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Saturday, May 17, 2008

IRC 2008 Yearbook - sheetzjunkie

Hope you guys had a great time at prom! Enjoy some sweet memories.

Trivia Winner for PromNight2008

The trivia winner for PromNight2008 was SonofaStitch_PJ.

The winners will receive a target gift certificate.

Jessica Rose dropped into PromNight2008

Jess Rose:

Hello everyone! sorry I am so late! I have just gotten home!
I'm good how are you all??
haha yes my friend courtney from NZ haa
thanks P.J
aww dont worry you ill see me in some stuff soon!!! :)
haahah a ZOMBIE???
oh boy!
I would come back temporarily probably but i can't come back for good so it wouldnt be fair!
btw Im not saying I AM coming back temporarily I am just saying it wouldnt make sense! :P
aka yusef
he is the nicest person ever
yea I do i actually moved into an apartment 2 doors down from where jackson used to live
hhahahhah hilarious
hes a fab kisser ;)
Im guna call him riht now and tell him to come online althouh knowing him he is probably at the gym or an acting class.. or thinking about going to the gym or acting class... ;)
yea sometimes but I have NO idea what is going on
Im really close with lexie so i check it out every now and then
omg who spiked my punch!!!!!
oh geez
if only i knw how to activate my webcam on my mac life would be easy lol
aww becksters
so how is eeryone likin the show at the moment?
i lve my mac
my mom has cancer? (that was from bree.. in my head she is still alive :P)
wow way to break it to me gently guys.. my whole family is dead including me.... that was also from bree in my head lol
oh yea i do have a sister
ohh chelsey and i are dancing.... im a huge nerd
omgoodness its getting a little rowdy in here hahha
oh we get to make up our own prom dress? mine is a chiffon canary yellow strapless dress scrunched at the bodice and flowy the rest.. to me ankles :P
omg im hyper tonight
too many hot dogs at the bbq
is caravelle436 in here at the moment? he was the one who told me to come and i dont even think he is here!
omg that is so vile
so has this been going on all day long?
its neat to see how many friendships have been created via lg15!

The Royal Court of PromNight2008

PromNight2008: Queen: lyriclyinclined

PromNight2008: King: ApotheosisAZ

PromNight2008: Princess: maddemp

PromNight2008: Prince: Surfthetsu


The prom DJs are asking LG15 Trivia questions.

Trivia Rules:
A series of questions will be asked during the course of the day. PM your answers to DJPerks/Perky^ in IRC or email them to [email protected] within 5 minutes of the question being asked, and the fan with the most correct answers when Prom Court is announced wins a prize!

Trivia Question 1: What is the name of Bree's religion?

Trivia Question 2: Who informed Bree that she had been chosen to participate in the Ceremony?

Trivia Question 3: In which video was "Cassie" first mentioned by Bree?

Trivia Question 4: Name the convenience store that Daniel worked at before going on the run with Bree.

Trivia Question 5: Which fan was chosen to help decide if Bree and Daniel should go stay with Jonas?

Trivia Question 6: What does "PSW" stand for?

Trivia Question 7: What is the name of the show hosted by Miles and Greg on NowLive?

Trivia Question 8: What company does Spencer Gilman work for?

Trivia Question 9: Who did Daniel challenge to remake the "Grillz" video?

Trivia Question 10: What was the date that Bree sacrificed her own life to save her friends?

Trivia Question 11: Who sent Bree's P-Monkey email to LaRezisto?

Trivia Question 12: What was the original working title for the Lonelygirl15 series?

Trivia Question 13: What is the name of the park where the drop from the CassieIsWatching video "When I get to the Bottom Where I stop" was found?

Trivia Question 14: Who was the "mole"?

Trivia Question 15: Name any two characters who have heard their "Eternal Song".

Trivia Question 16: What type of bushes were Maddison Atkins and Adam Wilmott doing a report on?

Trivia Question 17: What was Tachyon's primary means of communication with Brother and drop recipients?

Trivia Question 18: Two similar fanfic series appeared in late-2006 based on that girl Cassie.

Trivia Question 19: What was the first piece of science that Bree "proved wrong"?

Trivia Question 20: Bree gave a shoutout to another youtube subscriber in her "Dorkiness Prevails" video. Who was it?

Join the chat and play LG15 Trivia

Maxwell Glick dropped in on PromNight2008


I hear there's a party in here
hyperventilation huh kelsey?
wow i got a cuddle?
Yes this is me
hello to all you crazy people!
well tell kassia i said hi then
i hope you guys are enjoying your prom
whoa i'm o the dancefloor
this is too funny
how long have you been doing this?
all day?
hey guys i wanted to tell you that I really appreciate you watching MaxterBexter!
we have a blast making the videos for you guys so we love that you are watching them
aw thanks!
we are gonna make more for you guys so don't worry
keep on watching
and we'll write back to you guys too and answer your questions and stuff
we will answer people on youtube
sure thing
we'll get to it all
thanks Jenni!
and thanks Virginian
you guys are funny
slow dancing middle school style
i love it

Maxwell Glick on LGPedia

Maxwell Glick is the actor who played the role of Spencer.

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

Join The FUN @ PromNight2008

6pm DJ Skunkwaffle
7pm DJ Cloud
8pm ApotheosisDJ
9pm DJ MicFranXon
9:30 pm the Royal Court Announcement By Station Manager
10pm Dj Kira
11pm DJ Jammy Jams

* All times are PST *

IRC Prom Puzzle 2 begins!

Congratulations LyriclyInclined for solving Prom Puzzle #2!

Puzzle 2 begins: http://tinyurl.com/3kujbl

The topic of the IRC channel #TimeAndPlace is 47 6f 20 54 6f 20 68 74 74 70 3a 2f 2f 70 75 7a 7a 6c 65 34 70 72 6f 6d 2e 62 6c 6f 67 73 70 6f 74 2e 63 6f 6d 2f

Which is Hexadecimal for Go To http://puzzle4prom.blogspot.com/

At that website you get a series of riddles, and a piece of Vigenere cipher text applied to each riddle. The riddle answers were keys to the Vigenere cipher text. When you combined all of the decoded cipher text together it formed another riddle with 3 lines of cipher text. When you applied the answer to the riddle as the key to the three lines of cipher text you get "Congratulations! You have solved the puzzle, to claim your reward, type !IRCpromrulez in the #breefm IRC Channel!"

Kira for the win!!!!

KellyB dropped into PROMNIGHT2008

KellyB from KateModern dropped into PROMNIGHT2008 and showed off her dance skills with a stunning display with dance partner Greg Gallows.

Kelly Brett on LGPedia.

Kelly Brett is the line producer for the webseries KateModern.

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Record Your Own Live Report from Prom 2008!

IRC Prom 2008 Live Reports

To add your own Live Report from IRC Prom 2008, just call one of the numbers below and enter channel number 20005 # and channel password 2008 # and then press 1 on your touch tone phone to begin recording. Be sure to hit # to stop recording and then 2 to publish your report before hanging up.

Gabcast access numbers:
1.800.749.0632 (US only)
1.647.723.3682 (Toronto, CA)
1.403.775.9947 (Calgary, CA)
3537.6670.9691 (Dublin, IE)
0207.100.2530 (London, UK)
3120.890.8137 (Amsterdam, NL)
6129.037.1938 (Sydney, AU)
6186.365.4411 (Perth, AU)
702681 (Free World Dialup)
[email protected] (Gizmo / SIP)

Remember Me? - GemmaReturns

Not dead yet.
63 6f 6d 65 20 61 6e 64 20 67 65 74 20 69 74

The Hex translates to "come and get it".

Prom Yearbook!

If you want to be in the Prom Yearbook send in a picture to [email protected]

....and if that is not enough fun for you........

B-man started to break dance in the middle of the dance floor!!!!!!!!!!


While the wrong paths shift and transform, the correct path remains the same, even after you leave and come back.


Chelsey wins the acid puzzle!

acidfingers: The solution was this:

On the initial page, every link is invalid except one that's always valid

Becki drops in on PROMNIGHT2008


okey guys, i gotta head off before i break someone's ankle with my awful dance moves

but don't forget to check out the new video!

we love you guys too! and sorry we don't respond to all the comments on youtube, but myspace us and we will!

:) have fun at your prom! i might be back :-D


Amanda dropped into PROMNIGHT2008

Amanda visited the PROMNIGHT2008 IRC chat room (#BreeFM) briefly.

MaxterBexter: Max and Becki Take a Hike

Max and Becki go for a hike in Santa Monica National Park!

Music - "Walk in the Park" by Oh No! Oh My!


12(noon) DJ KShellz
1 pm RomyDJ
2pm DJ Acid
3pm DJ Sheetz
4 Pm DJ Perky
5Pm DJ JenniPowell
6pm DJ Skunkwaffle
7pm DJ Cloud
8pm ApotheosisDJ
9pm DJ MicFranXon
9:30 pm the Royal Court Announcement By Station Manager
10pm Dj Kira
11pm DJ Jammy Jams

* All times are PST *

Will Emma and Jonas be reunited?

Re: Jonas' Code

by Brandi
on Fri May 16, 2008 6:11 pm

Okay, I was just playing with this and I came up with something. Starting with the numbers:

(56)27660 (330) 468698

I shifted them by two to get:

(34)05448 (118)246476 (I used a recurring sequence of 01234567890123456789, which is why the zeros became eights)

I then shifted that to coordinates, 34.05448, -118.246476, I used the negative for the second cause presumably we want something in the US. The location? The intersection of North Hill Street and West 1st Street in LA, near a place called La Fusion Cafe, according to Google Earth anyway.

Sooooo, whaddaya think?


Will Emma and Jonas be reunited?

Yes. Emma has taken up the call to Fight the Order and won't let anyone stand in her way.

No. This is lonelygirl15. There are no happy endings.

Maybe. It depends how the community answers this poll.

None of the above. We will see Emma next week on skype speaking with Jonas. She got cold feet and decided to return home.

Vote @ insideLG15

A open letter of sorts- Ziola (The Coalition: A/A)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Reporting on Julia & Rupert's Wedding - OTS Jenna

Gabcast! Julia and Rupert's Ceremony #2

Join the LG15 IRC chat


Join the fan run KateModern IRC chat to talk about the Julia & Rupert's Wedding.

Eye on LordGreystoke422

LordGreystoke422 is a fan of lonelygirl15 and cassieiswatching who has made a number of response videos following the series. He is the most prolific video responder, having well over fifty videos. Most of his videos take place within the Greater New Orleans area. They revolve around his pursuit by mysterious people which may or may not be related to OpAphid and the Order of Denderah. He has also been a rather prolific forum responder before his "ordeal" began. A Katrina survivor struggling along with the rest of the city, he sought some diversion in the Lonelygirl15 series. A few e-mails from a mysterious figure that he refers to as G-mail Frank quickly changed a simple diversion into an ordeal that utterly changed his life turning him into a fugitive. He is accompanied by his dog, Gabriel, which was found during his time hiding out. LordGreystoke422 has utilized a varied array of different gear and technologies in order to defend himself, remain connected, and to make his stay more comfortable despite the harsh conditions he is living in.

For more information see LGPedia:


LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

LordGreystoke422 most recently visited the LG15 chat using the nick name "TheTraveler" until he finaly revealed his identity.

Tell Me Something Good - retrogirl87 (RP07)

Ugh, I had to get out of the house. I was only out for an hour. But I was starting to feel like I was under house arrest. Sorry fractured. I got back safe though.

Reporting on Julia and Rupert's Wedding

Hello All!

As you may know, today is the day of Julia and Rupert's Wedding. Ceremony. Whatever :p. And I'm sure you'll be wanting to know what went down.

Which is why there is no need to wait for me to come home to tell you.

As soon as I can after the event, I will be calling into Gabcast to let you all know what went down. The link to this is http://www.gabcast.com/index.php?a=episodes&id=19912

Also, if I can't get my camcorder working in time, I will be taking pictures and uploading them straight to my blog. I'll be updating this on my journey to the town hall, some during the event, and maybe some after!;

I'll also stay logged into IRC, so drop me any messages, and I'll read them when I get home.

See you all later!

RSS Feed

Big Bad was caught... time to pick a new plaything... - ThEmptyCheshire (C.INC)

Join The Forum Diccussion To Help Out!

Dear "JACK'dson Creature"

Hope your day is
Full of
Sorrow and the
Embers of fire end your
Bland existence and you
Cease to bother me

Sometimes things that stick out, blend in with the darkness.

I'll be seeing you real soon!!!

View The Forum Thread

Creature INC Playlist

Creature INC on LGpedia

Prom Night 2008 - JenniPowell

prom night is coming!!!

Julia's Wedding

And you're all invited! We'd love to see you at 2pm (GMT) at:

Shoreditch Town Hall
380 Old Street,


The closest tube stop is Old Street.

Directions from Old Street:
Follow the signs to take you out onto Old Street heading East. Walk East down Old Street. Shoreditch Town Hall is on the right hand side just before the junction with Shoreditch High Street.

Following the ceremony there will be an opportunity to meet the cast for photos / autographs. We expect the event to finish before 4pm.

posted by Sophie S


View Larger Map

Friday, May 16, 2008

... and the winner is:

Pushing Twilight
by Steve Sprinkles & Stu Chait

A group of disenchanted twenty-somethings assembles a strange weekly meeting, seeking an outlet for their unfulfilled urges. Daring each other to complete a series of tasks, each participant soon finds themselves going to places - and lengths - they never thought possible.


about IFC Media Labs: http://medialab.ifc.com/content.jsp?pg=about_media_lab.html

how it works: http://medialab.ifc.com/content.jsp?pg=how_it_works.html

FAQ: http://medialab.ifc.com/content.jsp?pg=faq.html

IRC Prom 2008 - SheetzJunkie

Come hang out with us at prom! It's in the breefm chat room on freenode. Or head on over to http://www.bree.fm
Hope to see you there!

I love the Community... and 300! - SurfTheTsu

I love you guys/this is LONELYGIRL15!

Be There or be Square

The polls are up and running. Be the first ones to vote for your Royal Court of The Ceremony That is Prom!
Be Part Of Something Historical ! We hope to see all of you guys from the Breeniverse at the prom tomorrow and thanks to everyone that has made this such a great event for everyone to enjoy.


Click Here To VOTE!!! <-----

For more information on the community run IRC Prom to be held on May 17 see: http://promnight2008.blogspot.com

The Ceremony : Be Part Of Something


Broadcast Revolution - WaldenGhosts (C.INC)

"The law will never make a man free; it is men who have got to make the law free."

Music : NIN - 14 Ghosts II

View the Creature INC tale at :

(Submission to the NIN Ghosts Film Festival. All footage and audio is original or used with permission.)

MicFranxon Says ...

Upside down text at the end reads "Sleep Tight America"

View The Forum Thread

Creature INC Playlist

Creature INC on LGpedia

Cyber Bullying Mom Charged in MySpace Suicide Case

"The indictment said that in violation of terms of service, "Drew" and co-conspirators knowingly and agreed with each other to intentionally access a computer used in interstate and foreign commerce without authorization and in excess of authorized access, and by means of an interstate communication, obtain information from that computer to further a tortious act, namely, to intentional infliction of emotion distress.""


TRANSLATION: It was the violation of MySpace TOS that made this a federal crime!!!!!!!

Routine conduct at risk with MySpace suicide case

Think twice before you sign up for an online service using a fake name or e-mail address. You could be committing a federal crime.


Audio discussion on Free Talk Live:


Astride Checker Squares - zenitraMoeL (The C : A/A)

Ongoing puzzle!
Join the Forum Discussion to help out!

I straddled the board from letters to eights,
As one or two digits each letter translates.

The prude key from bonecrusher's magic word too,
It's sixteen eights long, just repeat it all through.

Then add the matched pairs up to seven, no carries.
Stride back through the board, can you check if it varies?


Visit theCoalition

View The Forum Thread

theCoalition wants your feedback and site suggestions!

Stiff - Jennie (LG15)

She was dead. - Jennie

Be Part of Something (The original)

Be Part of Something on LGPedia.

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

Sofias Diary Ep 45

For more links to Sofia's Diary check out our Sofia's Diary portal page.


Sofia's Diary on Wikipedia.

Join Sofia's Diary IRC CHAT

Solution for the Ooyala player problem? <--- Talk about it.

The Hen Night - Charlie (KM)

We said farewell to Julia's single life... and our senses!

Vote for Katherine in the final voting!

Final voting is now open for Massify's "Ghosts in the Machine"
competition. Remember, you can only choose one male and one female
finalist and don't forget to check out their interviews.


To Answer Some Questions

There were a few questions that need to be addressed for the Nominations process. The top four names that were nominated in each category the most were the names that were released last night. Nominations closed at 12 (midnight ) PDT last night. Any nomination received there after were not added to the final tally. At one point there was a 8 way tie for Queen. Thankfully MicFranXon allowed one of the Prom Committee members to notify the community, during his show, that there was a lack of nominations. Also that the tie needed to be broken. After that a number of nominations poured in, thus breaking the tie and making the top four quite evident. As for why there is only 3 Princes' on the list. Those were the only names submitted under the Prince Nomination list. At no time was the Prom Committee, in any way swaying nominations, nor did any of them nominate a person for the Royal Court. If at all, we as a committee encouraged The Community to send in nominations, create prom videos, campaign for your person of choice for court and to have fun doing it all.

We hope that you will all be there tomorrow night, to enjoy all the fun that is the Prom, because thats what it is all about. Having a great time with your friends and enjoy good music. Polls will open up right here at around 4pm PST. This is earlier than originally discussed to allow for as many votes to be put in as possible. Updates on who is winning will be given through the night until BreeFM's Station's Manager's announcement. Not to mention that you never know what might happen during prom. There is the possibility of some quite exciting things. So join us Saturday for a full night of Music, Fun, Games, Friends, and EPICNESS. This prom is going to make history, and who doesn't want to be apart of that.

Thank you to EVERYONE that sent in Nominations. It truly shows that we are all big community when we have an 8 way tie. Prom is going to Bring us together. Let's make this the best event of the year!!!!!

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prom#Prom_King_and_Queen < for more information on the Practice of Prom.

What is fighttheorder.com ?

I read the recent Eqal blog where they said things in store for LG15 is "new site, new show, favorite characters" right after reading how KM was to have a beginning, middle and end as a proper way to do a narrative.

I'll be honest, since the KM announcement I have been concerned that LG15 might be next. So I thought to myself "new show, new site, favorite characters" and I have been noticing the Fight The Order movement that has been going on.

SO I thought about it and looked up: http://www.fighttheorder.com

the domain info... http://www.networksolutions.com/whois/results.jsp?domain=fighttheorder.com

...points to Domains By Proxy Inc, the same company the C's used to register domains for their other sites.

Coincidence?? Tell us your thoughts!

The Final Nominations for Royal Court

Here are Your Final Four Nominations for Royal Court 2008 to Be Part Of Something.
Stay Tuned to this Blogspot for the Voting Polls Tommorow Night! Thank you to all that sent the mound of nominations. At one point we had an 8 way tie. Thank you so much, we hope to see you at the Prom.


1. greggallows
2. ApotheosisAZ
3. MicFranXon
4. Brooklynxman


1. Perky
2. Chelseyrl
3. Sheetzjunkie
4. lyriclyinclined


1. SonofaStitchPJ
2. Surfthetsu
3. Caravelle


1. xsighxsighx
2. livelaughlove
3. maddemp
4. kelseygirl15


qthec said...
I nominate Apo for Jester - just to make it official ;) - with sidekick Zoey for Juggler, Marla for Court Reporter, Modelmotion for Scribe / Royal Fashion Consultant, Milowent for Court Minstrel, Betz for Vocalist, MicFranXon for Herald / Royal Cupbearer, JenniPowell for Royal Consort, Daniel (Peterbeast) for Valet to the Consort, and both Kira and Voyboy for Ladies in Waiting.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


The Prom Committee has asked us to take down the posters because they want to go in a more postitvive direction so they have been removed. Thanks to those who contributed.

For more information on the community run IRC Prom to be held on May 17 see: http://promnight2008.blogspot.com

The Ceremony : Be Part Of Something

Re: emma's letter: please help!!

by jonastko
on Thu May 15, 2008 3:19 pm

a2ndbree wrote:
i hope they find emma ...
i miss her

i miss her too. we will find her, i'm not letting them harm anyone else i care about. thanx everybody for helping all day and night. you guys are the best friends we could ever have!!

time to hit the road. we'll check in when we've got any new information.


Re: emma's letter: please help!!

by jonastko
on Thu May 15, 2008 3:19 pm

a2ndbree wrote:
i hope they find emma ...
i miss her

i miss her too. we will find her, i'm not letting them harm anyone else i care about. thanx everybody for helping all day and night. you guys are the best friends we could ever have!!

time to hit the road. we'll check in when we've got any new information.


mE fIGhT oRdEr! - jerrypwjr

I'm Fight'n The Order!

Last Chance to Nominate A Community Member for the Royal Court!

TONIGHT the nominations close ! After tonight no more nominations will be accepted . So get them into [email protected] once more send them in like this :

Screen Name- Community Name

King- Full SCreename (Over 18)
Queen- Full Screename (Over 18 )

Prince -Full SCreename (Under 18) { which we could use MORE Nominations for }
Princess - Full Screename (Under 18)

So Send them in guys and gals! Stay tuned Tomorrow night when voting opens for the Royal Court on the Night before The Ceremony !!!!

Sofias Diary Ep 44b

For more links to Sofia's Diary check out our Sofia's Diary portal page.


Sofia's Diary on Wikipedia.

Join Sofia's Diary IRC CHAT

Solution for the Ooyala player problem? <--- Talk about it.

losing my mind - impulseLG (TC: Worldfiles)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

EQAL Blog: "KateModern, CBS, and LG15"

Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried have just posted about the conclusion of KateModern, the new deal with CBS, and some teasers about LG15, on the EQAL blog:


What do you think?

cloud_ax said...
I also want to point out that CBS announced this morning that they are buying CNET Networks.


Not Really LG related but, also interesting?

Sex, Drugs and on the Dole - Gavin (KM)

Another day on the dole...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Greggallows!! - micfranxon

Happy Birthday from everyone, w00t!

Prom Reminder : Hope to see you there!

For more information on the community run IRC Prom to be held on May 17 see: http://promnight2008.blogspot.com

The Ceremony : Be Part Of Something

WHAT TIME IS IT?...Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST, Wednesday.

Glenn talked about some of the business realities of putting together an online show. The YouTube partnership alone is not the answer, but there is good stuff on the horizon for RedEarth88. It takes a lot of networking and talking. It is a fast changing world and things tend to line up at one time. Glenn knows what he wants to do with RedEarth88 and he wants to do it right.

Glenn is incredibly passionate about online video and is ready to hit the ground running with production as things come together. He is more frustrated than anyone by how long some of this stuff takes, and he has been focused on getting it to that point. Glenn tends to live his life counting on the best case scenario, and has hit the ground running before based on his passion alone - but he's focused right now on putting the horse in front of the cart.

End Tags: it would make sense to time those with the next batch of videos.

Glenn loves movies. He says "Iron Man" is really really really good. Glenn loves Marvel Comics. He also saw the documentary movie "King Of Kong " and he was entertained out of his mind". It is about 2 guys. One who held the world record for Donkey Kong. The other is someone who challenged the record. It led up to a showdown in Florida. It was the story of a guy who just wanted a fair chance against "the system". It is so good that you forget that you are watching a documentary. It has a lot of heart and it has a very natural feel to it.

The movie rights have been optioned and it could turn into a theatrical.

Originally in "Back To The Future" they were going to use Petaluma: the town both Glenn and Mesh are from. It was used in both Peggy Sue Got Married and American Graffiti. Eventually it was shot on a Hollywood backlot.

This morning Glenns saw that their is going to be a sequel to Point Break. In Purple Monkey returns Glenn reference Point Break. Daniel spending time with Jonas was like Point Break.

Daniel: How can Bree not want to talk about what happened? It sounds like one of those things she's supposed to say. Her mom once got mad at her because she was crying because it...projected weakness or something. This whole...not wanting to talk thing? Reminds me of back in October with the fake ceremony and... her telling me not to get involved. She's lucky I did. Jonas told me that his "Bree mental health exercise" failed. Miserably. Which frankly doesn't- that doesn't surprise me. Jonas... he's really into talking about feelings. Don't be fooled by the whole "bro" thing. Actually, he's kind of like Patrick Swayze in Point Break... except we don't surf. Or rob banks. We just talk. He gets misty-eyed and we hug it out. (laughs) It's only a matter of time before Jonas has us doing trust falls. That's not gonna cheer Bree up. I know what will.

Purple Monkey Returns
Been trying to figure out how to cheer Bree up and I got a good idea.

The "Get Smart" movie that is coming out looks much better than it has any right to.

"Just One Of The Guys" has one interesting plot detail. An 18 year old character who is into James Brown? Now that is a little quirkly. It reminds Glenn of Freaks and Geeks.

Jonah Hill was supposed to be in the next transformers movie but it is not happening because they are producing the "21 Jump Street" movie. Johnny Depp was amazing in the original 21 Jump Street.

From Wikipedia:

Jonah Hill (born December 20, 1983 is an American actor and screenwriter. Hill has had a successful career as an actor in comedic films, appearing in roles in the films Accepted, Grandma's Boy, 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up, Superbad, Evan Almighty, This Side of the Truth, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

When Glenn was 10 until almost a year ago (if Glenn did not become a writer/director) he would have wanted to be a high school narc. A year ago he has to let the dream go. He has seen every episode of 21 Jump Street.

Glenn would love to bring 21 Jump Street back to TV. He thinks he could get Johnny Depp to be in it. What if he became a teacher in a high school. What if there was a Columbine shooting. It would be a TV movie (a so called back door pilot). It would be gritty and real. Maybe we could get Shakira to record the theme.

Glenn commented on "Kevin Smith - Superman Reborn" and said there are a lot of interesting people in the entertainment industry. It is not always profitable to tell things how they are.

Here is the archive of of stories from LG15 TODAY concerning Glenn's radio show on BreeFM.

Send questions to [email protected]

Played @ Song Title
01:42:0 Kevin Smith - Prince
01:39:30 Rancid - The 11Th Hour
01:32:42 Five For Fighting - Superman (It's Not Easy)
01:12:57 Kevin Smith - Superman Reborn
01:09:03 Counting Crows - Einstein On The Beach
01:06:57 Tom Wilson - The Biff Question Song

01:04:39 Mates of State - Proofs Current Song
01:00:32 3rd Bass - Pop Goes the Weasel
00:20:26 Oingo Boingo - Goodbye, Goodbye
00:17:57 The Stereo - I Confess To All This Mess
00:15:21 Ridel High - Monsters Under Your Bed
00:11:53 They Might Be Giants - Hey, Mr. DJ, I Thought You Said We Had a Deal
00:08:19 Jet - Are You Gonna Be My Girl
00:03:08 Ray Luv - Get My Money On
00:00:50 The New Trust - This Invitation Has Meant The World To Me
23:57:56 Rasputina - The Olde Headboard
23:53:47 R.E.M. - The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite
23:50:39 Cansei De Ser Sexy - Music Is My Hot Hot Sex
23:45:59 Digital Underground - The Humpty Dance
23:41:08 Sugarhill Gang - Rapper's Delight
23:11:33 Milk - Spam
23:08:00 Queen - Another One Bites The Dust

KateModern on GMTV 09/05- InsideKateModern

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What is PromNight2008?

PromNight2008 is a live, dynamic, interactive, social, event. It is created by you "The Community" for you "The Community." It is you! Think of it as online performance art meets real world prom.

We will all be watching Rupert and Julia get married over in the UK on the morning of Saturday, May 17th. PromNight2008 will then go live worldwide at 12 noon PST and last for 12 hours of insane fun.

It is dynamic because it is what YOU create it to be. Its only limitation is your own creativity. So, bring it!

It is interactive because there will be puzzles, contests, and prizes throughout the prom. Participate and have fun.

It is social because all your friends will be there to party with. There will be music, dancing, chat and so much more awesomeness!!!!!!

It is online because that is where you work, play, rest and for you humans, sleep. It is where we live. It is what we do.

It is an event because YOU will be there. So bring a date, a friend or just come and hang out in BreeFM chat, and tune in on BreeFM radio.

For more information on the community run IRC Prom to be held on May 17 see: http://promnight2008.blogspot.com

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'Lonelygirl15' creators get cozy with CBS

"EQAL, the production company that created the Internet sensation, has closed a multifaceted deal with CBS that will either supplement existing Eye programs with online extensions or potentially yield new multiplatform programs."


CBS and EQAL Team Up for First-of-Its-Kind Partnership to Create Integrated TV and Online Shows

"Under the terms of the partnership, EQAL will work closely with CBS television writers at the script and production level to write, produce and direct online narratives that tie directly into the television series and promote the network telecasts"


"EQAL will also build and provide the entire technology infrastructure to host the online show components."
CBS Will Lonelygirlize its TV Shows
"Wow, just when we question those EQAL guys’ reasoning for doing something dumb by pulling a hit series, they show they have something much more interesting up their sleeves"

CBS Strikes Deal with lonelygirl15 Creators

He continued, “The extended narratives online will give fans and viewers the opportunity for a whole new level of engagement both in between airings of the TV episodes and as stand-alone plot lines.”


EQAL on LGPedia.

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Booby Trap? - Gina (LG15)

Emma's made contact! She wants to be found! - Gina

Jonas posted the letter and the Ipod playlist on the forum: http://www.lg15.com/lonelygirl15/forum/viewtopic.php?f=101&t=17376 - In-Character Interaction

Puzzle discussion thread.

Booby Trap? - Gina (LG15) on LGPedia.

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ipod playlist:

JXQZEYLU53, 9, 4
YBZH, 1, 2
OBJ, 6,4
XABJX, 3,1

Source: insideLG15

6. REM

the numers at the end mean the album number and the track number and gives a name aswell

1. Album - GIft - Track 8 - I
2. Album - Exile On Mainstream - track 9 - diesease
3. Album - Odelay - track 1 - devil's haircut
4. Album - Crash - track 7 - drive in, drive out
5. Album - Crash - track 4 - too much
6. Album - lifes rich pagent - track 6 - underneath the bunker
7. Album - vampire weekend - track 2 - oxford comma
8. Album - aftermath - track 14 - what to do
9. Album - glitter - track 7 - Reflections (Care Enough)
10. Album - welcome to the cruel world - track 1 - The Three of Us
11. Album - adema - track 3 - giving in
12. Album - hybrid theory (if hes the producer for linkin park) - track 5 - crawlin'
13. Album - i couldnt find the album but i found a track called - forget

someone on the forums said the last track listing is wrong.

they said....
"I think we may have the album and track wrong for the last one.. I dont think its Forget.. http://www.purevolume.com/quietmirrors/albums
that page suggests that the first album by quiet mirrors is Aesthetic Acrimony. If you hit view back cover on http://www.lulu.com/content/451722 the 5th song is "Calm before the storm" which seems fitting concerning what's about to happen."
micfranxon said...
Those are not the correct Dave Matthews Band tracks and titles.

Album 7 is Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds Live at Luthor College, Track 7's title is: Jimi Thing

Dave Matthews Band's 4th album is "Recently" the song title is "WAREHOUSE"

I know my dave matthews band stuff


Sofias Diary Ep 43

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Sofia's Diary on Wikipedia.

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Solution for the Ooyala player problem? <--- Talk about it.

Celestial Network Meeting

From Steve on Bebo: http://www.bebo.com/SteveBelieves

The first meeting of the Celestial Network will be broadcast right here on Bebo next Thursday!

Celestial Network Manifesto

I thought it was about time that I clarified a few things about the Celestial Network.

The response already has been overwhelming and I want to provide an expression of what the Network is all about so that everyone can continue to spread the word.

The key concept underpinning the entire Network is that of love, and I'm delighted with how readily you have all embraced this notion. You have also shown a great willingness to engage in a new method of spiritual interaction: social network love. We truly are turning this social network into a spiritual network. We are witnessing a new dawn for human relationships.

With your help we can overcome outdated notions of love which are based on the flawed concept of the self.

We will become enlightened to the fact that we are all part of one cosmic unity, and that by opening ourselves up to love, we can become one with the life force of the entire universe.

For too long we have laboured under proscriptive notions of what it means to love - notions dictated to us by the powers that be and by religions like the Hymn of One.

Well, no more. The Network does not tell you how to love, it simply asks that you open your heart and connect with the cosmos. If you choose not to, fine. If you do, congratulations and welcome to the next phase of life in our universe.

Connect with me.......


Give Meryl Edwards Her Big Break / The Video - YouWish8

Give Meryl Edwards the Greatest Actress in KM her own spin-off show under EQAL.

Support this Campaign Endorsed by LG15 Today by signing the petition:



Music used:

Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Moya
Modest Mouse - Float On

Used under Fair Use.

The Campaign Post

Eye On Meryl Edwards

Meryl Edwards At LGPedia

A Special Thanks To ModelMotion.

Piece of Work - Julia (KM)

Julia said...

How the hell could Charlie make that nasty animation?

Who should Charlie go out with?
a) Gavin
b) Steve


2/8 Life - Season 2 Promo

A teaser to get fans excited for the second season of 2/8 Life.

Springtime - WhoIsKris (The C : WF)

did he just call me an idiot?

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Princess Diary - lonelyjewfifteen

My tripod sucks.

Nominations Update for The Ceremony's Royal Court

OK to clarify somethings that were left unmentioned
Here is an example of the Best way to send in a Nomination:

Screenname- Community Name

King- Full SCreename (Over 18)
Queen- Full Screename (Over 18 )

Prince -Full SCreename (Under 18)
Princess - Full Screename (Under 18)

If you could please send them in to [email protected] in that format it would be GREAT!!!

The top 4 Names in each catagory will be put into polls for voting .

Thanks Bunchs Peeps! Prom is going to be an event you would not want to miss, because we are going to be talking about it for months.

History is to be made!!!!


For more information on the community run IRC Prom to be held on May 17 see: http://promnight2008.blogspot.com

The Ceremony : Be Part Of Something

Wacky Wednesday Puzzle Show!!!!!

Come join me for my second puzzle show on my new night and time. Wednesday @ 4pm pacific I will be live for my first wednesday night show. It will be a puzzle / all request show. Get those brains geared up and the requests flowing into my inbox. I promise it will be a great time. Send all requests to me at [email protected]

Jennie and Jonas - Mulder724

And the wheels keep turning.

Ideas for IRC PROM hair styles!








For more information on the community run IRC Prom to be held on May 17 see: http://promnight2008.blogspot.com

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