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Saturday, September 19, 2009

LG15: The Last: Spittingblaze was in LG15 Chat

::::: UPDATE ::::

john_the_bray, chas_sings, mitch_it_up, "tellme_moore", SibyllaWeave and XavierWeave all visited LG15 Chat

LG15: The Last: Spittingblaze is in LG15 Chat

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Chad Krowchuk on Riese

Chad Krowchuk, production designer for Riese, describes the challenges of creating an entire world by hand.

Level 26 audiobook on iTunes

iTunes top audiobooks: "Level 26: Dark Origins (Unabridged) - Anthony E. Zuiker" © 2009 Penguin Audiobooks http://dealnay.com/60955

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Nightmares and Wack Jobs, All in Webland

WEB video knows no season — new stuff just pops up any old time — so the notion of a fall preview is a little artificial.


Friday, September 18, 2009

GREG: it is time to give the community concrete answers!

::::: UPDATE:::::

Greg said...
Hey everyone, I am going to write up an answer this weekend (it is the Jewish holiday so I have some family obligations today). Thanks

A while back you may remember Miles said:

"Greg and I are going to make a concerted effort to be better about communicating with you guys about what we’re doing with LG15. We aren’t perfect and sometimes we get incredibly busy with everything that we are doing with EQAL, but we understand the need for better communication and will do a better job."

With those words in mind the community entered into a dialogue with Greg in regard to questions about TSIY-2. The option of a live chat was suggested but Greg responded:

"We can do a live chat if that would be helpful. To be honest, I feel that people are more comfortable asking questions here. Let's start with leaving questions here and I will do my best to answer all of them. If we feel that a live chat will be more helpful, I will do that after."

Fair enough. So the dialogue began, and Greg did answer some questions. However as Greg began to respond slower and slower he also began to evade questions and give inadequate or incomplete answers. What happened to "the concerted effort to be better about communicating with you guys"? Why have questions not been answered directly?

With time fast running out before producers will have to submit their pilots/treatments and it seems reasonable to expect that we should have these questions fully answered in a timely manner so that the producers can approach their projects fully informed.

Will Eqal live up to it's commitment to better communication? We certainly hope so! We understand that they are busy running a multimillion dollar company but we also expect Greg and Miles to be good for their word. To do our part we have compiled a list of open questions for your convenience.

See the entire list of questions and answers so far: http://lg15today.blogspot.com/2009/08/lg15-show-is-yours-2.html

Site features

  • How far in advance to TSIY2 will the "upgrade" to the latest version of the software happen? Will we have time to point out bugs and issues before TSIY2 starts, or will the winning team have to prepare for working in a bug-ridden environment?

  • After TSIY2 started, will technical issues be addressed, or will the community have to fix them on their own (again)?

  • Will EQAL make an effort to at least have the most basic parts of the show's page working, e.g. the header link?

Legal issues

  • On a previous question about retaining rights, you said "We will be acquiring the rights so the producer cannot submit the show places without our consent."; is that limited to the particular pieces of content created for TSIY2, or does that extend to the characters and additional mythology created in support of it, i.e. would EQAL fully and exclusively own the rights to the characters of the winning show? (Thus blocking continuation of the series independently.)

  • Once the winning show is over, will there be any remaining/future liabilities for the winning team, or does the contract just end?

  • Given that TSIY shows are officially canon, how would credit be handled in potential future plots which use characters or plot elements created by the winning team? e.g. would there be "Based on characters created by..." credit? Or is all of that swallowed when EQAL obtains the rights? (This is of importance even if EQAL does not plan to continue LG15 or to touch upon TSIY storylines, because future TSIY teams might do this.)

  • You have had 16 days to look into the IRS issue. What tax-status will the $5000 have?

  • Given that the rules specify certain submission times and dates, what legal problems will arise if a team misses a video deadline? Will the team be in breach of contract or other kinds of legal trouble? Will the contract include clauses about punitive damages in case of non-delivery?

  • What if the team does deliver the episode on time, but EQAL's quality assurance deems it unfit for broadcasting?

  • What if unforeseen events preclude the continuation of the show, say, an accident or family emergencies?

  • What kind of obligations does the contract specify for EQAL? From what we know, the contract will obligate the winning team to provide the specified number of episodes, at a specified time. Does the contract obligate EQAL to upload all episodes, in a timely manner? Does the winning team have any legal means to ensure their series is broadcast in full and in a way that does not damage its reputation or narrative? (e.g. delay of publication, thus halting or screwing up an ongoing event)

  • What happens if it's EQAL who breaks the contract?

Organization, Communication & Interaction

  • What is the exact process of releasing a video, in terms of access rights and communication with EQAL? Does the winning team just upload the finished video to the LG15 YouTube account and wait for feedback from EQAL, or is there more to it? Does the process require live communication with EQAL?

  • Do show's character accounts of the winning team have the necessary access rights to post content on the front page on their own, or do they need EQAL employees to do that for them?

  • What submission deadlines are imposed on the team in terms of times of the day, and based on what timezone are these deadlines made? There's a big difference between having to deliver until noon or midnight, and there's a big difference between noon Pacific Time and noon GMT.

  • If an episode is rejected for whatever reason, how does that affect the deadlines for other episodes? e.g. if one week's submission is rejected, will they still have to deliver the next week on time, no matter how long fixing the previous submission takes, or is everything pushed back?

  • Once an episode has successfully been submitted, what happens to it? Does EQAL determine when it is broadcasted? Or does the winning team get to control when it is released? (As in, what video on what day of the week, and at what times of the day?)

  • If EQAL is the one pushing the button, what about situations where they are unwilling to release at the time necessary for the video? e.g. if a video is supposed to go up at 3 in the morning?

  • What about conditional releases, say as the result of or response to a puzzle? How is something like that handled?

  • With the content having to be submitted a week in advance, what about community interaction within content? Can there be exceptions for such cases, or does that mean response videos to anything will always be at least a week late?

  • What if unforeseen events negate a video? Can it be pulled? If so, does it have to be replaced?


  • Will there be an official EQAL press release when the winning show launches?

  • Will EQAL promote/mention TSIY2 and/or the winning show in the same way it promotes its other shows? (e.g. namedrop it to reporters in interviews)

  • On topic of the embeds on show accounts, can you confirm that all episodes of the winning show will be embedded on both the lonelygirl15 YouTube channel as well as the Resistance one, for the entire run of the show, with little to no delay after the release of the episode?

OpAphid & Nikki Bower

  • Which exact "version" of OpAphid and other related characters can/should be used? Should any post-LG15 character developments (e.g. RE88) be disregarded, or should the characters as they stood after their full storylines (e.g. after RE88) be integrated?
  • In the past, we were explicitly told not to regard Nikki Bower Reports as canon. Nevertheless, Nikki Bower had important roles in several high-profile LG15 episodes, making the character itself canon. In that light, how should writers treat the information from "Following the Drugs - NBR Investigates", in which Nikki B. states "OpAphid is missing and hasn't been heard from in weeks. And Tachyon and Brother... they're missing too." as well as "Tachyon, Brother, and OpAphid, they were the only people watching Bree's videos". Should this be regarded canon LG15 information and thus form the starting point for any TSIY storyline not based on RE88 events, or should this be disregarded like other NBRs, and the teams are free to make up their own explanation of the characters' absence (with Glenn's help)?

  • While we're on the topic, is Nikki B. eligible for TSIY storylines?

  • What is the process for incorporating "OpAphid assets" in TSIY? For example, will EQAL or Glenn provide, say, the voice of OpAphid, or is the cooperation limited to "only" Glenn himself (as in, no Mari, no Op/Tachyon actresses)? How does a producer go about determining what is possible and what is not?

The more official, ordered and business-like EQAL wants TSIY2 to be, the more information it has to release in advance, in order to ensure all sides are clear about the terms of the deal. In addition, any contract the winning team is required to sign should be a mutual agreement between both sides, and not just a list of demands from EQAL. Especially the question of what EQAL is contractually obliged to do, and what happens if EQAL fails to hold up its end of the bargain, is an important one.
The question of promotion is an important one both because it influences the number of viewers, but also because, as we have seen on Wikipedia in recent weeks, getting the name out there is important.
In addition, as a matter of fairness, if EQAL does talk about the new TSIY to reporters, they should ensure to mention The Last, if only to highlight how TSIY1 was successful, well-received by the fans, and how much they learned from it.

NOTE: If anyone has more questions it might be a good idea to keep them all on the original thread:


There is also a direct link there at the top of the blog.~mm

Level 26 Video Player Issues

Posted by Greg Goodfried

Hey everyone,

This is Greg from EQAL. We want to let everyone know that there is an issue with the Cyberbridge videos. For some reason the videos are not working with Internet Explorer. We have contacted our video provider and let them know about the problem and we will be working as fast as possible to solve it. We know it is annoying and that you are excited to watch them and we apologize for this. In the meantime, the videos will work if you use another browser like Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome.


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MTV and Verizon Create Murder Mystery with Valemont

A new murder mystery will soon be underway at MTV with the upcoming webseries, Valemont. MTV has teamed up with Verizon to offer viewers a cool online mini-mystery called Valemont, which takes place at the fictional Valemont University, where all of the students are living the life of luxury within affluent lifestyles.



Brent’s next project: Valemont

His production company Electric Farm Entertainment has a deal with MTV to distribute Valemont, a _______ teen series.



Introducing The Cabonauts

In the year 2183, humanity has conquered space; however, the vast distances between the various human colonies and outposts still need to be traversed; fortunately, if one needs to get from Earth to the outer rim, it is not a problem, just call a cab. Harry (Norm Thoeming) and his best friend Cyril (Hayden Black) are a pair of cabbies who work for Cabonauts, Inc. Each week they try to eek out a meager existence in a depressed economy by taking their passengers across the galaxy.

The Cabonauts is a sci-fi musical comedy from Goodnight Burbank creator Hayden Black. Each episode will feature an original musical performance as-well-as familiar genre actors guest-staring as the cab customers. Sci-fi veteran Erin Gray, star of the 80’s sci-fi classic, Buck Rogers, serves as the series casting director and is responsible for lining up the show’s iconic guest stars. Some of the guest stars scheduled to appear on the show are Miracle Laurie (Dollhouse), John Barrowman (Torchwood), and James Leary (Buffy the Vampire Slayer). The show also features sci-fi legend Nichelle Nichols as the Cabonauts’s CEO, CJ, who spends a good deal of her time arguing with a clone of her grandmother’s brain, which she keeps in a jar on her desk.

The series is scheduled to debut later this year on Dailymotion (it’s like YouTube but with naked people), which has a deal with Evil Global Corp, Black’s production company, to air the series. The first season will contain 15 episodes, each airing first exclusively on Dailymotion. Dailymotion has previously stated an interest in showcasing more original productions in an effort to compete with YouTube. For more information on The Cabonauts visit the official website, or become a fan on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter.

Yousef: Looking forward to setting up my umbrella account!!!

It was great to see @mbeckett and @GregGoodfried today over at Eqal. Looking forward to setting up my umbrella account!!!


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BANNED - You have been banned from Try Umbrella!


This email is to inform you that you have been banned from Try Umbrella! (http://try-it.eqal.com). If you feel that you were banned by mistake, please contact [email protected].

This ban may be temporary or permanent at the sole discretion of Try Umbrella! and has been enforced according to our community standards http://www.eqal.com/info/tou.

Isn’t it easier to be nice? Next time, think before you act.

Thank you for your understanding.

Try Umbrella!"

For the record, all modelmotion did was sign up for a publically available web site.

Other web sites available on Eqal's Umbrella software:


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Molly Returns - ROCKETBOOM

Molly is officially back at Rocketboom and is excited to report the daily news starting Monday! Send us your interesting and cool news stories at [email protected]

Follow Molly and Rocketboom on Twitter!


I think you can get away with murder, he said. “I think there are a couple perfect crimes,


Level 26: Ecko Illustration Contest

Posted by Anthony E. Zuiker

"Now I want your perspective: which one of Marc Ecko’s twenty drawings is your favorite, and why? Tell me in the comments in 100 words or less. The best entries will win Gold, Silver and Bronze Sqweegels."


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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Is MySpace’s ‘BFF’ Buying Views?

by Marc Hustvedt

We often report these numbers as the truth, given that there’s no real auditing of them and for better or worse they are technically accurate. But who’s kidding who?


Happy 2nd Birthday, BreeFM!

Web.Files #11 eGuiders

Kristyn Burtt, interviews Marc Ostrick, producer and co-founder of eGuiders. Prior to starting eGuiders, Marc Ostrick produced digital tie-ins for the shows 24 and John from Cincinnati, as-well-as numerous behind-the-scenes features.

The eGuiders website attempts to cut through the online clutter and feature only the best in online video. The site attempts to do this through recommendations by various 'eguiders,' industry insiders including the ubiquitous Tim Street as-well-as numerous reporters, producers, and content creators. The site works much like the recommendation section found at many video stores.

Star City Sports Theater Launch

Granted this is a bit off topic; however, I miss seeing Tara Rushton and I assume I am not alone. This video is from the opening of the Star City Sports Theater and Bar in Sidney, Australia.

On This Day In LG15 History: Cassie Causes Mayhem, Sept 17, 2006

Three years ago today, on September 17, 2006, Cassieiswatching released her second video, When I Get To The Bottom Where I Stop (embedding is disabled). The video caused great controversy at the time for including pictures of the Manson family murders.

With EQAL now working on Level 26, a book with disturbing online content about a brutal serial killer, it may be hard to imagine how people got so riled up at the time. Before the day of this video's release was over, The Creators had to post that they were not connected with Cassieiswatching, and state "that the subject matter is darker than we would like," even as a large contingent of new fans checking out lonelygirl15 due to huge press coverage were drawn to cassie's dark story.

When I Get To The Bottom Where I Stop On LGPedia.

I Was Here: A look back at Cassieiswatching one year later (Sept. 12, 2007 on Anchor Cove)

Get To Know Mark Ecko (Level 26)

Posted by Anthony E. Zuiker

Today I want to introduce you to Mark Ecko, who not only designed the cover of the book, but also drew by hand the twenty illustrations you’ll see when flipping through the pages.


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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

keep'n yo coo' 101 - whowatcheswatchers

when left with the following options: guns or gtfo...

i went with gtfo

Origins: Chapter 1 - everyonesconnectedtv (6 Degrees)


Yes, I know this guy has made a lot of weird choices and strange posts on this website. But he has a new, original show, that he plans to stick to, called "6 Degrees" and this is the first episode. Please give him a chance and check it out. I honestly think you will like it. Enjoy :)


The Sect is Here

Prior to the debut of Riese, a new sci-fi fantasy series, which is scheduled to debut in October, the team behind the show is launching a new alternative reality game (ARG) to coincide with the series. Riese is a highly stylized show set on a world different from our own and focuses on a young heroine attempting to uncover the mysteries of her past while fleeing from a fanatical religious cult called The Sect.

According to Ryan Copple, co-creator and executive producer of Riese, the ARG centers on The Sect, the religious cult in the world of Riese, infiltrating our world. Players will be tasked with unraveling the mysteries surrounding The Sect as-well-as uncovering their true intentions for our world. The game will consist of various puzzles spanning several websites, and will continue beyond the initial launch of the series.

The ARG is expected to launch early this week with the relaunch of thesectishere.com, the first website tied into the ARG.

Introducing Riese the Series

Hounded across a devastated world, different from our own, by a fanatical religious sect, Riese, a beautiful young heroine struggling to survive, attempts to piece together the nebulous pieces of her past. On this war-torn world, humanity has lost hope, devolving to a state of desperation and despair oppressed by the Sect and its barbaric practices. The once powerful and benevolent kingdom, Eleysia, is now ruled by the Sect’s power-hungry puppet, Amara, who is responsible for much of the world’s destruction. As she continues her journey to the kingdom of Eleysia, Riese stands as a singular beacon of hope, perhaps humanity’s last hope.

Riese is an ambition sci-fi fantasy series debuting in October from co-creators Ryan Copple and Kaleena Kiff. The series is filmed using the Red One camera system, for those unfamiliar with the setup, ask a film geek then watch them drool. The result is a beautifully filmed series with production values beyond what is typically seen in a web series. When asked why they decided to go the web series route rather than pursue a television deal, Ryan Copple replied, “…[we] realized we could put together a great television show, but if a network didn't consider it a good fit for their schedule, it would end up on a shelf somewhere. By broadcasting it on the web, we essentially cut out the middle man and can deliver content directly to the fans themselves.”

Helping to give the series its unique visual appeal are the various steampunk inspired elements. Steampunk is a relatively new sub-genre of sci-fi fantasy where modern technology developed earlier or differently from our own technology. Set in an alternate world, automobiles do not exist; however, from the production video there do appear to be large balloon-powered air ships. Further adding to the fantasy mood, are the costumes and the woodland setting. Also, did I mention, Riese’s traveling companion is a large wolf?

The series stars the stunning Christine Chatelain (Sanctuary) as the title character. Riese’s pursuer, the fanatical and nearly inhuman Herrick, is portrayed by Ben Cotton who audiences might remember as Shane, one of the few characters to grow a pair while facing serial-killer John Wakefield on Harper’s Island. A pair of sci-fi veterans Sharon Taylor (Stargate: Atlantis, Smallville) as Amara and Patrick Gilmore (Stargate: Universe) as Trennan round out the impressive cast.

The producers plan to release the series bi-weekly on their website. Five episodes will comprise each chapter, and while the episodes will be serialized, the chapters will be self-contained. The producers also plan to make HD versions available for a price, which with the effort that went into producing the series, HD may be the best way to experience the series. Also, Ryan said that downloaded episodes most likely will include additional content. For more information on the series, check out the official website, follow them on Twitter, or become a fan on Facebook.

Ted Bundy: A Bio (Parts 3 & 4)

Posted by Kristine Huntley

A&E Biography - Ted Bundy - Part 3

A&E Biography - Ted Bundy - Part 4

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Baking Bananas and the 436!

Is it just coincidence that the most recent Paula Deen video is 4:36 minute long, or perhaps, could the recipe be a super secret way of spreading the power of the 436?

Baking Bananas with Jamie and Bobby Deen

Hey y'all!

Jamie and Bobby came over to cook up a Banana recipe from their new book "The Deen Bros - Take It Easy". Having everyone in my kitchen was a dream. My boys turned into kids again and it was so much fun.

This week's dish, Bananas, really brings that out. Its a very Friendly family food, perfect for baking, easy to put into a variety of dishes. That was this week's challenge, to find the right dish to put Bananas in. Let's find out how you did the best!

Congrats to the winners of this week's ACTIVITY OF THE WEEK Challenge: Mandy H and Dustin Todd Rennells

Love and Best Dishes,


L26 Guest Blogger: Miles Beckett

From the Novel to the Net: Creating Level 26.com by Miles Beckett

There are a bunch of Umbrella sites live already, and if you’re interested in being considered for the private beta you can sign up HERE. We’ll be coming out of beta in the very near future, so write your scripts, fire up your mini-DV cams, and practice your lines. The next lonelygirl15 is out there somewhere!


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Catch us on Facebook!

Now you can interact with the cast and crew and keep up on the latest news, gossip and all around awesomeness going on with Venus Spa! Click the link or search Facebook for Venus Spa and join the fun!!


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

NYTVF is proud to welcome back Greg Goodfried & Miles Beckett of EQAL



Radio Free Krakow - EP001 - RogueNationStudios

"Are We On?"

Sol is a spider in a web of digital anarchy. Two months from now, his private video broadcast is violently interrupted.

ARG Web Series ‘Radio Free Krakow’ Seeks Fighters
by Jenni Powell

As the introductory audio on the show’s site explains, Radio Free Krakow is a multi-platform interactive series that builds a world in which a digital resistance is fighting a villain seeking control of government, media, and industry.




The Level 26 App for the iPhone and iTouch

Posted by Anthony E. Zuiker

"That said, I believe the ideal “Digi-Novel” experience of the future will be the convergence of publishing, motion pictures, and community websites all wrapped into one. This will be the “Level 26” app on iTunes."


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Monday, September 14, 2009

Amy needs your help!

Our very own Amy Simoes, (Andrea on Venus Spa aka the girl in black,) is up for a spot in the Final 16 in the big Much Music VJ Search. MM is Canada's MTV. All of us at Venus Spa wish her the best of luck.

We need your help in getting her into the finals. Click on this link and give her 5 stars on the HOT side and you will take her one step closer to the big event in Toronto. Voting closes in 2 weeks so vote early and often!!!


Uploading the Avant-Garde


But what’s surprising is how little the homemade videos resemble the pro goods.


In memory of Patrick Swayze

Dirty Dancing' star Patrick Swayze dies at 57.


Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patrick_Swayze

TC50: Clicker Wants To Be TV Guide For The Web

Clicker, a service launching today at TechCrunch50, wants to be the most comprehensive way to find the video content you’re looking for on the web.



TSIY-2: Greg said...

Sorry for the delay.

The two main questions seem to be about process for posting and for Glenn. These details will be worked out with the chosen producer and we will work with them to make sure that it is a painless process that gets content posted on time and without delay or working late into the night or weekends. As for the Glenn question, same thing, Glenn will work with the producer to integrate OpAphid in a way that is high quality and makes sense for everyone. I am not trying to be vague, it's just hard to answer as there will be different circumstances for different people and we will do our best to accommodate the chosen producer.

Yes, we will announce on the LG15 twitter account.

SEE original post: http://lg15today.blogspot.com/2009/08/lg15-show-is-yours-2.html

NOTE: If anyone has more questions it might be a good idea to keep them all on the original thread:


There is also a direct link there at the top of the blog.~mm

Steampunk and the Web Collide in Riese: The Series

Picking up where Sanctuary failed to follow through, due to its jump to television, the series intends to not only produce fresh, high-quality content for the web but to be interactive with the fanbase through its website, forums, and an alternate reality game that will premiere along with the series.





Pub Week (Level 26)

Watch CBS Videos Online
Posted by Anthony E. Zuiker

" Are we on the road to a best seller? Maybe not just yet. It will take some time for people to read and get used to the “Digi-Novel” philosophy, but I do believe we are gaining a silent momentum. You, the community, are so ferocious with your passion and word of mouth. "


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MTV VMAs Remix: Kanye West Interrupts Obama's Speech

This is why Kanye wasn't invited to Obama's big healthcare speech. If only the MTV VMA people had done the same - at least they had the good sense to not invite Congressman Joe Wilson. (And Beyonce's video *was* pretty awesome.)


This transformative remix work constitutes a fair-use of any copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US copyright law.


For the sourcefile, or general questions/hatemail/adulation, email: freeyourpixels-at-hotmail-dot-com

twitter username: freeyourpixels

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Is Erica Sibyalla?

@mitch_control I guess I must look like Sib if you think this. Weird. I never really thought about it. I suppose it's possible.

@mitch_control Hum. I read that again. I really look exactly like her? Hum. That's something for me to think about.


From LGPedia:

Erica first appears in the video Bonjour Canada! where she introduces Digger, her pet cat, and talks about her best friend's sudden death. She doesn't believe her friend's parents that it wasn't an accident, and is determined to discover the truth, as she hasn't been able to move on with her life since.
Later, when Jayde asks for advice on her situation with Bray, Erica posts a video response saying that she expresses regret regarding her decision to break up with her boyfriend, and advises Jayde not to let Bray go. She says that "Love is once in a lifetime, take it from me!", and tells Jayde just to go up and kiss him.
A couple of weeks later, Erica appears in a video message left at the door of the Island Hideout. She tells them that she doesn't care about boys anymore, and that she found some "really disturbing footage" of Sibylla Weave torturing an elderly couple. She says that she is still looking for Grace, indicating that she believes she is still alive.


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