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Friday, April 2, 2010

Fishnet Follies presents COMIC STRIP! for WonderCon Weekend

"Fishnet Follies Burlesque Revue presents COMIC STRIP! at Swing Goth Ball of Justice!

Surf-rockin’ Luchadores, intrepid space explorers, superheroes, burlesque and dancing!

What more could you want from your WonderCon weekend? I know. How about a super hero themed burlesque show? Fishnet Follies Burlesque Revue presents COMIC STRIP! – a burlesque spectacular set between the bands!

11PM - Fishnet Follies Burlesque Revue presents COMIC STRIP!"

ED: Now I'm sure right about now your asking what exactly does this have to do with the world of web video? The answer is this and all events at the DNA Lounge are streamed live at www.justin.tv/dnalounge! (I know it's thin but it's chicks dressed up as comic book characters, cut me some slack!)

More Details: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=104921992872524&ref=mf

Sexy Chick on the Beach! - mitchcontrol

I just got back from France, and now I'm hitting the Beach.

Back again - TheZarbodShow

I've been busy. How've you been?

Where to Stay at the Streamys?

Please allow us to introduce you to the Millenium Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles, the Official Hotel of the 2010 Streamy Awards.


Ira Glass on Storytelling

From StoryGas:

"Its only by going through a volume of work that you'll catch up and close that gap - your work is as good as your ambitions."


A Good Knight’s Quest: Episode Six

Dorian finds someone to decipher the map and the land of the sun might not be too far off.

Season 2 Ep. 10: Unexpected Turn

Watch episodes one week early at http://take180.com/vampires

When Sam and Luci ask Nick for help, they are shocked by his response.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Web.Files #34 - Taryn Southern

The Web.Files

On this week’s episode of The Web.Files, host Kristyn Burtt interviews the lovely and talented Taryn Southern. Well, what else do you need to know? It’s Taryn Southern! The video is down there, get to clicking. Also, today The Web.Files announced that it had signed a new distribution deal with Dailymotion (it’s like YouTube but with naked people). Dailymotion was also the home of Compulsions, so perhaps there will be more light bondage in future episodes of The Web.Files.

Taryn Southern is an actress, singer, writer, producer, host, and editor who has worked on numerous online videos. Southern rose to fame with her lesbianic tribute video to then Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. Prior to this, she was a contestant on American Idol, which she does not like to talk about, so don’t ever mention it and forget you just read about it. She also starred is the WB’s first web drama, Sorority Forever where she made out with a girl then killed herself in a bathtub. She also starred in a musical about the secret joys of anal sex. Recently, she completed work on her first feature film, which is seeking funding on Kickstarter.

Taryn Southern is easily one of the most talented people (male or female) working in online video today. I encourage anyone who has not done so to check out her body of work (oh, get your mind out of the gutter), and I am not just saying that because she once gave me a pair of headphones.

DC Exclusive: Lonelygirl15 Heartthrob Jackson Davis Previews Tonight's CSI Appearance

Tonight, however, it's old school TV where you can find Davis, appearing on an episode of the much-watched CBS crime procedural CSI, as a dirty, sexy drug dealer who causes trouble for the crime scene investigators.


LG15:The Resistance is coming back!!!

The much anticipated show, "LG15: The Resistance", is coming back with a brand new season! The C's didn't want to reveal too much, but they did let us know that this season will be completely revamped! The Producers of the show felt that the first season was a bit too stale and pointless, so they decided to reboot The Resistance, much like they've done with "The Incredible hulk' and the Spider-man franchise. This new season will have the exact same characters but with an all new cast. It is rumored that the new cast will include some big names. Athough Jackson Davis has been with the show for several years, the creators felt that the character of Jonas should be played by a more serious actor. So the character of Jonas will be portrayed by Shia La Bouf. In addition to Shia joining the cast Sarah, our favorite plantcake, will be played by "The Guild" star, Felicia Day. Felicia told us that this will be the first time she has ever played an evil-blonde character; she only agreed to the role as long as she didn't have to dye her lovely red locks. So instead she will be wearing a Goldie-locks type wig through out the production of the show. It has also been rumored that Reed will be played by our very own "Lonely girl Lover", Justin Bieber. When asked, "Who will be playing Maggie" The C's told us that since the huge success of Lg15:Outbreak, they found it unnecessary to include a paid actress for the role of a trait positive girl. Instead any actions from a trait positive will be done through text blog. It has also been reported that there will be a 4:5 text blog per week ratio. I don't know about you guys, but I'm looking forward to the new Season of LG15: The Resistance!

Let’s make it fair for the men…

The Female Hotties of LG15!

See the full list: http://femaleprodigy.wordpress.com/2010/04/01/lets-make-it-fair-for-the-men/

and for the men: http://theoffensivereality.wordpress.com/2010/03/31/geeky-men/

Sneak Preview "Lil' Guildies" Animated Series Opening - watchtheguild

We can't say who yet but we CAN tell you that Felicia has inked a deal with a very prominent animation house to bring "Lil' Guildies" to the Lil' Screen! (That's a TV for those of you who might have forgotten) We're happier than ever to be partnered with this house who understands the power of new media and is letting us turn our accidental sneak preview into an actual one. Read what we can disclose about the show here:


Character Art by Greg Aronowitz

Theme Song by Paul and Storm

EXCLUSIVE: Felicia Day Dishes On ‘Lil Guildies’
by Jenni Powell

"The show definitely won’t be for everyone but just like the old Loony Tunes or Rocky and Bullwinkle, Day tells us, “I’m going to put in lots of stuff that will go right over kids’ heads but that their parents will think is really funny. Hopefully.”"

Read the full story http://news.tubefilter.tv/2010/04/01/exclusive-felicia-day-dishes-on-lil-guildies/

Paul Scheer to Host 2010 Streamy Awards

"Scheer’s had success in traditional television, web TV, and on Twitter (where he recently helped to create the celebrity benefit for Haiti, A Night of 140 Tweets)..."


"Bumps in the Night" Live Tip #7: Frogs

"He wasn't one of those hallucinogenic frogs. Darn." - Angelique

Lonelygirl15 goes to China

According to a source close to the situation a new chapter in the Lonelygirl15 story will soon begin ...... but this time in China! Negotiations began last fall but stalled after the Chinese version of Youtube, called Youku.com, apparently balked at the licensing deal because of fears that "The Order" would not portray the communist state in a good light worldwide. In a random twist of events (not uncommon in the Breeniverse) it turns out that President Hu of China has a daughter who is a huge Lonelygirl15 fan. Needless to say when President Obama visited China last November the subject arose in passing conversation between the two leaders. On his return to the USA it only took a nod from a Whitehouse aide to get negotiations started again. In the revised plan "The Order" will be portrayed by a Russian mafia like organization that has infiltrated the Chinese government in an attempt to subvert the communist state.

Eqal, the company behind the original lonelygirl15 has yet to comment on this story.

10 Twitter Tools To Help You Track And Perform Better

The good news is that there are applications out there that you can use to get some visibility on how you are doing and help you get in front of the right public.


Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lawebfest Did not Disappoint


Last week, 48 webseries took part in the inaugural Lawebfest, a festival dedicated solely to celebrating online video. Festival attendees participated in a number of workshops, panel discussions, and attended packed webseries screenings. All-in-all the festival was a hit with attendees. Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with the festival’s founder, Michael Ajakwe.

Approximately 2,400 people attended the three day event, and according to all accounts, the various panels were at maximum capacity. Ajakwe thinks this illustrates that there is a real hunger for webseries content and a desire among those in the industry to learn from others and to improve their own craft. Principally, he mentioned the panel anchored by the Fine Brothers and Glenn Rubenstein as one that received a great deal of attention and positive feedback. In addition to the various panels, 48 individual webseries were screened, selected from the more than 100 series submitted to the festival. Had the organizers had more time, they would have liked to have screened even more series; particular the British drama LOL, which was received after the submission deadline.

Of the 48 series screened, 22 were recognized for outstanding work in a variety of areas. Notable among the winners were the horror comedy Semi-dead, which received eight awards, CTRL, which was named “Comedy of the Year” and the Bannen Way’s Jesse Warren and Mark Gantt, who were given the “Groundbreaker award” for their work on the Sony-backed series. In total, the festival awarded 52 separate honors, often recognizing several winners in a given category. Ajakwe is particularly fond of this aspect of the festival. In addition to given the judging panel latitude to recognize several worthy series in a particular area, it also added a degree of unpredictability to the award ceremony, in that no one was certain who or how many were going to win a particular award. Also, as Ajakwe points out, this was a festival not an award show, the goal was to recognize good work not to pick a winner.

Michael Ajakwe

Ajakwe’s advice to future festival organizers and creators, who are submitting content, is to pay close attention to the technical aspects of the production. Normalizing the sound between the various series proved especially tricky during the Lawebfest. “[People] will watch bad picture, but they won’t watch bad sound,” once stated OzGirl cinematographer Shaun Crawford. Of course picture quality can also be an issue, especially if the original production was not filmed in the right resolution. Attempting to show low resolution video on a film screen, results in a very blurry picture. Lastly, although it may seem obvious, creators should make certain that the DVD they are submitting actually plays, and likewise organizers should double check the DVD. Prior to the screening, Ajakwe discovered more than on DVD that simply would not play. If the content creators can address these issues beforehand, that is one less worry for the already besieged festival workers.

By all accounts the Lawebfest was a success, one which Ajakwe hopes to replicate next year. One change he definitely plans to make next year is to give himself more time to plan the event. Planning for this year’s event began only three months prior to the event and realistically, a first time festival requires a minimum of six months planning. Fortunately, he had a dedicated group of volunteers who pitched in to help. Also, next year he wants to explore the possibility of streaming at least part of the festival online, something that there simply was no time to plan for this year. Lawebfest is dedicated solely to online content, so it stands to reason that it should be available on the web. Lastly, the organizers hope that they will be able to showcase even more webseries next year. Many of the shows screened this year have received very little attention, and it was obvious from the audience reactions that many of them were well received.

Festivals are a good way for webseries to gain attention. Furthermore, they offer networking opportunities, panels and workshops that help participates hone their skills or learn from each other, and exposure to what others in the web TV space are doing. Expect more of these events to either incorporate webseries or for new ones dedicated solely to online video to emerge. If the Lawebfest success is any indication, there is a real desire for them.

Five Questions: DEI's David Reis On Kraft, Paula Deen and Sustainable Social Strategy

Giving a post a thumbs-up is one response; uploading a video of themselves using cream cheese to make dinner is another, and it needs to be valued differently.


The State of The Digital Video Upfront

April 12 & 14, 2010

The best and the brightest in digital video, emerging platforms, plus media, marketing, publishing, and television executives will converge in New York City and Los Angeles to address the future of video programming and advertising.


"CELL: The Web Series" episode one -

A man wakes up in a CELL and quickly realizes he's not in jail, and he's not alone.
Catch all the episodes and join us in the forums at www.cellthewebseries.com and www.koldcast.tv/show/cell

See more: http://www.youtube.com/user/CELLwebseries

Girls in Small Dresses - Streamys Red Carpet entry - Tino

Valentino "Tino" the dawg enters the contest to become the Red Carpet Host at the Streamys Awards 2010 - he tawks about girls in small dresses. you can vote at: http://www.gotcast.com/valentino

Become a fan of "Look At Me" on Facebook


If I Can Dream Still Searching For Its Drama Live

Five half-hour episodes in, If I Can Dream as a series remains on message about its goal to give aspiring artists a chance at breaking into Hollywood — although it takes a little while to get to that point.


More Details About YouTube’s Relaunch YouTube

"The relaunch is based on a number of features the site has been trying out over the last couple of months, which include a cleaner page design, advanced features for managing your video queue and an autoplay feature to keep its clips coming."

Read the full post: http://newteevee.com/2010/03/31/more-details-about-youtubes-relaunch/

THE RESOLVE - TheResolveWebSeries

THE RESOLVE - Episode One "First Kill"

The Resolve centers around Mike Patterson (RussCootey), a beleaguered man, gripped by O.C.D. issues with humanity, unleashed by fiery clashes on others. He explains to his therapist Sean Miller (Alex Ballar - War Wolves) how he has found a way to
deal with his compulsion, which is to kill those who he believes are responsible for the misalignment in humanity.


Encom to Hold Press Conference, Flynn Lives to Infiltrate

"It has also announced been announced that while there is going to be a VIP area for Encom employees (hence the infiltrators having Encom badges), the press conference itself is open to the public. So if you’re in the area, get down there and check it out!"


The Vault Twelve - Preview - TheVaultTwelve

Promotional video for The Vault Twelve - a new internet reality show that will place twelve cast members in an underground fallout shelter built during the Cuban Missle Crisis. The cameras will be on 24 hours a day and the world will watch what it will be like to survive an end of world event and try to rebuild life beneath the surface. To be there when they go in, visit www.thevault12.com.

See also: ‘The Vault 12′: Zombies Try Freemium Model

Vault 12 takes the concept of a group of people trying to survive in harsh conditions, throws it 40 feet underground and locks the door for an entire year.


Streamys "Attack" Ad: Brigitte Dale - thecaseymckinnon

My show A Comicbook Orange (http://youtube.com/acomicbookorange) is up for Best Hosted Web Series in the Streamy Awards. This video is an "attack" ad aimed at Brigitte Dale (http://youtube.com/daisytree1), nominated in the category of Best Vlogger... so technically we're not even in competition with each other :P

Be sure to watch the Streamy Awards live at http://streamys.org on Sunday, April 11th, 2010 at 5pm PT! And cross your fingers for me...

See also: The talented minds behind My Damn Channel – the online video studio with 14 Streamys nods – have launched their own promo campaign.


Landline TV’s New Series Headlines Latest ‘Next New’ Creators Lineup

"This brings the total number of shows in the Next New Creators program to 16 and with a reported increase of more than 10 million monthly views across its networks from participating Next New Creators, there is no signs that the program will slowdown its momentum anytime in the near future."


Online Comedy Web Series - POST NUP

PostNup: Episode 1

From StoryGas:

Post-Nup is an animated show about marriage.



Monday, March 29, 2010

Eqal Buys out Spark Capital

Recently, Eqal finalized an agreement to buy out one of its original investors, Spark Capital. Less than two years ago, Spark Capital was one of the major investors in Eqal’s $5 million dollar round of financing. While on first look, the fact that investors are jumping ship might seem troubling but in reality it is a win-win situation for both parties.

One of the major reasons for the split was Eqal’s shift from an original content producer to a web service company. Last year Eqal’s redirected its focus towards developing its content platform, Umbrella, and began developing networks for various celebrities such as Anthony Zuiker and Paula Deen. According to Eqal CEO, Miles Beckett, Spark was more interested in the original content creation and less excited about building platforms for other content creators. Eqal, on the other hand, felt that its future lie with helping other content creators by providing technology, advertising support, marketing and distribution.

Purchasing Spark’s interest in the company allowed Eqal to move ahead with its own agenda while partnering with other investors who shared Eqal’s vision. Since the buy out, Eqal has brought on additional investors such as Scott Banister, Paypal board member and chairman of the social network site, Zivity, and fund manager, Wojtek Uzdelewicz. The advantage for Spark is obvious; it gets its pre-crash, money back, unlike Spark’s investment in another web video startup, Veoh, which went bankrupt last month. In fact, given how little money there is in online video right now, not losing money can be considered a win.

The separation between the two companies was amicable. Also, the fact that Eqal had the resources to buy out one of its major investors is, at least, an indication that the company is doing well. For its part, Beckett is very happy with the company’s decision to move into a service roll. Furthermore, he believes that there still is an opportunity for people to make money producing their own content. He wants to position Eqal as the company to help these ‘micro-studios,’ by providing the necessary services that they need in order to monetize their content.

The Last Stand Episode 4: A Paved Road To Hell - jedivavra

Hope should be the farthest thing from anyones mind. The Remains have all been killed. The group finds death wherever they go. And the little boy they thought they had rescued may now have been part of the creation of the deadly infection that seems to have left millions of people dead. St. Teresas is no longer a safe place. So without any other direction to go, our survivors seek out the place where the infection seems to have originated.

Tubefilter Web Television Week Spring 2010

In celebration of the 2010 Streamy Awards, Tubefilter is excited to announce a full week of web television and digital entertainment related events from April 5 to 11, 2010 right here in Los Angeles.


Outbreak 12in12 Recap - TheColourfulSwirl


WEBISODE? Is webisode the right term for your episodes? Or does it denigrate your work?

GREAT discussion on twitter over the term "WEBISODE" found via @richardhartley


Census - mememolly

That was easy :/

Rahzel - Streamy Awards Audience Choice Award - VOTE!

Rahzel - the 'Godfather of Noyze' - reminds you to vote for your favorite web series amongst the 10 finalists for the Streamys Audience Choice Award.

VOTE NOW: http://vote.streamys.org

Film Snobbery Interviews Taryn Southern

During her recent visit to Boston, Taryn Southern was interviewed by the fine folks over at Film Snobbery.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

LG15: Outbreak (review)

I give the series as a whole, 3 out of 5 stars! The 12in12 itself gets 4 out of 5 stars due to the fact that more action was packed into a 12 hour finale then the entire 8 weeks prior.

Read the full review: http://femaleprodigy.wordpress.com/2010/03/26/lg15-outbreak-review/

LG15 Spinoff Creator is Not Sorry He Jumped

Creator Austin McConnell decided to step in a new direction when EQAL handed him (partially) the reigns of the franchise, and gave him more creative control than he deserved (his words).

Read the full review: http://visioweb.tv/?p=2964

See also: Don't Be Afraid To Jump

I knew I was going to get negative feedback the moment we started filming. We had written the storyline to break away from the usual formula that the original show had set forth.


TSIY2 - 'LG15: Outbreak' - A Thank You - TempestPictures

TSIY2 - 'LG15: Outbreak' - A Thank You (Part 1)

A personal message from me to everyone involved in the show. Thanks!

TSIY2 - 'LG15: Outbreak' - A Thank You (Part 2)

A personal message from me to everyone involved in the show (PART TWO). Thanks!


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