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Saturday, March 6, 2010

And the Oscar Goes... Anywhere in Digital Media Consumers Want

Such heavy-handed moves are rampant among content producers and distributors these days


'Precious' sweeps indie film awards

"Precious," the harrowing tale of an incest survivor's struggle for self-acceptance, swept the Spirit Awards on Friday, taking home five prizes at the independent film world's version of the Oscars.


Streamy Nominee Hosts SNL

March 6th, SNL will be hosted by Streamy nominated actor Zach Galifanakis. Zach received a nomination for best male actor, which is redundant since an actor by definition is male, in a comedy for his work on Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifanakis. This is not the first time that a Streamy nominee has hosted the long-running NBC comedy show. Past Streamy nominees who have appeared on the show include Lisa Kudrow, Rosario Dawson, and Neil Patrick Harris; however, this is the first time that a nominee has hosted during the run up to the Streamys. Perhaps there will be a Streamy award mention or a shout out to the academy, maybe there will be a StreamyGate skit… one can never know. So once again Zach Galifanakis hosts tonight's Saturday Night Live with musical guest some band I've never heard of.

milowent said...
the musical guest is vampire weekend, you may recognize this tune even if you don't know them.


WE DID IT!!! (3/4/10-365!!!!!) - SHAYTARDS

Friday, March 5, 2010

LG15: Outbreak - Nothing Left

It's over... - Will
Go to LG15.com and check out the extended experience!

Show page: http://www.lg15.com/post/will-nothing-left

Interactive link: http://www.lg15.com/video/view/10457/8159/1

@femaleprodigy There will be videos. Look for the official announcement come Monday!(Promo in case there was confusion since this is Week 8)



For more links involved in LG15: Outbreak check out our blogspot portal page. http://lg15outbreak.blogspot.com

READ about LG15: Outbreak

Some Proper Vlogging ;) - TheColourfulSwirl

Jaaaaa. Lol, I haven't even bothered watching this through, so I apologise if it's all gone wrong xD
Powerdirector seems to keep messing my sound up...grrr...
But, never mind, I shall live on.
LOL never mind the crazy girl sitting here ^^

Video Interview: How to Go Viral

Jamie Wilkinson, aka Jamie Dubs, is the go-to guy if you want to learn anything about Internet memes.


Diving Into The Depths of Chatroulette... For Cash?

Over the past few weeks, the online webcam chat site Chatroulette has risen from the depths of the internet to become the latest craze, being demonstrated numerous times on news and comedy programs alike. If you're not familiar with the site, you probably shouldn't feel like you're missing much; while it is strangely addicting running into new strangers and seeing if they will be willing to interact with you, the site is sadly overrun with men feeling the need to pleasure themselves for the camera (despite the presence of a feature to report inappropriate chatters). If you feel the need to know more, you can find articles or videos about the site on pretty much any news site in existence.

But this article is not to discuss the banality of the site itself, nay! We're informing you of a (semi) new contest created by UK company French Connection utilizing Chatroulette. The contest in of itself sounds simple enough: log on to Chatroulette, romance someone and convince them to go out with you, and then send a log of your success to the blog admin at French Connection to be entered for a chance to win a £250 voucher to the store. The rub here is that the majority of people on Chatroulette are quick to move on to the next person, and catching their eye (much less hitting it off enough to snag a date) is incredibly difficult.

If you think you've got what it takes and can handle several inadvertent exposures to male genitalia, you should probably read the full rules here. The competition is open to UK citizens over the age of 18, and there's less than one week left to enter.

Even if you don't enter, Chatroulette may be worth checking out once, just to say you did. And, hey, you may even run into one of the numerous celebrities that are checking it out at the same time.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

theStream Shuts Down

Thursday evening, Brian Gramo, founder of the Stream.tv, announced that effective this week, the Stream is shutting down production. Evo energy drink had been sponsoring the network; however, the company decided to end its sponsorship prompting Gramo to layoff the Stream’s employees and shut down production. Gramo intends to marshal the existing resources and any future donations towards revamping the Stream’s studio. The plan is to equip the studio with professional grad equipment then rent it out during the day as a way of supporting the Stream’s nighttime slate of original programming.

Update: The Stream has created a new donation and news page for those interested in making a donation or in keeping up with its efforts to stay afloat.

LG15: Outbreak - Up To You Now

Go to LG15.com and check out the extended experience!

Show page: http://www.lg15.com/post/up-to-you-know

Interactive link: http://www.lg15.com/video/view/10458/8155/1

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Vid-Con is a three-day conference bringing together the brightest lights in the billion-views-a-day community known as the online video industry. Join us at the first ever gathering of the most influential and popular independent video makers online and the communities that have made them a force in the world.


Save theStream.tv

TheStreamdottv desperately needs a sponsor to keep going!


Streamys: Let’s start a dialogue!

That said, however, these are the early years of the awards show, an adjustment period where we need to work through the kinks and adapt our methods to best serve the medium; web series.


Thoughts on the IAWTV and Streamy Awards

I think probably the most serious problem I’ve observed in this first year of applications to the IAWTV was the complete lack of transparency over the proceedings.


The Steps Brings the Film Noir World to Chattanooga, TN

"Made possible by a grant from Chattanooga, TN-based non-profit arts organization CreateHere, The Steps riffs on details from the recent Anthony Pellicano scandal in Hollywood to create the story of Charlie Madison (Kussman), a private detective who fled Los Angeles after his boss was convicted for illegal wiretapping."


Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Wednesday evening, the producers of the Streamy awards announced a For Your Consideration program, which for a fee, would allow Streamy nominated webseries to send either a DVD or USB memory stick to some or all of the IAWTV members. The cost is $6 dollars per item, so sending one to each member costs $1400 dollars ($6 x 220 members). Several members of the web TV community met this announcement with a fair amount of skepticism.

The first question that immediately jumps to mind is why send out DVD’s for an award show that celebrates online video? After all, one would assume that the nominated series would wish to capitalize on its new found fame stemming from a Streamy nomination, so it seems reasonable that a nominated series would still be viewable online. Secondly, after announcing the For Your Consideration program, the official Streamy blog announced that it had partnered with popscreen to embed the nominated series directly into the Streamy ballot. This seems like a much better and simpler idea. If a voter is undecided as to which series to vote for an example of the work is just a click away; in contrast, to keeping track of numerous DVD screeners, which, undoubtedly, will all arrive on the same day.

The second major concern seems to be that this once again pits the smaller independent producers against those with deeper pockets. After all, $1400 dollars, in some cases, exceeds the budgets of many webseries. This year, even more so than last year, has seen a rise in the conflict between the independent creators and the studio-backed producers. Many of the smaller independent creators, perhaps thinking that this was finally their year to shine, have felt that they have been overlooked in favor of courting favor with name stars and big budget productions. The FYC program serves as an easy target for this animosity.

In an impromptu chat this evening, Brady Brim-DeForest defended the program as a necessary source of revenue to sponsor the Streamy awards. Since then there has been a flurry of discussion in various chatrooms and on twitter as to the merits of the program. Stay tuned to this blog for further developments as they occur.


Update: Looks like the program has entered the 436.

Shorty Award Winners Unveiled in New York City

"Oscars of Twitter" Presented at TheTimesCenter

LG15: Outbreak - The Rescue

What has all of this been for? - Will
Go to LG15.com and check out the extended experience!

Show page: http://www.lg15.com/post/the-rescue

Interactive link: http://www.lg15.com/video/view/10457/8144/1

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Episode 8: The LA Bubble, Streamys Voting, and Criticizing Creators

"Sitting around a table in downtown LA this week, it's a conversation about web video with guests Rudy Jahchan and Casey McKinnon, and regular participants Chris McCaleb, Zadi Diaz, and Steve Woolf as we talk shop about the web television industry."


LG15 Outbreak Episode 3 - "Point Insertion" - LG15TheLast

Shentek undergoes an emergency evacuation when a mysterious entity finds ways into the offices, while Crystal has a surprise visitor from her past. It just so happens, Mason is involved in both.


NOTE: This video is a fan creation and not directly associated with either the creators of LG15: Outbreak or LG15: The Last.

LG15: Outbreak Episode 4 - "Catching Up, Closing In" - LG15TheLast

As Crystal's birthday fast approaches, both Will and Mason try and make ends meet in order to surprise her with the best party possible. But something is not right in wonderland, and it will take fake names and false identities hidden within a secret family conversation to let out the truth once and for all.


NOTE: This video is a fan creation and not directly associated with either the creators of LG15: Outbreak or LG15: The Last.

Streamys Partner Spotlight: PopScreen

So, you just watched an awesome episode of your favorite web series or grew particularly fond of a viral video a coworker sent your way. Now what? PopScreen answers that question.



Streamys 2010 For Your Consideration Program

The Streamys 2010 FYC Program is a cost-effective means of bringing nominated work to the attention of International Academy of Web Television members.

Read the full post: https://tubefilter.wufoo.com/forms/streamys-2010-for-your-consideration-program/

Live chat: http://tinychat.com/streamyfyc

For your consideration program: FAQs and Regulations: http://www.streamys.org/legal/for-your-consideration-program/

Discussion on Anchor Cove: http://forum.anchorcove.net/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=2661&p=18543#p18543

@rudy For those asking about the $1400 figure. @Streamyawards is asking $6 to mail your DVD screener to a @IAWTV member. 220 members x $6 = $1400!


Webseries You May Have Missed: The Streamy Edition

Between Two Ferns

Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifanakis, is a comedy interview show not unlike Invention with Brian Forbes, except instead of interviewing Tom Konkle each week, Zach interviews various celebrities such as Natalie Portman and Charlize Theron. The questions intentionally border on the absurd, as apposed to Larry King interviews, which are unintentionally absurd. Also, as a word of caution, the subject matter can be a bit racy so one might wish to preview an episode or two before showing it to one’s grandmother, church group, or stern-faced fellow airline passenger.

Hum, well, I guess that’s all I really have to say about the show; conceptually it is not very complicated. There are celebrity guests, oddball questions, and that guy who was on Tru Calling. Yes, I believe that covers it. The show received two Streamy nominations, one for best comedy and the other for best male performance. So far the series consists of seven episodes, some of which are a couple years old and is available exclusively on Funny or Die.

Wainy Days

Wainy Days is the brainchild of New York based comedian and film-maker David Wain who, in addition, to writing, directing and producing, stars as a slightly fictionalized version of himself, a middle-aged man-child, obsessed with finding the perfect any relationship. The series features many familiar faces culled from the ranks of New York based actors and comedians in various supporting roles. In fact, Paul Rudd won a Streamy last year for playing Alias, a master pickup artist who schools Wain in his dating technique, insulting women in order to lower their self-esteem making them more desperate and easier prey.

Wainy Days received Streamy nominations this year for best comedy and best writing in a comedy series and David Wain received a nomination for best male performance. I have a feeling his character would make a Viagra joke right about now. The series recently wrapped its fourth season and currently has thirty-one episodes available online exclusively at My Damn Channel.

Mountain Man

Mountain Man is the story of Jonas Hawkinus an ex-folk star turned nature worshiping anti-government survivalist whose drug-filled paranoia leads him into the mountains where he decides to take down the government and preach the gospel of the Hawkinus Revival. For the most part, it’s just a couple of guys out in the woods getting high and engaging in some harmless ‘male bonding,’ much like a college fraternity, but with more facial hair. The series revels in its absurd over-the-top nature, never takes itself too seriously, and never strays towards a serious moment.

Mountain Man received three craft award nominations this year, including best cinematography and best art direction. The third nomination for best sound design went to Michael Miller, who also stars in the series. So far there are nine episodes online, which one can watch several places including the series own website.

PG Porn

Have you ever wished you could enjoy the stellar acting and complex plots of your favorite porn, without those annoying sex scenes? If so, then James Gunn’s PG Porn is the webseries for you! Created by James Gunn, which is most likely how he got his name in the title, along with his brothers, Brian and Sean, the series couples mainstream actors with the porn world’s biggest stars, which allows them to stretch their acting range, in contrast to what they usually stretch while working. Also, while the concept sounds like something created in a frat house after all the good beer is gone, the show has its moments; although, I would recommend taking at least a 15 minute break between episodes to recharge and cleanse the palate.

PG Porn received two Streamy nominations this year. James Gunn was nominated for best directing in a webseries and Nathan Fillion received a nomination for best guest star for his performance in the series first episode, which aired in October of 2008. Currently, there are eight episodes of PG Porn available online at Spike.

LOST: Your Promo Could Be Shown on TV!

Be part of LOST history by creating a 35-second LOST finale promo for the series to get a shot at having your work shown on TV! You could win a trip to a LOST party and have your finale promo shown on air during LOST: THE FINAL SEASON. You don't have to be a video pro to enter -- you can use our mash-up tools or you can use your own personal editing software.


What Mattered The Most Was Remembered The Least (LG15: Outbreak) - SonofaStitch

You're forgetting something really important...


LG15: Outbreak - Let's Get This Party Started :)

Playing chess is fun. Care for a game?
Go to LG15.com and check out the extended experience!

Show link: http://www.lg15.com/post/lets-get-this-party-started

Interactive link: http://www.lg15.com/video/view/10680/8138/1

For more links involved in LG15: Outbreak check out our blogspot portal page. http://lg15outbreak.blogspot.com

READ about LG15: Outbreak

The Web.Files - The Buzz #2

The Web Files

This week's episode of The Web.Files features the return of The Buzz, which consists of a collection of smaller segments dedicated to upcoming events in the web TV space. This week's episode features two segments. In the first segment, the lovely and talented Kristyn Burtt, clearly, weary from all her travels, runs away and joins Olga Kay's Circus. The second segment features the premiere of the new webseries Resolve.

Dark Prophecy: A Level 26 Thriller Available for Pre-Order

Posted by Anthony E. Zuiker

The important thing is that you pre-order the book and NOT wait until it’s released because the first 500 people that pre-order the book and send us an email to prove it, will receive a special gift.


For more information about Level 26 check out our blogspot portal page!!!

Previous stories about Level 26

WARNING: Level26.com may contain links to "adult material".

Want to Host the Red Carpet Show at the Streamy Awards? Get GotCast.

Males and females at least 18 years of age and in possession of a punchy whit, awesome improv skills, interesting insights for digital creators, and a demonstrated interest in web TV are highly encouraged to apply.

Read the full post: http://www.streamys.org/2010/03/02/want-to-host-the-red-carpet-show-at-the-streamy-awards-get-gotcast/


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Streamy Eligability

According to the official Streamy rules in order for a SERIES to be eligible it must have 3 episodes online somewhere during 2009.

However, there is nothing that I saw in regards to individual's eligibility.

For instance, Nathan Fillion is nominated for best guest actor in a web series for PG Porn; however, his episode -based on the release date on Spike TV's website - was released on October 7th, 2008.........

Read the full post on Anchor Cove: http://forum.anchorcove.net/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=2665



Premiere: Hulu’s Social Media-Infused “If I Can Dream”

Given all its innovations and refinements on the past ten years of web show experimentation, though, it might actually pull through — especially since it’s available internationally.


LG15: Outbreak - What is 'KAVION'?

Things are all (slowly) coming together...this seems a little too good to be true... - Mason
Go to LG15.com and check out the extended experience!

Show page: http://www.lg15.com/post/what-is-kavion

Interactive link: http://www.lg15.com/video/view/10458/8055/1

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Portal ARG

In 2007, Valve galvanized the gaming industry when it released the video game Portal. Although ostensibly a first-person shooter built upon Valve’s Source engine, the game’s quirky puzzles, catchy soundtrack, and unreliable narrator GLaDOS quickly captured the hearts and minds of gamers. Yesterday, Rock Paper Shotgun reported that Valve Software released a special update for Portal, noting that it “[c]hanged radio transmission frequency to comply with federal and state spectrum management regulations.” The seemingly innocuous update inserted a series of secret messages into the game that have led Valve fans on a merry chase for what may be the launch of an alternate reality game. [...] http://www.argn.com/2010/03/valve_fans_triumphant_glimmerings_of_a_portal_arg/

Monday, March 1, 2010

Harper's Globe Interactive Experience - harpersglobe

Here's a look at the Harper's Globe interactive experience, where you can see how the web series was integrated with it's companion broadcast show, Harper's Island.

lg15 Science Reel - mrcheezypop

Some clips from lonelygirl15 of me as Spencer Gilman talking about his favorite thing, SCIENCE!

LG15: Outbreak: The Whole World's Gone Crazy.

Posted by Mason - Masonishappy on Mar 1, 2010

"Honestly, my goal right now is just to get to LaFleur's safehouse before Will pulls a Private Pyle on me and our rescue mission comes to a sudden and abrupt end."

Read the full post: http://www.lg15.com/post/the-whole-worlds-gone-crazy

Interactive link: http://www.lg15.com/profile_note/view/10458/96/1




LivinLarge posted:

I dont get why theres such a big deal about it. I sent Mason a private message telling him not to trust Eyeseeyou. No response or anything, but Im assuming that this note is the response. ""For those of you who have asked me in chat: yes, I'm well aware I shouldn't trust LaFleur""
Anybody else happen to send him a message?


For more links involved in LG15: Outbreak check out our blogspot portal page. http://lg15outbreak.blogspot.com

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Week in theStream #6 - thestreamtv

2010 Streamy Awards Official Nominees Announcement

On-Air personality and CBS News Digital Correspondent Shira Lazar and host of theStream.tv's The Game Show Jim Festante announce the Official Nominees for the 2nd Annual Streamy Awards. For the complete list, please go to www.streamys.org

MissAlissa15 is a Lonely Girl? (02/05/10) - AWWJAM

Meh. Sorry or this, lol.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter - ubscribe HachetteBookGroup

From the New York Times bestselling author of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES comes the true history of our sixteenth president - Seth Grahame-Smith's ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER.

Available wherever books are sold.

Taking the stage - Gwenavere14

This is the stage where I'm currently performing in "A sting in the tale"

Level 26: Carousel, directed by Adam Berg (Stink Digital)

The end result is Carousel, an epic frozen moment cops and robbers shootout sequence that included clowns, explosions, a decimated hospital, and plenty of broken glass and bullet casings.

Read the full post: http://www.level26.com/post/short-film-carousel

For more information about Level 26 check out our blogspot portal page!!!

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The Streamys Nominees: Celebrities, Underdogs and Our Very Own Avatar

Written by Liz Shannon Miller

But there’s a heavy emphasis on Hollywood here that doesn’t necessarily reflect the real talent pool currently acting in web video.

Read the full post: http://newteevee.com/2010/03/01/the-streamys-nominees-celebrities-underdogs-and-our-very-own-avatar/

Streamy Awards: For Immediate Release

The Bannen Way Earns Seven Streamy Award Nominations, Followed
by The Guild, Auto-Tune the News, and Easy To Assemble; Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow Receive Nods for Web Therapy, as Does Soap Star Crystal Chappell for Venice

The 2nd Annual Streamy Award Events Will be Held on April 11, 2010
at The Music Box @ Fonda Theater in Hollywood
Los Angeles, CA (March 1, 2010) — Nominations for the 2nd Annual Streamy Awards were announced in a live online broadcast today by the International Academy of Web Television, an independent organization of digital entertainment leaders created to recognize excellence in original episodic Web television programming. The Streamy Awards is the first and most prestigious live awards show dedicated to honoring the actors, directors, editors, producers, writers, and production talent behind some of the best original programming on the Web. More than 150,000 public submissions, covering 2,000 original shows, were narrowed down to a field of just over 100 nominees. Winners will be announced at two separate ceremonies being held on April 7 and April 11, 2010 in Hollywood, CA.

The Bannen Way, an action drama series, earned seven Streamy nominations, including Best Drama Web Series, Best New Web Series, Best Male Actor in a Drama Web Series (Mark Gantt), and Best Directing for a Drama Web Series (Jesse Warren, Mark Gantt). The Guild, a series about a group of online gamers and previous Streamy Award winner, is up for seven Streamys this year, including Best Comedy Web Series, Best Female Actor in a Web Series (Felicia Day), Best Actor in a Comedy (Sandeep Parikh) and Best Writing for a Comedy Web Series (Felicia Day). Easy to Assemble, a comedy about successful actors who now work at IKEA, is up for six Streamys, including two nominations for Best Actress in a Comedy Web Series (Justine Bateman and Ileanna Douglas), as well as Best Comedy Web Series and Best Branded Entertainment Web Series. Auto-Tune the News, 2009’s breakout YouTube sensation, is up for four Streamys, including Best News or Politics Web Series, and Best Original Music in a Web Series (Evan Gregory, Andrew Gregory, and Michael Gregory).

"I'm truly impressed with the outstanding quality of this year's Streamy nominees," said IAWTV Chairman, Michael Wayne, President and CEO of digital entertainment studio DECA. "It’s a testament to how far the online video industry has come and a great predictor of where we’re headed.”

“This year we were excited to receive a record number of public submissions from over 130 countries, indicating the rapid global growth of the digital entertainment industry over the past year,” said Brady Brim-DeForest, Executive Producer of the Streamy Awards.

Streamy Award Events
On Sunday, April 11, 2010 at 5:30 pm, winners in 15 categories will be announced in front of a live audience at the Music Box @ the Fonda Theater in Hollywood, CA and broadcasted online live to audiences around the world. Awards for craft categories will be presented at a separate Streamy Craft Awards Ceremony on Thursday, April 7, 2010 at the Barnsdall Art Center in Hollywood, CA, excerpts from which will be integrated into the live show.

The 2010 Streamy Awards Official Nominees List

Best Comedy Web Series
Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis
Easy to Assemble
The Guild
The Legend of Neil
Wainy Days

Best Drama Web Series
Angel of Death
The Bannen Way

Best Hosted Web Series
A Comicbook Orange
Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show
Know Your Meme
The Totally Rad Show

Best Reality or Documentary Web Series
Interview Project
Mommy XXX
Streak to Win
The Secret Life of Scientists

Best News or Politics Web Series
Auto-Tune the News
The Tomorrow Show with Mo Rocca
The Young Turks
VBS News

Best Foreign Web Series
Flying Kebab
Girl Number 9

Best New Web Series
$5 Cover: Memphis
Girl Number 9
Odd Jobs
Old Friends
The Bannen Way

Best Companion Web Series
Assassin’s Creed: Lineage
Dexter: Early Cuts
Harper’s Globe
The Office: Subtle Sexuality
Weeds: University of Andy

Best Animated Web Series
Eli’s Dirty Jokes
Happy Tree Friends
Homestar Runner
How It Should Have Ended
Zero Punctuation

Best Branded Entertainment Web Series
Back on Topps (Topps)
Brainstorm (Altoids)
Easy to Assemble (IKEA)
Parts Art (Lexus)
The Temp Life (Spherion)

Best Experimental Web Series
Auto-Tune the News
Green Porno
HBO Cube
Level 26

Audience Choice Award for Best Web Series
(Coming Soon!)

Best Directing for a Comedy Web Series
Blue Movies
(Scott Brown)
Dorm Life: Semester 2
(Chris Smith, Mark Stewart Iverson)
James Gunn’s PG Porn
(James Gunn)
The Guild
(Sean Becker)
The Legend of Neil
(Sandeep Parikh)

Best Directing for a Drama Web Series
Anyone But Me
(Tina Cesa Ward)
(Nathan Atkinson)
Girl Number 9
(James Moran, Dan Turner)
The Bannen Way
(Jesse Warren)
Young American Bodies
(Joe Swanberg)

Best Writing for a Comedy Web Series
Back on Topps
(Jason Sklar, Randy Sklar, Eric Friedman, Matt Price)
Dorm Life
(Chris Smith, Jordan Riggs, Jessie Gaskell, Jack De Sena, Jim Brandon, Brian Singleton, Mark Stewart Iverson)
The Legend of Neil
(Tony Janning, Sandeep Parikh)
The Guild
(Felicia Day)
Wainy Days
(David Wain)

Best Writing for a Drama Web Series
Anyone But Me
(Susan Miller, Tina Cesa Ward)
(Bernie Su)
Girl Number 9
(James Moran)
The Bannen Way
(Jesse Warren, Mark Gantt)
(Christian Taylor)

Best Male Actor in a Comedy Web Series
Zach Galifianakis — (Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis)
Tony Hale — (CTRL)
Amir Blumenfeld — (Jake and Amir)
Sandeep Parikh — (The Guild)
David Wain — (Wainy Days)

Best Female Actor in a Comedy Web Series
Illeana Douglas — (Easy to Assemble)
Justine Bateman — (Easy to Assemble)
Joanna Cassidy — (Sex Ed)
Felicia Day — (The Guild)
Lisa Kudrow — (Web Therapy)

Best Male Actor in a Drama Web Series
Craig Frank — (Compulsions)
Robert Englund — (Fear Clinic)
Joe Absolom — (Girl Number 9)
Mark Gantt — (The Bannen Way)
Eric Balfour — (Valemont)

Best Female Actor in a Drama Web Series
Zoe Bell — (Angel of Death)
Rachael Hip-Flores — (Anyone But Me)
Tatyani Ali — (Buppies)
Sophie Tilson — (OzGirl)
Crystal Chappell — (Venice)

Best Ensemble Cast in a Web Series
Back on Topps
(Randy Sklar, Jason Sklar, Jason Nash, Janet Varney, Stephanie Courtney, Brian Huskey, Phil LaMarr)
Dorm Life
(Nora Kirkpatrick, Hannah Pearl Utt, Anne Lane, Jessie Gaskell, Brian Singleton, Jack De Sena, Jim Brandon, Jordan Riggs, Pancho Morris)
Easy to Assemble
(Illeana Douglas, Justine Bateman, Eric Lange, Michael Irpino, Cheri Oteri, Daryl Sabara, Michael Panes, Rob Mailhouse, Sean Durrie, Tom Arnold, Ed Begley Jr., Tim Meadows, Ricki Lake, Greg Proops, Kevin Pollak)
(Robert J. Brewer, James Paul Xavier, Nathan Mobley, Rick Robinson, David Nett, Gary Karp, Shannon Ivey, Alan Loayza, Shannon Nelson, Jeremy Guskin, Angela Schnaible)
The Guild
(Vincent Caso, Felicia Day, Jeff Lewis, Amy Okuda, Sandeep Parikh, Robin Thorsen)

Best Guest Star in a Web Series
Chris Hardwick — (Back on Topps)
Nathan Fillion — (PG Porn)
“Weird Al” Yankovic — (Know Your Meme)
Wil Wheaton — (The Guild)
Courteney Cox — (Web Therapy)

Best Web Series Host
Alex Albrecht — (Diggnation)
Zadi Diaz — (Epic Fu)
Kevin Pollak — (Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show)
Kristyn Burtt — (The Web.Files)
Michael Buckley — (What The Buck?!)

Best Vlogger
Brigitte Dale — (Brigitte Dale)
iJustine — (iJustine)
Phillip DeFranco — (sxePhil)
Shane Dawson — (ShaneDawsonTV)
Shira Lazar — (Shira Lazar)

Best Editing in a Web Series
$5 Cover: Memphis (Nathan Black, Morgan Jon Fox, Josh Swain)
Angel of Death (Jochen Kunstler, Jacob Vaughan)
Auto-Tune the News (Evan Gregory, Andrew Gregory, Michael Gregory)
I Kissed a Vampire (David Bekoff)
The Bannen Way (Zack Arnold)

Best Cinematography in a Web Series
Angel of Death (Carl Herse)
Circle of Eight (Michael Lohmann)
LUMINA (XiaoSu Han, Andreas Thalhammer)
Mountain Man (Robert Lam)
Riese (Christopher Charles Kempinski)

Best Art Direction in a Web Series
$99 Music Videos (Kit Pennebaker)
Green Porno (Rick Gilbert)
Mountain Man (Matt Enlow)
Riese (Chad Krowchuk)
Tiki Bar TV (Kim Bailey)

Best Sound Design in a Web Series
Fear Clinic (Kunal Rajan)
Mountain Man (Michael Miller)
Riese (Bill Mellow, Kevin Belen)
Rockville, CA (Seth Talley)
The Vetala (Randy Kiss)

Best Visual Effects in a Web Series
Backyard FX (Erik Beck)
Fear Clinic (Jason M Bergman, Nicholas Onstad, Bethany Pederson, David Dang)
Mordy Koots (Reece Sanders, Clayton Jacobson)
Safety Geeks: SVI (Thor Melsted, Mike Smith)
The Crew (Jeff Bell, Zack Finfrock, Brett Register)

Best Animation in a Web Series
College Humor: Hardly Working (Dan Meth)
Happy Tree Friends (David Winn, Alan Lau, Jason Sadler, Brad Rau, Roque Bollestros, Paul Allan, Nica Lorber, Michael Lipman)
How It Should Have Ended (Daniel Baxter, Tommy Watson, Tina Alexander)
Inventions (Chris Weller, David Lamps)
theGoob (Magnus Jansson)

Best Original Music in a Web Series
Auto-Tune the News (Evan Gregory, Andrew Gregory, Michael Gregory)
Horrible Turn (Chance McClain, Kevin Ryan, Frank Bullington, Jeremy Botter)
Key of Awesome (Mark Douglas)
Sparhusen (Rob Mailhouse, Todd Spahr, Illeana Douglas)
The Coat (Thierry Chaze)

Best Live Production in a Web Series
Coin-Op TV Live
Fantasy Football Live!
Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show
The RadNerd Show

Best Interactive Experience in a Web Series
Circle of Eight
I <3 Vampires
Married on MySpace
Wreck and Salvage: Suppendapo
Best Product Integration in a Web Series
Circle of Eight (Mountain Dew)
Easy to Assemble (IKEA)
The Bannen Way (Jaguar)
Valemont (Verizon Wireless)
Woke Up Dead (Kodak)

Best Mobile Experience in a Web Series
AT&T Life Without Mobile
Mr. Wrong
Playboy: Interns
Seth on Survival



The 2010 Streamy Awards Official Nominees (9:30am PT)

The 2010 Streamy Awards Official Nominees will be announced live at 9:30am PT on Monday, March 1, 2010.


Free video streaming by Ustream

Official list: xhttp://www.streamys.org/winners/2010-nominees/

Sunday, February 28, 2010

The State of the Internet

JESS3 / The State of The Internet from Jesse Thomas on Vimeo.

Red Carpet Interviews...Some DO's and DON'Ts

"Do yourself and your show a favor, mentally prepare for the red carpet."

Read the full post: http://redcarpetcloset.blogspot.com/2010/02/red-carpet-interviewssome-dos-and-donts.html

Babelgum Founder Arrested In Money Laundering Probe

All in all, Scaglia committed to spend as much as €350 million ($477 million) on Babelgum.


Silvio Scaglia on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silvio_Scaglia

"Forbes estimates Scaglia’s wealth at around 1.2 billion USD, making him the thirteenth richest man in Italy (the last in the list of Italian billionaires) and the 799th richest man in the world."


Image: http://www.clipartreview.com/_gallery/_search_term_pages/people.html

VG15: Gregson, Crystemma, & Underworld - valleygirl15

Why Do I have to keep renaming everyone?

Putting It In Context

In a scripted show, the lead-out spot has to be contextually tied into something that was happening in the show.


A Good Knight’s Quest: Episode One

From the winners of the 3rd Annual The Escapist Film Festival comes the new series A Good Knight's Quest! Every gamer guy's fantasy come true: the princess has come to life and needs Dorian's help, thrusting him into an epic suburban adventure that will lead him from his couch to the edge of reality.

The Streamy Awards, Honoring Excellence in Web TV Programming, Will Announce Final

This first live Streamys Nominees announcement will be broadcast to a global audience at 9:30am PT on Monday, March 1, 2010.

WHO: Co-Hosts: Web personality Shira Lazar and Jim Festante of The Game Show.

WHEN: Monday, March 1, 2010 – 9:30am (Pacific)/12:30pm (Eastern)


LG15: Outbreak Episode 2 - "Objective Assigned" - LG15TheLast

A breakin at the apartment complex leaves Crystal without a place to stay, and a sense of insecurity once again. The only problem, is that the culprates didn't even take anything? Meanwhile, The Resistance calls on one of their own for a new assignment.


NOTE: This video is a fan creation and not directly associated with either the creators of LG15: Outbreak or LG15: The Last.

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