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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Kinda Sorta Lonely - redearth

Not doing much these past few days has had consequences...and I've been doing some thinking.

Kinda Sorta Lonely - redearth Discussion

They Broke In!!! - lonelygirl15

I guess someone found our location . . . we're going underground.

Crowley associated Hathor with the path of Daleth.

WatchingOne sSays:
July 28th, 2007 at 1:32 pm

Hey all, some research has yielded some interesting things: Like, I MAY have discovered what the Ceremony is based on.
The Four Pillars are connected as different Zodiac signs. One involved in the Fall ceremonies is Hathor, The Goddess of SONG and MUSIC. There is actually a ritual and a SONG of Hathor.


It involves a practice called the “Opening of the Mouth” which imbued statues with “ka” (spirit) and sustained the deceased or godly spirits. It supposedly imbues statues with afterlife spirits…or perhaps in this case, BREE with afterlife spirits.
Why Hathor, you ask? Well, besides the Egyptian references to Song and Music, well….Hathor’s TEMPLE is at…(wait for it….)


WatchingOne says:
July 28th, 2007 at 2:17 pm
There is actually more:

In Crowley’s poetic work, Tannhauser , she is one of the characters that is of the “World of the Gods.” Therein she has merely one line: “Light, Truth, arise, arise!” In this work she is seen as being synonymous with Aphrodite and Mary. Venus is seen as being the “Evil and Averse Hathoor” of the “World of Demons” who proclaims to Tannhauser:

Hathoor am I, and to my beauty drawn
All glories of the Universe bow down,
The blossom and the mountain and the dawn.
Fruit’s blush, and woman, our creation’s crown.
I am the priest, the sacrifice, the shrine,
I am the love and life of the divine!
Life, death, love, hatred, light, darkness, are surely mine—
Are mine.

Qabalistically, Crowley associated Hathor with the path of Daleth. He also found that the Hebrew spelling of her name, AThOR (????) was related Qabalistically to the same words for the Tarot (TARO), wheel (ROTA), Law (TORA), and Gate (ThROA). Each of these equals 671. This number besides being a product of 61 x 11 also is the sum of the values of each of the letters written in full of the Hebrew word Adonai, or Lord.

Outside of the works of Crowley Hathor has a number of Thelemic adherents. Soror Het Heru of the House of Horus website, for instance, has written on the connection between Hathor and other Thelemic goddess figures, namely, Nuit and Babalon. In her work she states that Hathor represents a more manifest influence of the same energies found in the other two goddesses.

Additionally, the science fiction writer and founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, is claimed by his son to have a Holy Guardian Angel by the name of Hathor. Hubbard’s involvment with Thelema and Jack Parsons is well-documented.
WatchingOne (send note) Says:
July 28th, 2007 at 2:25 pm
Path of Daleth is interesting as well:

Path 14
Daleth Yetziric Text
The Fourteenth Path is named “The Illuminating Consciousness”
(Sekhel Meir)
It is called this because it is the essence of the Speaking
Silence (Chashmal). It gives instruction regarding
the mysteries of the holy secrets and their structure.


Some people wonder what really happens in IRC Chat about Lonelygirl15 and Maddison Atkins.

We Both Go Down Together - KennyElendi

New Lonelycrack Symtpoms Discovered!

When Greg woke up this morning he seemed to have developed a few new symtoms of Lonelycrack addiction.

We sent a blood sample in for analysis, but the ribozyme levels proved inconclusive. We did not try to reach the Creators for comment but we are pretty sure Dr. Miles would say: "We are discussing the matter internally and will get back to you with a solution soon". Greg on the other hand might just say that: "LG15 disclaims any liability for Lonelycrack addiction". As for Mesh, he would probably be talking in enochian so who knows what he is saying! Well, who else but Crowley:)

Questions about 15 over 15?

15 over 15 seems to be a little more complicated now that the stories of Linc, Rachel, Clara and the late maddison Atkins are intertwining. But do not dispair. Fellow IRC chat members, BrightSilence and MorningBelle, have put together a very explanatory blog called Fifteen over Fifteen.

Here's a screen shot

Friday, July 27, 2007

Who is Staley Prom?

From LGpedia:
Staley made her debut on Lonelygirl15.com on June 1st, 2007, playing the part of Barb, a member of the Hymn of One who helps conduct the meeting in It's A Cult. She next appeared in Something's Coming. After graduating from the University of Florida where she studied broadcasting, Staley moved to Los Angeles. She has appeared in several commercials and the Nickelodeon series "Drake and Josh."

Staley Prom on IMDB
Staley Prom as Barb in "Something Is Coming"
Staley Prom as Barb in the Hymn of One Seminar.

Research: Qtec

The TOS and other issues facing Fan Content Makers

An informative discussion of the new TERMS OF USE policy posted on at the bottom of the Lonelygirl15.com home page.

Discussion thread: http://www.lg15.com/lonelygirl15/forum/viewtopic.php?f=52&t=12687

Sat Jul 28, 2007 1:38 am

"That's right QtheC. We are listening to all the input and talking internally about what is best for the community. We want you to make great fan videos and put them on our site and we are trying to work towards the best solution for everyone. I will continue to check on this thread and work on the terms of service.


The Creators"

Maddison Atkins DVD&CD shipping

DVDs and CDs are finished, and Jeromy is taking them to the post office this morning.


Something's Coming - hymnofone

We all prepare for important moments in our life...I think I'm almost ready.

Something's Coming - hymnofone on LGpedia

According to LGpedia the "new" cast member is Staley Prom (see article above).

ApotheosisAZ says:
Fri Jul 27, 2007 10:27 pm

It's Enochian. They are the Enochian names of Zodiacal Kings.



For reference: Dandara Zodiac
Bree: "Four women support the sky above me."

Zodiac of Denderah
I've been learning a lot of cool stuff in preparation for the ceremony. Thought I'd share a little with you guys.

I Like Your Old Stuff Better Than Your New Stuff - sweetelixir

Learn from the past LG15 Creators... the paaaasssst! ;)

Who is Immant?

As we approach the final days of Season 1 its worth a look back at one of the most fascinating characters to first populate the Breeniverse. There is a ton of information of Immant on LGpedia so be sure to check it out. Perhaps the question we should be ask is this:

"Will Dr. Immant be at the Ceremony?"

Check out other LG15 Spin offs on LGpedia

KateModern official Show page

From KMProductions:

Official KateModern Show Page
The official KateModern Show page has launched and you can find it at


It's run by a top fan called Sophie, and you can chat to her in the same way you chat to the Characters.

You can also add your own video to this page - try it and let us know how you get on!

Make sure you keep checking the page because - along with all the Videos - there will also be a lot of extras and fun stuff to get involved in there.

Where's Nikki Bower?! - GoodGollyItsMeHolly

Im hot on her trail.. want to know what shes been up to?

LG15Today exclusive! Aunt Joan revealed!!!

She's the lady with the nicest front room in all of England, the pensioner who knows the score when it comes to cups of tea, digestive biscuits and projected income..but just who is Gavin's Auntie Joan?

KateModern Productions: Aunt Joan was played by one of the writers Grandmothers... she's great, we really loved going to her house and she delivered a knock out performance.

Waking up - Redearth

I haven't felt so hot these past few days. I'm not even sure how it's possible, but sleeping too much has left me feeling really tired.

Waking up - Redearth on YouTube

The Truth About - GemmaReturns

Your questions: answered!

Anonymous on FOX11 - NegativeNigra

Sneaky sneaky anonymous!
Oh FOX11, only you could show us the real terrorists!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Email notifications are on the way

(please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery)

The Creators (send note)

Hey Everyone,

We’re really sorry about the lack of e-mail communication. Our programmers are working on it as we speak. We hope to have it resolved as soon as possible. If only I had learned to program instead of going to law school, damn.


No Girls Allowed - jonastko

Daniel needed a day away from Sarah's BS

The Tale of the Hawk - thejanitorofoxford


Derrida - KateModern

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/AbstractHeart

"© 2007 Fox"?.....and the mystery of the TOS

There has been a lot of discussion today about the infamous new Terms of Service (TOS) that appears at the bottom of the Lonelygirl15.com home page. Now everyone seems to be wondering what this means for fan videos that are submitted to Lonelygirl15 and everyone seems to have a different opinion. I am not even sure that a lawyer could tell us for sure because given that internet law is quite new not everything has been worked out. I am sure that over time the Creators will try and help us understand what it means.

However what we did find rather puzzling was the last paragraph:


LONELYGIRL 15 ™ & © 2006. Audio/visual elements and text � 2007 LG15, LLC. Artwork © 2007 Fox and its related entities. Use of this Site assumes acceptance of the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy."

So the question would be, where does Fox fit into this equation?

As of 8:10PM EST the text now reads:

"LONELYGIRL 15 ™ & © 2006. Audio/visual elements and text © 2007 LG15, LLC. Artwork © 2007 LG15, LLC and its related entities. Use of this Site assumes acceptance of the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. "

.......leading us to believe that that mysterious Fox has been quietly put to sleep:)

Thanks to Milowent for pointing out this late developing change.

The Girls of IRC <3

The most awesome irc girls, ever.


Since this article was first written the deletion notice had been removed by the wonderful LGpedia administration. Thanks for your prompt action!



Even KM Productions knows of the 436 as reported previously on this blog previously:
"GF: Has KM Productions heard of the dangers of orange slurpees and the number 436?"
"KM: Yes and yes and we take it very seriously"

Let us just hope that never again in the Breeniverse will the authenticity of the non existence of the 436 be questioned.

Still having troube with your login for lg?

Broken Kid says (July 26th,2007 at 11:17AM):

If anyone is still having a problem with the login, please let me know! First logout, delete your cookies through your browser, and log back in. That should set a new cookie, which should be alright. If it doesn’t work, e-mail the [email protected] or me at [email protected]. Some accounts have to be reset, and they’ve been able to do that for those who e-mailed.

and then at 11:40AM he added:

There are also other updates in the works, so please don’t feel like your comments are being ignored. I’m not the one who’s working on it, but I wanted to pass along the word!

ARG Advertizing?

We are always talking about the entertainment aspect of ARGs such as Maddison Atkins. But the story does not end there. What about ARG Advertizing? Is it the new frontier in advertizing? You be the judge:

CSI NAC - 12thstreethouse
Promotional Piece for our local market ARG

Now, let me think about this. Where have I seen Jason Milliken recently?

Look familiar?

Welcome to the roof - KateModern

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/Tariq287

In the background you can see 'The Gherkin':


Research: GF

Clara says...

by amblyopianne
on Thu Jul 26, 2007 11:06 am

I know I've been avoiding you guys. I'm sorting all of this out on an emotional level, and I'm not sure how long it will take. Seeing his body like that, meeting his daughter, and piecing together the story . . . or rather, finding huge pieces missing . . . well, I don't need to tell you, but it's a mess. Internally too. I'm a mess, and it's easy to pop in here and type out this message knowing that I wont be dump trucked with questions and ideas.

I guess that being a part of this, and THAT's the difference, I'm part of it now. Writing those words and seeing them on the screen set me into a panic just now. A small one, but I have those mental flashes of Maddison and Adam . Does it need to be said that I don't want to end up like them?

I'm late for work, so I need to sign off here.



ARGs - the programming genre for the web

"Greg Goodfried, co-creator of LonelyGirl15, revealed that LonelyGirl was envisioned from the get go as an elaborate Alternate Reality Game (ARG)."

"Goodfried said that the LonelyGirl team turned down development offers from numerous Hollywood studios."

"LonelyGirl shoots one week before it posts"

"Other companies who have had success developing ARG programming are 42 Entertainment and Campfire Media."


KateModern is Bebo’s LonelyGirl15

"Social networks are becoming the medium of choice for more and more young people. 16-24 year-olds are spending less time on TV and are gravitating to new forms of innovative programming like Lonelygirl15." JOANNA SHIELDS, President - International for Bebo

"Some fans will even be invited to participate in live shoots in the real world."


Greg Goodfried, the Professional Amateur

"He contended a video’s look, the often-shaky handheld shots and low production value, was key to the medium’s epistemological power".

Who would live in a room like this? - KateModern

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/AbstractHeart


From LGpedia (http://www.lg15.com/lgpedia/index.php?title=15over15):

15over15 is a mysterious character in the Maddison Atkins ARG. While assumed to be in the Resistance (like Linc ), it is unknown what side this person is on. Their YouTube account was first discovered after Linc told us that he had recieved a call. When we called the number, we heard a music mashup puzzle. After going through all the answers, the fraction 15/15 was the answer, and the account 15over15 was found.
In the YouTube description, 15over15 tells Linc to protect Rachel (presumably from the Order), but she also tells Clara Stokes to keep her camera rolling (which she did, posting many videos in one day).
15over15 only has one video, appropriately titled 15OVER15. It is six seconds long, and is not very clear, except for the fact that it says "15over15" at the end.

Behind The Scenes - Part 3 - itscassie

Remember cassieiswatching!? I sure do! I answer more of your questions and show more never before seen footage! Hope you enjoy! ~Rey

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

San Francisco Files 003 - impulseLG

leaving the bay behind

Any of you... - xmarlasingerx

Just let us know.

Iris: An outcry - GenocideInMyMind

There is a woman with a gift, and she needs all the help she can get. She dwells on the other side of the black sun, and she is the universe. Spinning, her soul is inside out, and she needs aid to find her path. She is the future for the Earth. She is the chosen one.

If anyone thinks that they can possibly help, and provide real answers; please contact us immediately. This is not a joke, I'm afraid.


acrowleyorder: Erica Pike: I am the Order

Transmission O.o.D
Approved by O.o.T./K.T.
Faction: THE ORDER

No F.O.B. Life tonight:(

Yousef is filming for LG15 this week during his normal FOB Life time slot. So there won't be a show tonight on NowLive.com. He'll be back next Wednesday with Reza live in studio.

The Serum - LAlabrat

We have the blood, time to experiment.

The Serum - LAlabrat on LGpedia

Note: Ths big mystery in this video is what are they doing with zinc oxide?

From wikipedia: (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zinc_oxide)
Zinc Oxide is a chemical compound with formula ZnO. It is nearly insoluble in water but soluble in acids or alkalis. It occurs as white hexagonal crystals or a white powder commonly known as zinc white. It remains white when exposed to hydrogen sulfide or ultraviolet light. Crystalline zinc oxide exhibits the piezoelectric effect and is thermochromic (it will change colour from white to yellow when heated, and back again when cooled down). Zinc oxide decomposes into zinc vapor and oxygen at around 1975 °C. High-quality single-crystalline ZnO is almost transparent. Fumes of zinc oxide are generated when melting brass, because the melting point of brass is close to the boiling point of zinc. Exposure to zinc oxide in the air (also while welding) can result in a nervous malady called metal fume fever.
If you know how Zinc Oxide could play a role in the development of a serum from a blood sample leave us a comment below and let us know!

LG15: Exclusive Interview with Owen & P. Monkey - dmurawski

Super Monkey interviews these sad, pathetic losers.

EmoSarah says.....

From emoSarah's mySpace:

thanks for getting my undies back.

Remember the final scene of Sixteen Candles where Jake and Samantha are sitting on a table with the birthday cake...

Samantha: Thanks for getting my undies back.
Jake: Thanks for coming over.
Samantha: Thanks for coming to get me.
Jake: Happy Birthday, Samantha. Make a wish.
Samantha: It already came true.

Every girl, whether they admit or not, has dreamt of having a moment like this. Even the strongest most independent gal wishes prince charming would rush in and save the day. I hope Bree appreciates what Jonas and Daniel are doing for her and what they've given up. No one has ever felt that way about me and I can't imagine they ever will. They've risked everything for Bree... it's amazing.

Now with this whole Watcher and Shadow nonsense that Alex is talking about... well, it's all so intense. "Daniel and Jonas's Excellent Adventure" isn't so much fun anymore. It's real, it's dangerous, and it's not a game. Where do we go from here? I hope it ends like the movie.

Bree: Thanks for coming to get me.

Re: Joel is Dead - whiplash854

After seeing how serious this is getting, I figure you could use a laugh, Clara. At the same time, there's a few bits of advice that I thought might be worth voicing

LonelyJew15-Proving History Wrong

Peter and I took a break from Latin so I could write in my diary...but he insisted on making a video. That's the last time I let him be in charge (he's pretty funny though...)

Short term effects of playing ARGs questioned.

Does playing an ARG release a short term pulse of creative energy or was Greg just training for his next drop retreival? You be the judge!!!!!

Slamdancing at work 101 - GregGallows

Kate Modern: Spiders

posted by Gavin

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/DeepGoat

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 GF could log into comments again! (Thank you webmaster!) Er... more importantly Alex said goodbye *sound of QtheC crying*

Alex: (Alone, speaking to camera) So, I am on my way to a place that will remain nameless, and I'll probably be there for a very long time, (Whispers) I know. Before I go, though, I just--I wanted to clear the air and say that I'm sorry about what happened to you guys in Vegas. I take full responsibility for what that Shadow member did to you, and I'm really, really, really, really sorry. Now that my... loyalties have realigned themselves, so to speak, I wanted to give you guys some advice as you begin your new search for Bree. You're not safe. These men (Shots of large, thuggish-looking males) will be following you, if they haven't started already. They're called Shadows, they're the bodyguards of the Elders. They're physically augmented by a variety of pharmaceuticals; Modafinil, Anabolic Steroids, Amphetamines. They don't need to sleep and they're stronger and faster than the average person. This does come at a cost though, which is that most of them don't make it past the age of 30.
*Can you imagine on of those guys aged 70? They would all look like Arnold Schwarzenager!*

Alex: Shadow members can be distinguished from other people by the omicron tattoo on their forearm. In the center of the omicron lies an upside down tau. Watch out for these men, they are maniacs. This gentleman (shots of a Watcher, from "Watch This!" video) is a Watcher. He's part of a 20-member team whose only mission is to protect girls like Bree. They have no knowledge whatsoever of the Ceremony, they've never even heard of it. They're members of the Hymn of One and they don't know anything about the Order, its intentions, its makeup; they don't even know the Order exists. Be that as it may, Watchers will absolutely use violence if violence is used first, and if that's the case, watch out!

*Watch out - watchers...geddit? Oh dear..*

Alex: These guys make Marine Corps look like Quakers (Clip of shooting from "Communication Terminated" video). Seriously. Watchers are identifiable by this tattoo (Shot of Watcher symbol tattoo). It's similar to an Order symbol, but you guys should know that already. Remember what Gemma (chuckles) told you a long time ago? One last note about the Shadows: they will never leave the side of an Elder unless they're given permission to do so. If that happens, be far away. They are the Earth's true menace. But, you knew that already, you've already been in their company. I'm, um, I'm sorry that my farewell hasn't been more uplifting but it is--it is imperative that you know the danger that you're getting into. And I just hope that your friendship with Bree is worth it, because (Pauses) the danger you're inviting upon yourself could cost you your lives.

*Is someone going to get killed off? Stay tuned..*

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

July 24th, 2007 - EWLPRI

New release from Dr. Brewer

Lonelygirl15.com down temporarily (now back online)

Lonelygirl15.com has been down for about an hour as of posting this.

UPDATE 12:57pm PT: It's back up.

Broken Kid reports: Note that the forums and possibly the whole site are down temporarily. Shouldn't be longer than an hour or so. The webmaster is implementing an add-on to the main page, and it's just taking a big server draw while it installs.

Login problems on Lonelygirl15.com?

Broken Kid says:
July 24th, 2007 at 5:41 am

Hi everyone. The webmaster tells me he fixed the login issue. If you were having troubles (able to log into forum but not able to post comments here), please log out, clear your browser cookies and cache, and log back in. Try again. If it doesn’t work, please e-mail me at [email protected] so I can keep hounding them until they get it right!!

Thanks for everyone’s patience!

A Friendly Lie - KateModern

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/AbstractHeart

Inside The Clinic - lofisyndicate


Per your instruction, I am filing this report from a safe distance.

The warspy device came in handy!




lofisyndicate vid: "Inside the clinic" 7.24.07 Discussion
Inside The Clinic - lofisyndicate on YouTube

Note: SG-X10-1: Warspy Device, "how to use a X10 video receiver in your car to spy on wireless video cameras as you drive around town."

Kate Says...

From the Mind to the Matter

I'm working on trying to deal with things that I see in my imagination and in my dreams. I'm trying to find ways to translate them in to a form you'll be able to understand. I've been wandering around with my camera during the day and editing at night. Hopefully I'll have soemthing to show for it soon. Meanwhile the sun has come out. I'm thinking about all those people here in the UK who have been flooded out by rain water. All the pictures on the news of the floods here really make you think - things can go wrong so easily. If we didn't all pull together at times of crisis there'd be chaos. Kate. xxx

Monday, July 23, 2007

Proceed with Caution - lonelygirl15

Glad I could help you get the blood sample. Here are some parting words of advice.

Amblyopianne "meeps" on the comment board for this video:

This username was registered 7/10/2007, the same day that amblyopianne posted "Thesis Statement" on YouTube, so is it Clara? hmmmmm

omicron on Wikipedia

The Hayley Project

"And its unforgivable if we drop the ball on this, since interactive is the key factor in the online medium."


LG15 Today gets a pet

Please say hello to "lonelyfish" on the right side -----> (page down)

and feel free to sprinkle in some fish food, but please... DO NOT TAP ON THE GLASS! Thank you.

Lonelyfish needs a better name.
Any more Name Suggestions before we post a poll?

JenniPowell: Lofisyndicate Mercenary For Hire

High risk, Low tech, Credit scores in the basement?

Sign me up baby!

Message To Linc -GregGallows

We are watching and
We are ready.

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 the plan went into action! (Yeah and btw GF can log into the forum but cant log into comments...can someone help?)

Spencer: So here we are: Judgement Day. This place really clears out on Saturdays. Who knew scientists take a break? Our Soldiers are in place ready to infiltrate the Wyman Foundation. A blood sample beckons us and we have but a short time to get it. (Looks back a Taylor) Is everyone ready?
Taylor: (Talking into her head set) You guys ready? (She nods and gives the thumbs up)
Sarah: Did you just give a thumbs up?

*and so mission to get a blood sample from a mountaineer who does yoga and limbos and lives in a maze took place...ok maybe I was a little out with my last prediction...*

Spencer: Part 1: The Siren Call. Sarah, Go!
Sarah: What?
Spencer: Go!
Sarah: Oh, right "go" sorry

THE SIREN CALL © Spencer Gilman
Sarah: I didn't have the luxury of a training video because apparently... I don't need to be trained for what I am about to do. Spencer says I am a natural. (sighs) I'm in charge of security, or rather the security guard. Surprise!
(Widescreen shot zoomed image of a security guard walking back and forth)
Spencer:(VO) The security guard looks a little upset. (The Guard sits down on the side of the road) Is he crying?
Taylor: What?
(cut back to Sarah and guard)
Security Guard: (notably low audio quality) ...he never wanted to see me again. Especially after he took our dog, he claimed it was his. Honestly, after 4 years isn't everything mutually shared? (sniffs)
Sarah: Uhhhhhh??? Yeah, sorry, you had to go through that, that...that sounds uhh like a real nightmare.
Security Guard: (crying hard) It really was.
Sarah: Oh, umm (Guard cries even more) don-don-don-don't cry. Umm, no, I'm not... I'm not good with emotions. Can...? Oh, god. Alright, hold on I dropped my cell phone.
(Sarah picks up the camera)
Taylor: What? What's that? Open it. Open it.
Spencer: (Spencer reads text message from Sarah) Done. Guard emotionally compromised. (To Taylor) Sarah's done her job, let's go.

*Hmmm I think Sarah was meant to use her "laundry" techniques..(see previous vlog where she pointed out the washing machine) but I guess she wasn't the guards type..*

Taylor: (Talking into her head set) Jonas, you're on. (Nods head) Okay.
Spencer: Part two: Storm Shadow.
STORM SHADOW © Spencer Gilman
Jonas: Okay, here we go. It's go time. Thing is, I have to get (Holds up rope)this rope up there. (Camera pans to a light bolted to the building) You don't think I can do it? Watch me.
Spencer: Man, this is so frustrating not being able to see what's going on!
Taylor: Okay, calm down. If everything is going according to plan, then Jonas should be getting inside about now.
Spencer: Get on your mic and tell him to go faster.
Taylor: (Sighs) (Talks into headset) Jonas? Jonas? He can't talk when he's climbing. ..... What are you doing?
Spencer: (Camera pans to Spencer, who is wearing a ski mask on his face) If Jonas doesn't succeed, I'm goin' in.
Taylor: (Laughs, but abruptly stops) OH, my god, you're serious.
Spencer: Yea, I got a hat for you too. Put it on. (Throws hat at Taylor)
Taylor: (Puts on hat, to which we find out it a hat with a cat face embroidered on it)

*Oh dear God..*

Jonas: (Now on the roof) Good thing Spencer taught me how to climb with a rope cause', uh, there would have been no other way up here. So, I'm on top of the building right now, I'm on the roof and I'm looking for a way in. Somewhere up here. I don't know where, maybe a vent or something like that. (Tries to take rope off of the pipe) You know what, I need to put the cell phone down cause' I can't do this, I can't pull my rope up. I'll get right back to ya though.
(Cuts to a shots of the roof and of Jonas looking for a way inside the building)
Jonas: I've looked in a couple of places. I haven't found a door, I haven't found a ladder, but I still haven't looked over there (Points to his right) So (pauses and sighs) I'll go check it out. Hopefully, we will find this door or ladder. Let's go.
(Cut to ladder)
Jonas: This gotta be it. This is the only door and the only ladder in this whole place. Alright, I found the ladder and I'm getting into the Wyman Foundation. Here we go. (Shot of Jonas climbing down ladder and of him landing on the floor) Okay (Laughs slightly and smiles) We're in the Wyman Foundation. (Laughs slightly and smiles again, looking at the ladder) You know that was like doing the Kangaroo Hop I can't belive Spencer... maybe he knows what he's talking about. Alright, let's go. Let's go find that vent.

*Corporate Spencer knows all...Neutrogena covers all...*

Taylor: He found the router.
Spencer: You know what to do.
Taylor: (sighs) Part three: Guardian angel.
GUARDIAN ANGEL © Spencer Gilman

Taylor: Okay, I hacked into the building's security system.
Spencer: C'mon, let's go.
Taylor: (Smiles) Got it. Okay. (Talking into headset) The building's external security system is disengaged. You're good to go, Daniel.
Spencer: Part four: Interdiction.
INTERDICTION © Spencer Gilman
Daniel: (Face not seen because on the darkness of the room) Alright, Taylor shut off the external security systems. We're in the main part of the building. Only thing that stands between us and our goal are these lasers. (Motions to laser behind him) Let's hope Spencer's wikiyoga helps. (Into what is presumed as a headset) Alright Taylor, I'm ready.
Daniel: (Into headset) How far? Okay.
(Downward dog over another laser and crawls underneath the last one. Daniel proceeds to climb into a hole and shut off the internal security system. The camera is shown moving toward the hole.)

*Did anyone else see the film Entrapment? Surely its mandatory to wear a catsuit in such situations?*

ONE LAST TASK © Spencer Gilman
Daniel: You think this retinal scan is going to work?
(It does and the door opens)
TCC: 1875, this is it.
Daniel: You got it, TCC?
{Camera pans to reveal Alex)

*sound of QtheC jumping for joy*

Alex: Oh yea, I got it.
Daniel: Hey what does that stand for anyway? TCC?
Alex: The Clarion Call.
Daniel: What's that?
Alex: How about you ask your new girlfriend?

*Will the Scoobies get to Bree in time? Will Taylor let Spencer wear her hat? Is Sarah the worst relationship councillor in history? Will Jonas get off the roof? Will Alex and Sarah swap stories? Will all this be answered before a certain date in August? Will GF ever be able to log into comments again??*

Stay tuned...

☺ Finish the Joke Contest - Church, Creek, Statue

A Church, a Creek, and a Statue walk into a bar, and sit down for a drink. The waitress comes over and says "Boys, what'll it be?" The Church piously answers, "Just a glass of red wine for me, thanks." The Creek smacks his lips and says, "I'm a little dry, how about a large glass of spring water?" And the Statue says, ...

What does the Statue say? Add your finish to this joke below...

Joel is Dead - amblyopianne

I can't fully explain how much the last 24 hours has opened my eyes, but we found Joel. I was too late though.

Joel is Dead - amblyopianne on YouTube

Clara Lives, Frady Dies (Maddison Ch. 2)

"hopefully when i wake up, there will be a way for us to get our heads around what has been going on. some sort of explanation."

After 12 hours of silence from Clara following being sent out for a "drop" retrieval, Clara eased the minds of her IRC friends by showing up and announcing that she and Adam found Joel Frady dead at one of the potential drop sites. After a night of intensive questioning by police, Clara apologized for not being in contact and promised a video imminently.

For the full chat log, click here.

amblyopianne> im exhausted
adam and i are fine
im sorry i didnt contact you all
i couldnt

joel frady is dead
the police are thinking it was a suicide,.. but that didn't stop them from interrogating adam and I all night
it didn't look good that we drove from rusk to nacogdoches yesterday
i went to the statue first - nothing there... its a busy street - trafficwise
then i went to the trail next because it was closer than the church
amblyopianne> it was creepy, but we drove the jeep in and eventually found him lying on the ground dead
shot in the head
adam called the cops while

i dont want to talk about it, but i kept the camera on - so theres some stuff for you to see.
ill post it straight way
im fine
me too

i felt so bad i couldnt contact you all to let you know i was safe. You have all been amazing to me... patient with me... maybe its the emotional state of all this.. but I like you
is it ok if we just talk about it tomorrow. adam agreed to let me stay with him on his couch, and the police are keeping an eye on us... imagine that
i feel like im connected now to something much larger, and hopefully that will make more sense to me after I wake up

ill be on right now til the video is posted. i'll pop in to say good night when its done.

his little girl.... she is beautiful... and thats the image i cant get out of me head

Spencer's no scientist - meepersanon

I know what Spencer is really up to

The Story So Far

Written by BrightSilence and morningbelle

The Story So Far

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Mission Possible - LAlabrat

We had to postpone our mission one day, but we came, we saw, and we . . .

0239 - "Mission Possible" [07/22/07] Discussion

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clarion_call TCC = The Clarion Call on Wikipedia:

"A clarion call is a powerful request for action or an irresistible mandate. It derives from the cloud of a clarion, a medieval trumpet. It is frequently used in a religious context, and is the name of several missionary Christian groups. It is also used in a political context, in that a politician issues a challenge for action from the public."

From LGpedia:
"Alex's comment about Daniel's "new girlfriend" (i.e., Sarah) could be foreshadowing Sarah's motive to betray or defy the mission. Alex could also simply be uncomfortable and/or jealous because of her and Daniel's past relationship, which was left unresolved."
Mission Possible on LGpedia


The puzzle is still in progress but here is some of the info clara's friends are looking at:

There are three locations found online with references to Fray Antonio Margil de Jesus, founder of a missionary in the area that became Nacogdoches.


1. The Statue of Margil de Jesus located at 504 North Street, Nacogdoches, Texas.

2. A nearby Creek

"The Eyes of Father Margil." Along the banks of the Lanana at a sharp bend, just below Oak Grove Cemetery, is the site of the miracle performed in 1717 byFather Margil. Margil, the founder of Mission Guadalupe and one of the few North Americans to be considered for sainthood, relieved a terrible drought by making two openings in the wall of the Lanana from which streams of water flowed.

3. Sacred Heart Church, 2508 Appleby Sand Road, Nacogdoches, Texas 75961

clara : i check all three places, and i wont get out of the jeep at the creek

Text and Voice Messages - amblyopianne

Frady Escaped.

Adam and I went to eat, and when we got out, I had these messages on my phone.

What do they mean? Please help..

Text and Voice Messages - amblyopianne on YouTube

Message to clara from Joel:

held my girl
saw a door
police listening
white room
the angel put something in me for you
must confess
in his eyes
de jesus
my bethany

LG15 Spoiler Video - DAWO

The LG15 Defense Force Spoilers!

Broken Kid Says:

Broken Kid Says:
July 22nd, 2007 at 6:54 pm
(posted for The Creators)

Welcome to the new LG15.com, home to Lonelygirl15 and KateModern!

As you’ll see, there have been many changes beyond the most obvious changes to look and feel of the site. First, there’s now two separate sites, one for each series. They’re linked through LG15.com, but you can still access Lonelygirl15 through www.lonelygirl15.com and KateModern through www.katemodern.tv.

Both main sites will have a familiar feel, featuring the most recent video, comments, an archive of previous videos, and links to the forum, the LGpedia (serving both Lonelygirl15 and KateModern), and more. Each site has its own forum to discuss the series with other fans.

One great new feature is that you will no longer have to set up separate accounts to access the main page and forum. Your previous accounts on lonelygirl15.com still work. In fact, your single login will work across both KateModern and Lonelygirl15 main pages and forums. However, if you plan on adding video responses to either series, you should edit your profile on the video page and add your YouTube account. It will be easier than ever to add a response to a video, but these responses must be added via YouTube.

The forums also got an upgrade. The new version of forum software allows many great new features such as subscribing to topics and threads, bookmarks, drafts for private messages, “friending” other users, and more. Take a look and get used to the new sites.

We hope you appreciate all the new features and you take this opportunity to get involved with KateModern on the series’ new, official website!

677 Dickinson Rusk - amblyopianne

So we went out and checked out the church school. Met a strange couple and poked around outside.

677 Dickinson Rusk - amblyopianne on YouTube

Outside The Clinic - redearth

I got sidetracked by that drama earlier, and now I'm worried that the clinic won't be able to see me today. The sign on the door says that they'll "be back soon," so I've been standing around trying to take my mind off things.

Outside The Clinic - redearth on YouTube

The Best Deceptions - redearth

Today's trip to the park was educational, to say the least.

For Linc's sake, I hope that he knows how to take a hint.

The Best Deceptions - redearth on YouTube

Duke Johnson - amblyopianne

Interview with Duke Johnson, who was supposed to go fishing with Joel Frady the weekend of April 21st.

Duke Johnson - amblyopianne on YouTube

First Date Postmortem - redearth

I was debating about whether or not to post this yesterday. I suppose I find reality a little less terrifying lately. I mean...at some point, we have to start accepting who we are, right? For better or worse, we can't change the past. We can only hope to influence our future to the greatest of our ability. But that's enough deep thought for the time being. I'm hitting up garage sales with Linc this afternoon and still need to walk the dog.

First Date Postmortem - redearth on YouTube

Creepy Stalking 101 - lofisyndicate

Time was not on my side, so I had to split and figured out the rest of it. Been in LA all week dealing with this. Too much to explain, I don't even get it myself. Clearly I have a job to do.

Creepy Stalking 101 - lofisyndicate on YouTube

Interrogation + Date = INTERRODATING - redearth

The other evening, a pleasant time was had by all. At least I think that was the case... That guy from the park turned out to be pretty cool.

Interrogation + Date = INTERRODATING - redearth on YouTube

Missing Tapes - amblyopianne

Me explaining to Adam what all has happened in the last few days. It's a lot, and it's confusing, and I'm keeping the camera on, and now that my footage is missing, I'm going to have to capture and post things more often.

Missing Tapes - amblyopianne on YouTube

Cynthia Frady - amblyopianne

I had the interview with Cynthia Frady, Joel Frady's x-wife. I made Adam meet me there.

Cynthia Frady - amblyopianne on YouTube

Lonelygirl15.com site is down for upgrade?

Sunday, 9:30am PST, the Lonelygirl15.com website is down (showing the temporary screen previously reported on LG15.com)

Nothing much to report, but feel free to add comments to this article, as things develop.

Broken Kid said...
The site may be down from 9 am PST to 9 pm PST. All of the old data will be migrated and testing will take place. Hopefully it will all be done sooner and the site will be up before that!

Anyone know how long it is expected to be down?

Note: LG15 Today will continue to function as usual while LG15 is down ~mm

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