someone on the street looking at himself on a security camera. You can grab the public signal using a warspy device.

In LG15 it would probably have been shot down because it was too complicated for Bree/Daniel to build. With cut to the chase he originally intended to use real surveillance footage. It presented legal problems regarding ownership of the video. If someone is not consenting to the shoot it gets tricky. Hence Glenn has to simulate "the look". It was shot in the Encino area close to where a lot of LG is shot (its also the area where the cowboy was shot and the clinic video).

A lot of people appreciate an action video and the warspy device is key to how those are done. Kevin Rose ( digg.com) has a video that shows how to make one.

Bory asked about the name RedEarth. The name is very old. It suggests very interesting things.

Zoey asked if 88 is a reference to the year Rachel was born. Glenn said that is one of them, but there is more!

Virginian9000 asked how J and G plan to expand the fan base for Maddison Atkins

Glenn - cant go into detail but the fans can do something. The series name is RedEarth88: it covers everything so think of it as an umbrella for Maddison Atkins, Rachel, Lofisyndicate, Warpylol. You can watch RedEarth and just get a straight narrative. The other characters will exist in a more grey area with ARG elements.

There is another component of the RedEarth88 series that has not arrived yet. Expect to see a new co-star: a familiar face in RedEarth. Glenn enjoyed working in stealth for the first few weeks. The bio on the 12th street house site was set up previously for other projects.

What can we do?
a) Tell people to check out RedEarth88.
b) Secondly you can sent e-mails to youtube to ask for it to be featured: [email protected]. Youtube actually has someone who picks out content to be featured. Tahcyon and Opaphid numbers are not that far away from being in the top 100. If RedEarth88 could get the youtube partner program that would be huge!.

There would be more OpAphid videos but they take approximately 5 days or more to produce. For every one that has been posted, several have not finished the production cycle.

The Rachel videos are more straight forward. Sara is a fantastic actress: the best Glenn has ever worked with. The universe is wider than our views of it (the tag at the end says a lot).

They would like to get RedEarth88 out infront of investors but they just have not had time.

Roytheboy asked: how do you get funding?

Glenn - had saved up enough money (journalism, consulting etc) to put down a down payment on a house,....and then he got the idea for OpAphid and decided to take a chance. Zero income from LG15, OpAphid etc so he has basically gambled.
Glenn said he cannot talk about where he was two weeks ago: a story that was reported on this blog.
"The Untold Saga of the Cowboy": now auditioning.
Post your videos on YouTube. Deadline Oct 24.
IPOD OPERA (What is it?).: A YouTube group. Glenn had different accounts. OpAphid, Warpylol etc. It is called that because its an anagram for Operation Aphid. The group was set up early on when he was still figuring things out. There might be some members dropping out and there might be some people being added....so stay tuned. We have seen Warpylol is not affiliated with OpAphid so are they on different sides of the fence or still working together? People have speculated and some of it is correct. The concept originally was the idea of an official group that players could belong to or have some affiliation with.

You have core ideas and you have ideas that you would like to do. The core story has always been solid. With the looser part it can be interesting because you can find new shades.

Lofisyndicate is an organisation that has an interactive component. We did not really get to explore that but there will be more in the future. People can serves as part of the organisation as it gets expanded in the coming weeks and months. It could go beyond iPod Opera.

One BAD idea that was never done: People were trying to work with OpAphid. If you pissed off OpAphid you could be declared fair game which mean that the other players would harass you (cf Scleintology Operation Clam Bake). OpAphid did that a little on peoples profiles. Why was it a BAD idea: If you are playing the game you could mess with OpAphid back. It also seemed like borderline harassment.

Brother - in character interaction:
Glenn used to have a lot of phone numbers so he could definately have messed with people but he went way out of his way not to harass people.
Rachel's theme: Glenn wrote the track
The story behind the videos is often just as interesting as the videos. For example:
Safety concerns with Watcher using numb chucks: Amanda is the voice of reason.

In "Human Ransom," Miles dad hooked up the building. Greg was the one who threw the FLASH BANG and he did it two times in a row!!!! It was a stripped can of soup that was modified in after effects to give it that look It was probably a small can of Cambells soup.
Dehteraew: how do you say the name? It is "we are the D" in reverse (a referene to the D in OpAphid) The recent video Farewells was not part of RedEarth88. It included LG footage and Glenn said he would not do that. Glenn wished Logan Rapp all the best in other projects.
Teaser: the scoop on RED TERRITORY ....NEXT WEEK.

With all this said, one really big mystery remains. When will we see Glenn " Juggle for World Peace"?

Send questions to: [email protected]

Reza Juggles For World Peace!

Reza "Juggled For World Peace" on F.O.B. Life!


HAMmy discussed "peet peeves" with other fans.

Acid doesnt like pickles

  • The After Party <---TUNE IN AGAIN NEXT WEEK

  • Was it a Hoax?

    The WineKone posted a video earliar today claiming that youtube had sent him a letter complaining about his video content being too graphic at times (see previous blogspot post, http://lg15today.blogspot.com/2007/10/stern-warning-thewinekone.html ). After a HUGE response from the youtube community supporting WineKone the video was set to private and the above video was posted shortly after.

    Friends, Romans, Countrymen - j0v13r

    Bethany is Missing! - lonelyjewfifteen

    How dare he!?

    Cowboy audition... very original title I know - hopefulsemblance

    NOTICE: Not a part of the Y.F.C. storyline taking place on this account.

    Monologue taken from Kill Bill: Volume II.
    Famous scene where David Carradine shoots Uma Thurman full of truth serum and is waiting for the effects to kick in

    "A Stern Warning." -thewinekone

    NEWSFLASH: The video in this story has now been set to private. We do not have additional details but we will let you know as soon as we hear more. In the mean time please continue to leave comments.~mm
    Thewinekone was one of the many youtube artist that helped propel Lonelygirl15 into it's fame. If you are a regular viewer of his video, you will know that Tony (thewinekone) has a very funny mind that resides for the most part in the gutter.
    Unfortunately, however, due to the new crack down by YouTube Moderators he received an email notice warning him about his "vulgar" jokes. However, while this is occurring spammers are spamming youtube channels, people are posting videos with womens breasts as their main image, people are using bots and underage girls are dancing around in thongs and bras.

    So I, Kill the smiley, am asking you to help save Thewinekone! He helped make this community what we are today, lets show him our gratitude by making our voice heard by the youtube community! Make a video declaring your disturbance with this action while they are letting worse offenders run ramped undetected.
    On top of that, make sure Tony knows that you don't want him to leave YouTube (as he's considering doing!)

    (This video does have cursing)

    If you've made a video response send me the link, I'm going to be covering this next week on my show on Bree.FM

    EDIT: It turns out thewinekone meant for this video to be a joke, but the vast majority of the YouTube community took it at face value - see the later video & story about it here: http://lg15today.blogspot.com/2007/10/was-it-hoax.html.

    It's another Wild Wednesday on BreeFM!

    DJ JenniPowell - 4pm - 6pm PDT (7pm - 9pm EST)
    FobLife Simulcast (MAY BE CANCELLED) - 6pm PDT (9 om EST)
    After Party Simulcast - 7pm (10 pm EST)
    DJ Glenn Rubenstein - 8pm - 10pm (11pm - 1am EST)

    Click Here To Find Out More And Listen In

    Click Here To Join The Chat

    Miles Beckett's Lonelygirl15 presentation

    18 September 2007

    MIPCOM, the international audiovisual content market, today unveiled the 32 nominees for the third edition of the MIPCOM Mobile & Internet TV Awards. The winners will be announced at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes on 10 October, during a ceremony in the presence of Miles Beckett, co-creator of the cult web-based series Lonelygirl15. The event will reward the most innovative and creative audiovisual content for mobile and Internet.

    Miles Beckett will host a presentation during which participants will be able to discover the latest formats and short entertainment programmes, including a presentation of his newest creation, KateModern, a spin-off from Lonelygirl15.


    What The Hell?! - Gavin (KateModern)

    Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/DeepGoat

    I didn’t think anything could’ve made me as sick as this flu I’ve had… Until I logged ontop Bebo and saw what they’ve been up to.

    The music is 'Don't Do Me No Harm' by Beight.

    They Belong With Us - hymnofone (LG15)

    I saw your video and needed to respond. You kids should look at this from the proper perspective. - Chris

    Who is Chris?

    Chris is a member of the Hymn of One. He was a speaker at the HoO seminar in It's A Cult. The seminar was conducted on May 31, 2007. Chris, and another HoO member, Barb, love the Hymn of One.

    Chris on LGPedia

    LGpedia needs your HELP!

    Held Captive - j0v13r

    He's not being very cooperative.

    Tuesday, October 16, 2007

    Claire's Hideout - NBR Investigates

    So I'm a little behind on my investigating, but I hope to catch up soon!

    Claire's Hideout - NBR Investigates on LGPedia

    LGpedia needs your HELP!


    ....well not really......


    ...but think of the possibilites!

    Research: Milowent

    No Drama Momma - Zarbod

    Zarbod Praises the Common Woman!

    Note: Does this mean its over for Zarbod and Rachel????

    Zarbod says: Hey, I like a little drama.
    Virginian9000 says: Don't give up on Rachel!
    Zarbod says:Never!

    Stay tuned........

    Where is Becki Kregoski?

    Becki Kregoski is the actress that plays the role of Taylor. She was born in Barrington, Illinois. She has been a stand-in for shows such as "Grey's Anatomy", "Medium", and "Unfabulous". She was also the lead stand-in for the Hallmark Channel show "You've Got A Friend", and the upcoming show "Point of Entry".

    As an actress, she played Lydia in the television show "Help Me Help You", and High School Girl #1 in the show "Unfabulous".
    She can also be seen in the Paula DeAnda music video Walk Away as one of DeAnda's friends.
    Becki has two festival films that are competing in Independent Film Festivals in the next year.

    LGpedia needs your HELP!

    Where Is Becki?

    In response to many fans' inquiries regarding Becki's status on lonelygirl15, she sent this e-mail to fan Killthesmiley.

    Becki Kregoski:

    "I'm doing a lot of filming for other projects right now, and in the middle of moving out of LA. As for LG15, I can't confirm or deny ANYTHING. Besides, it's more fun to keep the mystery about what's happening, isn't it? :) We'll just have to watch and see, that's all I have to say about it (and all I can say). Hope you're having a good weekend!"

    While it does not officially confirm or deny anything, it does seem to imply that, because she is moving out of LA, where lonelygirl15 is filmed, Becki will not be appearing many future lonelygirl15 videos.


    A warning from Killsthesmiley:

    KTS received a Skype message from a mystery person pretending to be Greg Goodfried but it was a "fake" displaying explicit material. So, be careful if you post your Skpe.......anyone can hide behind a screen name to trick you.

    Tune into KTS on BreeFM for more hot news from the Breeniverse and cool tunes.

  • BreeFM - Music of the Breeniverse: Website or Direct Stream
  • They Beat Her!!! - lonelygirl15 (LG15)

    I feel pretty bad, these people are ruthless. - Sarah

    Killthesmiley is On BreeFM...

    ...in abut 2 hours!!!
    No joke!

    Tune in for questions and comments and call in's (skype in's) and maybe even a special guest (everyone keep their fingers crossed)


    Recently the Lonelygirl15 YouTube profile changed. Oh Dear! Where has Bree gone. Emma?

    Ok, yea, I saw the finale but still. Was it time to move on, or should we remember where it all began (ie Bree).

    Leave a comment below and let us know what YOU think!!!!!!!!


    It has also been noted that LG15 was loosing subscribers over the past days. I believe it was over 101,000 and it has since dropped to 100,974

    It is not clear if this will be a permanant icon or if it will rotate over time. What would you do if you were Creators? Leave a comment and let us know!

    GodTube: The Big Guy Goes Online

    "no single video by any of these user-generated superstars has ever attracted as many viewings as a clip of a little girl wearing a "Princess" T-shirt, reciting the Bible's Psalm 23."



    The Missing Linc - Micfranxon

    Tribute to Linc.

    Video clips from dehteraew, lofisyndicate, redearth, warpylol.

    Music: Dave Matthews - Out Of My Hands(remix by MicFranXon)

    External links:

    Sabotage - Charlie (KateModern)

    Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/ChazOnToast

    Steve tried to make a dash with the laptop but we believe he was protecting his own pride more than the secrets of the Order. Three days in a stolen van in the woods can do funny things to a man.

    LG15 Music Video - alyssarose16


    WTF!!!!!! - TJmarsh

    dont know what happened, but kinda Scared...What did i get into?

    Nice Try - jonastko (LG15)

    You spent all day making that . . .

    YouTube unveils filtering tools

    "Online video leader YouTube on Monday rolled out long-awaited technology to automatically remove copyrighted clips, hoping to placate movie and television studios fed up with the Web site's persistent piracy problems."


    Research: Zoey

    Monday, October 15, 2007


    New on the lonelygirl15 video homepage :


    Who is Dr. William Arscott?

    Dr. William Arscott is a character in Maddison Atkins. He is Clara Stokes's cinematography professor and academic advisor at Stephen F. Austin. He assigned her the topic of "Maddison Atkins and Adam Wilmott's deaths" for her final thesis. There has been much speculation as to his motivation for doing so.
    Also, in Rachel's video Where Does The Time Go?, she thanks her film professer, Dr. Arscott, for giving her an extention on her project. The idea that there are two Dr. Arscotts in the story is very far-fetched, so viewers are left to assume that they are one in the same and that Rachel attends Stephen F. Austin with Clara.

    LGPedia: Maddison Avenue need your HELP!

    Happy Birthday Acid - imperkydammit

    We know him as "Acid" and when it comes to cracking puzzles he is a wizard!!!!

    .......but today is his bday......so cheers Acid!


    LG15 was nominated for 2 awards


    Research: immortal1

    Van Sandwich - Charlie (KateModern)

    Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/ChazOnToast

    Battle of the Sexes - soccerstar4ever (LG15)

    What, didn't they think I could help? I'm just as capable as they are. - Sarah

    Artist - Sissy Wish
    Track - DWTS

    Alexa sent Princess Nisrine a list for Order Camp (ACO) - acrowleyorder

    The Order is rewarding Princess Nisrine by allowing her to spend a few days at camp. However it seems that Alexa has provided her with a list of must have items for Order Camp. Victor is not happy.

    Crown Princess Nisrine:.

    Queen Erica Pike:.


    The list Alexa sent:

    - clothes
    - lots of toilet roll (if not for its supposed purpose but also fun to attack the boys cabin or teachers cabin with)
    - condoms (don't take that innocent look with me)
    - hoodie ( warm and doesn't hurt when pressed against bark)
    - perfume
    -a blanket if u have room
    - cigarettes
    - tokio hotel cd and cd player
    - camera!!!
    - this list!!!!

    Watch more great videos at http://lg15.com

    “Battle of the Internet Superstars” video!

    "This month the camera maker Canon brought them to New York to make a “Battle of the Internet Superstars” video along with Glenn Rubenstein, one of the writers for the Lonelygirl15 series, and Gary Brolsma, who gained YouTube stardom for his vigorous lip-synching of a Romanian pop song (he is better known as the “numa numa” guy)."

    From an article in the New York Times entitled "In a City Far, Far Away From Hollywood, the YouTube Tales of a Lesser Vader"


    Bethany is sleeping, Margot was scheming - OpAdolf

    3/4.5 Scheming has a way of catching up to you, whether it's in your life or someone else's.

    If you're not careful, your pettiness will come back to haunt you.


    Transmission:selective private

    Everything You Need To Know About Maddison Atkins

    Chapter two of Maddison Atkins follows a lazy film student named Clara Stokes as she attempts to complete her thesis on the deaths of Maddison and Adam. She arranges meetings with many people involved in investigation of the deaths, as well as people involved in the events leading up to the deaths themselves. However, after finding the accused murderer dead, Clara realizes that she's in over her head. She quickly became withdrawn, gets terrible nightmares, and refuses to work on her thesis any longer. She begins drowning her sorrows in alcohol. Maddison's father, Gregory Atkins tries to entice Clara to continue working on the project, offering her money to continue doing so. Additonally, Marla Singer, an online friend of Clara's, tries to help by visiting her, but does not have any luck.
    Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, a young girl named Rachel receives a film assignment from her professor, and begins putting together video diaries chronologizing her life. She talks about her ex-boyfriend Jordan and her worries about an STD test. Elsewhere, a young man named Linc receives instructions to protect Rachel. The two meet and go on a date, but Rachel quickly becomes mad when she finds out Linc's intentions are to protect her, not to date her. She dumps Linc, and goes for her STD test. However, things do not go well there, and Linc ends up having to rescue Rachel from a mysterious doctor. Rachel and Linc go on the run, but soon get kidnapped by OpAphid.


    LGPedia: Maddison Avenue need your HELP!

    Cowboy Audition - Kaeyla (Charmed113)

    An excerpt of M'Lynn's monologue from Robert Harling's Steel Magnolias

    Maddison's journals

    While she was alive, Maddison Atkins kept a journal detailing her life. These journals were kept private from her online friends for a long time, but have since been released through a series of puzzles by Marla Singer. This article tracks the journal entries made public thus far.

    Marla's Puzzle

    On September 15th, 2007, Marla posted a video, called The Journals, stating that she didn't feel comfortable reading Maddison's journals to us. To make it up to people, she decided to create a "tiny game" for us. This hint about a "tiny" game suggested that we should look for a tinyurl. By looking at her YouTube tags, we were able to find an unusual one - 25w2un. We put this together in a tinyurl and came up with http://tinyurl.com/25w2un.

    Marla's Puzzle 2

    On October 13th, 2007, Marla posted a video, called Fuck. Oh well. In it, she said that she had posted a journal entry by accident, and since Clara would probably never see it anyways, she would continue posting them. In her video's tags, she included two unusual ones: 338 and lex. Putting them together, we were able to come up with a tinyurl: http://tinyurl.com/388lex .

    LGPedia: Maddison Avenue need your HELP!

    Sunday, October 14, 2007

    "Friends, Romans, Countrymen" - Cowboy Style

    Improvisational Cowboy Style Reinterpretation of Mark Antony's speech from William Shakespeare's JULIUS CAESAR.

    Here is the original speech:

    Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears;
    I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.
    The evil that men do lives after them;
    The good is oft interred with their bones;
    So let it be with Caesar. The noble Brutus
    Hath told you Caesar was ambitious:
    If it were so, it was a grievous fault,
    And grievously hath Caesar answer'd it.
    Here, under leave of Brutus and the rest -
    For Brutus is an honourable man;
    So are they all, all honourable men -
    Come I to speak in Caesar's funeral.
    He was my friend, faithful and just to me:
    But Brutus says he was ambitious;
    And Brutus is an honourable man.
    He hath brought many captives home to Rome
    Whose ransoms did the general coffers fill:
    Did this in Caesar seem ambitious?
    When that the poor have cried, Caesar hath wept:
    Ambition should be made of sterner stuff:
    Yet Brutus says he was ambitious;
    And Brutus is an honourable man.
    You all did see that on the Lupercal
    I thrice presented him a kingly crown,
    Which he did thrice refuse: was this ambition?
    Yet Brutus says he was ambitious;
    And, sure, he is an honourable man.
    I speak not to disprove what Brutus spoke,
    But here I am to speak what I do know.
    You all did love him once, not without cause:
    What cause withholds you then, to mourn for him?
    O judgment! thou art fled to brutish beasts,
    And men have lost their reason. Bear with me;
    My heart is in the coffin there with Caesar,
    And I must pause till it come back to me.

    LG15 Stooges - modelmotion

    Rekidk's Cowboy Audition - RekidkAuditions

    Sorry if this is really bad! At least I can say I gave it a try.

    Signs: http://www.whysanity.net/monos/signs.html

    Caesar: http://www.artofeurope.com/shakespeare/sha10.htm

    P.S. I'm posting this in a separate account b/c it really doesn't fit with my other videos. If you want to see my normal account, it's at http://www.youtube.com/rekidk

    Sonia steals the moonchild?

    According to LGPedia:
    Sonia was one of the party guests from the party that Jonas, Daniel, and Alex went to at Rebecca's house. Sonia is Carl's girlfriend and a friend of Alex. She is apparently drunk while talking to Daniel. Daniel interrupts a conversation between her and Carl, which Carl gets very angry about, though Sonia insists it is fine. Sonia and Carl later appear with Bree in Sing With Me as apparently brainwashed members of the Hymn of One, and they appear at the HoO seminar.
    Sonia later appears in Nothing More, Nothing Less and A Family Affair, appearing in tune with her song and devoted to the Hymn of One. Her appearance in Spreading the Song, however, reveals not she is not content with the answers she receives from the Hymn of One, and wonders if there is any truth to what "those kids" have been saying about her religion.
    In We All Make Mistakes, Sonia tells us she was in the HoO, but has since learned of the LG15 videos and realized how evil it is. She also says that she has information on the HoO that will help TAAG and that she plans to use the information to help fight the Order
    In They'll Do Anything, Sonia steals the moonchild.

    LGpedia needs your HELP!
    Who knew?

    A Tribute to The Lady Lazarus!

    As we approach "THE END" take a look back and see where it all began!

    Lady Lazarus - TheLadyLazarus (December 31, 2006)

    How will it END? Stay turned.................

    EDIT (by QtheC): I enjoyed the poetry in this video - it is by Sylvia Plath as for instance in this blog entry... I Eat Men Like Air.

    She is no RedEarth Rachel.....BUT...

    All the Gnooze you Gneed to Gknow - Zarbod

    Zarbod responces to the lovely Marta Costello. Marta recently featured Zarbod in a bit on global warming. Here's the link:


    Let's all go subscribe to her channel.

    Ahhh that Zarbod, he is such a flirt! ~mm

    "Ramble Fiction: Tubes" an original monolog

    This original monolog was written, recorded, and edited by the author, known online as QtheC or QuinceTheCarpenter, on Oct. 14, 2007.

    All rights reserved.

    The "bell" sound you hear is me tapping on a large glass bowl once, then editing and duplicating that sound in Audacity.

    The dialog was recorded in a single take, with editing for length of pauses between sections, to remove noise, adjust amplitude, and the addition of the "bell" sounds.

    The Cowboy Radio Drama Audition Piece - SonofaStitch

    This is my audition for BreeFM's radio drama The Cowboy.

    I'm not really expecting to get the part of the cowboy, considering I'm 16 and have a girly voice HOWEVER, I'd love to be an extra-

    My monologue is "There Ain't No Words by Blaire T." found at: http://www.actorpoint.com/free_monolo...

    Also, I apologize for the accent failing but hey, that's what you get when I have nasal passages filled with snot ^_^.

    I'm just sayin'.

    TheLadyLazarus Series Finale, Part 5 - A Conversation - TheLadyLazarus

    Part 5 of 6
    Double L was knocked out. Double L had a dream.

    Bree FM Audition , The Mystery of the Cowboy - ImPerkyDammit

    Audition submission for Bree FM - Mystery of the Cowboy

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