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Friday, August 14, 2015

Ayakashi Zamurai episodes 1 and 2

Garage Pro TV is at the forefront of the Japanese underground action scene on the web. They specialize in wild and crazy CGI gorefests in the same realm as Robo Geisha and the grandaddy of them all, Machine Girl.

Their main project has been various short films built around alcoholic, failed superhero Gun Calibre as well as the instant classic, YakuZOMBIE. (Zombie mobster.) Ever since they started shooting at Youtube Space Tokyo, their quality has jumped exponentially and the result has been some of the best work in their history.

Their latest project, Ayakashi Zamurai is also shot at Youtube Tokyo but they haven't lost sight of their roots as no budget swashbucklers who make crazy and fun videos. This series is definitely worth watching for the fight choreography alone. Here's the first 2 episodes!

The Japanese underground action scene is IMO, the coolest thing going in the web space today. There's a number of cool shows, shorts and movies being made and I will be covering as many as possible!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Female Superheroes We Wish To See On Big Screen

I had the opportunity of watching 'Guardians of Galaxy' yesterday and couldn't help but be in awe watching Zoe Saldana and Karen Gillan kick asses. I mean how amazing they look on the screen!

As the Supergirl series is all set and ready to make a debut on CBS this fall, and with films focused on bringing female superheroes on big screens, including Wonder Woman, we can safely assume that the film industry has now started to give them their much deserved due.

Keeping that in mind, here's our list of female superheroes that should totally get their much needed debut on big screen. Let’s get it rolling!

Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)
With powers, speed and strength of a human, who else could have on the top position? Captain Marvel has the ability to shoot photonic energy from her hands and can give a tough fight to any villain. As mentioned before, Guardians of the Galaxy has set a firm foundation for establishing Captain Marvel as a character, and we just hope to see her essaying a title role in the near future.

Valkyrie (Brunnhilde)
We agree everybody loves Lady Sif, but one cannot deny that the Thor movies could do much better with some more women power. The dangerous and sassy Brunnhilde has made an appearance in most of Thor comics and more recently was seen in short-lived all-lady Fearless Defenders title. Should we guess it's more of an introduction of her foray into movies for good?

Ms. Marvel (Kamala Kahn)

The very delightful Ms. Marvel is not only the current hottest rising star, but also the comic book world's first teenage Muslim Pakistani nerd superhero. That makes her absolutely different than your typical superhero league. With production houses keen on casting more actors of color playing non-humans, we doubt they would make a movie starring her. But hey, one can dream, right? She has superpowers and can contort her body into any shape just like any other superheroes. Hence the movie should be so much fun.

Justice Woman (Sofia Escala)


Let’s get to the heroine we'd love to see, but don’t really have an easy way in. Introducing Sofia Escala a.k.a Justice Woman! She defines what alpha female heroine should/could be. You don't necessarily have to have superpowers to fight against the inhumane and the unjust. Justice Woman stands triumphant combating every day issues, such as injustice, diversity, equal rights and women empowerment in a bolder way. Hailing from Spanish decent and having graduated from a law school, Sofia must prove her mettle in a firm that believes in crushing the poor in order to establish themselves. In the journey she brings to light questionable practices in the prosecution of the city's cases with the help of Robert and few more friends she encounters on her journey along the road to justice.

She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters)

In all honesty, we think She-Hulk is more interesting character than guy-hulk and deserves a movie of her own. Hulk is just thrown as a character in any of the movie, but She-hulk actually brings about better-rounded back story of her own with a great personality.

What do you think about then list above? Did we miss out any of your favorite characters that should have a debut on the big screen? Share your opinions, views in the comment section below.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Video captures massive explosion in Northern China's Tianjin; cause unclear.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

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