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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Linc puzzle solved with less then half an hour to deadline

15OVER15 - 15over15

This is my story now.

Thanks to Clara and acidfingers for solving it.

Stills from the video ... Is there a hidden message?
I will post additional stills for the second half of the sequence soon. ~ QtheC
(click to see larger versions)

From the YouTube account: 15OVER15

To Linc and the Lo-Fi Syndicate,
A few months back, you lost something that was very important to you. Remember?
Succeed at this task, and you might get it back.
Find her.
Protect her.
Earn her trust.
To expedite things, I have already identified "her" for you.
Don't tell her anything.
And please show your work (I am watching).
If you need help, you should enlist "associates."
Perhaps members of your former team?
Report back with your progress, then await further instruction on Sunday, July 22nd.


To Clara,
Too slow. Oh well, we learn and move forward.
Keep your camera on. This is an incredible time for the creator inside all of us.
And like you, I am also seeking answers.
This is my story now.
Enjoy the show.


Website: 15OVER15.com/ web site.
In-Depth Discussion ~ LOFISYNDICATE - musicmashup puzzle {16/07/07}

acidfingers Posted:
Sun Jul 22, 2007 2:12 am

Dear Diary,

Today we smashed our heads against our desks trying to figure out what the hell all of these numbers meant. After noticing that all of the songs but 1 (Stars - Heart) corresponded to a clue in the Ray's drop, we determined that the Heart song must have been equivalent to the Hebrew letter "hay"

Since "hay" was the 5th letter in the Hebrew alphabet, we decided to treat it as such, and then simply assumed that the Heart song meant 5th as well. After meditating on the clue of "Put me together" and "I'll never be whole" we decided that there was a huge emphasis on fractions.

Adding up all of the fractions we came across (1/5, 1/5, 1/5, 3/5, and 1/15) you get 15/15 (made sure not to reduce to 1, since that was a whole number, and the clue says I'll never be whole).

At this point, we realized that the series of clues was used as sort of a signature in the note to Clara from the London drop, so maybe it was a type of name. We tried out some various usernames on youtube and eventually tried out "15over15" and got a promising account that mentions Clara, Linc, and others.

So I think this is the extent of this puzzle solved. Still not sure how Stars - Heart = "fifth" but the London drop helped us figure out the fact that it did = "fifth" so it's all gravy!



Here is how it went down in IRC Chat:

02:50 acidfingers what about www.youtube.com/15over15
02:51 Brooklynxman 404 damm
02:51 acidfingers FUCK
02:51 acidfingers hell yeah!
02:51 Brooklynxman yes

Nacogdoches DA - amblyopianne

John Davies gave me a few minutes to discuss his perspective of the Joel Frady case.

Maddison Atkins ~ amblyiopianne - Nacogdoches DA [7.22.07] Discussion

Acrowleyorder Season One Recap - EricaCrowley

Watch for our final episode of the season. Coming soon to Youtube, Bebo, and Myspace.


Esteed explains the London Drop - Star Wars

There has been a lot of confusion over what happened with the drop in London today. See the discussion thread on the forums, where Esteed puts it together with a Star Wars metaphor.

Esteed: I think I've figured out a way to metaphorically explain this using Star Wars. Think about it this way: In the beginning of the saga (Phantom Menace) we had two sets of people. The Jedi, the good guys, and the Sith, the bad guys. Now, we (and the Jedi) know that the Sith are there. But waaaay back when the Jedi pwned the Sith in a big war. After that the Sith were kind of inactive.
QtheC: Wait, Deagol is Yoda, right?
Zane: rofl
Esteed: So by the time of Phantom Menace, the Jedi knew the Sith existed, but really, they didn't think too much about them. They weren't a threat because really, what were they doing? Occasionally killed a nameless Jedi, that's about it. Then came the Revenge of the Sith, where the Sith basically came to the Jedi and said, "Fuck yo' galaxy, bitches!" and pwned them. Suddenly these bad guys that were thought barely existed were a HUGE threat.
QtheC: best starwars saga summary ever.
Esteed: So, now let's look at Maddy. In the beginning, we have two groups. The Pigeoneers, or whatever we're calling ourselves, consisting of Maddy, Adam, us, and Zipp. We also, through Zipp, knew that there were bad guys aligned against us. But did they ever even once do a thing in chapter one?
Zane: are you saying warpys darth maul?
Esteed: The only thing they did was come to Maddy and Adam and say, "Fuck yo' lives, bitches!" and kill them. Now we're seeing the bad guys turning to us and going, "Fuck yo' drops, bitches!" and messing with them.
Esteed: I think I'm going to paste that in the forums. Because goddamnit I'm proud of that.
QtheC: Oh, it's definitely going on LG15 Today blog. lol
Zane: so the last bit Fuck yo' drops, bitches!" is reveng of the sith?
Esteed: Well, you have to keep in mind, there was stuff after Revenge.
Zane: so is clara laya?
Esteed: Not unless she gets in the gold bikini. Then she can be whoever she damn well pleases.

London Drop Found!

Thanks to Afo we believe we have recovered the London Drop. However suspicions are being rasied as to the vailidity of this drop.

Possible Gamejack? While it does not seem likely some players have speculated on a possible gamejacking because:

1. this drop is unlike the others before it in many ways.
2. the drop is addressed to Clara and this is very important because its the first time she has been directly mentioned
3. the retreiver went without operator control
4. the puzzle has been associated with Linc (numbers are 5 5 3 15), which would be a huge leap for the the story.

These reasons alone seem relatively weak and while Afo is a new player and picked up the drop without proper "operator control" this was more likely to be lack of proper direction. At this point the best assumpition is that things are on course and will only get more exciting once the puzzle has been entirely solved. We have previously speculated on a loose association between Linc and the Maddison Atkins story so perhaps we are beginning to see elements of a genuine story link.


Link To Pictures of the drop!

Afo on MySpace

New LG15.com web site?

Is this the new LG15.com web site?

Research: windwalker

A world worth fighting for - addmusic3039

It's becoming clearer that my identity is at stake-

On the holy day, the superior launched the project account, what I need from you is- find it. The sooner we do that the sooner we can stop these things from happening again.

Search everywhere, the obvious places, and the obscure places-leave no page unchecked.


MA2 London drop fails again:(

amblyopianne: i guess F
amblyopianne: what about underneath the table top
amblyopianne: did you slide your hand there

For a second time an attempt to pick up a Maddison Atkins Ch2 drop at Rays jazz shop in London failed.

Zeke entered the cafe shortly after it opened.

Looby: OK, so we're communicating via text cos I think if we were on the phone it might draw a lot of attention to Zeke.

Zeke: "Nothing yet i've tried most of the tables there are some pot plants".

Looby: Zeke is in the cafe, looking under the table tops.

Zeke: "I asked them but they were a bit confused and now more ppl are here but they are cool with me looking around".

Zeke:"No it's still a bit busy i've checked the far table where the guy was and nothing and under the plants"

Looby:The staff let him look behind the bar - nothing. He's looking around for posters etc saying 'Mr Zipp'

Zeke: "Look sorry but I have to go to work now"

A full log is available here .

amblyopianne: less traffic underneath drawers

Which is a good idea. It might be under a drawer of a table in the rear.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Rays jaz shop[Foyles bookshop] Drop London

Location is: 113-119 Charing Cross Road, Ray's Jazz Cafe inside Foyles Bookshop, Central London. Rays Jazz on MySpace
Operator: Looby
Retriever: Zeke (Ezekiel - he's got a camera and he's by himself)


A Sigh of Relief & Other Random Events - redearth

As one issue resolves itself, another emerges. How's that for a melodramatic day?

Awesomesauce! - Marlasinger

I can't compete with Kenny. But love to Esteed and Skunk. Greg's drop was AMAZING! Thank you EVERYONE!


Maddison Atkins ~ [Drop Puzzle] July 20th in Nashville

dickinson rusk 677

the address for 677 South Dickinson Dr. Rusk, Texas 75785 leads to...


Research: Qtec
amblyopianne said:
"skyview is in rusk"


NOTE: amblyopianne = amblyopiA + anne (Thanks to Perky for reporting the derivation of amblyopianne; anne is Clara's middle name)

Amblyopia =r lazy eye
Now where have we heard of lazy eye before in the Breeniverse?
http://www.lonelygirl15.com/lgpedia/index.php?title=My_Lazy_Eye_%28and_P._Monkey_gets_Funky%21%29 ~mm

Maddison Drop Location Found: Drop pick up

The first attempt to retrieve the drop was unsuccessful. Discussion is underway to make another attempt. Location is: 113-119 Charing Cross Road, Ray's Jazz Cafe inside Foyles Bookshop, Central London.

For live coverage of the drop enter Maddison chat. Please stay on topic listen before speaking.

Clara is also in the chat room.

Currently: As of now users Brooklynxman and Imbealkariel's posting in comments attracted user Ezekiel to the chat room, where he is being versed in everything he needs to know. The store has closed, so we will be attempting to pick it up again tommorow when it opens at 9AM London time (thats 4AM EST/ 1AM PST). Coordination between the last drop team and the new one is being done in IRC in order to save time/effort on attempt 2.

Note: this is the first international and intercontinental drop for any LG15 related ARG, as well as the first time there has been two drops for one lg related arg within 24 hours.

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 GF apologised for the lack of transcript on the last few vlogs. To make amends here is a brief synopsis...

*We have a plan: It seems that the Scoobies have located a blood donor, though she's probably not a willing donor...*

Spencer: Our mission is top secret, so all I can reveal to you is that we have a mole from the inside. Which means we know where to get these blood samples to save Bree.

*Worryingly the Scoobies appear to have put Corporate Spencer in charge of the mission...*
*Mission Alpha: GF first began to worry about the success rate of the upcoming "get the blood" mission when watching this...*

Spencer: Hm, well. I'm here, teaching Jonas how to rock climb for Mission Alpha!
Taylor: Care to expand on that?
Spencer: I would, but I'd have to kill you. (Giggles.)
Jonas: Uh, so um, I'm done stretching. (quietly) I'm finished.
Spencer: Jonas is in the beginning of his workout, and if he thinks this is going to be a cake-walk, he is surely mistaken. (To Jonas) Ready to kick it up a notch, Grasshopper?
Jonas: Grass... what?
Spencer: It's go time!

*What followed was a rather bizarre scene where Spencer tried to get Jonas to use kitchen knives to climb rocks*

Jonas: It's impossible! Look, are you out of your mind? (Takes the knives from Spencer.)
Spencer: It's a very effective exercise! It's the equivalent of a peg board!
Jonas: (Incredulously) Peg... first of all, first of all, there's nothing to stab into! This is rock! Okay, and second of all, even if this did work, I... there's no way I'd be able to pull myself up with these things, man!
Spencer: Look, what I'm asking you to do is a very simple exercise that works the brachialis, the posterior deltoid, I... I... it's not that complicated!
Jonas: Hey Spence, can I ask you something, buddy? Have you ever rock climbed before? Or you know like, um, exercised or anything?
Spencer: I actually can't because I have a condition called nociception, which can be exacerbated by a build-up of lactic acid. Especially when it's situated in my teres minor and lower trapezius.
Jonas: Okay.

*So the girl they have to get the blood sample from is a mountaineer?*
*I was slightly worried that Spencer would start to produce ladles, spoons and whatever else was in his kitchen as climbing equipment - thankfully he didn't and the training was declared a success*

Mission Beta: *Things went from bad to worse when Spencer turned is training skills to Daniel*

Spencer: Yeah. Our friend Daniel is heavily engaged in the "downward-dog" position of yoga. I told him it's crucial to master this move, especially with his role in our mission to obtain the blood sample. Now, after this, he'll engage in a series of exercises used to challenge a man's serpentine coordination.

*So the girl they have to get the blood sample from is a yoga instructor?*
*Then Daniel had another test to pass*

(Cuts to Spencer and Jonas holding up a limbo stick.)
Jonas: If you get this one, Daniel, I think you might be ready for the '08 Olympics.
(Daniel limbos under the stick.)
Daniel: Oooh yeah!
Jonas: Gold medal!
Daniel: That's a gold.
Spencer: I taught him that form.

*So the girl they have to get the blood sample from is a limbo dancer?*
*Then the beast had to negotiate a bizarre maze blind folded*

Jonas: Use your yoga sense, Daniel. Use your yoga sense.

*Anyway apparently Mission Beta was a success too..*

*OK and now for the weirdest training... Mission Gamma*

Spencer: Now, I know what you're thinking. Shouldn't we be preparing for the mission? Well, we are. Taylor is the eyes and ears of this operation, which means she must be efficient at solving mazes.
Taylor: Like a rat.
Spencer: No, geez! Mastering such classics as Frogger, PacMan, Dig Dug, Centipede, etc, etc, etc.

*So the girl the need the blood sample from lives in a maze?*

Taylor: (playing on a console) I can't! It's not moving! Oh my god, help! Wait.. wait! YES! High five!!
(They start leaping up and down in excitement. Camera pans back to Sarah.)
Sarah: I think my sister just met her future husband. That was the weirdest display of geekdom that I have ever seen in my entire life.

Spencer: It's been a long week! But our missions are complete and our troops are ready. Tomorrow is a big day!

*OK so if you are a female mountaineer, who teaches yoga and also likes to limbo.. oh yes and you live in the middle of a maze..look out! The Scoobies are coming!*

Stay tuned...

SanFranciscoFiles_002 - impulselg

the universe is expanding into darkness

Kate Modern: A Room With A View

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/AbstractHeart

Cafe CoCo drop video

Go Team Maddy!

The 436 Explodes......Big Time!

Once scoffed at by critic the 436 has now the bit time!

436 on Wikipedia

In the Breeniverse the number 436 does not exist. This mathematical oddity has yet to be fully understood.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

0236 Mission Gamma

Mission Gamma. Third step . . .

MA2 Drop Retreived and Decoded!

GregGallows volunteered to drive to the drop site on short notice, with Marlasinger operating the phone (to relay information to chat) and help from others (Aja and Gidd with chat moderation, ApotheosisAZ with navigation) to get our man Greg to the drop site without delay.

Clara pointed out that this drop might be new or might have been there for two months (since Maddison Atkins' murder) for all we know. See earlier article for more info on how the drop site message was found and decoded.

Here is Greg captured on a live webcam at the drop site.

Here is a dude with a mohawk on stage at the drop site who we were going to pretend was Greg if we didn't get an actual webcam screenshot of Greg.

This is what Greg retrieved from the drop site.


For more detailed pictures of the retreived drop go here.

Thanks to Marlasinger for acting as operator for the drop and uploading all the drop images!!!!!

The image contained guitar tabulature (the large white digits) which was decoded as "STAFF G" the treble clef.

The code at the bottom of the page,

Zvvtsabe'w mza vcsvozbcpf - Dygzwtsmgzrh 113-119 - Mitew, DOw yisn Yip Fvmpegj - Rp wmykw - Cprxrxi l vxrv ulfev xpa - Lnivz!
was decoded by the team in chat, lead by Deagol, as a simple Vigenere code using keyword "treble" to read
Gershwin's low cloudville - Sun is shining 113-119 - Beans, CDs from New Orleans - No lifts - Beneath a rear table top - Hurry!

QtheC treated the alpha-numeric code to the same Vigenere decoding with the keyword "treble" and (after removing some typos with the help of Emsmu and acidfingers), we decoded
X4X4F4E5Q5 I4Y5 X4F4E5
F4R4F4W5W5 I4G5 P4J5
X4X4F4E5Q5 F4 Z4U5 I4G5
F4R4F4W5W5 J5 F4R4F4W5W5
I4C4O5J5 X4S4J5 F4R4F4Y5
V4K4C4O5J5 X4W5 I4H4M4H5Y5
V4K4C4O5J5 Y5 V4K4C4O5J5
V4K4C4O5J5 U4W5 I4H4O5
I4Z4S4H5G5 P4 I4Z4S4H5G5
P4F4W5W5 I4C4Q5 I4Z4S4J5
F4R4F4W5W5 F4 H4O5 I4Y5
K4C4O5J5 X4S4 K4
G5 Q5 I4Z4S4H5G5
Q5 J5 X4X4F4E5Q5

was decoded to give us
E4G4B4D5F5 E4F5 G4B4D5
E4G4B4D5F5 E4F5 E4F5
E4G4B4D5F5 B4 G4D5 E4F5
E4G4B4D5F5 F5 E4G4B4D5F5
E4B4D5F5 E4B4F5 E4G4B4F5
E4G4B4D5F5 E4F5 E4G4B4D5F5
E4G4B4D5F5 F5 E4G4B4D5F5
E4G4B4D5F5 B4F5 E4G4D5
E4G4B4D5F5 E4 E4G4B4D5F5
E4B4D5F5 E4B4F5 E4G4B4F5
E4G4B4D5F5 B4 G4D5 E4F5
G4B4D5F5 E4B4 G4
F5 F5 E4G4B4D5F5
F5 F5 E4G4B4D5F5

which Perky and others recognized to be musical notation. "Every Good Boy Does Fine"

C4 is middle C on a piano and lies on a line two notes below the treble clef or G Staff in musical notation, and the white keys go up from there D4, E4 (Every), F4, G4 (Good), A4, B5 (Boy), C5, D5 (Does), E5, F5 (Fine). So this code appears to be a set of musical notes. Acid fingers built a midi version to see what it sounds like.

deagol Posted:
Fri Jul 20, 2007 2:18 am

I'm stumped. That repeating line EGBDF sounds similar to the main line in Gershwin's "I loves you porgy" but it's a little off. The rest of the code is too repetitive to be any song, IMO. The only thing I can think of is to turn it into numbers base on the position of the notes in the treble staff since they all fall on a line (C=0 E=1 G=2 B=3 D=4 F=5).

Keith Jarrett - I Loves You Porgy

The team is still working on the rest of the puzzle.

Posted: Fri Jul 20, 2007 4:13 am

In chat we're working on a strong theory that this drop is in London.

Maddison Atkins ~ [Drop Puzzle] July 20th in Nashville Discussion

flowerspnmyhat exposed

In announcing the new flowersonmyhat video, commentor truncatedslinky has admitted that she is behind the flowersonmyhat video series. She has also confided that Brooklynxman (dude writing this) was always announcing her new videos for a very good reason: he (I) knew, and did so to help keep her identity secret.

Greg found the drop!

Greg went to the drop site and found a bureau!!! The drop was FOUND taped to the bureau!!!!

It's a picture of a Dr. Seuss....there's a lot there. Two kids playing a fiddle "more about BLINN" written at the top....there are numbers printed out over letters and numbers, its tough to transcribe to chat.......on the other side theres a weird picture of an old guitar playing itself and a girl with a dog. it says:


Note: Blinn was a character in one of the Dr. Suess books (Research: Wind_walker)

Dr. Seuss - Oh Say Can You Say (animated book)_Part 1

Dr. Seuss - Oh Say Can You Say (animated book)_Part 2

Maddison Atkins ~ Oh Say Can You Say - Dr. Seuss text

Maddison Atkins ~ [Drop] Cafe Coco in Nashville

THE THIRD VIAL! and Drop Pick Up Tonight

The following breaking news is developing in IRC Chat in the #maddison room (see link at top of this page). Clara found some new items in the suitcase with the other drop materials left for her by Maddison's father in her apartment. There was a 3rd vial and another one of the rolled up coded notes we had not seen before.

Here is the chat log, courtesy of acidfingers & Perky: http://www.acidfingers.com/hosted/amby0719d.txt

Clara has found a third vial. Where did it come from?

The vial she dropped on the floor contained 15 grains of RICE! Which means its not the salt of water vial. And she says there were 3 vials in total. The one she dropped is cracked but intact.

The rolled up note:... is ROT-15 encoded, and decodes to

Songville, America - Chocolate restaurant never sleeps - Blood tar bureau - 212626 - Hurry!

which those in chat believe is a restaurant in Nashville, TN. http://www.cafecoco.com/

Note there is a live webcam on the Cafe Coco site!

The number 212626 matches the telephone number for the drop location found on the Cafe Coco website: 321-COCO or 321-2626 (found by Aja.)

Efforts to organize a drop retrieval are underway in chat. Greg Gallows is going to the restaurant this evening, and Marlasinger will act as the drop operator (someone he will call with updates for the chat).

So where did the note and 3rd vial come from? We simply do not know but here are some suggestions from Heyaja:
1) maddison got this right before she left but tossed it aside because she was too worried and trying to get out of town
2) maddison never saw this but it was there
3) someone placed this after the fact

Behind The Scenes - Part 2 - itscassie

Sorry I ramble on and on again...being interviewed is a lot harder than it looks. Don't panic if I didn't answer your question yet, its coming soon. Hope you enjoy! ~Rey

Connect the Dots... Before It's Too Late

Maddison Atkins Chapter 2 is on. We know that this time around, we must work with Clara, a Cinematography student working on her senior thesis. Through Clara, we must attempt to satisfy for ourselves, at the very least, the who, what, where, when, and why we lost Maddison and Adam.

Not seeing an obvious puzzle within Clara's story, the sudden and simultaneous reappearance of Linc "dehteraew" (now renamed "lofisyndicate") and a music mashup puzzle has brought about the question of whether or not the two are connected.

Let us not forget, Linc was on his way to save Maddison when she and Adam were murdered. Suddenly, he is receiving calls from a Boston area code (just a few miles from where the Marsh Chapel, Bosten University drop was recovered), with a message containing a music mashup and instructions to figure out where it leads by July 21.

Sound familiar? Mr. Zipp's instructions to Maddison gave her a deadline from which to solve the puzzles; failing that, tragedy struck. We have just over 36 hours until July 21st... what happens if we fail again?

Who is Linc D?

Linc is an ex Op Aphid agent who is on the run from The Order. They have tried to shoot him, drown him, even blow him up, yet somehow he evades his foes and always bounces back. In his videos he communicates with the TAAG as well as Tachyon,Maddison, and other renegade Op Aphids.

When the Warpylol footage was discovered Linc fled to Texas to save Maddison, but was unable to get to her in time. He had helped Maddy and Adam, alongside the rest of us, to try and discover the mystery of Mr Zipp.

Linc has recently made a re-apperance with a new youtube profile LofISyndicate (his old profile dehteraew is still active), and has informed us that he has been abandoned by his leader, and is being stalked 24/7 by an evil pre-recorded phone message. He receives a phone call every hour stating a message that he has until the 21st, but does not state for what. When the number is called a music mashup puzzle is heard.

Whats the signifigance of Lincs story to the rest of the Breeni/Maddiverse? Will he ever escape The Order, or bring them to their knees?

Stay tuned to find out...

Lincs New Youtube Profile

Lincs Old Youtube Profile

Music Mashup Forum Thread

Kate Says

Flying Ants Day
When I was a kid we had a white house and one day every July it would be covered with clouds of flying ants. On my way to the Post Office this morning I noticed they are everywhere - in the air, on the ground, people batting them away and pulling them out of their hair. It seems that today must be flying ants day. I wonder if they emerge, mate and die all in one day. Does any one know?

Thanks for all your comments again today. I slept badly again last night, keep having weird dreams.

Kate xxx

Clara from Maddison Atkins Pt. 2 was in IRC Chat (all day)


i see the video finally went up
oh hi clara
didnt see it till this morning damn uk time difference
* BrookNYSE goes into the phone booth and transforms into
less people in the morning

i dont know
it was a vial or something [that she dropped on the floor]
the bigger picture is starting to come together for me
i mean imagine somebody coming into your community who knew nothing about you all, what happened, and all the puzzles and crap
its been a terrible intimidating learning curve for me
some of the specifics are starting to make some sense
i still look at the codes and puzzles and just glaze over
i dont see puzzles where you do
why do you think im good with puzzles. they are interesting, but im not good at them
i just recognized that 3rd eye blind song - thats all - i listen to the radio
no. im afraid that you are totally on your own when it comes to puzzles
even the ones you say have been solved dont make sense to me

im nervous about stuff
i have to pick up the camera before work
i have to --- then work
and then i want to try and catch the da in his office before 5

no i can get help if i want to
during the fall and spring thats easier to puul off because there are so many freshman who have to clock production hours
like i said ill try

yup - i need to leave in ten chiles is right across from sfa
you guys should come by and eat lunch

i dunno really - i would feel better if i could get the new thesis approved, i dont want another extension
before this i was doing my documentary on strawberry quick
that new flavored meth
but it just isnt in this area, and i was having to drive down to Houston - and i dont have time or money for that
anyway - i kept asking for extensions

i didnt know what i was doing in maddison's apartment
i felt kind of stupid
you guys wanted me to go there and shoot some - so i did - maybe it will be helpful b roll later

yeah. i remember some of that stuff [in the briefcase] from maddisons videos
not really [nothing seemed familiar]. a lot of it is like looking at a foreign language

the briefcase was full of stuff that ive kind of heard about from you all and maddison's videos
the suess thingees
the vials
well. i get the feeling that everyone is looking to me for some kind of answer or insight beyond what a normal person would have
true but i feel (sorry marla here it comes) stipid
but the physical "evidence" doesnt mean anything to me
like i said the briefcase had her research
the vials of stuff
the four notes from zipp
the suess things
all of that stuff just looks like japanese

the oatmeal was reachable by chair i guess

um - i have a lot of questioons that i found in the forum
i hope he [the DA] sees me

asked about the journals
BTW - please dont PM me in here - its all i can do to keep up with the main window
im sorry to be a bitch - but i AM HORRIBLE AT TYPING
I didn't look at the journals because im not comfortable doing that
i have journals
and i wouldn't want anyone looking at them if i had dies
maybe andrew and marla but i really need to turn a big corner in my mind to do it
at this point, i dont see any reason - beyond your desire for me to - to look at them

hey guess i left this on
sorry bout that
got cut earlier than usual
gonna change and try to catch the da
nosy [response to "where do you work?"]
ate at chiles
i thought the pan [of the exterior shot] is usable

oklets not talk about after graduation i dont want to think about it
when i finish this project
holy crap youve been talking a lot since this morning
i didnt know it saves everything
yeah? (not planning on snooping into her journals)
ok ... is it [a list of things to look for in the journals] in the forums too
mr adtkins doesnt want me to record or share her journals

ok - bout to leave i guess. anybody need anything else from me before I go

What can you tell me about Joel Alan Frady? Why didn't it go to trial?

i cant ever follow whats going on here
i should go guts
i hate typing
bye all

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Maddison's Apartment - Clara

Kind of strange. Her "War Nook" was in a small briefcase. Her desk and computer were gone. It looks like some grandma is coming in to decorate . . . but sporadically. Anyway. Sorry I didn't post yesterday.

Maddison Atkins ~ amblyopianne - "Maddison's Apartment" [07/18/07] Discussion

Clara from Maddison Atkins Ch2 was in IRC chat

amblyopianne says
ok - fighting with Revver to post my video
strange - i didnt know what i was doing there

i have spoken to her 90 gabillion times
im never going to get to him
i should just go down to his office tomorrow huh
i have a very busy day tomorrow

RE: Stenogrpahers Records
you all are funny - i feel famous
i dont have records
i can check, but ive never looked for that stuff before
ill try tomorrow - but ill have to squeeze it in before work

ok - goodnight marla - thanks for the video

emily would be easier than joels baby mama
i just need to find out if shes in town for the summer

im sorry to say this, but when you all throw ideas at me so fast, i get overwhelmed
just make me a list, and after i get a new thesis approved, I'll check off interviews one at a time


For the entire chat log, click here.

The Battle of the Fans

In the right corner we have Kelseygirl15 (schneidz124)..............
Kelsey Makes Fun of... KennyE : KennyElendi on YouTube
Part of my new series, Kelsey Makes Fun of IRCers. Hahaha.

And in the left corner we have KennyE (KennyElendi)...............
Making fun of...Kelseygirl15 : schneidz124 on YouTube
Me pretending to be Kelseygirl15

And the winner is.......

Well YOU be the judge!!!!! Leave a comment and let us know who won the "The Battle of the Fans".

Mission Beta

Second Step... - Jonas Faction: RESISTANCE

Mission Beta on LGpedia.

To Clara - xmarlasingerx

I triple dare you! God I don't know. It's a suggestion.

HOO Vs Tenduza! - Tenduza

I am leaving Hiding.

ARG Guide

Alternate reality game on Wikipedia
In-Depth Discussion ~ ARG Guide
Maddison Atkins ~ New? Start Here {Basic Summary}
Note: You will find other ARG and code breaking link down the right hand menu of this blog.

Break-Up Song for the Disgruntled Lonelyfan

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/sweet-elixirb

Kudos Elixir! (From Anchor Cove!)

Expectation Disconnect?

Posted: Sun Jul 15, 2007 6:45 pm

I don't have a set-in-stone opinion about this, just an impression, so this is subject to shift...

I have a feeling that as great as the Maddison Atkins creation has been, that there is a bit of an expectation disconnect. This is a tricky issue so bear with me.

I imagine Jeromy spending hundreds of hours thinking about, organizing, writing, interacting, etc. etc. to put all this together. Then he starts sending the results our way, and we are, at times, just not giving the response he expects.

I got this sense of this disconnect first in the way Ch 1 ended with the implication that fans did not work hard enough or fast enough to solve puzzles and "save" Maddision. During the aftermath of Chapter 1, Jeromy expressed views that certain puzzles were "easy" (e.g. regarding Mr. Zipp and the Dr. Seuss books), yet I don't think the drop materials have been fully understood or solved even in the weeks following. My sense is that part of the problem may be that as a puzzle/plot designer, it's hard to realize the incredible multitude of possibilities the audience dreams up when trying to find THE solution. Sometimes things are not as obvious to us as they seem like they should be, because we see too many possibilities.

Jeromy also said we needed to be asking different questions such as "Who?" and "Why?" and "How?" rather than just "What happened?"

Has this happened? I think we are trying, but it feels like we are not getting to the answers Jeromy intends.

So to me, there is a disconnect. And it's tricky because how do you interpret and respond to puzzles not being solved or storylines understood as expected when you are the puppet master for an ARG?

When amblyopianne complained here on the forums that we offered to help but were not really helping, that seemed like another way (like asking those who/what/where/why/when/how questions) to get fans to figure something out or take actions that we were not taking.

Is it working? If it's not, what else should we or Jeromy do to make it work?

Recently, amblyopianne in chat expressed the opinion that "Mr. Zipp" (not the killer or Joel Frady) killed Maddison and Adam and just wanted an audience for this murder. This is from the mouth of a character, so may be indirection, but the conclusion that Mr. Zipp = the killer is not one we had solidly reached to my knowledge*. Is this something we are supposed to "know" and assume at this point? (*I could have missed something, of course, so feel free to correct me here).

So I already had the impression that Jeromy was a little impatient with the audience response, and now today I read on his blog (albeit aimed at advertisers) the message

'I can't discuss publicly how I'm trying to delicately train the audience to look deeper, ask different questions, and realize that the stakes are high and we need to work faster. I can say that it helps that Maddison died last time."

I have a mixed response to that message. On the one hand, I sympathize with Jeromy and think it is great that he is so invested and wants to make the ARG exciting and engaging, on the other, the words "work faster" make me a little uncomfortable. I like to take my time, and think and discuss things carefully. A rapid pace can be exciting, but if the material runs away from (or over) the audience, that's better than being boring, but it may not be a fair (in some sense) way to proceed.

Sometimes, despite Jeromy's best laid plans and designs, and our best efforts to figure out mysteries, the audience is just not going to get the intended message. We may need a few extra hints, or more time, or outright gimmes (as in find an in-story way to just give us the answer to some questions) to keep the train on the tracks, and that's okay, and should be expected.

I'm looking forward to seeing this story and process unfold, and encourage patience and generosity on all sides!


Rose Garden - thejanitorofoxford

"You are responsible, forever, for what you have tamed. You are responsible for your rose."

The LG15 Field Team

KateModern: I Like Pigeons (7.18.2007)

Uploaded by bebo.com/AbstractHeart

What's the Linc?

Ok that was a pretty bad pun, but a lot of Maddy fans have been pondering the link between a character known as Linc and Clara from Maddison Atkins Chapter Two. This link is nothing new in that Lincs videos have appeared on Maddypedia since the sad end of Chapter One. However suspicions have continued to grow as Linc shows up and chats with Clara in IRC chat. Clara has even been seen to take an interest in and participate in the solution of a puzzle that emerged out of Lincs last video.

So the question is: "What is really going on here?"

Perhaps the answer lies in the puzzle itself that is a music mashup.

There was also a lot of talk in IRC chat about the daughter of the convinted murderer (Joel Frady) but it is still not clear how she fits into the plot.

Time will tell, but if you have a theory please leave a comment below and tell us what you think.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Listen up, Creators! Make Marla Canon?

stevemedigod Posted:
Tue Jul 17, 2007 8:30 pm
In case you haven't seen her vids, Marla Singer has been posting some great material http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=xmarlasingerx. With a new season coming up, LG15 sure could use a great actress/blogger who is also an ultra-dedicated fan. So, repeat after me-
Listen up, Creators! Make Marla Canon!
Hummmmm...... Marla seems to have developed a bit of a fan club!

Crazy Bitch - redearth

Walking my landlord's dog is a workout! We've bonded, but today she was unpredictable, as always.

Mission Alpha

First Step... Taylor Faction: RESISTANCE

Mission Alpha on LGpedia.

SanFranciscoFiles_001 - impulselg

I'm Mary K. Mary Kimberly Tyler.

Behind The Scenes - Part 1 - itscassie

I received so many questions, I couldn't fit it all into one video without it being an hour long, so there will be several of these to come. Sorry I tend to ramble alot, I'm not used to talking to a camera as myself. Hope you enjoy, I have much more to share with you. ~Rey

The Code and The Comment - GenocideInMyMind

An Introduction to The Book of Law

Clara from Maddison Atkins Ch2 was in IRC chat

Maddison Atkins Ch2 IRC chat

A log of the chat can be found here.

Selected highlights (LIVE coverage-has concluded)


who was maddisons adviser
her newscast project

if I go to Maddisons place
what do you guys want me to shoot

ive said it before. this all seems fairly simple. i know we see it differently

im just doing what my adviser says
i sat down with him a week or so ago
he told me that maddison and adam would be a good documentary thesis project
he told me to make a thesis statement
i did
im exploring the effects that the murders had on nac sfa and you guys
we have a meeting this week
not sure when
ive emailed him but i havent heard back from him

the local news media was covering it
Adam works for the school newspaper
they dont print in the summer
which is why i wanted to interview adam - adam said in his interview that his hands were tied because they weren't prinint

how come nobodys offended that you are comparing these deaths to those of a neighborhood dog - you sound just as insensitive as me

john davies is tough to track down (district attorney)

i dont have the passion for this you do
i admit it
i will go to maddisons apartment ill do it today
will that get you guys off my back

im not changing my major
this is the last thing i have to do to graduate
but if i change now - then ive lost this entire week
im not interested in journalism - im not sure where you got that

ok - maybe i could disprove ya'll's silly theory about this huge conspiracy

why do you need to relate to me

I need a C

now, I think we can ALL agree that proving us wrong is a much more interesting thesis topic than what she's been working on

no - if thats what it takes to make my thesis clear - then I am up for that

RE: Linc LOFISYNDICATE - musicmashup puzzle {16/07/07}
is it rude to ask for someone to explain it
what is it that happened to him
he said he knew her
is he part of ya'lls conspiracy theory
hmm - what are the numbers from that music puzzle again
3 3 5 15 anything else

ill try to post the apartment footage tonight


Is flowersonmyhat in trouble, and is she the real new girl, or just another decoy?

for more of flowersonmyhat's videos, go to http://www.youtube.com/flowersonmyhat

Libra on the forum (with help from truncatedslinky) decoded it to:
"The prophecy spoken
The die has been cast
What once was foretold
Will soon come to pass
We want not your life
But rather your will
Your presence is vital We have now ish to kill
Only you hold the key
To arboreal jail
Their lives are at stake
If you choose to fail
To surrender yourself
And diffuse our threat
Meet us at dawn
After three suns have set
Choose wisely"


Dream 12: "What's Up Doc?" (Dr. Immant) - voyboy

What the hell happened to him?

LG15 Fan Chat 2! - ApotheosisAZ

Thanks to kellylen, marlasinger, trainer101, and voyboy! Lucy helped, too.

Monday, July 16, 2007

The Sin of Pulling the Curtain Back

"Time will only tell if coming out from behind the curtain inbetween chapter 1 and chapter 2 of Maddison Atkins was a mistake."


Joel Frady - amblyopianne

The interview with Maddison's murderer

.. .._ ._ ... _._ .._.
Maddison Atkins ~ Possible puzzle Discussion

Posted: Mon Jul 16, 2007 5:24 pm

It wasn't ideal, but it happened.

They don't let too many interviews like this happen at Skyview. Everyone was rude and cold. It was kind of funny being so powerless.


Revver is slow. FoRevver.

Maddison Atkins ~ Joel Frady Interview Discussion
She also posted:

I appreciate these ideas. really. It would be really cool to have a bunch of people seeing my work. I guess from your perspective too, the more people you have looking at all the crazy stuff here, the more likely somebody will come along with the answers.

I wish I could help bring useful people around, but I don't know anything about marketing. I could start interviewing very sexy people that have nothing to do with Madison's story or I could title my videos pervy things like "I swallow" or "Up the skirt shot" It wouldn't have anything to do with my project, but it would up the number of eyeballs that see it.

I can say this. It is very difficult to grasp what is going on here. Life is confusing. Sure. But I don't think it's just my anti-reading lifestyle choice that makes this story confusing.

The questions thing is great. It is great. I am meeting with my adviser sometime this week to discuss my thesis being focused, and I'm sure he'll want to discuss my interview techniques too.

he hates me.

Anyway. Thanks Q the C.

Meanwhile Maddy's friend have been really really really busy doing the research work that Clara asked for:

(we highly recommend that you use Everything You Need To Know About Maddison Atkins in conjunction with these vidoes to figure out what is going on).

Timeline for Clara Part 1 - GregGallows

Timeline for Clara Part 2 - kellylen

Timeline for Clara Part 3 - krmurr01

Timeline for Clara Part 4 - heyaja

Maddison Atkins ~ Time Line for Clara Discussion

Fight and Flight - KateModern

Check it out on Bebo

Fight and Flight on LGpedia.

Thanks to GF for the link!!!!

The weird thing is... this video appeared then disappeared within about a minute... We were lucky to catch it!

0233 We Have A Plan

We've been contacted and know what we have to do. I came up with a plan. We now must prepare for our mission. - Spencer Faction: THE RESISTANCE

Transcript on LGpedia

While some users claim the lightsaber might have been an expensive replica, the lack of emitted light from the blade, the fact that the blade seems to have no weight and the way how Spencer carelessly wields it around without ever touching anything (especially while putting on his glasses), suggest that the lightsaber in fact marks the first use of visible high-level special effects in the series. Talk on LGpedia

Teen craze over networking sites

"Bebo does not mean anything specific to founder Mr Birch.
"It's meaningless," he said, "which is good because users can put their own meaning on it." "


What’s Bebo up to?

The Beboers

Research: GF

  • For KateModern info follow link on the right --->
  • Lonelygirl15 - GemmaReturns

    I don't know

    The Creators say...

    The Creators (send note) Says:
    July 16th, 2007 at 12:06 pm
    Hey everyone,

    We have been working tirelessly on the website but are not quite there. The site won’t be going down today, but it will sometime this week. Sorry for any inconvenience. We will give you notice before it goes down.



    Thoroughly Post-Modern Bree?: How to Watch Lonelygirl15 Now

    by Terryfic

    "But I think the big difference was my realization that LG isn’t a mystery or drama as it is usually billed: it's a comedy."


    Clara from Maddison Atkins Ch2 was in IRC chat

    Clara from Maddison Atkins Ch2 was in IRC chat earlier today


    lofisyndicate (Dehteraew) also joined the chat. In his last video (below) he keeps gettign call every hour from an automated voice telling him he has 21 days. Fans spent a lot of time talking about a mashup song that can be heard by calling "1-339-933-4911" To hear the mashup without calling the number click here.

    Clara guessed the first artist in the mashup. She said:
    "is that third eye blind"

    lofisyndicate told clara that he went to texas to save Maddy but failed.

    Clara said:
    " you knew maddison?"

    and lofisyndicate said:
    "only in chat"

    LOFISYNDICATE - musicmashup puzzle {16/07/07}

    Sunday, July 15, 2007

    Make It Go Away - lofisyndicate/dehteraew

    Damn automated caller. Someone help me out, here.

    I've Got Issues - redearth

    Am I going to regret this whole attempt at "communicating my thoughts?" Are some things too personal to talk about here. Where do we draw the line? After thinking about it last night, I think figuring that out for yourself is part of the assignment, so here goes nothing.

    Talk to....Clara!

    Talk to....Clara!

    Posted: Sun Jul 15, 2007 3:50 pm

    Last night in chat, you guys said you'd help with my thesis in some other room. Thanks for doing that, but I'm not comfortable in the chat room. It moves too fast for me, and I don't type very fast or well under that kind of pressure.

    I could use the help focusing my thesis, listing out my questions, and anything else you can think of.

    I'd also like to better understand the story in between Madison's videos. I'm trying to grunt through the forum posts, but they are confusing. I can't see how you all keep track of it. I guess you had to live through it to really know.

    Tracing her steps is a complete direction change, so I'd need a LOT of help from you all if that's where you feel I should go.

    I need to think about it some more.

    Maddison Atkins ~ Request from Clara

    Maddison Atkins ~ [CORRESPONDENCE] Professor Arscott

    A looming strike threatens to hobble the entertainment industry

    "A potential entertainment-industry strike is still months away"

    "All three groups want heftier shares of profits from DVD sales and new-media downloads"


    KennyE's Letter To Clara

    Dear Clara,
    My name is Kenny Elendi (Elendi is not my real last name, but it will suffice for the purposes of this communication), and I was one of those who followed the the events leading up to the suspicious murder of Maddison Atkins.

    First of all, I would like to apologize for my colleagues. As I have seen, they may have mistreated you. The truth is that they all truly cared about Maddison, and are very protective of her, even after her death. Even I found myself momentarily caught up in the group rage. But then I found the letter that was sent to your adviser. They had no right to do that.

    While I can not go back and stop them from sending this message, I can try and mend fences with you. If you need any help at all on this project, feel free to contact me:

    My email is [email protected], on IRC my name is KennyE, my AIM address is khalasnikov, and my YouTube account name is KennyElendi.

    Any of these will work if you want to contact me. I offer you any of my knowledge of the events leading up to Maddison's murder. Once again, I am sorry for the actions of my peers. Thank you for taking the time to read my email.

    ~Kenny Elendi



    The website has some interesting wording. re: Maddison Atkins it says she is "presumed dead" and re: OpAphid it says it has been on "hiatus".
    Posted: Sun Jul 15, 2007 3:25 pm

    Respectfully, I don't want you all to get the wrong impression.

    Keep in mind that the 12th street house web page was designed to put my best foot forward to advertisers.

    So..... draw your o
    Research: Luminous

    Note: It seems very likely that the association of Glenn with a commerical company is a way of promoting that company and fans of Maddison Atkins should probably be careful about reading too much into it in terms of Chapter 2.~mm

    Chapter II Official Announcement

    The Personality of an ARG

    July 14th, 2007

    News of the discovery of a new star and yet another particle.

    Hello, my name is Dr. Hey Aja, today is July 14th, 2007 and I am speaking on behalf of the Elendi-Waffle Lonelistic Physics Research Institute. As you all know, a new star has been recently discovered. We have decided to name this star, Marlasingerius. The star is quite large, and we believe that it may indeed be the beginning of a new plot galaxy.

    While we are not yet sure whether the Marsingerius star has any bearing on the rest of the breeniverse, what we can be sure of is that it is, by far, one of the most beautiful stars in the sky. With further study, we believe we can prove that Marlasingerius actually fits the canonical model of how a plot galaxy should work better than any of the current examples (like Danielaria or Spencera).

    We have also recently discovered yet another new particle. The following is an excerpt from Dr. Rob Tomorrow’s research: It is interresting that you have brought up interactions with the Phoron, untill recently the Phoron has only been postulated in advanced theroritical physics, but recently has been discovered at CERN in High Energy Plot Acceleration experiments. It was discovered that when the supersymmetrical partner of the Crapyon, called the Clueon is collided at high energy with a Speculon a Phoron is produced. A Phoron is highly reactive, unstable and only has a half life of three months, but is indispensable in explaining the phenomena of NonPlot we have been studying.

    That is all for now, please remember to continue watching for new break-throughs which will be released via this channel. Thank you.

    What Really Happened?

  • Maddison Chat For more Maddy follow the link on the right --->
  • Neutrogena newbies - meepersanon

    These new Neutrogena products will give your skin that eternal glow.... meepers_anonymous xoxo

    Bree 2.0?

    Just who is Rachel? A compelling character I think we all agree. With season one of Lonelygirl15 reaching its conclusion questions are swirling about Rachel.

    To watch her video again: http://one.revver.com/watch/330085

    Is she just in the right place at the right time or is there more to this story? And, as GF asks below:

    "Is she trait positive? :)"

    Let us know what you think in a comment below.

    LG15 Site Downtime

    Posted Saturday morning by Broken Kid:

    Please be aware that the LG15 website (and its related pages) will be down some time today and likely all day tomorrow as the developers work out the kinks for the new website. When the site returns, there may be some bugs. Feel free to point these out so they can be quickly remedied.

    In addition, the chat will be disabled, and the developers will be working out a new chat solution. The Creators are aware that this is a high priority after the website launches
    NOTE: This will not affect any of the IRC chat channels that are linked on this page in the top section.~mm

    If you want to become an "author" on Web Series Today please read: http://tinyurl.com/becomeaWSTauthor

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