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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Tuesday Takes a Train Trip, Part's 1 & 2

Tuesday Takes a Train Trip, Part 1: Speculations

Notes from the road -- a continuation from my blog at http://tuesdayschild65.livejournal.com/.

tags: Maddison Atkins zurich vienna ihavebeenimpure

Tuesday Takes a Train Trip, Part 2: Precautions

From Nuernberg to Vienna. I suppose it's not really hiding in plain sight if your goal isn't hiding -- security through obscurity is no security at all.

tags: Maddison Atkins zurich vienna ihavebeenimpure

The Puzzle Thread

Tuesdays Livejournal

Tuesday's YouTube channel

The Puzzle Video


Joe made his debut on Lonelygirl15.com on October 12th, 2006 as the Watcher who was present at The Ceremony. He has since returned to Watcher-duties, following Jonas, Daniel and Sarah around as they spied on Carl and Sonia in videos such as Stakeout... With A Girl and Robbing the Cradle.

Joe Rubin on LGPedia.

Watcher on LGPedia.

LGpedia needs your HELP!

I prefer pi, Margot (for my helper) - OpAdolf

MargotIsWatching, if your reading this then watch out!

the description from the video :
Ma has a ham
Tell Abe to vote 'ballet.
A Dan, a clan, a canal - Canada!
Transmission: selective private.

So You Depart - raplowly

Surely Absolve Me


tags: Maddison Atkins hunter prey hinder tuesdayschild Rijndael Purity Project

The Gallery - 6pm 22nd September 2007 - KateModern

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by bebo.com/MyKateModern

Discuss the meet in KateModern IRC Chat

Dudley did it! - Charlie (KateModern)

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/ChazOnToast

Discuss the meet in KateModern IRC Chat

Does that look like Dudley...?

Episode 1 part 1 - DubplateDrama

....and yep, its Liam Rielly, (Dudley from KM).

SanFranciscoFiles_011 - mpulseLG (WF)

September 22, 2007

More eyewitness reports from KM

Ruth D on Bebo told me;

In summary:

- Met Sophie with the other fans (hi to all!)
- Went into the gallery, saw Michelle Clore's work and Kate's video - so proud of her!
- A news crew was there filming it all.
- Michelle Clore arrived - very scary looking, and wanted to meet Kate. She was also interviewed by the news crew.
- Kate arrived, and Charlie was filming her.
- Kate met Michelle (this is when everything sped up!)
- Dudley arrives, and shouted something about the order and shoots a gun!
- No one was hit with the shot.
- Dudley legged it
- Michelle said something like 'It looks like you saved my life' but as she touched Kate, Kate freaked out! It was really creepy...
-Then all the bodyguards cleared us all out and we were interviewed by the camera crews and said bye to Sophie...

Update on KateModern Live Event

From Jenna:

"No idea where this should be posted but on my way back so thought i.d share what happened. a reporter turned up, and then michelle did with two watchers. she said she was interested in meeting kate. then kate turned up with charlie, and michelle told kate a lot of people are interested in her. then a man in a dark jacket shot at michelle and said something about the order and ran off but kate saved michelle's life. she said she'd show kate something and touched her hand, and kate jumped back and ran"

Stop Into The Kate Modern Chatroom!

Check out the forums!

Second Live KM Event this evening (UK time 6pm)

Sophie S says:
"It's Kate's art show TONIGHT! Meet me at the gallery no later than 6pm. Here is a map "

Stop Into The Kate Modern Chatroom!

Check out the forums!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Robbing the Cradle - Daniel (LG15)

We went to the Observatory to find out what Carl and Sonia were up to. - Daniel

"Listen up
Baby" by Electric Frankenstein

In an extremely positive step, lonelygirl15 has begun to add direct links to LGPedia in the discussion section for the individual videos on YouTube. This should enhance the viewer experience considerbly for those on YouTube who have missed out on the wonders of LGPedia.

LGpedia needs your HELP!

MargotIsWatching pickup - GregGallows

so I took a lil trip to amsterdam, and I found something kinda weird :/

TheLadyLazarus: The series finale update, and announcing a new ARG!

The series finale update, and announcing a new ARG!
by TheLadyLazarus on
Tue Sep 11, 2007 4:52 pm

I know that when I announced the LadyLazarus series finale I promised it for August, but it's quite obvious that didn't happen, so I'm here to tell you two things:
1 - The series finale (which will be in at least 4 parts, and posted in one day) will be posted this month (FOR SURE). So watch out. And-
2 - I have started another Alternate Reality Game (already in progress), but it will not be in any way involved with the LL/GC arc.

The new ARG, which can be found at [youtube.com/MissionAnchorCove] will revolve around a more LG15-centeric world, as well as Tachyon, OpAphid and KateModern. 3 videos have already been released, and I'm hoping this ARg will be more advanced and less messy than the sticky LL storyline, so stay tuned!

Oh, and for anyone getting antsy, wondering about what the series finale will be like, you should know that the last 3 LL videos all feature clips from it.



An OOG Explanation: The Marla Experience

After a bit of consideration I'd like to start a thread to elaborate on my experiences of early September in Nacogdoches.

Some big questions have come up - most discussing the line between canon and not. I believe some of this stems from the creation of the grey area of ARG interaction that I've stepped into.

First off, I'd like to make this post without using the word "canon" too often - the semantics behind this term are sort of ambiguous. Consider for a moment that MarlaSinger is no more canon than anyone else who has had an interaction with Clara, Tachyon, Brother, Linc. The difference is the medium of interaction. Text, YouTube, Video, in person - whatever the case - interaction is interaction.

So. How'd it happen.

The opportunity to travel to Nacogdoches presented itself to me in August, some point shortly after the LG finale. Business in Dallas meant I would be close to Maddison's home town and as a big Maddison fan, that excited me. I'm not a shy person - I decided to throw the possibility of an interview out to the PM - I'm in university for journalism and always looking for a good interview. After mentioning the opportunity, I was invited, as a player, to meet Clara and possibly others - the chance to see Maddison's Apartment and the place she lived, the chance to track down Frady's "suicide" scene and maybe even make it to Rusk. I was invited as Marla Singer to partake in a story I was already deeply involved in.

I am far from an actress, let me assure you. Any and all interactions that occurred with Clara were natural - think about the implications of this. Anything that Clara asked me was responded to with my own thoughts. Nothing was prepared - not even Clara's questions, really. I did what I could, according to what was in line with the story. I was allowed to get inside Maddison's apartment and snoop around, so I did. I couldn't get down to Rusk so I didn't. There was co-operation and collaboration.

I did keep the visit a secret - circumstances that I could not control were presented to me shortly before I left. Sickness in the family meant that hours before my flight left I was still debating on whether I should go or not. If it had been set in stone, things might have been presented differently to the community. Alas, the blur between ARG and just plain R does mean that, simply, shit happens - and plans can be changed at any moment, in game or out.

I digress.

I have an idea of what "ARG" means for me in my head. And I think that MA fits the description quite well. A story that is potentially influenced by players and their actions. A story that is open to suggestion. A story that is flexible enough to incorporate fanfiction ideas, concepts, and contribution. The ARG is as much the players' as it is the PM's. Awesomesauce. And everyone can be involved on different levels and in different ways - from the lurkers to the drop retrievers to the puzzle solvers to the IRC chatters.

This community has recently pulled together and realised that action is important. I think this is amazing. And I think that with continued focus and effort, the community will be offered more and more chances to interact and partake in the MA story on a deeper and even more rewarding level - provided we are all willing to partake and participate in - not take hold of - the story.

Could we have saved Maddison? Maybe. Can we help this time? I think that's up to all of us as players - do we want to help? Are we ready to participate and focus on a level that allows us to get answers, provoke reaction, and progress storyline?

Remember - it is ours - all of ours. I hope this clears at least some things up. I'll be happy to answer any questions that I can.

Yours - truly,


Alexa:.The Confession (ACO) - acrowleyorder


Auntie Can't Get a Break - TuesdaysChild

After a prolonged absence TuesdaysChild left to go find Dr T, she left before it was discovered he was kidnapped.

This is the video she left for him, it is encoded very very thoroughly.

"If I'm missing something, let me know."

Discuss Here and Also Here.

See also Tuesdayschild livejournal entry.

BreeFM Updates!

Hey everyone, we're excited to share some great news!

To better serve the lg15 community we have made some changes, because after all, change is good :)

  • Our site has moved to a new page: http://breefm.blogspot.com (if you were subscribed for the RSS for the old page, please update to the new one! :)
  • JenniPowell, Jenna A and QtheC are official DJs for BreeFM!
Our new page has streaming built-in with WIndows Media Player, also we have a link for you to choose your preferred player.

JeniiPowell has an AWESOME show planned for Wednesday, you can read more about it by going here.

Wanna DJ? Drop me an email.

Hope to hear you all soon!

Station Manager
B r e e F M

Dream Lover - Kate (KM)

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by bebo.com/AbstractHeart

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I Like Being Me - lonelygirl15 (LG15)

I'm in hiding with my parents and have been doing a lot of thinking. - Emma

A Close Shave - Gavin (KM)

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by bebo.com/DeepGoat

Stakeout... With A Girl - jonastko (LG15)

Daniel bailed on me so I had to follow up on the clues on my own... Uh, with Sarah. -Jonas

"Persian Mafia" by I Heart Robots
"Driving Long Distance" by Jack Zerby

Princess Nisrine:.Truman is Coming (ACO) - acrowleyorder

I have been named regent until Queen Erica recovers from her illness. Truman you are ordered to complete your mission as instructed by Queen Erica prior to her being poisoned.

Long Live Queen Erica and the Order of Ormus.

Our Gods are Erica and the Mistress of the Morning Star, may they both rule for eternity.

Princess Nisrine:.O.o.O:.

Music: "The Youngest was the Most Loved" courtesy of and performed by his greatness Morrissey


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

FOBLife: Daniel DID Juggle For World Peace

Yousef, on the FOBlife mentioned yesterday that the juggling segment in LonelyGirl15 episode 295 "Living With Girls" was for the "Juggling For World Peace" movement started by our very own LGPedia head admin Zoey! Audio of this is below.

View all the episode of "Juggling for World Peace" HERE!


Isn't it time we (finally) knew the truth about what happened?

Y eyeeu estew h ceoovrneht l irwu
fyaugtbov tn ihalwp e T osaer iseh
nskvseYe adep euiaw d nhetdroe o
m hsddo yAeh n sodadu lewy aobec lnwdi
ud ieosih tuyrla svtuI tlvty glgje he
I oef gyaun laild ltd ay, esvKui o
fu 'oye o el oomlte enmomlYy dvt
wo ddooeeyTh oteth re- ehm r oine
ehr' st ceTsit o tri aoenbei t,mu s
ltnsIolB ruseur uyufft'o o e e
,lewab ooLk ownov oe dnad bpu
k oahw emtu y Tslng i onaliso'
eT we'ttae dsrho thos,ieat nl b n
o i 'tbeko Yneohpo tuo ug ehdvtzny rwou
oruu t e tw'o mloeiflYt ernt osabi
,cler oIre rmit ttii ur lknte ltwhu
hdoltau ey e tm i awwaIoh imr g
e y to h ad eiau oIhraet glrnteml
w oho lgiw'sne tsre ahaeer Im l
eeao siaC epnesrAto dns d nestc i
esnnCsietpsre eea o dios at c

It is the last unsolved "Cassie" poem. Link here: http://www.lg15.com/lgpedia/index.php?title=Cassieiswatching_clues#Clue_28:_Anagram

Discussion thread.

Note: This is the one year annaversary of the day OpAphid "piggy backed" on cassieiswatching and there is a prevailing theory in IRC chat that OpAphid is now trying to provide some sort of closure to the Cassie story by encouraging fans to solve the annagram.

JenniPowell launches show on BreeFM

JenniPowell hits the airwaves at 4 PM Pacific Standard Time to spin some of her favorite songs from movie soundtracks (cause we all remember how into movies Bree was).

Listen in! http://breefm.primcast.com:4996/

JenniPowell will be in BreeFM IRC chat room #breefm during her set.

Is Emma's Life in Danger?

Re: Possible rejection-reaction with the serum?
by ihavebeenimpure
on Wed Sep 19, 2007 1:38 pm

modelmotion wrote:
"Given that trait positive is based on a hyper mutation that changes in every girl the real question should be whether or not the serum would be effective in a different girl. Probably not."

Very good point. I'm catching up on the details of what exactly we know about this "trait" -- pointers to a summary of the biology or biochemistry behind this would be helpful to me, though perhaps Spencer can fill me in quickly when we talk in person. If anyone else has data on this to share, email me at [email protected].

modelmotion wrote:
"Also, since blood cells continually replace themself it is highly unlikely the the original serum could have worked as proposed in the first place. It would have to penetrate the splean and permanently supress ribozyme production in all blood cells created in the future. That seems highly unlikely."

It takes about three months for blood cells to die, but you're right; every day, your blood cells are dying, and new ones are being made. The effect that a drug which alters blood cells would have would slowly diminish over 10-18 weeks.

Also, this would have to affect the bone marrow to be permanent.

Whether or not the serum has a positive effect on Emma isn't my biggest concern right now -- I'm mostly worried that it may have a negative effect. If she's suddenly loaded up with cellular material derived from Bree's blood, it may provoke a severe allergic reaction -- which could potentially be fatal. Given that Daniel seems to be the only one who is really holding himself together now, I'm hoping he has the good sense to start trying to find her, and I hope when/if he does, he's got an EpiPen and H1 receptor antagonists handy. Promethazine HCl or even Hydroxyzine HCl would be good to have on hand, but they're prescription-only. If he can't get his hands on them, Diphenhydramine HCl, Chlorphenamine maleate or Doxylamine succinate would be better than nothing.

If she does need medical care for a rejection-reaction, another possible course of treatment would be an immunosuppressant such as Azathioprine, though they should be aware that it metabolizes into 6-Mercaptopurine, which is toxic to bone marrow in high doses (reducing the blood's hematocrit count.) It is, however, a gold-standard for preventing transplant rejections, so it may be useful if things go the way I fear.

Let's hope for Emma's sake that it just simply has no effect.

[Also, to be clear -- I am a biochemist, I'm not a doctor. (Or was a biochemist, once upon a time.) This should not be considered authoritative medical advice. I'm just trying to provide Daniel and friends some medical background so they know if the doctors they're dealing with are handling things right. Be warned, guys, that you'll probably have trouble explaining what this serum is. Be careful that they don't think you're actually dealing with illegal drugs -- having you wind up in jail for a few days while they figure out you're not lying about the serum and trait positive stories does no one any good, and it might make the difference between life or death as far as Emma's concerned.]

Hopefully I'll have more data for you when I return from Zürich on Friday (though I'll try to post tomorrow after our meeting.)

Good luck,

Dr T.

P.S. -- If someone would point Danielbeast at this post, I'm not sure he reads Spencer's forum. That, or repost the key information over there for me. I'm in a bit of a rush at the moment, packing for tomorrow's travel.


Second Attempt = A Show! - lonelyjewfifteen

Peter here...still no word from Anne so let's give this "cheering up" thing another go. If my cat Mouschi can't get through to her, nothing will.

YouTube Featured Video: Shadow Of Death

YouTube is presently featuring lonelygirl15 episode "Shadow of Death" on it's front page. This may very well bring in some new fans :)

Dr. T. to visit Spencer in Zurich?

Possible rejection-reaction with the serum?
by ihavebeenimpure
on Sat Sep 15, 2007 7:12 am


I'm not sure if you're reading this anymore -- you may have decided to put all of this behind you and move on. That's fine if so, but I think you'll want to know that Sarah is administering the serum you developed for Bree to Emma, Jonas's (non-blood-related) sister.

I am concerned about this, given that your [or your father's, rather] serum was developed using Bree's blood. Given how little data on what "trait-positive" is, and what the serum is, I do not want to alarm the others unnecessarily, but some assurances from you (or better yet, details on this serum and its method of action, duration, and potential for rejection by someone it wasn't designed for in the first place) would help assuage my concerns.

[To the other friends of Emma reading this -- the simplest problem that might happen here is similar to the sort that could happen when a blood transfusion is given to someone who has an incompatible blood type with the donor of the blood. If anyone currently with Emma (or Emma herself) is reading this -- please do not be alarmed. At the same time, please look for signs of sudden illness, however mild, and report them. They might be normal reactions to the serum, or they might be something worse.]

Modern pharmaceuticals go through multiple stages of testing before being approved for use on people. You didn't have that luxury with the "trait-negative serum". Giving an untested compound to someone is a huge risk, but in this case, not doing so might be an even bigger risk.

Spencer, if you do read this, I have additional concerns, particularly with regard to the duration of action this serum has, and its level of permanence and reversibility. I do not want to ask you to explain in depth in this forum what the compound's chemical makeup is, or what its synthesis route consists of, but perhaps we could discuss this in private. If you do read this, please contact me at [email protected].
--IHBI, Faction: Disorder.

got your email
by ihavebeenimpure
on Wed Sep 19, 2007 8:12 am

Hi Spencer -- got your email. I tried to reply, but it bounced. Sorry to hear about your phone -- plugging American chargers into the Swiss outlets will indeed, as you say, "let the magic smoke out." (They ought to warn that those adapters don't convert voltage!) Hope you get that fixed soon.

Email me your hotel location, and I'll check in with you as soon as I'm on the ground in Zürich. Hopefully I'll be there tomorrow.

(I completely understand not wanting to discuss this over email or the forums, so meeting in person is a good idea. I'll see you soon.)


Dr. T.
--IHBI, Faction: Disorder.


"God gave this building to the school, for a dollar" and other unsolved leads. - Dr T

Dearest friends,

It has been far too long since we've heard any news from Linc or Rachel.
Tachyon recently replied to a query, but from the sounds of it, she may
be as confused as we are. (She sounds stressed. It has me worried.)

So, our current approach, rather than sit around and wait for things to
play out by themselves (as we all know how well that went last time), is


1. We're reviewing the recent communications we've seen from the parties
in involved, particularly the recordings from 10033's and Tachyon's
phones (which appear to have purely metaphorical meanings, but something
tells me there's more to them), and re-evaluating the large mashup that
Brother's video message to Tachyon (the forwarded video from Linc) lead
us to by way of a voicemail number leading to a tinyurl:


That recording, which we've dubbed the "Mashup of Doom", was originally
thought to have a message made up of the song titles. My wife and I, as
well as others in #maddison, suspect there may be more to it that we're
missing. So currently the code crackers in #maddison are hard at work
trying to solve this. At this moment, we're considering that there might
be two messages in it -- one for each of the stereo channels -- and that
they might be anagram-based. (Let's hope it's not a keyed cipher. We're
already getting a really late start on taking this seriously; solving
that quickly would be hard, given just how much work it's been to find
the songs, and sort them by channel and timestamp.)

To make that easier, tuesdayschild produced a version of the Mashup
O'Doom that is slowed down by 2x (and pitch-corrected so it sounds the
way it "ought" to.) I don't want to link directly to that file, as it's
hosted on an old web account of mine that I may not be authorized to
have anymore, but if anyone wants a copy, ping me or tuesdayschild, or
ask on #maddison.



We're also going back and reviewing the past evidence. Clara made
immense progress investigating the murders, and then was understandably
quite spooked when she encoutered Joel Frady's body on the trail,
bullet-hole between the eyes. As I mentioned before, he looks to have
been suicided. I don't blame Clara for wanting out -- if I were in her
shoes, I probably would too.

But, it leaves us lacking contact information for a number of people
we'd like to get in touch with. As I mentioned before, my godson Lorne
is willing and ready to go up to Nacogdoches, but first he needs to get
in touch with the people worth interviewing. If anyone reading this
knows Cynthia Frady, Duke Johnson, Joseph Wilmott, Gregory Atkins, or
people who might help us find them or any of the other information in my
last post, please contact me as soon as possible!

(We need to make sure our efforts are coordinated. Again,
[email protected] is the best way to reach me.)

There's one other thing we've been working on researching. This has been
more delicate, given that we don't want to drag more innocent people
into this if they don't need to be involved. But given that we don't
have Clara to work with, and I saw no other way of getting this contact
information, my "I can fake a Texas accent" linguist wife gave a certain
church in Rusk a call, and asked a few questions.

She told them she was trying to get in touch with her old babysitter,
whom she thinks was a member of their church at some point in time. (She
was asking about Judy Donald.) No luck.

She then asked about her old friend Renée, who has recently gotten
married and sadly, we weren't able to attend the wedding and now she
doesn't know Renee's married name (though she thought that her husband
might be named Scott.) Also no luck.

(The fellow we talked to was very friendly, but he didn't have the
information we needed. Contacting the church again is not a good idea --
we don't want to be harassing them, and we certainly don't want to spook
Scott or Renee [boy, do I wish Clara had gotten their last names], nor
do we want to scare Judy Donald or her family. She's probably the only
person who can help us find out the history of that building, and if we
lose that connection, it will be a dead end.)

The one useful bit of information we got from the fellow at the church
was confirmation that they do, indeed, broadcast their services on the
radio. He gave us the call-sign of the station, though I think he was
wrong about one of the letters, but I found a station that had a similar
call-sign, and after a few phonecalls, confirmed that they do, in fact,
broadcast their services. Where this might lead us, I'm not sure, but
I'm working on getting someone to record the services. Perhaps we could
reach out to Judy via a song dedication before the services start, or
something of that nature. I'll fill you in more once the plan is

In the mean time, please leave both the church and the radio station
alone. While the people we spoke with were very helpful and friendly,
again, we don't want to spook anyone. (This is why I've left out the
identifying details here -- I don't want Google to pick them up.)

... but that said, if anyone reading this works at "Kay Dubya Arr Dubya" on
the FM band out of Rusk, perhaps you can help more than you realize. If
I don't hear from anyone at the station, I'll go ahead with the song
dedication. Suggestions from you, my readers, on what the short message
to have the DJ announce as the dedication would be rather helpful. It
needs to be 1) short, 2) not something the DJ can mangle and lose
meaning, 3) coherent enough that an 80-something home-bound woman who
has no reason to want to help us can recognize as meant for her, and 4)
give her a means of contacting someone so that we can talk more about
that building with her.

Also, anyone who is in the vicinity of that station and can record it off the air,
that would be very helpful as well. Plese let me know.


Lastly, as for those of you who are questioning my motives, I'll say it
again: I'm simply trying to stop a repeat of the tragedy we all
witnessed with Maddy and Adam. I've never had a chance to speak with
Linc or Rachel, and I pray that I will some day be able to sit down with
them and shoot the breeze, and laugh about how crazy all of this was.

(Oh, please, please, let them still be alive.)

With strength through optimism,

Yours sincerely,

Dr. T.

Queen Erica Pike & Friends - Bebo Guru. - Jonollie1

A Bebo Guru Tribute.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Living with Girls - Danielbeast (LG15)

We're back in my hometown and Jonas rented a house for the three of us. This should be interesting. - Daniel

Music by: Beight
Song: In The Middle

JUGGLING FOR WORLD PEACE? Join the movement!

Holiday is over - phipunk (WF)

Yes, my dear janitor, what exactly ARE they doing to me?

music: "Pulses" by Steve Reich performed by Ensemble Modern

Charlie and the Stolen Identity-meepersanon

This is not a chocolate covered adventure, this is WAR!

The Bald Guy - Gavin (KateModern)

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/DeepGoat

Kate's Art Show Details!

Kate just posted another blog about the art show and gave ALL the details we need.

It is this Saturday, 22nd September at 6pm.

The address is:
Second Space Gallery
117 Redchurch Street
E2 7DG

And there is a map here:


posted by Sophie S
Note: Second Space Gallery on Google maps.

Note 2: the tiny url appears to only lead to a generic search engine and not to an actual map or location like one might expect.


Evil, in a can I live

QtheC said...
"evil in a can i live"
is a palindrome.
(the letters are the same when reversed)

SanFranciscoFiles_010 - impulseLG

what happened on August 30.

To see more videos from the "World Files" series, see: http://www.livevideo.com/worldfiles

Worldfiles ARG discussion forum on lonelygirl15.com, (including summary threads).

RUN!! - TJmarsh

I hope this message gets to who it needs too.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Pest Control - KateModern

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by bebo.com/AbstractHeart

Spreading the Song-Jonastko (LG15)

These Hymn of One people are real freaks. What the hell?!?! - Jonas

Spreading the Song-Jonastko (LG15) on LGPedia.

"Those kids" that Sonia mentions may be the TAAG
This video reveals that Sonia is completely in the dark as to what happened to Bree, whether or not Carl is remains to be seen.
The video suggests that Sonia might be helping LaRezisto or may even be part of the Resistance already.
"The Delivery" may hint to something big in the horizon, and when Carl mentions about protecting the girls, he is most likely referring to Emma. It may also refer to the birth or "delivery" of trait positive girls.
Many cults such as the "Moonies" stress the importance of friendship between the opposite sex rather than sexual relations. The sexual tension in this video highlights that such externally imposed restrictions are not always effective in suppressing such human urges.

LGpedia needs your HELP!
Note: The last 2 LG15 videos have been in a 10 or so mile radius from one another, centered on downtown LA. In the latest video, Jonas is chasing Carl and Sonia down a rather main street in Culver city. The end of the video could possibly be at La Cienega Park; the park where Cassie left the "bible drop", and the park where Tachyon started.

MicFranXon - Every Time A Bell Rings

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Princess Nisrine:.Erica Pike is ill ( ACO) - acrowleyorder

Erica is ill but under the treatment of Templar doctors.



Emma, meet Rogue

From Rouge on Wikipedia:

Mutant powers
Rogue's mutant ability allows her to absorb the essence of anyone she touches through skin to skin contact. This includes their personality, memories, and often their physical characteristics. In the case of super-powered individuals, she also absorbs any extra abilities they might possess. This absorption usually leaves its victim weakened, and sometimes unconscious. Their powers may also be temporarily weakened or removed.
This transfer is usually temporary, lasting for a period of time relative to how long contact is maintained, but if Rogue holds on to her victim for too long, the transfer may become permanent, leaving the victim dead. Most often this process happens instantly when Rogue touches someone, but in certain instances where a being has possessed an extraordinary level of power they are able to resist her, and she may only share part of their memories and power.
As Rogue is absorbing the total psyche of a person, there is a risk of a personality overwhelming her and taking control of her body. It has also been shown that even though Rogue forgets the memories she has absorbed when a psyche returns to its body, 'echoes' of their personalities remain buried in her mind.
Rogue is able to absorb psyches and abilities of several beings at once, though the experience can be confusing and disorienting for her.

Note: Maybe Marla was onto something back in the day when she began to draw X-Men- LG15 characters.

"Brogue by Marla Singer

Dear LaRezisto - Tenduza

I will not join you.

Dr. T. "I have found myself compelled to assist you."

From Maddison Atkins Chatper 2.

Greetings, friends of Maddy and Adam, Linc and Rachel.
by Dr. T. (ihavebeenimpure)
"I have been forced to act by the inaction of others. I am hoping that this might galvanize the community of Maddison's friends, steel your resolve, and spur you on to prevent another senseless death. I risk my own life, and the life of my wife, to help a girl I have never met -- but I do not wish to have her blood on my conscience."

Read in full:

Who is Dr. T. (ihavebeenimpure)?:http://www.lg15.com/lonelygirl15/forum/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=30635

Occupation: Intelligence analysis (retired)
Interests: biochemistry, chemistry, telomere extension, endogenous tryptamines, life-after-blackops-work, cult observation, psychological counseling for cult survivors, brain-washing techniques, X-chromosome recessive traits, biological warfare, prana manipulation

Last Train To... Danielbeast (LG15)

We all agreed that we'd make a decision about the serum together, but I guess someone didn't keep their end of the deal. -Daniel Faction: THE RESISTANCE

"Selector A Go Dub It" by Burning Babylon
"Something About Eve" by Falling You

Last Train To... Danielbeast (LG15) on LGPedia
When Jonas runs past the train schedule in Union Station, the sign says "Los Angeles Union Station." This is strange, because they are supposed to still be in Arizona right now. (Jonas said in A New Hope!!! that they were staying in Arizona, as they were no longer afraid of the Order.)

LGpedia needs your HELP!

Morrigan:.For Little Princess Nisrine (ACO) - acrowleyorder


Battle of the Network Cyberstars

Quarterlife aims to be a themed social network to keep its fan base engaged and close.

"From Marshall Herskovitz and Edward Zwick, creators of "My So-Called Life," quarterlife is the first Internet series that could just as easily be a film or a television show - it's smart, funny, emotional...real."

"quarterlife.com is a social networking site for creative people. Whatever your interest - photography, writing, music, filmmaking, dance, design - quarterlife.com will help you go to the next level."

MySpace launches Web TV show - Quarterlife
"Jeff Berman, the general manager of MySpaceTV, said that the show was a “landmark moment” for MySpace, and that it would be “the highest-quality serialized content ever to appear on the Internet. "

TV Veterans Produce Web-Only Show
"Each episode will be about 8 minutes long with two episodes debuting each week."

Happy Robot Bday ModelMotion!

Most of us simple humans have the joy of getting one day a year to call our birthday, but most robots have to go without them.

In light of all the hard work and dedication ModelMotion has shown to the LG15 community, we decided to give back to him and honor today as his Robot Birthday!

Please leave a comment below telling the best robot around thanks for all the hard work and to have a happy Bday!

Yahoo Wins Bebo Ads Deal For UK, Ireland; Important Score In Social Network Jostling

"It’s certainly a win for Yahoo in the continuing fight against advertising services from Google, which last year snagged the equivalent deal with MySpace, and Microsoft, which is powering display ads for Facebook up to 2011."

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