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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

MO & the Cheese Episode 2 - Times New Roman

After writing drunken idiocy for their report, MO & the Cheese try to dodge a bullet...by stealing their rivals, Duke & Amos' report.  Yet in doing so, they're assigned to investigate an "Underground Clown FightClub"?

Jeffrey the Series Episode 2 "Blogging"

Episode 2 "Blogging"

Diaries.... Unless you're Anne Frank and mad housewives, who reads them?

It's all about blogging and Episdoe 2 finds me doing just that! I'm jumping in feet first, ready to BLOG with the best (and worst) of them. The depth of that social meida pool is of no concern. I've got plenty of buoyancy. Age be damned, I'm sharing my journey into boy band fabulousness one blog at a time!

(You have been warned.)

Boy Band Gonna-be

Solange v. Jay-Z : Drunk On The Street - THE DRUNK NEWS

The Drunk News' drunk correspondent speaks to some of Union Square's most interesting characters to ask them what they think of the Solange v. Jay-Z incident. Did Jay-Z deserve it? Is it ever okay to hit a woman back? Did we overlook violence simply because Solange is a woman?

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