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Saturday, November 21, 2009

LG15: The last begins to return on LG15.com

LG15: The last has begun to return on the LG15.com Umbrella site: http://www.lg15.com/thelast

Bray: http://www.lg15.com/user_profile/view/10278
Jayde: http://www.lg15.com/user_profile/view/10279
Toni: http://www.lg15.com/user_profile/view/10280
Chas: http://www.lg15.com/user_profile/view/10287
Mitch: http://www.lg15.com/user_profile/view/10288
Sibylla: http://www.lg15.com/user_profile/view/10289
Xavier: http://www.lg15.com/user_profile/view/10290
Leigh: http://www.lg15.com/user_profile/view/10291

VENUS 4X4 Part 3/4: Are You Sweating Yet?

So like it's getting totally intense right now. I don't know how much longer this can continue!

Music by The Pumps and Orphan: http://www.thepumps.net

I am actually at New Moon... Why?!?! - Gwenavere14

I was dragged along to go see new moon. WHY!? :p

The Crew - Rendezvous - Season 2, Episode 6

In the Mid-Season Finale, while on an Away Mission, Tom, Tim, Patrick and Jala run into some baddies as Andrea gets a special visitor in the brig. Taryn O'Neill and Woody Tondorf Guest Star

The Twilight Saga: New Moon, acted out on more than the big screen

On each of these Ning Networks (sometimes called “families” or “covens”), fans are using the built-in features — namely the profile pages and blogs — to assume the identity of their favorite characters and act them out.




TechCrunch Interviews (The Very Happy) Skype CEO Josh Silverman

All he has to do now is manage board meetings with two of the more forceful personalities on the planet – new investor Marc Andreessen and cofounder/new investor Niklas Zennstrom.


Interview With Skype CEO Josh Silverman the day after the closing of the Ebay spinoff.

A special 'LG15: Outbreak' preview

A special 'LG15: Outbreak' preview will be released Mid-December. Look for it soon.


itsnotcassie - itscassie


In all seriousness, I really could use some support over there. Ive had alot of great projects fall through in the past few years, but my new channel is here to stay. Hope to see you there!

...oh and this will probably be the last time I log onto this channel, so no more creepy messages like the one person who wanted to see my feet...or the other person who told me to kill myself. so sweet!

Friday, November 20, 2009

VENUS 4X4 Part 2/4: It's Totally ON!

So like it's time for the totally gnarly aerobic marathon between Nancy and Andrea. Who are YOU with:


Let us know who you think WILL win and who you WANT to see win in the comments!

Music: Bust The TV by The Pumps


Eye on Life with Kat & McKay

Life with Kat & McKay is a new web series about an age old problem. When Kat meets McKay the oh so dreamy (what? he is) waiter at a local restaurant, they are instantly smitten with each other, much to the chagrin of her BFF, who also had her eye on the strapping young server. As their relationship moves to the inevitable conclusion, that would be marriage – get your mind out of the gutter – they must overcome obstacles and navigate conflicts caused by their well-intentioned family and friends. Will they make it to the alter? Does love really conquer all? Will there be bloodshed?

Life with Kat & McKay is a web series done well. Written, produced, and directed by Sandra J. Payne, the show is a quirky comedy that is not afraid to embrace its ‘feel good’ nature. From the Brady Bunch inspired opening, to the jazzy upbeat soundtrack, the show never strives to be more than what it is, a fun short, entertaining series that focuses on its characters without relying on green screens or gimmicks. Also, the series makes good use familiar archetypes – the spoiled daddy’s girl and the mamma’s boy, the rich family vs. the working class one, making the series immediately accessible and the characters instantly identifiable. In many ways the show reminds me of OzGirl in that it is a simple story elevated by compelling characters. This isn’t to say the characters are as interesting as those on OzGirl, Life with Kat & McKay could really use a Megan; however, the actors do a good job of elevating them beyond their two-dimensional archetypes.

Life with Kat & McKay is a web series that is obviously aimed largely at a female demographic, yet I still found it quite enjoyable. Of course, I’ve been known to enjoy the occasional chic flick; in fact, just this week I watched a film, with an all female cast, a very friendly cast. The series is available on several sites including Koldcast. The individual episodes are rather short clocking in under 5 minutes in length. The series has not received much attention from the major players, so this would be an opportunity to experience an undiscovered gem.

Ditch The Tech

Try to find a cure before it's too late. It almost already is.

The Web Files Pounds the L.A. Web Series Beat

Today, NewTeeVee gets to do something we don’t normally get to do — review the competition. OK, technically The Web Files isn’t competition for us — we’re just covering the same beat using different mediums.


Eliza Dushku Doesn't Expect To Ever Play In 'Dollhouse' Again

While she dashed our hopes of 'Dollhouse' continuing in comic book form, she said she'd like to be part of the upcoming 'Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog' sequel, and that her Robert Mapplethorpe biopic (which she has been working on for eight years) is finally getting made.


VENUS 4X4 Part 1/4: Locker Room Action!

So like we're totally sorry about the delays but here's the totally bitchin' first installment of the VENUS 4 X 4!!!


'Eternity Begins Now'... A new online sci-fi thriller from the award-winning creators of @PinkTheSeries. Coming in 2010.



"Next up in the new media realm I’m directing a sci-fi/thriller called Continuum that we’re planning to shoot late this fall and release next spring. Wilson Cleveland and CJP Digital Media are working with us on this project."


Recap: DIYDays Fireside Chat with Jan Libby and Steve Peters

She suggests that designers create an entry character or some other entry device where players can “check in” with the game, with a deeper experience for the more avid players that enriches the story without creating impediments to the enjoyment of more casual players.


The Three Faces of You, Online - HOW TO MAKE A HIT INTERNET SHOW #6

All this material helps the character become more three dimensional.
And the 'voyeurism' is what brings us back for more.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Guild Episode 11: Battle Royale

The Ten Most Influential Internet Moments of the Decade

Online video revolution (2006)
In 2006, a perfect storm of faster bandwidth, cheaper camcorders, and the groundbreaking use of Adobe's Flash 9 video player by YouTube combined to launch the online video revolution. The trifecta led to a boom in homemade and professional content - the Diet Coke and Mentos guys, lonelygirl15, SNL's Lazy Sunday, and Senator George Allen's "macacagate" - that has reshaped everything from pop culture to politics.


LEAKED: New Moon Auditions - take180com

More Twilight fun? Click here for more videos: http://www.take180.com/twihards
Tell us what Celeb you want to see audition for a famous role here: http://www.take180.com/auditions

Tom Cruise auditions for New Moon... You can't handle the spoof! Starring Evan Ferrante as Tom Cruise

Crime 360 online game launches in parts of South East Asia

The infomer grabs the player’s attention through disruptive communication such as hi-jacking Crime 360 promotional materials, and through on-air and online viral spots.


Facebook Now #3 Video Site Behind YouTube and Hulu

What do you think: will Facebook’s inherent virality be enough to propel it past the premium content from major networks aggregated by Hulu?


Taryn Southern gets an iPhone Ap

For more on Taryn: http://www.taryntogo.com

Reservoir Hill

ReservoirHill_Blog6.mov - BethRHill

The main ep does not appear to be up yet, but you can try: http://www.youtube.com/user/kiwifruit2009

AOL returns as Steve Case scores again

Time Warner will spin off AOL on Dec. 9 in a stock offering that will value the humbled, formal portal somewhere near $3.5 billion -- slightly bigger than Netflix Inc.


Striving for success - Gwenavere14

I successfully annoy Pammer during study because I was bored...

BET debuts first original web series

Viacom's BET Network will launch its first original web series later this month, about the world of Black Hollywood.


Ars responds to Big Cable: TV networks nothing like an iPod

Who could have imagined that a debate based on the kind of cables you shove into the back of your television set would get this hot?


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Kristyn Burtt Can't Miss List

Kristyn Burtt, the lovely and talented host of The Web.Files also hosts a show for Dance Channel TV called the Can't Miss List, which runs down the latest gossip and behind the scenes news of the dance world. I for one was excited to learn that there was finally a web show dedicated to the world of dance, until I learned they do not consider pole a style of dance. Nevertheless, if you like dance, this is the show for you. Also, Kristyn Burtt is chock full of snarky goodness and there are pictures of Julianne Hough, who still will not return my phone calls, even the ones that came from inside her house.

Neighborhood Watch @TheHollywood Web Series Trailer - WatchWhoYouTrust

Watch events unfold through the eyes of the security system's mysterious operator.

“Neighborhood Watch at The Hollywood” incorporates an innovative storytelling device called "Forced Perspective." Forced perspective is essentially first person point of view, which is nothing new, however the difference is that the viewer is forced to see the entire story through a character's perspective. The powerful aspect of Forced Perspective is that the viewer doesn't get to see what they want to see or even what they are used to seeing. There is no hand holding. There are no zoom shots to direct your attention to where clues might be-you're going to have to find them yourself. In “Neighborhood Watch at The Hollywood” the viewer is immediately introduced to the control panel of The Hollywood's state of the art security system and it becomes evident that they are watching someone use it to monitor the tenants. The console is completely functional and the operator has access to not only security cam footage but also video from cams hidden in apartments as well as mobile cams. Only the security system's operator controls what is seen and when and discovering their identity is central to the plot.

Pictured L-R: Becki Kregoski, Andrew Lander, Dylan Ramsey, Sharon Ingram, Lisa Kowalski, Windham Beacham and Kirsten Scoles

Not Pictured: Michael Moon, Elizabeth Carlisle, Charlie Heydt, Logan Rapp, Joshua Weiner and Daniel Weiss.

See: http://neighborhoodwatchwebseries.blogspot.com/2009/11/trailer-announcement.html



The Web.Files #20 - MERRIme.com

On this weeks episode of The Web.Files, host, Kristyn Burtt, chats over cupcakes with Kaily Smith, co-creator and co-writer with her production partner, David Weidoff, about their award-winning comedy, MERRIme.com, which took home honors at both the ITVfest and NYTVfest this year.

Merrime.com, the '.com' is part of the show's name, centers on Merri, a Quarterlife-inspired, Beverly Hills trust-fund girl who is looking for love online, because, apparently, wealthy, attractive twenty year olds can only find a suitable date on the Internet. Each week Merri goes on a date with a different loser, or the occasional actor from Beverly Hills 90210 and wackiness ensues. The show is targeted at women in there late twenties and thirties and contains adult situations, which may not be suitable for children or guys who do not wish to listen to wealthy, whiny women whimper about how hard their lives can be.

Dollhouse: Nov 18 Update + Spoilers

Note: This update contains information that may be considered a spoiler for those who are not as far along in the game as others.


Rossum's new TV spot also launched today. View it here: http://www.rossumcorporation.com/preview.html

Anthony Zuiker on a New 'Level' of Fear

We recently chatted with Zuiker (pictured below) about his delightfully sick, twisted mind, and asked him to explain what exactly this "digi-novel" is all about.


Inside the Mind of Anthony Zuiker for Level 26: Dark Origins

So we're pretty excited about that. I think by book three there may be some different level of interactivity that will be kind of an evolution, like a 2.0 version of the digi-novel.


LEGO: We Come in Pieces

Following the coordinates, the researchers soon found themselves within Legoland: Billund where they located a tiny crash site, complete with an alien pod lodged in the brick-filled crater



New Game…For Canceled Show!

The first being a website for the Rossum Corporation, the company behind the Dollhouses, and another created by the Rossum Corporation's opposition called "Ditch the Tech."


See previous stories about DOLLHOUSE: http://lg15today.blogspot.com/search/label/dollhouse

Viral Video is Dead According to Kevin Nalty in New Media Minuten (video)

"Brands making videos for YouTube don't need to spend a lot of money because there's no correlation between production values and views, the online video strategist Kevin Nalty told me in this week's New Media Minute. "



Speaker Highlight: Jan Libby

"Whether her involvement in indie games such as Sammeeeees, Wrath of Johnson, and Eldritch Errors, campaigns like Levi’s Go Forth, or her current indie developments for 36nine – Jan’s interest and expertise is in building entire worlds for an audience to not simply to enjoy, but to fully engage in."


Episode 4.7 - Dr. Horrible & Cameron Stewart - acomicbookorange

2nd Annual Dr Horrible/The Guild Charity Screening

This past Halloween weekend, Whedonopolis was front and center once again with the 2nd Annual Dr Horrible/The Guild charity screening benefitting KidsNeedToRead.org.

We caught up with The Guild's Vince Caso (Bladezz) and Michele Boyd (Stupid Tall Hot Girl/Riley) as well as Kelly from Whedonopolis and Denise from KidsNeedToRead.org!

2009 Dr Horrible/The Guild Charity Screening!

Notable guests in attendance included Felicia Day, Michele Boyd, Sandeep Parikh, and Vince Caso from The Guild!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

IAWTV Turns 1: Announces Member Drive, NYC Meeting

As a community driven membership organization, composed of the leaders and pioneers of the online entertainment industry, the IAWTV is an important piece of the web television ecosystem — but its work is only just beginning, and it’s looking to expand its ranks.


Podcast: Ryan Copple Q&A

Ryan answers your questions & gives us a lot of fun bits of information, including a little bit of info about a special up & coming announcement!


You're only in trouble if you get caught - hollishillis

I'm such a Slytherin.

It's Not All About You: Part One [Poor Paul ep42]

"Clyde throws this big backyard party for Bonnie to meet her real mom. But Bonnie doesn't know why we're having the party. And since it's the Season Finale, we have a lot of people coming, like Grandpa Paul and Pauline and some guy in an animal costume. Weird." Paul.

Starring Kevin G. Schmidt, Samantha Droke, Wes Whitworth and Zack Bennett as Paul.

Co-starring Katie Malia, Zach Cumer, Palmer Scott, Crawford Wilson, Brittany Belt, Jenni Powell, Paul Romero, introducing Kathy Schmidt as Nancy with Sean Michael Beyer as Mr. Ted, Jessica Rose as Beatrice, with Special Guest Stars Richard Riehle as Grandpa Paul and Elaine Hendrix as Pauline.

Written by Geoff Hoff & Steve Mancini and Sean Michael Beyer and Kevin G. Schmidt.

Directed by Kevin G. Schmidt.

©2009 Eye Scream Films

Introducing OWFa (the Open Web Foundation Agreement)

This reusable agreement is designed to be easily adopted by a wide range of specification communities and organizations as an alternative to the challenging — and costly — process of negotiating new licensing agreements every time.


Greg said...

LG15.com is back up and running. Sorry, we were doing some server maintenance and it took some time.

Yes, we will be using the CC-BY-NC-SA license. We need to put the badge on the site and alter the TOS for LG15.com so it doesn't conflict. We will get to that before Outbreak goes live.

LG15.com is being updated concurrently with all other Umbrella sites.

LG15 is very important to us. It is our first community and the one that has allowed us to continue working in this space and build a company. Unfortunately it doesn't have the same funding as some of our sites, but we do our best. Projects like TSIY are really important and we can't wait for Outbreak.

I would like nothing more than to do EQAL created LG15 content, but I just don't know when that will happen. I don't want to say yes, no, or maybe because Renegade will get mad at me. So I will just say that we personally love LG15 and wish we could produce content for it but can't at this time.

We are working on posting The Last and all other LG15 content over the to the new site. We have lots of work and a small team, so it takes time. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Thanks everyone

stephanie said...
Does the license apply to the videos only or also any screencaps taken from the video? If it's only the former, it should also be the latter since it's a piece of the same material.

greg said...
It applies to the latter as well. All material will be under the CC license.

Original comment: http://lg15today.blogspot.com/2009/11/questions-for-eqal-inc.html

The Web Series Universe Starts Coming Together Thanks to Too-Wacky Temp Life

For if you’re a true TV nerd, you might be aware of something known as the Tommy Westphall Universe Hypothesis, a theory which posits that the vast majority of network television from the past several decades takes place within the same universe, thanks to the multitude of crossovers and spinoffs that have occurred over the years.


Girl Number 9 (Review)

A fascinating philosophical exercise, wrapped up inside an unfortunately disappointing show


Girl Number 9 - Trailer 2

The official trailer for Girl Number 9, the 6-part web thriller debuting on October 30 at 9:00pm (GMT).

Created by Dan Turner & James Moran
Written by James Moran

Starring Gareth David-Lloyd, Tracy-Ann Oberman & Joe Absolom.

Trailer features brand new specially composed music by Torchwood composer Ben Foster.

Wipe The Future


password for the wtf site: u: #matt pass: dendrobium #heiti #ditchthetech

Ditch the Tech

Rossum is evil. You have to resist them because they will cause the end of civilization. If you value your mind and your soul, DON'T PICK UP THE PHONE!

Please Hurry! Ditch the Tech!

Tell your authorities! Find a way to stop Rossum! http://www.ditchthetech.com



IRC CHAT: #dollhouse on irc.chat-solutions.org

See previous stories about DOLLHOUSE: http://lg15today.blogspot.com/search/label/dollhouse

ARG Netcast, Episode 108: Jeromy Barber And The Mustnt's

On this week’s show, co-hosts David Tenenbaum, Sean C. Stacey, Jonathan Waite and Carie Ward are joined by Jeromy Barber of Maddison Atkins fame for a lively discussion about his work and his passion for storytelling through film and alternate reality gaming.


Adobe Air 2 goes beta, adds tons of new features, sucks a whole lot less

Still, a few killer apps helped drive adoption - apps like TweetDeck, Times Reader 2.0, and DeskTube. As Air continued to develop, it got leaner and meaner and now version 2 has arrived in beta. Adobe Air 2 is now here, and it's ready to get down to business.


YouTube launches tool for 'citizen journalists'

The company has signed up NPR, Politico, The Huffington Post and The San Francisco Chronicle.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Questions for Eqal, Inc.

Earlier today Ren asked Eqal executives a series of questions on Twitter. Since we probably all would like to know the answers, here they are:

Is the plan of officially licensing all of LG15 under CC-BY-NC-SA still current?

Is LG15.com being updated concurrently with all other Umbrellas or independently?

Realistically, do you think LG15 will rise in importance to EQAL again at some point?

Do you consider EQAL-created LG15 a realistic possibility in the foreseeable future?

What's the progress on bringing The Last's site back?


ETA Nov 17 1:09pm PST: Greg's reply from the comments

Greg said...

LG15.com is back up and running. Sorry, we were doing some server maintenance and it took some time.

Yes, we will be using the CC-BY-NC-SA license. We need to put the badge on the site and alter the TOS for LG15.com so it doesn't conflict. We will get to that before Outbreak goes live.

LG15.com is being updated concurrently with all other Umbrella sites.

LG15 is very important to us. It is our first community and the one that has allowed us to continue working in this space and build a company. Unfortunately it doesn't have the same funding as some of our sites, but we do our best. Projects like TSIY are really important and we can't wait for Outbreak.

I would like nothing more than to do EQAL created LG15 content, but I just don't know when that will happen. I don't want to say yes, no, or maybe because Renegade will get mad at me. So I will just say that we personally love LG15 and wish we could produce content for it but can't at this time.

We are working on posting The Last and all other LG15 content over the to the new site. We have lots of work and a small team, so it takes time. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Thanks everyone

November 17, 2009 12:28 PM

EQAL Umbrella: Crash and burn vs 436?

Earlier today EQAL Umbrella appears to have suffered from a system wide crash. Or, was it the work of the 436?

Visit our Umbrella blogspot portal page.

Whatever Happened To That Italian/Japanese Girl Bree?

FH14 asks on twitter: "any updates on LG15 Italy/Japan, any at all, that you can give to us patient LG15 fans?"

LG15 first reported in March 2009 on EQAL's announcement of a licensing deal with Shinto Tsushin to distribute dubbed versions of Lonelygirl15 and KateModern in Japan. In June, Greg Goodfried updated fans to let them know that "we licensed LG15 to a Japanese company, so lonelygirl15 and KateModern will find a whole new life with a Japanese audience, and they might produce a local version of LG15 for Japan."

Deals like this, however, can take lots of time to come to fruition.

A bit farther back, EQAL first announced on June 4, 2008 a partnership with Italy-based M.A.D. Entertainment to create an Italian-language lonelygirl15 spinoff. Subsequent to that announcement, the Polish lonelygirl15 spinoff n1ckola has come and gone, though a second season of n1ckola may materialize at some future date.

Riese Episode 2 - Fragments

Riese awakens inside the township of Helmkin and discovers a horrifying secret.

GO IV! The Final Test


‘The Temp Life’ Returns, Stocked Up on Web Series Stars

by Marc Hustvedt

Behind the camera, more web series regulars were enlisted. The Hayley Project co-directors Andrew Park and Jato Smith were tapped to shoot the new episodes, with Streamy-nominated Break a Leg creator Yuri Baranovsky writing them alongside Cleveland.


book launch in LA

This is THE PLACE for GO IV Gamers

GO IV Gamers Jannie B. and Maskit sent in some AMAZING photos of the Randsburg, CA campfire story!!! TY!!! Check em out!!!!! very woooohoooo! :)


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